Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus





The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When we receive, we give a lot; we have received a lot this weekend of the Pentecost.

The Pentecost is every day; every day, the Holy Spirit fills us; every day, the Holy Spirit prompts us, prompts our yes.

When we heard the three testimonials yesterday, well, that’s what God wanted for us; the Holy Spirit showed us his almightiness.

The purification has begun and continues.

We heard three testimonials yesterday chosen by the Holy Spirit; we heard about a consequence, we heard about a choice that was presented to us and we saw the cause.

The consequence: the consequence came from our dear friend Denis for us, to show us how much our flesh lives the consequence of our choices made before temptation, before sin that constantly presents itself to prevent us from going forward: Denis was healed, he was liberated.

And well, each one of us is living this; we’re living this when we do as Eva who says her yes, a yes of a child: she lived her choice, the choice God asks us for; yes, that little yes, she enabled us to taste it.

When we choose to say our yes: “Yes, I give you my choices before my temptations, because I no longer want to live in these consequences that make the Church suffer;” all this, we had it in front of us through the almightiness of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is enabling us to understand that we must live the Pentecost: the entire cause of our suffering is sin; we must believe in the Pentecost, believe that sin is no longer for us.

To live in the memory of sin is painful, very painful: sixty years spent waiting for the Holy Spirit to confirm that the sin was no longer.

When a child is in sin and another suffers because of that sin, there's only the Holy Spirit who can liberate, heal and say: “Look, look at how beautiful you are; because you gave me all this, I healed you: you were healed such a long time ago.”

How many of us have been healed because we gave that sin at Confession and how guilty we feel, miserable, incapable of going forward in our lives because of what our flesh has known.

How many among us have heard of people who steal; how many people have heard of people who committed suicide, killed their children, had abortions, commit adultery; and we suffer, we’re incapable of liberating ourselves from what our flesh knows.

It’s through the almightiness of the Holy Spirit that this is done, through the love of Christ, through the Word of Christ.

When we live the Gospel, when we want to die in Jesus, by saying that little yes, well, Jesus does everything for us: we no longer resist, we leave all the room to him. We want this so much that when we’re right in the middle of it, we don’t live it. This is because the ‘wanting’ is too powerful; that ‘self’ takes up too much room.

You see, he spoke to us about the ‘self’, and well, that ‘self’ is the human will; it has been against us, we have been incapable of understanding the Pentecost, the Church.

The Church is the Pentecost: when the apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit, a great power entered the Church, the Church Jesus had founded from the moment of his coming.

Everything was accomplished at the Pentecost on our behalf. God had accomplished everything: God, he knew; we had to be the ones to live it now, just like everything else that has been for us.

God the Father is the Will of love; he wants to give us back the dignity of God's child: the Divine Will. He wants all our consequences to be given to the yes, the yes of the Son: the yes belongs to the Son because he's the Yes.

And so, when we go forward like a little child, he takes that yes and he makes it his own; he brought everything unto death, he gives us eternal life.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit we know we are cleansed, completely healed; we’re living the Trinity: movement of love.

We were created in the likeness of God, three times Holy; we are children of God, we received the breath of God, the breath of God is within us; it is up to God to give us back our dignity as a child of God, as a child of the Divine Will.

God the Father gave us his Son: a yes of love, an unconditional yes, an eternal yes, a yes that takes all the yeses to offer them to God the Father as an act of thanksgiving: love, love that melts into The Love, love that bursts forth from us to go to the Father.

There's only God the Holy Spirit who can enable us to taste this; he fills us and he takes us directly to the very Heart of The Love: that’s us!

The Holy Spirit has just described us – this is what the Pentecost is all about; the light is upon us; what have we done? Nothing; everything came to us through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are the Church, we are everything God wanted us to be; look at ourselves – we were created in the likeness of God.

Some people here heard and saw movements of love, in their interior, through what they are. Another shut his eyes and was thrown into a light and he felt what he was; another shared that power that was filling him and was making him abandon himself: a child who was leaving himself in God's hands without trying to understand but welcoming everything.

You see, we’re all different, we’re all the same.

God created every child so he could be complete, so he could be one: we are unity.

When Jesus said to us, “Love one another as I love you,” that’s because when he looks at all God's children, he sees one child, one child who came on earth, one child who took all the children of the world and who wanted to live their lives in order to give them life.

Jesus could see himself, Jesus sees himself and Jesus will see himself eternally for we came on earth through the Father's choice.

Jesus wasn’t created, he was engendered; he comes from the Father; the Father is in the Son and the Son is in the Father, from them comes the Holy Spirit: all is.

So, when Jesus looks at us, he's looking at himself, he sees his Father's work, he sees his own work.

When the Holy Spirit fills us, and he gives us his strength, and he transforms us, he transforms us into what he is, into his love: he is The Love of the Father, of the Son, and he's God.

So, he looks at us and he sees love; he takes care of love: he takes care of each one of us, we who are him.

This is what we are: we are in God the Father, we are in God the Son, we are in God the Holy Spirit: we are unity.

Let’s unite with one another in The Love: this is to be before God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit who form but one: only one God.

So, we are but one, we are all of the same flesh, we all have one and the same heart, we all have the thoughts of God, we all have the movements of God, the ears of God, the eyes of God.

We are movement; it is normal for us to carry out a certain movement, for another to carry out another movement: movement is action.

Jesus came on earth; he didn’t only do the same movement over and over again: he walked, he spoke, he slept, he ran, he bent down, he prayed, he looked, he cried, he laughed, he danced; he did all the movements that we make.

He's the one who carried out all movements before us, and we are Jesus’ movements: we are the word within the Word, movement within the Movement.

When we’re in Jesus, we become what we are: children of God. “Yes, Father, your Will, only your Will, not my Will.” If he said these words, well then, these words are what we are.

Not our will: we’re not true when we’re in our human will; we become true when we’re in the Will of God, and that includes everything that enters us, through our eyes, through our thoughts, through our ears, through our words, through our feelings, our actions.

Let’s be careful: as long as there will be darkness around us, as long as there are ‘selves’ within us, for they are there, we will bear the ‘selves’ in our flesh for we form but one flesh, only one.

We received the flesh we have today from our first parents; Adam received his flesh from God, and from his flesh, Eve received hers, and all was multiplied: the flesh multiplied. We are the flesh of the flesh, and so all the flesh knows, the flesh of the flesh knows.

You see, we must always follow God's Ten Commandments, always be in the Word of Jesus, always be enveloped by the Holy Spirit.

When we notice that we have just resisted the Pentecost, well then, let’s give our yes, our yes of a child, without forgetting that that tiny moment has a consequence in our flesh, as little as it may be.

There was no sin, don’t go to Confession every time you have a thought that isn't in God. For example, “Okay, I have just resisted the Holy Spirit; he told me today that I should keep my mouth shut because my daughter has just told me she doesn’t want to go to mass, and I said to her, ‘That’s wrong, you have to go to mass, it’s in the Ten Commandments of God; you’re going to cause yourself pain, you’re going to make your child suffer, look, he's going to be like you, he's going to bear the consequences.’”

Let’s keep quiet and love as Jesus loved us.

Did Jesus treat us like liars? Did he say this to his apostles, “You’re liars”? Oh, he would delicately tell them stories, parables, with gentleness.

And so, let’s be the parable of Jesus; let’s act in silence, open our arms and say, “I love you, I’ll bring you to Church with me, in my loving heart for you.” Oh, this, this shakes things up and it bothers us on the inside!

The Holy Spirit is powerful, let’s have faith; and when we notice that we’ve just said useless words, give them: the cause, the choice and the consequences, like a tiny little child, and God acts.

It’s so simple, it’s too simple; we’re learning to be simple; slowly he's transforming us.

Did Denis, Eva and Colette do something of their own accord? It’s the Holy Spirit who did it because they agreed to look at their interior, abandoned in the hands of Jesus, with complete faith in the Father's Will: “Your time, not my time, yours; your Will, not my will;” the Trinity.

We’re living the Trinity! Here is the great Pentecost – it has always been with us, the Pentecost.

Today, the Holy Spirit filled us, he enabled us to see and to understand.

Who here, who experienced this weekend, hasn’t received lights? We have all received lights; those lights don’t come from us, they come from the Pentecost, the Great Pentecost; we’re in the movement of love.

Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to act, let’s not resist. Some people say, “How am I going to recognize that I'm under the prompting of the Holy Spirit, under the influence of the Holy Spirit? How do we discern this?”

Well, Jesus talked to us about a refuge; that refuge is our interior: if we want to discern, let’s go within ourselves, let’s go home, to our interior. That’s where we’ll find the One who is our host, Jesus; he will give us graces of peace and when we will feel that peace, that’s when we’ll listen – not to the ‘self’– but we will listen to the Will of God; all shall be done by the Trinity.

When we will go out into the world, not to be part of this world, but when we will be in the Church among all our brothers and our sisters of the whole world who only want God, only The Love, only Happiness, well then, we will behave like what is inside us.

You know, sometimes God has us travel paths we don’t want to travel: “It can't be, my God, that you wanted me to go this way? Ah, this can't be, it’s too painful! Oh, come on, why do I have to go through this? I can't understand anything. Ah, this is my will; I let myself get caught again!”

And then, all of a sudden, here comes the Holy Spirit who reveals, reveals to us that we had to travel that path because someone needed it, because another needed this.

Us, we didn’t understand anything; our eyes were fixed on what we were: disobedient.

Disobedience comes from when we don’t want to do God's Will, we don’t want to follow Jesus’ teachings.

When we go forward and we want to do God's Will, we want to love our neighbour like Jesus loves us, when we know the Holy Spirit is our power, then he, God, acts.

You see, soon we’ll be going home… in a few hours; here, everything is great; our eyes are all seeing the same thing, we’re living the New Earth, we’re in the Church that allows itself to be enveloped in God's power, and we’re a living Church. But we’re going to go back to the Church, always, but we’re going to be met with our own sufferings, we’re going to look at our own consequences, we’re going to be before our own choices.

And well, may those choices be transformed into choices of love: “Yes, I give you everything, yes, I accept this consequence because, at this moment, when I take it for myself, then I can give it to you.

You said that I cannot carry out the purification of my children, and so, I take their consequences – of my brothers and of my sisters – I take their consequences, they belong to me, I give them to you.

What caused my suffering is sin; deliver me, take that sin, enable me to feel my liberation.”

We will receive, and they will receive; he isn't going to stop at the ones we can see.

We cannot stop the prompting of the Holy Spirit, we cannot stop the Redemption nor the Will of God; all has been accomplished. It has been accomplished but through the power of God; we accomplish ourselves through the accomplishment.

This is what we’re doing and this is what we will do constantly; we must never stop, never, giving the causes, choices and consequences.

Jesus told us this: “As long as there is one who will not have uttered his yes, his yes of a child, you shall carry him, but you shall carry him in your flesh.” This is in our flesh.

We will feel those temptations, but there will be so much inner peace, in us, in our interior! It will make itself felt to such an extent that it will emerge from us and then, that peace, others will also taste it and this goes on constantly.

This isn't only for the people who live downstairs from us, five minutes, fifteen minutes or an hour away from us, in the parish, the diocese… no, it’s the entire earth: this is the movement of the Holy Spirit over the Church.

You see, this is what the prompting of the Holy Spirit has made of us: children who keep themselves in the hope that the last one will say his yes, with the faith that all has been accomplished, in the love that encompasses everything.

We’re beings of love; it’s true that we’re beings of love, but we have a lot more to learn – a lot more.

Sometimes, I say, “Lord, what else are you going to tell us? You have told us everything.” We’re still learning; why? Because within us there are children who are still ignorant.

And so, when I was in front of the tabernacle, he gave me this answer: “As long as there will be ignorance, I shall speak.” But he didn’t say how.

Every one of us, we’re the Word of Jesus, every one of us; we don’t notice that even a word was said by us and that it healed the wound of a person who was close to us or who wasn’t close to us.

You see, God uses us; we’re instruments of love and what we are is a wonder: the wonders of God.

Those who look at us, look at us through their eyes; some say to us that we’re crazy, others tell us that we’re part of a sect, others tell us that we’re letting ourselves be fooled by Satan again; some say that’s it’s just bla-bla-bla.

You see, what we are… we’re instruments in God's hands; what they say about us doesn’t matter: not everyone likes the guitar, not everyone likes the piano, the accordion, the violin, not everyone likes the sound of the drum, the zither, but everyone likes music, everyone finds something through music.

That’s what we need to look at; if they’re not happy for us, well then, they will be so for others. If they don’t find their happiness with what we are, they’ll find it with others because the flesh of the flesh is everywhere on the surface of the earth: we’re everywhere.

Let’s stop looking at ourselves, let’s stop loving the ‘self’; that’s when we’re going to stop suffering: we will abandon ourselves in God's hands.

Why do we always have to have that feeling:” I want to be loved”? What is that pain when we find out someone doesn’t like us? This is all so painful.

This happens when we carry that ‘self’ within us; we aren’t capable of separating ourselves from that pride that is in us. There's only one person who is important in our life: God, God, three times Holy.

When we look at the Son, we love God the Father, we love God the Holy Spirit because our eyes are always turned to the cross, the one we carry around our necks, the one we put on the wall of our house: Him, he must love us! This is the only love that should matter in our life, the only one.

If we have the love of Jesus, we have everything, but if we have the love of the whole world and we don’t have the love of Jesus, we have nothing, absolutely nothing. And so, let’s try to only please Jesus, let’s try to be loved only by Jesus.

Jesus will teach us to love unconditionally because he will give us his love; he has given us his love, he will always give us his love: he's The Love.

Today, I realize that I took some steps through the Holy Spirit for when I was at the beginning of my twenties, I only asked for one thing: “Let me taste your love, as big as the shadow of a small grain, but as small as that may be, that shadow alone will be enough for me.”

You see, to beg for the love of Jesus, “Love me, I want to taste your love,” is what we must do.

It doesn’t matter if, on the outside, people don’t love us; what they don’t like is our human will. That’s what they don’t like because that human will has made them suffer; it isn't the love of Jesus that has made them suffer, it’s our human will. And so, they have reason to not love us because we didn’t know how to love as we should have loved – not with our wounded love, dominating love, knowing love, love that dominates, that controls, love that wants to heal, liberate: that huge ‘self’.

We’ve written it in every way, in whatever way possible, and so we’ll have to take a look on our bookshelves, eh? Anything in our house that comes from the pride of the ‘self’ must no longer be, must no longer be.

If we need to keep one book, shouldn’t the first one be the Bible? And blessed are all the books that came from the Bible: the books on saints.

This is what we need to remember: The Love, it is only The Love who must nourish us.

If our stomach hurts, well, ask the Eucharist, ask Jesus: “Give me your love to come and remove this consequence which has been the cause of my choices before sins.”

If we are ill, let’s give that to Jesus; he's the One who will guide us towards what is good and who will enable us to avoid what is not for us.

We’re all different, we have a head; if there are some who like blue more and like pink less, well then, let’s turn to what God wants us to discover: one day, we’ll like pink, when the time comes.

This applies to our way of speaking: it’s the same thing. If some speak quickly, there are those who speak slowly; let’s love our way of speaking, let’s love our voice that is high-pitched, another that is deeper; let’s accept what we are.

Let’s look at our way of dressing: let’s not exaggerate but appreciate what God puts before us; but let’s not use our ‘self’ to fill our closet. Let’s feed ourselves as Jesus wants us to feed ourselves: with God's graces – we have received everything.

Let’s not adopt the ways of one or those of another; who is he to tell us how to eat, what to eat? He's just a human being.

Alleluia if this comes from God for he believed in God, he had faith in God, but if this came from his ‘self’, we will receive what comes with it: be careful.

We must also be careful of the way we carry out our movements – there are some who advocate exercising as if they were gods. Watch out, this comes from the ‘self’, it doesn’t come from God; take a look in the Bible, it’s all there.

There are those who run around everywhere to heal their arthritis: he, God, is the only Healer. If he sends you to the doctor, well then, may that doctor be blessed by God for all knowledge comes from God.

Weren't there doctors by Jesus’ side? Among the apostles, there was one, I believe, who was a doctor; Jesus didn’t reject him but he shows us to not have faith in human will but rather in him.

He's the one who brings us comfort before our flesh is completely healed, liberated, but rest assured that this comes from God: pray when we go see a doctor, pray, ask Mother Mary.

Ask Jesus to bless the child of God who becomes a movement; don’t take it for granted that they are God; have Jesus bless every object, for it must be in God's grace.

Avoid stones that have been recognized as having the power to heal.

There are some who have asked about a wedding band with a diamond, “Was this presented as an object possessing power?” Be careful, what comes from the earth is blessed by God, but what comes from the earth and was used as a power, then this comes from Satan.

Because we wouldn’t wear something we didn’t want: if we know that this doesn’t come from God, we mustn’t wear it. If it comes from children of God, and has kept its original purity, then let’s behave as children of God.

But if you take birthstones: from their origins, they were presented to give homage to gods. And so, if you take these, you take what comes with them. And it’s the same thing for stones which, so to speak, have healing powers: we’re believing in something other than the Will of God.

It’s God who heals, it isn't stones – this is false. It’s as if you were saying, “God, now, I’ll take care of it; you gave me a stone that has a power, and well, I'm going to use it.”

Be aware that there are times when we don’t even think of God anymore, we don’t even invoke God anymore; we take the stone, we put it in our pocket, we put it around our neck or we put it somewhere else depending on where it hurts. There are no longer any prayers, we don’t even think of saying our rosary; we doubt God's Ten Commandments, we debate the Word of Jesus, and well, these are the consequences and our children get sick, going as far as committing suicide.

We take what comes with this and we live the consequences of it; these are our choices before sin: ignorance.

Yes, we have sinned through ignorance, but those sins have brought consequences to our lives.

Today, we ask ourselves, “But how come we’ve reached this point?” That’s because we have been lacking toward the Ten Commandments of God, we have been lacking towards the Gospel, the Word of Jesus.

All has been said; Jesus warned us, God warned us through the prophets. Someone talked about this in our times; someone said it was good. Well, of course, there are some who have been healed; energy is being sent everywhere. Well, we’re living the consequences of this because today we believe more in today’s knowledge than in that of the past.

But what is this knowledge of today if not the continuation of what was known to the flesh from the beginning and that comes from Satan and from the evil angels?

And this has been going on until today, but we, we’ve become so blind that we saw nothing.

The Antichrist is everywhere; he has made himself known: we adore the Antichrist.

And so, through the power of the Holy Spirit, let’s allow ourselves to be filled with everything we’re going to taste: the Body, the Blood of Jesus; he wants to give us everything. Ask and give thanks, let’s drink in the words of the priest who is the Christ-Priest.

Stop for just one moment and you will see, you will see around the priest a light; it is present; he's no longer himself, he's Christ.

And now, we will be before Jesus; let’s give thanks to God and remain silent for we will prepare the table, we are invited to a meal.


Inner vision during the Offertory and during Communion


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: At the Offertory, I shut my eyes and I heard the voice of Jesus: “Give me your life,” and so, I said yes.

He said, “I take the flesh of the flesh,” and so, he was taking all of us.

And then, I saw the same thing as yesterday; from here (she shows the bottom of her calf), Jesus’ long tunic; he had sandals on and he was walking.

Where was he going? I don’t know. He was walking and I could see him leaving, but I was following him and I knew he would stop, and I could see him leaving, he was walking on earth.

And then at Communion, I received Jesus, and he said, “I take you, I take the flesh,” and then I knew he was taking us all.

Then, I saw, I saw a sort of drop that fell on my head but as it fell, it sort of multiplied, and then it spread and spread and spread; it was spreading everywhere, it was spreading.

And then, the fire, the fire caught, it was fire; and then I saw the earth, it was in flames, it was burning, it was burning like a burning bush.

The earth was completely on fire, and then I saw the fire rise up, rise up, and it formed a heart, and when it formed a heart, then the Trinity appeared.

I saw God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, and God the Father blessed, God the Son blessed, God the Holy Spirit blessed.

When he said, “God the Father, God the Son,” I saw; and then, he said, “Make your sign of the cross,” and so I made the sign of the cross.

And so, we received a blessing.

“You shall go home,” but he also said, “the Fire has started.”

Thank you, thank you, Lord; thank you, Holy Spirit.