Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-12-01 – Morning – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, Lord. There are people here who don’t speak our language; they are Polish and they don’t understand what the Holy Spirit wants to have us understand. Therefore, out of love, we will ask someone to come and translate; can you please come up, Irena?

This act of sharing will fill hearts so that all may know that we form but one Church. We are the voice of The Love and we will lack nothing; this will be done with great humility, and all will be carried out by God. Thank you, Lord.


Mary: My Son's footsteps are steps of love. When he speaks, he accomplishes the Will of his Father. Little children of love, let your heart speak by giving it to the Mother of God. I am the One who said yes, I am the One who bore the Eternal Flesh. Every step you take, my children, is a step of love. Only you are able to assist your brothers and your sisters in taking new steps. It is important, my children, that you be able to give of yourselves, for what is about to come are events which this world has brought on itself. There will be events that will trouble this world and whose aim it is to defeat the forces of evil.

Little children of love, it is up to your Mother to surround you in Heaven's graces so that you may keep your peace. When you are in God's peace, you remain within yourselves, in your lives, and you do not leave my Son, you remain where Heaven wants you to be. It took many words, my children, to open your heart so as to enable you to give it to me. I took your heart and I brought it to my Son in order to have it disappear. This is why some of you are able to hear the very presence of your God in your lives: to hear the presence of my Son is to hear his Will.

The Will of my Son is a language of love. How is it possible for you to understand this language unless the Holy Spirit, my Holy Spouse, enables you to understand? It is good, my children, to always be attentive to your interior, for there will be yet more movements that will make themselves known to you. A mighty wind will blow, my children, and this will upset the hearts of those whose hearts are still closed to the Life. Many, many will experience movements of suffering: their eyesight will become clouded; their movements will become frozen, paralyzed; their hearing will become very irritating; their thoughts will become so dark that they will no longer be able to reason; their hearts will waste away – all this will happen because they will live the consequence of their choices.

Satan has contributed much by enabling man to discover material things. His goal was to see to it that children become attached to their material possessions, and once they had become very attached to their material possessions, he had them develop feelings which had them fall in love with the things they had acquired. By doing this, he kept children imprisoned to the things they owned, and consequently, they found pleasure, freedom. They no longer thought about who they were: children of God, children loved by God. Their faith became something that no longer held any importance to them: they rejected the cross. By not being able to stand up to those who wanted to eliminate the cross from their lives, they were unable to help those who had love for the cross: they became indifferent towards those who loved the cross. When they saw that the cross had been removed from schools, they did nothing, and this wounded their lives. However, they consoled themselves with pleasure, work, with money: through all these things Satan had them feel power, his power.

Now that he has reached the height of his power he will destroy those children. He will show them that he, he is the master of their lives, and because he is the master of their lives and because he is evil, he will then have them feel his presence: he will ridicule what they have within them, he will see to it that they experience the abyss. The children of this world will fall into such darkness that they will no longer be able to look at the sun, to appreciate their lives. They will fight amongst themselves. They will no longer have any sense of morality. They will try to forget their suffering by using artificial means. What once made them happy will become an ordeal to them, for they will bear a heavy burden upon their shoulders: they will find no joy in the place where they once lived in comfort.

There will be such darkness in their lives that they will no longer feel like getting up to go to work in the morning, to speak to one another. Even their food will become bland, for whatever they have before them will be nothing but impurity and they will see that decay. They will lose their reason to live; they will reach such a low point in their lives! Then my Son, my beloved Son, will enable them to feel love, the love that is his – not the love of this world, my children, the Saviour’s love. This feeling will be the only one in their lives that will bear any flavour, for anything other than this flavour of love will be tasteless to them.

I am speaking, my children of love, to advise you to be attentive to Heaven's graces. This time has led you to where you are today – you are chosen children, you must be united in order to help one another. Little children, Heaven knows what you are living, and Heaven bestows graces upon you. Only prayer will be able to help you, for you will witness what will happen around you. It will be necessary for you to pray, my children, so that you do not sink into despair as well. The more you pray, the stronger you will be; the more you pray, my children, the more you will remain at peace; the more you remain at peace, the more graces will reach those you love, and are not all your brothers and your sisters part of those you love, my children? The people you love are not only those who are close to you.

This world, my children, is coming alive once again. Yes, there will be a return to life, a return within Jesus for the greater Glory of God the Father: at this moment, you are at a stage during which you must be in the light. The light is upon you and it renders you light to the point, my little children, that when you pray, you blind Satan and the evil angels. But, my children, when you are no longer praying, then he attacks you, he wants to destroy you.

Little children, do not be afraid – Mother is here. I am very close to your hearts and I say to you “prayers, prayers.” And as soon as you are at prayer, they are cast out, they are removed far from your life. It is as though they were insects that are on an object, and when one moves that object, they fly away, they are unable to remain on the object. Therefore, prayer, my children, allows you to move about, to be in motion; when you are at prayer, my children, you are always in motion. I love you, my little children.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Heaven is warning us of what is to come.

Here, in Canada, we have received much, haven’t we? In the very beginning, there were saints among us – we’re not really talking about us but rather about our great-great-grandparents. There have been many saints amongst our ancestors. They built what we see today: our schools, our churches, our hospitals. They were children just like us, who were sent here by God. To us, they have been models of love, and they carried the rosary in their hearts, and they left us the legacy of prayer.

We are the Will of God, but we haven’t done the Will of God: for the past several years we have been the shame of the world; we beat almost every record regarding impurity. We are bad examples, and God will use bad examples, and he will set them right in order to show the world his power. In order to eradicate evil, to liberate, there will be great agitation in the places where everything began, where evil has lodged itself, where poison has spread. But in order for this to be accomplished, it is necessary for all those who accepted poison to realize that they agreed to consume poison. As long as we don’t become aware that we have been poisoned, we aren’t going to heal. And so, this is reason that there will be movements to make us realize that suffering exists because of all the evil that has existed and has been accepted: we have accepted evil, we have consented to live in this impurity.

We too have done things that are considered evil in the eyes of God: it was necessary for God to make us realize what we had done. In the beginning, God spoke to us of love, he spoke to us of the yes to The Love. When we gave our consent to him, this was a new beginning for us: we felt love in the form of a need to know. This is what is going to happen – they have to realize that love is there to help them, they will feel the very presence of Jesus and they will want to know. This is why God teaches the being that we are; to them, we will represent God's movements. God will use each one of us to bring help to those children. He's the one who will speak in them. There will be no human will because it wasn’t the human will that helped us – it was Jesus himself. Enveloped in the Holy Spirit, we heard and we understood, and therefore, the same thing will happen to them, but on a large scale.

We, we have a mission: prayer. At the moment, the Lord is telling us: “Pray, my children, pray, my children, pray, my children.” Mother Mary is telling us: “Pray, my children, pray, my children, pray, my children.” There are people who hear the voice of The Love within themselves and who are saying: “I love you, I love you, I love you.” And so, we’re going to use the same words: “I love you, I love you, I love you,” in order to open hearts, and this won't come from us. These words will be uttered by The Love himself because we have consented to give our hearts to Mary, so that Mary can bring our hearts to the very Heart of her Son in order to have them disappear.

We are no longer alive for this world, we’re alive for God. Our heart beats in God, it no longer beats for this world; it no longer beats for the 'self' – we have died to the life of this world. In order to die in Jesus, it was necessary for us to understand what it meant to give our consent. Well, we have died in Jesus. The life of this world no longer interests us: we no longer want to live for material possessions, we no longer want to live for idolatry, we no longer want to live for the beauty of this world – we want to live for God. Therefore, it was necessary for our heart to disappear from this world to reappear before love. We are love. It is only because we are love that we are able to say this word – and as our flesh is still suffering greatly, a part of us had to belong fully to love, completely to love, and that part is our heart.

At the very end, Jesus allowed his Heart to be pierced and that was the beginning for us: our heart in his Heart, our life in his Life, our eternity entering full Eternity, our heart that loves and that unites with all the hearts of the whole world. In spite of money, in spite of materialism, the heart loves. Even if our children haven’t yet realized that their hearts have died in Jesus, they will realize it by hearing our hearts, which are in the Heart of Jesus: they will recognize their hearts. All has been accomplished!

There is only God who can utter all these words, and the Holy Spirit, he enables us to hear them. This is our eternal life, this is our unique mission on earth – to be love for our brothers and our sisters, and our love has become condensed within our heart. It’s as though there were none left within the rest of us, but it is now all in our heart. We, we are nothing; our heart no longer exists; it has become the one of Jesus. Therefore, we are fully in Jesus: this is that movement of love. When you, you accepted that Irena translate for the Polish people, for our brothers of love, for our sisters of love, she was doing this for all the world’s children, in all languages. This is our movement of love, this is our heart in Jesus! We didn’t hesitate for a single moment; it was even a source of joy for you to see this movement presenting itself to you!

Isn't it your heart that you are seeing at this moment? Jesus himself: the Life – this is what he told us yesterday. We’re hearing Jesus! The Heart that beats is in front of us! This is eternal life. We’re real, aren’t we? We’re really alive: this, this is a movement that is revealing itself to us, and this movement is not human, it comes from God. Would this world have been able to do the same? Gather together more than a hundred people in a hall and have someone singing in the front; and at a certain point, the singer stops and invites someone to join him so the people can hear songs in a different language. Well, there will be criticism – that’s because this is the spirit of this world.

And so, you see, we are no longer of this world, we have died, we are nothing; but the Heart is there, the Heart of The Love, the Heart of Jesus. You see two hearts up here, in front of you – which are the heart of Jesus – but the two us, we see more than this. This is God: the multiplication. Thank you, Lord.

And now, we will sing, we will sing for God.


♪♪♪: Hymn


Jesus: My Father's gentleness is a movement of love that takes your hearts and kisses them; my Father's gentleness kisses this world, this world of love, this world that sings for him, that praises his Presence; my Father's gentleness gives rise continuously to the need within you to feel compassion for those who have not yet taken part in your movement of love.

I am the One who comes to call upon all my Father's children to turn to you. I will ask you, little children: you, do you think that you are ready to reach the fullness of the Life of God?


All: Yes, yes, with Jesus.


Jesus: Then, hold on to me! When you hold on to me, then I have you move forward: I show you what is beautiful, I show you what is patient, I show you what is tolerant, I show you how to speak, to see. You turn your eyes to me, you no longer turn them towards yourselves. You are ready to breathe as I breathe and to stop breathing when I stop breathing; but do not worry, I will not stop breathing.

I am coming to show this world that I am a God of love, that I am a God who forgives – I have forgiven, but this world that is so blind does not understand. It has chosen this world, it has chosen the mistakes that have spread everywhere: which is the mistake of all those who have rejected God. Yes, it is a mistake to reject God, and this world has allowed itself to fall into this trap. But you who are patient, you who are able to tolerate mistakes, I shall show you how much breath it took for me to tolerate you! I love you, my children.


All: We love you too.


Jesus: You see, little children of love, people have wanted to scrutinize my Church, but I am my Church. As a result, they have decided to see me as someone who does not tolerate mistakes. Come now! I, I have tolerated your mistakes, I have tolerated your rigidness within my Church, for you have been rigid. And today, people retain the memory of this; they say, “God punishes constantly, God sends people to hell, God sees our sufferings as mortal sins.” You see, all this came from you and not from me.

And, today, my holy Church is asking for forgiveness and what are people doing yet again? They want more! “What is this forgiveness going to do for us?” Well then, here is a breath of love for you: “When are you going to say your yes: yes, I accept forgiveness for my own choices; yes, I accept forgiveness for my own consequences?” For evil did not come from me but from Satan. However, am I the one who paid heed to Satan or was it the spirit of this world? Am I the one who brought about homosexuality or was it the spirit of this world? Am I the one who caused the abuse of God's children or was it the spirit of this world? Am I the one who caused men to be sexist or was it the spirit of this world? I, I love my male children as much as my female children. My Father is feminine and masculine; would I have a preference for who he is as Father to the detriment of who he is as Mother? My Father is the All, and therefore, I did not favour man to the detriment of woman. This comes from the spirit of this world, and the spirit of this world is made up of all the children who have moved away from their eternal lives.

Do you think that there are many of these, my children? You, my children, have all moved away from your eternal life to enter into a life that is temporal; you have all experienced suffering in your flesh; you have all had impure thoughts; you have all cast impure glances; you have all heard impure things; you have all uttered impure words; you have all made impure gestures, had impure feelings. Therefore, my children, you have all been part of the spirit of this world, and so, it is up to me to give you the graces that will enable you to utter your own words of forgiveness towards yourselves. It is only through this that you will find comfort; it is only through this that you will feel peace; it is only through this that you will feel joy; it is only through this that you will feel your healing, your liberation, for you shall be freed from the spirit of Satan, as the spirit of this world is the spirit of Satan. I love you, my children.

You have just understood what your God wanted you to realize; is this not so? The forgiveness uttered by John Paul II, the forgiveness uttered by your Cardinal Ouellet. O Canada, do not carry your shame on your own – give it to God. God has borne all things before you. You bear within your womb God's children and these children of God will taste glory after having borne the cross, the sign of love. You are in the land of your forefathers, a country that was built in faith, with faith, for faith. You carry the cross upon your shoulders: you have rights, the rights of children of God. Be proud, my children. Stand up and sing your national anthem: ‘O Canada.’


♪♪♪:  O Canada! Our home and native land!
          True patriot love in all thy sons command.

          With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
          The True North strong and free!

          From far and wide,
          O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

          God keep our land glorious and free!
          O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

          O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.



The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.

We have this anthem in our hearts. It’s an anthem, a hymn to love, and it was given to us by the Holy Spirit, and it belongs to us. Let’s walk this land as children of God. Let’s have the right to say: “We belong to God, we come from God.” This land was given to us by God and it is with him that we will walk this land, welcoming all those who come to this land, for this land belongs to God; it doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to God.

We are God's children and all those who come to Canada are our brothers and our sisters, and this is how we, we were welcomed by all those who came here before us to this blessed land, blessed by Heaven, for this is our native land, a land of love, a land of faith, a land that is loyal to the One who is its author: God.

God is the author of everything around us. Let’s not be afraid and let’s welcome our brothers and our sisters of the whole world, whether they’re Polish, whether they’re Italian, whether they’re Portuguese, whether they’re from England; we’re all brothers and sisters, even if we come from France. To God, there are no languages – there's only one language and it’s the one of love: this, this is the language of God. We are God's children; we have unity within us and this unity is the cross. The cross has earned us a place in God's Kingdom.

We are not of this world, we come from God. Our country is the one of God; this is the one meant for us, for eternity. God took part of his Kingdom and he put it here, in his universe, so we could live here, where we were meant to live, so we could turn to him, raise our heads up towards him and say to him: “Father, we are your children, we are your family. If today, Father, we speak several languages, that’s because you willed it. You are the one who multiplied languages so we could be together, because, Father, if we had spoken only one language, we would have remained immersed in that pride, in that 'self', but you didn’t want this, Father. Therefore, you multiplied those little ‘selves’ so that, without you, Father, they would see themselves as weak, as being incapable of walking this land, this land that belongs to you and that is part of your Kingdom.

Today, we can look at ourselves and love who we are, for what we hear is your Son's yes that beats within us, that cross that is within us and that shapes our language, our unity, our faith, our life. This is what we are – one country open to the whole world – for there is only one country: it’s the one of The Love, it’s the cradle of God, it’s the one that welcomes all his children because we come from you. We emerged from you and we went where you wanted us to be – in your hands – for this land was created by you, and therefore, we are in your hands. We all have different values but there really is only one value and it is the one of love – there aren’t two sets of values. We have many ways to express ourselves but there is really only one way to express ourselves. If we reveal ourselves for what we are – love – then we are love, we are you, Father, we are your children.

We see all our flaws: yes, some of us are single, some of us are married, but we’re still what you want us to be, and, throughout all this, we have so often digressed. We are single people with many flaws, even flaws involving sex. We see ourselves as female or male – males who no longer know that they are children of God, females who no longer know that they are children of God: but we’re whole. We are whole in spite of these flaws; we are you because we come from you. Teach us to turn to Heaven as we are, Father, because you are watching over us. Up there, where you are, you’re watching us; you know that we’re crying out that we want to live with our flaws, but you, you already know that we’re going to forgive ourselves because you created us perfect. We must learn to be forgiving towards ourselves.”

We live in a wonderful country where we lack nothing. Heaven satisfies our every need. This wealth belongs to all God's children. People say that there's nothing in Canada, nothing in China or Russia, or France, Belgium, Poland, Columbia, and we could go on and on! Yes, if we say that there's nothing, that’s because we’re always calculating what we have. Canada has everything, Québec has everything: let’s not separate from Canada’s other provinces and the same can be said for other countries. We want to form one nation, but there is really only one nation and it’s the one of God. Why want one nation to the right, one nation to the left? We form but one nation and it’s the one of The Love.

Let’s not listen to Satan, the Divider, who wants to separate all this, because he, he wants to take all this and gain control of it in order to form one nation, one currency, and this will lead him straight to our hearts: he wants to rule our hearts. By ruling our hearts, he will rule our thoughts, our eyes, our ears, our words, our actions, our feelings. This is what he wants to do and to do this, he wants to create division. He has begun to divide us, he has begun to divide families. By beginning with families: he has divided the Church. By attacking the Church: he has affected the whole world, the whole world!

Let’s not let him get away with this – we are God's children, we are love. Therefore, in the name of The Love, in the name of God, let’s unite our voices in order to sing the Creed, for the Creed is a prayer that all God's children sing: it’s our anthem to love, it’s our faith revealing itself to all the world’s children without exception. There is no language that is able to say: “No, I don’t know the Creed.” The Creed is known to all languages, and therefore, let’s all join together.


♪♪♪: “I believe in God…”


Jesus: Everything that comes from God is a movement which emerges from your hearts, and your souls rejoice before all Heaven grants to you.

Beloved, beloved, I love you. Beloved, beloved, you belong to me. Beloved, beloved, I am teaching you the language of the heart – the one that does not deceive God's children, the one that seeks to console those who do not know that God is there, that God welcomes them, that God envelops them, that God consoles them, that God dries their tears, that God enables them to see the light, the one that shines in their hearts. I love you, my children, I love you.