Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2011-10-08 – Afternoon  Part 2 


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Are you tired? “No (audience).” Then, we will move on to questions and answers regarding what we have heard this weekend.

Q. This is regarding the four books, of which I haven’t read a single page yet; is it an obligation to read them? I have to read them quickly, I imagine. I'm not the only one, you know; I know that I'm not the only one. This is what I wanted to know. Thank you, Lord, for answering my question.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When the Lord had the instrument that I am write, he didn’t do it in a few days. First volume: he wrote it in a few days, yes, that’s true; and also the second and the third one. At a certain point, the Lord added words between the words that had already been written. And now, God will ask a question.

Jesus: Are you able to absorb what has already been written? “No (audience).” Well then, if you added words between the lines, was that not because you were not able to understand? God says, “Be good to yourselves.” The time you will spend reading, well, it will be a time of love for all the world’s children: healings and deliverance will be granted.

When you sweep the floor in your kitchen, do you do it only once a day? Oh, my children, I know that there are those who do not even sweep once every fifteen days! Does this prevent you from being in your kitchen? Well, what the Lord is going to ask you to do is to take the time to cleanse your 'self', for those lines, my children, are your life. All those words were written by my Will to show you that you are nothing without God, that you are everything to God, and that your neighbour needs God above all else in order to learn that God used you to help them.

Is this what you understood from the first volume? And you, did you understand this? “No (audience).” Then, read it again. There is only God who can lead you to discover who you are. You will have to sweep many times, my children, to cleanse yourselves, but my broom is made of love and it is as gentle as the wings of a dove. Therefore, do not be afraid, trust in God. Everything is there for you; it is a satisfying meal. But I will not forget to tell you, my children, that to digest well takes time. Ten years, my children! Have I not been speaking to you since 2001? And all this is written in the little notebooks; they are for you, for you to digest. I love you, my beloved!

Lucie: We have run out of books, but we will receive some by this evening; Eric is coming with the boxes. Those who came and we didn’t have any, don’t worry, we will have some later.

Q. Last night, you spoke of forgiveness, of mercy. I would like to know – maybe it’s just to be reassured – if God created characters that are more explosive than others, like mine, for instance. When I was young, certain things would happen to me, and then, I would meditate before God but it would take me a long time to forgive. And over time, well, I got to know God a little better and I tried to do as he asked: “Father, forgive them because they don’t know what they were doing to me.” And when things would get worse, the Lord would tell me, “You may continue to suffer over this but I do not think that it is comparable to what I have suffered.” And then, maybe out of pride, I would forgive because it was getting worse. And then, the Lord Jesus inspired me to pray to Saint Joseph. There isn't much about him in the Bible. Well, I've been going on and on… and I often ask for the grace to think before I speak. That’s all.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When there's a storm and we see cars lifted up, ancient trees uprooted, little birds’ nests on the ground, it is only once the storm has passed that we can measure the force of the storm. A person’s character is the one God willed for that child. It is the strength of love, it is the justice of sharing, it is loyalty to obedience, it is genuine because it comes from God. God was not mistaken in putting a little of himself in every child, but when the child doesn’t know what to do with what he has received, he becomes bored, he feels alone. And to fill that loneliness, he makes friends but he doesn’t realize that they are also bored. And two characters that are bored cannot understand each other because they don’t know why they're bored.

All this is to tell you, children of love, that only God knows you, only God knows your character. Your character is the measure of your choices: if your choices have made your works bear fruit, that is because you have benefitted from God's wisdom, from God's justice, from God's love, sharing, patience. But when you have not benefitted from what God is, that is because you have benefitted from another, from another who did not know that he was before God. You have suffered because of the other’s character while you were incapable of looking at your own.

Can we accuse a father, a mother, when we don’t know that we have the ability to be patient, when we don’t know that we must be just as God is just? From birth, the child develops through what he sees and what he accepts for himself. He suffers from not knowing why he is the way he is. Therefore, his mother and his father become a source of suffering to him. A friend, a brother, a sister, who are children of God like him, become enemies to him. Who did all this? God, who gave us a character, or the tempters, who put us in situations that keep our character in a state of ignorance? We all have a character, and it is according to what God chooses for us. If we have marks inside us, that’s because we didn’t know how to use what God gave us, and today, we suffer.

Take a look at the whole world: it is suffering. We have become a source of nourishment devoid of love for one another. And so, we must nourish our character with faith, hope and charity. Then, we will help one another by praying Mother Mary. At night, place your requests in Mary's Heart. She will take everything and then, when we say, “Mother, we pray for your intentions,” well, all will be accomplished. While waiting for our prayers to be answered, let’s put up with our character and let’s ask Mary for protection and for the perseverance to say, “I give you the causes, choices and consequences.” And there you have it – ‘I refuse’ over and over again until we are able to say: we are a nourishment of love. Amen.

Q. Lord, when I was a baby and I was sick and I would go to the doctor, if my mother hadn’t been by my side, I would have panicked and I would have cried. When we will be judged by your mercy, are we going to feel Mary's hand and are we going to have the right to cry out “Mother”?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes. One day, we were praying and we heard the Lord God, the Holy Spirit, through me: “My God, remember me when I will no longer remember your mercy, your sacrifice for me.” At the end of the prayer, we realized how difficult it was going to be to undergo the Great Purification of the flesh. We didn’t stop, we continued saying the rosary, and the following morning, Jesus said, “My children, I have a gift to give to you. Do you accept it?” “Yes (audience).” Then, he said, “Stand up.” And then, he said, “I give you my Mother. She will be by your side.” Yes, Mother Mary will be by our side. Yes, we will cry out, “Mother!” And she will be there. Amen.

Q. This is the first time I come here and I know nothing about the books and what they contain. So, my question is: Do the books deal with people who are suffering a lot, people who are in intense pain, constant pain, and how to remain in the joy of the Lord in spite of that pain and of the healing that never comes, that we hope for and that never comes; and also with people who are searching for jobs but can't find work? Do the books deal with these subjects? That is my question.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: A few years ago, before the Lord began to speak inside me, I cried out to God. When we see wars, when we hear about massacres, when we hear about cancer, when we hear about children being born with AIDS, when we hear about those who are suffering, who are being raped, tiny little girls being massacred, and this is constant, when we hear about this, we cry out to God: “My God, do something!”

I didn’t know that the Virgin Mary was appearing in places other than Lourdes or Fatima; I didn’t know about the messengers. When I began to pray with a group – because I didn’t even know what it meant to pray with a group – then I saw a Church that was suffering. God began to talk to me. And yet, what I was seeing were people who prayed but who were jealous of one another: one group against another group, one priest against other priests, nuns who were leaving the convent to live like everyone else. I cried.

I was raising my children, I had a husband, I would go to mass and that was my world; that was what I had learned through prayer. But God was opening my eyes, because now, what I was seeing was nothing but suffering. I was under the impression that I was riding a wave; when I reached the crest of the wave, there was that happiness of reaching out to God; but once the wave subsided, I would sink deeper and deeper. And the thing that was making me sink deeper was suffering. Where was our Church? Where were those who prayed? Where was faith? They were talking about shutting down churches. I was entering a world that was unfamiliar to me. It couldn’t be, it couldn’t be that the Church could do such things! The Church is every one of us! Where, then, was our faith? Where were the children who believed in God, who followed God? All I was seeing was that those who prayed were suffering more than those who stayed home, and that they had just a little faith but they lived their faith nevertheless.

And then, I went to the feet of Mary and I offered up my life: to die so that my husband and my son could go to Heaven. And I really believed in this; I had no doubts… but to see a Church in such a state, that lack of faith! That lack of faith was like gangrene within the Church. The more I entered into that, the more I saw: “My God, save us!” Yes, it’s true that I cried out, I cried out to God, but I believed in what I was saying when I cried out: “Yes, Jesus, you are there.” I had no doubt that God was there because God is in our lives.

God shows us his wonders. I had discovered them, his wonders. When I would look at the children I was babysitting: “Thank you, my God.” They were the ones who were genuine. At a certain point, there were no more children to babysit, and so I went back to my trade: hair stylist. Oh, did I ever discover this world that is filled suffering, suffering and more suffering! I wanted to go home to my little children, sit down on the floor with them and sing, hold their hands and say: we’re friends and Jesus is our friend. They believed in him, but the adults didn’t believe in him, or at least not with the heart of a child. And so Jesus came, through Mary – at first, he sent his Mother, you know… he came to open our hearts. I heard Mother Mary talking: a gentle, gentle, gentle voice inside me, incredibly beautiful. We have a true Mother.

Once, she showed me, she showed me a rosebush. It was in a field, and the field wasn’t in the light nor was it in darkness, but it was there. And there was a wind blowing; the bush leaned to one side, and the wind would blow and it would lean to the other side. And then, she showed me a young girl who was holding on very tightly to that rosebush swaying from side to side. She was saying, “Pray, pray because they are fragile.” We are fragile; we’re like a rosebush. When the wind blows towards the east, we fall towards the east; when it blows towards the west, we fall towards the west. We aren't able to remain standing before God. She, she remained standing at the foot of the Cross and she didn’t falter. And she took me into the Heart of her Son, and I heard Jesus, the voice of God. And that voice is a voice that is firm but filled with gentleness.

He taught us what love is. “I am The Love; you are love; I live in you, you live in me. Because I live in you and you live in me, all my Father's children are within you.” For the first time, I was hearing someone talk about love candidly. It was love, love and more love. I learned to love my neighbour – not to cry over my neighbour and to sigh over him, but rather to love my neighbour.

Today, I'm working to build a refuge after having allowed Jesus to build my refuge: my own. It took many, many ‘I love you’s’, and then it took even more ‘I love you’s’ to understand that there's only one God and that we don’t need idols, that we belong only to God and not to this world. Then, we become armed with love so we can love this world, and God is the one who taught me this. And I learned to see myself, to not say, “Jesus, when are you going to see to it that children love one another?” Together, we learned that we had to begin with ourselves, that we had to discover that we were love for God, for ourselves and for our neighbour.

Those moments, I spent them with my brothers and my sisters from many different places, and, like today, like this weekend, I would hear the voice of God inside me and I would repeat. And Nicole always accompanied me when I travelled outside Québec, and we learned together. We would say, “Ah! This was the most beautiful gathering of all!” And then, we would go to another one and we would say, “Oh, no, this was the most beautiful one!” He has been keeping us in this state from 2001 until today. We are no longer able to count the number of gatherings we have attended – well, at least I can't. Is there someone who… Martine, we’re not counting the gatherings any more, are we? We’ve had more than five or six hundred gatherings, haven’t we?

For those who have been reading, is there one gathering that is identical to another gathering? “No (audience).” The Lord is saying, “That is because every person in the audience makes up the gathering.” Therefore, everything comes from God and not from us. There is no human who is able to read hearts and to say these words, up here in front, day after day, day after day. Well, at least I don’t know anyone who can. And there isn't an entity living inside me! An entity doesn’t talk about love, about the sacraments, about the Eucharist. No, but God uses children of love who leave themselves in the hands of God. In the books, God talks to us about love, God talks about love for our neighbour. God talks about the Great Purification of the flesh in the fourth book and he's slowly leading us to understand what he wrote through the instrument that I am.

The aim of this is to bring us to where we are today, to the Great Purification of the flesh, to have us enter a world of love, for it is written in the Gospel: “You shall live a time of love, in which Satan, evil, will no longer tempt God's chosen.” We haven’t yet lived that time, but he is in the process of building it. After this time, Satan will unleash his rage once again, and he will come back to tempt the chosen ones, and God has said, “I will annihilate him with my breath.” But before that happens, he will have to bow down to adore the Son of God, the very One he refused to adore. He will do so before his acolytes and before all the angels, all the saints in Heaven and on earth, for they will be on earth with us – if we’re still on earth at that time – and then, there will be the resurrection of all flesh.

That will be the great, great victory over eternal Death, because all God's children will be resurrected in a pure flesh. All will have been accomplished. But before that happens, we have to live a time of love and that’s the time God is telling us about, and that is what was written by the Will itself of the Divine Will. Thank you, Lord.

Q. The Lord has spoken to us this weekend. There are those who talk about a comet, that there will be particles falling from it… I would like to know what the Lord wants to tell us through this.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: No, there won't be particles falling from the comet. How many people are all ears when they hear about the comet? Through me, the Lord spoke about a mass; yes, it’s true. Last year he even showed it to me, and believe me, it’s big, huge, and it’s approaching at very great speed. And what follows in its wake is what will fall to earth.

But we aren't going to experience that now. We will have to live the Great Purification of the flesh before then. Let’s not put the cart before the horse, as they say! Let’s leave to God what is up to God. Yes, he has spoken to us about that mass that would strike the earth, but what did he say? “Pray, pray, pray.” And at Christmas, what did he announce to us? Yes, that the trajectory of the comet had been altered. And there you have it! He listens to our prayers! Yes, Heaven listens to our prayers and Mother Mary is asking us for sacrifices, penance, prayers, the commandments – oh, and to go to mass, to mass! In the commandments, there is confession. We must follow God's laws.

God asks us to live the Gospel, not only to read it but to live it. Mother Mary tells us, “Love one another,” and she says this often. And she said, “Love every child of every religion, of every language, of every nation.” This is what Mother Mary tells us. Therefore, we must love one another unconditionally.

Yes, there are the refuges. Our inner refuge is the most important one of all. Without our refuge, external refuges don’t exist. And there are external refuges. Wherever you may be, turn your home into a home filled with holiness. Get rid of your idols, get rid of your extra clothing that can be shared with others, and keep what is necessary. The same applies to your cutlery, or to whatever is in your cupboards, or in your garage. Live a life of good conduct and our homes will be a refuge. Don’t worry – no matter where you are, if you want your home to become a refuge, well, make sure you have a Bible and may your peace, your joy and your love be the soul of your refuge. Who gives us peace, joy and love? Well, who does your home belong to? It is God's home.

A person who is at peace, does he panic over food? “No (audience).” A person who is joyful, does he worry about the cold, about being without electricity? “No (audience).” Let God nourish you. When something rises up inside you, go and see Mother Mary right away and pray. And if it continues, do what Heaven asks of you, peacefully, joyfully and with love. Don’t clean out the stores to stock up on necessities. God will take care of us. He's in the process of teaching us how to cook again – oh, yes… how to make bread, how to make cookies, preserves. He's showing us once again how to make soap, soap for clothes, for dishes, for our bodies, for our hair. He's having us relive things that we thought were dead: talents.

Do you think that we’re going to enter a world of love without knowing all these things? And God says, “I shall multiply according to what you give to your neighbour. The more you share, the more you will live in abundance that you may give again.” Not to fill our closets: to give. “There is no greater love than to give one’s life for those one loves.” And so, we give our life when we cook, when we build: we’re giving on behalf of our neighbour. Yes, it’s true that when our day is over, sometimes we’re tired! But where do we go? To say the rosary. And wherever you are, in your refuge, don’t forget the rosary. And is this for once a week or every day? “Every day (audience).” And if you aren't aware of having said the fourth and fifth decade, well, your guardian angel will pray for you, but rest assured that you will get up well-rested.

In spite of our age – most of us are ‘old-timers’, aren't we? Except for Dominic, and François, and Marie-Ève, and the other young people here, but for the most part… just look at our hair! When I look at you, I can see that we’re all ‘old-timers’! And so, we’re building refuges but not for us: for our neighbour. We don’t know if those refuges will be for us when we live in that land of love, rebuilding a world of love; we don’t know this. But it’s the present that is important; to do what the Lord asks us to do for him – we, before him, for our neighbour. And that is what is important.

When the great, Great Purification of the flesh will have been accomplished, well, there will still be a short period of time when we will live on earth with the children of the no. Now, will the particles from that mass have fallen on us by then? Because God would not have told us, “For a short time, you will live with the children of the no. You will experience great tribulations. You will be forced to adore the Antichrist.” Has this happened yet? “No (audience).” Is it the children of the yes who will do this or the children of the no? “The children of the no (audience).” Therefore, do we have to wait for 2012? This isn't going to happen in a couple of months! That mass? “No (audience).” There are things that we will have to live now, and therefore, let’s keep our peace.

Now, after having undergone the Great Purification of the flesh, will our flesh be a purified flesh? “Yes (audience).” Will that flesh be like the flesh was before the original sin, as God always wanted it to be? “Yes (audience).” Will that pure flesh be so in and through the Divine Will? “Yes (audience).”  Before the original sin, were Adam and Eve meant to know earthly death? “No (audience).” And does it not say in the Bible, “One will be taken and one will be left”? “Yes (audience).” Where were they going to go? To the supermarket? No. God will lift us up from the earth. Can he lift from the earth children who are impure? “No (audience).” He will not do that; why? Because we have free will. And therefore, we must be children of the Divine Will: your Will, only your Will. And so, if we are lifted up from the earth, that’s because we will have become children of the Divine Will. In order to be children of the Divine Will, we must undergo the Great Purification of the flesh.

So, why would God lift us up from the earth? God will never allow pure flesh to know death, to be buried in the ground, to come to know things that could harm a perfect flesh. We will become children of the Divine Will and when God calls us, we will rise up towards him and God will purify the earth. Everything that has been against God will disappear from within us; we will come before God as we once were, before we came to earth. We were once children of the Divine Will and we will come before God as children of the Divine Will. God will choose.

Oh! God will choose his children to form twelve tribes. Those children have already been chosen because I have seen them. Those twelve persons represent the twelve tribes of Israel, the people of God; and around them will be the children chosen by God, so that the earth of love may be as God has always wanted it to be. “You shall serve me, me, your only God. You shall give me what I, I will ask of you. Your thoughts will be my thoughts, for my thoughts will nourish your thoughts. Nothing will emerge from you but my Will. You will bring your works to your God; you will present them to me and I will have you sing my Glory. You will be my people, I will be your God, your Father.” And God has chosen certain people among us.

Do we agree to continue building refuges for those who will be chosen, even if we don’t know who they are? “Yes (audience).” And this is what God has prepared for us… and so, that mass from the sky, it isn't for tomorrow. All this is according to God's timetable. Let us live in the present moment what God will have us live. Have we done what God has asked us to do? He told us, “Live my mercy.” This is the step that we’re taking right now and that he asked us to take yesterday. This is quite a bit, isn't it? “Yes (audience).” Then, let us live it. Amen. Thank you, my God.

Supper is at five o’clock. There's no priest present and Michel isn't here in the hall, is he? Well, before we leave, we will say grace together, as one family. Let’s make the sign of the cross now, and let us enter within ourselves, with faith, and go before all the priests who, up until today, have given us a blessing before our meals. In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.