Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantegenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2011-10-07 – Evening  Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord has been talking to me about all this for a few days now, maybe a few weeks… oh, it hasn’t been for very long! Do you know what my flesh was doing? “I hope he won't say it! I hope he won't make me say it! I'm going to keep this to myself!” You know, it’s all very well to be a prophet but what if he tells me something and then it doesn’t happen?! Well! How’s that going to make me look? On the inside, I have no confidence in myself!

Yes, we heard about Jonah this week in Chertsey. You too, right? When I heard that, I thought, “Hmmm… it’s true that the Lord told me, ‘The day has arrived.’” I'm going to tell you something that I would have liked to keep to myself. The Lord said, “Soon, you will cut your hair,” because the Lord never wanted me to cut my hair. He said, “Your angel will appear to you and he will tell you to cut your hair.” Well, I didn’t really tell anyone; I just mentioned it to someone in passing; I simply told my son, “When you find that I'm behaving strangely, well, then you'll know that something’s going to happen.” And since then, he's been telling me during Communion that yes, it is now time. And so, earlier when I repeated, I repeated in the Divine Will, and I didn’t falter, did I? In any case, even if I had wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to in those moments.

What the Lord has been having me experience for some time now, is that moment, that moment of love. He reveals, he reveals moments when his light will enter us and I see Mother Mary, and she goes to stand in the light. We will see the Virgin Mary in all her beauty. Mother Mary, she appears. She is beautiful, isn't she? It’s impossible to describe Mother Mary. Now, you will – interiorly – we will see her in her glory. Once we have been completely purified, our eyes will see the beauty that delights the guardian angels, all the seraphim, the cherubim, all, all the archangels, all the angels in Heaven. The more our purification is accomplished, the more her glory will be a source of immense joy to us.

But there is a price to pay: there are those who have been chosen to be among the last, isn't that right? Among the last. Some of us have consented to being among the last, isn't that so? We will endure all this with graces. Mother Mary, she stood at the foot of the Cross. Therefore, she will be with us to sustain us, for suffering will be concentrated within us. Death will not be able to affect us, but it will be as though we were tasting death. There's no need to be afraid, right? We have given our yes. The more we are wrapped in God's mercy, the more those we love, and who will be in need of our assistance, will be in our flesh. We have given our consent to uniting our hearts; we have given our consent to loving unconditionally.

Jesus has given certain people on earth the joy of living the stigmata. Go and take a look at those who have experienced this – you will see that they are filled with joy. Do you think they’re only pretending to be in pain? They suffer lovingly. And we will suffer lovingly. Mother Mary gives us graces, she has given us graces and she will give us more graces. And God will give us only as much as we are able to handle – we must not forget this either. But are we able to say, “Do not spare us, Lord”? Not a single soul must be lost.

Some of you know that sometimes the Lord joins my soul to another soul, and he has me live the suffering of that soul in order to help it to give its yes. This has happened, and it always goes well. I have also experienced this on a physical level. There were people who were in physical pain and I asked to share a portion of that pain… well, it wasn’t really me who did the asking – he is the Lord, after all, isn't he? And that also went very well. Heaven takes care of us. And so, let’s not worry about what we – we can say it now, can't we? – what we’re experiencing at this very moment, because it has already begun – he said so. That time, we will live it now. Some will cry out for Mary. When it will be too difficult, Mother Mary will go to her Son to say, “We shall let them rest a while.”

Are you ready to live this? “Yes (audience).” Amen! This is what we wanted, and well, we’re in the middle of it right now. You know, we’re living this and it’s much easier when it comes from the Lord than when it comes from us.

Q. Are we going to experience this every day?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: You will live it every day. Don’t go and hide because God will know. Remember: we have to give thoughts, what we see, what we hear, words, actions and feelings. And if you don’t want to give, you don’t give: you won't live that moment of mercy. Do you understand? Are there people who haven’t understood what has just been said, or maybe understood just a little? Okay, there are some in the back who haven’t understood.

We must give ourselves constantly so that God's mercy can take all the suffering that is inside us. Therefore, the more we give, the more God's mercy will take what we give him; but what will it give us in return? Mercy for ourselves. When we experience a moment of suffering, that moment of suffering is activated by the authors of pain. Satan and his acolytes are the authors of our pain. They’re the ones who have made us lie, who have made us steal, but it’s also true that we accepted their temptations. And so, as they have made us suffer – “Hey, you committed theft… you’re a thief… you’re going to steal again…” – this always comes back to haunt us. And they keep us in this state of suffering. The more they keep us in this state, the more they control us with their power.

When we give to Jesus – “I give, I give, I give; the least little thing, I give it to you” – what happens then? Well, then mercy gives us its love, its presence. We constantly receive mercy as nourishment, and the more we do this, the more we agree to seeing things and to experiencing things. Isn't this what happened a few years ago, when we began to say, “I give you the causes, choices and consequences”? It seems to me that the more we gave the causes, choices and consequences, the more and more often we had to say it.

There was a young girl in Lac-St-Jean who began saying, “I give, I give, I give,” all the time, so much so that she stopped seeing her friends because she wasn’t able to follow their conversations anymore since she couldn’t stop giving. So, this meant that the more she gave, the more she became aware that what was around her wasn’t always what God wanted to hear. God wants to hear love emerging from our mouths but what she was hearing was blasphemy. And so, she would give and give, and the more she gave, and gave, and gave, the more and more she discovered that, whoops, it was necessary to give. Well, we’re going to experience the same thing. We’re going to live this: the rights of God's children.

We have already started but now, we have to… do you remember? “I give you the causes, choices and consequences. I refuse. Thank you, Jesus…” And then, there's a point, after Mother Mary, when you say, “Come and remove the evil from my flesh and purify it…” This is the point we have reached. Now, we’re going to live this. We will live this. We must allow God's mercy to envelop us so that evil can be uprooted from us and purified by his Fire of love.

When we will be within us, God's mercy will have taken what we gave to him, and then, we will look – yes, yes, yes, yes – and everything will be uprooted from us. Suffering will no longer have any effect on us. Who will it attack? Who will it attack? Don’t forget that you will be within yourselves; don’t forget that you will be like a baby. And who is going to judge himself? We will. But to whom have we handed the reins? “To Jesus (audience).” Our life? “To Jesus (audience).” Our judgment? “To Jesus (audience).” Who wants to take everything? “Jesus (audience).” Are we ever going to understand this? Is this the first time we’re hearing this? “No (audience).” When did Jesus say this? Jesus said these very words, which emerged from the depths of his being, when he was on earth. He was all love for us. His Blood flowed from his flesh. He carried a heavy, heavy cross on his shoulder. It wounded him so deeply that his bones were exposed. He never let go of his cross. He fell under the weight of the cross. Did he let it fall? “No (audience).” You see, Jesus said, “Give me your yoke; mine is light.” Is his Word not eternal? In that moment, will he not take everything? He will take everything. And so, the authors of pain, who will they attack? Mercy itself.

Q. If I realize that, a few days ago, I experienced something that was painful and that I wasn’t able to give it at that time, does the Lord permit me to give this to him in the Divine Will, now that I have become aware of it?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, yes, we must give everything. It must be Jesus who takes everything because we, we will have given it to him. With what? Our freedom! Our freedom! This is important. God will not force us to do this.

This is why there will be moments when we won't feel anything. God knows us, and he's aware of the freedom he has given us. The more sincere we are, the more surrendered we will be, the more obedient, and the more this will be accomplished. Doubt or grumble, well, God knows. God loves us, he loves us! He has respected the freedom of all God's children. Didn’t he respect the freedom of the one who betrayed him – Judas? Didn’t he love Judas even though he knew what Judas was about to do? This is our God, and he will always be eternal in his eternity. This means that he will never change. He's our God and we can lean on him.

Can all these words come from a human, these words that you are hearing at this very moment? “No (audience).”  Our God is teaching us. We are all in the same flesh, a suffering flesh that wants to be liberated. Don’t you think that those who don’t believe in God want to be liberated as well? All children who were created by the Creator want to know freedom. And every one of us has come face to face with one fact, an undeniable fact: we have all been impure. And all those who will so desire, will become pure in their thoughts, in their gazes, in their hearing, in their actions, in their feelings.

Now, we will go and rest. It’s a quarter to ten, but some of you have been up since seven this morning so that you could be here to listen. And so, we have with us Father Réal for the blessing and we have… is Michel, the deacon, here as well? Ah! He went to bed… a blessing.

Father Réal: May Almighty God send his blessings upon you and may our Blessed Mother, on this feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, obtain for you many graces. I bless you all and your families, your children, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Good night!

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Just one tiny, tiny minute, please… one minute, please. We had a mass today and there was a hymn that we were supposed to sing at the end of the mass but we didn’t have time. Would you agree to making an act of reparation for this? Amen.

Member of the audience: There's someone beside me who’s telling me that it’s the first time she hears you speak. She would like you to introduce yourself, and she would like you to speak about your books…

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Is this your first time here? Oh, Lord! Those of you who are here for the first time to hear the Girl of My Will, raise your hands. Hey! You didn’t fall off your seats! Oh, but there are some who have read the Girl of My Will! However, those who have never heard of this messenger, the Girl of My Will in Jesus, or who have never read the books… okay, well, if you wish… for those who want to stay and listen… “Yes (audience).”

Well, the first time I heard the Lord was in 2001. I am a child of the Divine Will. This is what the Lord says inside me, because, in the beginning, he asked me for my life. He said, “You no longer live. I am taking your life.” The Lord spoke to me all the time and I would listen. At times, I would say to myself, “Am I really alive?” He would say, “You belong to me, you no longer belong to yourself.” I was married at the time, and I wasn’t yet a widow. I'm also a grandmother. At that time, I had two grandchildren. Now, I have five and another through marriage.

How did he come for me, for the instrument that I am? In moments of suffering. And this began when I was very young. A great light was in my life and he showed it to me, for when I was born, the sun was rising and that sun entered my life, and without my knowing it, the Lord was guiding my steps. I learned to abandon myself through suffering.

I was the eighth child of a large family, and the Lord showed me, through those who were suffering, to remain in my place, where I needed to be. The desire to belong to him, completely to him, came around the age of twelve, but my father refused because he had given permission to my sister Rita to become a nun. He used to say that he already had one nun in the family and that he didn’t want two of them. The Lord wanted me to be amongst my sisters and amongst my brothers who were suffering. And that suffering, God had other families feel it. It’s a physical suffering; it’s the pain of always having to bow down before authority without understanding. 

Sometimes, the Lord would give me joy at Communion, and yet, I didn’t know that this would lead me to abandon myself more and more. I thought it was normal to feel a sense of warmth that leads to happiness when you receive Jesus. I thought that everyone felt this when they received Holy Communion. I did, nevertheless, grow up with physical suffering, with a character that was suffering, and as a person who prayed so as not to enter into that suffering, who cried out to God, crying out, “I want to love! I want to be loved!” We don’t understand why we need love and more love, and why we don’t get it as we would like to. That was what I experienced.

I met Maurice, my husband. I received so much love from him, such love! And yet, that love he gave me couldn’t satisfy me. That thirst, that thirst to love, to love with a love, a love so deep – where was it? For he was placing within me the need to find a love that was even greater and greater than the one I had. Since I loved my husband, since I loved my children, why would I still want a love that was deeper than this? It was God who wanted it. And I was living this without my knowing it.

When my sister Rita died, I went to the feet of Mary and I said to her, “I want to die.” And Heaven opened something inside me: surrender. I entered into that surrender as I had just accepted to die. That’s what God had been waiting for from me. And Mother Mary taught me many things, because in 1998, 1999 and 2000, Mother Mary gave me graces. During those years, prayer became for me a door leading to obedience. The more I prayed, the more I wanted to pray. Satan, the demons, attacked the being that I was – physically, mentally and spiritually. Mother Mary was there and she protected me. I often smelled roses; I had many visions.

In 2001, on January 1st, 2001, my hands oozed oil and it was in that moment that Mother Mary, the Virgin, the Immaculate Conception, spoke to me. She was there, present in my life, in my spiritual life. She has always been there, Mother Mary, in my life on earth, because I prayed. The family also prayed. But now, it was much deeper, and as I prayed, she would show me images to help me remember what she had told me. As I wasn’t educated, it was difficult for me to repeat what Heaven wanted me to repeat. That is the reason Mother Mary taught me by showing me images.

I had beautiful visions while I was awake and while I was half asleep. And when I learned the name of my guardian angel, Amystica, that was when I heard Jesus, because he was the one who said his name when I finished writing. He would speak inside me. I didn’t begin to write right away; that came after my husband’s death, on the 4th of March. After that, the Lord wanted me to write every day and when I wasn’t writing, the Lord was talking to me, and Mother Mary would always tell me to listen to her Son. Since that time, I hear God's voice inside me. I only have to enter within myself, stop a moment, and I hear the voice. When God wants me in a state of obedience in order to repeat for my brothers and for my sisters, he's the one who comes over me.

I received gifts and those gifts belong to God. God can unite my soul to another soul, my body to another body. This means that if God so desires, I can experience the suffering of another person because it is God's will, and its purpose is always to teach me. He has me experience what I must repeat to better understand his mercy. He is the Mercy; he's the one who teaches us to love, he's the one who teaches us to give ourselves. Mother Mary gives us many graces. She constantly leads us deeper and deeper into the Will of God, and this happens because God wills it.

When God had me write, he did so in the Divine Will because he is the Divine Will, and therefore, he had me enter into his Divine Will. But because I must speak, I must live with suffering in my flesh. It must know illness, it must know fatigue, it must know what all my brothers and my sisters are experiencing that I may serve. One cannot talk about suffering if one doesn’t know what suffering is; one cannot talk about grace if one isn't immersed in grace. I am the Lord's instrument and I do what the Lord asks me to do. These words that you are hearing come from the Divine Will, and not from me. It isn't up to me to choose what I must say. This is why I must not be instructed by humans, but rather by God.

God has put a priest by my side whose name is Clément Provencher, and God has put priests by my side to help me to always remain in my place. They are the ones who nourish me; they are the ones who give me what I need – that nourishment: God's love, God's mercy, the Divine Will. Priests are greater than any prophet. Every prophet must remain in his place. If God wants to use a prophet, he uses him when he wants to use him. When he no longer needs him, the prophet goes home and lives like everyone else. The prophet must learn to keep quiet and to accept everything, to not defend himself, but to leave everything up to God. Slander and judgments belong to God and not to the prophet.

The prophet who is not surrendered, obedient, will pay the price. The prophet who does not want to serve God, God allows him this freedom. He becomes a vain being, he becomes a manipulative being, he becomes master of his messages as they no longer come from God. God is the only Master. God is God, and he has chosen the instrument that I am to talk about what he, God, wants all children to hear: the Great Purification of the flesh. The great, Great Purification of the flesh is for right now. We have been hearing the Lord speak of the Great Purification of the flesh since 2001, and he used the hearts of God's children so that what was in those hearts could emerge, and as a result, we have heard our God speaking about us.

We have acknowledged that we are liars, rapists, manipulative, dominating, vain. We have seen ourselves as we truly are, and we have been enveloped in God's graces to be able to accept all this. We have learned to love, to love our God. We have learned to love ourselves, to love the Church, to love our brothers and our sisters. We have learned that we must continue, for we still have much to learn, but as we are in his eternity, this will go more and more quickly. All this is done in the Divine Will, just as our Lord, our Master, our God, our Saviour, has revealed to us tonight.

My name is a name like many others. The Lord calls me the Girl of My Will in Jesus because we all belong to the Yes. Boys and girls, we belong to the Yes, which is Jesus. That yes, it was said out loud, and it was Jesus who uttered it to his Father even before we, we were born. We owe everything to our God. He comes to speak to us in our hearts so that we may all learn, in this very moment, what we must do for the greater Glory of his Father. There are prophets all over the world; every one of them was supposed to fulfil his calling. This is God, our Master – we must do what our Master wants us to do. Now, I will open my eyes because God wants me to. And this is what God expects of us: obedience.

My name is Francine. My maiden name, Dumont, and my married name, Bériault, but my real name is the Girl of My Will in Jesus. That is my real name; it was given to me even before I came to life in my earthly mother’s womb. That is why, one day, Jesus said to my two sisters, who are present here: “She does not belong to you; she belongs to me.” We all belong to God, only to God. Every one of us belongs solely to God. We will have to answer only to God when God will have us enter within ourselves. A Wind of love, a Wind of the Holy Spirit, a Wind of Pentecost – such light! Amen.