Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God's time is a time of love, God's time is your time. It’s as though the Lord wanted to have our hearts beat in unison with his own heart so that we might all be together in this movement of love. Jesus is the movement of gentleness; Jesus is patience; Jesus is the One who has us move forward. We have moved forward together in these last few years.

You know, we have been waiting for so many years. We have been waiting for a moment of love when we would all be reunited, when we would all have a taste of what each one of us wants to taste: we want to have a taste of love, we want to have a taste of sincerity, we want to have a taste of the truth, we want to have a taste of our faith. Yes, we want to taste our faith.

What does faith taste like? What does faith look like? We want to see faith. People say that faith is a movement that cannot be seen but in which we are immersed; and when we are immersed in faith, there are movements that occur in our lives.

It’s as though what is invisible creates inside us movements of truth, movements of wisdom, movements that bring us nourishment, a nourishment with the flavour of God. What could God possibly taste like?


A member of the audience: Like honey.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Honey?


A member of the audience: Like mint.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Mint! God can be anything that is gentle, God can have any flavour; God is every one of us.

We are all like mint, like honey: we are like all things that have flavour. God likes to taste what we are because we are the life in Jesus; we are not the life that is apart from Jesus. If we claim to be life, well then, we are in Jesus.

This is what life is and this is what faith is: yes, I believe that I am in Jesus; yes, I want to be in Jesus; yes, I want to dive into that certainty; yes, I know, I know that I am in Jesus because he told me that I am, and this is enough for me. Well, these words were just spoken by every one of us – this is enough for us: he has told us so and we believe in this.

This, this is our right, our right as children of God. We are certain that Jesus is everything to us – to be everything to us is to be life itself to us.

That is what life is: life is to obtain everything that is meant to be ours. And what is meant to be ours? It’s a gaze, it’s something we hear, it’s a word, it’s a thought, it’s a movement, it’s a feeling that reveals my presence in God to me. This is what it means to be in that all; this is what it means to be in Jesus; this is life, this is joy – this is eternity. This is eternity, which is no more than a word, a glance, a sound, a thought, a movement, a feeling – a movement – and yet, that movement is eternal, it nourishes itself of itself.

A word is a movement, a movement that emerges, that is given, and who is able to utter that word? It is the all, the all of Jesus; one word is Jesus. Therefore, we are that word, we are the life of Jesus, and Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega. Jesus is eternity, and therefore, we are eternal. The Word is eternal, one word is eternal. Can you see how much God loves us? He put one word inside us and we became eternal. He put a gaze inside us, and here we are, immersed in an eternal movement that brings us mint and honey, allowing us to savour this movement continuously.

Today, here we are listening to these words. What brought us together to listen to these words? It’s because we want to, we want to enter into Jesus, we want to go wherever he is, we want to be alive. 2007 years after the birth of Jesus, we want to live with the certainty that God is in our lives, that God is alive, that God is eternity, that we’re alive, that we’re eternal! Yes, we want to touch this, we want to taste this, we want to say, “It’s true, I'm alive!” Everything I see is life. Whatever I cannot see has no bearing on what I can see, because this is what my life is – this is the life I am able to see, this is the life I am able to hear, this is the life I share. Yes, I'm real because we’re all real. I can only be real if you’re real; I can only be life if you’re life. Therefore, we have much to gain by discovering the lives of others and by having others discover our lives.

When we discover who we are: we discover who others are. When we claim to be part of life, we know that others are part of life, because I cannot claim to be part of life if you are not part of life – I'm part of the all of Jesus, I am life within the All. We’re real. We’re home alone, or with our husband, our wife, our children, and we say to ourselves, “Is everything I'm experiencing really happening? Does all of this make any sense? Is my life what I'm told it is? Does Jesus talk? Does God exist? Am I really love as he says I am? Do we form the Church together? It’s true – I can feel it, I'm real!” Yes… were you aware that we don’t ask ourselves this question when we’re together? We’re together, it feels good to be together. We look into the eyes of other people, and we have the impression that we’re seeing ourselves: “Okay, I can see, I can see that I'm not crazy, I can see that what other people think is more or less the same as what I think. I feel good, so I don’t ask myself whether God exists. I see God, I can hear him, I can touch him, I share, I give, he gives to me.”

I like, I like these moments of love, these moments of sharing. And yet, there aren’t very many of us. It feels like we’re reaching out to the whole world, like we’re tasting the whole world. Yes, we’re realistic: we know there are wars; we know there's someone who has cancer, who is suffering; we know there's someone who is dying; we know a mother is in pain giving birth to her child while someone is helping her; we know a child is crying because he just woke up from a nightmare; we know there are those who are hungry; we know there are those who go out dancing without worrying about their souls; we know there's a murder somewhere – we know all these things. We know a mother is wearing herself out making a meal when she is already so tired; a father is on the side of the road, changing a flat tire, while he's eager to get home; we know there are people who will lose their homes tonight to a fire.

We’re together, we sustain one another. We’re made of the same flesh as they are, and therefore, when we all look at one another and we all love one another, they receive, they receive strength, they have a reason to live because we’re inside them. There are people who have faith, who look to God, who share what they are with God, and so, we share in what they are. This is what our faith is about – it goes as far as this! It’s to truly believe that we’re able to be who we are when we’re helping others, and not when we’re crying, shouting, picking up the phone: “There's just been an earthquake; there's an epidemic; my neighbour just lost her child; my cousin’s wife just left him.”

Yes, we can help; yes, we can live all this in our flesh by being what God wants us to be. If he wants us to help our brothers and our sisters, we must do so with love, we must do so with a pot of honey, with mint tea, by saying: “I believe that Jesus acts. Yes, I know that I'm real and that I'm in them, and that something’s going on. I don’t see anything, I don’t hear anything, I'm not doing something for them that they're able to receive with their hands at this moment, they don’t hear my voice, and yet, I am in them and whatever I am in this very moment is bringing about movements in their lives, because they’re in my life.”

We’re alive and Jesus is alive! We believe in this when we’re together; we see one another, we appreciate one another, and therefore, we appreciate life, we appreciate the Church. What Jesus taught is true.

We’re here together to listen to what the Holy Spirit is having us hear externally. Every movement comes from him; it doesn’t come from us, for, at every fraction of every second that we’re in this moment, we’re building a new world, and we’re doing nothing by our own efforts – everything comes from God. The Holy Spirit is breathing upon us, the Holy Spirit is taking us, the Holy Spirit is leading us to where he wants to lead us – within our brothers, within our sisters – to say to them, “I love you. You’re just like me. You belong to Jesus. You’re made of the flesh of Jesus just as I am made of the flesh of Jesus. My flesh is within you and your flesh is within me. Look at your skin: I can taste it. I close my eyes and I feel love because I have just tasted your skin. What does it matter if your skin is black, what does it matter if your skin is red, what does it matter if your skin is white, if it’s blue because of your pain – taste my flesh, it is your flesh. Together, we form but one; you are in Jesus as I am in Jesus.

One day, you will see what I also want to see. We will walk the same path, you and I; we came here by the same path – didn’t it feel good to be where we were, in Jesus? We were together. I tasted your flesh, you tasted my flesh and that eternity was so good; and God the Father wanted us, wanted us to come to earth so we could have a taste of what faith is, of what hope is, of what love is.

I am your love and you are my love; I am your hope and you are my hope, because every time you look at your face, you’re looking at me, and I hope that, one day, you will be able to look at me through what you are within your bruised flesh, just as I am looking at you in this moment. I am with you. I have faith that I see you, that I am here, that I am sharing the same words as you, that I am having the same feeling as you. I am in Jesus, you are in Jesus. I am your brother, you are my sister. Together, we share the same words, for these words come from the Holy Spirit, and because they come from the Holy Spirit, they come from you just as they come from me. How can I hear these words if you are not in my life, if you are not in me? How can I enable you to, one day, hear these words that you are going to hear, unless I am part of your life? We are joined together.  

What we have is joie de vivre; this is true, isn't it? There are moments when we don’t have much joie de vivre on earth because we spend too much time thinking about our sufferings, which make us cry, which make our heart beat painfully, which make our limbs stiff; we feel the cold, don’t we? But this moment belongs to us – this is a moment of eternity.

You know, we can talk to one another by way of the path of eternity – that’s what life is, that’s what eternity is – because the present is eternity. You and I are living a moment of presence, which is the presence of eternity. I'm not wasting my breath, you know, because I know that you’re here, in front of me, and that I'm standing before you, and that we’re together, that you listen to what I hear, because what I'm hearing are your words. You are life, I am your life – it feels good to be here within this faith. This movement, which God allows, is real, is sincere.

Today, I got up like every other morning, and I received a thought from God; and God said, ‘I love you. I give you graces of faith, I envelop you in my light, I enable you to taste my power. Give what I give to you.’ And then, I got up and I worked for God joyfully, knowing that I would come here to hear what is inside you and that you would hear what is inside me. You know, there are so many others here with us!

We are an eternal movement, we are a movement of love, we are life. How can I have doubts regarding life? You’re out there and wherever you might be, you’re real – I can't see you but I know that you’re there. Are you in France, in Columbia? Are you in Brazil, in Spain, in Russia, in Japan, in China, in Africa? I am wherever you are, you are wherever I am – in Canada. This is what life is: it’s to believe that I'm not alone, it’s to believe that you believe you’re not alone. This is life: to be real in eternity.

You know, my brothers and sisters, today we have to fight for the right to exist among those who go to work for money, who study for their careers, who walk to get water, who look around for a place to sleep. That’s what life is all about. We live in this world, and if it’s true that you and I are joined together, then it’s just as true that all this exists. But if this does exist, isn't it because we were born into a world in which we must fulfil ourselves? We must fulfil ourselves in our everyday lives, in what you are doing for me. You know, my brother, you know, my sister, everything you do you do for me; everything I do I do for you, because my eyes can convey something to you, your words can convey something to me – it’s as though we complete one another: we’re unable to live one without the other; we are life, we are joined together.

Today, God is having us pause for a moment together, and there are so many of us! Are you able to count your brothers and your sisters? I can't, but if I stop for a moment, I will feel, I will feel a movement, a movement of love, and I will pass on this movement of love to you no matter where you are: don’t move, you don’t have to move – you have only to desire it and God will accomplish everything.

This is like the words I said to you earlier: you see, it takes just a thought and already it soars towards you. We’re all joined together, we are that movement of life. We’re like these two hands that are whole; even if they are separate, these two hands are whole. It is you in one country and me in another, and we are whole. It is all our brothers and our sisters who gather together, and we are whole. We’re joined together; we cannot separate ourselves one from the other, we are the all of God.

Wherever you might be, do you believe in God? Oh, you can answer yes or you can answer no, but I can say to you: I believe in him, and because I believe in him, well, you receive something from this: you receive life, you receive a part of me, of my faith. Because I am but one part of a whole, because my two hands have joined together – like you and me – I am able to speak as I am part of all my brothers and sisters: we are joined together, we are a movement of life. If only one person believes in God, well then, there's something in everybody: a movement of faith – this is faith that is spreading. We cannot stop faith; it comes from God, and therefore, it is passed on. We’re joined together. This is what life is. It is worthwhile to take a look at one another – we are life in Jesus.”

Yes, now every one of us is aware of this movement of love; every one of us is faith to those who don’t believe; every one of us is that movement of life: eternal life, daily life, life of presence.

Eternal God has said all there is to say and we fulfil God's plan for us. Today, we’re hearing the words God has said, because it is God who said these words, and we are able to hear them. We’re hearing the words God has said, which were uttered in his Eternity, and we’re hearing them today because we are life. Let’s believe that every movement comes from God and that every movement has been accomplished. He is within his movement, which is given and which we receive. This is eternity: it’s a gaze that has never had a beginning and that will have no end. It’s your gaze, Lucille. It is eternal; it isn't your gaze, it’s the gaze of God. Therefore, this gaze, it has always been life, eternity, but the only difference is that God is enabling you to become aware of this today.

We are becoming aware that these words we’re hearing have always existed, and that, today, in eternity, we’re hearing them. But Jesus, he's the Eternal Flesh, he's Eternal Life, he's the one who is speaking, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we’re able to hear. Jesus speaks, God the Holy Spirit enables us to hear because God the Father wills it: one true God – eternal Movement that comes to us in our present.

Who was it that spoke, who allowed us to hear, who wanted all to be accomplished? The one God and God is eternal. Therefore, these words don’t come from us, these words are eternal; they come from God and God is eternal. And so, the words we’re hearing at this very moment are eternal. They have never had a beginning and they will have no end. They are in a movement that never stops giving: it gives and it receives, it gives again and it receives – movement that is diffused throughout this eternal movement. Are we able to grasp the word? The word we have just heard, where does it come from? Does it come from me? It doesn’t come from me because I am nothing without God. However, I am in God, and therefore I am in the All. Because I am in the All, I am part of God and God is eternal. Therefore, the word comes from this eternal movement: without end, without beginning.

We are eternal, we are eternal movement, the word that warms us, that brings us honey, mint, and therefore, word that belongs to us, eternal word. We are eternal, we are life, we are real! If we are able to hear this, then we have to realize that we are life – if the word exists, then the movement exists, eternity exists, and therefore, life exists, God exists. We are not God – we are in God. We see what is within God, we see matter that is visible in God. Every one of us sees what is in God. We say, “I want to die in Jesus because then I will have eternal life.” If I believe in Jesus, then I will live for eternity. Oh, yes – faith: to believe, to believe in what Jesus told us, to believe in God's words. Jesus is God, we are in Jesus, we are eternal, we are life, and all that is life comes from God.

How can we not realize what we are when we hear these words? These are words that emerge and these are words that re-enter us, because we have just heard – I am life, the Word is eternal, Jesus is eternal, Jesus is God, I am in him – and then, it starts all over again: always the same movement. It feels as though we were constantly reliving a movement that emerges, that gives, and gives again, only to give yet again; words that make themselves heard, and words that collide with one another and return to me and that I send back to you – why? Because this is the movement of life. We’re alive. We understand what we are one spoonful of eternal life at a time. There's no need to worry – we have all eternity to understand! All this is movement. We are these movements.

We worry – matter, matter taking over life; we would like our children to think as we do – matter taking over life; we want them to be happy, we want our grandchildren to have no contact with the New Age movement: matter that worries and takes over life. When are we going to understand? When are we going to stop and say: “Matter, what can you possibly know? Where do you come from? Do you know where you will go, towards whom you will turn? What use is your matter to you if you can't even answer?” Matter isn't able to answer.

Matter is what we are in life, in the Life, for the Life. That’s what matter is. Matter must be obedient to life and Life is Jesus, from whom came our flesh. Jesus is the Eternal Flesh, Jesus is the Pure Matter – there is your answer. This is what we must lean on; this is what we must trust in; it is towards this that we must run to seek refuge – towards the Pure Matter, towards the One who gave us this flesh that worries, that asks itself questions.

Jesus is transforming us slowly. Do you remember, in the very beginning – well, I think it was in 2001, the beginning of 2001? There are many here who do. Maybe there are some who heard this before I did – Jesus said: “I shall transform you, not at the speed of your airplanes but at the speed of your lives, according to the rhythm of your lives.” Well, he knows our lives. Slowly, he has enabled us to move forward. Slowly, he has taught us. In the beginning, he used to say that we were a little embryo, and then he said that we were a tiny baby, and afterwards, he told us that we were in kindergarten. So Lord, where are we now? He said, “Not any further along.” We move forward slowly. Well then, thank you, Lord, for telling us that we aren’t any further along, because he did say, “My Father's kingdom belongs to the children.”

So let’s remain as children – that’s when we’re able to understand. We’re tiny children and he talks to us about eternity, we’re tiny children and he talks to us about the Eternal Flesh, and we begin to understand, because – do you remember that here, at Plantagenet, he once gave us a teaching on intelligence? He was saying that children were the ones who were much more intelligent than adults. We have left our intelligence behind. And so, he had us go back to the past and then he spoke to us, and our childhood rose to the surface; and it was through this that we began to understand, to understand what Eternity is, what the Eternal Flesh is. And slowly, he is enabling us to taste what is in the Eternal Flesh, he is enabling us to enter into all this.

Do you remember that he also spoke to us about the fifth level of Heaven? A gaze, a gaze that I see and that presents itself and that I can give, and that gaze, nourishing me and I nourishing it continuously, which then collides with another gaze; and that gaze, which has just been struck, collides with the other two gazes, is nourished and multiplies endlessly, endlessly: eternity, a movement of love! He took us there, to the fifth level of Heaven, to the place where Jesus is, where Jesus’ gaze is, where the flame is, where there is no beginning, where there is no end, where colours merge, never revealing themselves – because when something is revealed to us, well, it has been revealed and we have nothing more to learn. No, in eternity, we reveal ourselves, we let others taste us – we contemplate and, without ever, ever stopping, this goes on and on – it feels so good! This is growth, this is continuity. This is what we are, and what we are is eternal.

Are we able to understand that we’re eternal? We have never had a beginning and we will have no end – we have always believed that we were born, that we would die, and were panicking because we were going to die, when all this time we have been eternal and we will always be eternal: now this is happiness! Imagine!

Now, at this very moment on earth, we’re on a mission. Yes, we have a mission on earth – we all have the mission to pray for one another so that every person might taste eternity: the reward for having seen one another, for having helped one another, the reward for having had faith in what God was telling us, the reward for having fulfilled God's plan for us for the greater Glory of God, the reward for being who we are.

We are in God – it’s as though every one of us never stops being a source of flavour to others! This is what we are – this is life. But there isn't only honey or mint, there's also bile, there's coldness – these are also part of our lives. Are these also going to be eternal? Bile is everything that is bitter, harsh; it’s something that is disgusting to us. We don’t want to live with this because it has no flavour – a flavour is something that is pleasant – but this is something that is unpleasant and we don’t want anything to do with it. We refuse to live with coldness as well; we want nothing to do with it. These movements cannot bring us happiness; these don’t come from Eternal Life but rather from something that came to us through disobedience.

When Satan became bile, coldness, hatred, despair, everything that is evil, all of these things appeared. This movement was not eternal, but what was eternal was the angel. The angel was eternal because the angel is spirit; it is a spirit that comes from God, and anything that comes from God is eternal. And as he was light, he was always in God, but the moment he set himself apart from God, something was set in motion – the beginning of evil; but the beginning of evil comes from a spirit and that spirit is eternal. It isn't possible to kill a spirit. A spirit comes from God and it is a movement, and anything that comes from God's movement is eternal. However, evil will be kept far from God and this, for eternity. 

We want nothing to do with this but it’s part of our life on earth; and it hurts, it leads us to question ourselves, it leads us to take a second look at ourselves, to say, “Is this what I want to choose?” Evil is something that makes us stop; it’s something that wants to restrain our eternal movement. We are eternal, we are eternal life, but evil, which is eternal death, wants to stop us, wants to bring us to a halt, to prevent us from moving forward in this eternal movement. It wants us to have a taste of evil, it wants us to become aware that eternal death exists, that it is present.

When we, we lose sight of that eternal movement for a moment, that’s when we enter eternal death. When we lack faith in eternal life and we listen to evil, becoming indifferent towards our lives, well, that’s when we get a taste of something else: we get a taste of an emptiness in time, of a void. It’s as though we were plunged into an abyss and that abyss were having us live a movement against ourselves, and when we live a movement against ourselves, we turn to look at ourselves, we discover a ‘self’, we no longer have a mission, we are no longer in prayer. To pray is to give. When we’re in the abyss, we fall, we fall into a void: the ‘self’ is a void.

When we ourselves are in that ‘self’, we leave eternity behind. We don’t want to see eternity, we turn away from eternity, we turn our eyes towards ourselves, we become empty, we become nothing, we seek who we are, we’re in pain, we poison ourselves. Yes, we get a taste of that bitterness: we poison ourselves, we’re cold, we are no longer the light, we are in darkness. It’s as though the being of darkness were enveloping us to prevent us from seeing ourselves, to prevent us from seeing the light that is inside us. He draws our eyes away from our interior to prevent us from entering within, to prevent us from turning our eyes towards our brother, towards our sister, because he doesn’t want us to see God, to see God's all: he doesn’t want this.

This, this is also part of our lives, and it’s in those moments that we don’t feel alive, it’s in those moments that we feel the cold at our backs: “Oh! If eternity doesn’t exist, what will become of me? Where will I go? What's the point of living? Why should I deprive myself? Why shouldn’t I get what I want without worrying about others? Why shouldn’t I raise my voice to state my opinion, even if this crushes others?” That, that is the void. That is to discover that we aren’t alive, for we lack faith in life. We become attached to life on earth, which is nothing more than a temporary, temporal life, a short time in which I must fulfil myself in order to discover the splendour that I am. But, in that moment, what is it that we discover? What splendour do we discover? We discover that we have a lousy character; we discover that our words aren’t always worth hearing; we discover that our eyes are cold, calculating, deceitful; we discover that our ears listen to only what interests us – “I want to be flattered”; we discover that our thoughts are deceitful, manipulative thoughts.

Yes, when we’re unhappy, we say that it is others who have flaws. We aren’t able to see what we are: unhappy. We also discover movements, movements that are nourished by hatred because we don’t love ourselves. When we do things that are calculating – “me, myself and I” – no, we don’t love ourselves; this isn't to love oneself – this is to poison oneself. This isn't the time when we discover life, it isn't during these moments. Jesus is life, he's the one who is happiness, he's the one who is our smile.

Today, when we were at home, we asked ourselves, “What are we going to experience, what are we going to hear, what are we going to see?” Well, we had that thirst, that thirst to grant ourselves a few moments of love. We’re alive, we’re real, and we want to be convinced of this. That’s why we were saying to ourselves, “What are we going to experience, what are we going to hear and what are we going to see?” I want to be convinced that I'm alive, I want to be real, I want to believe that all I've been living these past few years comes from God, that it isn't a bunch of lies. We’re real and it’s because we see one another that we believe in this. We need, we need this – we truly need to be together. Being together is good; it feels good to recharge our batteries. Since Mother Mary told us in 2005, after the death of our Pope John Paul II – because, in our hearts, he's still our Pope, just like Peter is our Pope, right? – yes, she told us to gather together, that we would be a source of power, and well, it’s when we’re together that we feel that power. When we aren’t together, we still have that power but we feel it less, and we even come to doubt it, we even come to ignore it. But then, when we’re together, we see our power – what we’re living is real.

It’s true that we still have a little way to go, but if we take a look back in time, in God, we’ll see that he has had us carry out movements of love, movements that have brought us much peace and joy. A great deal of peace and joy was required in order to hear God tell us that he is the Divine Will, and that Jesus made Man is the Eternal Flesh, and that he is the first to have revealed himself to the angels: the first one, the first Flesh. A great deal of peace was required for this, and a great deal of joy, to be able to hear – that Adam wasn’t the first, but rather that Jesus was – and he has enabled us to move forward again and again, and he will have us move forward yet again.

Now, we will stop here because he has just said, “Children of love, all you have just heard is truth, all that you are is truth; you are truth in God, my children. What you have just heard is your life. Your life is eternal, you are in Eternity and every movement reveals itself to you by the power of the Holy Spirit. Does it not feel wonderful, my children, to hear your lives?”


All: Yes.


Jesus: Does it not feel wonderful, my children, to understand your lives?


All: Yes.


Jesus: All this can only come about by the power of God the Holy Spirit. You are so little, so little in my Father's hands! I love you, my children. After your trip, you need to rest. I am the one who granted it to you first, but now it is your bed’s turn.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Jesus.


All: Thank you, Jesus.