Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2011-10-08 – Morning 


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: There's more in our hearts today. Our flesh has reacted to what we heard last night. We cannot remain indifferent to what we heard: that the time when the Lord will have us enter within ourselves has arrived. But for this to happen, there are still a few fragments of time left, and it is in this short amount time that we must live his mercy – not to be apart from his mercy, but rather to die in his mercy. We have heard but have we understood?

Already this morning, someone was telling me, “Yes, I said my amen, but my heart wasn’t in it, because my heart wasn’t able to grasp that amen, it wasn’t able to carry it.” And God said, “You are right, my son,” for our flesh isn't able to withstand what we, we desired yesterday. Yes, we want to cry out that amen with our whole heart, but it’s as though there was a knife in our heart: that’s the suffering of our flesh. You all know that we have marks within us. Before coming here, the Lord said to me, “In the audience, there will be people who will listen to you; they will be on your side. Others will refuse to be on your side, and others will be indifferent, for they will not understand. Go and do as you are asked.”

It is with this in mind that I arrived here the day before last, and today I understand. For some of us, it is practically the first time that we’re hearing about the very Great Purification of the flesh. Others came because they were invited. They didn’t know what they were going to hear, but they had a feeling that someone was going to talk about what's going to happen.

The year 2012 has people excited, you know. And yet, the Lord, he says, “Do not believe in that.” Isn't the year 2012 something that makes those who lack faith shudder? People don’t want to disappear beneath the impact of a mass falling from the sky. And God says, “Keep your peace.” God also says, “Only my Father knows when that moment is.” Yes, we can study events by consulting the Holy Scriptures, and we can take a stab at guessing the date. The Lord is letting us know that we are living in a time during which children were meant to experience an event. Yes, this is true. But the children of God don’t know what they’re going to experience nor how this is going to happen.

Let’s go back in time, to about a year ago: we, some of us, were gathered together to pray a novena, the novena to Mary, Queen of Hearts; and at that time, we received many prophecies, one prophecy in particular. How did we receive that news? In and through what we are. Did we really understand what we heard? The first day: God told us that, in spite of all his warnings, we still have our idols. He was very clear about this on the first day. He said, “I will tear your idols from your hands and your feet will tremble beneath God's power, for I will make you aware that you are walking among serpents and scorpions. I will reveal this to you and I will have you move forward.” We had just understood that, yes, we still had idols in our lives; we had also just understood that we had temptations and that temptations were part of our lives.

We have but one God and he's our God. We won't enter that world of love with our idols. It is best to distance ourselves from them right away and to beg the Mother of God to reveal our idols to us. And so, in the morning, when we wake up and we go stand in front of our mirror, let’s take a look at who we are. Do I give myself to God? Do I give my whole life to God or do I keep for myself the things that please me, while saying, “Lord, I love you, but… I still have my favourite channels on television; I still have my internet and I love to surf all over the world; I still have my telephone that takes me wherever I want to go, from Canada to France, and our voices can travel so fast.” Man is so filled with pride, woman is so filled with pride that we have passed this on, and who received this from us? Our children, our grandchildren.

We say to our children: you have to go to mass; you have to follow God's Ten Commandments; you have to dress appropriately; but in the meantime, I’ll just go watch television; in the meantime, I’ll go on the internet to see what's going on around the world; ah, I have a phone call to make! And so, they say to themselves, “She's going to forget about this right away, or he's going to forget about this. It will be okay; they’re so busy, they have nothing to teach us…” while we never stop telling them what they should do. “Hey! It’s really annoying! Heaven is always telling us that television, the radio, the internet, the telephone are idols. Oh, come on, I need them to get in touch with my children; I need them in case I get sick – who’s going to take me to the hospital? Oh, come on! What's this all about? I'm ready to walk away from all this once the events begin.”     

Jesus, he tells us, “Give me your life, give me your yes.” Life/Yes, they sound alike, don’t they? (In French, these two words are similar: Vie Oui). And so, you see, we understand only what we want to understand. Whether it’s in French or English, we always understand what we want to understand. Why? Because our flesh has its needs. Who saw to it that we liked to watch television, to watch the news? A flesh that needs to know many things – it needs to know in order to pray. Which controls the other – prayer or the flesh? The flesh is the one that controls. It tells us when to pray, how to pray, why pray, and in the morning, I say, “I give you my life,” but we forget to say, “I will keep my life for just a little while longer, just until the events begin.”

Even if we hide this from ourselves, we’re not hiding anything from God. And when we will see our lives, don’t you think that every thought, every gaze, everything we have heard, every word, action and feeling will be included among the things we see? All of our excuses – won't this tip the scales and make us judge ourselves severely? Let’s take our sunglasses off and let’s look at God's light so we can become used to the light, for we will stand before the Light and nothing will be hidden from us, as we will live the greatest moment of our lives on earth, before the end of the world. That moment is important – we need to be aware of this.

For some time, the Lord has been placing our conscience before us. We know, through our interior, what is good for us, and we also know what is bad. Who is able to stand up and say: television is good for God's children? Even if only one program gives birth to evil in God's children, then it isn't good for God's children. God is truthful. There are no half-measures within God: “You are either with me or you are against me.” The same applies to everything around us. We must ask ourselves: is this truth? Is this completely filled with love for God? When you turn on the television, if for one moment, a single moment, you feel that it is leading you to become uncertain with regard to God's love, to your love or to your love for your neighbour, then you don’t need it in your life. Are you going to say, “Well, she can talk all she wants up in front! What she's saying is almost impossible to do; she's exaggerating”? Well, we’re all going to enter within ourselves at the same time and we’re all going to judge ourselves. And if you think that I'm going to shut up, then you’re wrong, because I, I will come before my God.

And it is written in the Gospel: “If you see that your brother is behaving badly and you do not say anything, on the day when you will see yourself and you will judge yourself, your judgment will condemn you.” If I keep quiet, I am guilty before my brothers and my sisters of the whole world. But if I speak out, and my brother/my sister rejects what goes against God because my words were words nourished by the Spirit of God, well then, that is what I will see. But if he doesn’t change, I will see that as well; however, God will not have me carry that. And he will say to me, “What you gave, you gave it through my Heart. I asked you for your life and you gave me your life. It was not you who spoke, it was I who spoke to them. Nothing came from you, but rather from me because you carried out my Will, my Will.” That is why I will continue to say what God wants me to say.

Anything that is against God, against us and against our neighbour is not from the Will of God. But anything that is love, anything that leads to the discovery of that love, which God expects us to have for him, for ourselves and for our neighbour, is from the Will of God. And we’re living a time during which we must be fully committed; we must not live by tiny grains of love but rather live fully in God's love. And that brings us to where we are today.

For many years, we have been aware of what we must let go of. We have heard about idols, idols and more idols. We have heard this and we have these writings in book form. We are not lacking nourishment. Everything is there; it’s up to us to obtain that nourishment. We have a choice to make, and well, it’s with our freedom that we must make it. We must persevere, we must keep on going to the very end. Yesterday, when we heard that the Wind will blow, a Wind of the Holy Spirit will blow upon us soon, very, very, very soon – hey, we’re not talking about a few years from now, you know… we learned this yesterday. It will be that Wind of the Pentecost we have all been waiting for. Will that Wind of the Pentecost be a surprise to us? “Hey, I wasn’t expecting that!” Some of you have been waiting for it for years, even more than 15, 20 years.

Through the instrument that I am, in the past have you ever heard me say that the great Pentecost would be the breath that would have us enter within ourselves? “No (audience).” Have you ever read this in the books? “No (audience).” Yesterday was the first time that I said this, but it wasn’t the first time that I said, “We will live the Pentecost.” How many of us have heard our hearts speak? How many of us have gathered together, letting our hearts form but one heart in order to become a source of nourishment? We have been prepared for this. God does not take us without teaching us. He did the same thing in the past. He walked with the apostles, the disciples, the women, all those who followed him, and he taught them; the Church was being formed. That was a prelude, and today, as well, we have lived that and we are living that.

We are in God's action and now is not the time to back down. Now, we’re going to live what the Lord wants us to live, but with something that we weren't aware of yesterday. Yesterday morning, yesterday afternoon, last night, yes, we learned. And what was it exactly that we learned that we didn’t already know? Mercy. Did you really understand? A little… okay. We will see… do you mind if I ask you some questions? It will be much easier this way. What is the first thing we’re going to live? A Wind. And when that Wind blows, will it blow only upon us who are present here? “No (audience).” Then, your children, are they also going to be part of that movement, that Wind? Is God preparing only us? We are members of the Mystical Body of God. Let’s take a look at the holy Eucharist: When we receive Jesus, are we the only ones receiving Jesus, only us? “No (audience).” We receive on behalf of the whole world.

Who is Jesus? The Saviour, the Almighty, The Love, the Son of God, the Divine Will, Divine Will: the Alpha and the Omega. In the Divine Will, there is everything. All that is past, present and future becomes the present, an all. And so, are we part of that all? Do we belong to the Divine Will? “Yes (audience).” Did we, at a certain point in eternity, leave the Divine Will? “Yes (audience).” When we left the Divine Will, what did we enter into? The knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil became, to us, what we were going to learn from that point on because we had lost everything: knowledge. We knew what God knew, according to the measure of what we were always going to give to God, and therefore, everything was peace, joy and love to us. There wasn’t a single worry within us; everything was for God, for we came from God, that ever-present love, which was always being given – that is what we were. Today: the Divine Will and then there's us – but there's something else as well: the human will that interferes, the human will that tears apart, the human will that separates, the human will that doesn’t know and that thinks it knows, forever cut off from the Divine Will, and we’re the ones who chose this.

What we have become, we have become so by our choice and not by the choice of this one or that one, or that one; we made this choice. Mother Mary, the Pure Immaculate One, the beloved Daughter of the Father, the Mother of Jesus the Son, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, has always, always been a child of the Divine Will. She's the only one. How come there are people in the world who say, “Well, why her and not someone else? Why was she chosen? She's just like us!” She chose obedience and disobedience assails us to make us think badly of the One who remained with God.

We have lost sight of our status as children of God, but God has never lost sight of his children. He even wrote their names in the Book of Life. All those who carry a yes to God are in the Book of Life. Would he have been able to write down the names of those who are going to say no to the Divine Will eternally? He would have needed a second book: “I will put these in the book of eternal death.” That’s where their names would be written. But God is the Life and God doesn’t condemn life; it is life that condemns itself. That’s why there's only one book: the Book of Life. This is how God is – he respects freedom to the very end. We, we must live this in that freedom.

Yesterday, we heard that a Breath would come upon all children – our children, we love them but we can't tell them about what we’re hearing. What would they understand? Before coming here, God told me, “There will be those who will be on your side, others who will not; others will not understand and yet, they are people who pray, they are people who go to mass, they are people who love God,” and yet, the Lord had warned me beforehand. If God permitted that they be with us, well, that’s because God will look after them. It is God who teaches; it isn't us with our human will; it is God who gives himself at Communion and it is God who receives himself.

When we receive the Body of Jesus, when we receive the Blood of Jesus, this spreads everywhere, everywhere within us. Our soul exalts with joy for the Lord: it adores, it looks at him, it bows down, it knows that it is enveloped by the gaze of God. Does our soul love God? “Yes (audience).” If it loves God, then it knows what love is. God said, “Love me but do not love your neighbour, then you do not love me.” Therefore, can we say that our soul loves God but that it doesn’t love other souls? “No (audience).” Then, when it receives its God, it receives its God and it is united to other souls. To receive God is the joy of our soul. Our soul is alive, our soul belongs to God.

How many saints and how many little children, how many very ordinary people have felt an indescribable joy in their interior? The child (girl/boy) was able to tell someone who was willing to listen: “Ah! I experienced something that was so beautiful!” She was trying to explain and the other listened but didn’t understand a thing. And so, she talked, and talked, and talked, and the other listened and listened. Oh, how the other would have liked to know what had happened! And in the end, she said, “She's really lucky!” That was the soul receiving God, that was the soul bubbling over with such happiness that our flesh vibrated. It was filled with great joy. God was using that soul to nourish the souls that are dying of thirst for God: the multiplication of the bread and of the fish, the Beatitudes!

He, God, nourishes, he gives to eat. When he multiplied the fish, when he multiplied the bread, that was a prelude of his life: he was going to multiply himself, he would become a source of nourishment for all God's children. God was giving his Body and his Body was being multiplied. That is what happens at Communion. We receive Jesus, the children of God receive Jesus, which maintains them before their own lives. It’s true, they don’t go to mass, but they say, “Thanks, mom. Thanks, dad.” It’s true, they don’t turn to the sacraments: “Oh! I won't steal this, that person needs it. Oh! I’ll do my work, that’s what I'm paid to do. Oh! I'm driving my car. Oh! I have to be careful, there's a stop sign. Look, it’s raining outside; I’ll wear my raincoat; I have to take care of myself.” Who is the Life? Them or God? God.

That’s why we must go to Communion, come forward, obey and abandon ourselves in the hands of God for the Church. We must live as God lived on earth: our God, Jesus, the beloved Son of the Father, who gave himself up and who nourished his Father's children. Where there is division, let us live in unity; where there is anger, let us live in forgiveness; where there is judgment, let us live God's mercy; where there is poverty, let us divest ourselves to cover them with love. This is what God, the beloved Son of the Father, lived on earth and this is what he gives us at every instant during his holy, holy, holy Eucharist. The Eucharist belongs to Jesus; it doesn’t belong to us, but it is for us.

We owe everything to God, and Mother, the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of all Nations, the Queen of Hearts, guides us towards our God, our only God. When we become aware that God takes care of and that God nourishes the whole world, we become aware that our children are being nourished. It took quite a few years for us to understand this, didn’t it? We had to start over often: I give them to you, Lord, I give them to you. Isn't that right, Lucie?

A. Yes.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: How many years, Lucie, did you spend, giving your son?

A. How many years ago did we learn to give? They’re here today.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: They’re here? All four of them? Even your daughter? I can see her. And that tall one over there, that’s our Dominic! He's still the same, isn't he, Lucie? But without that wound that was inflicted upon him.

To surrender one’s children is to discover the power God has over our children, because Dominic no longer wants to take drugs. And from the moment when God had Dominic become aware of his own presence within himself, in his own heart – it was you who entered within yourself that day. Others as well, other young people have felt their presence within themselves, in their own lives. Should we trust in our God, who will look after our children? “Yes (audience).” Ah! They will remain who they are. We too, we will remain who we are, for God has given us gifts and we will make them bear fruit.

God is having us understand that after we have entered within ourselves, what will he have us feel? Peace. When that Wind blows upon us in a few days… – Lord, this isn't easy!... – we want to jump right in, putting both feet in the water but when he says ‘all the way in,’ when he tells us that, by the power of God, in a few days we will be overcome by a gentle wind – right? – we will enter within ourselves and we will feel a great peace. Why do we need to know that: ah, it’s the Holy Spirit who will have us enter within us, ah, we will be at peace? Why do we need to know this? Why is the Holy Spirit having us live this? This knowledge is necessary to us.

With what are we going to enter our interior? With our human will! Our human will, is it for us or against us? It is against us: “It’s okay if you watch television. Come on! As if God puts programs on TV for you to watch – come on, don’t believe in that! The internet is good; you can even see the Girl of My Will in Jesus! The telephone, well, use it! Like this, they’ll learn about what's going to happen much faster!” There it goes again – the human will is letting the tempters manipulate it. The human will is against us. We always fall because the human will listens to the tempters.

At that moment, will all the demons be bound to the foot of the Cross? Only the ones that, up until this point in time, we have allowed God to send to the foot of the Cross. We will be tempted more and more and not less and less. When you, those of you who know the Lord's teachings, our God's teachings, still ask yourselves questions – “Well, should I tell my children? Is this going to be painful? What if it doesn’t happen right away?” – then, what are we going to use? Our rights as God's children. I’ll come back to our Lucie, once again…

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Lucie, did you use your rights as a child of God in the moments when you saw your son in front of his screen?

A. Oh, yes!

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: She said yes. How many times a day? Five times a day, Lucie, more or less? Should I say ten times? More? Often, often, often, often?

A. All day!

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And at night, you rested?

A. No, never.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And now, for those who are here for the first time: Stand up, those of you who, several times a day, give causes, choices and consequences; who say I refuse temptations, thank you for sending them to the foot of the Cross, thank you for delivering us, for healing us of all sick movements of life, thank you, Mother Mary, for filling us with graces; who ask the Divine Will to remove the evil from our flesh, to purify it so we can have one thought, one single thought, that of God, so we can be a source of nourishment. All of you who say these things, get up, after Nicole has translated into English, of course.

Now, among those of you who are standing, there are some who stopped doing this at a certain point; please remain standing. And you, the others, who didn’t stop, please sit down. But the ones who said, “Let’s stop this, now I'm fed up,” and those who stopped and then started again, remain standing. When you stopped saying ‘causes, choices and consequences,’ did you feel that you were… “At last, I have some peace.” Now that you have started doing it again, did you see a change? Thank you for your loyalty.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Dominic, you had started and then you stopped?

A. In the beginning, I used to say it every day, all day actually, but at a certain point, I started saying it less and less, and I used to say to myself, “Oh, it’ll be okay!” And the days went by, and then it got worse and worse. I would get angry for nothing but before, in the beginning, after I converted, I was always at peace – but anyway, it was the Lord who permitted me to experience this – so I started refusing again more and more. But when you stop, you really see a difference. There are days when the tiniest little thing bothers you, but before, you used to give it to Jesus and then, he would send the tempters to the foot of the Cross.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Can you feel that when you use the rights of God's children, God's mercy is with you? “Yes (audience).” In the beginning, we’re so out of breath that we don’t realize that God's mercy is there, right? Because when it comes back not even a second after we started, and that even though we continue, it increases instead of diminishing, hey, we’re under the impression that it’s worse than ever. We refuse, we refuse, we give, we give; thank you, Jesus, thank you, Mary; and we haven’t even said half of the rights of God's children and it hits us again. Do you know why? Our flesh is beginning to feel the benefits of healing and of deliverance. And as our flesh is beginning to live what it has never lived before, this is so new to our flesh that it emits joy, and as it emits joy, our human will isn't happy about this and it opens doors to things that were hidden inside us.

Try to remember what God said about when we hear an external word, and that word is against God, against us, against our neighbour: it enters us and it becomes lodged inside us, and from wherever it becomes lodged, what does it do? It takes up a tiny bit of room, and then, it tries to make us forget about it. When another word comes along, and it isn't love, it too becomes lodged; one more, one more, one more, actions, feelings; they all become lodged in the same place. And then, we become a stranger to ourselves: we do what we don’t want to do; we feel what we don’t want to feel; our eyes see and we want to turn our eyes away and yet, we can't; our mind isn't able to stop and rest in prayer; our behaviour towards those we love becomes a behaviour against those we love. Our flesh is adjusting to the human will, and as a result, it becomes our master: there is no longer any room for the child of God. Now, it is the human being, which is manipulated by the human will, that lives. Spiritual life – in the background, and life on earth – me, myself and I – takes over.

Without realizing it, we live in a state of disobedience towards God. With subtlety, the human will, which listens to the tempters, makes our thoughts go round and round in our heads: “Look, try to appear as a good child but always keep your eyes on what you want, and what you want is to do your will.” The human will doesn’t want us to live in the Divine Will, but rather in its will. And this is what we have inside us, and this is what is awakened when we use our rights of God's children: “Do you think you can keep this up much longer? Always refusing is time-consuming, it’s boring, it’s annoying, you can't get any rest.” These are doors that open inside us; and the human will, which listens to the impure spirits, brings that fatigue up to the surface.

That is what happens when we use our rights of God's children unceasingly, unceasingly: “You want to make me go away when I'm the one who runs your life? I’ll show you!” “Yes, but I'm being tempted, I hear blasphemy but I don’t say those things!” The human will responds, “You did accept to listen to them at a certain point when you turned on your television, when you were reading the newspaper, when you were eavesdropping on the bus and others were talking. You say you want nothing more to do with me, the human will? I’ll show you that I'm still here.” That’s why, at a certain point, we become so tired, right? We don’t dare use the rights of God's children too often because this requires an effort on our part. And Jesus says to us, “Do not be lazy. Use your rights of God's children.”

God told us yesterday that we were going to allow his mercy to permeate us and that mercy would be a source of such great joy to us that it would carry our own judgment upon its shoulders.  

Now, we will stop here.