Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus  

2011-10-09 – Morning

Jesus: This present moment is a moment filled with love for all the children of earth. Each of you carries God's children within himself; God has written within each of you the names of all those who are in the Book of Life. Those whose names are not written in the Book of Life are in your flesh, my children. You are living a constant battle; you are living this battle: good that wants to makes itself known and evil that wants to extinguish good.

You are children of the Light. You must shine, my children, through this time of darkness. I have placed love, my love, in you. Do not extinguish that love for a single moment, my children. May your thoughts be thoughts of love. May your gaze be extended over the entire earth and may it bear love. May your ears be the ears of he who wants to hear only love. May your words nourish brothers and sisters with love. May your actions bear fruit, that fruit which multiplies upon a vine created for the children of the Book of Life. May the blood that flows in your heart be that Blood, that Blood purified by my love, which never ceases to flow within you. Always be like this, my children. Do not waste a single breath of your life, which is the breath of my Life.

I have given you more than you are able to contain, for as one grows older, my children, as one becomes an intelligent being, one loses what God has given. It is necessary to be like a child in order to enter my Father's Kingdom. You must return to the state of children of the Divine Will. A child of the Divine Will is a child who no longer has his own thoughts, who no longer has his own eyes, who no longer has his own ears, who no longer has his own action or his feelings, but rather those of God.

Leave the spirit of this world behind, my children, and let the Spirit of God permeate you. Do not see, do not hear, do not utter words, do not carry out actions, do not have feelings like the spirit of this world, which is against love. The spirit of this world thinks solely of money, solely of power, solely of domination over this one and the other. There are those who claim to assist countries facing disaster, when, in fact, they are profiting from the situation to enrich themselves in an effort to maintain their power through wealth. When one does not think of God's love, one does not think to love one’s neighbour as he is. If the spirit of this word loved as I love, poverty would no longer exist, illnesses would no longer exist, wars would no longer exist, epidemics would no longer exist, borders would no longer exist; there would be one single people: the people of God. 

My Father's Spirit is upon all God's children. He does not look to the right, he does not look to the left, ahead, behind; he has but one gaze and he encompasses all with his gaze. My Father's Spirit is unique. My children, I present to you the Spirit of God: it is love, an unconditional love that never ceases to give itself, to give itself and give itself. You are his children and he wants you very close to him. My beloved, be attentive to the Mercy. Let the Mother of the Mercy nourish you.

Mary: My little children, you owe everything to the Mercy. What you are living, you must live it in the present moment before the Mercy, for the Mercy. It is important that you understand what the Mercy expects of you. There is so little time left, my children, so little time. In the days that will follow this day, you will observe that Heaven is speaking the same language. All over the world, my children, you will realize that Heaven has prepared everything. You are all God's chosen ones. Mercy, my children, mercy must be in the words you speak. Mother, the Mother of the Mercy, will help you.

Here is the first lesson on mercy: In the morning, a tiny little child was waiting for his little brother to come and knock on his door, for before going to sleep, they had said, “Tomorrow morning, we will surprise mom – we will make her breakfast.” In the morning, the little boy opened his eyes and he saw the sun shining through the window of his room. Disappointed that he had not woken up earlier, he quickly got out of bed. He ran to his brother’s room but his brother was not there. He realized that his brother had forgotten him. As a result, a sense of disappointment towards his brother rose up in him, but he remembered, he remembered hearing that it was now time to be merciful. He had given his life to the Mercy. And so, he pulled himself together. He said, “Mercy; my brother is mercy, I am mercy.” A great joy flooded his whole life, for he was no longer himself – he was life in the Mercy. Now, it was the Mercy that lived for him. He went back to his room and said, “Thank you, thank you, my God, for your mercy.” He had just understood what he had heard previously: that, from now on, he was to enter into mercy and allow mercy to live for him. When he came out of his room and went to the kitchen, he saw his brother preparing breakfast for their mother. He came forward, he looked at his brother and he said, “I love you.” And the other looked at him and smiled at him. They were together, and together, they loved each other.

My tiny babies of love, did you understand the lesson? “Yes (audience).” Allow Mercy to live in you, and you, have your life enter constantly into Mercy by agreeing to this. Now, when you will go out for a walk and you see your brothers, your sisters, behaving without God's mercy, you will beg for God's mercy for them: mercy for them, mercy. Yes, my children, carry the word ‘mercy’ in your mouths from now on. When you see your husband in front of the television, now you will say: mercy. When you do not see your children in church, by your side attending mass: mercy. When you come home from the clinic with medication: mercy. When you are waiting for someone who does not arrive: mercy. When it is evening and the day has gone by without your having entered within yourself by the power of the Holy Spirit: mercy – not for the Holy Spirit, my children, but for yourselves.

The time of God belongs to God; if you lack patience, be merciful. When you sit down before a meal that is not to your liking: mercy. You will not judge the person in the kitchen who is doing his best. You must be merciful towards yourselves; the lack of confidence in God, which causes the child to wait, is sometimes necessary so that the child might learn. Mercy must be nourishment to you. My Son loves you and he is waiting for you, my children, inside you. He wants you to live in his mercy because he is the one who wants to take your lives. A life in the hands of God is not a life in the hands of the one who received that life. Your life, my children, was given to you by God. What have you done with your life? What have you done with the freedom that God has bequeathed to you in order that you might live your life on earth? You have judged your life so often.

How many times have you said: “I cannot do this. This is too difficult. I am discouraged. I can no longer move forward. This is taking so long. What am I going to do with my life? I want to stop living, I cannot take it anymore. I am going to get angry. I am so sad. I am depressed. I am stressed. How this world displeases me! I cannot handle this situation. What is my boss going to say? What is my mom going to say? What is my teacher going to say? I do not love; I cannot forgive myself. I have made so many mistakes in my life. I can no longer endure my husband. I no longer understand my children. I have neglected prayer. I was no longer able to follow the commandments. I no longer believe in God, who claims to be powerful. Is the Virgin Mary really pure? Is what they say about God true or is it manipulation? Was the Bible truly written by the hand of man, as they say, or am I going to go on believing that it was willed by God? I have caught a bug – how am I going to live from now on? I can no longer remember. I did not understand.”

My tiny little children, is this not what your life is like? And then, my children, you ask: “When are we going to live the Great Purification of the flesh?” Now you have understood that God loves you too much to have you live this moment without first knowing his mercy. You must live this step, my children. It is important that you take this moment seriously. To live in order to die: how beautiful this is, my children!

Heaven is asking you to experience your death in God's mercy: “I have died and mercy has taken my life and it has lived my life. I must no longer consider myself as being alive, but rather, as having died in God's mercy. It is therefore mercy that will take my life and it is mercy that will see everything. Mercy will be my thoughts, my eyes, my ears, my words, my actions and my feelings. And I, I will rest with faith in mercy after my work is done. I will walk upon this earth in mercy and mercy will be my eyes, will be my ears, will be my words, will be my actions, will be my feelings: they will be the Spirit of God.” My little children, do you understand? This is not so complicated! I will tell you another little story because some of you have not understood.

One day, a little girl had a nice clean dress. She looked at her dress and said to herself, “Oh! How eager I am to wear this little dress!” She waited and waited for that occasion to arrive. In her excitement, she invited her little friends over to see her dress. She opened the door of her closet and she took the dress out. She showed it to them and the little girls, who were very impressed by that beautiful dress, reached out to touch the fabric. They had just been in the kitchen having a delicious snack of bread and jam. They had not gone to the washroom to wash their hands. When they touched the fabric, red stains appeared on the dress. The little girl did not see those stains, and so, she put her little dress away in the closet.

The little girl who had touched the dress with her little fingers covered in red jam had seen what she had done. She was so sad; she was her best friend and she had just stained her dress. That night, before going to bed, she could see that stain again. She said to herself, “Should I tell her? What is she going to think when she sees that stain? She will remember that I had bread and jam!” And tears rolled down her face. She fell asleep with that pain. When the time to wear that dress came, the two little girls were within themselves at the same moment, for they were now living under the power of loving justice.

The little girl, who had fallen asleep crying, could see herself; she could see what she had done. She heard a voice and that voice was not a nice voice. It was saying to her, “What you did was not nice; you will not be forgiven.” The little girl was suffering, but at a certain point, she noticed something that warmed her heart: she felt love coming from the little girl with the dress, her friend. She knew now, she knew that when her friend had opened the closet and had taken out her little dress, she knew that her friend had seen and had said, “Mercy.” The little girl who had felt love also felt mercy. And so, she looked upon that gesture and she thanked God: “Yes, God, your mercy.”

You see, my little children, for everything that might present itself to you, in the present moment, and that might cause pain to one of your brothers, to one of your sisters, you must be mercy. Your mercy must be before God the Father, for my Son uttered these words: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” You must live this, my children. You must follow your Saviour’s example. Your suffering must be a suffering of love. Consent to giving your life for those you love. And those you love, are they not those who, first and foremost, live close to you, up to and including the last person on earth? How difficult it is, my children to be merciful towards those who do not make an effort to love you unconditionally: your husband, your wife, your children.

Yes, my children. How many among you have difficulty accepting your children’s behaviour? You cry over their behaviour. Did not God, my Son, say, “Do not weep over the tree that is green, but over your own children”? Did you have mercy for Jesus? Because, my children, you were in the women who were crying as Christ passed by them. They saw a man, a young man, carrying a cross; they saw a young man accepting everything without saying a thing. They had compassion for him, they cried over him.

Are those women not you, my children? Have compassion for yourselves. Have compassion for the flesh of your flesh. Have compassion for your husband, your wife. Have compassion for those who rape tiny little girls, tiny little boys. Have compassion for those who take your children from you. Have compassion for those who rob you of your inheritance. Have compassion for those who no longer want to follow my Son's commandments. Have compassion for those who no longer want anything to do with their Baptism. Have compassion for those who turn to practices that deny the presence of God. Have compassion for hypocrisy, not for hypocrisy itself but for those who accept it. Have compassion for those who are in the clutches of impure spirits, for you yourselves are within those people.

Flesh of the flesh of the flesh that has but one flesh! They looked upon the Mercy, the Mercy who was carrying the cross and they wept. And the Mercy said to them, “Do not cry over the Mercy, but receive mercy and live it. May your tears be changed into faith, for I am carrying this cross for you.” Yes, my children, my Son carried you on his shoulders; my Son shed his Blood over each of you. Enter, my children, into the Blood of God and live mercy.

Do not complicate these words, my children. Be simple in what you do, my children, and your words will be simple. All things that lead you to become love will be a source of light to you. This means, my children: that although you may be constantly faced with situations that make you sad, that have you lose your peace, that prevent you from entering love, be mercy nevertheless. And for those moments when you were not mercy, my little beloved ones, you will have to use your rights as God's children.

I will now tell you another little story to help you understand better. Listen carefully: Once upon a time… you like that, do you not? “Yes (audience).” Once upon a time, there was a toad living in his pond. Three little children came along; those three little children were hunting for toads. They were holding little nets, and just beside the pond, they had placed a bucket, which they had carefully filled with water from the pond. They put a rock and some water lilies in it. The little toad saw all this and thought, “What are they going to do when they catch me?” The little toad began to panic. “Oh, no! Are they coming over here? I will hide and jump all the way over there, behind that leaf.” But then, the children turned directly towards that leaf. And suddenly, there was the toad between the hands of one of those little rascals. He had caught him in his two hands and when he opened his hands: “Whoops! Now I am in the bucket! Oh, my pond has become very small all of a sudden! What are they going to do to me?” The toad waited patiently, but the children did nothing.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, the toad was able to hear what the children were saying amongst themselves: “Oh! He isn't moving. Is he going to jump out of the bucket? Oh, maybe not… let’s give him something to eat. Oh, he's so beautiful! Well, I think he's all slimy. No, that’s how he's made, that’s his flesh. His flesh? Oh, it isn't like ours, is it? Do you think he has a heart inside him?” Oh, the toad’s heart began to beat very quickly! And the conversation continued: “Oh, no. He must not have a heart like ours. If he does have one, we’d better be careful – it’s so small!” That conversation continued and was filled with love. The little toad realized: “Humans aren't that bad after all. I wonder if they have undergone the Great Purification of the flesh.”

You see, my tiny little children, God's world is simple. Be simple like tiny little children. Look at what is going on around you and you will discover God's presence. God is the master of creation; God is your master. He is the one who has you discover what you need to learn. It is you who must listen, and you are able to listen only if you have surrendered. Does God need to put you in a bucket to make you understand that, deep down, all humans are love?

What you are seeing at this moment is external. When you live in mercy, oh, my children, you enter your interior: you discover mercy and this changes your life. The more you enter into mercy, the more you will allow mercy to live your life. Is it not wonderful, my children, to know that you all have the same flesh, and that even a toad can have a flesh? Not like yours, but know that that toad was created by God, and therefore, you must respect God's creation. You must learn, my children, to love mercy and to always allow mercy to go before you, and thus avoid thinking that the toad has the same flesh as yours.

Do not allow Satan and his demons to deceive you, my children. For when you live your lives with your human will, you cannot see what the mercy of God sees. It is important, my children, that you understand that my Son has always been the Mercy even though he took on human nature. My children, I am the Immaculate Conception. My soul is pure; it has always been pure. I never came to know original sin or disobedience. My flesh, my flesh is pure; I have no marks within me. That is why the Saint of saints became flesh in my flesh. Jesus, God-with-us, is the Blessed of the Father. He is the Chosen One, he is the Saviour, and I bore in my womb the Chosen One, the Saviour, your Messiah. My flesh was immaculate from the moment I was conceived.

My mother Anne, my father Joachim, were chosen by God. My mother’s womb was a temple of light. God filled the flesh of Saint Anne with light so that she might receive the Immaculate One in her womb. All my flesh was in God's light, all my soul continuously exalted its God. My soul and my flesh were pure, are pure and will always be pure. God made a perfect being of me. I am always before the perfect gaze of God. That is why I am the Perfect Mary. It is God who gives me what he is and I continuously give thanks to God for what God has made of me.

I give myself continuously to the Divine Will. The Divine Will is my will. My soul and my flesh are in the Divine Will and the Divine Will makes of me a child, a perfect child. It is not I who maintain myself in a state of perfection – it is God who maintains me in a state of perfection, which is their perfection: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

My voice is willed by the Divine Will. All is willed by the Divine Will. I always bow down before the Divine Will because the Divine Will desires it. What I am, in this moment, is grace for you, my children. My children, how eager the Divine Will was to have me ascend to them: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit! I, who had come to earth, accomplished what I was expected to do by the Will of the Divine Will. I, a child among all children of the earth, I accomplished what the Divine Will expected of me. I served my God, I contemplated the wonders God brought about for me. I never preceded the wishes of my God. Although the Divine Will was nourishing me and was showing me everything, I waited, I waited for the Divine Will to tell me what to do, and how my Heart rejoiced when the Divine Will would have me await its blessed will!

My children, can you imagine what that moment was like when the Divine Will sent the messenger to me to tell me, “You are the Chosen One. You shall bear the Saviour of the world”? I thanked humility for covering me. I received that joy with all the love within me: “Mercy, my God of love! Mercy for your humble servant. Me? Me? The Mother of God? How good is your gaze upon me, I who am so little.” The Divine Will had filled me with graces of humility that I might remain little, little, little, the littlest of all creatures, my children, of all his creation. Even the tiniest speck of dust was greater than I was and my God made me the Mother of the Son of God.

My little children, all my flesh exalted with humility. I needed, I needed to hear God teaching me, my children. I, who was so little, I was very careful not to show others that I was being fulfilled by the Divine Will. All those who were with me, all those who were around me had to come before me. I served them, I prayed for them. With my flesh and my soul united before God, I lived all this with God's love.

My beloved, I was close to God's mercy. God's mercy nourished me. How I prayed the Mercy so that mercy might come upon all children on earth. The Divine Will joined me to the Mercy. That is why, my children, when my Son's gaze penetrated all things, it was through my eyes that it penetrated all, because I, I was in his mercy. My children, I lived this on earth. I, the Perfect Mary, accepted suffering, your suffering, so that I might be linked to you, my children, out of love, out of love for the Mercy.

I understand you, my children. It is very important for a Mother to understand God's children. It was therefore necessary for me to live your pain. It was therefore necessary that I, as well, accept that Satan and the demons come to tempt me. I bowed down and I accepted everything out of love for the Divine Will. None of my being, my children, was spared. My soul suffered, my flesh suffered, because my yes was fully in the Divine Will. No sin entered my flesh, no sin caused my soul to suffer – it was out of love that suffering made itself known to my soul, to my flesh. What a gift of love I was giving to my God!

When my Son rose towards his Father, I kept in my Heart everything the Divine Will wanted me to keep: the Presence. Not for a single moment did I leave the Presence, the Mercy. God the Father who sends his only Son on earth, God the Son who enters my womb, God the Holy Spirit who enveloped me in his shadow – everything was present at all times. The Divine Will, my children, was very good to me.

When the moment came for me to join my Son by God the Father's side, by the Holy Spirit’s side, my soul was not separated from my flesh. The Perfection cannot be separated, my children; it is nothing but light, it is nothing other than the accomplishment in the Divine Will, by the Divine Will, for the Divine Will. The Divine Will had prepared this moment of love. My entire being was flooded with love. The Love invited me to ascend to him. The Love himself came towards me and I soared towards The Love, for I was not in the human will – I was child of the Divine Will who had accepted to be on earth. The Grace rose up towards the Divine Will. The angels were all there, my children, for they were in adoration before so much obedience.

Not for a single moment, my children, did I hesitate before the Divine Will; not for a single moment, my children. And the Divine Will made of me a child in the company of the Trinity. Who other than the Divine Will is able to give as much as the Divine Will? The Divine Will did not permit that my flesh be buried. I was not meant to experience death. My flesh was not meant to leave my soul, was not meant to undergo decomposition – more than the saints on earth, my children, more than the saints! How many saints died whose flesh is still visible to your eyes! Their flesh is at rest. My flesh, my children, did not come to know this. My flesh never left my soul; my soul never left my flesh. I am the Immaculate Conception. I say these words to you, my children, because the Divine Will has chosen that I do so. I was taken up from earth.

My children, you must believe in what Heaven is proclaiming to you: you will be lifted up from earth with your soul once your flesh has become pure. My children, you must be obedient. Yes, my children, you are under attack from external sources. When you accept to live this and you give to God what he expects from you – your rights as God's children – you keep your soul and your flesh in a state of obedience.

My little ones, now that you accept to die to the Mercy, it is the Mercy, my children, who will take everything according to the measure of your obedience. What you are hearing now, you will have to hear it again, because your flesh, my tiny little children, is flawed. You do not yet possess infused knowledge, and therefore, attend your classes, do your homework and learn your lessons diligently. God will not punish you if you forget. However, he will say, “Pray my Mother. She will give you graces of perseverance that you might continue to use your rights as God's children and that you might understand by listening to what has been said in the Divine Will, by the Divine Will, for the Divine Will, in these last few days.”

Now, my tiny little children, Mother will ask you something: do you want to complete the last two decades of your rosary? “Yes (audience).” And, my children, do you love the Mercy? “Yes (audience).” Would it be too long for you to recite the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy after you have completed your two decades? “No (audience).” This will prepare you for Holy Mass. I am with you, my children. Mother loves you.

Audience: We love you too.

Mary: I know, my children, I know, but I love to hear you say it often.