Gathering of Love with God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through his Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus

2007-05-26 - morning


♪♪♪: Come, Holy Spirit, fill our hearts…



The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: “Come fill us, come turn us into subjects of love so we can nourish our flesh, our flesh that is so bruised by our words, our useless words, our words that have made our brothers and sisters suffer.

Come infuse us, come down upon each one of us.

O blessed Mother, your eyes are upon us, you bring us life, you turn us into children of love.

You filled every movement, even if those movements were making us suffer. You were always there, Mother, to bring us comfort, to turn your attention towards us.

We have often made your Son suffer and not for one single moment did you turn your eyes away from us. You nourished us as you nourished your Son when he was hungry; you rocked us as you rocked your Child; you showed us how to ask, you who were always attentive to your Child.

Today, Mother, you come to accompany us.

Yes, you are here; you are here close to us because we need you.

So many times you have prayed for us, we who are sinners. You know each one of our weaknesses before sin.

O Mother of love, nothing is unknown to you, for the moment the Angel announced to you that you were to become the Mother of the Messiah, everything became light to you; you entered into that light and you pronounced your Fiat.

Oh, movement of love that entered you, movement that made you Mother, light that shone forth within you and welcomed the Child, the God-Child!

Your entire being was in amazement, for the Holy Spirit had entered within you, the greatness of which no human being will ever be able to understand.

Who can understand what it means to be the Mother of the Son of God? No one.

This movement was never withdrawn from you, for what the Holy Spirit grants, he grants for eternity.

You open a door for us, Mother, and we agree to enter in order to understand the worth of what is granted to us.

What we are today, o most gentle Mother, are the movements we have allowed to enter us. What is within us has not been of the same value as what God wanted to grant us.

Look at us today, Mother, we are all here together to hear the power of the Holy Spirit, to allow ourselves to be enveloped by his movement of love, to be under his inspiration so that each one may receive, receive the grace of being in the very presence of God's Will.

Everything is here, ready to nourish us, to take us, to heal us, to free us.

Stay with us, Mother; our yes is in your hands.

What is happening at this very moment is willed by God. Nothing can come from us, for any movement that enables us to understand, that makes us go forward, comes from God.

O almighty God, take us, heal us, transform us, teach us; your teachings are a source of inexhaustible value into which we agree to dive.

And the grace that is granted to us, may it be for us and for all those we carry within ourselves, a movement, a movement in the very Fiat of Mary.”

Every one of us receives, every one of us carries love, every one of us wants to give all the room to the Holy Spirit, for who can resist the Holy Spirit? There are many who can.

All God's children have resisted the Holy Spirit. Although they knew him, even the apostles resisted the Holy Spirit at one time or another.

Remember Peter! Peter, the first Pope, resisted the Holy Spirit when he was among his own people, and did not dare say that he supported the pagans, the Gentiles. And Paul came to his side, he reproached him for this, and Peter understood, he understood that he had resisted the power of the Holy Spirit.

Because deep down inside, Peter knew; he knew that his behaviour was not loving. He was dodging, but when Peter saw, everything came back to him and he said yes. Yes, he acknowledged that he was external to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

You see, if Peter, after having been infused by the Holy Spirit, after having been part of the movement of Pentecost, resisted all this, how much more so will we resist two thousand years later?!

We never stop resisting the Holy Spirit: we reject the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

When the inspiration makes itself felt within us, we say, “Oh! It’s my imagination, it comes from me.”

What comes from us? Who can say that a kind word comes from himself? Who can say that a loving deed comes from himself? No one – but we all say it.

We say, “Yes, this comes from me; yes, I did this, I did that.” All this becomes something we own; we possess the gifts of the Holy Spirit and make them our own; we manipulate ourselves.

Only the yes belongs to us, the yes enveloped by the Yes of Jesus, which becomes present to us, which becomes for us a yes that enables us to know what we must do.

Everything comes from the Holy Spirit, everything is from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; anything that is good within us comes from the Holy Spirit: we understand this, we live it, for God Is; God is within us, God is our life, God is our presence.

Today, we go forward on this earth like beings who own things. We possess our own yes: we control it, we bring it wherever we want, we silence it, we make it sick, we paralyse it, because we have our ‘self’.

Remember yesterday, the Holy Spirit warned us that he was going to talk to us about our ‘self’, that ‘self’ that has revealed itself in front of us, that ‘self’ that has turned us into beings who take what belongs to God and use it; we use what the Holy Spirit has given us.

Are we able to use what the Holy Spirit has given us? No, only the Word can make us act; this is the yes that belongs to us.

If, this morning, we opened our eyes, well, who do those eyes belong to if not to God? Who created the movement of opening our eyes? It is the grace of life.

You see, we say, “I have my will, I am the one opening my eyes.” There is the ‘self’, the conscious ‘self’, the ‘self’ that decides, the ‘self’ that knows I'm here, the everyday ‘self’, the ‘self’ that is part of the past and the ‘self’ that looks to the future: all this is inside us.

Who saw to it that we become aware of this ‘self’ and that we control it? Who saw to it that we learn to be individuals through our ‘self’? Me, myself and I: I'm drowning.

I am what I want to be, I am what I am, I do what is inside me, I become fulfilled through what is meant for me: everything is a movement that teaches me to know myself, to satisfy myself, to give to myself, to offer to myself, to consider myself as a little ‘self’ in my life.

I want to give you my life, God; I want to know you, I want to be everything to you: I know how, I learned, I am before you as the ‘self’ that I am, the ‘self’ I have been and the ‘self’ I shall be.

I who am what I am: I realize, I realize that I'm someone; I realize that I live with others; I realize that others can affect me; I realize that I can reject a friend, a brother and a sister; I realize that I can help them; I realize that inside me there is everything I need to function with others.

Me, always that ‘me’, that ‘me’ that is in my daily life: this is my present, I am aware of it.

Everything becomes concrete in my life, everything becomes a reality for me: I ‘am’ aware that I'm here with you; I ‘am’ aware that I’ll be tired at some point; I ‘am’ aware that, “Oh, I have to eat!”; I ‘am’ aware that I need to sit down, to walk, to stretch my muscles; I ‘am’ aware that what comes from me can help me in the present and can enable me to accomplish projects.

The ‘self’ is in my life, I remember, it’s all there, I'm in control: I'm the one who carries out my movements, and the movements I don’t want to carry out, I am the one who stops them.

Everything becomes about ‘me’, or the ‘self’, in our life, a ‘self’ so dear to our thoughts: we become attached to that ‘self, we nurture it.

It becomes something that enters us: a ‘self’ that savours what it used to be, a ‘self’ that holds on, holds on to everything that turned me into that ‘self’.

And so, while I live, there's a ‘self’ that remembers; when I go forward, there's a ‘self’ that leads me to discover; when I contemplate, the ‘self’ is active for the ‘self is present in my life; it’s part of what I am: a ‘self’ that lives in the subconscious.

Anything that is inside me is me: anything that is part of my life and that enables me to experience one thing or another, that enables me to feel one thing or another, is present in my life without my having to make a decision about doing this or that thing – the subconscious is guiding my life, the subconscious is part of my conscious ‘self’.

The conscious ‘self’ is greeting of each day, is the silence of each day, is the end of each day, is the time of rest of the day, is the sleep of the night.

Then, along comes the unconscious ‘self’ (the part of the mind that does not enter the individual’s awareness): it takes charge of the conscious ‘self’; it brings to my being the knowledge of my ‘self’, of what is within me: what makes me cry, what makes me laugh, what makes me accept things, what makes me do things – like finding fulfilment in my projects – what makes me afraid, what makes everything become difficult, impossible for me: my roadblocks.

The unconscious ‘self’ becomes so present in my life that it either blocks me or urges me to go on, that it stops me or gives me a push. All this is part of what I am, part of what we are.

But there's also something deeper – what is there without my having wanted it: it’s what influences my conscious ‘self’ and what influences my unconscious ‘self’; and this makes me incapable in my conscious ‘self’ and in my unconscious ‘self’ to control… what controls my life, a life granted to me, a life that must be in the very presence of all my brothers and of my sisters, a life that makes me realize that I'm part of something that enables me to move, something that leads me to be part of a movement, a movement that opens up in my life: the subconscious.

The subconscious is a movement we cannot touch; it’s a movement we cannot know; it’s a movement that is part of the being; it’s a movement that, to the human, is everything.

The subconscious is not matter; the subconscious cannot be touched, manipulated by the ‘self’ in me that is conscious or by the ‘self’ in me that is unconscious; however, the subconscious seems to surround the ‘self’ that is conscious and unconscious.

How is it possible to clean up with all this going on? Only God can do this, but we tried to do it for ourselves.

Today, we’re confronted by those who believed they had the answer to these movements: the one who taught us we were children in pain, that we had been deprived of what we needed; the one who taught us we were sexually involved in a movement forbidden to us, in a movement not understood by humans; all this is in our life.

Satan has taught us well, Satan has led us to where we are today. He gave us a taste of his snare: to be gods in god (Satan) for one’s god.

Remember that Satan tempted Eve; he told her it would be a good thing to have knowledge so she could be a movement of love for God, a movement of knowledge: to be able to converse with God.

Even though she had knowledge, she allowed herself to be caught in Satan's snare; she wanted to gain knowledge on her own; she didn’t want to be God but she wanted to be closer to God, to speak with God, to discuss with God, and now she wanted to be what she had not wanted to be.

Eve got a taste of her ‘self’ because the moment Satan drew near to Eve, he approached her through what he was: a being filled with pride.

He was pride: he gazed upon himself and he admired himself; he drew everything to himself, he no longer needed God. He had refused, he had refused to adore the Son of God, he had refused to accept anything from God.

He had been a perfect spirit in the Light, through the Light, for the Light, and the light was upon that angel. He was nothing but beauty, but the moment he refused, his gaze turned towards himself and all that was around him was drawn to him.

This is why, when he approached Eve, he brought that movement along with him and Eve felt that attraction.

Instead of rejecting that attraction, she remained in that attraction and because she remained in that attraction for a single moment, her being weakened, listened: listened to honeyed words, listened to lying words, cheating words, and she gazed upon herself: “It would be nice to speak with God as an equal.” The ‘self’, the ‘self’ was making itself known to Eve.

She went to Adam with her ‘self’ to talk to him about what she was feeling, and when she left, that movement surrounded her, and it was with that movement that she went to see Adam. She wasn’t aware of what was around her: all this was what she had become.

Unaware of the danger she was bringing to Adam, Adam looked: Adam looked at his being, and when he looked at his being, he didn’t recognize God because when he would look at Eve, he would see God, he would see what he himself was before God, but he wasn’t able to recognize Eve's ‘self, a ‘self’ that draws everything to the being, a ‘self’ that wants to be satisfied, that wants to control.

He didn’t turn to God; it was as if he had been seduced, seduced by what was unfamiliar to him, and yet, Adam had received everything from God.

Why did Adam give in to that attraction, that temptation? It was as if Eve's ‘self’ had struck Adam and Adam allowed it to enter him. It wasn’t already in Adam, rather, it came from externally to enter into Adam.

He only had to say, “No, everything for God. Who is like God? There is only one God; do you take yourself for God? Am I going to take myself for God?” But none of these words rose up in Adam, none, and Adam allowed himself to be tempted; he allowed himself to be tempted by the ‘self’.

But who does that ‘self’ belong to? To whom does that power belong if not to Satan? The ‘self’ never belonged to Eve for what belonged to Eve was the yes.

And the moment she allowed that ‘self’, which belongs to Satan, to enter her, then she turned to Adam so that he too could say yes to that temptation, which was a no to God.

Then, in that moment, a no was heard; the human will had just made itself known to those two children: the yes and the no.

Everything was becoming a movement to them, a movement that was appearing, that was making itself known; they were entering into that movement and they turned their eyes to God, for they realized they had disobeyed God: they were experiencing disobedience; they did not want to show themselves covered in disobedience.

God went to them, for they were ashamed, they were sorry for what they had done. They had touched evil and that evil had opened a door to them: the human will.

Within each of us, we have been introduced to that ‘self’: within each of us.

We have all known this movement because from then on, all children who were to come into the world had to go through that door, the door that Adam and Eve came to know.

It’s as if through our birth, through disobedience, we come through that door to come on earth, to come breathe the air of this world.

Let’s understand that the ‘self’ allowed our flesh to savour it; the ‘self’ made itself known to our flesh; the ‘self’ has become dangerous to us.

Adam and Eve lived on earth for hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of years without wanting that ‘self’. They committed no other sins, they hoped, they had faith in what God had promised them: the Saviour, and God covered them with his love, and they were love. They wanted to be only what God wanted them to be.

We too have all this within us: we have hope, we have faith, we have love. Everything that is in us is part of our flesh, and our flesh remembers all this; this is what enables us to go forward.

Can we compare all that knowledge (of the ‘self’) to our conscious, our unconscious and our subconscious? How come we’re aware of these movements? Who taught us to want this knowledge?

Satan used children of God to approach us; Satan also used children he had manipulated to lead us to believe, to believe his lies, his tricks: it is wrong to believe that we suffer because of what is stored in our memories.

Who can remember the origins of our sufferings if not God rather than human beings?

No human being can say: “I commit this particular sin because of… I always give in to this sin because of what I have accepted in my life and that is part of my ‘self’.” This would be like leaving our life open to all those who want to use it; this would be like putting our life in the hands of human will.

To put our life in the hands of human will is to put ourselves in danger of eternal death, for the human will is wounded, the human will has been betrayed, the human will has been in Satan's hands.

Because the first time a child of God said yes to Satan, it was because she was incapable of being obedient to God, who didn’t want her to come to know human will, for God knew, God was aware of the danger. God had told them there would be a danger so great that it would bring death to them.

And so, when we place our life in the hands of human will, that movement which was brought to us by God is present in our life.

This hasn’t changed; this has been present in our life since Adam and Eve.

Today, we live with our ‘self’ and we beg God to enable us to know what we are: children of God, children of the Divine Will; we beg God: “Come and strip away from me this ‘self’ that makes me suffer so much.”

But so few, so few are aware of what they’re doing – why? Because we’re in our human will and the human will has taken up all the room for the ‘self’: the human will has taken up all the room for Satan.

Satan lives around us; his presence is around us. He has turned God's children into children who suffer so much, who are incapable of accepting the power of the Holy Spirit. This is why we strongly reject the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, who is upon and who dwells within us.

The very presence of the Holy Spirit is within us, and wherever the Holy Spirit is, there is also God's power, God's strength.

Everything is within us, but because of our ‘self’, we’re incapable of living what Mother Mary lives and will live eternally.

For the moment Mother Mary uttered her Fiat, a movement made itself known within the very womb of Mary: the presence of the Saviour, the presence of the Redeemer.

The Holy Spirit infused Mary, the Holy Spirit enabled Mary to understand that she was the Mother of the Son of God, that she was the Mother of all children, from the first to the last, and Mary went forward upon earth with all her brothers and her sisters as a Mother.

She kept her humility, she nurtured the virtues received through God, and the graces she had received, the graces she was receiving constantly, constantly, were part of her life.

All was for God alone, for she knew God was fulfilling her; she was attentive to God constantly, constantly; that strength she received, she received it from God and not from herself.

When she received the Saviour, do you think that she didn’t know the Saviour was going to take everything? For she was instructed by The Love: The Love was instructing her.

She knew the Son of God was going to take everything; she knew what was going to be part of her life, through God: nothing would come from her, absolutely nothing.

She remained in her place, she meditated, and The Love was teaching her, teaching her, teaching her constantly, constantly. She was giving all the room to the power of the Holy Spirit, who was granting his favours to her constantly, constantly.

She travelled where none of us ever will: through the Passion of Christ as Co-Redemptrix; not one of us will ever experience this, because that movement of love was within her, for the moment she uttered her Fiat, the Holy Spirit brought the Life of God into her: the Life of God entered her and she became connected to the Trinity.

How can we understand all this and how was Mary, who was human just like us, able to understand all this? It was through God, only through God.

The Holy Spirit infused her; the Holy Spirit dwelled in her. She was completely enveloped in God's love. There was nothing that God wanted her to know that she was unaware of; she accepted everything, she refused nothing, she was wide open to Heaven’s graces.

How is it that we who have been present in the very womb of Mary through the Son, have not tasted this? It is due to the ‘self’ because the ‘self’ was making itself known.

The ‘self’ was making itself felt in the very womb of Mary – how Mother Mary suffered! How Mother Mary accepted this! How Mother Mary consoled us!

Because from the moment she felt the ‘self’ of all God's children, Mary began to comfort us, to comfort us with the graces she was receiving from God.

Mary, she was unable to comfort us with her human will: she wanted nothing to do with her human will, she had given it to God, she was a child of the Divine Will, she was fulfilled by the Divine Will.

The Divine Will was enabling her to experience in her womb what her children were experiencing: she was the Mother of sorrow, she was accepting everything unconditionally.

Because the Son was in her womb, she felt everything – she was connected.

All was nothing but love within Mary, in our Mother of love and, today, she remains present by our side because she has earned her place. It is through the Trinity that Mother Mary is by our side – not through her will but through the Divine Will.

At this very moment she is with us, by our side, so that we don’t crumble when we discover what is within us: we have within us the sin of pride in our flesh.

Most of us here have accepted Baptism. Most of us here have been infused by the power of the Holy Spirit; we have received the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but our ‘self’ prevents us from tasting all this; our ‘self’ puts up a barrier.

How many among us feel the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and we resist it? How many among us say that we are not overcome by the Spirit? If we don’t fall down and rest in the Spirit, isn't it because we resist this movement due to the ‘self’ that dwells in us?

Our flesh is smothered by this ‘self’.

All sins have gained entry because of this ‘self’; no sin would have been able to enter us if we had not come to know the ‘self’: not one. We would have been children of the Divine Will.

No sense of pride would have made itself known within us; all would have been for God for God would have taken everything, infused everything. God would have been our breath, our sight, our hearing, our words, our heart, our movements: everything in our lives would have been like this.

God the Son came on earth to enable us to go forward: to where we should be.

A movement occurred in eternity, and that movement made itself known and took all the children of the ‘self’, and through its almightiness caused the Holy Spirit to descend. And at that moment, we were acknowledged as children of the Divine Will, for Jesus created that movement for us, lived that movement for us: the Baptism.

Remember the dove – the Holy Spirit! Remember the words: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” God the Father was bearing witness that he was choosing us as children of the Divine Will, for God knew that he was his Child, God the Son knew that he was the Child of God the Father; did he need to hear those words? Did he need to make us hear and see, and to make us witnesses on his behalf? He was God, he was the All.

Anything that comes from God the Father was in God the Son, and God the Son was in the Father; not for a single moment did they separate: the All was in the All.

But for us, to bear witness to his love, God the Father bore witness of his love through the Son: “I love you, I want you for my own; come, my children, I want to grant to you all that is mine; go through my Son, enter into his Life, enter by the power of the Holy Spirit in God.”

Us, we entered God the moment we were baptized and we brought all our brothers and our sisters with us, for the moment when all those who followed Jesus were baptised, they were saying yes, a yes of a child, a yes that was accepting: “Yes, Father, yes, Abba, here we are.”

They were following in Christ’s footsteps, and they were developing as God the Father desired. All their movement were willed by God; but they didn’t understand, they weren't able to see all this being accomplished. Why? Because they hadn't yet tasted the power of the Holy Spirit that was in their flesh.

Us, we have tasted this, for the moment when the apostles, who were gathered together, received the power of the Holy Spirit, we were in them.

If, on this very day, we’re able to understand this, to understand that God loves us, to understand that we’re children of God, it’s because we have received the Holy Spirit.

If our parents, our great grandparents understood this, wasn’t it because they were inspired by the Holy Spirit? How else would they have been able to understand that they were children of God and that God wanted them in his Kingdom? How were they able to understand that when they were committing a sin, they were depriving themselves of graces, and that if they were to die, they were risking going to hell: the eternal death? How is it that they understood all this whereas the apostles didn’t understand?

They did really want to understand because they could see before them a man, a man who had loving words for them, a man who walked with them and who was showing them how to behave well towards one another, a man who spoke to them of forgiveness, a man who was with them, who ate with them, who slept with them, and who performed miracles, who healed while saying, “Your sins are forgiven,” and the person was able to walk, the person was healed.

Who was this man? He had to be greater than a prophet because no other prophets had ever been like this. All those who had come before him had not behaved like him; none would have been able to forgive and to heal, to liberate after this movement.

Why was he doing this? How is it that they who were travelling with this man, were unable to understand in an instant that he was the Son of God?

It was through God's words, it was through the testimony of God the Father, for he was Witness, he was God's Witness.

God bore witness of his presence through the Son; God bore witness of his love through the Son; everything was a movement of love on their behalf.

Peter had uttered words; a movement had emerged from him, for when Jesus asked them, “Who am I to you?”, everyone stopped, no one was able to speak, for what emerged from them did not seem to correspond with what they had witnessed: “Some say you are John the Baptist,” despite the fact that he was dead.

Is it possible that they believed in reincarnation? And yet, they were saying ‘some say…’ which indicated that their ‘self’ was not present. Others were saying, “Some say you are a prophet,” but they couldn’t answer with their being for there was something that didn’t correspond with what they were seeing.

But Peter, Peter answered, “You are the Son of God,” and Jesus said, “You are not the one who said this.”

But how come Peter didn’t grasp that power emerging from within him, since he had not been able to be faithful to what he had just said? For he was the one who betrayed Jesus three times, the one who was chosen to allow his suffering to emerge: “I’m afraid, I'm incapable of remaining part of what I saw when I was a witness; who will deliver me from this pain?”

Peter cried out his pain three times; three times Peter was unable to acknowledge that he was God the Father's chosen one, the chosen one of God the Son, the chosen one of the Holy Spirit, to be the one who was meant to guide us, who was meant to take charge, who was meant to strengthen his Church: the Holy Spirit had to come, the Holy Spirit had to infuse him in order to enable him to understand.

Today, us, we understand; we understand when we behave badly, we understand that we have to go to Confession; we understand that we must regard ourselves as sinners saved by Christ.

But if we understand all these movements, it’s because it’s the Holy Spirit who enables us to understand this.

If we’re in God's movement of love, the movement of God's love dwells within us, it is within us, it is part of our life.

But how come we’re incapable of grasping all this? That’s because we have dived into that ‘self’, into that ‘self’ that is against us.

Our parents, our grandparents, they managed to avoid this. They would falter, they would get back up, they would falter, they would get back up because they had a lesser knowledge of that ‘self’. It was there, present in their lives, but it’s as if they were innocent, like animals being sent to slaughter, animals allowing themselves to be shorn, animals allowing themselves to be branded by their owner.

But what’s different for us after all these years? It’s that, before the 1900’s, a little before that, there was a movement, a great movement that came to invade the earth, and that movement emerged from the darkness; and that movement has surrounded God's children: that movement is the night of darkness.

Satan set all the demons free, all the demons. Satan went as far as allowing us to hear certain entities; Satan went as far as introducing to us those who had accepted to be his slaves. Mother Mary had warned us of this.

Mother Mary, at that moment, had earned graces for us; at that moment, Mother Mary was opening her Heart in order to welcome all our hearts, so that we could be protected from the attacks that would come from the darkness.

The movement had begun, the movement was making itself known, and today, we are the consequences of that movement.

Let’s look at this with God's Spirit: God wants us, God is in the process of building his land of love, his world of love, with children who will accept everything from God, absolutely everything from God, children who will never again use their ‘self’, for that ‘self’ will no longer exist.

But how can we give God what we don’t know? How can we give God our sufferings if we, we don’t know why we’re suffering?

God, in his eternal movement of love, has prepared this movement with weapons: his graces.

He didn’t say yes to Satan without preparing us, without arming us.

Understand clearly that if Satan has prepared this movement of darkness to lead us all, to lead us all to eternal death, it was necessary for God to allow it. He would never have been able to cause such devastation without God's permission.

How can we imagine that a God who allows Satan to exist in all his evilness can be by our side? That’s because God, he's going to use our sufferings to cleanse the original sin.

Yes, God has put in place all we need to thwart Satan's snares.

Yes, there has been much devastation among us, but let’s understand that those who say yes to Satan are not inscribed in the Book of Life.

God will not lose one of his children; all those who said yes when Jesus received the Baptism are saved.

Do you understand? Christ’s Baptism is our Baptism; Christ’s Baptism opened the door to the forgiveness of the original sin for us, and so we have entered into this, we have entered into the yes of the Son; the Holy Spirit has infused us, all this was for us.

Yes, it’s true that Purgatory is full; yes, it’s true that Hell has filled up.

For those who were at Prévost, for those who were in Saint Étienne de Bolton, for the woman who was with me in New Hampshire, for those who were all present, we know.

We know that evil angels approached God's children by tricking them and we know that there were births, children who were not children of God, for demons had slept with women of Cain’s lineage.[1]

When God destroyed that world by making it rain forty days and forty nights, a child from Cain’s lineage entered Noah’s Ark, and when he left Noah’s Ark, he continued to do evil: he multiplied, he multiplied, he multiplied, and that lineage wanted to offend God – remember the Tower of Babel.

This is among us, around us: children of God allowed themselves to be tricked by Satan. Satan wants to destroy us, Satan wants to lead us to eternal death.

God has always taken care of us, God has guided us, God has led us to where we are today, for when he multiplied the tongues, he separated those children, the disloyal children of those beings; but among those (loyal) beings, some followed the disloyal beings, and this spread all over the surface of the earth.

Why do some children listen to Satan, give themselves to Satan, invoke Satan? Because those children are drawn to Satan; a part of them wants only Satan, for they see his presence within themselves.

He was not able to dwell within God's children; no demon can dwell within God's children unless the children accept him as master – no demon. But for this to happen, it was necessary for diabolical beings to be among us, and there are still diabolical beings among us.

But us, we who go on living among those children, among those who want Satan, who want nothing to do with Jesus, how is it that we still have hope, faith and love? This is because we have God's presence; we have the presence of the Holy Spirit within us who enables us to taste this movement of love and who enables us to be present within ourselves, as Mary was present within herself.

But we’re present along with our suffering, with our shortcomings, because the ‘self’ is part of our flesh, that ‘self’ that sticks to our skin, that pride that sticks to our skin.

Pride is the master of all other vices; pride is the sin that opens the door to all other sins, and this is within us; this is part of us.

If today we maintain ourselves in a state of grace through the sacraments, that’s because God lives inside us; inside ourselves, we are in his Presence; inside ourselves is that movement, that movement of light, that movement of love.

The soul allows itself to be nourished by God's graces; the soul is inside us, it belongs to God. God gave us a soul – it’s our life, it’s our eternal life.

The flesh we received from God envelops our soul. We are God's temple, we are real, we are living.

If our temple is still standing, it’s because the Holy Spirit is holding us up; we’re under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we do not betray what we are: children of God.

But nothing comes from us; no movement that is love comes from us; our yes: yes, our yes enveloped in the Yes of Jesus – it is a source that allows everything that is within us to flow.

Our soul is constantly receiving, constantly, but there's that no – that ‘me’ that is against us, that ‘I’ that always want to turn to sin; there's that ‘self’ that takes itself for God, that always lets us know that we can: power.

O, Almighty God, it’s time to rest.

Thank you, o God of love. Amen.




[1] In the past, fallen angels possessed animals, and they transformed them to resemble the human race. Their aim was to deceive humans. They turned to the women, and once they had been seduced, they gave themselves to the demons; and the men seduced by those women also consented to give themselves to the demons, and these possessed children bore children that were possessed by demons.