Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-12-01 – Afternoon  


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord always wants us to be able to give only the best to our brothers and to our sisters, and graces are the best thing for our brothers and our sisters. What we have to give them cannot bring them graces, and therefore, it isn’t a source of nourishment for their spiritual life. We can offer them only companionship, we can offer them only a moment of sharing, but this will simply touch what is on the surface, and God wants to go further than this.

Do you remember he asked us this morning to translate into Polish? Well, now he is asking that we translate into English in order to give even more. There's a person who always accompanies me to translate from French to English – this is Nicole – and so, if Nicole would be so kind as to come up… The story you are about to hear is a story about love; it’s a story that enables you to remember that you belong to God. All that God wants for you, he wants for all those you love.

One day, some children asked, “Why don’t we go see God?” They looked at one another and they wondered how they would go about this. One of them said, “I know, we’ll write him a letter,” and the others answered, “What are we going to say in the letter? Well, let’s start by writing our names down.” One of them answered, “Oh, but he already knows our names!” And so, they looked at one another and said, “Oh, that’s true! We won't write our names down.” Then, the other one said, “Well, whether or not he knows our name, he may not know our addresses.” And the other one answered him, “Oh, come on! He's the one who put us here.” “Oh yes, that’s right!” Then, the other said, “Well, as for me, I'm going to write my phone number down, and you, you write yours down.” “Oh!” he replied, “That’s right, I just moved and he must not have my new phone number!”

But there was one who hadn’t said anything: “I'm telling you that he knows our phone numbers!” There was a moment of silence, and then, they looked at one another and said, “Yes, that’s true, he knows everything! We’re sure that he knows our phone numbers better than anybody else, even better than Videotron.” And so, they said, “So how are we going to start our letter?” The quiet one said, “Well, we could say hello.” So everyone agreed to begin with: “Hello, God.” And they continued writing their letter; they wrote, “We are your children.” “Oh, that’s right! He must know that we’re his children.” They looked at one another and said, “How about you? Do you think it’s a good idea to write him a letter?” They answered, “Yes, but if we write a letter, it will be there forever. They say that words fly away, writings remain.” Another replied, “Yes, but they also say that all that is material will disappear.” And so, they became more and more convinced that writing a letter wasn’t a very good idea.

One of them said the following: “Hey! What if we climbed a mountain? At the top, we would be closer to the sky and if we yell really loudly, he's going to hear us.” They all answered, “Yes, let’s go!” And off they went. They looked around for the highest peak, and as they were in Québec, that was Mont-Sainte-Anne. They climbed and climbed and climbed. Once they reached the top, they gathered together and asked one another, “What are we going to say?” One of them said, “Well, before we shout, I have to catch my breath!” The others said, “That’s a good idea. We’re going to sit down for a while and think.”

After some time had gone by, each child was asked what he was going to say: “You, what are you going to say to him?” “Oh! Me, I think I’ll talk to him about my childhood.” “Oh, you won't have much to say since you’re so young!” Another said, “Me, I'm going to tell him about my studies.” “Oh,” replied the other, “what are you going to say about your studies when you don’t even like school?” Then there was silence; no one spoke! Through that silence, each one could tell what the others were thinking. Suddenly, one of them said, “I know what I'm going to say – I'm going to talk about my parents.” “You’re going to talk about your parents? What do you know about your parents?” “Well… I know… that they raised me!” “Well, our parents did the same thing!” “Oh, that’s true!”  “So, what are we going to say?” they all asked at the same time. One of them said, “I think we climbed this mountain for nothing.”

Then, at that moment, there was a flash of lightening in the sky, and they all raised their heads and looked at that flash of lightening. “What’s going on? What is that?” Each one of them had his eyes fixed on that flash of lightening – it didn’t seem to disappear. “What's going on? Is the sky opening up?” None of them knew what was happening. They were petrified by what they were seeing, for something was moving in that lightening: they could see children approaching them. They were all dressed in white; there were other people close to them who were dressed differently – they seemed to be transparent. “But who are those people? Why are they looking at us like that? Why are they coming towards us?” They were carrying an object in their hands, and then, they were able to see that they were carrying a book in their hands – they were holding a book in their hands. Every one of them seemed happy. Suddenly, they stopped coming forward. They stood there, in front of them, and there were so many of them.

Those little children, who were looking, couldn’t understand what they were seeing. It was as though Heaven were before them; it was as though the door to Heaven had opened. One of them elbowed one of the others: “Hey! We don’t need to write anything! Look at what they have in their hands – they have everything they need to write, they could be our messengers. What if we talk to them?” The other replied, “Do you think they can hear us? Do you think they could do that for us?” The others were also listening; they said, “Well, we could try; we have nothing to lose.” Then one of them said, “Hey! Can you hear us?” Suddenly, that crowd in front of them started to move. “What's going on? Did we upset them?” So they stood still, thinking that they had just made a huge mistake.

And then all those people who were in front of them began making the same movement: they opened the books. The moment they opened the books, lights emerged from those books. The children watching everything that was going on thought that everything was so beautiful! Then one of them said, “Hey! What if their lives are written down in those books? There must have been a lot of movements in their lives!” Another one said, “They must be much more interesting than ours.” Another replied, “As for me, I'm positive that my life isn't worth a red cent.” There they were, seeing this through what they were: little ones who wanted to talk to God, and who had beings of love directly from Heaven appearing before their eyes. Although they had the opportunity to communicate with them, they no longer knew what to do. Suddenly, they heard sounds and voices: “We are the saints in Heaven. We are the ones God has chosen to come speak to you so that you might understand that God is watching over you, that God knows everything about your lives. Because you are still alive, God is taking care of each one of you. In order that you might understand that we are with you, ready to help you: we will leave this book with you.”

And then, in a single movement, they dropped what they held in their hands: a book. Those children, who were at the top of Mont-Saint-Anne, rose to their feet and raised their arms up towards the sky to catch that book, because all those books had merged into a single book. And so, they all caught that book at the same time. When the book reached their hands, it became something of great importance to them. They opened the book reverently, and they were able to read: “I love you. Your loving Father.” As a result, the little ones were joyful to learn that everything had been written down for them.

God reminds his children that The Love is God the Father and that when we address God the Father, all our words are transformed into sounds of love, for God the Father recognizes his children. A child who speaks to God the Father is a little Jesus speaking to God the Father, because every human being on earth who wants God the Father dies in Jesus.

We’re important to God. God loves every single one of us. There isn't a single one of us who is able to understand how much worth we have in God's eyes. God knows our name. He's the one who chose us. He's the one who wanted us here during this time. He knows all our thoughts; he sees the efforts we make to go to him. He always takes the time to nourish us with his Life so we can be with him forever. Wherever we might be, we belong to God: whether we’re on Mont-Sainte-Anne or on a mountain in the Himalayas, we’re his children. To him, we all belong to Jesus. He teaches us to see ourselves as tiny little children.

During this time of graces, during this time of revelations, Heaven is with us. During this time, in which we are being transformed by God's graces, Heaven is with us. It is helping us to understand what we must live. It is aware of our hesitance; Heaven is aware of our illnesses, our fears, our attacks – because we are attacked often. If Heaven allows the saints to be by our side along with the angels, that’s because we need them.

Hell is on earth. All of hell’s inhabitants, that is to say its first inhabitants, the demons, are on earth. The battle is fierce: they want to prevent God's children from speaking to God; they want to prevent God's children from being together in an effort to be loyal to God. Anything that prevents us from having good thoughts is an attack from Satan. Anything we listen to externally and that tries to hurt us is an attack from demons. All external movements that reveal themselves to us and that are void of love are attacks from demons. All feelings that come to us and that are feelings void of love are attacks from demons. How is it possible for them to have an effect on us?  That’s because inside us there are thoughts which are sources of suffering; there are also sounds that have entered us and that are sounds void of love; there are movements, there are feelings, and the demons know how to use these. They know how to use anything that we have allowed to enter us and that is evil; they use whatever has entered us to make us suffer.

God said that the human will goes against us. The human will has allowed evil to enter us, but it was necessary for Satan to weaken our human will. Remember what we heard at Saint-Étienne-de-Bolton – when we heard about the demons that transformed animals to the point of having them resemble human beings. The aim of this was to influence us and in order to influence us, they tried to learn all our behaviours: they watched our eyes, listened to our words, observed what we listened to, watched our movements, and by our reactions, they were even able to detect what we were feeling. When we use the words ‘we’ and ‘us’, we’re referring to mankind. By doing this, they were learning, and as they are spirits, they learned things beyond what we, we were able to understand.

Spirits are much stronger than the human will. Their knowledge of evil reaches beyond anything the human will is capable of. And so you, are you able to imagine the things they taught God's children? They took what was good for God's children and they transformed it into evil. And the more they transformed what was good into evil, the more God's children learned; and what they were learning were, yet again, movements that were new to the human will. And as a result, they were able to transform things into an even greater form of evil. And all this entered the human being – the human will became enslaved to all these movements, and therefore, they are able to use what they have learned.

Who is responsible for putting bad thoughts in our minds? It is the evil spirits; the same can be said for all the movements that are within us. The human will can do nothing against this because it is a prisoner, a slave. The children in Egypt, God's children who were the slaves of Egypt, were they able to leave Egypt by their own efforts? No, even Moses, Moses was able to do nothing – everything came from God. It was God who freed his children from slavery, and it’s the same today: it is God who will free God's children from their human will, which is a prisoner to all these impure movements.

At this very moment, the demons are using all the impure movements that are within us. They know them because they’re the ones who had them enter us: they know our bad habits, they know our fears, they know our vices as they are the authors of these. It’s because of them that we have this inside us; it isn't because of those animals that were transformed, it’s because of the evil spirits. And the evil spirits are on earth and they are too numerous to count: they represent a third of all the angels that were created, and therefore, we aren’t able to calculate their numbers as there are too many of them!

And so, they go to great lengths to keep us in our human will: they have us taste all the things we have agreed to taste, they have us develop tastes within ourselves, placing before us things that will make us trip and fall. By calling to mind a taste for things that remind us of the evil within us, they cause us to become unsettled, they have us move backwards continuously. They have us remember all that revolves around those evil tastes, and they’ll do anything to have us return to them: they take what is forbidden and they have us taste it by bringing to the surface the senses within us, senses which they themselves awakened, leading us to become enslaved to those senses. The senses are things that are inside us and that can give us pleasant sensations, unpleasant sensations, sensations that are sensations that control us.

When you pick up a piece of velvet, and you touch the velvet with your hand, you can feel that fabric with your hand. What rises up within us is a feeling of softness. This is one of our senses, the sense of touch, which, to us, has become an instrument that has allowed us to feel softness. When we have alcohol in front of us and that alcohol has become a habit for us – that’s because, in the very beginning, our sense of taste came into contact with that liquid and it became used to it. In the very beginning, it might have tasted a little bitter, but the more we tasted it, the more our taste buds developed a taste for that bitterness, so much so that bitter things became pleasant to us. What was it that made something bitter become enjoyable to us, like a sensation that was pleasant to the palate? That’s because when we take or consume something that is against us and we accept it, we develop something that goes against us.

When we agree a second time to turn to that bitter taste and we have some more, then a movement of acceptance meets another movement. That liquid enters me, I taste the bitterness, and I, I have some more, and as that bitter taste was already familiar to me, my taste for that bitterness evolves once again: I am picking up something that is bitter and I am allowing it to enter me. Accepting that bitter taste – this is the first movement; I agree to taste that bitterness a second time and let it enter me – this is when that bitter taste: already encounters that second movement.

I took it and accepted it, I tasted it: two movements.

I had some more, I accepted it, I swallowed it: the first movement had already altered my senses, and the next movement transformed yet again something that had already been altered.

A succession of movements that alter my sense of taste yet again! More movements that alter my senses again – my sense of taste! – so much so that my entire being becomes a slave to this sense. I am no longer the one consenting to this; it is my sense of taste, which is enslaved, which gives me orders. And so, I therefore become a slave to my sense of taste, which has affected my thoughts, which has affected my eyesight, my hearing, because one sense weakens all the other senses. Try to separate the sense of touch from the sense of taste, of hearing, of sight – you won't be able to, you would need a really sharp knife.

You see, when we adopt the bad habit of drinking, everything is affected. Why? Because the evil spirits have seen to it that our senses become enslaved. They know how to bring the weaknesses in our flesh up to the surface. Some of us are much weaker than others because, in our past, there have been people who, they as well, were weaker than others because, in their past, there were people who took part in this movement, and this came about because of the evil spirits. From age to age, from age to age, this weakness has been in the child of God, and it has been handed down to us. Is it possible that the evil spirits have no memory? They do have a memory: they possess intelligence regarding evil, they know who to attack, they know who has this weakness, they know who is enslaved by this sense.

For those of you who have been on the internet, do you remember the vision the Lord permitted me to see? The sarcophagus: the human being who played a game with his friends in which a person entered a sarcophagus and its cover was closed. The human being who was in the sarcophagus – God was allowing me to see everything that was happening inside it – I saw everything that was being done to him. First I saw the mark on his forehead; it was sort of dark green, a dark green that was almost black, and it was raised, like the tail of a serpent. I saw that the human being’s flesh was being marked; there were marks all over his body. Every mark bore a meaning, which, to the evil angels, was a way to recognize enslavement to sin. If the person was weak because of alcohol, that person’s body had been marked. If that person had a weakness for theft, there was a specific mark in a specific place. Every mark seemed to have a precise location, and all the marks had a different location from the others. It was like a language that only the evil angels could decipher.

When the human being – they removed the bolts, the screws, and they opened the sarcophagus – came out, nothing was apparent; no one could see what was on him. I could see, I could see the mark on his forehead, I could see all the marks that were on that human being: it was a person, it was a man. So, I turned to Jesus and I said, “What is that?” And Jesus said, “I am showing you what the evil angels have done to my children: they have all been identified, they have all said yes to evil. Every mark on a human being, which has been put there by the evil angels, represents weaknesses, which leads them to sin, which, in turn, enables the evil spirits, the demons, to attack.” When an attack by an evil angel is unsuccessful, they gather together to attack in order to weaken the being, the child of God. The evil spirits have a mission that comes from evil; for some it is theft, for others it is impurity through sexuality: the senses are constantly put to the test.

Can you see how we are being attacked at this very moment? But the more we let Jesus transform the being that we are, the more Jesus heals and liberates, and the more those marks begin to disappear. They decrease, and the more they decrease – the attacks – the more difficult it becomes for them because they become all confused, all mixed up: they can get confused too. The more we are filled with God's light, the more they have trouble seeing. But don’t be deceived – they will attack those around us who haven’t yet begun their transformation; they will use them to attack us. They want to make us suffer. They don’t want us to get rid of our human will; they want us to use our human will because the human will bears no graces. When we use our human will, we stumble, we don’t shine, we fall back into semi-darkness and then they can see us. But when we pray, then comes the light, we’re protected by Mary, and then, they’re incapable of reaching us.

Jesus is showing us his action and we’re beginning to see and to understand because we’re no longer refusing the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. This is what is happening right now, but we need to understand that we’re walking around while suffering. If we had the eyes of Jesus, we would see all the marks on those who haven’t been transformed, because when I saw those marks, I didn’t see them with my eyes but with the eyes of Jesus. We must always be in Jesus, through Mary, in order to be able to move forward.

The more time marches forward, the more the evil angels become enraged against us: they double their attacks on those around us in order to reach us. As they aren’t able to reach us easily, then they hound others. By having them become more caught up in their suffering, they’re certain that we, we will suffer and that we will turn away from God, from prayer. If we don’t pray, we won't be living in grace; we’ll have a tendency to use the human will. To do this, they will try to achieve their goal by turning to those we love. They’ll do anything to bring the Church down. They started by attacking religious communities. Everything has been calculated in order to lead us to where they want to keep us. They want to attack the Church over and over again until they make Jesus disappear from our life, our external life. By attacking our external life, then they can attack our spiritual life.

Let’s take a look at everything they’ve done from the beginning of time: they always work from the outside in, and they will continue because they know that the more children of the Light there are, the more they will lose their power over us. They don’t want this to happen. But we, we who are nothing more than human beings, what can we do against the demons? Pray! Prayer is the weapon of love. When we pray, we’re likely to remain children of God; it leads us to turn to the sacraments, it gives us that thirst for the Body and Blood of Jesus: we thirst, we hunger, we want Jesus. To us, prayer is a movement of loyalty. Why did Mother Mary teach us to pray? She's the only one who always remained faithful to what she is: Child of the Divine Will who never left the Divine Will, Child with a human will who never used her human will, Child made of flesh and who accepted the cross. She never fled from the cross, for she stood at the foot of her Son's Cross, her God's Cross.

We have moved forward since 2001 – I say 2001 because before then I wasn’t aware that there were so many movements around us that sought our ruin. Since 2001 God has been transforming us to have us enter the Divine Will. To have us enter the Divine Will is to become immortal, it’s to become once again what Adam and Eve were before the fall, it’s to understand God's love for us, it’s to live God's love for us, it’s to accept what we are without asking ourselves questions because we know that we have everything. Everything comes from God: this time is a time of love, a time of revelations.

Yesterday, God spoke to us about eternal life, about eternity. He enabled us to understand that we are eternal, and he enabled us to understand that the movement we’re hearing, the voice we’re hearing at this very moment is eternal because it comes from the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we’re touching eternity with our finger. We must realize that we’re being transformed from mortal beings into immortal beings. We’re in the process of living what God told us a few years ago, and that number of years is, in fact, 2000 years, because he said to John and he said to Paul that “we will be incorruptible beings.” But in order to be people who are incorruptible, we must know what has corrupted us. The more we know this, the more we can give.

At this very moment, God's action is at work. Let’s consider what we’re living! There you are, sitting down, and here we are sitting down, repeating, and you, listening, and everything is just happening: it’s inside us that everything is happening. God, he acts.

Do you remember the story at the beginning? They wanted to start by writing their names down: they realized that would be useless. They wanted to write their addresses down: but that was useless, and the same was true for their telephone numbers. What could they say – hello? – when they knew that everything was there, before God. They remembered that God knew everything. And so here we are, sitting down: he knows our names, our addresses, our telephone numbers; he knows everything about us. Even if we wear ourselves out trying to get ahead in life – running around in all directions – the only thing we’ll end up doing is running out of breath. We’ll have to stop, we’ll have to rest in order to allow Heaven to speak to us, to show us that we are light, that we are life and that God loves us. It’s up to him to transform us; it’s up to him to heal us, to liberate us. This is what he's been doing for quite some time now, and yet, we don’t feel anything.

Jesus, what are you doing? Are you active in my life? I don’t feel anything. He has just said: “That is because I do not need to use your senses. Those who use the senses of God's children are nothing more than liars. I, I do not need to dazzle you.” This will only serve to have us come out of ourselves. God, he wants us to go within ourselves: that is where he acts. Many people will come along claiming to be from God, sent by God, and they will use our senses to dazzle us. All those who come along and who will show us that we’re important, and, as a result, elicit a ‘wow’ from us, will be liars. In their hands we will be seduced. God doesn’t need to seduce us; he is the Light.

You see, it’s important to understand that the messages we receive must be humble messages that always lead us towards peace, that always lead us towards joy. The times when we have been together and we agreed to listen, everything came from within us, not from the outside. In the very beginning, we were prudent, we listened to our interior. We realized that we were feeling peace and that it felt good to hear about love. The more we heard about love, the more we wanted to hear about love. We who were agitated, became calmer. The more we listened to God, the more we developed confidence, confidence in the Church – we weren't afraid to be stopped by the Church. – “Well, Jesus, I'm not so sure that I wasn’t afraid…” – because I had to go see Father Provencher often to tell him that I lacked confidence, not towards Jesus, not towards the Voice, but rather towards myself. And Father Provencher used to say, “You’re in the right place because the more you know that you’re little, that you’re nothing, the more you take root and the deeper those roots grow. As a result, when people will try to knock you down, well, your roots will hold you firmly in place.” This is what he used to say to me.

Today I know that Father Provencher was right because when I used to listen to Father Provencher, I would hear Jesus saying, “Listen, listen to my son; he is the light, he is my light.” Father Provencher always used to say to me: “Let him, let Jesus act. You’re like a fireplace right now and there's a fire burning deep inside. Let Jesus act because if it comes from you, there won't be anything but smoke. The more you abandon yourself, the more the fire will burn. It’s a fireplace, and once the fire is lit, no one will be able to put it out. People will come to you and it won't be you going to them because you, you are nothing. Everything will come from God; there's no need to worry.” So I would go home with many graces from the sacrament of Confession, but it took quite a few graces, you know, because I would go to Confession often, and I still do.

We must always remain humble – little, little, little – in the last place. Jesus said: “Me, you – and of all God's children between you and me: you shall be the last.” And when you don’t panic, you know that this comes from God. When we meet people who claim to be sent by Heaven and who are wary of the Church… to be wary of the Church means that a person doesn’t have faith in the Head of the Church. In fact, Jesus is the Head of the Church; the Pope is his representative and all those all around the world who are the representatives of the Pope are the heads of the Church: it is our duty to obey them.

One day, someone called me; do you remember, Colette? She said that this was sort of, not … well, she didn’t say that this wasn’t true but… it was along the same lines! Because as soon as I would say something, she would say, “Who do you think you are? Do you think that we’re not aware of what you said?” I only had to say “um” and it was already too much for her! And so, at one point, I said, “Well, if the Church tells me to take a break, then I’ll go away on vacation.” I still haven’t taken that vacation. And I certainly would have liked to take a vacation! Believe me, as some of you know, there were times when I wanted to take a vacation, but the Lord always managed to send someone to me or to bring about an event that was saying to me, “You will continue.”

The first time – after the first time I came to Plantagenet – I went home, and I said, “It’s over. I quit, Lord.” Not because I wasn’t welcomed here – but me, I was too little for everything that had happened here. I was overwhelmed by everything I had heard and repeated. So I said to one of my daughters, “I quit; I want to be like everyone else.” She said, “Are you sure, mom?” I answered, “Yes, I'm sure.” So, I picked up the phone and I called my bishop hoping that he would call me back and say: “It’s over; you’re going to stop now. Don’t do it any longer.” I was sure the bishop was going to tell me to stop and this, this comforted me, but he never called me back! But the next day, the next day I received a letter – I don’t know how it arrived… I think it was through Monique – we had been on a trip to Winnipeg. In that letter, a young girl wrote to me that she had seen the eyes of Jesus and that she had been transformed, and this had happened during a gathering. And well, as I was crying I said, “Yes, Jesus, I will continue.”

And it happened again, one more time. A few years later, I wanted to quit – and again, I received the testimony of a person who had been transformed and, recently, something else happened. And I still haven’t heard from my bishop! Who am I to receive news from my bishop? It was… it was almost two years ago that I went to Longueuil to see Monsignor Jacques Berthelet – three years, it was three years ago. I was welcomed with so much love. I was with Fathers Provencher and Réginald Tardif, and this wasn’t a short visit, you know; we spent most of the afternoon together, and, at the end, we received a blessing, and I know that since that day, he holds me in his prayers. He knows what's going on because when we’re part of a diocese, our bishop is responsible for the being that we are, and he is a good bishop.

And so, recently, I went to a gathering in Québec, in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré. Monsignor Ouellet was there to say mass and to speak at a conference in the Basilica of Saint Anne. And so, imagine: I was going to a gathering being held at the same as his important event. Who had arranged this? Because even Micheline wasn’t aware of it. Where are you Micheline? – Okay. – She didn’t know that Monsignor Ouellet was going to be there at the same time as I was. She found out about it at the last minute. And so, out of politeness, Micheline informed Monsignor Ouellet that there was going to be a gathering with The Girl of My Will in Jesus and a group of young people. Well, at that point, I felt pretty small – I'm not that tall to begin with!

When we got there, we went to mass in the Basilica of Saint Anne – but in the chapel downstairs – and I went to visit Grandmother Saint Anne. Grandmother Saint Anne said to me: “Today you will receive a surprise. You will receive a surprise not only for The Girl of My Will in Jesus but for Francine.” Then, she said to me, “Be obedient; do what my Grandson, my God, tells you to do.” And so, we went to mass. Afterwards, we went outside and it was: we’re going to be late, we don’t know where to go, which door it is, what should we do, it’s over here, let’s walk there, it’s cold outside… So, we climbed a flight of stairs and we realize that we made a mistake; we go back down because we were looking for the gymnasium where we were supposed to meet for lunch.

And there we were, entering at the same time as two men wearing suits, suits! And then we heard, I heard, “Monsignor!” Well! I turned around – I had never seen Monsignor Ouellet. And just that morning I had said to myself, “Oh! Would I ever like to meet Monsignor Ouellet… just go to the mass, not talk to him, oh no! Just to be there at mass so I can see his face.” And there I was, seeing him in front of me. So, to be polite, we say hello to him, but someone with us said, “That’s The Girl of My Will in Jesus.” So, I held out my hand and said, “Hello, Monsignor Ouellet.” And the more I stood there, the more words failed me. Other people began talking to him and we left to go eat at the back of the hall. As soon as I sat down, someone came to tell me: “Monsignor Ouellet wants to talk to you.” Everyone at the table was smiling, you know, except me. So, off I went. He was eating; I sat down beside him and as he ate, he asked me questions. The whole meal went on like this: he would talk, I would answer; I only answered regarding what he asked and nothing more. After everything was… you know, a man, a priest came to see him: “Monsignor Ouellet, everyone was looking for you!” And Monsignor Ouellet answered, “But I told my colleagues that I would be eating here.” So, he ate with the little people, with the children. There was a family who shared a piece of pie with us… Oh, yes – “Les brebis de Jésus” (Little Lambs of Jesus)… was it a cherry pie, an apple pie? Anyway, he ate the whole thing, the whole piece!

He's a man of great simplicity. People say that he's a very, very intelligent man, and he came down to my level, just like Jesus, you know, came down to our level. The entire time, I never felt overwhelmed. You who are used to priests, do you know how long it took me to get used to Father Provencher? Years! Because in my family, a priest, oh boy! This was someone who was way above us, and we were way, way below him. It must have been due to God's transformations that I was able to talk to him without shaking, that I was able to talk to him as I'm talking to you now. At the end, at the very end, I got up – well he's the one who got up first and I got up after him – and he blessed me. But at that point, I said something; I said, “Monsignor, there are times when I just want to go home.” Then, he put his hand on my arm, and he blessed, he blessed the mission, and he ended by saying: “Continue with your mission.”

You know, if he said those words, it was because I believe they came – and I'm certain of this – they came from his heart, because they have piles of documents this high on their desks, don’t they? The Church had to make a very important decision regarding messengers. There was an investigation regarding a messenger and after several months they concluded that this had to be stopped, but it didn’t – they refused. And so the Church had to make a decision – did you know that when someone is excommunicated, it’s very serious? Because when someone is excommunicated, all those who consent to follow that person are considered unfaithful, and, as children of God, in order to return to the Catholic Church, there's a very special procedure: you have to go through the bishop. Confession isn't enough; you have to go further than that. The Church exercises as much prudence before delivering a verdict as it does when it welcomes her children back – it wants to be certain that they are sincere.

The Church is a movement of love; the Church is a movement of peace; the Church is a movement of joy: anything that disturbs peace and joy does not come from Heaven. In the beginning, when people felt that something was going on and were anticipating that, at some point, there would be an intervention, that is to say difficulties for them arising from within the very heart of the Church, this was because they had been warned of the danger to them regarding the Church’s decision. Therefore, if there's going to be danger arising from a decision from within the Church, a decision made because of what they are, this means that there was something in their group that was contrary to the Word of Christ. It isn't up to us to judge, but it’s up to us to obey. It’s up to us to be faithful to the Word of Jesus. That’s how we keep our peace and that’s how we move forward together.

We must follow only one person: that is Jesus. And Jesus founded his Church; he put his representative at the head of his Church, and our duty is to obey his representative because his representative follows in the footsteps of Christ. If we hear even one word against what Jesus taught, then we’re in the wrong place. There will be no separation within the Church, there will be no division within the Church, for we are God's children and Mother Mary will take care of God's children. There will be reparation, there will be repentance, for the Mother of God will put faithfulness and humility in the hearts of all his children. Time belongs to God, it doesn’t belong to us. Therefore, let’s keep our peace, our joy in knowing that all has been accomplished.

Let’s all pray together that we may always be a source of light. Let’s not allow Satan to attack us by using those we love. He’ll do anything to attack those we love, but if we keep our peace, if we keep our faith in God alive, those who have been attacked will receive graces. The Church is always open to God's children; it has never shut its doors and it will never shut its doors, for the Church is the grace that flows. Wherever the Church is present, that is where grace flows: it’s up to us to turn to the Church, it’s up to us to repent, it’s up to us to follow in the footsteps of Christ.

He has just said: “That is enough for now.”

Thank you, Lord.