Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-10-06 – Afternoon


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Grace is a gift, and so, we have received a gift and others have also received a gift.

What we receive from Heaven is beyond anything we can imagine because God is a movement of love, God is a movement that heals and liberates; when he gives to one, he gives to others.

Together we are God's matter, God's beauty.

We heard what Heaven wanted us to hear this morning.

When we have good thoughts, when our sight serves love, when our hearing perceives love, when our words serve love, when our movements reach out towards love, when our heart opens up to love, everything about us bubbles over with love; our matter recognizes itself as being in Jesus for the greater Glory of God the Father.

What we are, we are so for God: we are flavour to all our brothers and our sisters who want to taste love; we all want to taste love, we all want to gather around Jesus to always be where God wants us to be.

If we know all these words, that’s because we have been nourished by Jesus himself.

Jesus himself came on earth to speak to us about his Father, to speak to us about The Love, and all those who were hearing Jesus speak and who had that thirst for love, they felt something vibrate within themselves, they felt within themselves their flesh allowing itself to be nourished by graces from the soul, for the soul recognized its God of love.

The soul knew he was the Son of God the Father; the flesh, it didn’t know this because of all the impurity in which it found itself; but the soul, it knew, it could see its God, it adored its God, it drank in his words.

All this was for the entire Church; we were all quenched by the very source of love. Those who refused that nourishment, those who refused love, those who said no, they wanted to keep their being in a state of pride: they couldn’t stand it when others spoke about love, about giving one’s life for the sake of love, about being witnesses to love.

All they wanted was to live with what they were, with what they knew, with what they had accepted. They wanted to be important in this world; they also wanted to be the leaders of this world, they wanted to be important through what they were. They had the nourishment they wanted, they drank according to their wishes, whenever they wanted to, and they drank whatever they had in their hands.

The Pharisees had developed pride due to their knowledge: their knowledge had become their nourishment.

The laws of God were meant to nourish the soul, were meant to give graces to the soul, but they, through their pride, were taking the laws of God, and turning them into their own laws, which then became part of their own knowledge, and therefore, they were nourishing matter while neglecting the soul.

They acquired knowledge; they didn’t abandon themselves in order to know the Will of God for they claimed to know the Will of God; they claimed they were able to understand the laws through what they were, through their own knowledge, for they studied and learned the laws by heart; what they were repeating was what they were learning. They became cold through their words, they became indifferent to God's law, and those who were listening suffered for they couldn’t perceive love. Only love is able to nourish, only love is able to nourish the soul. The soul needs graces, the soul needs to see that it is before its God.

When we hear the Word of God, when we hear, through the power of the Holy Spirit, The Love addressing us, this enters directly inside us and our soul, it knows, it knows that it’s the Holy Spirit who is giving it love, it knows that Jesus himself is right in front of it, it knows that God the Father showers it with his blessings.

The soul is joyful and it gives us, it gives us graces for us, for our flesh, for matter needs love in order to abandon itself, it needs love to be in this movement: to be there without trying to rise to the surface to take what it hears as nourishment for the human spirit, the spirit of matter.

What we receive, we receive it from the inside, we don’t receive it from the outside. And this is within us like water that flows and affects everything while it flows. It touches everything that is in its path. Therefore, it touches our matter, it touches every part inside us: it touches our thoughts, it touches all that has entered through our eyes, it touches everything that has made us children who are attentive, it touches all that pertains to our words, all those words that have turned us into the beings that we are. It touches movements: movements that have entered matter, that have absorbed, that have passed through matter; it touches the heart, feelings; it turns us into children of love for God, not for ourselves but for God.

At this moment, we are receiving graces of love and we’re giving God what we are through the yes, and God elicits from within us so much love for all those we carry. God is love and God wants to nourish.

God is saying to us, “One day, a child was born, a child was carried in the womb of a mother; he grew and grew. Everything he was was beginning to take shape; his flesh was forming on that fragile little body, that very little body, so little that it fit in the palm of one’s hand. His mother carried him in her womb where God had placed him, and the child allowed himself to be taken up in that movement of love. He was so small, he was so beautiful in the eyes of God.

Love was there, love was growing, love was teaching him that he belonged to him, for The Love was teaching him, The Love was fulfilling him, The Love was keeping that child within him, and the tiny child was in love, in love with all movements.

He was grace, for he was in the graces of the Life; the Life was in him and everything was movement of love.

He was light to such an extent that everything entered into the light; he seemed to see, he seemed to understand, he seemed to accept.

All this was teaching him to become what he was meant to be, through what he was meant to be, for what was taking place in life had a shape and was making itself known.

The Life showered him with his love, for life was in God, life was entirely for God: life knew that it was God's love, God's Will.

The past was before life, the future was before life, and the soul was euphoric with love; the flesh was in its place, where it was meant to be; it was slowly learning to recognize what it was meant to know.

The soul was arming it with love as if the flesh had to be ready for combat, as if the flesh had to learn to defend itself against something. Against what did have to defend itself? Too soon, not yet, no, for God was still keeping the child in his Will of love; it was not yet time.

The child grew, the child was in loving harmony with life, the life that was in him, for the flesh was alive, the flesh was grateful, the flesh accepted everything. It did not resist; it was in the movement of The Love: everything was movement of Life and life was taking everything in, life was in love and the Life gave, and the child received and grew.

Then came the moment chosen by God, willed by God since all time, and the child emerged, emerged from his mother’s womb, and the child saw things he did not understand, things he could barely see. The Life kept the child within him for yet another short moment, as if to say, ‘Do not forget me, I am in you; I am your life for a little while longer, for a little while longer. I love you so much; you and I will be in this world, you and I will walk together. I will always be there, I will nourish you, I will bring you all you need to carry out your movements, to be, through your flesh, what you must be – a movement of love for God. This moment together feels good – I am teaching you, I am slowly teaching you to accept whatever comes from your mother, I am teaching you to discover your father, I am teaching you to discover slowly that there are others like you. I am your life and we are in life, and they are with us, in us, for God.’

The child grew; he heard, he heard voices, voices he recognized, voices that had already been in contact with what he was, and he was therefore able to perceive where those sounds came from, and those sounds mingled with his own sounds, and all was in harmony, for what he was hearing was familiar to him.

This taught him not to be afraid, to always develop confidence through the graces he was receiving from the Life, for what he was on the inside was so present, so beautiful, so pure.

The child grew more and the child had his own movements, which were nourished from within, but were seen externally, heard externally. All this was part of what he was, of a life on earth linked to all life: to be in harmony with the life of God along with all others.

All this was within him and all this was part of what he was: movement of love, movement that was always present, that nourished him, that enveloped him, that showed him how to abandon himself, to listen, to be obedient to what was love.

But the child could perceive movements, could perceive movements that seemed to be intangible movements: something that was lifeless, something that could not be touched but that was there, something that wanted to be part of what he was. And yet, why was it there? What was its role in life?

What was there was in a movement unfamiliar to him: a movement that was present and a movement that was not present, a movement that wanted to impose itself and a movement that wanted its existence in the present, in the little being, to be mandatory. He could see, he could hear, he could perceive, because The Love was placing him in the graces of strength he had received. Those graces helped him to be a child who was strong in the face of suffering, for suffering had entered him and had awakened what was in the flesh: why was that flesh suffering? ‘Oh, my soul, I need you! Oh, my soul, I want to hear you! Oh, my soul, why can I no longer perceive you? Where are you? My cries reach out to you, do you not hear?’

The little being of love did not understand this lack of perception: ‘Why must I live like this? Who is demanding this of me? What am I to do with all this? Who will give me an answer? To whom do I belong? Does this mean that I can no longer feel good on the inside? What is preventing me from being what I must be – love, gentleness, tenderness? Why this cry within me that wants to escape? Is it because no one understands me? Am I not living in love? Where is love? Where are my eyes, which I need to recognize love? Why do my ears no longer hear that sound of love that comes to rock me, that comes to make me smile? What are these sounds that escape from me like cries of alarm? Do these sounds belong to me? They do not seem to be love. I cannot see the love in what is being given to me. Will I have to use all this to obtain what I need, what I need in the way of love? Why am I cold? Why am I not surrounded by the warmth of love? Will I have to fight against these movements? I want love, I want to give love, I want to be like the wind that came to blow within me, that has often told me “I love you,” and that made my heart spin with love. Where is it? Why do I have this void inside me? I want to love, I want to love, I want to love! Yes, I want to love, I want to love through what I am.’

And the child grew, the child grew; he was learning to love others with what he was on the inside: a weak being, a being who knew suffering, a being who had lost love, unconditional love, because inside him, in his flesh, he had what did not belong to him, what was not meant for him.

There he was, in that movement, not knowing how to move forward, and so, he loved awkwardly, he love through manipulation, he loved by being demanding.

He was learning: he was learning to become an individual being, he was learning to become a faithless being, for he would ask himself if one day he would really find someone who would love him: this being was all alone among all the others.

He would look at his mother; he wanted to love her, he wanted to love her so much that he would do more than he was capable of, and when his eyes would meet his mother’s, he felt a great pain within himself, for he would tell himself that he wasn’t worthy, but he wanted so very, very, very much to love her!

He would watch his mother’s movements and he imitated his mother; he would watch his father’s movements and he imitated his father, for he wanted to love, he wanted to be loved. And so, he would do more than he was capable of; he claimed that he was now old enough to say, ‘I know how to love, I know how to manage on my own, I know how to observe, I know how to feel good on the inside.’

Therefore, he had learned, he had learned through what he had seen, what he had heard, what he had accepted from others. He was complete in his suffering, and his suffering multiplied, and his suffering made him incapable of truly grasping that he was suffering, for one day, he told himself he was the master of the world: everything revolved around him as if everything was dependant on what he was going to obtain.

And so, with his fists closed, he demanded; with his cold heart, he understood: understood that everything depended on him, that his will was master of life, that his will was the most important thing of all, and that this was becoming, to him, a means to be happy, happy in a world, happy in what, to him, was the truth, the truth which came from knowledge. For he had to learn, he had to learn what was good for him, and what he thought was good for him would enable him to always go further.

Therefore, he became interested in the things around him; he became interested in anything that would enable him to be interesting to others, that would enable him to impart his knowledge.

And that being was now able to give of himself, to give what came from him, for what was within him had entered by his own volition, his own knowledge, his own intelligence: everything he was was movement of life, of his own life. Whatever caused feelings to rise up within him made him cold/warm, selfish/giving, judgemental/merciful. Everything depended on him, for he knew, he knew that everything surrounding him was a source of knowledge and knowledge was within him.

So, he opened himself up to the world in order to observe this world, to come to know this world, to be able to help this world. He had that need within himself to want to be for others what he had been for himself: knowledge, the desire to come to the aide of those who would need help, to be movement within the movement of gratitude. For he was grateful for having learned, he was grateful to those who had written those books and who could teach him, grateful for the experiences he had lived, for humans, for evolution.

To him, what he was learning was an opening, a light, a step forward. What he was imparting to others were laws, laws that were well-established in his life: whatever the mind is able to understand, whatever the mind is able to absorb, whatever the mind is able to give, whatever the mind is able to retain, whatever the mind is able to discard, whatever the mind is able to be in the hands of those who can help – a mind that is before another mind and that provides the means to help others through the knowledge of the mind; a mind that is before another mind and that helps; a mind that wants to be healed before a mind that is able to heal; a mind that wants to be liberated before a mind that thinks it is able to liberate.

This is what he was learning: he was learning that the human being had movements within him, movements that could be freed, for he had learned that the human being was a prisoner of his movements, of his emotions, a prisoner of all that had entered him.

He was learning all this: he was convinced that answers could be found by combining all these experiences. Those answers were well-calculated, for every answer was recorded on paper, as experiments had been carried out on people seeking help, and the reactions of those people during the experiments had been recorded on paper.

What he remembered was what had entered him; therefore, he was carrying out a study based on what he was reading, on the experiences he learned from people who approached him, and on what he was himself. All this was helping him to move forward within the realm of what human beings do not perceive.

What was not being perceived became, to him, knowledge that allowed him to enter, to enter what was within the human being.

And so, his entire being was open to that knowledge, which turned him into a doctor who wanted to analyze, a doctor who was open to the mind, to the knowledge of emotions, to the knowledge of wounds that were part of suffering, the suffering of the flesh, and whose aim it was to bring healing, healing to the flesh.

The mind of that child was tortured by knowledge, the mind of that child was manipulated by knowledge, the mind of that child was caught up in the power of knowledge, which is none other than the one of suffering.

Knowledge is a movement that allows human beings to give of themselves, to offer themselves. But if the human being takes that knowledge and offers that knowledge in order to be greater than is permitted, he becomes a god to others; he becomes, to others, someone who is superior; he becomes, to others, a being who can provide answers regarding what cannot be seen; he becomes a being superior to others in relation to the unconscious and the subconscious: knowledge that is solely human.

This knowledge has an origin, an origin that came to man through suffering, through everything that is deceitful.”

What the Lord wants us to understand is everything about ourselves. Through our faith, it’s up to us to give ourselves to God; through our faith, it’s up to us to be fully in the Will of God: to be in God out of love for God, to be in God because of everything we are.

We belong to God, we don’t belong to ourselves; we are what God wants us to be: beings of love for The Love, beings who merge with love in order to be fully in The Love.

What is the point of knowing all this, what is the purpose of all this if it isn't meant to be given to God? If we take this and we give it to men, we become instruments in the hands of men. We are no longer ourselves, we cannot perceive the truth, we cannot perceive what comes from God. We surrender ourselves to the beliefs of this world, and this world has no belief – other than what it thinks it knows – and what it thinks it knows comes from its own will manipulated by Satan.

Doesn’t man have pride within him due to his human will, which is to want to know what is good and what is evil, to want to be what God is?


Jesus: Oh! Man, you have turned your flesh into a flesh in the hands of Satan. You have been able to see only what you wanted to see; you have been able to understand only what you were able to understand.

You want to reveal who you are but you did nothing more than withdraw more deeply within yourself: you turned yourself into a lifeless being, without any hope of knowing the truth because you drowned yourself in your own version of the truth. You gave this world what it did not need to know, you gave this world all your suffering.

Oh! Man, when will you stop making yourself suffer, when will you stop making all the children of the world suffer? No one can learn from you. Leave to God what is God's, give to God what comes from him, for you do not come from yourself, you come from God, you are God's love.

You teach the children of this world the lies of your beliefs, of your knowledge; you want to know the minds of men, while your own mind is false, it is manipulated by Satan, by the shadows that are around you. Through your knowledge, you want to heal children suffering from fear, anxiety, depression, while you yourself have entered the depths of your ignorance in the face of what you are.

You do not know who The Love is, and yet, you speak of love with your words. You are not able to perceive love in all its beauty, and yet, you try to understand what love is through what you see.

Oh! Man, you are a stranger to the truth and you want to reveal the truth in order to give my Presence to the world, in order to give your pride to the world, in order to bring death to the world. Is this not what you are trying to do? Who other than I can nourish you when you wish to speak of me? Who other than I can bring you light so that you might understand who you are in relation to your brothers and your sisters, so you can claim to belong to God, so you can be obedient to God?

Oh! What do you do with your knowledge? You want to give men freedom, you want to give men well-being so that they might be as they should be: free men. Are you free yourself? What do you do with yourself? What do you offer yourself? Why do you see what belongs to others whereas you see nothing regarding yourself? You are blind in the face of your life; you do not know who you are, oh, man of sadness! For what I see from you is nothing but sadness.

You make my Heart cry, your flesh is in my Flesh, I know the slightest movements of your flesh for your life is in me.

What are you doing to yourself? What are you doing to love? What are you doing trying to be someone other than who you are? For when you want to teach others who they are, you lose yourself more and more, you move away from what you are; you learn more and more to become oblivious to what your life is about, you are further and further from your true self; you deceive yourself with your words, you deceive yourself in your own life.

Do not try to deceive me, for when you claim to know what God is telling you, you move further and further away from the Light, you are deceiving yourself. You cannot deceive me. You are steeped in lies – acknowledge that you are face to face with your own life.

If you do not acknowledge that you are face to face with your own life, what will you do when I will open your mind? What will you do when I will open your ears, your eyes, your words, your movements, your heart? For I shall open your life, I shall turn you into a being who will come face to face with what he is – you will learn everything about yourself, nothing will be hidden from you.

You claim to be able to enter the thoughts of others while your thoughts do not even come from you. Those thoughts do not come from you; they are from the deceiver, the illusionist, for your life is no more than illusion when you believe yourself capable of entering the minds of others to draw forth their life experiences, and place them before them so they can be healed, so they can be part of movements of liberation.

Oh, man of knowledge! This is what you call yourself, is it not? This is what you accept to be called – man of knowledge – knowledge that comes from emptiness for all you are learning is nothing but emptiness. You are learning to give of yourself, you are learning to receive from others. You do not give love, for there is only love that gives, there is only love that gives back, and you are not love. When you go out to speak, it is to listen to yourself, it is to receive, and everything revolves around you.

Your life is nothing but empty movements, for when you are not abandon in me, Jesus, you receive nothing, you hear nothing, you are blind, you are deaf, you are dead to life, you wander in the darkness and you believe that you see.

Do you not know that what you see is nothing more than your imagination? Your imagination has taken over your life, your matter, for this matters only to you.

You belong to God, you come from me, you must acknowledge that you come from me.

Oh, man of pride! If today you are in the presence of your brothers and of your sisters, who hear what I am saying to you, it is to grant you graces, graces that will give life back to you, graces that will bring you love.

What I am bringing about is a movement of love for you, a movement in the Church for you, a movement of love from my Divine Will.

No human being can be in this state unless I take him within myself and live his life; I present his life to you like an open book, a book that is given, a book that teaches you to observe.

You are movement of love but you do not perceive this; you are movement of life but you hear nothing of life, for what you see is what others want you to see.

Do not wait for the moment to be before you; be full abandon in your God, listen to your interior, which is calling out to you, for you will soon feel that call. That call will come to you and you will perceive within you, around you, the Life, the Life that orders you, the Life that will say to you, “Do you hear your God, do you want your God?”

I am appealing to your matter because you have ignored your soul; I am appealing to your matter because you believe you are matter independent of the Pure Matter, the Eternal Matter. This will come to you soon; do not wait for this to be upon you for you run the risk of not understanding, of refusing.

I love you, I want you for my own, you are my love, you are my Life.

Oh, man of pride! Know to recognize the signs now, shut yourself off from this world, it has nothing to offer you.

The call of God is within each one of you; the call of God enables you to recognize God's love: it is God who takes you, it is God who turns you into a movement within the Church.

What you are hearing, children of love, is a movement of love, is a movement that enables you to see God's power in your life. What God does for you, he does so for all the children of the world.

What you carry within you, you carry it, my children, in the Church; the Church gives you love, you are members in me.

I, I am Jesus; every part of me is you; I want all my members, I want you to be love, I want you to give yourselves as you have always, always given yourselves with simplicity, with humility. It is up to me to nourish you through graces. Through the graces of The Love, my children, I give you my Life.

I am Jesus Eucharist; I give you my Flesh, I give you my Blood. When you come to me, it is I who enable you to move forward, it is I who enable you to move; it is my Flesh, which is in motion, that wants its flesh; it is my Flesh that recognizes that it thirsts for love, for my Flesh thirsts for love, my Flesh wants love.

I want you, my beloved, I love you. You are love, give me love, come to me. You who hear, take me. You who understand, take hold of The Love who presents himself to you. I give myself to you at every moment for the Flesh gives itself to the flesh, and when the flesh takes the Flesh, everything becomes love within you because you allow yourselves to be nourished from within.

Oh, my children! Love is so immense, love is so powerful! Nothing can stop this movement.

When I appeared before the angels, when the Son of God became flesh, they were in adoration. All those who recognized God in the Flesh, adored, loved, contemplated the power of God, the infinite love of God. They were astounded by this movement; they were so immersed in the knowledge of that love that the angels became even more luminous.

And those who had refused to adore the Son of God made Man were not witness to this, for they were no longer before the Son of God. They did not feel that splendour, that knowledge, that love, which was being presented to them – movement of love for The Love, movement that gives itself for The Love, movement that opens itself up to all that was meant to be matter: The Love.

Children of my Will, everything you are is willed by God. You were all chosen to live this movement of love; how good it feels to live it together, how good it feels to savour this movement together!

I, who gave myself up on your behalf, I, who opened my Flesh to welcome you so as to protect you from yourselves, I have been waiting for this moment of love prepared by my Father for you.

You are my Father's chosen ones, and you will be before this movement of love, in which you will see my love in all its power.

Soon, I will show men that they will become children forced to stop, forced to be in a movement of light, to be in a movement of obedience, to be in a movement of faithfulness, to be in a movement in which all that is matter shall come before the Perfect Matter, before the Matter that is Eternal, for matter will be obedient, it will stop – it will stop and it will be witness to the movement of obedience.

All those who, like you, will die in the Son, all those who will have placed their hearts in my Mother's Heart, and whose hearts my Mother will have placed in my Heart, will live this short moment in my love and they will feel that love.

All shall be done in the Will of God.

Little children of love, Heaven is preparing great things for you; you are still so little, you have much to learn.

Oh, children of love, do you want to give me love?


All: Yes.


Jesus: Do you want to be in contemplation before your God?


All: Yes.


Jesus: Do you want to adore your God?


All: Yes.


Jesus: With all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength, with all your heart?


All: Yes.


Jesus: Well then, my children, did you know that I placed that need within you and that I will fulfil your need? That need, I placed it within you and your yes has turned my need into your own need, and I shall fulfil you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And now, we will prepare the table to receive Jesus and we will be in adoration before the very Presence of Jesus.

Let’s prepare ourselves, let’s remain in what God has put inside us, let’s remain silent, let’s quiet our thoughts, and let’s prepare our heart to soar into the hands of Mary, so that she might take our heart and put it directly in the Heart of Jesus, who will be before us: our heart will be before us, but dead in Jesus, in the Heart of Jesus.

Let’s hold on to this preciously for what we are living at present.

In silence, let’s move this table and, for our Jesus of love, let’s set the table, his table.

Thank you, Lord.