Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus 



2007-12-01 - Evening


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus is the King of love. He is the One who was proclaimed from the beginning of time as the One who would bring us happiness. And so, he came to us by Mary's yes. He came to offer himself to us; he created an opening within us so that his Life might enter us. It was necessary for him to knock very hard because what he was knocking on was hard as stone: he was knocking on our hearts. Jesus is coming to speak once again tonight of the Heart of The Love.


Jesus: Children of love, until you have learned what it means to give of oneself, I shall continue speaking about your hearts, for it is the heart that has always been the movement that holds (all things). Your heart holds your life: as you have not wanted to live your life, your heart continued to hold it; as you have looked to the spirit of this world in an effort to live your lives in this world, your heart endured all things, all the while gazing upon your soul and not understanding such great neglect. The soul, the one that received everything, has been so neglected! The soul, the one that was the beauty in your lives, has been so neglected! You who try to be beautiful in this world, you have neglected what was important in order to be beautiful: your soul, the beauty of life, the one that nourishes all that you are.

I come to speak in your heart because you have not respected your soul. I come to declare to your heart that you belong to me and that I am your only God, that I am the One who gave himself up on the Cross out of love for you, out of love for my Father. It is by my Father that you come from me; it was my Father's desire that I be the Man God and I fulfilled his desire: such is my Father's Will, such is my Will.

Children of love, tonight Heaven wishes to speak to you of the Life of Jesus within the sacrament of the Orders. The Son of God is the Light of the world, the Son of God made Man is the Light of the world. All was given to me by my Father. My Father gave his beloved Son all that he is. This is why you exist – because my Father looked upon his Son's beauty and he wanted everything that dwelled in his Son to be in his image. The Son of God made Man is the Will of God, and all those who are created in the image of the Son of God are the Will of God.

How was the plan of God the Father meant to be conceived? By having everything present before him and by everything having already been accomplished, for whatever God wants he obtains because The Love never ceases to fulfil himself – his Son who gives himself and the Father who gives himself: movement that never stops increasing, movement that never stops emerging and growing. The Son of God made Man is the Will of God in his love. The Father desired this, and therefore, he gave his love, and the Son, who comes from the Father, loves to give. When he stood before God, he gave his Father what he was: the Son of God made Man who never stops giving of himself to his Father, and his Father who never stops giving his Son all he is. God the Father encompasses all things: all that is in God the Father is in God the Son. Whether it is the Father's desire that matter should appear before him and it is the Son who gives, whether it is the Son who accomplishes the Will of God the Father and it is the Father who gives: all that belonged to God the Father has been passed on to his Son.

The Love is a gift of love, movement that never ceases to give: the Father sees himself and the Son sees himself. When I received the beauty of all that I am, I, the Son of God made Man, was filled with wonder by what I saw, for all was within me. I looked upon all my Father was giving to me and I gave unceasingly, for what I gave came from my Father, and all those who were in me were giving me what came from my Father, for they were aware that they were in this movement of love: the Son of God made Man giving his Life unceasingly, unceasingly, and life continuously receiving the Life of the Son of God made Man, and giving of itself unceasingly. All is life within the Eternal Flesh. All life gives of itself. It is a movement that never stops growing; it is a movement that never stops living eternity. All is movement of love: the Son nourishing all that gives life, the Son continually receiving all that is life.

That movement of creation – in which the universe came to be, in which all that is contained within the universe came to be – took place. All that was movement of love appeared before the Son of God made Man. He gave all to his Father, and God the Father welcomed his offering, for God the Father recognized that all things that come from his Son came from himself. Everything that was part of the universe was movement of love, movement of love that gives of itself, because the movement recognized that it came from the Son of God, and that the Son of God was offering these movements of love to his Father, and that the Father was welcoming these movements of love which came from the Son out of love, out of love for him. All that had been created and that was part of the universe was movement of life.

When the earth was created, there was movement of life: all that was life came from the Life and life offered everything that was within it, and the Son of God made Man welcomed all this, for he was Eternal Life. Therefore, Eternal Life was giving to God the Father all that he was, and God the Father looked upon his offerings, for all came from him and was given to his Son, and his Son gave all to him. When the Son looked upon all that had life, he gave and then, all was accomplished. Wherever there was life, life was brought forth; the movement of life multiplied, for all that life contained was given and received. And wherever life was received, there was life and all was reproduced. The Son of God made Man, Eternal Life, was part of this movement for he held all things within him.

When man was created, he received life, he received life from God the Son made Man. He did not receive it from God the Father, he received it from God the Son, for God the Father had given everything to his Son. When God breathed life into Adam, he received the life of the Son of God made Man, he received Eternity, Eternal Life. All that came from God the Father entered Adam. Adam was created in the image of the Son of God made Man. God the Father looked upon this movement of life and he welcomed this movement of life which came from his Son, out of love for him: the Son was giving all to his Father, for all came from his Father.

When man saw his life, he gave his life to God the Son made Man, for he came from him. He was filled with wonder before what he was, for he knew that he came from God. The Son of God, in and through the movement of Perfection before his Father, was always present before his Father. And so, the son who came on earth – Adam – was therefore in the movement of Eternal Life! He was life, and life comes from Jesus because Jesus is the Eternal Flesh willed by God the Father, and Adam lived this: he was a child of the Divine Will, Will which was that of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Adam gave his consent to be in the Will of God and God took his life, and from his life he brought forth another life, and that life bore life – she received life from the One who was the Life to her.

God the Son made Man, who was in Adam, gave his Life so that Eve might be the life that bears life. God the Son, Eternal Life, gave eternity to Eve through Adam's life, and Eve received Eternal Life, which she carried within her. She was therefore offering life to her God. She herself was that offering, for she had been chosen to bear life, to be the altar of love, to welcome life and to present it unceasingly to God, the Eternal One. In that moment, God, the Eternal One, welcomed that offering and he multiplied his love to enable that altar to bear his Will. Therefore, Eve always carried the Will of God the Father, for God had chosen woman to bear his chosen ones, and God the Son made Man gave of himself unceasingly so that life might be given and placed upon the altar to be presented to God the Father.

Little children of love, do not complicate your thoughts, do not let these words burden you. Leave to God what belongs to God; you are instruments of love. You, man, you have received life; do you complicate your lives when you penetrate a woman? This movement belongs to God, it does not belong to you. And you, woman, who receive life and who bear life, do you try to understand what is happening the moment you learn that you have a new life within you? You know that it is God who has willed it. And so, this is what is happening tonight: God is willing this. These words are life, these words are powerful so that you might understand the Will of God regarding your minds, regarding your will. All this is to enable you to move forward in your purification. Did I not say that you still have a long way to go? Allow yourselves to surrender.

The woman, children of love, is the altar of life; she bears life in order to present it to God. How beautiful and powerful this is! – God who chooses his altars so that he might always welcome his Will. The man is the life of the Son of God made Man for God the Father; he is the one who holds life, life that never stops giving of itself, life that comes from God and that is nourished by God: love, love and love. Life is love; it is movement that comes from God the Father for the Son; it is the Son receiving life and returning what he receives to his Father. Only the Son is able to receive life and to return life to his Father, and the Father never ceases to welcome whatever comes from his Son. When man, (who is) life by God the Son made Man, comes into being, it is God the Father who gave love to his Son and his Son then gives life and love to man: he is presenting that love to his Father, he is presenting, to his Father, who that man is.

The Son loves his Father so much that he loves to see his Father gaze upon him, and his Father loves his Son. He loves what comes from him. He is love and The Love loves The Love: movement that is brought about by the power of The Love, God the Holy Spirit who never ceases to give motion to this movement: movement that is present, movement that is eternal, that no distance can separate, that no time can separate, the power of love, the strength of love, eternal love – God the Holy Spirit.

Man, who is on earth, is life: by the Will of God the Father, by the Son and by the Holy Spirit, who brings about this movement of love endlessly, endlessly so that the Son of God made Man may taste that love endlessly, endlessly – the love of the Father, the love of the Holy Spirit, the love of God the Son. And Eve, Eve who bears life, Eve who is the cradle of creation, who bears the all of the Son of God so as to present to God the Son made Man his flesh, the flesh that contains all things: eternal flesh, flesh of love, which is willed by God the Father and is an offering. She offers what she bears to God and the Life takes that offering in his hands and presents it to God the Father – the Son who gives what he himself is: love, eternal movement that is repeated constantly. When man gives life, woman receives life and she bears life, and God the Son presents that life to his Father, for it comes from him.

Children of love, what you are hearing is the offering, which, through life, never stops presenting itself to God the Father. God the Son is Eternal Life; man is life in the Son of God because he was created in the image of the Son of God. This is the reason that man carries life within himself – because God the Son holds life within himself: every human life is in Jesus, in God the Son made Man. Man is the son of God through God the Son made Man; man is life, son of God in the Son of God made Man, willed by God: every man holds life within himself. Woman receives life, she bears life; therefore, she is the one who is presented to God by God the Son himself. The Son of God takes what he holds within himself to present it to his Father, and God the Father welcomes his offering. It is as though God the Son were taking the life within himself and were presenting to his Father the life his Father has within him: “See, Father, all you have given me – the life I hold within me is your life. All you have given to me, Father, comes from you. I am giving you what is yours.” Children of love, the woman who receives life bears life, and God the Son takes what she bears – life – and presents it to God the Father.

When I came on earth, the Life entered the womb of the Virgin Mary; by the power of the Holy Spirit, I became life in Mary's womb. In that moment, the Light presented itself to the Father; the Life was placed upon the altar, it was presenting itself to God: “Father, here I am. All life, Father, is before you. All life shall be placed upon the altar and be presented to you. Your love, Father, greeted my love, for life is your love, and I give you your love.” When I was in my Mother Mary's womb, you were there: all life was within me. Mary was the chosen altar; she was carrying all creation, all life. She was not the Life – she had received life through Eternal Life, and she was bearing what Eternal Life had placed within her, and it was the Son of God himself who presented to God the Father his offering: his life.

Everything comes from me. All that presents itself to my Father goes through me, for I am the Eternal Life that became flesh by my Father's Will. Out of love for my Father, I never stop giving him what he is: The Love. The Son of God made Man is the only one who can present, to his Father, his Life. Therefore, all those who give their consent to become me by the power of the Holy Spirit are no longer themselves – they become me, they are life within the Life: Eternal Life that takes life and presents it to God the Father, the Life that gives of itself, God the Father who receives and who gives because he welcomes his Child.

Children of love, man is life, and therefore, he was chosen to be the one who becomes me through the sacrament of Holy Orders. Children of love, man holds life within himself, and it is willed by the Son of God made Man that he be the one who comes from me through the sacrament of Holy Orders: he is me. He is no longer a being who resembles all others – he is me, for the Holy Spirit transforms him: he is light. All is done by the power of God; so it is and so it shall be. Woman, who receives life, receives my Life; she becomes the altar that receives the offering. She is movement of love. She bears within her all those who will become life so that this movement may be everlasting. My Father welcomes what she presents; she is no longer only a person – she is movement of love; to God the Father, she is the hand of the Son of God.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What we are hearing is willed by God for the Church in order that we may understand that man is life and that he's the one who represents the Son of God made Man among us. When he is ordained by the sacrament of Holy Orders, he is no longer himself – he is the Son of God made Man offering up his life: he gives of himself continuously.

God the Son gave himself and he never stops giving himself to his Father; he gives what he is: the Life. God the Son never stops giving what he is to his Father: he is the Life. This is why the Son of God instituted the sacrament of the Eucharist: life-giving sacrament. It is he himself who offers himself to his Father: the Life itself gives itself to the Life. Man carries life within himself, he gives life, he cannot bear life, he receives it from God in order to give life: he gives what he receives. The Son of God is the One who takes life and he himself gives it to his Father. The human being, through what he is, cannot do this – he is but a part of the all, but God the Son, he is the All, and therefore, he gives life. But when man consents to live his sacrament of Holy Orders, then he is no longer himself – he is God the Son, and it is God the Son who gives life to his Father. Through the sacrament of Holy Orders, he is the all of all life: nothing comes from him, all comes from God.

Woman cannot be a member of the ministerial sacrament of Holy Orders because she cannot be life, she cannot give life – she receives life: she is the one who bears life, she bears all life. The moment when the Virgin Mary received Eternal Life within her, she received all life. And therefore, in that moment, woman became the one who was to bear eternal life. God the Father himself chooses the life she must bear, and it is God the Son himself who presents to his Father what woman has received from God the Father. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Father looks upon what the Son presents to him. Because this passes through the hands of God the Son, all is purified, and therefore, that life is not just an ordinary life – it is life from God in its fullness – purity – and thus, we have the sacrament of Baptism. You see, woman, woman bears life, she is the altar. Because she bears life, she herself bears the child in purity, the child who will be a child of God; therefore, she becomes the cradle of love. It is she herself who offers her child to God the Son, she herself who gives her yes. Just like Mary who said her fiat, the mother says her fiat: this is a movement of love that consents to the presentation of life.

Everything is in front of us, everything is in place to show us that God has prepared everything: the moment during which we needed to hear and to understand. This is the reason that it was God's Will to choose twelve apostles, twelve men, twelve lives: each person chosen to form the Church was chosen by God the Father, and this has been so throughout the ages and shall be so for eternity – all life is the Life, and every offering is the Offering.

We who have just heard this, we must rejoice for having seen and understood. It’s up to us to place this before God and to say to him: “Thank you, God, for this came from you and this must forever be returned to you. It isn't because my ears have heard that I was able to enter into this movement of love, and therefore, I give you what I have received so that my soul may benefit from it, so that my love may grow in your Church.” This moment was chosen by God because we must experience something that is very important: within the coming year, there will be a Eucharistic Congress which will enable us to understand the importance of priests within the Church.

We could also have said: which will enable us to understand (the importance of) the sons of God chosen to be the representatives of the Son of God on earth, the ones chosen by God the Father, those who enable us to continually experience that Movement of eternal life – our Nourishment. We must give thanks to God for revealing the truth to us. Many fall prey to Satan's ploys designed to deceive the children of life. We must give thanks to God for the ability to understand what we are: life. Satan wants to deceive the children of life by creating confusion within the Church: wherever there's confusion, there's disagreement, there's disobedience. We must be truthful in order to be able to sustain one another. Turn to the Gospel, turn to the Bible – everything is written there. What we’ve just heard is in the Gospel, but as we have suffered a great deal because of our human will, we have not understood.

Jesus is the Life, Jesus is the Offering: Jesus Son of God made Man, Jesus who accepts to be in our presence by entering Mary's womb, Jesus who gives himself up on the Cross and who, prior to this, instituted the sacrament of the Eucharist so that we might understand the meaning of his offering. He could have instituted the sacrament of the Eucharist without dying on the cross, but by giving up his Flesh, by shedding his Blood, then we were able to better understand his offering: “This is my Flesh, eat it. This is my Blood, drink it.” Every time we eat the Flesh of Jesus, every time we drink of the Blood of Jesus, we are eating of our own flesh, we are drinking of our own blood: we are in the Life of the Son of God made Man. Everything that is in the Life of the Son of God made Man is living, and we, we are in the Son of God made Man: we are his Flesh, we are the Blood of Jesus. Therefore, every time we receive the Body of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus, we are receiving ourselves, we are nourishing ourselves with our own life, we are giving ourselves love.

Jesus is love, he is the Father's love: we are the Father's love in Jesus. When Jesus gives us his Body and his Blood, he is, therefore, giving us his love; and when we receive the Body and the Blood, we are receiving love, and therefore, we are him, we are receiving love.

When we receive ourselves, we’re receiving life, we’re receiving love: we’re being nourished by love, we’re being nourished of ourselves – I give myself love. “Jesus, I give you love, you give me love.” This movement is the same as the one between the Father and the Son, this movement is the same as the one between the Son and us: the Holy Spirit who brings about unity between the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit who brings about unity between the Son and us. The Love who never stops giving of himself: multiplication, the endless multiplication of love, spiritual nourishment to life, to our soul.

You see, who is able to have us understand this kind of love in one evening? In the very beginning, when we began to listen, we thought, “Phew, Lord!” And then, in a few minutes, we understood!


Audience: Laughter!!!!!!


What was important was to discover this movement of love between the Father and the Son, and between the Son and us. God is leading us back to the right path, to where we should be, where God the Father wants us to be, and then, the Holy Spirit enables us to understand what we need to understand.


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It’s as though God were offering us a piece of candy: “Eat this, and take your time; let it melt in your mouth and as it slowly dissolves, you will be able to savour it.” This is what he is doing with us.


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God is nourishing us with lots of tenderness, isn't he? He will give us even more! And now, we will end this evening by lifting up our voices in song. Well, Laurent?


♪♪♪:   Hymn.