Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2011-10-08 – Evening

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When God visits his children, he opens our hearts so we can become nourishment. Even if only one child is healed, do you know what effect this has on all the children on earth? Healings. It isn't possible for only one person to be healed without others being healed because illness is something that came into our lives without invitation. And in order to come into our lives, well, it had to travel through time. From age to age, throughout time, it became fixed in our lives. In the very beginning, it was insignificant, it didn’t make its presence known. As time went by, we didn’t realize that there was something that troubled us, and so it took up even more room. It saw to it that our character changed, it saw to it that our hearts became hard. And we thought we were the only ones who were sick because, now, it was beginning to make its presence known. It had to travel from one heart to another in order to come and trouble God's children. Today, the Lord asked us:

“Give me your life. And when you come to me to give me your life, may your yes be a true yes, and I shall take your life, I shall take your yes. I will not act without your consent. I will show you, I will show you that I love you. I will wrap you in this mantle of love, this mantle of pain that I wore on your behalf. I will have you feel my wounds; you will touch my wounded flesh; you will kiss my feet. And I will say loving words to you – I will tell you how much I love you, how much I have taken care of you, year after year, as illness insinuated itself into your life while you, you saw nothing, you heard nothing. I will say to you: I took care of you.

“As time went by, I spent it with you, year after year. I gave you my love and I took your pain. I fell so that you, you could fall on me and be able to get back up. I took your heart, which had difficulty beating, and I made your heart beat to the rhythm of love so that you could feel my heartbeats of love. How I loved you, and how I love you! All that time when you were looking at yourself, all that time when you didn’t believe in me, I was cradling you in my arms, I was making sure that you did not forget me. I whispered in your ear, like a breath of love: I love you. I whisper these words to you so softly to avoid frightening you, for you are too weak at this moment to hear me cry out my love for you. 

“You reached a point when you no longer believed in my love, but I, I continued to believe, to believe that the love I was placing within you would have you cry out with love: ‘My God, my God, are you there?’ Oh, how good it is to hear that cry from you! It took a very long time for you to cry out. I, I never wanted you to become ill; I never wanted your heart to be as hard as stone; I never wanted you to turn away from me so that you could turn to things that are not good for you. I, I have always taken care of you. I have loved you as you are. Take a good look at yourself. Tonight, you drew near to me and I looked upon you. How I looked at you and how beautiful you were to me! How beautiful you were clothed in your littleness!

“You came forth and you bowed down before me, I who am your God, and I wrapped you in my light. I was telling you that I love you, I love you and I love you! And when I would see a tear rolling down your cheek, I would take care of that tear so that it should not be wasted. I would kiss it because it was a genuine tear, a tear filled with truth. I know those tears; I can tell them apart from tears of indifference. Who can love you as I love you? No one. I know that, in your life, you have been mistreated. You have not been able to see yourself as I see you. You begged for love from those who could not love you as I love you. You even accepted insults, for you had given too much of yourself and others took advantage of you. And I, I who was waiting, waiting for you to become my prisoner, my prisoner of love, I waited, I waited for your ‘I love you,’ and I was always there, always by your side!

“Take my heart and give me your heart. Take my eyes and give me your eyes. Take my words of love; I will take your words that bear no love for me. I will become an offering of love and I will present this to my Father, to the One who loves me and whom I love. My Father has never cast me aside. My Father loves me and he will always love me as he is The Love. I will go to him and I will bring him what you give to me, and I will say to him: Father, look into my eyes, hear my words. I am coming to present these to you because I know that you love me and that you will always love me, and that, through me, you will see your love. Yes, he will understand that I took all of you out of love, out of love for him, for you come from him. He is your loving Father. He sent me to you so that you might learn to say to him: ‘Thank you, thank you for healing me. Thank you for removing this illness, which prevented me from loving unconditionally, from my flesh.’

“This is what I present to my Father. He is the Mercy. I am your mercy, for I give myself to you. I want to teach you to recognize that I, who am the Son of God, I am the Mercy and that I give myself to you. Therefore, receive me and savour me, for I am your only love. I am yours.”

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: That is why we have been touched by a great love tonight. That love has travelled tonight. It travelled through time, it touched hearts. It dwelled in its own dwelling place tonight so that God's children might also be healed. Always out of love, God gives himself in this manner in order to give to us a hundredfold.

When we are healed, those healings travel from one heart to another, and from another to yet another, and they give strength and the courage to continue, to continue living on this earth, this earth that bears the mark of illness. And as this travels, it reaches its final destination: our hearts. This emerged from our hearts to return to our hearts. Our God of love is asking us for much, but he gives us much. We have a loving God.

He gave us our loving Mother, the perfect Mary, who has always took care of us when we were hurting ourselves. Because we did not say ‘I love you’ to her Son, she would turn to us: “I will put a balm on your wounds that you may continue to move forward and to believe that only my Son can heal you.” And our loving Mother has always been by our side and she will always be by our side. She too wants to hear an ‘I love you’ but the first ‘I love you’ she wants to hear is the ‘I love you’ we say to her Son: “I love you, my loving God.” And this fills Mother's Heart with joy because she knows that she loves, she loves her children unconditionally.

Tonight, we have brought much love to those we love. And if I were to ask you who are the people you love the most? I am going to tell you about a young man: he was homeless and he was searching for love. He moved from one family to another in search of love. He wanted to be loved, but he didn’t feel that he was able to accept that love. He felt that he was unworthy of that love because when people would tell him about God's love, he would say, “I'm unworthy.” He was so discouraged that he took his own life. And so, I ask: “If I introduce him to you, would he be someone that you could love more than anyone else?” These are the ones we must love.

We must love them very, very much. For in his eyes, we will see the eyes of our own child; in his eyes, we will see the eyes of our brother, of our sister; in his eyes, we will see ourselves, for we all come from God. God wants us to be an ‘I love you,’ a real ‘I love you’: to love those God places along our path in life. Therefore, let us ask God: “Show me those who need love and teach me to be close to them; teach me to never leave them. This is what you're putting in my heart; then so be it, for I know you will give me love so that I may be love for them.” What God does for us, he does so for all God's children. Tomorrow, we will meet children along the way and we will learn to love them, to be patient with them, to see them.

The Lord gave me much joy tonight. I saw two good friends embrace when, a few hours earlier, they didn’t know if they would be able to. Before God, they threw themselves into each other’s arms. I praised the Lord, I thanked the Lord. What healing! And afterwards, I saw a tiny little girl approach Jesus and open her heart to him. She was so beautiful, she was so beautiful, that child of God. We are here for love, we were created for love.

And so, can you see how many healings there were tonight? We wouldn’t be able to express everything we received tonight – we received much. But Jesus, he knows that we still need healing. And so, he whispers: “I love you. I will whisper it again because you are not yet ready to hear it very, very, very loudly as you would be crushed beneath my ‘I love you.’ I will therefore hold it back a little while longer, but one day you will have to hear it. Will you be ready for that? Let it be so.” This is our God, our only lover. It’s easy for the women, isn't it? But for the men… you will have to accept this. Jesus is your only true lover, because this is an unconditional love, this is a love that comes from the Heart of God, and this, no one, no one will ever be able to understand its immensity. But we will live it without really knowing how great it is because that would be too much for us. May all of us help one another to love as God wants to be loved.

God will teach us to love him as he wants us to love him: to love him above all else, to love him above all material things, to love him more than the feelings that developed within us without our knowledge. Because, you know, the senses know how to fool us. The palate loves what it shouldn’t love: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. That is just one example. And so, can you see that God knows what he's talking about? He loves with the Heart, his Heart, and his senses are obedient to love, to God's love. Therefore, we must learn from God.

May our faith be nourished by God's love. We will know that what we’re living is real, for there aren't two kinds of love – there's only one love. And who is The Love? Who is The Love? Who is The Love? God! God! We lack nothing: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit! Therefore, let’s stuff ourselves full of love! Who is our one and only Love? God, our God! Because it is written, “You will live on earth and I will be with you, I, your only God.” Well, that is being accomplished. Amen. Amen, Lord.

♪♪♪ Hymn.