Gathering of Love with Godís Action in Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus : I am with you through the power of The Love, God accomplishes his Will on behalf of each one of you.

This instrument offered herself out of love : she is but a voice, she has placed her voice within my Voice.

I am asking each one of you to give yourself, to abandon yourself, to give your yes to God.

Inside yourself, I speak; inside you, you are part of my Being of love.

I AM is inside you : Eternity is in your presence.

My children, realize that inside you, Eternal Life is in your presence.

I am Eternal Life. There is no ending within me : I am the Alpha and the Omega.

You, each one of you, you are in my presence;

you must behave as children who are in the presence of their God.

Each moment of your life, live it in me with love for yourselves and for those you love,

and for those you do not know : they are inside you.

You are part of the Mystical Body.

You are a whole in my Whole! I am the Church, the Head, my children!

My consecrated sons are my active members and you, you are my members!

It is by being present within me that you live in my Church, by being children of love, by carrying inside yourselves those who do not know they are in me.

They carry on with their lives not noticing that they are dying each moment.

Life is eternal but, in each one of you, there is life that is crying out, that wants to love, that wants to discover its true

worth : the one of life in God.

There are many, and the number, my children, is great, of those who do not see themselves in me, who refuse to acknowledge that they are Godís children.

They blaspheme.

My holy Name is on their lips, but it is to scorn it.

They have words inside them which they learned over the years : these words are against my Church.

They make use of sacred words to show their brothers and their sisters that they are independent children :

they are children who are caught up in their human will, for these children are prisoners of their will.

What they are revealing is their weakness;

it is not love that strengthens their being.

My loves, each one of you hears these blasphemous words against me.

I am The Love, I love them, I want them within myself, pure.

This is the reason why at this moment, you feel a pain, a void, a sense of incomprehension.

It is because you carry these children, they are inside you, they are hurting you and they are hurting themselves.

They are my chosen children.

I cry out in each one of them to listen to the voice telling them :

ďLove me. Come inside yourself to discover that you are loved by God. Allow my loving words to flow within you, my gentle and tender words.

I love you as you are, you; I want you within me for eternity.

Do not allow the Devil to make of you an instrument of evil.

You make your brothers and your sisters hear words that go against yourself,

for when you speak against the Church, against me, it is against yourself that you are speaking.

Oh! my love, I want you all little inside yourself, regretful, I have so much love for you!

You see, I am speaking to you through these children of the Light who accept to open up their interior so as to allow my loving words aimed at you to enter them. ďMy beloved/my little sweetness, the day when you will be before me is coming.

You will hear these words I am saying inside you, you will discover yourself as you are,

and, through these children of the Light, you will know that you have received graces of strength which will help you ask me for forgiveness, for I will bring down my mercy upon you;

it will cover you like a mantle of love, for everything inside you will be nothing but suffering.

You will have discovered The Love who allowed himself to be insulted, who allowed himself to be scorned without saying anything, without a single reproach, for I love you : You, love your God.Ē

My children, you who are witnesses of Godís action, you come to receive your God within yourselves, you come to nourish yourselves from the Source of eternal life;

this movement is in each one of you, it is the power of the love of God the Father : my Father gave me to each of you. You came here tonight to take me within yourselves, and it is each one of you who has received me;

through your yes, through your abandonment, you have allowed this Source of life to flow within you, that source which has also nourished the lives of my children;

through you, they receive graces of love for, my children, without me, these blaspheming children could not remain alive for they extinguish the life within themselves.

I am the Light.

Through me, they see to which extent they are alive, but these children could not be of this world without my Life;

this is why I nourish my children of love, my children of the Light.

This is a perpetual movement of love : the Love is Life, he cannot stop himself from giving, he is The Love who gives.

My Father is the Essence of love : his love engendered The Love and our love engendered The Love.

We are the Trinity, we are three Persons who form one single God.

Through The Love, you, my children, you are in a movement of love and if we were to stop giving love,

this movement would stop and there would no longer be life within you.

Life, my children, is us;

the movement is the Divine Will.

When you utter your yes to God, you are performing a movement of love within that movement of love,

and it is we who envelop you with our loving Will to show you that you are alive in us.

You live within the movement of The Love, in the Divine Will.

This is where you shall find the Alpha and the Omega, where you shall find everything,

and this is where, my children, we the Trinity,

we want you to be eternally.

My loves, if on this very day children blaspheme, it is because they live according to their human will, rejecting my Will of love.

If, through you, through the movement of love in the Divine Will, you give a part of the love you receive on

their behalf :

this is the Divine Will, this is a renunciation of your human will in order to live in Godís Will, in Godís love, in Godís Life,

and it is with abandonment that you discover this movement that lives inside you, that is inside you.

Jesus is this movement of love, he came among you to make you discover The Love who gives, The Love who wants to receive you within himself.

My children, I am the Voice of The Love.

She could not repeat these words unless The Love himself was pronouncing them; she hears The Love, she speaks in The Love : this movement is in me and it is The Love who covers her;

she is in this movement and you, you are part of this movement;

by accepting to hear the Voice of The Love, you are a whole in the Divine Will.

This, my children, is to remind you that you are children of God, that you have renounced your human will to come live in the Divine Will.

Eternal shall be your life,

for all those who will not want to renounce their human will, will not be able to come die in me, Jesus.

It is necessary to renounce evil, my children, for human will coexists with evil;

you must make a choice regarding what you do, regarding what you look at, regarding what you listen to.

Observe your actions, when you have something to learn, you must choose between what is good and what is wrong;

this choice was given to you because Adam and Eve wanted to know good and evil;

they renounced living in the Divine Will, for they desired to know what was good and what was evil of their own accord. Through this choice, their life was lived in human will.

I am within you my children for, soon, each one of you will have to choose to either

Ė        go on living in your human will

Ė        or to renounce your will to come live in the Divine Will,

Ė        where everything will be nothing but love, where evil will no longer exist.

My children, it is up to you to bear this choice for those who do not prepare themselves,

for they will have to answer this loving request in front of The Love.

You who come to nourish yourselves from the Source of life, carry them, love them despite their faults, despite their offensive words against the Church, against me.

I am The Love and The Love begs you to carry your brothers and your sisters;

he asks this of you because soon the suffering of the Passion will come to an end.

My children of love, Eternal God is within you,

he is there, present, he is the all of your being

Remain in his presence by allowing yourselves to be taken up by his movement of love,

and this is done through yeses of abandonment, without seeking on your own the desire to be in this presence.

God is the Power : what he expects of you is your yes because all that is yours belongs to him.

Abandon yourselves, give him his due : your life.

Your life is his, he is the Life.

My gentle loves, through the power of The Love, receive graces for a life of love, of abandonment.

I gave through my son, tonight, graces and through my son, receive graces.


Father Lemire : Through the Holy Spirit in particular who is the spirit of abandonment to the Will of the Father and to the yes to the word of Christ, I ask this adorable Trinity

to transform each of our hearts,

to give us loving hearts, hearts of abandonment, converted hearts for the coming of Christ in glory.

I speak according to my conscience, Christ shall return soon. Very shortly, we shall see incredible signs of Christís coming. If our hearts are pure, if our hearts are in love with the Lord, we will be at peace. If evil is preying on our minds, this will be terrible to endure : I speak according to my conscience.

This is why tonight, in conclusion, I ask the Lord, on behalf of each one of us, for a profound conversion so that we may accomplish the Lordís Will, whatever may happen in our lives. May the most holy Virgin Mary, our Mother, more so our Mother than our natural mother, cover  us with her mantle, and may she keep us in her tenderness, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


All : Amen!