Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Pont-Rouge (Quebec)

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




God the Father : My children of love, I am in the presence of an instrument of love, the one of my choosing, of your God’s, my children. I am the Eternal One. This world, my children : this skeptical world lives only of what it can see; it no longer has faith in its God.

I am The Love, I am the One who gave you his Life.

I am the love of your being, I am God of love.

I am living within you, my children;

I make use of children who give themselves, who have kept hope alive within themselves, who want to live in love.

This child cried out to me.

She begged me to come dwell in hearts in order to bring you a world of love, a world of joy : she always hoped in her God.

She could not have known that I was present in her voice;

I am the one who chose her, she is but a simple instrument.

I make myself heard for each one of you, for you, my children.

 You, my beloved chosen, you have lost the love : the love inside you;

you live in a world in which God’s presence does not exist in your lives : you live for yourselves.

I am The Love inside you : I am living, I am active,

and you, my children, you lose yourselves in the external world!

You are unhappy : you seek love while love lives inside you.

My children, I appeal to you all to recognize yourselves as you truly are : children of God.

At this moment, my children, I am bringing about signs that reveal my Presence to you.


I send messengers among you who remind you of my teachings : the ones you want to ignore.

You knew, my children, my laws of love and you have rejected these laws in the name of your freedom.

You want to live your lives, you want to savour your lives without me : whereas the Life is inside you.

The Life, my children, it is I, your God, it is I, your Creator. Even though you may search externally, among other children who believe themselves masters of their own lives :

    they calculate their time,

    they make it known to others that they live in the present,

    while they do not even know that the Life is inside them,

    they want to prove to you that they are right to distance themselves from those laws that were shown to them :

    those children are in a world where there is nothing but coldness, where love no longer exists.

    You live for yourselves :

    you say you practice charity, my children,

    but to practice charity :

    is to know about love,

    it is to want to give what one has,

    it is to share what one has,

    it is to want to make others happy,

    it is to want to give everything of oneself.

How, my children, can one speak about charity when the person is not love on the inside?

He can only give from the outside.

Material things, my children, are only beneficial for a time.

When you give someone your extra change, the one who receives has only received something that is cold, that can provide a meal, or that can provide warmth for a short time : the time for an article of clothing to wear out, my children!

My children of love, when we allow God’s love to develop inside us :

love turns you into children who give themselves.

How many of you, my children, give of their time with love, inner love, the love that wants that child to be happy so that he might be fulfilled, so that he need not beg?

To develop, my children, one’s inner love is to be a gift of what one is inside.

That love, my children, develops : it sees with God’s eyes, it gives with God’s hands, it speaks with God’s words,

and the child who receives : receives love, he learns that he as well is fulfilled by God, he learns that he is a chosen being of God, that he himself is also filled with God

My children of love, you are that child who begs.

You seek love, you go towards other children to ask them for what you are lacking inside.

And if, my children, the other is not love, he can give you nothing :

        and so, you are not fulfilled,

        you are empty inside, you are cold,

        you have a thirst to be loved;

        you are in so much pain, my children, inside, that in order to not go on in this painful state,

        you shut down and go towards useless things.

My children of love, your life was not created for those things!

Your life cannot be content with material things, with trivialities, because, my children, by satisfying yourselves with trifles :

you become insignificant.

You are in search of what you are and, because you are not fulfilled, you cannot give;

and so you demand from others,

you are unhappy,

you become domineering;

you want to control in order to avoid finding yourselves in an inner void.

I, your Father, I watch you;

I see, my children, that pain inside you, I want to fulfill you.

I gave you my only Child so that you might learn to love yourselves.

The one who learns to love himself can love others, he can give, he can offer.

My Son of love came to bring you love : my love.

When he came on earth, through my daughter Mary’s yes, he came to show you how to love,

how to open up your interior because I, your Father, I am The Love, The Love who is inside you.

It is I, my children, who gave my breath of life : my breath of love so that you might all be alive.

Not one of you, my children, would be alive without me, your Father.

I remind you of the Word of my Son, who came to nourish you, who came to give you to drink, who came to clothe you, who came to bring you to a warm place.

Only The Love can fulfill you : I am speaking, my children, of your interior.

I am, I, The Love, I am your all.

Without me, my children, you are lost : you would have nothing.

I have given you everything.

Look at what you have around you, everything comes from me, everything originates from me.

I created everything on earth.

Oh! my children of love, do not believe that the people of this world exist because of an atom from earth.

The earth had to exist, my children : I am the Creator of the earth.

Do not believe, my children, that you descend from the animals : I am, I, the Supreme One, you are made in my image.

I am the Creator of all animal species, and I, my children, I am God, and I do not come from a species.

I made you with my breath.

You are children of The Love, of my love.

My children, this world has forgotten : wants to ignore, wants to deny who it is, from where it comes and why it is here.

My children of love, you are from me : you were chosen by me.

You are in this world, my children, to journey towards everlasting life : towards me, the Eternal One.

I love you, my children of love.

Life, it is something that moves, something that is true, something that shines : I am the Life.

When, my children, you work, it is I, through my strength, through my power, who provide you with that need : life to fill your day.

My children of love, I have given you life and, you, you waste it.

You do not come to the very Source that nourishes your life.

Do you believe, my children, that you are beings who are made to live as useless children, as children who do not know why they are here?

Your life, my children, must be filled with hope, filled with joy, with love,

with faith : in divine life.

My children, you come from God, you come from a Being who is superior to everything you know, and you become attached to trifles.

You do not even take the time to consider the very source of the life that is inside you.

Life, my children, is on the inside, it is not on the outside : life comes from the inside.

Who can nourish this life? Who gave you this life? This life, my children, is.

It is living, it is I, your God.

If you live in this world, my children, and you believe that it is for material goods : your life is nothing, your life has no purpose, has no hope.

So, tell me, what happiness can you find living in a world in which everything is for nothing?

I am in love with you, my children, I am making an appeal for your lives.

I am asking you, my children, to love yourselves, to come and draw this knowledge from within yourselves.

I have given you my teachings of love; my holy apostles gave you these teachings through me.

Through my voice, which was within them, they allowed themselves to be permeated by The Love, out of love for you.

They accepted, my children, to give you a part of themselves, out of love for their neighbour,

because they had discovered life, they were part of that life;

they had hope in life, and they obtained life.

And you, my children of love, you who live in a world in which your technology, which emerged from me, teaches you to ignore yourselves, you remove all hope for happiness from yourselves.

My children of love, give yourselves love : come to me.

I am present, I am living, I give myself to you, my children.

My holy priests offer themselves to God, they give themselves to God without holding back in order to bring down the Holy Spirit upon themselves.

I, I am living within them : they have faith in my presence.

They perform an act of love on your behalf.

They want, my children, for you to discover that you are in God’s presence during the holy Communion.

When the priest, through his consecrated hands, presented to God the Father, the Son, who came to you :

it is I, Jesus of love, my children, who give myself to you;

it is I who nourish your life,

it is I who ensure that your life is a life of love.

My children of love, I am living, I am not only a Host which was blessed : it the the Life, it is my Presence.

When I offer myself to you, my children, it is I who take you, it is I who make you enter the Life : your being, my children, is in me;

I cover you with my love;

I transform you, my children, into children of love so that you, you might love yourselves, so that you might discover that you are children of God : my Father’s chosen children.

I am Jesus of love, I gave myself for you.

My Father is within me, the Holy Spirit is within me, I am within them.

It is we, my children, who nourish you with our love.

Oh! doubting children, what have you done? Where are you?

I am searching for you, my children, I am within you and you are unaware that you, you are not present with The Love.

If you continue like this, my children, by not taking care of the life within you, you will become so weak that when I will present myself to you, you will not have the strength to answer your God’s call!

You will no longer have love inside you : love will have completely disappeared from within you.

Do not allow yourselves to die :

God loves you,

God wants to have you for himself, my children,

God is present.

I, I am The Love. I love you.

Take the trouble, my children, to go within, to realize that you are alive.

Come and nourish yourselves through the hands of those who have given themselves out of love.

My children of love, find again the path that leads you to happiness.

The Love wants you for himself. He loves you!

I am not only a God one reads about in the Sacred Scriptures, I am not only a God of the past :

I am living.

I make use of instruments of love, of children who give themselves, who abandon themselves in order to leave all the room to God, for the sake of love;

these children give themselves because they know that God is within them and they want you to be in love.

I love you, my children of love.

Realize, my children, that God is present, active.

I acted on your behalf to prove to each of you that you are alive, that I am the Life within you.

How good it will be, my children, to have you all in me along with your yes : your yes to The Love!

Do not, my children, deny yourselves love.

Learn to love yourselves, learn to give yourselves happiness.

There is no greater happiness than to give oneself love.

To give oneself love, my children, is to also be able to make others happy.

I am in your presence, my children.

I love you. Love the One who has spoken to you : me, your God.


The Trinity :


I am the Father in the Son, in the Holy Spirit.

I am and will be, for all eternity, your Father, your brother, The Love, me, the Holy Spirit.

And it is for you, my children, that we speak because we love you,

because we want you with us for eternity,

in an endless happiness, where all will be nothing but love for you.

Amen, my children.