Gathering of Love With God's Action in Prévost, Quebec,

Through his Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-04-28 – Part 1

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord envelops us in his love; the Lord, he's always there to take care of each one of us.

If at times we have the impression of being neglected, this is because inside us there's something that is rising to the surface: we remember, our flesh remembers; it remembers having been neglected and this is what creates a movement within us: this movement interrupts what God is expecting of us.

God wants us to be little children completely abandoned to his Will: he wants to fulfill us; he's the one who wants to take care of us, he's the one who makes sure that we feel good; but us, because of our emotions, everything re-emerges and rises up: all these emotions that we’ve accepted, or all these emotions that are lodged in the flesh, a wounded flesh.

The Lord often speaks about wounded flesh; this is because he's speaking about immortality, he's speaking about a flesh that will no longer be subjected to sin.

Sin, if it has entered our life, that’s because we said yes, we said yes to temptations; all temptations lead us to evil.

God doesn’t tempt, God is too loving; he places lights within us so we can walk along his path of life, a path of life made of love, a path of life made of light, of justice.

God does not lead his children into temptation, there's only Satan who places temptations before us, and those temptations have been there since Satan went to tempt Eve; at that moment, Eve was agreeing to fall into temptation.

And yet, God had warned his children that if they were to turn to the knowledge of good and evil, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, a great hardship would befall them.

God is the Truth, God is the Justice, and so, this great hardship entered life; it entered Eve, but when Eve consented, she turned towards life: Adam was life because he had received life.

He had received the breath of God: the first man had received the breath of God, the first man was enveloped in that love, and through that love, through the Will of God, Eve issued forth.

Satan went to tempt Eve first. Why did Satan tempt Eve when he should have gone to Adam, the first man? He went to the one who emerged from life because Eve had a weakness; not that she was weak due to her creation, but she was a child who wanted to please, she wanted to know; everything that existed around Eve was a source of fascination to her: everything brought her joy.

And so, when Satan approached Eve, she was very drawn to this little being: a little being that presented himself as something gentle, something true, something pleasant, something that would bring her something; and so, Eve let herself go in this and the more she let herself go in what she was feeling, the more Satan drew close to Eve.

So he was approaching something that was open to him; he allowed evil to enter – not within Eve but within a place that was hers – into a place that provided a means to gain access, to gain access to the one who had been created by God, and Eve allowed herself to be influenced through that place.

She had not disobeyed in that moment, but she entered a place, a place that was meant to bring her joy, a place that seemed seductive, a place that revealed to her something that she enjoyed feeling.

Satan, once again, allowed hypocrisy to enter this place; he allowed something that was ‘manipulative’ to enter this place.

Satan was once an angel, an angel worthy of admiration because the other angels looked upon this angel that God had created; Satan had received from God all he was due; as he was an angel above many angels, he was due to receive from God what the other angels were meant to receive.

Observe when we draw close to a light: that light draws us, that light reveals a brilliance to us and when we draw close to that light, we feel a sort of warmth, we like that warmth; this warmth doesn’t harm us, it’s comfortable; if we draw even closer to this warmth, well then, this warmth reveals a certain power to us, and then, we know instinctively that we must be careful of things that are very hot.

Satan was an angel of light, a celestial angel; this wasn’t his name at that time, he wasn’t called Lucifer; Satan was a spirit, a spirit created by God and this spirit was beauty, this spirit was knowledge, this spirit was splendour because all this spirit received, he received it from God because he was before God's light, before God's beauty, and beauty and God's light shone upon this spirit.

He admired what he saw for what he saw was God, and he allowed God's beauty to permeate him, and the other angels also felt the effects of what he was receiving, the other angels, who were before God's beauty, they as well were receiving from God.

Those who were very close to Lucibel were part of this radiance; it increased the joy of being in God's very presence; all this, they were living it, they were spirits: spirits of light, spirits of beauty, spirits of knowledge; they owed everything to God.

And so, when Satan refused to adore the Son of God, he became darkness, he became the opposite of what he was; however, he had the ability to attract since he had possessed this before, an ability to draw other angels of light to him in order to impart to them the joy of being before God: he had this ability now but to the opposite effect.

And so, you see, when Satan went towards her, he possessed this charm, he possessed this power but it was to serve the darkness; but Eve, she didn’t see this because she wasn’t able to see; she didn’t possess knowledge, she didn’t possess the knowledge of evil, she didn’t possess the knowledge of darkness, she didn’t know what it meant to be wary for she was a child of the Divine Will, she wasn’t living in her human will.

As she didn’t live in her human will, she wasn’t aware of Satan’s traps: she let herself go in all this.

When she went to see Adam, he had received life from God, breath from God, strength from God: he was the first man; Adam had received intelligence, Adam had received beauty, Adam had received from God all he needed to love God beyond what he knew.

Because Adam and Eve hadn't yet achieved the fullness of what they were meant to be: then Adam and Eve had to undergo a test; they therefore had to go through what the angels had gone through: they had to adore God, obey God, they had to be what God expected them to be in all things: children obedient to God, wanting only God.

But when Eve approached the first one to be created, he didn’t perceive obedience because obedience was no longer within Eve: she had become a child of what she was not meant to know, and this, this movement, Adam wasn’t familiar with it.

And so, in what was before his eyes, the thing he was looking for was God's beauty, because she as well reflected God's beauty, she reflected God's creation, but wasn’t God's creation in Adam? It was meant to be reflected in Adam, just like the angels who followed Satan, and it was meant to be part of the reflection of God's beauty.

When Satan took part in this movement of disobedience, those spirits didn’t perceive God's beauty and they allowed themselves to be dazzled by pride; this is what they did.

Then, Eve, when she drew close to Adam, he looked at Eve and what he noticed was something that was full of pride, something that she wanted to know: she wanted to know what God knew, not to displease God but for the sake of knowledge; this was therefore pride.

And so, Adam, he also let himself be captivated by what shone forth from Eve: pride; and thus, there was temptation; he too fell into temptation, and then he faltered; he faltered in his role as a child, in his role in creation, in his beauty, in his state of wholeness; he was meant to be whole but he was not so.

All this to tell us that what we, we are that reflection; we’re like a reflection of what we shouldn’t be: knowledge full of pride, words that reflect this pride, movements that reflect pride.

What we must be are humble children, but in order to be humble children, it has to come from inside, for what we are externally seems to reflect pride, which can be very deceiving to our brothers and our sisters who approach us.

If on the inside we aren’t humble beings, we won’t be able to see humility within them; and so, externally, we’ll be in conflict with what we’re seeing: our reflection, which allows pride to be revealed, approaching another whose reflection reveals pride all around him.

And so, pride that meets pride: wounds; pride that meets pride: rejects; pride that meets pride: doesn’t want sharing, doesn’t want abandonment, it wants to discuss: “show me that your knowledge is equal to my knowledge, show me your words if they are in relation to my own words, show me that your actions are worthy of my making an effort on your behalf.”

This is what we do, and all this is because of our human will.

Jesus talks to us a lot about human will. Why? Because we have to learn to give it up.

We don’t give up something that’s good for us, we give up something that isn’t good for us; so, this is why God talks to us through the Spirit of God so that we can understand what Eve accepted, understand what Adam accepted.

When Adam and Eve entered into their human will, the Divine Will left them.

Everything that was part of God's beauty, everything that was part of God's knowledge, everything that was the summit for the children of God, departed from Adam and Eve: the Divine Will; the Divine Will: movement of love, eternal movement, movement that was meant to teach us to love one another unconditionally, movement that enabled us to see our brothers and our sisters as they were: children of God.

We would have looked at life as eternal; eternity has no beginning and has no end, and so, we would have recognized ourselves as an eternal movement of God for us; not that we are eternal by nature, but because we are God's creation.

God created human beings; through this movement, we entered into eternity: this is what we would have lived.

Nothing would have been unknown to us, absolutely nothing, whether it was in the past, in the present or in the future; everything would have been knowledge to us.

We, who are in 2007 after the birth of Jesus, our Saviour, our Redeemer, all would have been knowledge to us.

How can we understand this? It’s by accepting it, it’s by living within ourselves this knowledge that we’re acquiring, and all is done through the power of God.

If God wants us to learn that inside us, we’re called to live as children who know the past, the present and the future, it’s because he's preparing us for this.

When we shall be children of the Divine Will in an immortal flesh on earth, all shall be known to us, absolutely all.

Since Adam and Eve were supposed to know everything, they were called upon to be perfect, but they had to undergo that test: “Show me, my children, that you want my love, show me that you want to know what I want to show you through my Will and not through your will, but through my Will.”

And this is what God wants us to live.

We’re all called upon to live what Adam and Eve were before the sin.

We’re not beings of flesh in a physical body, we’re beings of flesh in a spiritual life; spiritual life is invisible, it comes from God: it is power, it is true, it enables us to go forward in eternity.

This is in us, inside us, but all this is within us in an impure flesh, in a wounded flesh, a flesh that allowed itself to be caught by Satan’s temptations, and Satan’s temptations are all around us.

There are so many temptations because this came through Satan, this came through the angels that followed Satan, and all those who followed Satan were spirits, perfect spirits, spirits of light created by God in order to adore him; consequently, those spirits had such great power that it was converted into evil, and those evil spirits are on earth.

They’re on earth at this very moment; in the very beginning, they were thrown into hell; they were thrown into a place that Satan made his own, a place of suffering, a place where all is nothing but hatred; the hatred Satan feels is his nourishment, he lives on hatred.

God is The Love, God is the Essence of love, and so, Satan is the essence of evil, the essence of hatred, and all those who are around him are part of this movement: hatred, destruction, temptation, wanting to entice God's children with the aim of destroying them so they come to know eternal death.

At one point in time, a movement took place; at one point in time, there was darkness; the darkness came and covered the earth.

They turned this earth into an earth of suffering, an earth where all should have been nothing but beauty, an earth that was meant to belong to God's children, an earth that was meant to be a place of love, but not for them, those beings of darkness.

The period of time during which they covered the earth was a time of suffering, of suffering for God's children, for in that moment, when humans came to know disobedience, suffering gained entrance; it entered Adam and Eve, and this became widespread; it spread over all children who were destined to come from those two beings of suffering.

There came a time when darkness hovered over everything; there came a time when within this darkness lived spirits, spirits who looked at what they had become, and they pondered; they thought about all they had left behind: a great sorrow permeated them, and this sorrow became a movement of darkness for them.

And God watched these spirits that floated over the waters, and God said, “You will come to know a time during which you will have to be present, present on this earth, because that moment when you looked back, when you came to know suffering because of all you left behind, is causing you to experience this movement: movement in which you will hover over the waters, movement in which you will come to know what I want to give to my children: those creatures who are inferior to you.

You will experience a movement such as the one you have known; you shall witness the actions of those who will have left that place of delights in order to live in a land where there will be nothing but suffering.

Hovering spirits, take up your positions for such is the Will of the Supreme.”

These spirits lived on earth: spirits of evil, spirits of temptation, spirits who had their eyes turned towards Heaven, towards the Divinity.

God knew and God accepted that these spirits tempt humans for these spirits intermingled with those who came from Adam and Eve: the descendants of Adam and Eve were in their presence.

These spirits approached humans, these spirits became acquainted with humans, and those spirits who were around them had power, the power of temptation filled with malice.

Humans were meant to be in God's Spirit, humans were meant to be obedient to God, for they had good within them through human will.

All that came to them was supposed to be good, all that was meant to emerge from them was supposed to be good, but these spirits of darkness were in their presence; these spirits of darkness spoke with them and they, the children of God, became aware of their conversations, they became aware that they were in the wrong, they became aware that they weren’t children like them, they became aware that they were disobedient to God, for God was God and God was all: they were supposed to love only God, they were supposed to be only for God.

All knowledge was supposed to come from God, for God was nourishing them, God was showing them, God was guiding them, God was bringing them what was necessary to live in a land of suffering.

God showed them what was good for them and they were living in this, and when these spirits drew close to them and these spirits spoke of temptations, they allowed themselves to be caught in their traps.

They were living with their choices; to them, everything was something that was new to them; it was up to them to say no, it was up to them to cast this far from themselves and to turn to God, for they knew good and evil, they had their human will but they weren’t listening.

And these demons were part of their lives as something real, as something bringing them knowledge; they (the demons) showed them what divinity was, a divinity composed of matter, a divinity composed of power, a divinity composed of knowledge which brought them what they wanted to learn.

They were part of a movement of seduction and they felt this, for God was placing his love within them so they could turn to others: towards those who knew God, who loved God, who wanted only God.

God was so loving! God was so good! Those beings were never able to understand that God was requesting obedience.


Jesus: You see, little children of love, within you is your human will, within you there is good and evil, the knowledge of what you must learn for the sake of goodness, but you also have knowledge that teaches you to do evil, to remain in evil: all this because of your human will.

Today, we reject evil spirits, today, we reject demons: we do not want to believe that man and woman allowed themselves to be seduced by demons; we do not want to stop ourselves, for those who stop are obliged to analyze good and evil.

Today, we go forward in a world in which all is nothing but pleasure, in which all is nothing but knowledge, and this leads them towards materialism, towards sexuality, a sexuality that makes them like animals.

Today, this world has a spirit and it is not the spirit of God; it is a spirit of evil that comes from those demons who have Satan as their master.

God is giving you this teaching, my children, so that you may understand what is coming, so that you may see God's Will as a movement of love, a movement that is preparing you to live through tribulations.

I am not speaking to you to frighten you, my children; I am speaking to you to help you understand that you are living in a world that has Satan as its master.

Yes, you are living in Satan's world, you are not living in God's world, for God's world is nothing but love, God's world is nothing but gentleness, sharing, kindness, where money has no place.

God is not rejecting your needs, for those needs, my children, I made you aware of them.

In the very beginning, I showed men and women how to live on earth, how to share, how to live on earth as good beings, as beings who must share.

The spirit of this world is not like this; the spirit of this world is nothing but pride, lasciviousness, fanaticism; it believes so firmly that it is right that it is ready to destroy those who do not think like the children of this world: the spirit of this world is perverse.

I am warning you, my children, to not open your heart to this world; I am warning you, my children, to be attentive to your spiritual life, to your life of love: you have a life of love within you, you have a life within you composed of kindness, humility.

Do not reject what is within you; love the being of love that you are, keep within yourselves that precious blessing that you are: you are children of God, you are creatures of God.

Do you believe that you are different from Adam and Eve? Do you believe that you are different from those who followed God blindly? Do you believe that you are different from Noah? Do you believe that you are different from Moses? Do you believe that you are different from the prophets, the apostles? You are children of God just as they were children of God.

Within you, you received all that Adam and Eve received; I want to enable this precious blessing to emerge from you, I want to enable to emerge from you everything you are meant to know, I want to turn you into children of the Divine Will, perfect in all things, and God is master of all things.

God has flavour, God is odour, God is movement, God is the emotion of all that is happiness, God is knowledge.

All you see around you on this earth has been tarnished due to the sin of disobedience, but beneath this tarnished movement is God's creation, God's beauty.

All knowledge is for you, I am showing you slowly what you must know; I want to place within you, my children, movements of love, movements that will show you that you feel good inside yourselves, in your refuge: a refuge of love, a refuge of knowledge, of light.

Yes, light is within you, warmth is within you and all around this warmth are God's movements, which are ready to let themselves be heard within you, ready to let themselves be seen within you; let this movement do its work; it is not for you, with your slight knowledge, to understand God's plans for you, this is for God.

What you are living, my children, many would have liked to live this movement: movement of the Divine Will.

You are love, my children, and God is preparing movements for you that you cannot even imagine.

I love you, my children.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What God is in the process of doing for us, he wants to do so for all children of the world; what we’re in the process of understanding is what our place among them is.

Earth was created for God's children, not for spirits of evil, not for those who frolicked with them; they gave birth to beings of darkness, they gave birth to beings who were not meant to be on earth.

God knows his elect, God knows his chosen ones; their name is in the Book of Life, not one is missing; but none of the names of those who came from those vile beings is inscribed in the Book of Life for they are not life, they do not carry the Life within themselves.

This is what leads us to understand that when the Great Purification will be over, we will recognize each other and we’ll know: we’ll know that those who aren’t with us don’t carry a yes within themselves.

They have never carried a yes within themselves, they have never had the Spirit of God within them, they weren’t able to understand what we, we know since they aren’t from God; they are spirits that come from spirits of evil; they possess a flesh and this flesh, they stole it, they used trickery .

How can we understand this? We have just discovered that some beings are not who they appear to be: children of God.

Let’s leave that up to God and keep our peace; if we’re learning this today, it’s because God knows we’re ready to hear this, God knows we’re ready to accept that we’re on earth with spirits that are spirits of evil.

This is why there are children who do evil; we call them children, outwardly, these children who court us, who are with us; they don’t even know it but what they know is what’s inside them: a need, a need to know evil, a need to live in hatred, a need for idolatry, a need to seduce, a need to control, a need to dominate human beings.

The child of God doesn’t have this need, these needs within him; he's humble, he's gentle; on the inside, he wants to conquer the world, not to gain power but for the sake of love; he wants to live on love, he wants to live in a world of love.

Everything is for God, all knowledge must be solely for God.

Let’s leave to God what is God's, let’s cast aside what isn’t necessary to us: God is love and God does great things for us.

He leads us to understand that we’re going to live movements; they will be composed of knowledge and that knowledge will come to us, either through matter or through flesh, flesh that may not necessarily be a flesh of love; what we will know, God is preparing it for us; we need not be afraid.

Let’s keep our peace and the more we keep our peace, the more we will understand; it won’t be complicated because God isn’t complicated, God is simple; and so, it’s with simplicity that he instructs us.

Look at what we are: for the most part, here, we’re pretty ordinary people and yet, he uses us, he uses us to speak to the children of God about our brothers, our sisters: we’re instruments of love.

What we have just heard was inside us, inside us! How come we carry this? If the Spirit of God enables us to understand that we had these words inside us, that we had these movements inside us, it’s because God slowly reveals to us what we are: children of the Divine Will.

We are children of the Divine Will, we carry these words within us and yet, these words are not in the present, they come from the past: since Adam and Eve, and after Adam and Eve, a little while after Adam and Eve; and this, this is in us; that’s because we’re children of the Divine Will, we carry that movement.

Before becoming children in our human will, we were children of the Divine Will and through Jesus, we carry these movements within us.

Jesus is the one who is the Movement, who is the Divine Will, and as we are children of God the Father through Jesus, we carry the Divine Will within us.

We said yes to Jesus, he didn’t force us to say yes, he didn’t violate our interior to create movement within us and to talk to us about the Divine Will through force – we agreed to be here; every one of us knew that we were going to hear what God wanted us to hear, and we accepted this.

And so, we became a movement to our brothers and our sisters of the entire world, a movement in the past and that made itself present before us, and we were able to hear.

Today, we’re no longer shocked by this; if someone had talked to us about this – I speak for myself and I think I speak for you as well – if someone has talked to us about this in the 90’s, we wouldn’t have been able to; we would have refused this, refused to listen to a person who allows words to emerge from her that come directly from the Divine Will.

Earlier, we heard the Divine Will; the Divine Will spoke and it made itself heard within each one of us; if this has become possible for us, that’s because we have, through God's Will, agreed to be instruments of God.

We’re all like this on earth when we call ourselves children of God: we’re all instruments; we’ll be instruments for those yet to come; those yet to come are those who will be born, tomorrow, after tomorrow, and after that, and after that, because what we have just received in this moment, they’ll receive it when they are born: instruments of love for those yet to come.

We must also be instruments of love for those who are leaving.

We’ll talk more about this after a short break. Thank you.