Gathering of Love with God's Action in Prévost, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-04-28 – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When the Spirit of God wants to gather his children together, he always sees to it that the need to hear, to abandon oneself, the need to be tiny little children, is in their hearts.

We have received much knowledge in our life; to us, this knowledge, the things we learned have been movements of love, just as they have been movements of suffering: suffering doesn’t come from God, but rather from our choices.

If today we suffer, this is because inside us we have made choices before temptation.

We aren’t necessarily the ones who brought suffering into our life, but all those who existed since Adam and Eve all the way to us, contributed to suffering.

Many say: Why do we have cancer, why are there so many illnesses, why is there so much suffering in the world, why doesn’t God do something? But God doesn’t stop repeating that suffering is the consequence of our choices in the face of sin, and this isn’t necessarily because of us.

Everything that is part of our life must be love, and so, everything that wasn’t love has brought us suffering, and we were made aware of this suffering by the Tempter who caused us to fall into sin; this is why today we know so much suffering.

God could, in his almightiness, remove all illness from us; this is true – in a single instant, he could forbid those who carry a no within themselves to affect us: he could do it, he has this power.

You see, there’s the power of love, there’s the power over others – all this can become power over others; and God doesn’t have this volition to make people suffer; he doesn’t want to make us suffer, he leaves us our freedom: we’re the ones who have this free will.

You will say: “Yes, but we want this free will without suffering, we want our child to be healed as he has cancer, we want our mom to be healed as she is living her last moments, we want our children to be love, that they no longer use words filled with violence, we want our children to stop watching television, which gives them nightmares at night;” we want to control: we want.

Isn't this a form of control? We want to control suffering.

We have to live it, we have to live the consequences of our own choices, but with graces, with God's graces, with God's strength, in abandonment, covered by Mary’s mantle, for Mary is the humble Mary.

So, we must be humble children; the humbler we are, the littler we are – abandoned – the more suffering will no longer affect us: we will be freed from those nightmares.

Inside us, we have so many fears: we’re afraid to learn that our children have cancer, we’re afraid to learn that our children are in the New Age movement, we’re afraid to learn that we’re with children who frequent drug addicts.

We’re always afraid of something: this is because we lack abandonment, we lack faith.

Yes, all this is around us; can we do something about it? Yes, pray, surrender this to God.

God listens to our prayers, God sees how obedient we are before his Will, but when we ask for healing and after a little while, we notice that the person still has cancer, then there's a doubt inside us – oh, and a little frustration! Well, do you think that God didn’t know about this?

God has seen this before you, God knew that we were going to judge his Will.

And don’t say, “Well, yes, he knows this because we faltered!” No, even before we were born into this world, God knew this; even before we were born into this world, God knew all of us; he knew of the request we would make regarding our child who has cancer, he was aware of it; he knew about the emotions we were going to experience through that request; he knew what we were going to accept or not accept.

God knows all this, he's God, he's the Alpha and the Omega, he's Eternity, nothing is hidden from him: he knows all this.

You will also say, “Well, why make requests if he knows everything? Why make an effort, why ask?” Because God put movements of love inside us, God put inside us requests on behalf of others, for ourselves and for others; and so, if this is inside us, we have to let it emerge from us.

Remember, in the very beginning, he said that: he gave man and woman, who were going to be on earth, the knowledge to be able to turn to the land and cultivate it, to be able to build homes, to be able to use objects, to be able to be part of movements that would bring them good on earth.

For all this, God gave them the knowledge; God, he was showing them everything, nothing came from them; do you think that Adam and Eve, who were leaving the Garden of Eden, arrived in an arid land?

Did they know how to cultivate the land? Did they know how to obtain seeds for sowing? They didn’t know this, everything came from God.

And so, God also took care to place within us, we who are here in this year, in this time, requests, loving requests: “Heal my child as he has cancer, heal my mother as she has just had a heart attack, heal my brother as he's an alcoholic, heal my sister as she left her husband;” but God puts these requests inside us and he nourishes them, he watches over us so that we can always, always be part of this movement of love.

And so, we have to do what we have to do; yes, we have to make requests, yes, we have to help our brothers and our sisters, but by always going through God; God, he will see to it that all is accomplished.

God is love, he gives us graces so that we can make loving requests; he doesn’t give us graces so that we can use our human will; human will cannot help the people of this world, human will won’t give the power of love to the leaders of this world: not the human will, only God.

Through our interior, God will give graces of love; through our interior, God will give graces of abandonment; through our interior, God will give graces of sharing; through our interior, God will give graces of faith; through our interior, God will give graces that will enable us to see his Will and to accept it: his Will through our interior, not externally; try as we might to make requests, to petition, this will only be our human will.

God is The Love.

And so, the Lord, he's saying, “Let me tell them a story.”


Jesus: “One day, three little boys left with their backpacks; they travelled along the road and the first one stopped; he says, “I'm going to set up my home here.” The two others look at him and say to him, “Your home? We don’t see anything.”

And so, he says, “Oh, I have everything I need.” “Oh, really?” Then, he put his backpack on the ground and opened it; inside his backpack they could see that there were tools, they could see that he had a diagram, they could see that he had a light.

So, he took the light: it was shining, it was very tiny, it was sparkling, it shone on its own; he took it in his hands, the light rose towards the sky, it spun around and entered into him in a single instant: his entire being shone with this light.

He came forward and the two others watched him, and in no time at all, he took his diagram, he explained to them what was on this diagram; try as they might to listen, they couldn’t understand; try as they might to follow him, everything seemed complicated to them; and yet, he looked at his diagram and everything was so simple; and then, he began.

The others, curious, didn’t want to leave; they asked themselves, “Oh! We will see what he is going to do with his diagram.”

Then, he took some tools, he turned over some earth with his tools, and from that earth he extracted, he extracted something very solid; he took this solid thing, he planted it in the middle of where he stood for he had drawn a circle; and that thing grew, grew, grew, grew so high that it reached the height of a three-story building.

So, the others, completely stunned, were petrified by all they had just seen; and he continued, he looked at his diagram and then, he went on; he turned over the earth where the circle was; he, with his finger, made the earth move, and from the moving earth began to emerge, to emerge rays and within these rays, there was metal, and from this metal emerged a force, and everything merged together from the bottom to the top of the third floor, and then, because of the weight, everything fell on the summit; everything was now in place and he went on looking at his diagram.

Everything seemed to be so easy to him; all was done through the Will of God for he was the light of God; he didn’t ask himself any questions, he did what he had to do, he had faith in what he was, for what he was on the inside would take shape the moment he carried out his movements; it was as if the earth were linked to him; the earth was obedient to him and it was not he who was obedient to the earth; it was the earth who obeyed him.

Everything was so harmonious! There was love for he loved what he was doing and he gave thanks to God; he did not try to find out what he had to do afterwards, and after that, and after that; he fulfilled himself in the present for when the movement was over, it was at that moment that he would look at his diagram; all was being built and they were witnesses to this movement of love.

So, they looked at each other and said, “Oh! Do you think there's something in our backpacks?” The two shrugged their shoulders and went on, leaving their friend behind all happy to be building his home.

And so, they walked, they walked, they walked.

When night came, the second one says, “I'm stopping here;” the other one looks at him and says, “But why? There's nothing here!” “Oh! I feel so tired, I want to rest.” “How can you rest here,” he says, “since there's nothing around?” Then, this one says, “I will make do with my backpack.”

He placed his backpack on the ground and opened it, and then, he saw the little light: the little light rose up, rose up and in one movement, entered into him.

When he felt the light within himself, everything became peaceful to him, everything became love to him to such an extent that he sat down, there on the ground, and he rested; and, at that moment, the ground became soft, the ground became warm, the ground became like a movement that was covering him.

He had faith in the light, he didn’t ask himself if it was going to rain or be cold; he was living the present, he was there, full of faith in that light.

And so, the other one left. “Oh! I'm leaving, I'm going to go further;” so, he walked, he walked, he walked, he walked.

When night came, he looked at his backpack, he did not know what to do: “It’s so dark, what do I do, where do I go, am I supposed to have faith in this backpack? And yet, it’s here with me; why am I carrying it around with me, why don’t I leave it here?” No, he held on to that backpack because all he had left of his life was that backpack.

He knew that he and his two friends had travelled far from a place where all was wonderful, in order to enter a desert; he went on, and on, and everything was new to him. “What is this life? Where am I going? Why do I have to stop here? Because I sense that I can't go on any longer, everything is dark and this frightens me.”

So, he sat on the ground close to his backpack; something was telling him, “Open that backpack,” but he waited, he waited, and he waited. “Why would I open this backpack?” And once again, he heard, “Open that backpack,” he waited some more, he was resisting this, he resisted.

Softly, very softly, the voice says to him, “Open that backpack, it’s there for you.” So, he opened the backpack and then that light, oh, that light, it flew high in the sky, very high in the sky, so high in the sky but he could still see it through that darkness and it remained there; he looked at it and when he said “yes”, it entered him, the light entered him and he felt it; he felt love, he felt power, he felt that he was loved: God loved him; it was the Spirit of God.

He understood, he understood that he was from God and that all those minutes, those minutes, those minutes gone by, gone by, were his life; this had led him to a darkness so thick that he had been unable to understand God's love for him, the love God has for his child.

Now he understood, he understood that God had always been with him and that he had prepared him to receive the light, to live in the light.

All was love to him; he accepted, he accepted that God be everything in his life, that God was within him every minute of his life, that God knew every minute of the lives of his two companions, and that they had lived in what they were, and the moment the light entered them, it was because God had willed it; for now, he had heard the voice, he had understood that the voice inside him was God's presence; in this way, his two companions had also heard that voice inside them.”

This is how these three children were: three children had lived their lives on earth; the three children had carried out their movements, which were movements that had led them to where they were meant to be.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every person has his place in God's time; every one of us, we have a backpack; every one of us has filled it with what God gave us: we have this backpack, it’s made of the yes, the yes to God, it’s made of knowledge that comes from God, it’s made of God's love.

Well! This backpack is inside us, it’s in our life; we can't separate ourselves from this backpack, it’s our life that we’re carrying around; no matter where we go in the world, we carry our life and our life is filled with God's graces.

Do you believe that we could carry with us the things that have made us suffer as if they were important? No, we carry it, we carry it as if we had a ball and chain tied to our ankle; it’s heavy to carry around, but the backpack isn't heavy to carry; we carry it everywhere with us, it’s light, it’s part of our life and we accept it.

So, every one of us, we have this backpack; every one of us, we have God's graces; every one of us, we received what was necessary to our life.

The first one opened the backpack and built his home; well, we also did the same thing; every one of us, we accepted God's graces; every one of us, we always had the strength to go on and we built, we built our life, it was built with works of the earth.

With our hands, we carried out movements: we dressed ourselves, we fed ourselves, we shared what was ours, we also gave what was ours; we bent over someone who was sick, we went to visit someone who needed company; we worked, we worked for others, we didn’t work for money, we worked because we wanted to work, we wanted to contribute something.

Yes, it’s true that our parents taught us that we had to go to school, that we had to go to work to earn our living, but it was love that made us go forward, it was the graces we received that enabled us to work in the job we found; we didn’t work for the money, we worked according to our abilities.

Do you believe that we would have been able to accept a salary if we had known that we hadn't deserved that salary? Yes, we knew we had earned it.

We knew that we had also worked for our studies; we received marks not by cheating but by studying; well, all this doesn’t come from us, it comes from God, from graces we received.

And so, it’s the earth, the earth that gave us good things: the earth ensured that it produced fruit.

All that is matter comes from the earth, absolutely everything; only life, which comes from God, is spiritual, but all that is matter comes from the earth through God, through the Creator; therefore, the earth gave us what was good for us.

The second one, the second one found, after some time, that it was good to rest; he was no longer demanding of life because he had understood: he had understood that his works bore fruit, he had understood that his works were supposed to bring him a reward, he had understood that his works were something beneficial to him, but that they didn’t surpass his spiritual life.

He put all this down on the ground; it was as if he were giving the earth what belonged to the earth: “I give you what you gave me, I won’t take away what comes from you; take this, it belongs to you.”

And the earth rewarded him because, to him, the earth became like a bed on which he was meant to rest, a bed that was meant to cover him, a bed that was meant to take care of him.

Because at certain times in our life, yes, many return to the earth: they rest and the earth covers them, covers them with its works because all comes from the earth through the Creator.

So, the earth, it’s as if it were participating in the works he's showing God; all the good he was able to do in life, all the good he was able to give others, well, it’s represented, it’s represented as fruits of God: well, the earth takes care of this.

The earth, it takes part in our movement of life: we come from earth, we are matter through the flesh, not through spiritual life but through the flesh; and so, the flesh, it comes from the earth, so the earth, it rewards the child of God: it shows the child’s works.

If one of us has built for the sake of love, well then, this is shown to us by the earth: the tree, motion, love, become a place of love for us and for those we have accepted in our life.

Don’t forget that we’ve been living  in our homes; we who have homes like this one[1], we have accepted to live there and we have accepted to welcome others.

This is made only of matter, but matter comes from the earth and because the earth is from God, it reveals his movement of love.

“Divine Will, you enable us to understand that homes are the places where all children have lived on earth, and because the earth is in motion, the earth reveals to the children that this work is of God, and because they have accepted God's graces, this is the reward for what they have done for others.

O work of love, how can we simplify all this?

A child who comes into the world is a child who must fulfill himself amongst others by doing good deeds.

When a child picks up a ball and he shares his ball with his little friend, there is love, there is sharing, and as the ball comes from the earth, well, it’s as if the earth were taking part in this movement which the little boy is giving to the other, and this brings about a movement of love, and in the Divine Will, this movement is presented by God, for the sake of love.

So, the earth becomes movement in God's hands and this movement becomes present in the moment when a person presents himself before his works.

Let’s not complicate our life; God is enabling us to understand that the little being, who rested upon the earth and who was covered by the earth, this was because he returned to the earth; he had to leave the earth to go before his spiritual life to see his works; and when the earth covers him, well, his works follow him.

This is what the second little boy is about.

As for the third one, we’re the ones who are living in that time.

The end of the darkness is coming; the time is coming when we’ll have to give that which has prevented us from living as beings of light.

It isn't easy for us to leave our human will, it isn't easy for us to say, “Okay, here I am in a time in which I have to live in the Divine Will and leave this human will: leave it to you, Jesus; do with it as you wish; me, I want to live in the Divine Will.”

Remember that he lived in his no’s; no, he wasn’t ready, and no again, he wasn’t ready, but the third time, then Jesus, with gentleness, he came to talk within him; gently, he came to ask him for his yes.

Oh! He gave his yes but not by saying yes; he placed his yeses on the ground: his backpack, he looked at it; when he opened his backpack, it was as if Jesus were showing him, showing him all he had done on earth: his works, the good and the bad ones; he saw everything, and when all this seemed clear to him, then he rose up, he rose up, he rose up, he rose up towards the Divine Will.

The Divine Will drew him and it wasn’t him, it was the Divine Will that made him rise up; it enabled him to rise up high, up high, to where he was meant to be, and in one instant, through his yes, all became light to him: he became a child of the Divine Will.

This is our life, but for this to happen, we must do God's Will, have faith in God; if he gave the earth all it needs to nourish us, shelter us, well then, we must accept everything.

We must be yeses: “Yes, Father, you know what is good for me; yes, Father, I know that so and so must go through suffering, illness, so that he may say his yes: because I know that it isn't easy,” because we have reached the darkness; we are in the night of darkness, we are in great darkness, we hear sounds. Yes, we hear: “My sister has cancer, my child has cancer, my mother has cancer, there are viruses everywhere, bacteria; it’s no longer possible to receive care, we’re on waiting lists; no one speaks to us about God, they only speak about the New Age; we no longer want to be meek before your commandments, we want to have fun, we want to sing, we want to dance to the music of this world, to the spirit of this world, which is satanic.”

Yes, we are in this world, we are in the night of darkness, but wasn’t in this night that God was waiting for him? He waited for him and he made him open his backpack in the night of darkness.

So, we must have faith that God knows what he's doing; if he wants to heal someone of his cancer, alleluia, but if he doesn’t want to heal him of his cancer, we know that he will also be fulfilled as we are fulfilled, for he will see the Light.

He too will have to give up his human will, he too will have to see his life; sometimes, we have to experience illness in order to accept.

Remember the voice: it asked him to open the backpack, but the answers were no’s. Well, this is what we say when we have fun, when we think of money, of material things, of power – we don’t have time, and well, there are some who need this and we do too.

Let’s not forget that there are people who have illnesses and this brings strength to us; we see: we see God's action in all this.

We need to say our yeses like children, like tiny little children, because we’re living in the night of darkness; the night of darkness is upon us, we’re living in this so we need graces, we need to open our backpack to see all the graces God has granted us to live on earth and to give it our works.

How can we look in our backpack if we don’t stop ourselves? He had to go through the night of darkness in order to look, otherwise he would have gone on, he would have gone on with his life without worrying about anything, about himself, for he was nothing, he was no longer anything, just like us.

If God hadn't stopped us, how far would we have gotten? Until we would have reached the abyss; we know very well that the abyss leads us to eternal death.

So, we are where we’re supposed to be: in the night of darkness; we have accepted evil within us over and over again, we have been faced with temptations over and over again, and we said yes to temptations; we have enjoyed the temptations, we have enjoyed tasting them, participating in them; we have participated in the night of darkness.

So, it was necessary for him to stop us; and to stop us, the Lord sometimes uses our brothers, our sisters, situations in this world, difficult situations.

When we see our brothers and our sisters suffering because of the cold, when we see our brothers and our sisters suffering because of the loss of a person they loved, when we see our brothers and our sisters suffering because of war, because of domination, oppression, well, this makes us stop so we can enter within ourselves to discover our yes, which is inside us.

This was necessary – it was necessary for him to stop us for the sake of love, for the light, for the yes to The Love; he's the one who takes everything, he's the one who elevates us all the way to Heaven.

He's enabling us to taste Heaven at this moment for when we go within ourselves, we taste Heaven: Jesus talks to us, the Holy Spirit talks to us, those are words of the Holy Spirit, and they enable us to taste Heaven: Heaven is inside us, it is our home, our refuge.

We spoke a little while ago about our refuge – it’s true, Abbott Charron, he has arrived, hello! – so, we spoke about our inner refuge, this is our Heaven.

He enables us to go within ourselves, and there, we are light; he leads us to where we’re incapable of going: to his fifth Heaven, to where is the fire of love, to where are the colours of love, to where is the very presence of our brothers and our sisters who are love.

There, the darkness can't prevent us from seeing, there, the darkness can't prevent us from understanding – this is inside us: we are present there and we understand.

Are we able to realize this? We’re here in Jacqueline’s home and we’re hearing and we’re understanding the Spirit of God; we’re hearing the voice of Jesus inside ourselves and we understand it through the power of the Holy Spirit; isn't this the earth that is covering us?

Look at these ceilings, these walls – they’re built with matter from the earth, and we’re part of this: we’re in the Church in a refuge of love.

Yes, this place is a refuge of love; there are others as well.

So, he has just told us that externally, we’re in a refuge.

Remember that he also told us, “I will give it to you a little bit at a time;” well, that “little bit” is for us.

As long as we accept to be in homes made through God's graces, we will be able to call these homes external refuges: the refuge.

This is that “little bit”.

And so, we will take about ten minutes for questions.



Is there someone with a question… yes?


Q: If cancer exists, is this because of sins?


A: The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The consequence of our choices before temptations, which are sins.


Q: Okay, when we’re adults, but what about the children?


A: The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The flesh bears the flesh; we bring children into the world through our flesh and our flesh has known sin, remembers sin, because our flesh has also been in the flesh of our parents; the flesh of our parents has been in the flesh of their parents, their parents have been in the flesh of their parents.

This has been going on since Adam and Eve – human will; the human will has been in the yes and in the no to God.

So, every time we said no to God, whether it was from the time of Adam and Eve up until today, we have lived in the consequence of our no to God: we said yes to a temptation.

Let’s not try to figure out: “Is it me, is it my mother, is it my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother, grandfather? No, this belongs to God.

If we mull this over by asking ourselves questions, by wanting to know, we’re stirring up mud, we’re creating an eddy.

Remember the construction: the little being put his backpack down first and he turned over the earth with God's graces, and it was God's graces that made that mass rise up, rise up to form three floors.

So, all this is God's graces, and it’s God who did this on his own, but if we turn to human will and if we, through our choice, we want to know, well then, we’ll obtain the result of what we searched for: suffering.

Even if this is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit, there will be suffering. Why? Because this came from our human will: I wanted to know.

And God, in his love, gives us graces so that we can give this to him, but there is still suffering.

We will talk about this another time. Thank you.

Did you understand fully? Thank you, thank you Lord, thank you Holy Spirit.

Yes, is there… yes?


Q: I would like you to talk to us about the reading of the Word.



A: The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Word belongs to God; the Word was given to us by God and when we live the Word, when we hear the Word, when we taste it, graces are given within us; when the Word is given by Jesus himself, there's a flood of graces.

So, this means that when the Word is given to us by a priest, there's a flood of graces because the priest is Christ.

When the Word is given to us, the Word of Jesus is given to us by humans, we obtain one grace – this is the difference.



Q: I meant the Bible.


A: The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Bible, when you read it, this brings you graces.

When a priest takes the words of the Bible and gives them to us, the Gospel, well then, there's a flood of graces.

Our life is like this: everything is a work.

When this comes from God, the Son of God, it’s as if he were opening his arms wide, and he was giving us his Church; so, all the graces for those who are listening are for us, therefore, we can't calculate the graces.

But when we’re the ones reading the Bible, we receive graces, every word becomes a grace; but when it’s a priest, can we calculate the graces? This is incalculable.

We need this, this is the Life, this is the Nourishment, and Jesus said, “Those who eat of my Bread are never hungry” for this nourishment which we need for our flesh.

This spiritual nourishment nourishes our flesh, so we are always fulfilled, always, always.

And now, we’re going to stop and we’re going to leave all the room to the Church.



[1] Jacqueline’s home.