Gatherings of love with God's action through His Instrument,
the Girl of My Will in Jesus.
We are all invited to come and pray, and to hear the Word of God.
Many graces shall be granted to us.


 God uses his instrument to speak in the heart of every person who is present.  Through their yes to The Love, all are in the movement of the Holy Spirit and all can hear what God desires for all his children.  Every person becomes an instrument in God's hands.



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October 5th - 7th, 2018
Plantagenet, Ontario

December 7th - 9th, 2018
Plantagenet, Ontario

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The instrument is not aware of anything that will be said.  When the instrument's eyes are open, each word is uttered and is followed by the next without interruption.  She does not perceive the words within her as she hears them the moment she utters them.  When her eyes are shut, she hears them within herself and she repeats them as soon as she hears them.




Dates: October 5th - 7th, 2018
  December 7th - 9th, 2018
 Place: Centre de l'amour, 220, Rte 21, Plantagenet, Ontario, K0B 1L0


Please keep in mind that the following information is subject to change.
This schedule is tentative as it is God himself who takes charge of the various movements
he wants us to experience during these gatherings.
Schedule: Friday
  19:00 - Arrival
  19:30 - Rosary
  19:30 - Mass
  19:30 - Action of the Holy Spirit through his instrument
  Confessions all day and throughout the evening
  9:30 - Rosary
  10:15 - Action of the Holy Spirit through his instrument
  12:00 - Lunch
  13:30 - Rosary
  14:00 - Action of the Holy Spirit through his instrument
  17:00 - Supper
  19:00 - Mass
  20:15 - Action of the Holy Spirit through his instrument
  9 h 30 - Mass
  10 h 30 - Action of the Holy Spirit through his instrument
  12 h 00 - Lunch and departure
Reservations: Reservations must be made in advance : $115.00 for the weekend (from 8:00 on Friday to noon on Sunday)
To reserve, contact: Mrs. Noëlla St-Onge at (613) 673-4766
Directions: Take the 40 west, past île Perrot, towards Ottawa.  Take Route 417 to the Hawkesbury/Rockland exit and Route 17.  Continue on Route 17 past the signs for the village of Plantagenet.  Continue straight ahead and just before the bridge, turn right onto Route 21.  The Centre de l'amour will be on your left, right at the corner.
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