Gathering With God's Action in Rolling Hills, Alberta,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus: I am the Presence; each one of you, you have received the Presence: giving God first place makes of you my Father's children, as my Father desires.

Every child of my Father must have his eyes turned towards him: your life begins the moment when you lift your gaze towards him; every day becomes for you a day for my Father.

Allow the grace of your presence to flow within each of you; your yes is your consent, and God fashions your life; God takes everything about you and makes of you a movement in life: give yourselves, offer yourselves, so that you might please my Father; every child must acknowledge that he is very little before the greatness of God.

Allow these words to flow throughout you, these words purify your interior: the Word of God is grace and when you accept the Word, you accept to die in the Word.

I speak in hearts, I bring you to the Divine Will, I reveal to you your presence in the immensity of God's love.

To discover your presence in eternity is to discover your all in the All of God.

To you, your life must be a living movement, and you cannot be alive unless you die in Christ.

You are familiar with these words, you have read them in the Gospel, you have learned how to behave as good Christians.

I, the Son of God, I want you to do even more, I want you to completely give up what you are at present; your present must no longer belong to you, it must only belong to my Father, only to my Father; he is the one who nourishes you daily, you owe him everything: learn to have faith in my Father in all things.

My children, you live in your daily routines, you pay attention to what you do: you take care not to sin, but I say to you that at each moment you are in sin because inside you bear the trace of the presence of sin: you live in the Church, you live with all your brothers and your sisters who are in you; if only one commits a sin within you, then you are in the presence of sin.

I want to teach you, my children, to become very little before the Presence of God.

To die in Christ is to live in the Church, it is to discover your passion: therefore, the Passion of Christ becomes your passion.

As Christ acknowledged himself as the ultimate sinner, you are therefore sinners through Christ.

As long as there are children who will not acknowledge that they are sinners: they will bear their sins, they will not go to the sacrament of Penance to offer their sins in order to be enveloped by the sanctifying grace.

You who live in Christ, you who have accepted to give him your life, you must live the Passion of Christ with love, with the gift of self without a single glance of reproach, without a gesture of impatience towards your neighbour, without bearing a single judgement: as small as it may be, it would be un-called for in your life.

Because you have agreed to die in Christ, you agree to carry out exactly the same actions that he carried out and the same actions he carries out at each moment: you live in the present, you live in the Passion of Christ.

I was sustained by my Father's graces; you are sustained by my Father's graces because he gives you your daily bread, and that bread nourishes your soul.

You are not alone, you are with the Trinity; have faith in the power of God's grace, love yourselves unconditionally, accept to live your passion with love.

I embraced my Cross; this Cross, I accepted it as mine, it contained all your crosses.

I took upon myself all that you were about to do to yourselves; not for a single moment did I cast a look against what you. 

Each one among you here has committed sins; each one among you has agreed to give me those sins;

this did not come from you, it is (it came from) my love, I am the one who loved you unconditionally.

When you hurt me, I bore that upon myself and I loved you as you were; not for a single moment did I gaze upon you reproachfully, for I was shedding my Blood for you; I loved you as you were and I love you as you are today.

You who come to hear the Word, you who came to receive the Body and the Blood of Christ, I look at your interior, I look at your light: you are light solely through the Light.

You see, I knew everything about you and I am the one who made you what you are today, and this is what I will do with all your brothers and your sisters who curse me, who insult me, who contribute to making their souls die; those children are my children, they are my Father's chosen ones; I shed my Precious Blood for them, just as I shed my Precious Blood for you.

The merit of the Redemption lies only with the Son.

I took everything upon myself in order to present it all to my Father, and my Father was well pleased with my offering; and so, offer yourselves unconditionally, love your brothers and your sisters unconditionally; did I not say to you: “Happy are those who shall be insulted in my Name;” this was preparing you to live what you are living.

How many of my Father's chosen ones have died for the sake of love; they gave their lives for their brothers and their sisters, for the sake of love, without a single reproach (to God) over what was awaiting them : grace was waiting for them; without grace, they could not have done what they did.

Every day that you get up in the morning, I bestow graces upon you; I am the one who prepares you to give yourselves, it is I who turn you into beings of love for your brothers and your sisters; therefore, behave as beings of love, do not judge my children, my Father's chosen ones.

Be good to one another, for it is towards yourselves that you are good; one single word, one single thought against a misbehaviour by your neighbour becomes bad behaviour towards yourselves: I loved to the point of dying, I am asking you to do as much.

To discover yourselves, my children, is a grace for you at this time.

I am preparing the children of the entire world to live their purification; purification will take place with my graces of love, with my fire of love.

My fire is pure, it bears no judgement, it bears no violence, it bears no hatred; my fire is love, my fire is patience, my fire is tenderness.

When a child sees his life, when a child sees that he has committed adultery, I envelop him in my love so that he can acknowledge that he is a child who has committed adultery, I show him my love, I show him my tenderness so that he might be drawn to the Light, I show him all the movements that I went through for him during my Passion, I show him my patience when he was hurting me, I tell him how present I was and that I was sustaining him so that he did not fall deeper (into his sin).

It is with movements such as these that he will see himself as a child of God; he will understand my Passion and he will want to live his own passion, for he will have to live his purification.

All the evil that has entered his life will have to be eradicated from him; the entire consequence of that evil, which has made his flesh suffer, will have to be burned in a fire of love so that his body might find rest once again.

My children of love, I gave you a role model of love on earth.

That role model of love took on all sins as if they were his own, he endured everything in my Name: he allowed himself to be insulted in the name of Christ, some tried to throw him to the ground because he was defending Christ, they tried to show that he was wrong because he respected the Scriptures.

This child had been chosen through the power of the Trinity to be a role model: a pure model, a model of sanctity; sanctity was part of John Paul II, he had been chosen since the beginning of time for your time.

He did not judge his neighbour; he prayed for his neighbour, he forgave, he sustained, and he maintained himself in suffering without ever complaining, for all was for the sake of love: he loved you and he loves you.

Are you capable of doing as much, my children? Are you capable of allowing children who insult you to become part of your lives? Are you capable of being friends with beings who speak against you? Are you capable of praying for them when they have just insulted you publicly, when they have just robbed you? This is how you must be.

To be like this, you must accept everything from God, like my holy child accepted everything.

He knew that the Trinity was sustaining him, he knew that he was enveloped by the protection of the Blessed Virgin; he did not stop asking the saints in Heaven to intercede on his behalf and on behalf of all children of the world; he offered his suffering for the souls in purgatory so that they might be comforted; he accepted to take upon himself your very sins as if they were his own; he did not rid himself of guilt when even one of his priests was in error, because he was that priest: he was the representative of Christ.

His head was (raised) towards Heaven, (but) both his feet were on earth, for he knew he was human, he knew he was weak due to human will, he made sure he never distanced himself from the sacraments and he believed in sacramentals: each one of you must follow the example set out by this child chosen by my Father.

In my Father's eyes, you are all chosen ones, you must behave as chosen ones.

If you receive graces, my children, do not be vain about it, look at my Mother; my Mother is the Chosen One, she bore the Son of God in her womb and her humility is above anything you can imagine, and this is how you must behave: like humble beings.

Do not lift your eyes to find fault with your neighbour, lower your eyes to beg God to come help you to love the one who is your neighbour; in this way, you shall learn to love yourselves, for you are within your neighbour: when you look upon your neighbour, you are there, in front of you, for you are within your neighbour; this is how, God is telling you, my children, that you must love who you are.

You cannot separate yourselves from the Body of Christ: the Body of Christ, it is every chosen child of my Father; you form but one whole within the Church and that whole is within my All.

I am the Almightiness, my Father gave me everything; because you are within me, because you accept to die in Christ, I give you all you require to live in the Church.

The days you are living presently are difficult for the Church, but when you discover humility, when you discover your presence in the Church, you discover strength, you discover peace and peace becomes a weapon of love to you.

When you are at peace, you do not seek to judge your neighbour; when you are at peace, you do not seek to change your neighbour; when you are at peace, you discover the presence of the Life in each child; no child on earth can be part of acts of kindness unless God has dispensed graces: kindness comes from my Father, it does not come from evil.

If one child does a good deed, this is nourished by my Father's graces and if that child also carries out deeds against his neighbour, this goes against himself: discover that the Son endures the Passion on his behalf.

As long as there is one child who is not repentant for his actions, my Passion will go on because I want him within me as I have you within me; I did not reject my Father's graces, for I did my Father's Will: do my Father's Will and be humble, acknowledge that you are my Father's chosen ones by being humble; do not project outwardly what you have within you, leave that to the Son of God; it is the Son of God who will remove from you what my Father has placed there, for all came from my Father and he gave everything to the Son, and the Son gives you what you require so that you may present yourselves as my Father's children.

For my Father, you must be very little on the inside, like a tiny little child; in this way, I will take everything about you and I will use the being that you are on behalf of your brothers and your sisters, according to my Father's Will, as my Father wishes, not as you wish, because the human will has been told too many times that it was superior to other human beings.

Human will goes against human will, this is why I am asking you to renounce

everything you are: I am teaching you abandonment, complete abandonment.

Since I, the Son of God, gave myself completely to my Father, I who became flesh, I dwelled in human will, but I was not part of this will in order to become a slave to human will, I did my Father's Will in all things: my eyes were only for my Father, my ears were only for my Father, my hands were only for my Father, my flesh was only for my Father and my Father fulfilled me; I did nothing but my Father's Will in all things: I went as far as death for my Father.

Do not dismiss what I received from my Father by saying that I was not like you, for I became flesh, my flesh had experienced suffering; through my Father's graces, I endured everything beyond anything you can imagine: my flesh experienced suffering beyond anything you are capable of enduring and all this took place through my Father's power, through my Father's graces.

Since your birth, you have been receiving graces on a daily basis from my Father; if you are so weak in your human will, it is because you do not profit from my Father's graces: your human will has been was too caught up in itself; it is necessary to experience denial in order to accept everything that comes from my Father; it is I who will teach you to give up your human will, not you.

Everything is internal, you cannot see my Father's power, this is impossible due to your human will; there is only the tiny little child who can see my Father's graces because my Father's graces seem like surges of love to him, and these surges of love are not only for the being that you are, but for the beings that dwell within you as well; and the tiny little child who sees my Father's surges knows that he is loved by my Father, and he knows that my Father loves all little children.

A tiny little child does not know hatred, not if he is surrounded by models of love; be role models for those you love, as John Paul II was a role model on earth for you: he respected all that the Church was and all that he was meant to be, for the Church is Jesus.

Jesus is the Word and the Word is God and all that which is of God does not deny the Word of the Gospel; it follows the Commandments of God, it does not seek to please itself, but God the Father; this is how the human will of John Paul II was: all for the Church, the Church that was Jesus, the Church is Jesus, the Church that shall be Jesus.

Have faith in what is to come; look upon what is to come with inner peace.

Jesus is asking you to keep your interior open to my Father's graces, and this will only happen through peace, only through love for one’s neighbour.

Be true, complete, for my Father wants everything about you; he will not accept any of the lukewarm, he will not accept any of the vain, he will only accept the little children.

God says: “I love you, my children of love. Because you are very little, because you are present, graces are granted to you, graces of peace, graces of love, graces of healing.”

May all be according to my Father's Will.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord makes us go forward towards the New Earth, the Lord teaches us about the New Earth: the New Earth, it's Jesus; he's the Source that leads us to the Father's graces, he's the Earth that allows us to taste the Father's graces.

To die in Jesus is to discover eternal happiness on earth; to discover our presence in the Church is to have is to have strength within each one of us.

We who call ourselves the chosen ones, we want to be ready for what is coming: he's announcing the Great Purification to us, he talks to us through messengers, he tells us all about what’s going to happen, but if we receive this with fear inside us, doubt inside us, it's like a wind that hits us, but that doesn’t last long because we don't benefit from the graces that accompany those words.

Heaven speaks, it speaks in our hearts, it doesn’t come for (to fill up) our heads: everything has to be internal for us because that’s where the Life is.

We’re so afraid of what’s coming: we’re afraid of running out of food, we’re afraid of losing our jobs, we’re afraid of losing our homes.

Jesus told us: “Why worry when my Father has always taken care of you? Look at how the lilies are clothed! If my Father does as much for the lilies, how much more does he do for you!”

Would it be any different now because we’re in 2005? Would the words of the Gospel have a different meaning now because we’re reaching the Great Purification? We’re the ones who are blind, we’re the ones who are deaf: we have to do a major clean up inside ourselves.

Because of all the words we've heard since our birth, because of all the actions we've seen since our birth, well, we've blocked off the pathways of love; and so, the graces from God that wanted to enter in abundance were met with obstacles.

Us, we created our own fears inside us, we created objections inside us, and this is why we’re afraid of everything that’s coming; we don't have faith in God, we only have faith in our own ways.

God is speaking at this moment in hearts in order to prepare us to live what is coming, but is he going to take care of what is external before taking care of what is internal?

He tells us: “Keep your peace, I will arm you with graces of love for you and for your neighbour; I will place so many graces within you that your eyes will see nothing but fire.” But that fire won't be a human fire, it will be a fire made of love, like Jesus is love.

When Jesus was carrying his Cross, when he was going forward, when he allowed himself to be insulted, pushed to the ground, his eyes looked at all those who were pushing him; his eyes met other eyes that were filled with suffering and hatred toward him, but his eyes cast a fire of love upon all those he met, and Jesus, through that fire of love, changed the hearts of men: thousands of people believed in his gesture.

When he looked at those children, when he saw hatred, he purified all that: we were in those children that he was looking at.

We’ve been in all the children of the world, even before we came into this world, because Jesus was carrying us, and Jesus was living in all the children of the world; and so that gaze, which was the gaze of God, penetrated the eyes of those children, and so, he penetrated our eyes.

We have the Life inside us, we have the Flesh of Jesus, we have the Blood of Jesus inside us, he nourishes us from the inside: that fire of love is inside us and this is how we have to learn to discover what dwells inside us.

The messages that God sends to us are messages of love; if we’re afraid, it's because our human will takes up too much room inside us; Jesus wants us to give him our human will every second, but it's hard for us to always think of giving him our human will every second.

And so, Jesus says: “Children, I have spoken to you of a heavenly power, I have spoken to you of my angels; you have by your side an angel who has the power of God, for he adores God, he loves God, he knows how to render unto God what is God's; he is waiting for one word from you: a loving yes, an unconditional yes, a yes that bears faith in God, a yes that knows what God is capable of doing.”

So we have to use our guardian angel, we have to behave like little children, they know how to talk to their guardian angels with simplicity.

Us, we've complicated our lives, we've taken ourselves for adults; we've been so preoccupied with our material goods, we've also been so preoccupied with our nutrition, with our health (that) we've forgotten that they were with us: we have to sort of go inside ourselves and discover the important being that we are in God's eyes.

God says that a great movement has begun: at the very moment when the doors of Heaven were welcoming the being of love he had chosen for us, all the children of the yes were entering into the Light, all the children of the yes were ready to pronounce their yes; this was made known the moment when our holy Father went to discover that place of love to which we are called to go.

We have to continue our journey on earth because many children who bear a yes are unaware that they have that yes inside of them, but we know now that they’re going to be able to pronounce it: this will happen through the power (of the yes) and through love.

God says: “Do not be afraid and keep your peace.”

Satan will do all he can to sow fear everywhere: he will put fear in eyes, he will dull minds, he will try to deafen us with words, he will try to make us do certain things due to fear, in order to harm children who bear a yes inside of them.

God is asking that we be loyal to his Word: his Word is always present, his Word is true, his Word is nothing but love; if we don't see on the outside what is happening on the inside, this means that it doesn’t concern us because we belong to God the Father, our brothers and sisters do not belong to us.

We’re going to live in a world of love.

God is a God who wanted us to live in freedom; in order to love we have to be free, we have to respect others; we must respect the beings that they are, as they are.

It's not up to us to force them to be what we want them to be, it's not up to us to look at  the things they’re going to do and that will be presented to them, and that because of this, they’re going to suffer: each one will have to earn live out what he has earned for himself.

God knows what he's doing, us, we see only the outside, we see nothing of what’s going on inside our brothers and our sisters; our fear goes against us and our fear goes against those we love; it's Jesus who will do everything, it's not us: we must have faith in him in all things.

When movements that were announced to us by messengers arrive, because we’ll be at peace, it won't seem painful to us.

God warned us, not with the purpose of making us afraid, but with the purpose of preparing us for when the moment arrives, so that we might all do the Will of God the Father.

When Jesus saw all the sins of the world during his agony, he saw all we were going to do and all we were not going to do; he suffered, Jesus, but he suffered in peace, he didn’t panic; he didn’t start yelling, the cry he did utter, it was his yes, it was: “Your Will Father, not my Will,” and when this emerged from him, it emerged from him with love and not with fear, this gave him the strength of love because God the Father was looking down on him with love, God the Father was sustaining his Son.

He's asking us to be like this: we must see what is coming with the Father's love; what the Father did with the Son, he’ll do it with each one of us.

If Jesus took the Cross, if Jesus kissed the Cross, if Jesus was filled with love, filled with strength, it was because he was filled with the presence of the Father; the Father did not leave his Son, because he was the Son of God, and we’re the daughters and the sons of God the Father, we’re the children of the yes; so, we must see this with faith in God.

It's true that there will be a great chastisement, it's true that there will be great suffering, but God says: “Those who will not be at peace, are the children who will suffer the most because they will not benefit from graces. Have faith in God's power, be very little and believe.”

If he's sending messengers all over the world to prepare us for what is coming, he's doing it out of love, for The Love; he's not coming to crush us with his messages, God is too loving to do that.

Through this, we have to consider our presence in the Church: the Church sustains, the Church is our support: a single priest who believes in God, who believes in the power of God's graces, envelops all God's children with his protection.

We don't believe enough in the power of the priesthood; what we look at is only the weakness of the human will; we have to take a look at our interior, we have to look in the place where our presence is, at the very heart of the priesthood.

The hands of the priest have received the power of the Trinity, they were anointed in order to bring us graces; they nourish our soul and we have to have faith in this Nourishment; this nourishment, it is so powerful, it leads us to things we can't see and understand: everything happens inside us and all this is part of our own life, on a daily basis.

And so God tells us: “Stop worrying about your children, stop worrying about your brothers and your sisters who no longer practice, stop worrying about those you do not know and who have left the faith, for when you maintain yourselves in this state, you put up a barrier in the Church itself, you build walls, and walls: they are each fear, each doubt, each judgement.”

And God looks at what we are, and God gives graces constantly in order to knock down those walls; but, during that time, our brothers whom we love, our children whom we love, are left without graces.

Because the graces they receive from God the Father, they want nothing to do with them; and since we’re preoccupied with our walls, our yeses aren’t completely pronounced: they have to be true, they have to be pure, they have to be like (the yes of) a child who has faith in the Father, and those yeses dwell in those children, they’re inside them and they need us.

Right now, they see nothing; right now, we have the impression that nothing is happening; who are we to say that nothing is happening inside them? This is a right we take on ourselves, we don't have faith in the help of the graces of God the Father: we’re contributing to the suffering of the Church.

And so God is asking us to be loyal to what we must be: we must be good Christians, but on the inside, not on the outside.

For too long we’ve wanted to educate our children with our human will; what they’ve heard are words that bore the trace of fear and of doubt.

We used to say: “Go to Church, go receive Jesus,” but we didn’t even believe in it ourselves; we knew they had to go to mass, we knew they had to go receive Jesus, but we no longer believed in the power, in the love of Jesus and, without our knowing it, they felt it.

Because they detected fear, then they told themselves: “Why do they insist so much on something that is their idea? Why do they talk to us about Jesus, of his power of Redemption? Why do they talk to us about faith with such insistence? They don't seem (so sure) to have faith, them, because if they believed, they wouldn’t insist so much, they would leave all this up to God.”

God is The Love, God teaches us to give him everything.

Don’t you believe that our children won't see love through our eyes? Don’t you believe that they are capable of detecting God's power that emerges from our words?
When we speak with gentleness, when we speak with confidence, when they feel that we accept them as they are, this will emanate from us through God's power without a single effort on our part, then they’ll be able to see God's presence through what we are.

When John Paul II came to Canada, thousands of young people gathered around John Paul II and yet, John Paul II didn’t spend hours trying to evangelize them.

The young people of today only had to look at him: there was something that entered into them, they couldn’t even explain it to themselves, but it warmed their lives.

Because John Paul II was inhabited by the faith and the love of God, he had faith in the Gospel, he lived the Gospel, and wherever he was, he was an open book.

This is what God expects of us: he wants us to be true, he wants us to be love; we can't be true if we are neither love nor humility.

When we lack love, we envelop ourselves with a strength, but that strength isn't internal, it's external, and so the words that emerge are hurtful, controlling, manipulative, possessive: we have to leave everything up to God, we have to open our interior up to God, what is open: emerges.

God says: “I shall give you (love) and you shall be a gift for your brothers and your sisters;” this is the weapon that God places in each one of us during these times of purification: to allow ourselves to be purified from the inside so that this fire of love can emerge from our flesh.

And now, Jesus is saying: “Take some time to rest.”

God will continue his movement of love, he will ask you to take part in a movement of love.

God says: “Children of love, you have been chosen by my Father because your name has been inscribed in the Book of Life; I myself shall take you to a world of love where evil shall no longer exist within you, where evil shall no longer exist around you; I shall prepare your entire being for my Father's unconditional call. Your flesh will acknowledge the presence of Christ, your flesh will no longer remember evil, your flesh will be the envelope of your soul, pure it shall be.”

When God spoke to me about immortality, when God said that our flesh would no longer be subjected to sin, it was when I was writing the last book.

He says that we will live as immortals on earth; he says that many children who are living at this moment on earth will come to know this.

He’s preparing our flesh for the Great Purification, and this has already begun for the children of the yes, but some children of the yes are not yet aware, because they’ve shut their eyes and their ears to God's call, but God uses each one of us to lead them to the light.

God says: “Be attentive to what my priest will do. I myself have chosen all the priests for this moment. They are no longer themselves, they are Christ. Through their priesthood, they have received this power.”

When I had finished the four books, Jesus said that it was the last time that I would produce books; he said: “Now, I will send you on a journey, and my Mother will open hearts in order to open doors.”

Everything has happened as God said it would.

And so I left on my journey.

Now, he's saying: ”It is my chosen son’s turn to talk.”