Gathering of Love With God's Action in Salem, New Hampshire,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: If the Lord wanted to gather his children together here, this is to teach us what is inside us: Jesus takes advantage of all occasions to come and cleanse our heart.

Jesus chose the instrument that I am. In order for him to be able to take up all the room, he taught me to surrender all my thoughts to him; he taught me to abandon myself to his Will and to forsake my will.

Jesus wants nothing to do with our human will; Jesus wants to build his world of love with children who want to live only of his Father's Will.

Jesus comes to speak directly in our heart; what he's doing is that at this very moment, through your yes, your presence here, you are agreeing to be instruments of love like myself.

Nicole and I, we are members in his Church, just as every one of you is a member of his Church; what we are receiving together: flows within the body of Christ in order to nourish all his members.

Jesus says that his Church, without him, is dying; his Church is allowing itself to be poisoned by Satan's venom. And so, it is important to Jesus that we are before the Light.

There are not two lights – there is only one light and that is Jesus; Jesus is the Light; he wants us to enter into his light.

He wants to instruct us tonight, he wants to instruct all his children, since what we are doing, we want to do it for all those who are in us: we are in the presence of all the children of the world, and this since Adam and Eve.

When we see, when we hear, when we speak, when we carry out actions, well, all children since Adam and Eve feel the effects of what we’re feeling: we are movement in the Life of Jesus.

We have the breath of God within us and it’s the breath of God that makes us living beings; take away the breath of God and there is only matter, and that matter, which isn't nourished by God's graces, dies: it’s Jesus who keeps us alive.

However, we have a human will; our human will runs our life because inside us, there is good and there is evil. Because of the first sin, we are forced to choose between good and evil constantly: which makes us either free children or slaves.

When we claim to be free, that’s because we’re in Jesus, we’re in the Cross of Christ – this is where our freedom is.

We are free when we are children of God; forsake this state and we become slaves. If for a single moment in our life we are not with God's graces, then we become slaves: we are slaves to evil.

There is good and there is evil: wherever there is good, then there is only God; wherever there is evil, then God is not there but Satan is there. This is why Jesus tells us that it is very important to always live our life in him.

Satan, since the first sin, hasn’t stopped leading us to temptation thus causing us to always live apart from the graces that nourish us, and Satan wants our soul, he wants to lead it to eternal death.

Our soul won't disappear in Satan's hands – it will suffer eternally: we call this eternal death.

We human beings have no idea what the soul will suffer in Satan's hands; God, in his almightiness, has shown hell to certain people.

We are here, in a Catholic bookstore… you can look on the shelves and you will find saints who bore witness to having been in hell, through the power of God, so that they could bear witness to what they saw.

And their soul saw but their soul didn’t feel what souls suffer, for if the soul had felt what souls suffer in hell, the flesh wouldn’t have been able to withstand it, it would have died, the heart would have given out.

God is all love, he doesn’t speak to frighten us; God wants to give us strength, God wants to give us strength in our flesh so that we won’t fall into Satan's traps.

Satan has placed tools in the hands of men in order to cause humans to lose graces.

God's child has within him God's life, the breath of God, which lead him to seek what he is within: love.

He loves to nourish himself with love, he loves to give love, to share what he is and he wants others to share their love as well. They want to receive because this is how love is: love never stops giving, love receives and gives, love receives and gives: this is the movement of love.

We need to understand the Trinity, the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit: the Father's love is so powerful, the Father's love is so pure, so filled with light, that his love places itself in front of him, his Love presents himself: his Son comes from him, he is in front of The Love. When the Father gazes upon the Son, he is looking at himself; when the Son gazes upon the Father, he is looking at himself, for the Father is in the Son, and the Son is in the Father: The Love of The Love nourishes himself with The Love; The Love gives himself, The Love gives himself to himself; The Love is so powerful, The Love is so filled with light that The Love is the Holy Spirit, The Love, the Presence.

God is God, there is only one God; God is Love to such an extent that there are three persons in God.

The human being received the breath of God within him; love is within us, God's love, and so, we too are that movement.

The love within us gives itself – the love that gives itself, gives itself again. This is why we were created in order to love and to give love.

When love hits someone, love allows itself to shine through and it sends that movement back towards us: we love our brothers and our sisters because they are us.

When we gaze upon our neighbour with God's love in its beauty, in its purity, we see ourselves: we see what we are in our neighbour. When our neighbour is all love, when our neighbour is all pure, then he sees himself in us: therefore, there is a movement of giving, and that movement gives itself again – this is eternity. This is what eternal life is: we are movement of love.

Our life is eternal – it needs love because it is movement of love. But Satan doesn’t have this; Satan had it and he lost it. He's the one who lost it and it wasn’t God who took it away from him.

When he saw the Son of God made Man – because he was presented to him through the Will of God – Satan wanted none of it, he refused to adore a human.

He wanted to adore God because he saw his own reflection in God: God's light was reflected upon Lucifer, his beauty was fed by this movement of love. But the moment pride entered Lucifer, that movement came to know another movement that he had never felt previously: a movement that wants to feed on itself.

Because he saw that the Son of God made Man came from a human woman, he went within himself to draw on what he was: a movement that turns to itself, that doesn’t seek elsewhere for what it needs: I give to you, you give to me, I give to you, you give to me: he wanted none of this; he's the one who refused this.

The Son of God was before him, God was before him; he who needed that light in order to be in the light had just said no.

Therefore, the moment he cut that movement off, another movement grew within Lucifer: pride took away the light. He who was a spirit of love, he who was light through the Light, lost the light, and as he could no longer be light, he was unable to remain before the Light.

As quickly as a flash of light, Saint Michael and all those (who followed him) said, “Who is like God” in adoration, (and immediately) Lucifer was thrown into the darkness, and all those who had admired Lucifer went with him into the darkness.

Therefore, those angels were no longer angels of light – those angels were angels of darkness; beauty became ugliness, the intelligence of love was transformed into the intelligence of hatred: all that was good became evil.

Lucifer was close to God, Lucifer was in the continuous movement of the Light; he was so beautiful, so filled with light, that the angels benefited from what he was, for what he was came from God: he loved being in that light.

As they were spirits, they had to be perfect, they had to undergo a test of love: to love the Son of God made Man.

Not to be but to be: this means that the angels were meant to know love through the perfection of the Light; they were beings meant to be perfect, perfect spirits, but they could not be greater than God – they had to adore God, to serve God, to contemplate God – not contemplate themselves.

This is why the angels who contemplated Lucibel were thrown into the darkness; they had received everything from God, they were not meant to have any faults, but they faltered.

A great, great, great agitation was felt amongst the spirits of light: they who were supposed to be perfect had just discovered that there was a flaw.

How much more must we, who are human beings, never forget that God is above all… we must always be in God to avoid giving in to temptation.

A multitude of angels failed; they followed Satan rather than God, the Perfect One, the only Light. And so, we who are on earth, do you think that we are safe from Satan? Through his power, he brought a multitude of angels with him and they weren't angels who were far from God – they were Cherubs and Seraphim who were light, very close to God.

And so, we must be strong amongst ourselves. How can we be strong together? By being in the very Heart of Christ, by being all for Jesus, by wanting to die in Jesus, by accepting that Jesus be our eyes, be our ears, our words, our heart, so that we might be able to fulfill ourselves through our actions on behalf of the Father, only for the Father: there is only one Father and he's God the Father.

God the Father gave us a Mother – she is the Holy Virgin, the Mother of God the Son. She taught us to pray the rosary.

The rosary is a unit, it’s a chain made of roses; roses are fragile, delicate, full of beauty. They are there to remind us that God takes care of us and that when we are all together, we form a bouquet of love, and the Mother of God takes care of that bouquet of love.

She never stops presenting it to God; she obtains graces for us so that we do not fall into Satan's traps.

But today, people who have their rosary in their pockets are rare, very rare; those who know the rosary must carry it with them in order to be protected.

We must wear the cross around our neck in order to be protected, in order to always remind ourselves that we are God's children, that we are made of flesh and that the flesh is weak before temptation.

Temptation is within us; our flesh has known temptation since the first temptation – the one that was put before the first woman, Eve: this is in us, this hasn’t left our flesh.

Through the sacrament of Baptism, the soul was freed from the original sin, which opened up a torrent of graces with which we must nourish ourselves at every moment, with which we must also nourish all those who are within us and who haven’t received Baptism.

Don’t forget that we are love and that love gives of itself, and that love give of itself again continually: movement of love.

Due to human will, we are incapable of remaining perfect, and so, let’s regard our brothers and our sisters through what we are.

It’s true that our parents accepted Baptism on our behalf. Did this turn us into perfect children? We never stop giving in to temptation despite Baptism.

Our brothers and our sisters, who don’t have the sacrament of Baptism, need us; they’re like us; they’re in temptation; we’re not superior to them.

Do you think that our eyes never become fixed on what is impure? If we have preserved what is inside us: faith, this is because there have been people who prayed; these are people who have always had their eyes turned to God.

There are people who have always believed in God; since Adam and Eve, children have had hope, hope in achieving their state of perfection.

Today, when we think of all this, sometimes we say, “There's no way, we can't come anywhere near to perfection, it’s impossible.” It’s as if we were talking about something that doesn’t exist. This is because our flesh is too wounded, it bears the consequences of all the sins that were committed after the fist sin: our flesh is dying.

Only Jesus can do something for us now, now that we know we have reached a point of no return.

In the past, men and women believed in God, believed in a superior God, in a powerful God that would destroy all gods; we who wear the cross, we who know the Jesus who died, rose again and was glorified by the Father, don’t believe in the power of our God.

We look at the gods of today and we’re afraid, we’re afraid of what we hear, of what we see, of what we cannot control: we cannot have influence over those who believe in those gods.

Why? Because we carry them within us; there are so many children on earth who believe in gods that the number of children who don’t believe in gods is practically inexistent.

Satan's work is around us and we have even reached the point of no longer knowing what comes from God and what comes from Satan: we are living in darkness – the outside world is nothing but darkness.

The light is within us – we have to believe in this. Don’t look for the light outwardly; you won't find it – it’s inside you.

The human will is all over everything we see; the Will of God is inside us in everything that we don’t see. This is what we need to learn: we need to learn that the invisible is to us a movement that leads us to discover who we are.

The invisible is peace, it’s to give oneself to another, it’s sharing what we are on the inside as children of God; but we have trouble doing this because of our human will that takes up too much room.

We want to love our husband and we aren’t able to: “How come there are thoughts that enter my mind? They say that we must not judge our neighbour, and I don’t stop judging my husband;  and the husband doesn’t stop condemning his wife and yet, he loves her!”

We’re so mixed up regarding what we have become that it seems impossible for us to love the way the Gospel describes it; so, Jesus comes within us to speak to us.

What we’re hearing is real – it’s the Holy Spirit! What we hear comes to us according to how much we give of ourselves in this very moment.

How can we understand this? We can’t understand it because we are matter and we live only of our matter.

God, he is Spirit; he's everywhere; he's The Love; he touches, he envelops, he makes us go forward and us, we see nothing; consequently, for everything to happen: we must have faith in what God is – he's the one who’s going to transform the being that we are.

Anything that is imperfect, he will make it perfect; whatever wrong we consented to doing through our flesh, he will transform it.

How many among us have read books that were Satan's work? Books about the light, books about chakras, books about numbers, books about energy, books about dreams, books about astrology? All this is satanic.

There are also books about medicine, about the conscious and the subconscious; human beings who speak about the subconscious, who are capable of healing the children of God, saying that they were able to enter into the human through hypnosis in order to seek out what was inside: this is satanic, this does not come from God.

God doesn’t need hypnosis to seek out what is hidden inside in order to trigger our memory; God is God three times holy; the power of the Holy Spirit is light, strength: he heals his children through love, not through suffering.

We don’t bring wounds back up to the surface while saying, “Your mother, your father didn’t want you.” We don’t hypnotize an adult with the aim of letting out his suffering by telling him that he was violated by his father when he was a year old, a few months old: this is Satan's work and not God's.

We ourselves have agreed to place ourselves in Satan's hands through human will: it was through Satan's tricks that this was done.

But why didn’t we notice anything? Because we left our rosary in our drawer – we went dancing, we went to play bingo, we played cards, we turned our television on, we held spiritual evenings: we played with evil, we neglected ourselves.

We wanted to give pleasure to our flesh while saying, “You, spiritual life, don’t bother me; you’re boring, it’s boring to say the rosary.” And so, if we have had such thoughts, that was the beginning; these are the consequences of our choices before sin.

But where did sin begin? The first sin, the disobedience, Cain’s sin that brought us a flood of sins, and Satan took advantage of all this: there had to be an opening somewhere.

When he tempted Eve, he did this with subtlety and hypocrisy; Eve had received everything from God in order to avoid falling into temptation; she was seduced, seduced by the Seducer, the one who is full of vanity, the one who gazed upon himself and contemplated himself.

She allowed herself to be approached through this movement – movement of disguised pride – but it was just enough to create an opening: to want to be like God, not to be God, but to be like God and this enabled a movement of obedience to emerge from another movement.

So, she went to find Adam to show him that what she had chosen wasn’t so bad: it was nothing that would be detrimental to God, but rather something that pleased her and would therefore please God.

And so, she turned her eyes towards herself, “I want to please God”, despite the fact that she was receiving everything from God, that God was fulfilling her and that she was returning this to God so that he could in turn give to her.

But she had drawn near to that movement of pride and she succumbed to it; she should have turned her eyes to God, but Adam, Adam should have said to her, “No, not that”; he who admired God, he who contemplated God's love, did not see that love in Eve’s eyes, for in Eve’s eyes there was something that had changed.

And so, he looked into Eve’s eyes and he was drawn to Eve's eyes: she had a hold on him, she held him with what she knew. He who had received everything from God, should have turned his eyes away to turn them towards God, but he didn’t turn his eyes away: this was his choice.

And so, both of them had to live with their consequences: the Divine Will withdrew from them, and they came to know their human will. This is the only sin they came to know – there were no other sins.

They believed in what God was telling them: “I will send you a Saviour.” And they were obedient to what God was telling them: “Man, you shall work the earth and the earth shall give you its works,” for the earth was obedient to God.

Eve: “From now on, you shall give birth to your children with my graces”, for she was to know suffering, however, she would be enveloped in God's graces, God's strength, without ever refusing this movement, for she knew, she knew that she had disobeyed, but she recognized the love of God which was still being given.

She who was called to give part of herself in order to create God's children, was aware of the movement of giving: the woman gives of herself in order to create, and when the woman has her child, the child returns her love: movement of love that gives itself over and over again.

But Cain, Cain broke this movement, for when Cain was tempted by Lucifer, by Satan, he didn’t say no, he didn’t reject this.

Adam and Eve were instructing their children regarding God's love; they were showing them how to be faithful to God, how to walk under the eyes of God, for they were receiving everything from God.

God was showing them how to cultivate the earth; God was showing them how to build homes so they could be sheltered from the sun, sheltered from the wind: they were receiving everything they needed in order to live on earth.

And Cain knew all this; so, when he had temptations of pride, of doubt, of anger, of jealousy, he had to choose: refuse evil and choose good but he didn’t do this; and so, he fell into the consequences of his choices and he was chased far from Adam and Eve and the descendants of Adam and Eve, for Adam and Eve didn’t only have Cain and Abel – they had had other children, and the children multiplied amongst themselves.

Cain left far away with his wife and his descendants: the children of his children, and all his descendants, and when he left far away, he left because God had distanced him from the light: this was the consequence of his choice.

The earth became harder and harder to man, suffering during childbirth became more and more painful for the woman because the earth had tasted what it had never tasted before: God's love had departed violently from a child, for when Abel’s blood touched the earth, the earth recognized disobedience yet again.

The earth is living, the earth is the grace of God for all children of God.

When the earth saw that this movement was not of God, it closed itself off: from then on, it would recognize only what would come from God.

Man must acknowledge that all that comes from the earth comes from God; if man claims to be master of what he does, the earth will know this for it recognizes that it is human will and not the Divine Will that is master of his works.

This is why man, from year to year, works relentlessly; this is why woman suffers more and more while giving birth, because children come from the earth.

Adam was made from earth – his flesh, not his soul, his flesh – and so, every child is from the earth through the flesh.

And so, when Cain distanced himself from his parents, Adam and Eve, he felt a great suffering: he left far away with a great burden. In his heart, there was a mark – the mark of unfaithfulness, and all those of Cain’s lineage had this unfaithfulness within them, which made them weak before temptation.

When Lucifer was thrown into the darkness along with all the fallen angels, he wandered in the darkness; he was looking for a place to dwell, and so he made the earth his home.

He wanted to be prince of the earth but he wasn’t the Light and therefore, he took possession of what was not his; he wants to be master of all those who are on earth so that they might know that he is the only master of all that exists.

When he looked at the Son of God, he felt a great jealousy: he wants to be the Son of God and as he cannot be the Son of God, he will do anything he can so that we, we think he is the Son of God.

In this way, he will gain victory over all God's children: the Son of God (became) Man to come on earth to give God's children their perfection. And as he wants us all at his mercy, he wants to show that he is victorious over the Son of God: “There, you wanted to be the Son of God made Man, well, I am showing you that you are nothing to God's children for they belong to me.”

Can you see his hatred? He wants us to take him for the Son of God in order to strike the Son of God, for through us, he wants to strike the Son of God in order to gain victory over the Son of God, over the Light.

The Prince of darkness wants to gain victory over the Light; as he can no longer be light, he wants to strike out at the cause of his downfall and bring the children of God into the darkness for eternity.

And so, God comes to speak in our heart to show us that he is victorious over evil.

The Son of God was glorified by the Father, the victory has been accomplished, but us, we must live this victory, we must fulfill ourselves through what he is: Jesus.

It is now time to awaken what is within us: the power of love, which makes us children of God in one unity.

All God's children belong to God, and let’s be assured that he will not lose even one.

Let’s stop being afraid, let’s stop saying that our brothers and our sisters are becoming lost in the New Age movement, let’s stop giving them power, free rein: this is false – God is the one who is victorious over evil and not Satan, the being of darkness.

We must hold our heads up, we must keep our eyes fixed on God; if we really believe in what we’re doing when we say the rosary, well then, let’s behave according to what we are: children who say, “Yes, Mother, you pray for us, we who are sinners; you, you know that we are your heel.”

The yes of a child is worth all the no’s of the vain.

When we say yes to God with humility like a tiny child, we are more powerful than the no’s being said to Jesus with vanity because we understand those who are saying no, we go on loving them, we want to do what Jesus did.

Jesus has been on the cross; they weren't the ones who put him on the cross, it was Jesus who put himself on the cross; they weren't the ones who nailed the hands and feet of Jesus, it was Jesus who let himself be nailed and it was Jesus who accepted all this; they weren't the ones, through their strength, who nailed him.

Oh! Through the power of God, through a tiny, tiny, tiny breath, he could have sent them spinning in the air.

God agreed to live this out of love for us. So, we must do the same, we must agree to live the passion, a passion of love: “Yes, I give you my brother, I give you my sister, who don’t believe in you, Jesus. Yes, I give you all those who believe in this magic; there are many of them, Jesus, I can't even name them but you know them; envelop them, Lord, I'm not able to do this but you are able to. Take my suffering because my child, my child believes in astrology; I have faith that you do wonders within him.”

This is victory over evil: Jesus will take what we are and he will transform it into good, and all those who are in us will feel the effects of this.

We are living the night of darkness; we are too little to fight the darkness so let’s leave this up to God. Inside us is his strength, inside us is that power, so let’s use that power by saying yes to Jesus – that’s all.

This is what he expects of us; he doesn’t want our tears, our fits of anxiety, of doubts.

Yes, we see our children who are grappling with illnesses, with cancer, yes, our flesh suffers – let’s give our flesh to Jesus: “I give you the consequence of this suffering, these are my choices before sin, so this belongs to you. Come and eradicate evil from my flesh and do the same for all those who are in me.”

Do you believe that medicine, which has studied the conscious, the unconscious, and the subconscious, can do this? So Freud, with his theory, has just gone out the window: this is satanic, this isn't true, this is false.

Let’s be children of God and let’s turn our eyes towards God; let’s leave all the room for Christ – he knows everything that is in our flesh, and our flesh is our thoughts, our eyesight, our hearing, our heart, our feelings, our actions past, present, and future.

Can a doctor know the future? No, he isn't the Divine Will; only God has this power, so let’s put our lives in God's hands.

Let’s stop turning to stones; don’t believe in that power, for there is power there.

Yes, there is power and power is all around us; that power is the antichrist.

We have waited for the antichrist to present himself; isn't this because it is written in the Gospel? We didn’t know what he was going to be like... well, he's all around us.

He will present himself before our eyes because God will want him to so that Mary can crush him, but let’s not leave any room for him in our lives.

He's everywhere, the antichrist; the antichrist is a spirit, he's Satan, he gave birth to the power of evil and evil is all around us.

And so, the Lord has just said, “That is enough for now.”

Thank you, Lord.