Gathering of Love with God's Action in Sandy Bay Indian Reserve, Manitoba,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




God the Father: I, God the Creator, am in the presence of each one of you.
I am the Life, I am all that you see, all that you feel, all that you can make of your life: I AM!

Your life was in me before your birth; each one of you who came into this world was willed by me, your Creator.

Every creation, all beauty, all splendour comes from my Splendour.

When you look with your eyes and you see my creation, tell yourselves that I, your Creator, I have taken care of you.

I gave you all you needed to live on this earth, but the children of this world do not appreciate what I have given them.

They took for themselves what I, I had given them to share, turning my children into slaves to the things they desire.

These children were in possession of power; my other children became victims to this power.

I, the Creator, loved my children. I, the Creator, love all children of earth.

I come to cry out in the hearts of all children so that they might know that I love them.

I am not coming to condemn those who used power to control my little ones.

I come to speak in hearts to warn you that God is love and that he expects each of you to also be love.

I filled my waters with fish; I gave nature all fruits, all vegetables to nourish you; I populated the air with my birds.

I gave all this so that you could be loving towards nature; even this the children of the earth did not respect. They did not want my love.

I am every movement you see around you.

I am the Creator of nature, I am the Creator of each of you.

I come to remind all my children that they must behave as children worthy of being mine: the Creator.

Every child is unique to me, he is sufficient unto himself, for I gave every child all he needs to live; but, because of the disobedience of your first parents, this harmony was interrupted.

You are all descendants of Adam and Eve, you are a single family: my family.

I, I am your Father, I make no distinction among my children.

Because of sin, the children gave themselves power over others.

Some regarded themselves as superior to others; some went as far as dominating my little ones.

There is uffering over the entire surface of the earth: my rich children kill one another; my children who are among the middle classes give themselves power through material goods, and those who have nothing, ask for nothing: they suffer, they die of hunger.

I know all your movements.

I want to announce to you, my children, that every one among you will have to see himself in the face of his movements.

This is why I am coming to cry out within you to love yourselves. I want you to learn to love yourselves first.

When a child discovers that he comes from me, the Creator, he begins to discover that I am the only one who can help him, for he knows that all is within him, that all that is external to him is not life – life is in him.

I am the Life: with my Life, I nourish you.

I want to make you discover the true worth of your lives.

When a child loves himself, he begins to appreciate what I give him; he begins to open his eyes to the beauty of nature; he begins to regard his deeds with the love he has in him: he discovers that he is important.

If he is from me, if he is from the Life, then his life is eternal; then this child will take care of what I, the Creator, have given him; in this way, he will also be able to take care of those he loves.

A child who has not learned to know who he is cannot love his neighbour because he has not yet learned that he, he is: love.

I come to speak to every one among you; I come to declare to you that you are my children; I come to tell you that I took care of you despite your stubbornness in not acknowledging that you are my children, for I am a free God, I respect your freedom.

I do not want for you to be slaves, I want you, of your own accord, to come within you: where I am.

I am living, I am there, within you.

I am not a remote God, an indifferent God, I am not coming to punish you: I am The Love, I am Mercy.

I gave you my Son so you could all be in me, your Father.

You are aware of the importance of the family.

You know that in every family there is a head of the family, and that is the eldest.

I, your Father, I am the only Creator of earth and of Heaven, I am your Elder.

I am, and have been, and shall always be, for I am the Power, I am the perfect Being.

You come from me.

I gave life to each of you; you must love the life within you.

You must, my children, learn to discover what you are in relation to others; each one of you must give of himself.

The elder must protect, must advise; the elder must take care of himself and be an example, for the younger ones watch, they see in him what they want to become.

It is for this reason, my children, that I say you must be good to yourselves.

I, God the Creator, I gave you my Son Jesus; he came on earth to save you from eternal death; he came on earth representing the Father: he was me, because I am in him and he is in me, and he and I, we are in the Holy Spirit: I am God.

You, my children, be worthy of being called children of God.

My Son took all your deeds, he purified them with his Blood.

His Blood poured over you and every time you do a bad deed and you regret your deed, your deed is purified, for my Son has already brought that deed unto death.

The moment you accept to be purified, your deed becomes pure; you become pure for you are part of this movement.

When you carry out a deed, this begins within you, it is the life inside you that stirs and brings about your action.

This is why, my children, I say to you that my Son purified you by carrying who you are within himself.

You are part of his Body: my Son's Body was pierced so you could enter into him.

I want to speak to you about love, about my love for you.

A time of love is coming during which no impure deed will exist[1] …heart, I want to make you understand that the time when sin will no longer exist on earth…

A great movement of purification has begun: at this very moment, every child on earth is receiving movements of love from children who pray.

I am preparing their interior to see me: whoever sees my Son, sees the Father! Every child on earth, at this very moment, is in my movement of love.

I am awakening hardened hearts; the Holy Spirit covers them

so that they can see themselves as they are.

You, the children who have agreed to pray, you are in my movement of love, and this enables you to accept your purification.

At this very moment, you are in this movement; through my graces you allow me to speak to you; you allow me to tell you that you have behaved badly.

When a father loves his children and when a father sees his child behaving badly, he has love and he wants to reprimand him because he has love.

This is why I can speak to you like this today.

To accept your purification is to prepare yourselves for what is to come.

I sent this instrument of love so you could be in the very presence of my voice.

I speak through her to tell you that you must prepare yourselves for soon you will see my glorified Son within yourselves.

Not one of my children on earth will not be in my Son's presence.

This moment is known to me. I am not coming like a thief, I am coming to tell you that you must prepare yourselves.

My children, your purification has already begun.

When you will see me, when you will see my Son, many among you will be joyful, because you will have agreed to your purification from this moment on.

Some children on earth who do not prepare themselves because they refuse to listen to my priests, because they refuse to listen to their elders who, they, have learned to pray, and some children want to deliberately disregard how to love their neighbour for they prefer money, they prefer to amuse themselves, they prefer to dominate others: these children will know all their deeds.

If they refuse to say yes to my call of love, those children will not enter my New Earth.

The children who agree to say yes to The Love will have to accept their purification.

I will envelop them in my love and your prayers will have brought them graces of strength so they will be able to get through this purification with my graces.

This time is precious, my children, it is precious to each one among you, it is also precious to those you love and to those you do not know for when you pray, I am also asking you to pray for all the children of earth.

Do you know why? Because when you pray for many people, I multiply graces for you, and you benefit from these graces in order to face your purification, which is happening at this very moment.

I am the Light, the Light came to enlighten you regarding your life.

I am the Way, I show you the path to follow.

I am the Life, and the Life is calling out within you for you to say yes to your life of love.

It is a life of love that will reign over the earth. All that has made you suffer will no longer exist.

The earth shall be purified; you as well shall be purified.

Just like my first children, Adam and Eve, before the fall, who lived in a land of love where all was nothing but beauty and abundance - this is what I am talking to you about: I am talking to you about my New Earth - I am asking you, my children, to behave as God's children.

I know your sins, I know your weaknesses; I will sustain you, I am your strength.

If, today, you are here, it is because I have always been within you; I am the one who prevented you from destroying yourselves.

Sin is against you.

If you have known sufferings, illnesses, if you were kept apart from the world: it was because of the sins of the world, it was also because of your sins that you suffer, that you feel pain in your bodies.

You thirst for love, you thirst for the knowledge of happiness on earth.

Because I nourished your life, you are children of love; you could not be otherwise.

Since you have the desire to feed yourselves, to clothe yourselves against the cold: it is because you love yourselves.

You have not yet learned that you were love for yourselves and you have already neglected yourselves.

I, I am here to remind you that you are children, you are my children, you are my little ones.

When you take one of your little children in your arms, you hold him tightly against your heart; do you believe that I, I would not do the same within you? How many times have I comforted you! How many times have I encouraged you!

How many times have I told you to take care of your health! How many times have I told you to go outside to get some fresh air!

How many times have I told you: look at the beauty of the sky, look at the beauty of my creation!

All you have done that was good came from me: this did not come from you.

Only your yes belongs to you; your no also belongs to you.

You see, my children, I am the Life and if I wanted to, in a single instant, I would take your life from you, for I have all power over life and over death.

You came into this world to journey towards me, your Father.

You are here to prove to me that you want me.

I am jealous of you, my children! Do you know why? When you choose yourselves over me, I suffer inside you for you say yes to your bad habits and you say no to what I, I want for you.

When you learn to give yourselves evil either through games, or alcohol, or drugs, it is because you prefer your human life and you neglect the true life within you: the life that is eternal.

Everything that is within you will last forever; everything that is external

will last only for the duration of a life on earth.

When you look at a bird in the sky, your eyes are fixed on it and it rises high in the sky: it only takes a few seconds for your eyes to lose sight of it.

Your life on earth is the same! My Life, your eternal life, has no end! Think of all that is beautiful, all that is good, think of all good smells, think of the breeze that comes to you, think of the rain that falls after a drought, think of the beauty of flowers, think of the flavour you taste when you bite into a fruit, think of warmth when it is cold outside: all this is good for you!

My children, I have more than this to offer you during your eternal life.

If, at this very moment, I were to make you feel what you will feel during your eternal life, you would die of joy! This is why I am begging you to accept your purification from this moment on, by saying to me: “Yes, Father, I want to give you my life. You gave me your Son so that I could go to him. I accept. I do not know how this must be done, but you, you know how. Since you nourished me, since Jesus has allowed me to be warm in winter and sheltered in summer, since you allowed all this, it is because you know better than I what I must do. I give you my life.”

My children of love, God has spoken to you in your hearts: these words are inside you.

If this were coming from this instrument, this child, this could not have entered you for all that is human is but external and all that comes from me, your Creator, is within you, for I am within you and these words have been within you.

I know each one among you, and it is to each of you that I have said these words because you have agreed to come hear your God.

The moment you shall be before me, I who am in my Son, a great joy shall rise up within you: it will envelop you, you will become like the light, and this light will merge with the Light: my Son is the Light! This has been, for you, a moment of love in your present, today, and this has been inscribed in your eternal life; and in your eternal life, this will be one more source of joy in addition to what I want to give to you.

A special joy shall be within you and when you will meet children who have experienced this same joy: a ray will emerge from your chest to enter the chest of your brother or your sister, and a ray will emerge from the chest of your brother or your sister and will penetrate your chest, for you will be children of love for eternity.

You shall be with me in my Kingdom.

I am the Alpha and the Omega: I am Eternal Love.

God's love cannot be measured, love is and shall be.

Because you utter your yes, you are love.

You shall be in love eternally for God the Father comes to place very special graces within you which will ensure that your life is a yes to The Love.

I am the Presence, you are in my Presence.

I love you, my children. The Father wants the person, the eldest, to bless the children in his Name.


The eldest person present blesses the people in his native tongue.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yesterday, when we came to the Mission of the Shroud (in Winnipeg), it was raining hard; we were asking ourselves if we were going to come here the following day given the bad road conditions.

I asked God, he said to me, “You will have the answer tomorrow, it is my gathering, not yours.”

So, in the morning when we left for Mass, it was cloudy and we hadn't talked to Roger yet.

When we went to Mass, in the spot where we were, we couldn’t see outside and at the Communion – it’s always during Communion that he prepares me for the gatherings – when I shut my eyes, Jesus, he said to me, “I want you to abandon yourself.”

I said, “Yes” and (I saw inside me) it was white, there were feathers and the head of a bird, it was a bird that was all white: it was covering my entire body; so, I was surprised because I didn’t know what it meant.

All of a sudden, something took me and brought me straight up into Heaven.

And then I presented myself before three people all in white – I knew it was the Trinity because it wasn’t the first time that I saw them – so God the Father said, “I want you to go talk to my children. It’s not up to you to know what you must say, it’s up to me, they are my children; I am the one who is going to be there, not you.” Then, he said, “Go, my daughter, you are no more.”

Afterwards, when I went outside, the sky was blue. I know this because the person I was with said, “Look”; she said – it wasn’t you who said this? You said it too, eh? – that the blue of the Manitoba sky was more beautiful than anywhere else.

So, I came here without thinking about it, without knowing anything, because there's always an emptiness that forms inside me, there are prayers that rise up in me, it’s always prayers.

And then, I arrived, and I never know what I'm going to talk about, he doesn’t even want me to know because he says: “You are only an instrument and I am the one who talks to my children, you, you have nothing to say.” But he said, “I will give you love for my children.”

He's giving me graces: to love everybody, all children.

And when I came up here and I saw you, then, inside me it was: “Good, I know them, and I’ve known them for a long time.”

I don’t know, what I can feel can't be explained, but there isn’t the same shyness as before.

I was a very shy little girl in my little family; I didn’t talk much, I didn’t have any friends.

And then, everything changed in my life. I wouldn’t jump up on a rooftop to tell everyone but I feel good inside, I feel comfortable with the people I'm meeting.

Tha’s how it is, I can't explain it.

And he also gave me tremendous respect for elderly people; this, I've had this since I was little because my father was very important to me: he was the head of the family, that was daddy! I also have the same respect, but in a different way, for young people, for us: we’re all the same, eh? We’re the same age, us; that’s okay for us, but when I see young people, something happens inside me, it’s a different kind of respect than the one for older people, but it’s still respect.

And when I saw the baby girl (a few months old) there, it was a joy; it’s like a candy that I receive.


Roger Poisson: I have a message that the Lord gave me upon our arrival at Sandy Bay for her visit. He said, “For you, thanks to your prayers concerning her visit, I put the rain aside and I leave you the washboard!” (Laughter) The washboard is their way of life; there are lots of people who still don’t have water in their houses. There are people who go get water from the lake to wash their clothes by hand, and if I made a joke about this yesterday, it’s to keep you up to date with what’s going on.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When they will be in the New Earth, they will not know suffering, the suffering of giving up material goods, because they know what this is about.

Think of those who will suffer because they will have to give all this up; this suffering, you will not experience it, but they are going to.

What you have suffered for many years, they will suffer it (in turn), but much, much more intensely.

Because they, those who have acquired those things as something that was due them, they have not learned to live with what I have given them.

What they are going to live in the New Earth is harmony with nature.


Roger Poisson: What you’ve just said there is an old prophecy from the “Odawa” language.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And so, have pity on what we are, us, the white people, because we’re going to suffer.

Thank you very much.


1 Part of the text was unrecorded here when the cassette was turned over to other side.