Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus






Jesus: Beloved, I love you. God is coming to speak in your hearts, he is letting you know that you live in me, Jesus.

I am the Life. If, my children, you are alive, it is because I, I place movements within you.

Your entire life belongs to me because it comes from my Father.

My Father breathed life into you, his Life.

I am in my Father, my Father is in me.

Through my sacrifice on the Cross, you entered into me, I carried you.

God wants you with your consent; I can force none of you, my children, to come and live your life in me, Jesus.

You have your human will and it is because you have used your human will that Jesus of Love uses instruments to speak to you in your hearts.

Because of human will, you interrupt my action within you.

At every moment, I speak in your heart, but because you live in your human will you do not hear my words.

I want to make you discover who you are.

I want to make you discover the importance of your life in me, Jesus.

I am the Life.

You must live your life in my Life and your life shall be eternal.

My children, I know that many among you know these words.

I come to remind you of my teachings of love according to your times, yours, because throughout your lives you have used instruments that have distanced you from me.

Many of you have forgotten God’s power within you.

I come to tell you that God is love, that God is merciful, that God loves you as you are.

I come to tell you that you must love your brothers and your sisters as they are.

Many among them do not even know that I am present within them.

If they have life within themselves it is because I, I am in them.

But because of a world in evolution, they’re entirely concerned with themselves (Nicole), casting God aside, wanting to live their lives as they please, and my children are hurting themselves, they are self-destructing.

This is why I am coming to cry out in your hearts to give me my children.

I want to go through you, my children of the Light.

Think of the children of the entire world, not one is indifferent to me.

Every one here among you is aware of his or her life, which they themselves have justified through their actions.

They no longer want to acknowledge that they are God’s children.

They have rejected my laws of love in favour of creating their own laws: everything for themselves, and only themselves, and not offering themselves on behalf of their neighbour.

They may say, my children, that they love, but they do not know what love is; all they want is to be loved by taking their neighbour’s love for themselves.

Bus as they are not greeted with love from their neighbour, they are unhappy.

So, they turn to other people, who might be able to give them love,

but they do not find it because love is inside themselves, but they do not know this.

And so they seek without finding, they develop illnesses, for when one lives a life without peace, fear comes to inhabit them; they are afraid of not finding love: so, they become aggressive.

Many force my children to love them.

Observe the violence: it is rampant.

They need tenderness, they need me to tell them that I love them, that they are my Father’s chosen children.

This is why I talk to you: I want to go through you.

You, you know that I love you! I want to take your entire life, yours, my children of the Light, and I want to turn you into children of the Divine Will.

My Father’s Will is nothing but love, tenderness, gentleness.

My Father’s love respects the freedom of others. My Father’s love expects nothing from others,

it is free. My Father’s love consists in giving.

My Father gave his only Son for the sake of love.

No one among you can understand my Father’s love, for my Father is God, he is the Power, he is the very Love.

And because he gave me to you, I, I took everything that was not love within you and I cleansed it.

My children, when you commit sins, you are not love: and so you are within evil, and I have known everything you have done, and, out of love for you, I cleansed this lack of love.

There is only The Love who could have carried out this gesture.

By shedding my Blood over you, I enveloped you in my love in order to show you the greatness of my Father’s love.

When you begin to know this love a tiny bit: you begin to love yourselves, you begin to love who you are, you begin to know my Father’s love for you, and then you know that he gave his Son for each one of you. Then you, when you look at your neighbour: you discover my Presence of love within them.

I am asking you to give yourselves as I gave myself.

‘There is no greater love than to give one’s life for those one loves.’

I want to turn you into children of love.

I want to eradicate from you all movement that is not love.

I want to make you perfect.

God created Adam and Eve, they were perfect; but after the fall, sin turned them into impure children.

Beauty became tarnished.

The intelligence became muddled.

All that was beautiful became ugly.

My children of love, I am speaking to you about your interior.

The human will cannot give you what my Father has given you.

My Father’s Will is divine, it is perfect, it is pure, but your human will is not perfect: you must choose between good and evil.

When you carry out a deed, you are obligated, my children, to ask yourselves this question: “Is this good or evil?”

Can you see how imperfect you are?

My Father, his Will is perfect.

He has no need to hesitate before carrying out a deed, for there is no evil in his action: it is Love.

I want to make you discover the true worth of God’s Will within you.

You are inhabited by God.

If I, Jesus, am in you, I am in my Father, I am in the Holy Spirit, the Trinity dwells within you: you are therefore in the presence of the Divine Will.

This time is a time of graces.

I want to turn you in children of God, I want to take your human will and give you the Divine Will.

For this, it is necessary to give me your yes to The Love.

You must not be afraid to give me your human will; I do not want to turn you into slaves,

I want you to be free to choose.

My children, this child who is speaking has renounced her human will; I have covered her with my love.

I have given her graces of abandonment and graces have transformed her throughout every moment.

This was accomplished because she abandoned herself: everything about her is nothing but abandonment.

My loves, you are, you as well, chosen children.

I want you to listen to my voice within yourselves, I want to tell you that I love you, that you are hearing my words within you.

I am the Life, I am the Presence.

I do not want to speak only to a few chosen ones.

I want to talk to you as I talked to Adam and Eve before the fall.

I want you to become once again the children that my Father wanted you to be.

Abandon yourselves in my action.

I taught my apostles that they had to enter within me, to die in me, Jesus, in order to obtain eternal life.

When you obtain eternal life, this means that you have renounced your human will to become divine children.

To be divine children you must live in the Divine Will.

You are living these times on earth.

I am preparing your interior to receive my graces of abandonment, my graces of love, so that you can become entirely abandoned, in me, Jesus.

I want to give you love, happiness, without fear, without illness, without suffering.

I want to make you happy, as you should have been before sin.

My children, I love you; these words are truth: they nourish your interior.

I am the Life.

Be in my Life.

Be good to yourselves.

Be good to those you carry within you.

You are in me: I, I am the Head of the Church, the priests are my active members and you, you are my members.

I want to nourish every one of you through my graces of love.

You see, my children, when you turn to my priests, you come to draw my graces through the sacraments.

Your soul allows itself to be nourished by my graces of love.

For my graces to act within you, it is necessary to leave me all the room to me.

When you are worried there is no peace within you, and I, I wait for you to become calm before acting within you.

It is necessary to trust that God acts. It is necessary to give me your life.

When you come to Communion and you receive me, tell me you love me; stay with me.

I beg you, my beloved, do not think of leaving right away: let us stay together, tell me you love me! If you could only see my Presence within you, I surround you with my Presence, which is nothing but love.

My Father’s power emerges from me and it envelops you, turning you into children of love.

But how many among you think of leaving right away?

And that moment of intimacy is over.

Oh! My children, I am still there, I stay in your presence! And when you leave the Mass, I am still there, I want to give you the love that is inside me! I thirst for love! I want to give you love! Everything within me, my children, is love! I want to give this love, love is suffocating me!

Let God cover you.

I want to turn you into beings of love, as my Father wants you to be.

When you go about your day, think about me, the one who is in you: say the words ‘I love you’ to me.

I never stop telling you: “I love you! I am in you! I want you to love me. I want you to discover yourself as you truly are: love.”

When you do not realize that you are love, you remain worried; your days are too heavy for you.

You do not allow me to perform your actions, so your body becomes exhausted, and illnesses come to you: you cannot find life pleasant.

You cannot draw out the love within you in order to love your neighbour; you are forced to draw love from another and that other person is not love; he as well, has not allowed Jesus to tell him that he loved him; he has not even realized that I wanted to give him all my Father’s love.

And you, my beloved, my sweetness, you are left without love, and you have difficulty living your life.

You are love, do not neglect yourself.

This is the reason I talk to you within you: I use this child so that you can hear me.

Let yourself be loved by me.

Stay with me when you come to receive me within you.

Let me cover you with my love, you will see that you will allow yourself to be transformed by me, you will become love, and then, you will be able to love for the love inside you will emerge, and those who are around you will benefit from what you are.

You will not need to ask them for love because it is you who will give it to them.

And, in turn, he will discover that I am there, in him, because he will want to discover what you, you have discovered, and he will love himself.

And you, and he, you will love each other in me, Jesus.

You will no longer be able to judge your neighbour for you will have discovered love: the love that gives, the love that holds nothing back, the love that wants to give: as I gave myself to you!

My children of love, The Love talks to you because he loves you.

He does not want you to be sad.

I do not want to reprimand you, I am love, I am Mercy.

I want to nourish you with my graces of love, only I can do this.

I go through my priests: you must turn to my priests in order to receive the sacraments.

My children, Confession is love.

When you acknowledge that you are imperfect children, it is because you know you need help.

It is by going to draw graces that cleanse your interior that you allow God to act, and I, I place within you graces to strengthen you against your weakness, and you, my children, through my graces, you discover love, you can no longer go without love, and you love to come to Communion to receive The Love.

It is The Love who gives himself, it is I who take you.

When you approach my priest, I am the one who is calling you.

When you receive me, I am the one who is receiving you.

I receive you within myself in order to give you my love.

I transform you into children of love and this movement comes from me; you need not make any efforts.

I need your yes, only your yes belongs to you for all that belongs to you comes from me, comes from my Father, comes from the Holy Spirit, for we are The Love! I am asking you, my children, to let these words flow through you.

They are graces for you and for those you carry within you, for I am also speaking for those you carry.

I am the Life. I am Life everlasting. I am the Alpha and the Omega.

There is no time within me, there is no space within me: I am omnipresent, therefore, I am also in the presence of those you carry.

Those you carry within you will receive the graces you are presently receiving.

Because you carry your yes within you, they also carry a yes through my presence, for I am the Presence.

My children of love, I love you! I want you only for myself!

Trust in the action of your God. I am the Almighty.

No one among you here tonight has come of his own accord: I am the one who has chosen you, I am the one who has known your yes; consequently, I myself invited you.

When you come to Mass, I am inviting you: I am inviting you to come receive The Love.

Be present as you are present here.

Savour my Presence.

Such is the movement of love, this is how I gave myself to my Father on the Cross; I was carrying you within me and I offered myself completely so that you could be children of God.

This movement is present during the Eucharist.

Do you see, my children, the importance of your place within me? Be aware of the greatness of your life, your life is eternal through my Presence within you.

Should you ever choose to say no, this is the moment when life will be no more.

My children, this is the choice of your human will, but I know your yes and I also know those you carry who, at this moment, do not want to give me their yes.

They carry a no inside themselves, but, through you, I want to place within them graces of love, which will make them aware of my Presence of love, of mercy, and when they will see me within themselves, they will see my love, and it is with your graces that you have agreed to share, with your yes, that they will pronounce their yes.

Do you see the importance of your presence in me, Jesus?

Nourish your place in me, Jesus, by saying to me: “Jesus, I give you my life. I give you the lives of all my brothers and sisters that I carry in me.”

This loving gesture shall be returned to you a hundredfold.

Your reward shall be the proof of my Father's love, for you belong to him.

My Father loves you, you are his little children.

He places graces within you, through me, so that you can acknowledge that you are all brothers and sisters: you are God’s family!

I love you! Always be in my Presence. Through the power of love, God the Father blesses you.




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus is teaching each of us how to behave.

It is through moments of love, such as the one we have just experienced, that we learn to know ourselves, and when we learn to know ourselves, that’s because we’re in God's presence.

God is the Almightiness.

He wants me to talk because he says, “It is I who will it.”

He says that I’m not obliged to be here unless he wills it.

He says: “I am in each of my children. I love them. But I chose you so that you could repeat the words that are inside you: they do not belong to you, they are for them.”

He says, “Thank my daughter who has just sung.”

He says as follows:

            “Remember. Before you wanted to come here, you were not aware of this.
            So, when you learned that you were coming here, out west, you knew that there would be western music.

            But yesterday, you did not hear any western songs; so, you resigned yourself to this.

            When you wanted to eat a French fry along the way, you stopped.”

He says: “In the restaurant, they were playing western music. And then, you stopped and you were happy. But I, I was reserving something even better than that for you.”

            Earlier, when she was singing, he said to me: “That song is for you.”

Thank you, Lord! Thank you!

He does things like this for me often, you know. Jesus does the same thing for each one of us, but we don’t realize it.

Me, I have the possibility to hear him! Sometimes, I'm at home and I start crying, and I say: “Jesus, I want everybody to hear.”

Because he said that my mission is to help my brothers and my sisters enter the New Earth, so, often I cry out to Jesus at night in front of the Holy Face: “Jesus, it would be easier if everyone heard like I hear.”

But, he says: “The time will come.”

Yes, he told me that many among us would hear.

Grandmother said that it has already started.

Grandmother Saint Ann: in 2001, it was Grandmother’s birthday – I had a really strong feeling that I had to go to Quebec, to Saint-Anne-de-Beaupré, on the 26th (July).

But I had celebrated her birthday at home, so I said, “I don’t need to go.”

I heard Jesus: “Go where I tell you to go.”

I come from La Prairie, from a small town.

My husband and I, we weren’t outgoing people; even if it was only two and half hours away, to me, it was far.

I didn’t travel to many places around my home, just a little bit, even going to Montreal was an outing.

I went to Quebec; there, I saw Grandmother Saint Anne; it was the first time I had gone to her sanctuary.

Since 2001, I always carry paper and something to write with, because he says: “Write, my daughter.”

So, I’m always ready, because he talks all the time, Jesus, in me, and God the Father, Mother Mary, the Trinity.

But I don’t write everything down, because most of them are teachings preparing me to understand what he wants to say.

Then, when I arrived in front of the big, big statue of Grandmother, I heard: “Write, my daughter.”

So I began writing, and Grandmother’s voice is feminine, like Mary’s.

It’s inside me that I hear the voice.

It’s like when Jesus is there, it’s a man’s voice, and when it’s the voice of Mother Mary, it’s a woman’s voice, and when it’s Grandmother, it’s a woman’s voice, but her voice is a little more authoritative than Mother Mary’s.

When I began writing, it was gentle: “My daughter…”

When she began, “My children…” well, then she was talking to everyone, to each one of us at the same time: her words, Grandmother’s, seemed to be scolding us, but like a grandmother, and it surprised me so much that I stopped writing.

Then, she said to me, “My daughter, continue.”

It was the first time that I really wrote like, how can I say this… bang, bang, bang! Yes!

She was describing how we behave: “You argue amongst yourselves.”

She wanted to stop suffering, because we were making her suffer because of her Grandson: we’re making her sad! She also told me that many had started to hear in their hearts.

She also told me: “There are some who receive many inspirations through the Holy Spirit, and this is the beginning of love in hearts.”

Jesus, when he said: “I am coming to show you the love in hearts”, well, I thought, “That’s for later on!”

And, that’s when, slowly, through the teachings, I saw that this wasn’t the case; it was inside us: it had already started.

And he's preparing us before we enter the New Earth, because he says that there's no one among us who will enter with sins, into the New Earth.

He wants us to be children of the Divine Will.

And this means that he wants us to renounce our human will.

If he had said this to me in the years 95, 97, well, I wouldn’t have understood anything, I would even have been afraid to renounce what I knew: the only thing I know is my will.

Try saying this to your children: “Abandon everything you are and give yourself to Jesus”, and he goes biking, he goes to the movies, he goes out, he travels, he has his studies, university.

Hey! He's not ready to give this up! To him, this means giving all this up for Jesus! Oh, no! It’s the same thing for us! So, this is why he starts slowly: so that we don’t get scared.

It’s through Mother Mary that he begins: in the beginning, she's the

one who leads us slowly by the hand.

In one of his writings, he says: “You are so shrouded in darkness that you no longer know where you are.

It is only by holding on to my Mother’s hand that you will go forward in this darkness, and she will also teach you to renounce".

To renounce what we have acquired, and then, what we hold so dear: how many among us, sometimes, have three telephones, two televisions, two cars! This is excessive; so, Mother, she’s going to help us give all this up.

Jesus, he says: “I shall calm your desires."

He knows very well that we, in the north, we need clothes, a well-heated house, but he wants to teach us to be happy with what we have.

But, excessiveness, no! He says: “You are complicating your lives. You think only of acquiring material possessions.”

He says that: “You have turned them into a symbol and you have forgotten the most important thing: inner life.”

He says that when we’re too concerned with material possessions, then we think too much about hanging on to them, and improving them as well; he says that we live obsessed with the fear of losing what we’ve acquired.

So, he says that the moment when he presents himself, if we still have all those possessions, and he asks us if we want to give all this up out of love for him: then this will make us hesitate.

But, as he knows our yes, he will show us everything we may have neglected because of all those things, and this is going to make us suffer; so, he says that this is why, at this moment,

Mother Mary is helping us to give this up slowly.

He uses people like me, like Carmen, like Vassula, other people, to help us understand what he expects from us.

And also, he says that Mother Mary, at this very moment, is giving us graces.

She appears in several places throughout the world to show us how to enter into our hearts.

When she tells us to pray with the heart, at the same time she's showing us how to converse within ourselves just like Jesus who wants us to meditate within ourselves: with simple, uncomplicated words, no long sentences.

Jesus is simple.

If he used me, it’s because he's simple.

Because I only went as far as grade 9 in trade school, and I barely passed to get my diploma because I wanted to be a hairdresser.

And to be able to do this, I would stay after school; we would finish at four o’clock but I used to stay until five o’clock to try to pass the exam; and if the exam had been a week later: forget about it, I would never have passed.

So, I was never interested in French, I became a hairdresser, and afterwards, I raised my children. I took care of other children at home to help my husband out.

Then, during the last few years, I was in construction, big construction jobs. Oh, yes! So, when this started, it was over my head.

When he asked me to write, he said to me: “Don’t worry about your grammar. I will send people who will help you.”

I didn’t know anybody like that.

And today, there are even professors; I didn’t know any of these people back then.

When they saw my writings, they found mistakes, but they would say: that’s okay, that’s okay.

And, I remember, Jesus, he said: “You will change nothing. They must use the words that I give you.”

The Holy Spirit, one day, he said to me: “You were not given the talent for learning.”

He didn’t want me to insert learned words instead of their words.

This is what would have happened if I had been educated.

Also, he didn’t give me the gift for languages.

He didn’t want me to learn English, but we know that in Canada, you have to learn English and French.

And my children: “Come on mom, can’t you understand this?” So, I would force myself; and when they would hear me, they would say: “Mom, keep talking in French.”

He explained to me that it was only during the translation towards English that I learned why, in the second book.

Because the one who does the translations, Giovanna Clementi, there were things that she couldn’t understand; it was poorly written.

Then, the Lord said to her: “Leave it as it is, and correct the mistakes so that it is legible.”

And, he told her this – but I, I didn’t know why; “I wanted to show the children that she was obedient, that what she was writing was not against the Church and it was not against her brothers, although she did not know what she was writing.”

When I learned this, boy, was I scared!

Then, he said: “I want you to abandon yourself without your knowing it.”

And when the Lord, he said: “You go wherever I send you” – and I knew that I was going where only English was spoken – well, the Lord, he said this: “You have nothing to do with this. These are my days, they are not your days. You have only to show up.”

And he gives me graces of peace.

So, I don’t worry; this is what abandonment is: this is what renouncing your will is.

I am fulfilled with the presence of Jesus.

So you can understand why I cried earlier, because the song, it was in thanksgiving, because he was doing this inside me, and this is my life! I no longer have a life of my own, I completely renounced my life as the mother I used to be.

When my husband died, my children, a few minutes beforehand, maybe a half hour before, gave their yes; each one in turn uttered his yes, saying: “Jesus, we give him to you.”

And one week later, Jesus, through me, asked them for the same thing.

They said their yes; they accepted that I belong only to Jesus.

They couldn’t have done this without Jesus’ graces, because after my husband’s death, my children felt an inner peace.

We gave our lives, my husband and I, to our children, and, my children know this.

When my husband died, my children said, “Mom, how come we feel like kissing everybody?”

We could feel that we were in God's presence, and this, this lasted a while, and it still is, and this is why today they support me in my mission.

I know they pray for me and they also pray for you, because they have also discovered the gift of giving their lives.

My son, he's in the process of discovering it, my daughters, it’s already done.

‘Yes, Lord!’

My daughter, she gave birth three months ago.

And so, a few days before, she said, “Jesus, I give you all my suffering for my brothers and sisters of the whole world, and I want to save souls from Purgatory.”

(During the delivery) she said, “Oh! Lord, I offered you my suffering, but this is too much!”

But she didn’t regret it; to the point that during breastfeeding – we all know that it’s very painful the first weeks, there’s even some bleeding – she offered her suffering again.

And her pain lasted one month and a half.

And while she was breastfeeding, she would smell flowers and she would smell fruit too.

And she didn’t understand, she would say, “Mom, ask Jesus why this is happening to me?”

And I didn’t know, because he wasn’t telling me why.

When Jesus doesn’t want to, he doesn’t answer.

She gave birth (February 21) and on May 21, we were eating supper – her baby was exactly three months old.

I hear Jesus saying, “Speak, my daughter. I want to talk to my child.” And he said, “I also want to talk to my son”, that’s my son-in-law; he was holding my grandson, whose name is Thomas.

Then, he said this: “My daughter, you have suffered for my children. Souls have entered my Father's Kingdom through your sufferings, and God the Father has permitted that they manifest themselves to you through smells. When you were suffering, they were sustaining you.”

He also spoke about the little baby, he said:

                        “My child, he has entered my garden, he is a little flower.

                        You, my daughter, you are a flower. You too, my son, you are a flower.

My daughter, you must take care of my son and of yourself, my son, you must take care of my daughter because you are two flowers in my garden and you are harmony, you are together in my garden.

                        And so, when you give each other love, the little flower that is in the garden benefits: you give it love.

                        When a couple brings a child into the world, the child must also receive from the parents: love.

                        If you, my daughter, you neglect to give love to your husband, and you as well my son, well then, my little baby is deprived of love.”

He says that this little baby belongs to him. He said, “I have entrusted him to you. Therefore, take care of him.”

I found this really beautiful! And also, this is something for every one us, too.

It’s important to know that when we bring a child into the world, the child has this thirst for love.

Jesus, he says that (it’s) because he has known “love in me, The Love”, but with time, since the parents cannot give him the love he's really expecting, then he, he grows up searching for that love.

And every one among us, we’re searching for love, true love.

This is why we have a tendency to search for love on the outside, that we have been searching forever (for what is) inside us.

And so, we look for it in the person we want to marry. Oh! It can be in our brother, in our sister, and when we don’t find it, we look for it in material possessions.

So, can you see that today there are a lot of children who haven’t found love?

We want to find love through material things, which are numerous: our houses are full of them!

Jesus, he says that there are also children of love who look for love inside themselves; these are the children who are dying of hunger and who have nothing to put on their backs.

Then, he says, “Take a good look, those children are smiling because the only hope they have is that one day they will be in Heaven.”

So, those children have learned to go within themselves to draw love.

Us, we’ve learned to content ourselves on our own.

Jesus is in the process of showing us how to go within to discover true love.

When we are love on the inside, we don’t look for love in our neighbour: we give!

We have this need to give.

And when we find ourselves all alone, then we beg Jesus, we cry out loudly: “Jesus, come save us. Come give us love. Only you can do this. I give you my life. Take it.”

Since 2001, Jesus has nourished me with his love by describing it to me, by making me feel it.

One day, he made me see – I was awake but my eyes were shut, we call this a vision:  there was a big heart, and then I saw hands; there were hands all around the heart, and they were begging Jesus: “Jesus, we need you. Jesus, come heal us. Jesus, we are suffering, we are crying.”

He said: “Their hands were open, but they were not giving, they were asking.”

If we ask without abandoning ourselves, God cannot give to us,

because as soon as we ask, we turn away.

He's in the process of showing us how to abandon ourselves, and then, since he knows us all, it’s according to our rhythm, along with our human limitations, because he knows how wounded we are by our sins.

So, it’s with a lot of gentleness and patience that he shows us how to discover who we are inside, and he will do it! Because one day, I was at church, I had received Communion and, back in my seat, with my eyes closed: I saw myself at a railing; I was on my knees, from the back, and right beside me was my deceased husband, (he had) his back to me as well; then, I saw myself rise up into the air, and then, we began spinning around a heart, a huge, huge red heart; then, all of a sudden, the heart, it drew us in, and at the same time, it was drawing in other children.

They were coming from everywhere, everywhere, the heart was filling up with children, and then I couldn’t see the heart anymore – when we entered the heart, we became little hearts.

Oh! It was full! And then, the hearts had faces: they were each one of us, he knows all of us, he knows all those who are going to enter with their yes into his Heart.

And then, there were like little dots that sparkled outside, they were coming down like snow, and the whole heart was filled with them, and then, they became rays of light, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, then, it exploded; then, we were like a light, I couldn’t distinguish the heart anymore: we were really in Jesus.

The vision ended.

God is showing us through this that he's in the process of transforming our hearts through Confession and Communion: this is important because I saw myself kneeling with my husband after Communion and, at that moment, we’re in God's presence.

And then, he gives us graces that transform us.

And that’s when we can abandon ourselves because he takes us, and then, we spin from one side to the other, because, you know, he respects the moment when we'll be ready to enter his Heart.

Then, he transforms us with his graces of love continuously, and when we’re completely abandoned in Jesus,

that’s when we go forward towards Jesus and we enter into his Heart.

Then, when we enter, we know that we can’t enter into the Heart of Jesus while leaving our brothers and our sisters behind, because the moment when we’re abandoned, and we’re suspended in the air, he teaches to give ourselves to our brothers and to our sisters;

and then, these are the graces they benefit from.

When we were there, others were also spinning around, and others were also on their way; this means that they too were bringing others with them; it became so powerful and so strong: this is why the more it went on, the faster it was filling up towards the end, and that’s when Jesus took us all together.

He turned us into lights, he turned us into children of the Divine Will.

You know, I have just learned this at the same time as you, because I had had this vision and I didn’t know what it meant.

He has just explained to us that we’re going to enter into him.

We’re going to go within ourselves in abandonment, we’re going to see Jesus,

then he's going to bring us to the New Earth.

You see, he uses several ways to show us simply what he's in the process of doing with us.

I have had several visions of the New Earth; and this was one of them but I didn’t know it.

We’re all going to enter the New Earth together, and God is the one who’s going to do this, not us.

What he needs is our abandonment: it’s our yes.

That’s what I do in the morning, what he showed me: in the morning before I open my eyes, I give Mother Mary my human will and I also give the human will of all my brothers and sisters of the whole world, and then, I hear Mother Mary, and I place them in her hands.

Today, she's the one who does this – I'm going to tell you what I used to say in the beginning: “I give you my human will, I give you the human will of all my brothers and my sisters of the whole world. Mother Mary, take our will and chain it up, chain it to the foot of the throne of the Divine Will – the Divine Will is the Trinity – Mother Mary, give me a drop of the Divine Will to nourish our souls.”

And I would do this every morning.

And, at noon, I would say, “Jesus, I give you my will, I give you the will of all my brothers and my sisters.”

Then, at night as I was shutting my eyes, I would say, “Jesus, are you there? Then, I give you my will and the will of all my brothers and my sisters.”

And then, I had complete faith, and then once it was done, it wasn’t my business any longer.

Because I had a tendency to say, “You know how little I am, I’m not capable, so do it for me.”

You know, I couldn’t have done this on my own, it’s really something that happened gradually, because you can’t form words just like that, without them coming to you through the Holy Spirit.

So, today, Mother Mary does it, like this morning.

And, I also hear Saint Joseph who blesses me.

Oh, yes, because Saint Joseph is very important! And sometimes, when they want to spoil me, it Grandmother Saint Ann and Grandfather Joachim who add their blessings.

God the Father, that came a little later on, maybe around 2002.

At first, it was Jesus, but now it’s God the Father.

He says that he nourishes my soul with graces of love, graces of abandonment.

He said, “I am transforming you so that you can give yourself to your brothers and sisters.”

He says, “You are no more. You are in us.”

This, this came with time.

And he said, he's the one who said this before: “Tell them this so they can understand that I do the same thing for them.”


God the Father:

            “I do not give to one while neglecting the others.

            Tell them that I am a Father of love and that I know all my children.

            There is not a single child who is not looked upon with my loving gaze.

            And I am in my Son, my Son is in me, the Holy Spirit is in us.

            We are in all the children of the earth, and it is we who nourish you with our Life.

            We want to nourish you with our graces of love, with our graces of abandonment.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Because they love us, he says, “I am The Love”. ‘Lord!’ He says: “Shout it out.”


God the Father:

            “I am The Love! I love you! Let me love you! Let me envelop you! I am your Father!

            Such is my Will to make you hear this cry of love! You are in me! Yes. I love you.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: You know, these words, he has nourished them. He says that each time I say an “I love you”, it’s nourished by the Trinity, and, he says, “This is meant to be given!”

So, the “I love you” is as if it were enveloped, and he says, “This is a gift!”

Only God can do this, eh?

Thank you very much.