Gathering of Love With God's Action in Scarborough, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-10-21 – Part 2


Jesus: The voice of the Lord is the one that leads you to eternal life. When you learn to give of yourselves, you learn to follow my Life. Little children of love, the Heart of The Love is within you. I am the Eternal Flesh; you are in my Eternal Flesh; you receive my Flesh, you receive my Blood and I take you.

Tonight, little children of love, we will journey together for a short time. If, little children, you wish to be attentive, is this not because you want to understand the Will of my Father? I shall lead you where you are unable to go, to a place where there is but the Will of my Father and no human will. Little children, let the Will of God take you in its hands. Let it be seen externally that you want nothing to do with this world by not remaining in your own thoughts, but rather by abandoning yourselves to the very Heart of The Love.

The world of today cannot bring you peace, the world of today cannot bring you faith. I, I am the Light of the world. I am the One who can bring you peace, I am the One who can nourish you with faith. I gave you my Word and my Word is still living.

If I am using this instrument to enable you to hear the words of your God within you, it is because this is willed by my Father. Not one of you is able to imagine what God, my Father, does with you. It is because of my Father that you are part of this movement of love, so that all those you carry within you, through me, may be in my Father's graces.

Little children of love, it is important for you to continue to pray from the heart. When you see your children, when you see your grandchildren, when you see those you love not following my Father's Ten Commandments, I ask you to keep your peace, to give me your suffering: I shall shower you with my graces of love, which are intended for you, so that you may stop making yourselves suffer.

Your children do not need to see your suffering; they see a world that is suffering. You, show them a face filled with love, a face filled with confidence – your children need this, those you love need this. Let me turn you into children of love so that they might know that I shall turn them into children of love.

If I am speaking in your hearts, it is to show you that this time is a time chosen by my Father. You who see that your churches are almost empty, you who see that your churches are the laughing stock of other churches, know that I am present, that I am living, for I am the Eucharist. When you enter the church, my children, you are entering my home. I am the one who welcomes you; have faith that I am a God filled with love. I know what is good for you. When you come into my home, into my dwelling place, I fill you with graces so that you may go home filled with graces.

Little children, do you think that I would leave you alone, without my presence? Do you think that I am not within you? Every time you look at your children, I look at them, and every time your children listen to you, I listen to you. As I am within you, I am within them. Even if they do not come to mass, even if they do not believe that I am present, now, in their lives, I am there. You are the ones who lack faith, my children. You must believe that I live in them as I live in you. I shall transform this world with my graces of love, which I am placing within you at this very moment. It is up to me to transform your lives. A life of love, a life filled with peace is a life that nourishes others who are around you.

I cannot force your children to believe that I speak to them on the inside; but through you, my children, through the testimony of your lives, I show them that I am living. Your gaze, my children, when it is filled with peace, is my gaze: I have graces flow from your gaze into their eyes, and this transforms their gaze. When you agree to listen to the Word of God, I transform your hearing and your hearing affects their hearing, and then: they hear, they hear my love. You become a witness to the Gospel, for I teach you to no longer be in your human will, but rather to be in my Divine Will, and, as a result, I influence their lives. Leave your lives to me, my children; it is up to me to show you what is good for you and for those you love.

You are living in a time of grace, you are living in a time of revelation, you are witness to the signs from Heaven. How many see, how many are witness to my Father's Will! The sign of love, my children, is living; the sign of love, my children, is me, Jesus – the Resurrection, the Cross.

My cross of love transforms you into crosses of love. To your children, you are a sign of love willed for them. It is Heaven who chose you. Trust in God; am I not more powerful than your world? This world has nothing to give to you. I came on earth and I spoke to you of eternal life. I am Eternal Life, I am living, I am present within you and I act. No human being can influence your lives as I can, for I know your life.

Little children of love, it is by being humble that you understand what the Holy Spirit wants you to understand. Do not ask from God, but rather receive from God; it is God who knows what is good for you. If there are those who, in their lives, receive signs from Heaven, it is not because they have asked for this – it is because God has chosen them to be a testimony to obedience and to humility.

These times, my children, are enabling you to constantly move forward. My Church is me, and you are my Church. Nothing can stop what has already begun. Be in my Will. Stop worrying about your children – I have already accomplished everything. When a parent prays, there are graces within that family, and they reach all the members of that family. I prayed my Father and my Father covered me in his graces and you have all received, for you are my limbs. Therefore, have faith that you are among those who are filled with graces and that your prayers are working on behalf of those you love. You belong to God and I take care of you, just as I take care of those you love.

Let me tell you a story. “One day, snow began to fall on a village: one day, two days, three days. The snow continued to fall and did not stop, so much so that the people in the houses had trouble opening their doors to go outside. There was so much snow in front of the doors that some were forced to open windows in order to go outside. People in the village began to become quite concerned; no one was able to get around.

In one of the houses, there was a tiny child who decided to pray to Jesus; he said, “Jesus, my mother and my father are very worried; they are afraid because my big brother has not come home. Please protect him.” The little child prayed like this and his parents continued to worry, but he, after having said his prayer, went to lie down on his bed and fell asleep, and in his sleep, he saw a light. The light melted the snow with its powerful rays and when the snow had melted, it was possible to see, to see a little boy who was in a tiny, tiny, tiny shelter. He had built this little house himself, for he loved having a tree house. Then, suddenly, the little boy woke up: “Mom, mom, dad, dad,” he said, “I know where my big brother is. He is in the tree house!” And the father and mother looked at each other with surprise, and they said, “Oh, come on! What are you talking about?” The little boy tried very hard to explain to mom and dad that his big brother had built a little house but the parents were too worried. And so, the little boy shrugged his shoulders and went back to bed and fell asleep.

When he woke up, it was very sunny outside. People had started going out with their shovels to clear their front doorsteps. There was so much excitement outside – the entire village was invigorated. People were talking about the weather – everything seemed so alive! The little boy put on his snowsuit and went outside. Then he went into the garden; he looked up at the top of the tree and he cried out, “Manuel? Manuel?” And Manuel stuck his head out and said, “What do you want?” “Why don’t you come down?” he asked. Manuel replied, “Well, because I do not want to; there is too much snow down there and there isn’t any up here.” And the little boy replied, “But even if there is snow, how come you do not want to?” The one up in the tree replied, “Because I decided to stay up here. From up here, I can see everything that is going on down below.” Then, the little boy asked his brother if he could climb up. He climbed and climbed, and he took a seat in the house. And then he saw – he looked at his brother and smiled.

What he could see was a light, a light that was on earth and that sparkled everywhere. The light was so beautiful that he could not believe his eyes. All those lights seemed to be alive – what were they? The older boy said to his little brother, “You mean you do not know? Those are God's graces that came down upon the village because, one day, I said to God: ‘If you are really there, then show me what prayers can do.’ So now I know that prayers are little lights that fall on earth and that come to show us that Heaven is on earth.”

Then, the two little boys put their arms around each other. The little one said, “You know, I told mom and dad that you were here, but they did not want to, they did not want to believe what I was telling them.” And the older brother replied, “Oh, you know, they have a lot of trouble believing in prayers, but we saw, we know, and we believe, right?” Then, the little boy said to him, “But why don’t they believe in their prayers?” The older boy replied, “That is because they have lost their heart of a child, but you and I, we are going to pray for them to get it back, and one day, they will see what we see: the light of God on earth.”

You see, little children of love, adults pray but their hearts are not like the heart of a child. Keep your heart like the heart of a child and you shall see, you shall see God's grace in the eyes of those you love. As long as there are children who pray from the heart, rest assured that God will listen to your prayers, for I came into this world as a tiny child to teach the children of this world to pray with the heart of a child.

And because I have given you to my Mother and my Mother has told you to pray from the heart, believe in this. My Mother leads all those, who go to my Mother's Heart, to the Heart of the Son so that your prayers may be answered. I am the One who comes to comfort hearts, I am the One who comes to speak in hearts in order to teach you that all has been accomplished. Have the faith of a child; this is the answer your heart seeks, your wounded heart, your worried heart, your frightened heart: to believe in this is to heal, my children.

Receive the grace of entering into your heart and of allowing my Mother's Heart to cradle you like in the very beginning – when you began the rosary, I invited you to enter into my Mother's Heart so that her Heart might cradle you. Together, my children, give thanks to the Heart of Jesus by saying a ‘Hail Mary’ in my Mother's Heart.


All: Hail Mary…


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What Heaven is doing with us, is to turn us into children who have been renewed. But in order for children to be renewed, we will have to give up our human will. And for our human will to know that we choose the Divine Will, the Will of God rather than human will, our flesh will have to be marked with a sign of love.

That sign of love is the cross! It’s the most beautiful sign that God the Father has given us because he consented to having his Son nailed to the cross out of love, and through this sign, he ensured that we would be glorified. The sign of the cross is what will ensure that we will be in Jesus’ glory, because when Jesus died, he rose again and God the Father glorified his Son. Through the cross, we recognize that Jesus died out of love for us, and, through the cross, we know that Jesus, who died and rose again, was glorified. Therefore, when we agree to bear the cross, well, we consent to wanting to experience that glorification as well.

To allow oneself to be marked by that sign of love on the forehead is to indicate to God: “My flesh belongs to you; it doesn’t belong to me. It comes from you and it will return to you, glorified by your Son.” It isn’t our human will that will permit us to be part of this movement – it is Jesus, only Jesus.

Jesus founded his Church and he chose apostles, and those apostles, who are among us, are the representatives of Jesus on earth. When a single priest is in our midst, Jesus is in our midst, and it is Jesus who marks our flesh with his sign of love, so that our human will might be fully obedient: “Not our will, your Will, Jesus, for your will, Jesus, is the Will of your Father.”

This is why, on this very day, Heaven offers us its presence. Through the presence itself of the priest, we have the presence of Jesus himself, who, through the will of his priest as well, is able to mark us on the forehead with the sign of God's children.

Once again, God is offering us another choice: to come to his priest if we wish to be marked with the sign of God's children. This is a blessing, and this blessing fills us with light. When we receive it, we’re really receiving it and it is real: this is a sign that will remain upon us. But when we receive it a second time, a third time, and a fourth time, well, that sign imparts graces and those who haven’t yet received this sign, well, they receive graces.

God says they need graces – which are prayers – like in the story we heard earlier.

We have to believe when Heaven tells us that it acts on our behalf; we recognize what comes from Heaven with our hearts and not our heads. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take a minute to make our decision, but let’s do so with our heart and not our head.

And so, if you wish, we’ll take that minute now.