Gathering of Love With God's Action in Searchmount, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-10-15 - Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: It was in 2001, the 1st of January, that I heard the voice of the Holy Virgin for the first time; it isn't by divine inspiration – it’s really a voice that speaks inside me.

Just a short while after – oh, maybe fifteen days later – there was an external voice: it was my guardian angel; and in that same week, there was a man’s voice and the voice was claiming to be Jesus. I was hearing the Lord and I began writing down what he was telling me; I wasn’t only listening but writing. He would talk to me about love, and continued to talk to me about love, and it was nothing but love!

When he would say, “I am in my Father, my Father is in me, I am in him, he in me,” oh, I didn’t understand a thing he was saying! When he would say, “As I am in my Father, my Father is in me, I in him, he in me, my Mother is in me,” well, then I understood even less!

He would say, “As I, I am in my Father, he in me, you, you are in me and I, I am in you.” So I would draw little stick figures, and then, I would draw a heart in a little figure, and I would put another heart in its heart, and in that heart, I would put another heart. This way, I managed to understand all this; in the little heart, I had to put all my brothers and my sisters, because he was saying that I had all my brothers and my sisters of the whole world inside me.

Then, I understood: he was teaching me about the mystical Church. He was slowly teaching me that for every child who bears a wound, that wound became my wound, because, through Jesus, I carried them inside me. And so, he would say to me, “When you, you say a word that is not loving, all those who are in you feel all this.” He would say this: “I am coming, I am coming to speak in hearts to transform hearts, so that they may learn that I am the Only One who will take away all the world’s suffering.”

He was teaching me to recognize that anger had been within us through everyone’s choice; he began to explain to me that anger had lodged itself inside us through the choices we had made before temptation, which is sin, and he would say that this originated a long, long time ago. Then, he spoke to me of Adam and Eve, and after, he spoke to me of Cain. In his anger, Cain had killed Abel – Cain who, in his jealousy, had not rejected temptation.

And so, he taught me that temptation was within Adam, but in his flesh, and that the soul had also been in that impurity. And he was teaching me that, through Baptism, the soul, it had been cleansed of the original sin. And he would also tell me that, through the sacraments, the soul keeps itself pure, but not the flesh.

The flesh always retained its memory: it always remembered sin, it was always in danger of hearing things it shouldn’t, of having a bad thought, of seeing impure things, of uttering impure words, of carrying out gestures and actions that are impure, and of having impure feelings. He would say that the flesh, the flesh was incapable of holding itself back because of all that was in it, and this has been so since Adam and Eve.

He taught me all this with gentleness, and every day, I would write down everything he was telling me, like a child at school hearing a voice and writing down the words.

He also spoke to me about the love of a couple; he spoke about why couples had an unbalanced sex drive, why there was incest. And so, he was explaining all this to me. And he also explained the danger we would be living in the end times, up until the day when we will enter within ourselves by the power of the Holy Spirit; and then, he explained everything we were going to see.

He explained to me what the yes was, the yes to Jesus. He spoke to me of several yeses: there are yeses that are uncertain, there are yeses that are sort of afraid, there are yeses that are unknown, there are yeses that are hypocritical, there are loving yeses; there is the no filled with hatred. He explained to me that all this was lodged inside God's children and that only the Holy Spirit knew these yeses, and that he would show this to children when they would be standing before the Light, which is Jesus.

When that time ended, he then said to me, “Now, it is time for you to go out on the road. My Mother will put the need to hear you in children’s hearts, and Heaven will bless all those who will welcome you, for I shall bring together children and I shall speak to their hearts, and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, you will hear what I want to say to their hearts.

I will gather these hearts and they will form but one heart, and you will repeat what will be within you – nothing will come from your human will.

When your eyes will be open and you will be speaking, the Holy Spirit will put the words within you in a fraction of a second; when you will hear the voice within you saying to you, ‘Shut your eyes,’ you will shut your eyes and they will witness the very presence of God's action.” At that time, God wasn’t telling me what my mission was.

The mission he's given to me is to repeat and that’s all; this is my mission – to repeat the Will of God. Through these words, we hear all we need for the purification of the flesh; these words are words of love, they’re words that come from God's power to reach our hearts.

The purification of the flesh cannot be brought about by the human spirit; the purification of the flesh is brought about by the power of God within us.

Those who have hearts of stone cannot understand the purification. It is only hearts of flesh that can hear God's power as he wants it to be heard.

He says that all those who will have pride within them will not see and will not hear; all those who will try to fight the Will of God will bring about division and will be acting against themselves: they will divide their own flesh, they will turn their uncertainty against themselves, their own doubts, their own worries, their lack of discernment. They will believe they know the truth and lies will cover them; they won't be able to be in that light, for the light won't envelop them; they will be incapable of loving themselves. When God says ‘themselves’, he means God's children.

Because of their own choices, they will learn to be slaves to their 'self': their 'self' will govern them, their 'self' will lead them astray. To them, their 'self' will become a state of slavery, which will be obsessed with the 'self' that has destroyed all that is beauty, all that is splendour, all that is light.

Satan and the fallen angels are the ones who destroyed beauty, destroyed splendour, destroyed the light, because due to their choices, they who were the beauty of God, the splendour of God, whose light was reflected upon them, they themselves were immersed in their choices, they themselves consented to no longer be in the splendour of God. Because they tasted pride, pride became their nourishment.

That’s why all those who don’t want to be humble and little children, as Jesus asked of us, become slaves to their 'self'. And so, God is asking every one of us to help those children.

He isn't coming to speak in our hearts so we can stand before them as judges – he opens the light to us so we may give ourselves to God in order to pray, to offer God every thought, every gaze, every sound, every word, every movement, every feeling that is not within the mind of Jesus, the gaze, the hearing, the word, the movement and the Heart of Jesus.

The Mother of God has taught us to pray, the Mother of God has asked us to consecrate ourselves to her Immaculate Heart.

Now, the Divine Will is asking us to place our heart in Mary's hands and to accept that she herself place our heart in the Heart of the Son so that it may disappear forever – this heart that has suffered due to a lack of love, this heart that has hardened because of all thoughts, gazes, words, sounds, actions. This heart must disappear in order to come back to life, to come back to life in the Heart of Jesus: it is from him that we live again, we return to the state of a child of God, we become once again children of the Divine Will, as Adam and Eve before the disobedience.

What God is telling us is that we are chosen to help those who carry a yes but who do not utter it. How can we help our brothers and our sisters? By doing what he asks of us.

When we have a thought, a thought lacking love, we give it to Jesus; we must agree to live in the mind of Jesus. To leave all our thoughts to him is to discover the Father's love. But it isn't up to us to bring about this movement; that is to say, we must not be the first to act – it is up to the Holy Spirit to have us discover that a thought that comes to us with the realization that it doesn’t come from God, must be given to Jesus.

It is Jesus who is the Purifier, it isn't us; it is Jesus who took all the world’s sins upon himself and brought them unto death, it isn't us; it is Jesus who triumphed over evil, it isn't us. Therefore, we owe everything to him. We must give him, without hesitation, the slightest thought that rises up within us, and this, the Holy Spirit will see to it as well.

Slowly, with the messages from Heaven, we have learned that we’re living a time of graces. With Heaven’s graces, we have been able to realize that, to us, this time is a new time, and that all those who will remain at peace will be children carrying out the Will of Jesus.

The Mother of Jesus herself has prepared our hearts for this by coming to remind us that we must pray from the heart; it’s as though she had said to us: “Live your life through your heart because soon you will have to learn to give your life through your heart.”

This is a time of love; this is the time of the Great Purification when corruptible bodies will become incorruptible, when bodies that have experienced earthly death will no longer know earthly death. This is the time when we will live the Beatitudes, and all this is being done at Jesus’ rhythm and not ours. Let’s not look upon this time as we are used to looking upon it – God's time is not our time.

God's movements are unknown to us; they are revealed according to the way of love, as The Love conceived them.

We, we cannot understand how God will go about turning mortal flesh into immortal flesh. The time has come for us to not think of God as a magician; the time has come for us to see the life of Jesus as the only example to follow, leading us to our immortality. What Jesus lived on earth – living on earth and being resurrected and glorified by his Father – is what we will live.

At this very moment, and for several years now, we have been living what Heaven had prepared for us. Heaven had prepared this time for us and it has opened us to all we needed in order to enter its world of love.

It is now necessary for us to live this as God's children whose hearts are in the right place, and our hearts are in Jesus, not in our flesh. If we continue to keep our hearts in our flesh, a flesh that has been suffering for so many, many years, we will go on living these years of preparation as children who are suffering. But those who will have remained at peace, they will be in the Heart of Jesus, fully prepared for anything that might happen.

But the time that has already begun will not stop regardless: everything has begun and everything will go on. It will end when God will want it to, and when it does end, all will have been accomplished. Only the children with a firm yes will remain on earth; the others will be gone; there won't be a single child carrying a 'self' within himself.

And so, God wants us to help one another through what he will place within us, and in order to place anything within us, he will remove whatever has entered us so as to take up all the room.

Yes, we are chosen children, we are God's elect, but not all of us are aware yet that we are God's elect; there are more and we must go after them: we have our husbands, our wives, our children, we have our grandchildren, our brothers and our sisters, and God doesn’t limit himself – he wants all of them.

Yes, there are children around us who carry a firm no within themselves, but God won't reveal them to us. He will have us live the passion to the very end. He's telling us to love our brothers and our sisters as he loves them; he went to the Cross for the greatest of sinners.

And now, God will take a break for a few minutes to give us time to rest.

Thank you, Lord.