Gathering of Love With God's Action in Searchmount, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus



2007-10-15 - Part 2


Jesus: The Heart of The Love is the one speaking; it is the one who calls his children to be attentive to him. Within each of you is the One who gave himself up for the sake of love.

All that you are, my children of love, is willed by my Father. Through the power of The Love, a light that makes of you instruments for your brothers and your sisters envelops you. I come to heal hearts, I come to transform this world so that it may be attentive to me.

Little children of love, time is moving forward; you must be ready. Allow God to instruct you through his power; God wants to turn you into instruments so that you can be ready for what is to come. Many of your brothers and sisters will need you. They will have to answer for their actions, they will have to forgive themselves.

Little children, wherever you are is where God wants you to be. It is important that you live your present before the presence itself of my Father. The children of this world live for themselves, they do not preoccupy themselves with my Father's presence. No child of this world can think only of himself; a child who thinks only of himself is a child who wants to live his life without worrying about his eternal life. When my Father chose you, he chose you so that you would turn to him.

I, the Son of God, I am the Eternal Flesh; I carried all of you even before you were in your mother’s womb. I come to remind you of who you are. You must allow my presence within you to instruct you. Time is pressing, my children – the time when you will all have to go within yourselves is on its way.

My children, be in the movement of God's light; it is God who enables you to see the light, it is God who enables you to understand what is to come, it is not you.

Little children of love, do not regard your neighbours as people who do not understand what is to come, while you, you claim to understand. I am the one who enables you to see, I am the one who enables you to understand the Will of my Father, it is not you. I came to find you no matter where you were in this world.

I am speaking in your heart to let you know that you are no longer part of this world; all those I call to me must recognize that they have been chosen by me for what is to come, in order to be fully in my hands. I am the one who transforms you, I am the one who has you move forward during this time of graces. It is important, my children, to be attentive. Do not listen to these words with your head, but leave it to God to open your heart.

These words, my children, heal and liberate: such is my movement of purification. I come to heal your wounded beings, I come to liberate your imprisoned beings. Do you know, my children, how much time it will take me to fully heal and liberate you? The amount of time that it takes for you to understand that your yes is the key to your happiness, the amount of time that it takes for you to realize that your yes is a yes of freedom.

The yes, my children, is the cross. When you realize that the cross is but a movement of love, when you realize that the cross is the one that has opened your life to you, everything becomes easier for you. That is why you are learning as if you were a tiny little child.

I come to speak in your hearts so that you may be attentive to the very One who wants to purify your flesh. I never stop speaking in the hearts of my chosen ones so that you may understand that the teachings you are hearing come from Heaven.

These teachings, my children, are there to teach you to know yourselves and to know all your brothers and your sisters; these teachings are there to teach you what you must do during this time of purification. It is not up to you to understand but it is up to the Light to enable you to see.

What can you possibly understand, my children, you who live in a world that has always tried to show you what you should know? This world has wanted to show you what it knew without concerning itself with you. You have been taught by people who have not understood love, you have been taught by these people who have listened only to their human will.

Matter, my children, which is a source of learning, cannot teach you what eternal life is. That is why, today, the children of this world no longer believe in eternal life. When matter teaches the children of this world, the children of this world focus their attention only on matter. Therefore, the children who listen are deprived of all that would be necessary to obtain eternal happiness.

Useless things have been put in your hands; thoughts, which have been harmful to you, have been put in your hands and you have been shown how to use those useless thoughts, and this goes against God's children; this simply teaches them to live with pride, with vanity, with selfishness.

A spirit taught by matter is a spirit that has no worth, for isn't the only thing of worth to the spirit something that provides it with true knowledge? There is no true worth when there is only interest in the material and in the human, because material disappears and the human attached to the material disappears.

When the Spirit of God permeates a human being, it permeates him so he can help others, and one can only help others if one respects others. Has the spirit of this world respected you, my children? Has the spirit of this world shown you simplicity through its knowledge? This knowledge is filled with pride. It believes that it is learned: the spirit of this world, which claims to be learned, is an empty spirit.

Oh, children of love! If you could see everything that fills the books in your libraries, you would see nothing but air: all those things are useless to eternal life. The tiny child who says he loves Jesus is more learned than all those who have read those books filled with nothing but air. Have the spirit of a child and you will understand what God expects of you. It is the little child that allows God to pick him up, and God loves that child because he knows that he loves his God.

The man of this world, who claims to be learned, wants nothing to do with God. He claims to be able to control his own thoughts through what he knows. His love for God is so calculating that he himself calculates how many days he has left to live. Very soon, all those men and all those women will see their days passing before them; they will see everything they have done with their lives and they will weep.

Children of love, God is speaking in your hearts so that you can help those children: they are your brothers and your sisters. They must learn to love the being they are with God's love, and only God's love.

I am appealing to each of you through who you are; I am not coming to change the being that you are – I am coming to transform the being that you are into a being of service. Going about your day, my children, while wanting to serve God and not this world indicates that you are already being transformed. Agreeing to give your thoughts to Jesus indicates that you are being transformed.

Did you know, my children, that a single thought from you that is given to me is a yes to Jesus? Be simple as I am simple; do not complicate your lives – I, I am coming to reveal it to you. Do not try to learn prayers as long as your arm; a simple yes is already a prayer. When it is said with your heart filled with love, like a tiny child, to Jesus, your yes becomes the most beautiful of prayers.

My Mother, when she stood at the foot of the Cross, never stopped looking at me through her tears, and that was a yes, a sincere yes. She was sustaining her Child for the greater Glory of God, she was sustaining the Messiah of the world: she was the prayer of love.

Children of love, be a prayer for one another. When you look at your brother, when you look at your sister through my eyes, you are saying a yes to Jesus, you are not judging your neighbour, you love him as he is. When a thought rises up within you, give it to Jesus right away so that your eyes might always remain in my eyes. When you do this with your heart of a child, you are forgiving yourself. Even if you are feeling powerless, your heart is saying, “I'm having difficulty, please help me.” And then, this has your yes gush forth into my Blood and it becomes a prayer of reparation.

You see, little children of love, only God can know what is within you. Do not worry about tomorrow, God has prepared everything for you. Time is my Father's time and it is on your side and not against you.

Look at everything around you and you will understand that Heaven is speaking. The events, which are occurring and are making my Father's children suffer, are events provoked by Satan. If Heaven is telling you this, it is so that you may be filled with prayer.

Be filled with prayer by saying, “Jesus, that earthquake, we give it to you; it is the consequence of our choices before the sins of the world. Take everything Jesus; this is our prayer.” All this, my children, is to teach you to always give everything to your Jesus of love. When there is a forest fire, do the same – give me that catastrophe; it is the consequence of the world’s choices before sin.

Satan wants to destroy this world, this world filled with sin, in order to draw it to him. He wants to destroy God's children before everything begins. I am speaking of the Great Purification, when all the world’s children will enter within themselves in a single instant. At this very moment, Heaven is using you to put movements of forgiveness in the hearts of my Father's children. The more you give yourselves at this very moment, the more grace will come through.

Little children of love, you are in God's hands like tiny little children; let me do as I wish and you shall see. I am the One who saved you; it is up to me to lead you to my Father's very call. I come to gather together all my Father's children to live this moment of love. Be only and fully love and do as I say: all is being accomplished. 


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What we’re hearing is the Will of Jesus regarding what we’re living; he himself is preparing us for what is to come. And so, to do his Will is easy when he's the one revealing it to us; but when it’s revealed to us through human will, then we’re led astray. We’re not always ready, are we, to follow human will because it causes us too much suffering.

For years we’ve been told, “Do this, do that, come here, go there,” and in the end, there were surprises waiting for us: this has made us suffer. We found that we had become ill tempered and we showed this to our children. If we did this, it was because there were others who did the same thing before us; we have a heritage and it’s a genetic heritage. It’s as though the flesh were repeatedly giving what it was from one generation to the next.

But why does our flesh have a genetic heritage? That’s because, in the very beginning, there were people who used their human will to comfort themselves. When we try to comfort ourselves, that’s because we’re in pain. So, we look for a way to make that pain go away, and this goes way back: it goes all the way back to our first parents, Adam and Eve.

When we take the Bible and we read the Book of Genesis, we read that there was a God and that the light came to be, and when the light came to be, all came to be. And so, from the beginning, God has always been: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. The Light came to be, and the Light is the Son of God made Man.

Before anything existed, there was the Light; and when the Light – the Son of God made Man – came to be, all was in the light. Therefore, this means that the universe was in the light, everything in the universe was in the light. The earth was in the light; so, everything that, afterwards, surrounded the earth, was always in the light, for everything came from the Light. Everything that was meant to be on earth, therefore, had to come from the Light. Consequently, we come from the Light: we come from Jesus made Man.

When God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, one God, so willed it, then, through the Divine Will, God the Son made Man came to be. It is the Divine Will that decides, it is the Divine Will that wills, it is God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit: there can be no separation within the Divine Will. What God the Father wants, God the Son wants, and God the Holy Spirit wants, because this is the Trinity: the Trinity is one.

Therefore, when the Will willed it so, the Son of God made Man came to be; he came to be through the Divine Will and, in the moment in which he came to be, he became visible to all spirits, and we know that created spirits are the angels. And so, God, in his Will, wanted the Son of God made Man to be visible, and the pure angels saw.

The angels, who are pure spirits, had just seen the Matter for the first time, and when they saw the Matter, in that moment, they knew that the Divine Will had consented that the Matter be before them: the Eternal Flesh, which is Jesus, stood before the pure spirits. How were they able to live this moment, they who were seeing the Eternal Flesh before them? The pure spirits were created to contemplate, to adore and to serve God. They had before them the Eternal Flesh; without any argument, they were obligated to adore God – the Son of God made Man – they had to adore him.

Among them was Lucifer who refused to adore, and in that moment, he also drew to him others angels who, they too, refused to adore the Son of God made Man. They, who were pure spirits, had obtained their beauty through the Light; the Light was reflected upon them and they were dazzled; they were God's beauty but they didn’t want to adore the Light at all. Therefore, it was they themselves who chose to interrupt that movement. And so, because they refused that the Light be reflected upon them, then they became beings of darkness. The light doesn’t dwell alongside the darkness; therefore, the light drove away darkness and darkness fled the light to live in the darkness.

We are children of the Light; it says in the Book of Genesis that we existed even before we entered our mother’s womb, and Jesus, when he came to speak to his apostles, said, “You existed even before you came to be in your mother’s womb.” He also said, “It is necessary to be reborn.”                      

How can we understand that we must be reborn? We can't return to our mother’s womb – that’s impossible – therefore, we must return to the Light. Our thoughts must be given to the Eternal Thought, which is Jesus, along with our sight, our hearing, our words, our gestures, our hearts – they must all return to the Light.

When we understand that the Spirit of God wants to draw all the spirits of God's children to him, to have them enter his Spirit, then we can understand that there is birth. But also, when we understand that the flesh we have comes from the Eternal Flesh, then we know that we have human thoughts, we know that we have sight, and that sight comes from the flesh; for the hearing, it’s the same thing; speech, movements and the heart are flesh, are matter.

All this had a beginning and that beginning lies in the Eternal Flesh: Jesus made Man. Adam was made with earth and he received the breath of life, the one that comes from God.

Jesus, he is the Eternal Flesh, he is the All of God; God contains all that is matter, and the Son of God is in the All of the Father.

When the Son of God was presented to the angels as the Man God, the All of God was in the Man God, and therefore, the earth was in the All of the Man God. So, the earth that God used to form the human being – Adam, the first – was in the Man God. And he received the breath of God, the love of God, which is in the Man God: therefore, Adam comes from the Eternal Flesh of the Son of God.

There's nothing outside of God, absolutely nothing: all is in God. So, Adam was created by God with all that was in God; therefore, Adam comes from the Son of God.

After Adam’s flesh received breath, a part of him was taken to create woman. When woman stood before Adam, she was exactly the same flesh. There weren't two of them – it was the same flesh that had multiplied: Adam’s flesh, which is from the Eternal Flesh, had before him the flesh of his flesh that comes from the Eternal Flesh. Therefore, when Adam and Eve came together, children were born, and it was the same flesh that multiplied once again. And we, we are the continuation of the Eternal Flesh; there aren't two of them, there's only one Eternal Flesh, and we’re in that Eternal Flesh.

That’s why God knows everything; God knows everything about his children because we are his Flesh; he can't be unaware of himself. We, we don’t know what went on in Cain’s flesh and in his lineage; God, he knows. But inside us we still have that same pain and even if we don’t know where that pain comes from, we carry it anyway.

One day, I was… there were several of us – there was a theologian who was with us. He was talking; he was saying that others had done research on the Hebrews who had lived in the desert in Moses’ time.

Theologians are learned people who carry out research and find answers through their theories. And so, this man was talking to everyone, and he was saying that it was almost impossible that the Hebrews lived in the desert for forty years. He was saying that it was impossible due to the research they had done; why? Because he was saying, “They would have found bones in the desert, but they didn’t find any.” So, he was saying that it wasn’t true; and he was also saying that, because he has spoken about this, his mother no longer believed. And so, inside me, I who hear the Lord, the Lord was saying, “Do not say a word, my daughter.”

For the duration of the conversation – it must have lasted more than an hour – he talked and talked, and I kept hearing him say, “Do not say a word, my daughter.” But afterwards, he said, “You will ask a question; you will ask him who The Love is?” So, I asked him this question and he didn’t answer right away. After a few minutes, he said, “That would be God.”

He had understood that a feeling as vast as love couldn’t come from a human, because theory, it looks for answers and when it finds something, that’s because there's proof. But love, they can't do research on it, make discoveries and give proof of them because this is too spiritual. Because their studies have demonstrated that love has always existed and that it cannot be destroyed. Despite wars, despite everything that’s happening around us – violence, indifference – love is always there.

Love is something that is palpable, it’s something that is very strong and it’s something that contributes, it’s something that is giving and that asks for nothing in return. And so, no human being is like this – only God is. This is what we have received within ourselves.

Take any human being and look at his life, and whatever it may be, there's love in it. Only God can ensure that human beings remain beings of love in spite of what they are.

So, in order to lead them to the Light, God will use love to transform his children who, today, are materialistic children. If we’re so materialistic, that’s because we’re overly in love, in love with material things.

Like that theologian who used his studies to show that what he knew was worth talking about – he demonstrated that material things come before love. But the moment he was before the word ‘love’, he stopped because they have something to do – they search, they try to find the truth, the theologians – and then, there he was, standing before something he wasn’t able to avoid saying. Despite year after year of research, those who research know that love comes from God.

We who aren't as intelligent as the theologians, as human beings we know that the feeling of love is something that is essential to our lives in order to be happy; we know that even with all that is material, we wouldn’t be happy.

And so, what we’re living is a time of love. Slowly, God will show us what we must do in order to attain, to attain what we must attain: the light – because it has been said, “You are light and you shall return to the Light.” Remember that we have also been told, “You are dust and to dust you shall return.” We cannot escape this.

Do whatever you like but we’ll all end up in the same place; we will all find ourselves at the end of our earthly life, and after a few years, we’ll be nothing but dust. But our soul, our soul is spiritual. Do whatever you like, it will never disappear because we cannot stifle the breath of God – but the breath of God was, in fact, put within us through love and love is freedom.

Therefore, he also gave us the freedom to choose: “Do you want me?” And all those who will want Jesus shall return to the Light, to eternal Life; but all those who will say no, as breath cannot disappear – spiritual life – they will come to know death, but an eternal death.

God wants his children; he doesn’t want to lose them and so he does everything to draw us to him. But there's also the spirit of darkness who does anything to draw us to him.

Let’s not forget that the angels are pure spirits and when the angels became evil angels, they had a spirit, a spirit that is above us. Therefore, they’ll do anything to prevent us from obtaining eternal life; they don’t want us to return to the light.

Jesus said, “Take all the children of the world, from Adam to the last to be created, and put them all together – you will never, ever be able to match a fallen angel, even the last one of all,” because their intelligence doesn’t come from the matter that has been disobedient; their intelligence comes from the Spirit of God in its purest form.

The spirits, which are the angels, were created by God: pure spirits, without the use of matter. That’s why the angels didn’t want to adore the Man God as they knew they were superior to matter.

Therefore, they’ll do anything to prevent us from going to the light, and their strength lies in maintaining us in our human will, because in our human will, we always have to choose between good and evil, and as our flesh is now more and more blinded by evil, it is now too weak to say, “No, I don’t want to live in evil.” And it is evil that now controls the human being. Our human will wants to listen to evil; it doesn’t want to listen to good, for it doesn’t want anything more to do with it.

Satan has made us love the 'self', and this is what is before us.

It’s as though we were fighting our life, turning against ourselves: “I want to live my life in spite of eternal life; I want to live my life despite the words written in the Gospel; I want to live my life because it belongs to me.” Life doesn’t belong to us, life belongs to God. If God, solely through his Will, wanted it, in a single instant, we would no longer be here. Just as he made those who lived in idolatry, which is the 'self', disappear through the flood, he still has that power.

God hasn’t lost his power, but it is written, “There will come a time when I shall bring together my unfaithful children to gather them in my heart, so that they might know that I love them. Then they will recognize that there is only one God, and that it is I, Jesus, who died on the Cross for them.”

And now, we will stop here. Thank you, Lord.