Gathering of Love With God's Action in La Seyne-sur-Mer, France,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What the Lord expects from us is surrender, surrender to his Will, not to the human will. What the Mother of God is going to put in our hearts is what she has in her Heart: love for her Son, love for her Divine Child, her Eternal Love, the One who gave her his love so that she could be the Mother of God. Mother Mary is our sweet Mother. She comes to cradle our broken hearts, she comes to bring us what we need in this century: abandon.

We wanted to control our heart; because we controlled our heart, our heart is constantly crying out: “I'm suffocating! Who is going to release me from this prison?” We have a heart inside us; it was made to be loved; it wasn’t made to be in a prison. We have turned our flesh into a prison for our heart. We received from God the flesh that we need for our soul; we received from God the flesh that we need to fulfil our destiny on earth as children of God; but what we did was control our heart, preventing it from being nourished by love, the love that is required for us to feel that love.

If we don’t nourish our heart with the love it needs, we will not be love. It’s as if the soul, the soul that receives graces from The Love, from its God, from its Divine King, is over here nourishing itself, is over here becoming all radiant with love, and there we are cutting off those graces through our thoughts, our eyes, our ears, our words, our gestures. We are the ones who are preventing Heaven's graces from entering our hearts.

Let’s consider the Heart of Mary: Why is the Heart of Mary surrounded by a crown of thorns? Because that crown of thorns was placed there by us. We placed the crown of thorns on the head of her Son, and Mother Mary, who shared in that pain, felt those thorns pierce her Heart. All this is to show us what we have done to our own hearts. Mother has always shared God's love for us.

God who comes to us, God who allowed himself to be crucified out of love, God who accepts a crown, a crown of love – because those thorns were the suffering of the world – those thorns pierced his perfect Flesh, his Flesh of love, to reach what we were, for the suffering of the world was in Jesus, the things we had accepted to live through our choices were in Jesus. We have accepted to live as sinners; we have been tempted by evil. Evil, Satan, has tempted us and we have chosen to enter into those temptations. And so, Jesus, in his eternal love, came to take everything, to take everything that we are today: all our choices before temptations.

Yes, there were temptations before we came along. The first temptation, of which we are all aware, was the one that Adam and Eve chose: “I want to choose. I'm taking control of myself. I want to be a child of God. I choose my path so that I can be what I am before God.” When all this had been accomplished, man came to know a weakness that struck his soul. His soul, which was awestruck by God's love, by God's Will, had just seen itself as being at the mercy of the human will – the soul, which was before the Will of The Love, before the Divine Will, the soul, which was satisfied, which always recognized that it was the purity of The Love – for our soul is the purity of The Love, our soul belongs to God.

Our soul doesn’t belong to us; it belongs to God but, in his love, God gave us love, he gave us the soul, and we walk around on earth with God's love. We live out our days with God's love and we make a choice: “Am I going to make my love suffer or am I going to present to God his love so that he may continue to give? Since he gave me love, I give him love.” And then, God takes his love and he gives love.

He never ceases to give his love, and we, we walk around with that love, but when we come face to face with temptation, most of us choose to experience that temptation. God gave us the strength to resist temptation. After the sin of Adam and Eve, God withdrew his Divine Will but he didn’t withdraw his love; he continued to give us his love. And, in and through that love, there is God's strength, there is faith in God, there is hope in God, and everything associated with hope, faith and love in God, for God, with God is granted to us.

He gave us intelligence. He gave us the intelligence we deserved according to what we would become in our human will, for our human will became a signal to us: “Should I do what God is asking or should I do what my mind will ask me to do?” Through all this, God placed his Spirit of love within us, his Spirit that would always be with us, helping us to move forward on this earth, because, as a result of man’s sin, we had to work the earth, we had to extract the fruits of the earth from the earth. The earth was open to us, the earth was ready to nourish us continuously in spite of our disobedience.

But the woman – God's beauty, God's gentleness – had chosen of her own accord what she considered beautiful and gentle. And because of disobedience, she would come to know suffering, the suffering of childbirth. She was meant to bear God's beauty, she was meant to bear God's gentleness: beauty through her femininity, gentleness within the strength of love. Woman was meant to bear all this within her and she was to present it to God; but because of her disobedience, she would come to know what her human will was: “My beauty, my gentleness will emerge from you but through your human will, because you yourself have chosen to carry out this movement through what you are – you, my beauty, you, my gentleness. I have given you everything but you cast your eyes on someone other than me and you shall pay the price.”

We know all this by the Will of God and we also know that when Cain raised his hand against one of God's children – his brother – then another movement took place: with his human will, he chose to turn to temptation. It was Satan who, through the human will, tempted Cain and Cain listened to evil. As a result, a form of nourishment entered him: jealousy. He was jealous of his brother and all this hurt him terribly. That pain he was feeling, he didn’t want to feel it anymore: “He's my brother, and I'm in pain because of him!” And anger rose up within him. The feeling he had not refused re-appeared: a feeling of anger was born because of another feeling he hadn’t been able to refuse, but which, in fact, he could have refused because he had God's strength, he had God's love. But he didn’t do this, and this led him to form a plan.

He came to know what hatred was: “I will get rid of my pain; I will get rid of the one who is the cause of my pain. He hurts me; every time I look at him, I am in pain. Every time I look at him, there's something that grows inside me and that gets me right in the gut. So, I’ll have to get rid of him.” And he pondered all this, and all this was met with another feeling inside him: anger. As he no longer wanted to feel jealousy, Satan's spirit said to him, “Get rid of him! Raise your hand against your brother.” And he didn’t refuse, and he chose to enter that movement desired by Satan. As a result, he raised his hand to his brother, and in that moment, the earth came to know something it had never known before: it tasted the blood of one of God's children.

The earth had never tasted this before. And then, the earth trembled: it recognized that this didn’t come from the Will of God but rather from the human will. And so, the earth became hard, hard because of human will and not because of God. It was man, in his human will, who caused the earth to cut off the graces God had granted. We’re living all this.

Take a look at our poor earth – it’s showing us our own agony. Harvests are very meager, because when we look at our harvests, and we see our fruit, our vegetables, our grains that don’t nourish us as we would like them to, this means that: “What you are becoming is what I am.” We are dying, our flesh is dying, and the earth is saying to us: “This comes from you, from your choices.” Because that wasn’t the first time nor the last time the earth tasted that blood: from year to year, the earth has become sadder and sadder over what we choose to be before evil, before temptation. We’re living all this today.

We look at our poor earth and we know that if God doesn’t come to us to undo the consequences of our actions, the earth will cease to exist. But who does the earth belong to? It belongs to no human because the earth was created by the Creator. It was given to us but because of human will, we no longer deserved it. How good is our God to allow us to continue living on earth even though we don’t deserve to! He lets us live here, on his earth of love. Yes – this earth of love – because it belongs to God.

This is an earth of love, but we no longer see it as such because we no longer deserve it. But this earth created by God, isn't it the same one as in the very beginning, the one he created? Yes, it’s the same one, but what we don’t see is that we don’t deserve it. And what we do see is our garbage, our nauseating smells; we see what we have become. But the earth of love is always, always, always there, sustaining us. The earth loves us; yes, we are loved by the earth because God holds it in his hand. The earth, it knows that it comes from the Creator and it thanks its Creator, for at every season it gives back to its Creator the reason it was created: to nourish his creatures, to feed the flesh. It doesn’t feed our souls, it feeds our flesh.

We are the flesh of The Love, we come from God, we come from the flesh of the Eternal Flesh. God is the Eternal Flesh, God: Pure Matter, Immaculate Matter. Our Divine King comes to speak in our hearts, to his loving subjects, to tell them: “You belong to me. You do not belong to the spirit of this world; you belong to the Spirit of Love, you belong to God. The Holy Spirit is God.”

We have love inside us and this rises back up to the surface when we are thirsty and hungry for that nourishment, which is none other than the Word of God, and the Word of God emerged from the Eternal Flesh. It was possible for us to hear the Word only from the Eternal Flesh, our God made Man, the One who carried us before we were conceived in our earthly mother’s womb. Before coming to life in our mother’s womb, we were chosen by God, created by God; we were the flesh of the Eternal Flesh: all had been accomplished.

And Jesus, in his immense love, came to speak to us. We were able to hear the Word with our flesh. Do you think that we would have been able to hear God speak if we had been impure? That would have been impossible. It was necessary for Jesus to come to us by assuming human nature; it was necessary that our God of love reveal who he was. Oh, he didn’t show himself to us first; he showed himself to his God of love, his Father. Yes, God the Son revealed himself to his Father and The Love of the Father revealed his love: God the Son revealed himself to his Father in his radiant love.  

Matter comes from God; matter doesn’t come from us. God encompasses all that is visible and all that is invisible, for he is the All. Everything that is in God, he is the Master of it. He is the Master of all that is invisible and of all that is visible. Our God of love doesn’t need anybody else’s help to carry out his Will – he is the Will, he is love. So, he gave his Father what he was and his Father looked upon what he was.

God the Son made Man presented himself to the pure angels before presenting himself to us. He presented his visible contents to his angels, but then, not all his angels adored their God of love. There were angels who followed the proud one: Lucibel, Lucifer, who refused. They saw something they had never seen before: the contents of God. Matter, the Perfect Flesh, the Immaculate Flesh stood before them. It was their duty to adore the Light, the Light of all that is visible and invisible, for God is the All within his All.

Everything that is within God belongs to God. No one could have placed within God what was meant to be: everything emerges from God. God the Son, Eternal Flesh, was not created – he is uncreated. He wasn’t created, the Son of God, he was engendered. So, The Love of God presents himself to God, and God looks upon his Love, and his Love gives himself back to God, and God gives his Love once again – movement of love that forms the third Person of God: the Holy Spirit.

We have matter within each one of us. We can see matter. Matter doesn’t belong to us; it belongs to God, for it was created by God. Movement doesn’t belong to the human being; movement belongs to the Word – he is the Movement. All God the Father has to do is desire something and the movement takes place. Is there a time that can be measured between the Will of the Father and the Word and a movement? There is none. Eternity: movement that is carried out in his fullness – he just has to will it and all is done.

We measure time – words, words that are heard: from the moment a word is uttered to the moment it is heard, there's a movement that takes place. Oh, it’s so small that we don’t perceive it but God, the Power, Eternity, he is the Will itself. Whatever is in the Father is in the Son; whatever is in the Son is in the Father: everything is and is done. Therefore, when he presented himself to the angels, it was the Will of his Father and his Father saw his Love. And when we, who are flesh, were created through the Will of God, everything was in Jesus – not one was missing: not one of us was missing from within the Flesh. Therefore, we are the Body of Jesus, we are the love of God the Father. He has loved us so much!

But God the Father saw everything that we would accept to do against him, against the Immaculate Flesh. We were immaculate, but we are no longer so because of one child, a chosen child, a child who was created, a child who always kept her purity. God accepted to create the universe, he accepted to create the earth and all its contents: and this child was chosen to be the Mother of his Child.

Mary earned us our place on earth. Yes, our Great Lady – now, we can call her our Great Lady! But little Mary, that tiny child, accepted everything; from the moment she was born, she accepted everything, as she, who was coming to this world, was coming with a human will. Because of Adam and Eve, Mary was born with a human will, but Mary, filial love, love with a capital L, never used her human will. She was always in her God, with her God, for her God, as God had made his choice and God had filled her with graces, and through Mary, all of this was for us. Our loving Mother always, always loved us.

The Beloved Son of the Father looked upon the one who had been created; he looked upon the one who would bear the Eternal Flesh, the Immaculate Flesh. Jesus entered the womb of Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit; the Life that entered Mary's womb, a pure Life, a divine Life: God. It was God who entered Mary's womb by the power of the Holy Spirit: a loving Blood, an immaculate Blood, a Blood that would carry everything. He bore himself. Mary, the Immaculate One, flesh of the Flesh, by that movement of love entered a movement of eternity, for Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega; he could not be created by that movement – he is Eternity. Didn’t he say to his apostles, “Whoever believes in me will have eternal life”? Therefore, he wasn’t meant to be created in that moment – he is Eternal Life, God who makes himself present in Mary: movement of eternity that presents itself, movement of love that grows in the womb of his own creature.

Everything came to pass by the Will of God the Father. Mary entered the mystery of The Love. Mary entered that immaculate yes, that: “Yes, Father. Yes, your Will,” and the only Son of God entered Mary. Mary came to know that yes, Mary came to know that her heart had been prepared from all eternity. What a grace it was for our loving Mother to know her reward the very moment she entered the yes of the Son. For she learned that her yes had been enveloped by the grace of God in order to enable her to taste the Father's and the Son's love. She tasted that love because she deserved to taste that love. But we still don’t deserve to taste that love; we have to earn that right.

We have to say our childlike yes, as in the beginning, when we first came on earth. How can we go back in time? Well, let’s return within the Alpha and the Omega: this is the only place we need to be! He's also the One who is Time, he's the One who is the Present: Jesus is omnipresent. It is only when we are in that place that we will be reborn to our lives: becoming once again children of the Divine Will, getting rid of our human will. Oh, this human will really doesn’t want this! It doesn’t want to get rid of its corpse, it loves its corpse. Do you know who the corpse is? It’s us. The human will has become the master of it; it has turned us into beings that are cold, frigid towards love. We no longer feel the love inside us. We are love – we don’t love unconditionally. We love ‘if…’ We love ‘but…’ We love ‘maybe…’ We love with an ‘I’ll have to see…’ We love with a ‘What? I don’t know.’ This is the love we carry inside us!

We’re incapable of loving ourselves like tiny little children. A little child must not have a 'self'. He already hears words, from his mother and his father, in which he cannot perceive: cannot perceive the sound of love, he cannot perceive his father’s gentleness, he cannot perceive the beauty that is his mother. From birth, he already seeks the one he left behind, he seeks The Love, real love, he seeks what nourishes him – already!

And so, imagine how far in the past this is to us! We have many layers of skin on our poor flesh, and our heart has turned to stone. We have a heart of stone. Jesus is constantly giving us weapons in order to create an opening in that heart. He has succeeded because we’re all sitting here listening to the power of the Holy Spirit. And so, he comes to pick these little flowers that are allowing themselves to be transformed.

It was necessary for a thorn from Mary's Heart to enter us; it took Mary's tears to make us feel compassion for this little, wounded heart; it took that thorn for us to learn that we had a broken heart. Mother Mary never stopped watching those she carried within her, because the moment Mother Mary entered the movement of The Love, she came to know all of us. She knew all of us! She knew the first to the last: nothing was hidden from her. She knew what we were going to do to her Son; she knew what men and women had done to her God of love. Nothing was hidden from her. Our loving Mother, our Mother of sorrows, she loved us unconditionally. She carried our heavy hearts, our hearts of stone in her Heart as though they were her most precious possession. She carried them as we carry our children, because we have children.

This is like a gift that God places in our lives, and we walk with this; and then, we become infatuated with this gift. We want to keep it for ourselves; we don’t want to give it to God. We became the masters of it because of our human will. But the Mother of God looked at all those gifts of love, at all those little hearts, and she never stopped praying, she never stopped praying and praying. She asked the Trinity to grant us graces because she knew, she knew that even though we were going to crucify her Child, we would continue to make her Child suffer.

Because there's still suffering on earth, and as long as there's a single child who hasn’t said his yes to his Son – “Yes, I accept to be saved. Yes, I accept to be loved by Jesus. Yes, I accept to consider myself as having been chosen by God the Father. Yes, I accept that I am the flesh of the Eternal Flesh. Yes, I accept to be in my brother’s flesh; yes, I accept to be in my sister’s flesh, for all I can see is one flesh” – as long as that yes, the last one has not been uttered, Jesus will continue his Passion, because he's still living his Passion! His Passion is victorious but it continues to be painful because of us, because we live in our no’s, because we’re incapable of saying no to temptation. “I am the master of my choices; they are all I have left. God wanted me to be free so he gave me this freedom, and this freedom has made me suffer – it is my cross.”

Today, we cry out: “I want to be free.” Ah, that comes from the outside world! We will be free only if we carry our cross to the end. This is the only freedom that gives us peace and joy. The cross: “Oh, you call that freedom?! Come on! A cross is a heavy burden, it slows me down. It prevents me from becoming involved in the things I want to do, because, the places where I go, there isn't always room for me to put down my cross. It prevents me from sleeping where I want to sleep, because sometimes, a cross is annoying, and it’s hard.”

To us, our cross has become a source of suffering because we aren’t free. We have become prisoners of what we are: we are children who are vain, liars, jealous; we are children who overeat; we are children who judge constantly. Oh, those well-known judgments! We should stop judging because the more we judge the more our own judgment will become difficult for us.

Do you know what we will have left when our flesh falls lifeless to the ground? Our judgment. It’s the only thing we will have left after our death on earth and that will still keep us alive. Yes, when we come face to face with our life, we will still be that life which we received and which enables us to undergo our judgment. “Where am I going to go? Where do I choose to go? Yes, I still have my life; I can feel that I'm still alive. I have a choice – do I go to God or do I enter the void? O, Holy Spirit, shed light upon the things I find difficult today.” He will not tell us to turn to Satan because to turn to Satan is to go to eternal death.

But as we’re still alive, he wants to grant us many graces because we need them. If we calculate the number of times we have judged, and we look up towards the sky, as far as the eye can see – there's a huge mountain of judgments that rises above our heads. Therefore, we need Heaven's graces to prevent that mountain from falling on us in that moment when we find ourselves before our judgment.

But Jesus of love brought everything unto death. All those judgments have already been brought to death; they no longer exist: he has conquered evil! But we, we have to choose: “Do I accept the cross? Do I accept to go all the way to the end?” We are the cross. “Yes, Father, all is accomplished.” And so, we must continue on our journey in order to live the same thing: “Yes, I accomplish your Will in your Will.” Jesus is the one who will give us his own Will so we can say that yes to his Father. It’s as though Jesus were wrapping us in his yes and his yes becomes our own yes. It flies towards the Father and the Father receives it in a movement of love.

But how can we bring our little yes, which is so full of pain, so uncertain, so doubtful, into the Heart of Mary? We must bring our yes to the Heart of Mother Mary so that Mary can take our yes and place it in her Son's Heart: a Heart of love, a merciful Heart, a Heart filled with flavour, which will enable us to understand that we are children of the Divine Will. “Yes, everything for you, gentleness and love eternally. I love you, and I'm not saying this with my will because that ‘I love you’ was created for us – ‘I love you’ because you’re the one who puts that ‘I love you’ upon my heart, and it’s with this movement of love that I say to you, ‘I love you.’” And then, our hearts, our hearts will be radiant with love. But before this happens, Jesus says that we must undergo the movement of the purification of the flesh.

The soul has been purified between the hands of Jesus. When we go to Confession, our soul receives sanctifying grace. Our grace spreads throughout us to give us nourishment, which helps us to move forward. But our flesh, our flesh, prisoner of the human will, still bears marks upon it, the marks of evil. Jesus says that if you could see all the marks on your flesh, you would be struck down with terror and you would die. And Jesus doesn’t want this, Jesus isn't interested in having his children fall to the ground. He wants them standing, with their eyes turned towards Heaven; he wants his children to be peaceful, and it is in peace that this will take place.

We are going to live our purification and the more we live our purification, the more we will feel inner peace and the more joy we will taste: our flesh will taste this. We will see our children who, at this very moment, have left the Church, have left Jesus. When a person leaves the Church, they leave Jesus. There's only one Church – there are not two of them. There's only one Church and it is Jesus: he's our King of love, he's our Eternal Love, our Eternal Movement, the One who came to earth to establish his Church, which is us. Jesus is the Church. He didn’t need to establish himself, he was his All, but he came to speak to his all so that his all might recognize that it was in his Dwelling. Jesus is our God of love; he's the one who is the Master of his Dwelling – not us. He created us in him. He is our love.

There's only one God, there's only one Perfect Being who is everything. And there's only one Church, and his Church, he is the Master of it. Go anywhere on earth, be it in France, be it in Russia, be it in Canada, in Columbia, in Peru, in Australia, anywhere, even in China – Jesus is the Master as there is but one earth, and he's the one who created the earth; it wasn’t created by humans.

The Lord still has a lot more to say! We have done his Will. He has just said, “Stand up, my children, for you are very numb because of your flesh. Stand up and sing a hymn to Mary. This will help you to get rid of your pain.”

♪♪♪ Hymn.

Mary: Sing, little children. In your hearts, there is a movement, a movement that sweeps you away. You are loved by the Mother of God. You are children of love. Sit down, my children. Your hearts are allowing themselves to be enveloped in grace. Today, you have received much, my children. Heaven is watching you; Heaven accompanies you as you follow in my Son's footsteps. Little children of love, allow this movement to take you up. Such is the Will of God.

What you are, little chosen ones, is willed by Heaven. Not one of you is able to guess what God's plan is for you. Let yourselves go in surrender. Surrender is something which God enables you to know. You have so much to learn within you. Your peace, little children of love, I receive it in my heart. I have you understand your need to love yourselves. It is important, my children, to be within yourselves. You would like your peace to be delivered from evil. That deliverance is within you; that need is within you out of love. I will help you to look at yourselves, I will help you discover who you are so that you might become tiny children of love.

Does a child love himself, my children? He loves who he is, he does not judge himself. When he learns to love his mother, he knows that he is love, for he looks at his mother and in his little heart there is a movement which reveals to him that he loves his mother. Because he knows that he loves himself, he does not complicate his life; he is all love for himself and he is also love for others. He does not judge his mother; even if his mother raises her voice, he smiles at her. He smiles at his mother because his heart is moved by what his mother wants to show him. He is ready to learn what will be good for him.

your ears to the Will of God. These times are times of love. I am speaking in your hearts because your hearts belong to my Son. You are in the Church, you belong to the Church. Little children, do what Heaven asks of you: this is a lesson of love. It is Heaven that knows what is good for you – it is not the minds of humans – for with their human will, they have not learned to be love fully and unconditionally.

Be surrender in the hands of the Divine Will; this feels so good. This, little children of love, brings peace. When you are at peace, there is joy in your lives. You begin to no longer worry about your 'self', for your 'self', you no longer want it: you want what God wants. No matter what may happen to you, you know that in God's hands everything is nothing but goodness, nothing but perfection, you have faith in God. And the more you feel this within you, the more you allow yourselves to become abandoned to the Will of God, for you cannot surrender on your own – it is only through grace that this can be done.

Little children, I gave myself constantly, constantly. Grace nourished me. I never revealed that I knew; I left all the room to my gentle and adorable God, so that my gentle and adorable God might do as he wished with me. And I moved forward, and nothing was refused to me. Not for a single moment did I request graces to become what I am at present, as it was God's decision that I be the Mother of the Son of God, the Mother of Heaven and earth.

Your God is the King of the earth. God the Father in God the Son, in the Holy Spirit: your only God. God is the Master of all. God is your Master. Nothing here below can compare to God's love. Nothing here below can be as righteous, as just as God's loving justice. Nothing here below can compare to God's power. Nothing here below can compare to what God desires for all the children of this world.

Believe, little children, that Heaven is watching you and that Heaven will accomplish his Will. No one among you will prevent the Will of God from being accomplished, for everything has already been accomplished. The Divine Will is present. The present, little children of love, is eternity. Every movement is in eternity. How can you understand this with your human will? Only your hearts in the Heart of Mary, which are placed in the Heart of Jesus, can open you to the power of the Holy Spirit. It is only in that moment that light enters you, enabling you to understand what you are able to understand.

Every one of you has been able to understand to a certain degree. Some will understand more quickly, others less, and this, little children, does not indicate that there will be children who will arrive more quickly than others. Each child will have to help others. If Heaven allows you to hear your interior by the power of the Holy Spirit, this is according to the Will of God. Be humble, little children, and do as Heaven asks of you. Be children who learn to love one another. It is only through this that you will live the purification of the flesh.

Little children of love, what you are living now is so great, so beautiful: everything comes from Heaven. Do not fear for your children, for your grandchildren. Do not be afraid of the evil ones who want to destroy the Church. To destroy the Church, my children, is to destroy the children of God. Is it possible to destroy God's children if God's children answer yes to my Son? It is impossible. When I speak of the evil ones, I am referring to Satan and the demons: the impure spirits. They are there, around you, little children, to make you stumble. I, the Mother of God, protect you. By learning to love one another, you are drawing from a movement of love within you which renews your yes to God.

When you were baptized, you said: yes to God. A tiny little child who is born does not refuse love to God, for the child needs love. Your parents, who brought you to God, were the altar upon which you were placed in order to be presented to your God of love. Your yes was you, little children, and Satan saw all that. In that moment, he plotted ways to hurt you so that your yes would remain hidden from you.

Oh, little children of love! God's grace is upon you, God's grace renders you capable of understanding what he expects of you. Together, little children, you will move forward. Heaven will show you to not leave those who reject the Mother of God behind. Yes, my presence is rejected. Yes, I am Mother and a mother loves her children unconditionally: it is up to you to love your brothers and your sisters unconditionally. I shall give you graces so that you can love them. Everything will take place within you. Slowly you will learn to let feelings of love gush from your hearts for those who cause the Mother of God to suffer.

Yes, how many graces will be granted to you out of love for my Son! There are so many children who no longer believe in their God of love. This is the work of Satan and they are not his children. Those children were chosen by God the Father to be among you. God the Father knows his children; he did not make an error by placing them among you. You must live your convictions towards The Love. Out of love for God, love those who are with you.

The Glory of God is upon you. To know the Glory of God, you must live patience to the very end. You must know your life, which has been like a death, preventing you from living in God's love. Once you have come to know this, little children, you will give everything to my Son because he has already accomplished everything. And then, together, all together, there will be a great resurrection, for you will have emerged from your grave. You will be children of the Light. Your souls will reveal themselves within you and you will be radiant, little children of love, in order to return to your adorable Father what he has given to you: life, will.

Life, little children, is love. There is no life without love and there is no love without life: everything is movement, everything is love. You are God's chosen ones. To do God's Will is to be eternal, it is to be movement, it is to be alive: to live life in God eternally.

Now that you have heard, my children, you will have to live the movement of purification. Heaven teaches children in their hearts so that they may obtain graces to live the Great Purification. If you were chosen, it is to allow you to help all the earth’s children. This will be revealed to you from within, for many lessons have already been given. You are not behind – you are in the movement of the Will of God: everything is there, ready for them. You, who like to learn so much, well then, my children, learn with love, with patience. Yes, my children, you will need much patience towards yourselves. My children, I will say this to you: time is marching forward, time is marching forward, time is marching forward!

I will now ask my beloved sons to come forward – this is where they belong, at the very centre of the Church where the Christ-Priest is – so that you may receive the blessing which the Trinity wishes to grant to you. I love you, my children.

Priests: May the Lord Almighty bless you – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

All: Amen.