Launch of Volume 1

Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Sherbrooke (Quebec)

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit : I am in God’s presence, I repeat what he says to me.


God the Father : I am with you, my children, I am the Omnipotence. I brought my Presence to life in each one of you. You must acknowledge that you are mine. You are mine, just as this child who speaks is mine. She belongs to me; through her yes, she has given herself to me. You, my beloved, I want you in me. I want you to die in me.

This time, my children, is a time for acknowledgement. You have forgotten who you are, from whom you come. You come from me, God the Father, you belong to my Being. My children of love, there are many among you who have forgotten that I live in you, that I am the Presence.

Those children who came before you, to an arid land, to places unknown to them, journeyed towards my Promised Land.

They knew that I was guiding them despite their stubbornness, despite the bad habits they had.

You, my children, all of you here and all those that you carry within yourselves, you have forgotten your God.

He came, through Mary’s yes, to you;

he has presented himself to you;

he has given you his bounty;

he has provided you with his bounty,

and you, my children, you have favoured material things.

You have cast aside my own laws to form your own desires : this suited you.


Jesus : Oh! my beloved, oh! my gentle ones, I am not here tonight to scold you, oh no!

I present myself to you to beg you to listen to my voice, the one that cries out inside you.

Wake up, do not allow yourselves to be taken in by my enemy any longer. He desires your ruin, he wants to tear you away from me, for he, he knows that you belong to me. He, he saw me on the Cross, and he swore to himself, my children, to get you. He cannot stand the graces I deposit within you; and so, he has seen to it that my surges of love be blocked.

He has entered you insolently, and has acquainted you with indifference.

You allow yourselves to be numbed by nice words uttered by my own children.

Who among you, my children, watch television programs that speak against your brothers, against your sisters?

Oh! my beloved, you have allowed yourselves to be caught up in his game!

Oh! my gentle lambs, do you not recognize the voice of your good Shepherd?

He cries out within you, he calls you to come to him.

My children, I, as well, make use of instruments, I also make use of you, but I, I do it with your consent; I take nothing from you.

I know everything about you, I know who has opened up his heart in order to allow me to use his being.

My children, are you ready to let yourselves be used on behalf of those who have allowed Satan to numb them?

I am calling you to love and it is a cry of alarm, my children;

I have prepared your training myself.

Your good Shepherd calls you to love; to love your neighbour.

I want, my children, to give to you again that which I had given to my holy apostles : my teachings on love. They are inside you. You know my teachings, my children. Now, it is necessary that you, you attend the school of The Love in order to live those teachings.

Yes, my holy son (Father Martel), tonight, you proclaimed my Will :

My children, I want you to live love, I want you to be permeated with it.

I am a God of love, I am a God filled with hope.

I want to bring you happiness, that eternal happiness, the one that is destined to you.

In the beginning, there was Adam. He received a breath of love from me. That breath, my children, has never been interrupted;

        it is inside you, it lives inside you,

        it is part of you, for I, I live within you.

        I am your joy, I am your tenderness, I am your patience;

        I am, my children, all that is good within you!

You use my love but you are ignorant of the fact that it is I who live inside you.

You could not, my children, be good, be pleasant, be kind, if I, I were not within you.

You search for me and yet, my children, you use me.

Do realize that you are of my Being.

The breath that keeps you alive, my children, is mine.

Can I, my children, give you a breath and withdraw from you?

That breath would not be alive; it is I who keep you alive.

I am you, my children : You must acknowledge yourselves as beings of love.

You wander about without knowing who you are,  who keeps you alive.

You have become children who are independent of what you are.

You look in the mirror, you see only a reflection.

I, my children, when I look at your reflection : I see myself,

because I love you, because I love everything about you;

your weakness, my children, I took it, I carried it unto death.

You have, my children, made your own cross by living with your weaknesses.

I, my loves, I laid down upon that Cross,

I allowed myself to be nailed to your weaknesses to better help you give them to me more easily.

My children, have I not, I, earned the right to have you in me?

It is you who refuse to give me what belongs to me, namely, your weakness : your sins, my children.

You could not, my children, live without my strength, for a single sin, and I repeat, my children, a single sin would cause you to collapse.

By bringing your sins unto death, I bequeath you my strength.

It is up to you to know if you want my presence within you : my presence of mercy;

that presence is for each of you.

You must keep within you the certainty that I have saved you.

An admitted weakness, my children, is a weakness presented to me.

A regretted weakness, my children, is a weakness of love.

 I have given you, through my holy sons, the way of love through the sacrament of Penance.

I know the regrets you have inside; I know your surge of love.

Now, my children, I call upon you to come place your weakness within me, for all those who keep within themselves weaknesses they have not admitted to a priest, bear a burden that prevents them from becoming love.

To become love, my children, is to give oneself to one’s brothers and one’s sisters.

When you keep a sin inside yourselves, even if it is with regret, you create your own fears.

Fear, my children, engenders evil, for you have a tendency to defend yourselves with your own weakness.

How can you give love to your neighbour if you have weaknesses inside of you that prevent you from seeing yourselves as you really are?

You are beings of love, you are beings who come from me; you come from my Being.

I am The Love and The Love wants you to give love to your brother, to your sister.

The one who remains with his regret, without going to seek graces through the sacrament of Penance, creates a hindrance within himself; he remains on the defensive, he does not perceive that another sees him with my eyes.

Yes, my children, many children will soon become love to the utmost degree and those who will be in a state of weakness will be full of questions.

They will ask themselves “Why is he love and I, I am in pain? Why are there so many weaknesses in me? What prevents me from being love while I do not cease giving my yes?”

My children, it is that only I can transform you into love through my graces of love.

Go, my children, do not be afraid!

I presented myself to my Father in a state of sin : I carried all your sins; not a single one of you is unknown to me.

I accepted to take within myself all that was not love within you, because, my children, my Heavenly Father has love for each one of you.

He has chosen all of you so that you might all be children of love.

Do not allow your judgements to prevent your interior from receiving these graces of love.

It is you alone, my children, who have this freedom within you.

No one can take your life : a yes, my children, is life.

It is for your life, my children, for which you must answer.

Allow yourselves to be transformed by The Love; allow yourselves to be taken up by his surges of love.

You are all called to live eternally in an endless happiness.

My children of love, you are alive through me, you have life within you : this life is eternal.

It does not come, my children, after your death on earth, it has already begun in me, for I am the eternal Life.

I carried you before your earthly mother.

But you see, there is a test to undergo and this test : it's love.

And, in this love, you must take a stand by asking yourselves : “Do I want Jesus? Do I want love?”

To live, my children, in love is to give oneself love.

Do you accept to acknowledge that you are alive in me?

I am the Life.

I, the Life, I know who I am. You, my beloved, do you know who you are? How many among you have the certainty that I am you, that I take care of you despite your sufferings, your illnesses, your weaknesses, despite your sins?

My beloved, give your being this proof of love by declaring yourselves alive.

If, my children, you are alive, it is because you have this proof of love inside yourselves.

The Love travels the world at this moment because, my children, he will present himself to you so he may ask you, you, and you “Do you want happiness? Do you want the Life? I, I am the one who can give you what you want.”

Those who will not be ready for this declaration of love will need you.

You who hear my voice, you know that the Life wants all his children.

 I am asking you, my children, to give yourselves, because those children will suffer,

and it is through your consent that I, I will take what I give to you,

and I will distribute it to those children, so that they might have the courage, they as well, to go through this test of love. I will fill you with love, my children.

You will become beings of love, for you will be in me, you will live in me and through me.

You are love, you come from my breath of love.

My holy sons of love, I have gathered you here tonight because I, Almighty God, have chosen you.

It is not you who have decided, of your own accord, to come here : it is I.

You hold my power in your hands.

The priests have the duty of nourishing my children with graces.

You are me, I am the Good Shepherd.

My lambs are thirsty for my graces : without them, they will become lost.

I need them to unite the others who have wandered away.

Through the sacrament of Penance, I give them the strength to fight the evil that wants to take away their peace.

My children are in need of this strength to go where I want them to go.

These times are times of graces whereas evil is everywhere.

And you, my holy sons, make use of my strength to fight this world that wants to control you.

You are me; you have my power within you : the one of returning peace and love to my chosen children;

through your power, cleanse all the sins of those I send to you.

You are the lights of this world that is in the process of dying.

It is so blind that it has not seen my light that I have placed at the head of my Church.

What it has perceived, this world, is a sick man, an old man, an incompetent.

I have placed my wisdom, my love, in my honourable and holy child, so that he might guide my people towards my New Earth.

You, my holy sons, you are from that light.

You, you must, my children, accomplish my Will, the one of propagating my Gospel.

There cannot be two words : I am the Living Word.

I have announced my Coming.

They doubt my power, they want to deliberately ignore my laws of love.

My arm, my children, is on the verge of falling upon the heads of my children who deny me, who reject me, who ridicule me : you, my children, my Church.

They want to interrupt what I, I have built by introducing impure stones.

My holy sons, my beloved, be attentive to your hearts, the ones that are linked to mine.

I have opened my Heart out of love in order to allow all those who want to give themselves to my Father to enter into it : you are their guides.

My children, be my banner of love, do not be afraid, for it is I who hold it in my hands.

You are my loving hands.

This power you hold in your hands, my sons, it is I!

My sons, hold out your hands over all my children present here in order to give them my peace, my love.


Blessing from the priests.