Launch of Volume 2

Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Sherbrooke, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus : I am The Love within her. She is no longer in this world, I have taken her within myself. I am the Power, I am God of Love.

I speak, I speak in hearts.

At this very moment, my children, I am speaking : within you;

open your hearts;

allow this grace to permeate you;

carry within you, my children, all my children, they need this grace :

I call upon each one of you in order to give to you, my children;

I gave myself out of love to my Father, for you, for each one of you,

so that you may be all united in my Heart.

I love you, my children.

This is a movement of love, this is unity.

Ô God of love, I present your children to you, they are all united in my Heart :

this Heart which opened to bring your children back to you.

Oh! my beings of love, I am the Presence, I am the eternal Presence,

I create a movement within you to remind you of who you are.

You must unite in love.

This world truly needs to recognize itself;

I appeal to each one of you;

you are all my chosen children for this time :

this time of graces during which, at present, the children who are within you receive graces :

they need these graces;

they are becoming lost in this world where there is nothing but indifference towards my love.

I gave myself for them and they do not want, they do not want me.

You, who respond to my loving appeal;

I am, at this moment, in the process of pouring graces of love into you :

graces that transform you into children of the Divine Will.

This world has known its will;

it has wanted to please my Father by giving itself in order to do his will.

I, the Son of God, I call upon you to give yourselves in a movement of love;

I claim your lives :

I want your lives, I want to take them and make them mine.

I carry all my Father’s love within me :

I want to make you live in my Life so that you may be eternal.

My children of love, a new world is coming towards you;

it is coming to show you that love will reign on earth.

For the time being, each one of you must carry his brothers and his sisters,

for the time when they, they will have to renounce their human will is coming.

I need you, I need you to allow yourselves to be transformed by my graces.

You are not yet ready, my children,

there are so many among you who are asking themselves questions!

You are not ready, my children, to go towards them, not yet,

for I place within you graces of love, graces of abandonment, graces that transform you into children of my Will of love :

nothing will emerge from you, but only from me.

This world is called to live in my love.

You are my children of the Light,

I call upon all of you to renounce your lives : your hectic lives.

Yes, my children, there will be a world of humility, of littleness :

this will bring you graces,

you will grow through me, in me and for me.

My children of love, although you, you may have the ability to consent to becoming children of love,

there is only I who can accomplish this movement of love;

I remind you that you are children who came out of sin,

but you have known sin.

Yes, my children, you are children of the original sin;

that evil is within you, that evil that leads you to worrying, to doubting, to asking yourselves questions regarding your behaviour.

I, I am coming to show you how to abandon yourselves completely to my love.

It is only through abandonment that you will discover yourselves as you truly are.

I know, my children, that you say you are prayerful, that you love God,

but your weakness, due to the original stain, has brought you weaknesses that are too great!

You have received the sacrament of Baptism, it cleansed you of the original stain;

you have continued living in you human will, journeying each day with what you are :

all this, my children, has brought you nothing but sadness in your lives.

I, The Love, I placed graces of light within you, graces that were making you realize that you were love.

Each day of your lives, each and every one of you has hoped for love : the true love;

you have wanted to experience joy;

all this was coming from us, the Trinity :

we kept you alive through our unique Power.

I am coming to show you the value of your true life within you,

by asking you to renounce your human will.

When you learn to understand your human value,

it is easier for you to take stock of your life;

you may try as you might to abandon yourselves in me, The Love,

when one does not know everything about oneself,

there will always be moments :

of backing away,

of doubt,

of uncertainty regarding what one accomplishes.

This is why, my children, I speak in hearts, that I am coming

to declare to you how much I, I have sustained you throughout your lives.

My children of love, I am also speaking about all those you carry in the Divine Will.

You carry all children, and this, since Adam and Eve;

you carry them within you :

you bear the trace of the rejection of The Love, and you bear the grace of the yes to The Love.

It is The Love who is claiming your yes;

it is you yourselves who must make the decision of renouncing your human will :

it is not easy for you to renounce what you are!

I want to show you how much more valuable than this you are!

You are children of God, you are children of the Divine Will : everything within you is wondrous.

But you have buried these wonders with your rejections, your doubts;

you have carried out actions against yourselves,

and against those you carry within you;

when you speak about your neighbour :

I speak to you about those you carry within you;

discover the true value of your being.

When I said to you : “Love, love yourselves, love your neighbour as you love yourselves”,

you carry The Love, The Love who allowed himself to be wounded.

I am asking you, my children, to allow yourselves to be discovered.

When you will learn to know yourselves, you will also learn to know your neighbour,

and when you will read these lines, which is what I myself, my children, have had written down for you :

you will recognize who you are,

because even if while you read, you are thinking : “I have never taken drugs!”

my children of love, you carry within you children who have taken drugs!

you will learn to love them, you will learn to sustain them;

through your yeses in a complete abandonment, those children will benefit from the graces I will pour into you, on their behalf :

this is a gift of love.

I gave my Life, give your life, give me the lives of all those you carry within you.

I want to change the face of the earth.

Through the Holy Spirit, my children, you will receive graces of light

and these graces are for your brothers and your sisters as well :

they are not only for you.

There is love and love is giving :

it can hold nothing back, it loves to give :

give, my children.

When you will learn to which extent you are love :

           there will be joy within you

           peace will cover you,

           each day will seem like a new day to you.

You are going forward towards my New Earth : this movement is in the yes to The Love, it is for you.

It serves no purpose to chase after something you cannot attain through your own means :

allow The Love to bring about this movement, do not exert yourselves, give me your yes;

your abandonment will be in my movement;

I will nourish you, my children.

You will see that this will be done through me, and not through you.

There must be a complete renunciation of your human will, and this will be done through me : only through me.

You will see the joy in your lives;

you will be able to discover how reassuring it is to give oneself to God, for

        you also carry your children,

        you carry a husband, a wife, a brother, a sister,

        you carry your entire family,

        and I know this is very important to you!

It is wonderful, my children, to give oneself.

All your worries will disappear,

there will be joy in your lives.

I say to you, my children, that a world of love is coming;

it begins with your yes, your yes to Jesus of love.

I take you within myself.

I came into this world to show you how to love my Father.

I taught you how to love your neighbour.

I want to show you that this is done in Christ, in me, in a complete abandonment.

There is no cause to worry over how to go about it. This world lives in fear, in uncertainty!

There is so much violence! There are so many wounds in your families! Bring them love!

When you carry them within you, you earn graces of love on their behalf : I am the Power.

Look, my children, at how many among you hear The Love?

I have told you that I am coming to inhabit your lives : you are going to hear the Love.

Your abandonment, it is I who will bring it about;

I will show you, my children, how wonderful it is to live in me,

to not worry about what your lives will be, nor the lives of your children, or of your family :

all will be nothing but abandonment : I will fulfill you.

All must begin here, now :

at the very moment you utter your yes : it is a movement of love in the Divine Will.

I take you within me : it is I who carry out this movement for you.

I am coming to make you discover the Divine Will : to live in God as your first parents did before sin.

My children of love, these words that were inscribed in this book,

are words from God : they are living, they are active.

You will recognize your movements within them, for I have carried them :

I have carried all your imperfections unto death.

When a single child commits a sin, I, almighty God who bore all his sins, I cleansed him with my Blood,

I purified him, that child, by carrying his sin unto death :

that child, through his sincere repentance, is called upon to become a child of the Divine Will :

        You will, each one of you, recognize your own movements;

        you will see, my children, how much I love you,

        to which extent I carried you

        and to which extent I carry you.

I claim your complete abandonment on your behalf and on theirs.

This is not to reprimand you, to judge you, to let you know how disloyal you are :

oh! my children of love, you know yourselves!

When a single one among you commits a fault towards God, that child knows it,

and I, in my love, I give him graces :

graces that will make him understand that he must turn to me in order to obtain graces of strength, graces of abandonment that will lead him to The Love.

My beings of love, she writes for you : this is done through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Those who have given their yes, I, almighty God, I have enveloped them with my love, asking them to be attentive to my word,

and this is to prepare you to come home, my children, to my New Earth.

Your world has taught you to listen to human words :

you watch television, listen to the radio, you read newspapers, magazines, novels :

        each day, my children, they repeat words against your neighbour to you;

        you have been taught to be independent of one another, to want to live for yourselves;

        you are being taught to neglect your children;

        you are being taught, my children, to only listen to your ego, bestowing power upon yourselves, forgetting who I am, forgetting that you are God’s children,

        and every day, the children of earth allow themselves to be swept up in this movement which is not love :

        it is through repetitiveness that you have become children who are distanced from me.

And I, The Love, I will show you that I love you.

Many messages have been in circulation.

I have made use of many children for, today, my children, you say :

but, there are too many of them, we don’t know which ones are true anymore,

and you begin to read these messages while harboring a doubt within you;

you also weigh the value of the message based on what you are feeling.

My children of love, does this come from God’s Will or yours?

I am speaking to you because I love you.

I will never stop telling you how much you mean to me!

Listen carefully, my children :

        All messages given to my messengers are graces for you;

        when God speaks, each word bears graces;

        I want to fill you with my words of love;

        I want to make you understand, my children, that you mean a great deal to me.

        Not a single message was not within us beforehand;

        we have weighed each word so that they may be, for you, movements of love nourishing your soul.

        Allow us to judge what is good for you, for your soul.

When, my children, you watch your television, you have many channels;

when a program is over, you go on to the next one,

sometimes you change the channel,

and this goes on every day.

Calculate the number of papers that publish commentaries,

and you read them.

The news, my children, reaches you every day,

and you listen to it :

Songs, my children, are in your lives,

and you listen to them :

you allow yourselves to be carried away by these sounds.

I, I want to nourish your soul.

When you read a message coming from a messenger, it is for your soul :

it is your soul that nourishes itself with my graces.

They help you to abandon yourselves,

to transform yourselves into children of the Divine Will :

This is a movement of love.

I am asking you, my loves, to not criticize my nourishment;

if your human will leads you to passing judgements :

well then, give them to me, I will help you,

and if a certain messenger does not speak as you, you would like to hear him speak :

give him to me; I, I will help you welcome him with your love, which is my love.

Learn to abandon yourselves : this is a form of nourishment.

Allow me to fulfill you with my words :

I am announcing a time of love to you.

Do not criticize one another : love one another :

it is The Love who is speaking to you, within you.

I am the only one who can lead you to life everlasting.

These messages, my children, are for you;

I use children in conjunction with what they are,

and it is with much love that I transform them on your behalf.

Love them, love yourselves, love me, love my gesture of love for you.

There are so many things in your lives that must be changed, my children!

I love you, this is for you :

“Love, I speak in your heart, come towards me, I love you as you are, I want you to myself in my Heart.

Let yourself be taken up by me, and if you bear wounds, give them to me.

I will pour a salve of love into you.

You will love yourself as you are and I, I will be mindful of you.

I will pour graces into you, graces of light that will slowly help you to go forward :

forward in love.

You will become a child : a child of the Divine Will.

Because I love you, I want you for my own.

Have no fear, all has been prepared for you.

“My Father, your Father, has given me to you so that I may bring you back to him.

It is together that we will go forward and it is I who will carry you.

And when you will have enough strength,

I will ask you if you want to help me to carry those who delay,

for behold, the light approaches.

Soon, all will be nothing but love.

You must be in the Divine Will in order to savour that joy you will experience when you will see the Light.

All will be joyful for you.

It is through your complete yes that you will discover that immense joy.

I love you. I want you only for myself.”

My children of love, all is in God, allow yourselves to be abandoned in my love : I love you. I ask the one who has pronounced his loving yes, the one who has given his life in Christ in order to unite you in my Mother’s Heart and in the very Heart of The Love, to bless you.

 Amen, my children!


Father Martel : Lord Jesus, we are gathered in your name. Be so good as to bless all persons present here, grant them a healthy soul and body, be so good as to help them always accomplish your Will with an evermore perfect yes. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


All : Amen!