Gathering of Love with God's Action in Sherbrooke, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Introduction by Father Réginald Tardif, Redemptorist in Sainte- Anne-de-Beaupré: I was asked to present the Girl of My Will in Jesus to you; this is no small matter.

I would have to say that I got to know her through a few messages that Monique Pepin had given me, then by speaking with her on the telephone and through personal messages, then came the meetings in person.

I discovered the messenger who had allowed herself to be totally captivated by The Love and solely by the love of the Father, of the Son, and of the Spirit, and who transmits to us messages from The Love with complete docility and this, not only through her writings and her words, but through her entire being, with the simplicity of a child filled with wonder.

Through this witness, who has become the love of God through her yes, God comes to reveal himself as a beggar after our hearts.

He tells us and tells us again that he is Love, the only Love, and that there exists for us only one treasure: the one of our hearts emptied of all possessions except for this thirst for The Love, who offers himself to us and who burns with the desire to give himself to every person, to every one of his children, and this, at absolutely no cost and without any merit on our part.

Love that expects nothing in return from us – does this surprise you? – except for the offering of our hearts, for there is only one greatness to which we can aspire: to allow ourselves to be surprised by the One who will never stop coming to us so that we might become, we as well, men and women of the yes, completely offered up to his love.

In this respect, the Girl of My Will in Jesus is a living inspiration to us.

This morning, during the matins prayer, I realized that it had been a while since this text had struck me; it was the text on Wisdom – this is how the Lord gets to us – and it seems to me that this is exactly what was needed for today.

He was saying to us:

            “Now with you is Wisdom, who knows your works and was present when you made the world; who

             understands what is pleasing in your eyes and what is conformable with your commands.

             Send her forth from your holy heavens and from your glorious throne dispatch her that she may be with me

             and work with me, that I may know what is your pleasure. For she knows and understands all things, and will

             guide me discreetly in my affairs and safeguard me by her glory.” 

It seems to me that this word of God wonderfully explains to us what she has already accomplished within us.

This is what you bring as a witness and what becomes, for us as well, a pressing invitation to say yes to this inexpressible love of God that comes to us today through you.

Thank you very much, Girl of My Will in Jesus.


Jesus: I, the Son of God, I, the Word of the Father, I encompass all of you within me.

I take you, I transform you into children who are active in me, the Son, in my Divine Will.

Your abandonment, my children, becomes a reality to you; your abandonment takes shape.

You perform deeds in me, the Son, and your deeds bear fruit.

Long ago, my children abandoned themselves through their deeds, wanting to carry out God's Will.

They were submissive children who wanted to please God, who feared God.

I, the Son of God, in this very moment, in the present, I take you within me and I create action, your action, so that your actions may be in my actions. It is no longer you who live, it is I, the Son of God.

You, you live in my Life, you become active in me; this is my Father's Will; this is living in divinity.

Renounce your human will, desiring to not carry out your actions in your will, but in my Will.

This is the present that is alive, that guides you.

You are learning to die in Christ.

You are learning to give up your past life in order to dive into me, into the Life.

Oh! My beloved, look all around you; there are actions that seem wonderful to you; if these actions seem wonderful to you, it is because you live in me with your joy.

I nourish your joy with my joy.

I take you within me and you discover what is happening externally:

You discover the joy of living, of being alive!

I am eternal Life, I have happiness within me.

Within you, this power does not exist in your will; within me, there is this power in my Will

All is movement of love within my action for I, I carry out my Father's Will, and only the Son can do my Father's Will.

And you, who abandon yourselves in my Will, you come to reap what my Father gives to me.

You carry out my Father's Will: It is your abandonment that becomes a grace for you, that grace that you could not have obtained on your own.

I, who gave myself up on the Cross, I took all your imperfections within myself, I cleansed you with my Precious Blood, I showed you the path to follow, and when you abandon yourselves in me, I take your human will and I cleanse it of your imperfections at every moment.

This movement takes place in the present moment, in the Divine Will.

Understand, my children, that when I was on the Cross, I was taking all your deeds: you were in me in the present.

I am the Presence, and at this very moment, you live in me in the present.

I am the Presence, there is no space of time within me.

Only you, you know the past.

The time before you seems so long to you, my children, that sometimes it seems insurmountable whereas this time is in me.

You must enter into me.

When you pray, my children, and you pray while abandoned in my Will: your prayers seem shorter to you; this is because you allow yourselves to be in me, I envelop you in my Love: your movement becomes my movement of love; I bring you to a place of love where all is nothing but white, where no imperfections exist, there is peace, there is joy, and we do not want to leave this state.

When you experience this moment of delight, you find this so wonderful that it seems short to you.

And yet, this is the same amount of time as for another who prays with his human will.

He prays without putting his heart into it: time seems long to him.

He shortens his time by thinking about what he has done and what he will do; he forgets that I, I am praying with him: he is in his will.

I therefore cannot envelop him in my movement of love since he casts me aside, but I watch over him knowing that one day he will come to dive into my Heart, thus forming only one heart with my Heart, and I, with my Heart, I shall present his prayers to my Father, he will feel joy.

You see, praying from the heart is a movement that only God the Son can bring about.

I need your consent.

When my Mother asks you to pray with the heart: she is asking you to give your yes; she is asking you to give me your life, to enter into me, to die in me: all is joy within me.

Oh! Children of love, you have agreed to devote your lives to my Mother,

for my Mother is the fruit of our Will of love.

Even before she entered this world, even before she was born into this world, my Mother was enveloped in our Will of love.

She pronounced her yes in our Divine Will.

We nourished her with our graces, we showered her with our blessings, we chose her to be the Immaculate One.

This entire movement of love took place even before her birth on earth.

My Mother is in the present.

My Mother is always close to you, she is in me, in the Son, in the Presence.

What she did on earth is still present on earth with you, my children.

Her body and her life are with us in the Divine Will, and as we are within you, she also lives within you.

She fills you with graces, she is the Benefactress of all graces.

You have, for the most part among you, experienced a week of joy consecrated to my Mother.

She covered you with her mantle, she showered you with graces, and these graces that you carry within you have also been for those you carry within you.

The entire earth was joyful this week.

I, the beloved Son of the Father, I am joyful, I cry out deep within you: “Oh! I love you. You, my children, you who have given me so much joy, you who have enabled me to taste your yes of abandonment by going through my Mother, I love you, I am jubilant!”

Receive, my beloved, my gentle beloved, joys that are within me.

I am God, I give, I cannot stop giving: I am the Offering.

All within me is nothing but wonders, I am the Happiness, and you, my children, you have experienced happiness this week.

You came, through your consent, to place your lives in my Mother’s hands so that she might place your lives in my Life, in the Life of the Life.

I, the beloved Son of the Father, I come from the Life; I am in the Life and the Life is in me: Eternal God is Life.

You cannot imagine life without thinking of God.

When my children think of living their lives without coming to die in me: they lose precious time; they lose their own time, a part of their lives; they do not realize that they are not accumulating graces, those graces which would show them who they are, who I am within them.

Behold, my children, how wonderful this life is: it is like the bird that chirps in the morning.

This song rises up towards us, and we, who hear these songs of love that we have created, we enable you to hear them.

I am the Life within you who enables you to hear these songs from our creations.

And the children who are not present in me, in the Son, do not see the colours that reveal themselves to them at sunrise; I, I greet these colours, for they come from our beauty, from the beauty of the Father, from the beauty of the Son, from the beauty of the Holy Spirit.

We cannot restrain ourselves and we show you the beauty that is before you.

It is the Life who is showing you this beauty because you are beginning to live in me, in Christ, in complete abandonment.

You are beginning to see beauty; you are beginning to see with my eyes.

It is I, with my graces, who show you how good it feels to let oneself be enveloped in my love.

The children who do not abandon themselves cannot see this beauty; they wake up feeling embittered in the morning, searching for a way to bring beauty to their lives; they think about what they are going to do; they think of everything they have accumulated and all they could do to benefit from it, and they forget to come into me, to die in me.

They are blind, they do not see the beauty that is free, the beauty that offers itself to them at each glance.

I, I am the Nourishment of this action.

Oh! My children of love, I have done so much for you and I want to show you all I have done throughout every moment of your lives.

I want to put joys within you that will make you discover all that surrounds you.

Only the Life can do this, only the Life can nourish the life that is within you.

I am the Source that flows in order to nourish you.

When you come to drink of this water, you are no longer thirsty for at every moment, I enable this water, which nourishes you from the inside, to flow within you; you are satisfied and I, I see to it that this water never stop satisfying your thirst.

This is a movement of love; you become alive, tasting this divine movement.

Remember the Samaritan woman: she asked God, me, if she could taste this water.

I, I enable you to taste it, I enable you to drink it.

Within you, this water is sweet, it is flavourful, it has no aftertaste: it is nothing but joy.

When you taste this joy, you taste happiness.

Remember also that when she left, she went to meet her brothers and her sisters; she spoke to them of me, Jesus, who had spoken to her about everything she had done, about everything she was going to have.

It was happiness that she was feeling, she had tasted happiness.

I, I am telling you that you are tasting happiness: It is already within you and it is developing within you, it cannot be stopped.

This happiness can be found by multiplying it.

You are joyful, within me, in happiness, and those you carry within you are also tasting this joy.

Do not forget, my children, that those who are watching you see externally what is inside you.

They do not understand why they feel good, but this is happening and they like it. Without really knowing what is going on, they are beginning, they as well, to taste this happiness.

And yet, my children, you have done nothing, I am the one who does everything: this is my Father's Will, this is abandonment, this is your life in my Life.

Oh! My joys, receive graces of love, graces of joy.

You are hearing my Father's Will, you are hearing words dictated by me so that you may hear my Father's Will.

I am the Father's Action.

Do not be surprised that I use children so that you might be witnesses to my Father's love.

It is my Father who wills it.

This time is a time of graces, a time of discovery for you.

Seize all that passes before you, take it and eat it.

As you came forward, you received, through the consecrated hands of my priest, my Body, my Blood: you received the Word within yourselves. I, who am my Father's Will, I am the Action: this is a movement.

Those who do not believe in the Eucharist, those who do not believe that I am living, are failing the Life that is within them: and their own lives, they cannot benefit from my action.

You who have come within me, Jesus, with abandonment, I have received you: I enabled you to live my Life.

Because when I gave myself up on the Cross, I gave my Life to my Father so that you could be mine, and when you come to receive me, it is I, my children, who carry out that movement: it is I who receive you; I give myself through the hands of the priest, and within you, I receive myself.

All is life, all is movement of love; this cannot be stopped.

Oh! My children, I know that you are familiar with these words, but give me your surrender; I have so much joy within myself, I want to share this joy! My words are divine, my words come from my Father's Will; only he knows what is good for you.

I, who am in him, I do all he wishes, for such is my joy, such is the Father's joy, and such must be your joy: giving, the gift of yourselves at every moment.

All that is must be done with joy; all that you think must be so with abandonment in me, Jesus; and if there is imperfection within you, surrender everything: remain joyful, for I nourish you with my Being, I take all that is within you, and through my graces, I transform it into joy, into peace.

This cannot be stopped.

Only you, my children, sometimes do not think of giving me what you are thinking, what you are saying, what you are doing.

I, I am always stirring within you, I nourish you with my graces and my Mother enables you to think of giving me what is within you.

Observe what you have lived: this week, my children, you devoted your lives to my Mother and she, she took you within herself.

This movement came from us, the Divine Will.

She is preparing you for complete abandonment, which must take place every instant

It is a preparation that takes place in the present moment, there are no dates for us.

What you did this week must always be there in the present, always living, without ever coming to an end.

Do not think of days gone by, think about how this is happening within you right now, and you shall see, my children, that your life will take on a different form, for you are learning to die in me, I who am the Present, who am the Presence.

Your work must be much simpler, your decisions much easier, for you shall learn to give everything, to surrender everything.

Be love.

When there is a movement within you, do not resist it, see it through, give yourselves.

If you hesitate believing that this movement, which seems good to you, is not from me, well then, go through my Mother.

She is there, with you, in the present.

You have consecrated your lives to my Mother.

She will help you discover that your movement must be in me, in Jesus,

and your movement will bear fruit.

If you believe that your movement is not in God's Will, if this is the case: I, the Son of God, will cleanse it.

Therefore, there will be no imperfection within you that wants to take up space; you will abandon it to me, to Christ, because you are beginning to die in me.

You are beginning to abandon yourselves.

And so, if you want to die in me, surrender everything to me; I, I take all that is good and I also take all that is imperfect in order to bring it unto death.

I, who purified everything, I take everything about you; I do not only take what is good, I also take what is not good: I have cleansed it.

I am the Life, I am the one who died on the Cross, it was not you: give yourselves, give your entire life, give me your worries.

With regards to those you love, I carried them just as I carried you; I will give you graces of strength to overcome this worry.

You will feel joy, peace, because you are learning to die in me, to reject all things in the name of the Son, of the Word.

I am the Action, have no fear; do not be afraid to give me everything.

Oh! My beloved, around you there are means that enable you to give – they are the sacraments.

How great the sacrament of Penance is! How it enables joy to blossom within you!

It reminds you of my Sacrifice.

When you turn to one of my consecrated priests, you are turning to me, the Christ-Priest, you are coming to talk to me.

When the priest forgives your sins, I place my mercy in him so that he is able to give you that forgiveness.

You see, all comes from the Word, not from the human priest, but from the divine Priest who is in him.

He is learning to die in me, he is no longer in his human will, he is in the Divine Will, he is dying in me, in Jesus.

Do you see how beautiful this sacrament is? I, Jesus, through my Blood, I said to my Father, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

I cried out to my Father, he heard my supplication.

Behold, the Life within you is enabling you to discover that when you come to confession, you are in motion with me, Jesus.

You are linked to my movement of love and I, I take you:

you become my Action.

And when, my children, you come to receive me at the holy Eucharist, you are coming to taste the Body and the Blood of the blessed Son of the Father.

What he has given me, he gives it to you because you are no longer within yourselves, you are in me, in the Son.

The Father refuses me nothing, he refuses you nothing as well.

You are in me, in Christ.

Oh! My beloved, how great the sacrament of Marriage is! How beautiful this sacrament is! How it makes you worthy of love! It is a movement of love that takes place when two people give themselves to each other.

No movement is impure when it is blessed, when it is purified through the sacrament of Marriage.

I, my beloved, who am in the priest, I blessed your union and when you give yourselves to the other, it is I who carry out this movement, I am the Word.

To die in Jesus is to discover how much God the Father loves you.

He multiplies his movement of love in order to create, to give.

From your abandonment, he receives this movement; he is so joyful that he gives life, and life goes on:

this is a movement of love.

And only I, the Son, can give this movement to my Father.

You, my children, do you think you would be capable of giving my Father joy without going through me, you who are not perfect, you who have been in your human will? Oh! Beloved, discover the joy of dying in me, the Son, the beloved Son of the Father.

Oh! My children, at the moment my Father has chosen for you to go to him, how wonderful it is to receive the sacrament of Extreme Unction! You are anointed, my children; at that very moment, you receive strength, you receive graces from the power of The Love so that you may present yourselves before God.

How wonderful is this sacrament that prepares to you see the very splendour of The Love, of the Life, who gave you life and who enables you to discover life! Earthly death, my children, is not an interruption, it is the peak of your life on earth, it is where all is nothing but splendour.

Through this sacrament, you receive graces that prepare you to see God, in order to offer God your life as a joy, as a gift, as if there were only this movement that could please God.

Do you see the importance of your life?

Oh! My beloved, all this must be nourished, all this must be part of your lives, important. And for this to be important, the Son of God must be active on earth, and I, who am in each one of you, I render you active and I invite you to go to my priests.

Do you see how great love is? Through the sacrament of Holy Orders, the priest receives the power to be in me, present in the Christ-Priest.

I give you love; only the Son can give you love that comes from God the Father.

The priest, he is complete abandonment in me, in the Son.

Only the sacrament of Holy Orders can make a human powerful.

The priest’s hands are my hands.

Oh! Children of the Light, you can only hear these words if you accept them.

Through your yes, you have agreed to give your life to God, and through the sacrament of Baptism, you became children of God.

I shed my Blood and water gushed from my side to cleanse you of the sin that has prevented you from living your life in the Divine Will.

The sacrament of Baptism is the sacrament of the yes to The Love; it turns you into children of God, children of the Divine Will.

A time is coming when every child who says his yes will discover the love of God the Father for him.

God the Father has consented to his Child, his Beloved,

coming on earth to cleanse you of the original sin,

that sin that has made you ugly, that sin that has prevented you from discovering the divine Life within you, that sin that has tarnished your life.

Oh! My beloved, you are in me, in Christ; I taught my apostles about love; through them, I cried out these words:

“It is necessary to die in Christ in order to live.”

I, the Son of God, say to you through this instrument of love: “Yes, my beloved, come die within yourselves. Come draw life from within yourselves and your life will discover true life, divine Life.”

You are children of God the Father, you are divine children through me, the divine Son, you are life, you are the very source that gave joy to God the Father.

Oh! My beloved, I shed my Blood for each of you, for all those you carry within you.

Even before you were in this world, other children before you received graces of love, graces of joy.

They received light that prepared you to hear these words.

And even children before them heard words of love from the mouths of my prophets, for they repeated what God was placing within them and through their hands they spread this power to other children, and those children, chosen by us, also held out their hands.

From age to age, the Word of God has made itself known.

All has been in my Father's action and all is in my Father's action.

You are in the presence of the Will of God the Father.

You live in me, Jesus.

You receive within you, through your yes to The Love, graces that my Father agrees to give you.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit you discover the splendour that dwells within you.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit you allow these graces to flow within you.

All is done in the Divine Will, nothing comes from you; only your yes belongs to you.

My children, I am not speaking to you of your no, it is in the past, and if there are still some remnants of it, as tiny as they may be, I, at every second, through the children of the Divine Will, I purify these little no’s that are always trying to take root from day to day.

I am The Love who gives to you constantly. I am The Love who nourishes you constantly.

I am The Love who enables you to discover your life within you. Be joyful.

Be joyful, with me, in this very moment. My children, shout out this joy.

Sing this joy and receive graces of joy from the hands of my priest.

Amen, my children of love.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord has just said, “My daughter, I want you to be obedient, I want you to talk about joy.”

On Wednesday, we launched volume three; we can't say “we” – I sincerely ask forgiveness of God for it’s God who did this: all is prepared by God.

When I got up this morning, he told me that this was his day, and he said to me: “I shall radiate through you. They will not see you, they will see me.”

And this morning, the Lord said, “I am joyful, they will see my joy.”

And so, the Lord, he wants me to talk about joy.

When we’re alive, we have two choices; I say two: the one of remaining at peace and of feeling joy, but we also have another choice: the one of remaining in one’s human will, of refusing everything he gives us, of worrying, of grumbling, of being impatient, of being angry:

this option is our choice and with this one, there’s no longer any joy.

The joy we are due to receive throughout the day, if we don’t get it, this is because of us, and I experienced this yesterday.

When the Lord wants me to bear witness to something, I have the impression that he enables me to experience it because yesterday, when I got up, I said, “Lord, you want to show me something.”

This is because I got up to go work on a construction project at the back of my property; I do heavy work.

And it was really early; I had received graces from the Lord, from Mother Mary, and when I get up, I bless – it’s the Lord who blesses, through me, with my holy water.

I had eaten breakfast and was all ready to leave – it must have been around six thirty – and then, I said, “It’s a little too early.” I began to do a few small chores around the house, inside, before leaving and when I went to open the door, I couldn’t find the key to open my garage where I had left all my tools; so, I searched for it.

I went outside, I went to see out back in case I had forgotten it there; I went back into my apartment, upstairs on the second floor, and then I began to boil with anger – I couldn’t find my keys! “Who took my keys? Well, okay then!”

I go back outside. As I had the key for the apartment upstairs – because there are two apartments being renovated – I go take a look, and I did have that key (for the apartments), but what can I do if I don’t have my tools? I thought about everything I had done the night before to figure out where I had put my keys. “Ah! I put them in my pocket!” I searched my pockets but I couldn’t find them; I went back home and however much I searched, I couldn’t find them.

So then, I said, “Lord, why can't I find my keys?” But I wasn’t that bad, I wasn’t really, really mad, but I was still mad.

I kept looking, I was finding it long; imagine, it was nearly eight thirty: one hour spent searching for my keys; I went to see my daughter, who was sleeping. I said, “Have you seen my keys?” She said, “Mom, they’re in my purse.”

Ah! My human will gained the upper hand; I said, “Mom’s keys go on the hook, you’re not supposed to take my keys.”

She said, “Mom, those are my keys, not yours!” I said, “This is true, they’re your keys, but I'm the one who’s working! Now, I need the keys.”

Then, I left, and I went down the stairs; ah! I said, “Lord, now I'm really angry.”

He said, “Yes, my daughter, you are angry.”

Then, I said, “Ah! Lord, are you angry?” He said, “No, my daughter, it is you who is angry.”

So then, I went upstairs, and I said, “I ask you for forgiveness Lord, for everything.”

Then, Marcel arrived and I said, “I'm in the process of calming down.” And the more I calmed down…. Oh, boy! I hurried to call my daughter to ask her forgiveness.

Because I'm certain she was worried, her too, over everything that had happened, and afterwards, I felt peace, joy.

We really had a day of joy, the entire day: even if we’re working, we have really nice days while working hard.

And that night… in the afternoon, my son says to me, “Mom, come help me after supper to do some plastering.”

“Ok, I’ll come help you.”

Since we finished at five o’clock, I said, “At six, I’ll be at your place to do some plastering.”

But he wasn’t there! I waited one hour in my car, waiting.

They had gone out but they hadn't told me.

But this time, it was different – I gave it to the Lord; I didn’t fall into the trap, I gave it to the Lord, I kept my peace.

I said, “Ah! Lord, this is going to be a moment between you and me.”

But this time, I savoured that moment without worrying, without saying anything, and after one hour of waiting, they still weren’t back: come on! So, I left. And, I tried to phone him, he wasn’t there.

All this to tell you that I had another choice to make.

In one day, he gave me those choices.

I was supposed to accept what happened in the morning but I didn’t do that; I took it with my human will and not with God's Will.

And during that hour: I felt anger, I felt that time was being wasted, I also felt frustration at not being able to begin my day when I, I wanted to and not when God wanted me to.

And so, I experienced all this but not with joy.

And when I asked for forgiveness, well, joy rose up in me; I had a very nice day.

And that night, when I was sitting in my car, because the door was locked and I was waiting, well, I was with Jesus! I kept my peace because I abandoned myself to Jesus.

And yet, it was the same situation: I was supposed to be working and that morning, I was also supposed to be working.

But there were two different ways of looking at it: one, with my human will and the other, with God's Will.

“Lord, you must have known what was going on. You knew this, because they weren’t home.” So, I gave my yes and I lived this in peace: it didn’t take me an hour to feel peace and joy, I felt them right away, it was instantaneous, whereas that morning, it took me an hour to feel that joy that God always reserves for us.

God is in us, God wants to make us feel this joy because Jesus is Joy.

He wants to nourish us, to nourish our human will that is weak, that is fragile.

Well, Jesus is ready to do anything for us.

We must understand God's action every moment of our lives.

Jesus, he is the present: he is life, Jesus, within us.

In the morning, during that hour, I wasn’t living, I was worried: I couldn’t enable those around me to feel joy because my daughter, she didn’t feel it, no way! So, I failed my neighbour.

And do you think that when I was worried on the inside, those that I carried were joyful? No, because I was harming my neighbour then as well.

I was preventing Jesus from giving me joy and if I prevent Jesus from giving me joy, Jesus, he waits! He, the one who is joyful, is sitting next to me and he waits.

He yearns for us so much that he waits impatiently to enable us to feel this joy!

Because that joy can only come from him.

Can you see all that we can refuse through our lack of abandonment? This is a no: these are little no’s.

He said so – there are still little no’s inside us, but they are disguised no’s.

We can look however much we like at the people around us who don’t go to mass, the people who blaspheme, the people who commit adultery, the homosexuals, those who commit impure deeds towards children – incest, we can name a few – murders, drugs… these are no’s. To us they’re huge no’s – we too, we say no and maybe these no’s aren’t huge in the eyes of our neighbour – but inside us, we’re refusing them in our life, the life that is in us.

We’re saying no to life: we’re preventing Jesus from nourishing us.

Life, it is Jesus, and only Jesus can nourish our life, but we’ve just given him a no, and so we prevent the Life from nourishing the life in us. Do you see what no’s are? And because of the greatness of what God gives us, they’re as serious as the other ones.

Because if Jesus enables us to know his love, if Jesus enables us to feel his joys, if Jesus enables us to feel his peace, all this exaltation that we have inside us, well, believe me, we’ll become aware of this a lot faster than when we refuse: we refuse our yes to God.

You see, Jesus said to us, through many saints, that he gives us graces, but what he will ask of us will be according to what he gives us.

The degree of his request is based on the magnitude of what he gives us.

So, the more he gives us, the more our no’s become important no’s, as important as those of our brothers and our sisters.

We must not judge! Because the no’s we see externally, well, when everything will be revealed to us, maybe they’ll be of the same value as our no’s because Jesus will have given us much.

But what is comforting is that we have discovered that with a yes, we can go to Jesus right away to receive his mercy and, right away, our no is already completely purified by Jesus; he envelops it in his yes.

It’s wonderful! This is why when we transgress against Jesus, and when, right away, we ask him for forgiveness, we receive peace right away, joy right away.

And so, all this is done through Jesus because he's the one who acts within us right away.

It’s instantaneous, it’s a joy that we feel right away.

Jesus is Joy, he gives it to us at every moment.

So it’s up to us to turn and say to Jesus: “I give you everything, Jesus,” and then our yeses become active.

You see, our yes becomes so important that he's the one who takes over.

And the no carries such little importance that when we give it to Jesus right away, it loses its importance within us: once again, we find our true life in Jesus, our divine life.

You know, it’s wonderful to discover all Jesus has given us since he came on earth.

He gave us his Life to nourish our life within ourselves: this is life, and so we discover the joy of living in Jesus.

We discover that to die in Jesus is a joy.

This is Heaven that is revealing itself to us, this is Heaven that is coming down to our level so we can discover it.

This is happiness on earth, this is the Will of the Father that is beginning to happen on earth, within us.

The Will of the Father is to accomplish what he asks of us.

To accomplish what he asks of us is to die in Jesus in order to carry out our deeds, because only Jesus can carry out our deeds, only the Son of God can take all we are, all we think, and turn it into his own Will: we’re living in the Divine Will.

When we abandon ourselves completely, this is to live in Jesus, this is to discover the Will of God the Father with what we are, with our frailness.

We must stop judging ourselves, we must stop judging others, because the Will of God the Father is such that he wants each one of us.

We are all his children, he wants us as we are.

He sent us his Son to purify all we are.

We must say thank you to the Father.

We must not go on always judging ourselves, always complaining; we’ve become such complainers!

When we complain a lot, we don’t feel joy, we never stop criticizing.

Did you know that Quebecers are complainers? We never stop complaining: when it’s summer, we want the coolness of winter, and when winter is here, well, we’re thinking of summer; sometimes, when we’re tired because of work, well, we complain all the time, when we’re sick and we can't work, well, we complain some more.

When we never stop whining, we don’t feel joy in those moments!

We must give everything to Jesus.

If we’re tired, let’s give him our fatigue: “Jesus, you are my life, you are in me. Come and take everything I am. Come, I want to abandon myself in your Body. You say that you are the Life in me! Well then, I place my body in you and turn my body into your Body. You, you have the power to heal my fatigue, you have the power to rest: me, I don’t have it, you, you do.”

And so, this is what he expects of us; not something like our complaints.

He wants us to give him our yes, he wants us to abandon ourselves, he wants to go through everything we are, he wants to take all our cells and change them into his own cells.

Don’t forget that Jesus came on earth in human form; he lived what we lived through his divinity.

He is God and at this very moment, when we give our yes, he lives our life within himself.

Through our yes, we accept life, but if we don’t give it to him, he, Jesus, can't do anything for us.

And so this is why we’re going to give everything to Jesus, in the Divine Will, and our confidence will grow so much, and all our ills that will be given to him, he will transform them for us, and God alone is going to do this.

How many have heard about Father Réginald Tardif[1]? Many of you, eh? He (Émilien Tardif) was God's instrument, he spoke through the Holy Spirit to reveal God's action within them.

And when confidence grew, when abandonment took place, many people felt a change inside themselves.

They felt joy, peace and, in the Will of God, some were healed.

All took place through the Will of God.

All, I repeat, all, received healing: healings of the heart.

When God goes through an instrument of love to heal, God doesn’t choose one or another.

When he speaks through his instrument of love to heal, he heals everyone’s heart. Every person received a healing, every person discovered that God the Father loved them.

This is what he wants: a healing of the heart before physical healing.

How can we ask God the Father to heal us if our heart is wounded, if our heart bears illnesses? When we neglect our soul, our soul suffers; it is deprived of the graces from its Spouse, who is Jesus.

Our soul is inside us and when this has been happening for several years, it isn’t with only one request that this is healed.

He heals one wound, then he heals another, after that, he heals another.

You see, how many among you have several illnesses? There must be more than one, eh? There are many who have diabetes, arthritis; others have liver problems, others have problems with their circulation, their digestion.

As you can see, we could go on adding to this list because our poor

little body has come to know imperfections due to sin.

The first sin was the original sin, but others followed; others have been the cause of our physical weakness and we bear the scar of all these sins.

God the Father is so loving that he sends people on earth whose mission is to heal; but we’re not the ones who heal – it’s God the Father, because it’s God the Father who is in us.

And if a person comes into this world, that’s because God the Father willed it.

And if a person abandons himself, that’s because God the Father willed it, and if a person gives his yes, that’s because God has already given him graces so he can see the light.

Everything comes from God the Father. Every movement is in The Love.

Those lights don’t come from us.

I couldn’t talk like this unless the Holy Spirit created a movement of love inside me.

Not one word that I say is known to me; they come to me just like that and I can't stop what he’s saying.

I stop when he tells me to and this is how it is.

For the healings, it’s the same thing.

When God sends an instrument of love to heal us, God the Father knows what we need: he knows what is good for us.

And it’s for this reason that some people receive healings of the heart that are so intense, so deep, that we can't understand.

We can't grasp what’s happening inside us.

Love grows and we become beings who give themselves to their neighbour: we want to help our neighbour.

This is so strong that we don’t understand.

But these are healings of the heart: these healings have brought about many saints throughout the world.

Many mothers and fathers have raised their children by devoting their lives to them. They had received healings of the heart.

How can a human person get up at night when he's exhausted? How can a dad get up in the morning after sleeping many hours less, and go to work all day while continuing to love his child who is the cause of his suffering? Only God the Father, through his Will, can give this strength to the soul.

The soul that is wounded by sin receives these strengths, it distributes them: this is a healing of the heart.

God takes care of our hearts at every moment: our soul is growing more beautiful.

And how many people have offered their lives by becoming consecrated children?

We have priests who have become bishops, cardinals and popes; they have been our guides.

They showed us that Jesus loves us, that God the Father wants us in his Son.

Do you think that these children, who were human, could have given themselves like this? It was necessary to heal their wounded hearts beforehand in order to be able to give.

And how many nuns have renounced the movement of motherhood in order to give Jesus their lives: to pray, teach, heal the sick? All this cannot be done through human will; only God could have done it.

And all these, these have been healings of the heart.

God doesn’t stop healing us, but because of our human will:

we no longer want this, we want to see things.

And God loves us so much that he continues sending them (healings) to us.

This is why we have had Father Tardif because, sometimes, he would heal people physically, and to us humans, this was much easier – we could see: we could hear the testimony of a person who was sick, and who no longer was so.

And how blind we are!

We haven’t been able to see how good God to for us.

Since the beginning of our human will, God has taken care of us.

If for one single day, God the Father had not wanted to care for us, what would we have become? Me, in one hour, I who hear the Lord, well, I lost my patience.

Don’t you think that my health was affected by this? Yes, because every time we feel a lack of peace, well, our body, it suffers the consequences: it becomes frailer, it becomes weaker, more tired, our appetite diminishes, and then our lack of sleep! And so, imagine that for me, it took me one hour! If he, the Lord, ever stopped nourishing us with his love in order to heal us, well then, we wouldn’t be alive.

We wouldn’t be here today, or at the very least, we would all be sick, we would all be crippled, we would all be people with many, many difficulties.

And believe me, I don’t believe this! God would not have permitted that children of God be on earth without his love: it’s even inconceivable because he created us.

We’re his children, his creatures.

Can one neglect what one creates? We need only think of a good apple pie: do you think we’re going to ignore it, let it spoil on the table? No, we’re going to eat it or else, we’ll look after it for our guests, or we’re going to put it somewhere to protect it until it’s time to eat it.

We’re not pies! Although… okay! God loves us and we’re his children, so let’s behave as God's children, worthy of his love.

We’re the ones who are unworthy of ourselves: we’re not even worthy of the life within us.

We have much to learn, but we need not worry; the Son of God came on earth to teach us everything.

Everything is in the Bible, everything is in the Gospel.

He's in the process of transforming us so that we can understand everything he has taught us.

Me, ever since I began hearing the voice of the Divine Will, now when I hear a priest speak, when he reads his Gospel, I am beginning to understand.

And when the priest begins to speak, he who is in the Holy Spirit, I hang on to what he says.

I'm not erratic anymore, because before I was erratic; I would be dreaming, then listening, listening, and oops! I would lose track; oops! I would shake myself, I would come back to reality.

I was trying and trying, but I was trying with my human will.

Today, I let it go but the Holy Spirit covers me and I can hear.

I can see the light, I can understand what he's saying.

I can be linked to the soul, not only my soul; in the Divine Will, we’re all linked to all souls. In the Divine Will, God turns us into something completely different: first, he teaches us to be very little; afterwards, he teaches us to discover The Love, who he is.

God, he's the Trinity; he's the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.

This is why, at first, there was volume one that talks about love.

I heard people saying: “But it’s only about love, love over, and over, and over again.”

A child, he doesn’t stop repeating: “Give me water, give me water, give me water; I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry.”

The child is made like this, and so, this is why he teaches us to be little, to become once again like a little child – a little child who always hears about love, who sees love being written down on paper – but a child who can read, who hears The Love saying, “I am The Love, you are in The Love. The Love takes you, The Love envelops you. Remain in me, only The Love can turn you into love.”

Imagine, I've just said ‘love’ many times, and yet, each ‘love’ is different from the other.

In my list: the first one leads you to be attentive to love, the second to discovering that The Love wants us to listen to him, the third teaches us to know that love, it’s the most beautiful, the greatest thing there is: which is God; and the fourth one teaches us to discover that we too, we can be love.

You see, in this sentence, the four ‘loves’ weren’t the same. 

This is what God wants to make us understand.

God wants to talk to us about love because we haven’t understood anything.

An entire life spent saying, “Do you love me?”

We weren’t saying this to Jesus, were we? It was to our boyfriend, or we like to hear someone saying, “I love you.”

Hey, we haven’t grasped a thing, we haven’t understood a thing.

In 2001, in January I began hearing The Love talk to me, and my husband left[2] us in March: three months later. But what love! I was no longer demanding, I was giving, it was wonderful! Now that’s love! It’s to give, it’s to not demand.

Our entire lives, we’ve learned to ask for love, to demand love from others: we have done this our entire lives, married or not married!

Ready or not ready, we want to be loved, we want to be loved by others: our entire lives!

But we didn’t even know what is was to love, we hadn't even grasped the words from the Gospel that told us how.

What is that nice poem that talks about the fiancée, that talks about the love of the fiancé who is coming for his betrothed, who wants to clothe her in his most beautiful garments, who wants to adorn her with his jewels?

My goodness, that was God who was talking to each one of us! That was God the Father going through the prophets, yes, through the doctors, through the apostles, through the disciples, who were telling us how much he loves us! We didn’t grasp this.

Every word in the Gospel: is about love! Every phrase is about love! The Love cried out in the Bible.

When he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, The Love cried out, “I am in pain! I want to be loved by you! Love me! Do not destroy yourself, look at what sin has done, it is destroying you.”

With one breath, everything was wiped out.

But this was love, it was The Love who cried out his love.

Some Psalms speak about anger.

One night, when Monique was spending two nights, three nights or so, at my house; every night, at prayer time, we would open (the Bible) and on the three nights, or two, it fell upon the psalms that spoke about anger.

Monique said, “Me, I don’t understand.” And, me neither, I didn’t understand, but I said, “We will abandon ourselves.”

And then, Jesus, he spoke through me. Ah! Was it ever beautiful! It was really beautiful! We were listening, and it was magnificent! And it was always love, always.

We don’t understand the love of God the Father for us.

We can't understand it; it is only by being children in the Divine Will that we will discover all the wonder that God wanted to turn us into.

You know, God says that we are wonders, his wonders.

God created everything: everything was perfect.

There was nothing he created that wasn’t wonderful.

Every one of us, we are wonders.

When I look at a person, Jesus enables me to discover his simplicity, God enables me to discover how gentle his gestures are: “Oh! How agile he is! Oh! How full of fervour he is!”

And all these things, they’re wonders. We are wonders, but we have a tendency to put our human will before the Divine Will.

And so, the human will is overly inclined to be judgemental, to be critical, unhappy, just as I was when I couldn’t find my key: it’s the same thing.

Whereas the Divine Will is full of gentleness, of understanding, of mercy, because you know, when my son called me back to apologize, I said to him – forgiveness was a joy – I said, “You do not need to be forgiven. It’s up to me to apologize because I didn’t want you to think that I had abandoned you. I was afraid that you would think so.”

He was so happy! God enables us to discover that we can love one another, not by exalting[3] ourselves, but by humbling ourselves.

And this is the greatest of joys! It is to be very little, like little children,

and this is when we discover love, true love.

It’s not by saying, “Oh, me, I can do this.”

Because… I'm going to give you a little example: at noon, we were eating desert and Edith – where are you, Edith?  Ah, there she is, Edith – Edith was putting ice-cream on our plates, and Monique, she said, “Ah! Heat up the spoon, you'll see, it’s easier to scoop the ice-cream.”

Edith said, “Oh! Yes, that’s right.”  

But she knew this and she put Monique before herself and you know, Edith obtained more joy in doing this than Monique did.

Now this is being little! This is accepting that God do everything for us.

God came to serve us; he didn’t come to be served: he asks us to do the same thing.

Let’s be little children.

Let’s be like the little one who runs to help mom and then he trips, he falls down: he drops the glass of milk he wanted to give mommy.

What does it matter, even if the milk is spilled? The gesture was beautiful! Jesus observes our gesture; God the Father, his heart softens before each one of us.

And if we do something that is clumsy, what does if matter, since Jesus, he did it before us, he's the one who performed that clumsy gesture! And so, Jesus, he took everything within himself and he purified it.

So, why be afraid of making a mistake? Just do it.

If there's something worrying us, if we think, “Should I or shouldn’t I do it?” Well, give it all to God.

Do what you have to do and remain joyful in order to carry out that action.

If it comes from our human will rather than from God, God the Father will take care of us; he’ll send us someone or he’ll place us in a situation that will enable us to see clearly. And, believe me, we won’t miss it: in this case, we will get an answer.

To die in Jesus is to allow ourselves to discover, it is to discover peace, it is to discover joy, it is to live in happiness.

It isn’t to lose one’s life, it is to win it back. We lose our life when we want to live life:

we must give it to Jesus.

He's the one who knows better than we do what is good for us, because the Son goes through the Father, and the Father goes through the Son, and the Holy Spirit gives us light to understand all this: this is the Divine Will.

What I am doing doesn’t come from me, it comes from the Divine Will.

What he does for me, he does it for you.

This is the time for love, this is the time to enter the New Earth, in Jesus.

Many people are waiting for the New Earth; they want to enter the New Earth: go in, it’s in Jesus.

To go and die in Jesus, to go and taste the joys in Jesus, to go and savour peace in Jesus is to discover the splendour of God's creation; it’s there, right in front of us.

God will know to shut our eyes to any imperfection and, every day, we will discover a New Earth.

This Earth, it’s in Jesus.

Let’s not be afraid! Don’t search for something that is in relation to human will.

Don’t you know that the New Earth is filled with God's love, his blessings? He's the one who created earth.

It is only through Jesus that we enter the New Earth.

Go in! Thank you, Jesus of love.

God enabled me to see a vision.

He showed me that I was in a place I had to leave to go walk outside, but outside it was light, filled with peace, filled with joy and all my movements were done with simplicity.

Without knowing why I was going forward, as others joined in, we felt peace, we didn’t even need to talk.

All was joyful and we went forward, we went forward amongst obstacles: we went forward amongst people who were not at peace and us, we went forward.

He[4] was leading us towards something that was unknown to us.

We were in a dry place, void of flowers, of grass; everything was desert but we had that joy within us, that peace within us.

And well, Jesus was carrying us in him: we were discovering his splendour and we were walking towards the New Earth.

All along the way, there were houses burning: they represented us detaching ourselves from the material; we were leaving all that behind.

On the road, there were people: we were all united with one another because we were in Jesus.

We were in the Life and we were walking towards the New Earth in Jesus, who was the New Earth.

In the vision, I didn’t understand why there was that desert, the reason for that emptiness. And I didn’t know where we were going.

There was a huge gully but there was a space[5]: it was very, very narrow.

I knew we had to cross it and that it would lead to something.

That small passage, as little as may be, that’s our life; we have to get through our human life in order to enter our divine life.

All those arid places, God enables us to see them.

Despite the fact that we will be in him, we’ll still see what is going to happen around us but it won’t affect us anymore, we’ll feel that joy, that peace, and we’ll no longer be afraid of tomorrow.

God told me that our Holy Father is suffering. God told me that our Holy Father is suffering because some are plotting against him.

God told me that our Holy Father is joyful, peaceful, because he knows he is in God.

He is preparing his days for the big day.

That big day is his entrance into the Kingdom of God the Father.

He is joyful, our Holy Father, he is completely joyful, but he’s still watching over us: he's protecting us.

He remains at peace and joyful because he carries us.

Not for a single moment does our Holy Father worry.

Remember, when I told you that I was looking for my key, I lost my peace and God enabled me to understand that I was angry and that I was depriving those I was carrying.

Well, he doesn’t worry; up until the last second, our Holy Father will be at peace and joyful in order to sustain us.

What is to come won’t be able to affect us. We’ll go forward in peace and in joy because we are already children of the Divine Will.

We said our yes to The Love and that yes has begun changing us.

Let’s be joyful, shout it out! Let’s remain at peace.

Thank you.




[1] God is letting you know that he gives all his priests the power to heal souls, hearts, the sick, and to chase out demons in his Name. It is through their priesthood that they have this power, for they are in Jesus, the Christ-Priest. Father Réginald Tardif is without a doubt the priest he is giving as an example. He is one of the priests who follow the Girl of My Will in Jesus. This is why the Holy Spirit has her say his name.

[2] Her husband died in March.

[3] By giving ourselves importance.

[4] Jesus

[5] Narrow passage