Gathering of Love With God's Action in Shippagan, New Brunswick,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus



2007-09-19 – Part 2

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit:
We often ask ourselves questions: how should we behave when someone doesn’t share the same opinion as ours, when someone doesn’t react the way we would want them to? The Lord says: “Everything you are, my children, is like a flavour, a flavour that rises all the way up to Heaven, and my Father tastes this flavour.

You sometimes have a taste for things that are very spicy! When your spice is too strong, it is not everybody, my children, who is ready to season his life with it.

You see, little children of love, Heaven nourishes you, Heaven turns you into little children ready to give yourselves for others, Heaven turns you into children of light: a light that glows in the darkness, a light that enables others to go forward even though they do not see my love.

Heaven turns you into instruments in God's hands and not in the hands of human will, of your human will.

I am teaching you slowly to no longer be in your will, but to be in my Will; my Will is nothing but love, my Will brings you so much flavour: I am enabling you to taste Heaven, my children.

I enable you to taste the flavour of my love: some children see within themselves movements that others do not see; some children can feel grace inflame them with love; some children pray with their heart, which is attached to my Mother’s Heart; some children feel the very presence of Christ in their daily lives; some children can be in the very presence of signs from Heaven: they see God's action, they understand God's action because it is Heaven that nourishes them.

You see, the Divine Will turns you into instruments of love for these times: you are my workers of the end times, you are the ones I send among my children, you work for me.

I came to you to ask you to love unconditionally, to offer yourselves without trying to understand, to abandon yourselves without making a single effort on your part.

I am the one who put those graces in you, I am the one who turned you into children abandoned in my Will.

I am teaching you to leave this world completely; I am teaching you to savour your inner life and not your external life. The more you abandon yourselves, the more your external life loses its influence over you: you love to be in me, you love to hear your God.

My language, my children, is a language of presence.

I, I am the Presence; I enable you to feel my presence in a million ways: God's language is not the language of humans.

If you, my children, you hear me in every possible way, if you, you know that, in my hands, you are my little instruments, you must be patient as I have been patient with you.

Those whom you approach have not yet tasted what you have tasted, have not yet felt what you feel. You must be completely abandoned, joyful; you must be witnesses to my action in your lives. This, this is a language that speaks for them; this, this is a language that does not offend others: it is a language that waits patiently, it is a language that is free, it is a language of freedom.

Children of love, my Mother showed you how to pray with your hearts; to pray with your hearts is not to seek your own interest, even spiritually; it is to be abandonment, just as you are.

My Mother tells you to regard yourselves as very tiny; she tells you to be joyful, to be at peace, to live chastely, to live in purity, to detach yourselves from material things, to give up all that is idolatry, to distance yourselves from all that is not from God, to not turn to what is external in order to obtain advantages in your lives. That which is external is no longer for you – everything is internal.

I am showing you how to be children of my blessing; everything that you are, my children, is blessed by Heaven; everything that you agree to acknowledge as coming from me is blessed by Heaven.

Children of my Will, you are like a current of love that passes through the members of my Church so they might know they are alive.

How many members do not know that I am in them, that I live in them, that I am the Power, that I am the one who heals, who liberates! Their eyes are turned outwardly, they have closed their hearts to everything that was from my Father. They have a heart of stone. I am coming to speak in your hearts in order to reach them.

Your heads, my children, have been filled with knowledge from this world; you can only grasp what you are hearing now through your interior, through graces.

Down here, there are children who educate themselves with falsehoods and falsehoods come from Satan alone.

The human being obtains his knowledge through my graces; the human being takes his knowledge and leaves it to this world, and this world manipulates his knowledge: this world injects poison into it.

They confuse God's love with domination, they confuse power with my Power, they confuse duty with obligation, they confuse the Light that can do anything with the light of this world, they confuse energy with my Will, they confuse what can bring life to them with what I can give them.

Those who obtain for themselves receive only what comes from the outside and has entered them; those who accept everything from God have already received everything from God, and they leave all the room for God so as to recognize God's action, the will of The Love.

The children of this world have taken themselves for gods and they still take themselves for gods. They want to return to the past to bring solutions to their pain; the past is death when this comes from men: one does not bring healing through death – this serves only to speed up the illness.

I, I am the Alpha and the Omega; I am the Presence.

When I speak to you of children who came before you, I am leading you into the present; I am not making you relive the past, I am leading you into the present for I, I am the Presence, I am the Almightiness, my Will contains no errors, my Will turns you into children who are free.

All those who accept to live the present in me, God, receive graces of knowledge; they are children of my Will, they are free.

God gives, God does not take from the child what is his; God gives, he fulfils him.

Those who turn to the human being in order to obtain healing, to obtain strength, power, energy, are turning to power, and that power takes what is within them, and what is within them becomes a possession of that power, and that power makes the child a slave.

Power enables one to taste a semblance of well-being, and when the child is completely imprisoned in his thoughts, then, it manipulates him against other children: he enters into the darkness, he understands what the darkness wants him to understand; he accepts what the darkness wants him to accept; it does not ask – the darkness forces him.

The darkness has its own will enter the child and the child who feels this asks what the power wants him to say. The child is no longer the child, he is the shadow of darkness: this places his soul in agony, he is incapable of grasping the truth, for the truth becomes troubling to him; and so, power imposes its own truth upon him.

He sinks deeper and deeper until he cannot see that he is grappling with Satan; he lets Satan's power emerge from him, he allows to enter into his brothers and into his sisters the power that kills, that imprisons, so that these might follow the same path as he.

They are so convinced that they are in the truth that they no longer want to listen to my Father's laws, for to them, my Father's laws have become difficult to carry out; they become lost in these laws.

So, Satan injects his poison into God's laws: he transforms the good into ease, he transforms love into energy, he transforms evil in order to disguise it, he transforms those who believe in his power into children who believe in reincarnation; they believe that God is beyond them but that they are capable of reaching the summit on their own in order to become the light: they sink deeper and deeper into their errors.

Everything around them becomes permitted, everything around them becomes, to them, something that shows them, over and over again, things that can bring them benefits in their lives. They become dizzy with their lies, they quench themselves with the very poison of Satan and everything they taste becomes something that is acceptable to them. They go down into the depths of what they do not know, they dive into the unknown and the darkness leads them, leads them to the knowledge of the degradation of God's child.

They are no longer children of God; they are children obsessed with pride: their own 'self'. They are in Satan's likeness, the one full of pride. He, the Darkness, wants to elevate them to his rank, to reach God to be like God; they do not realize, those children, that they have both feet in eternal death.

Little children of love, having both feet in eternal death does not mean that they are completely lost. They walk upon the earth, an earth that to them is a semblance of happiness, of hope, of life; they drag life around like one drags a ball and chain attached to a prisoner’s leg, but Satan sees to it that the ball has no weight so he can lead them wherever he wants, and when they arrive, then they will feel that weight.

This will be so painful in their lives that they will cry out its injustice, they will blaspheme God, and they will destroy themselves, and Satan will lead them to where there is nothing but pain, nothing but moaning; he will vomit them, he will dance upon that vomit for he will say to them: “You were created by God and you were not even been able to recognize your Creator; me, I have seen the Light of the world; me, I have seen the perfect Being, the One who gave himself up on the Cross out of love for you and you were not able to be loyal to him; you were unable to live on earth with dignity, you do not deserve to recognize yourselves as beings created in his likeness.”

Satan's hatred for those children is beyond anything you can imagine.

These words are to make you understand, my children, that you must continue praying, you must remain at peace, you must not be afraid, you must not put your disappointments in front of you.

I have prepared you for what is to come; I have prepared you, my children, to live as beings of love.

I am calling all my chosen ones to gather, I am calling all my chosen ones to be the light for those who are lost in the darkness. I am coming to speak in hearts, in your hearts, to reach their hearts.

Do not be disappointed when you approach my chosen ones who have not yet reached the point at which you are; be patient as I have been patient with you; develop your abandonment by giving me your yes continuously; listen to my teachings, for I speak in your hearts to instruct you.

You are at the school of love; I am coming to transform hearts of stone into hearts of flesh so that everyone may know that I am God, that there is only one God: I possess all power.

I am not coming to declare to you that you are the only ones – I am telling you, my children, that there will be others who will join you.

The Holy Spirit gathers you together so you can be a force against the darkness; the Divine Will gathers all power to stop Satan's traps.

You must continue, my tiny little beloved, to do only my Will, to be true; you are children of God, you are of those my Father has chosen for this time.

You must carry the cross of your brothers and of your sisters and let me carry your cross; your cross must be a cross of love; the more radiant your cross becomes, the more you have the strength to love your brothers and your sisters as they are.

Leave to me the task of showing them that I love them, leave to me the task of telling them that they are my Father's chosen ones.

The words of humans do not bear my Father's grace; the words of humans have so wounded my Father's children; they bear the trace of sin.

The flesh is subjected to sin, my children; your words are part of the flesh, your gaze is part of the flesh; you must be children completely abandoned in my hands.

My heart opened and allowed love to flow from it; so, drink this love, be true in all things, my love is perfect, drink this love.

When you come to receive me at Communion, my children, you are receiving my Flesh, you are receiving my Blood, I am giving myself to you, I am turning you into children of the light on your behalf and on behalf of those you carry within you.

Be the nourishment of the world, be the nourishment that my children need; do not be nourishment of this world – this world has placed so many imperfections in its nourishment and people are so sick today.

You see, your words cannot heal your children, your grandchildren, your brothers and your sisters at home.

Let me transform you; I want to take the least of your thoughts that have harmed you; I want to take everything you have agreed to listen to and that has entered you; everything that you have said and that has turned you into children in pain – I want all this. Every movement, every feeling that has turned you into children in pain, is mine; this does not belong to you; agree to give me everything, be completely loving towards yourselves.

The Word is upon you, the Word is in you, the Word shows you, the Word guides you, the Word seizes you so you can be in this movement of purification.

I am the Purifier; I am coming to strip evil away from your flesh, I am coming to heal your wounds with my fire of love.

You are free children, you are true when you accept my life; my life, my children, is eternal and you are in this eternal movement.


Did I not tell you that you would all be in the movement that would lead you to my Father? The one who hears my words, hears my Father's Will; the one who accepts these words, accepts the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is upon you, the Holy Spirit enables you to see and to understand that you can do nothing and that God can do anything.

Go forward in this movement, be completely abandoned – such is God's Will.”

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We must always acknowledge that we can do nothing but that God can do anything, even in our daily lives with our children.

God can do anything with our children: he can help them.

It is only we who doubt this, it is we who are afraid, it is we who do not see, who always continue going over our requests made to God; we’re always asking ourselves if God has listened! But this is what we are, we’re the ones carrying out this movement.

And so, let’s leave everything up to God; the more we abandon ourselves, the more we will learn, but we don’t learn from one day to the next.

How can we learn what we can't see from one day to the next? It’s hard; it’s easy to learn when we read the words, when we follow a recipe: we put everything in the oven and then we eat the result – this, this is okay.

But when something is told to us, something is shown to us, something enables us to go forward, that something is going to happen, well this, this is hard because it’s invisible.

Prayer is a movement that acts within; we can't see, we can't understand, we can't stop the movement, we can't say, “Go faster, go left, go right;” we can't do this because it’s invisible, it’s abandonment.

God, he, he takes everything; God, he, he knows that a movement must be carried out, that another must be carried out, that another and another must continue. And then, we realize that with abandonment, at the end of a year, two years, five years, “Oh well, I remember I had asked that my child obtain the grace to have less difficulty in school; and well, it was accomplished, his marks have improved.”

Well, do you think this is because the child studied constantly? This child was already having trouble – it was prayer, it was God who acted.

There's no movement in our life that can come from us humans: none, forget about it! There are those who have a headache and who take an aspirin: “Oh, I don’t have a headache anymore.” Well, if God had so desired, that aspirin would have had no effect. Thank you, Lord.

Who does aspirin come from? From humans? It can't come from humans since humans don’t have God's intelligence; it comes from God's knowledge! Humans cannot have knowledge, for every life movement comes from God.

From the beginning until the end, these are movements that teach us; therefore, knowledge doesn’t come from man.

If the scientists have come to know one thing or another, it was simply because God enabled them to go forward, and enabled them to go forward, and then enabled them to go forward again, and then, there were consequences: nothing came from them.

However, there's still knowledge that is bad; Satan can manipulate them.

Do you remember what he said earlier? He explained a little about power, power used in different methods. We know of one that is easier to recognize, but there are others, this isn't the only one – like Raiki; but this isn't the only method, there are others. Well, all these are a form of power.

Power is dominating; domination brings something; what bring something that isn't from God, tears something away: it enters and it removes something. It makes us believe that we’re happy, that we have been healed, whereas deep down, we’re being manipulated by a power that shows us that it possesses power, not of healing but of moving the problem elsewhere, of control.

Where does this power come from, the one that is responsible for my not feeling that pain anymore, and that doesn’t come from God? If I obtained something that doesn’t come from God, then it comes from another source of power.

There are only two powers: there's the power that comes from God, but there's also the power of evil that comes from Satan; there are only two. The human being has no power, he has none. He has to spend his life learning, understanding, comprehending, concentrating, to go on wanting. He's a being who’s constantly surrendering to something, constantly. If he had power, he would learn everything without effort because power is something more powerful than our ignorance. And so, if there's power that is more powerful than our ignorance, that’s because there's something above us; and if there's something above us, then that means that we’re down here, and it’s above us.

We therefore agree to give something that belongs to us to something that is above us; and so, we’re opening up our inner life to something more powerful than us. And then, this comes along to bring within us things that are unknown to us.

These unknown things inside us manipulate us, they make us understand what it wants us to understand, it gives nothing away for free.

Because it’s above and we’re below it, we’re forced to learn, to learn, to learn; we have to concentrate, we have to understand: “I'm having trouble, I don’t know where I'm going. Oh! There it is – it’s showing me! Oh! After a while, it’s showing me something: this is leading me to discover that I, I have power inside myself.

Oh, what manipulation! I who had nothing in the beginning, who knew nothing, here I am learning that I have power, that I have the power to heal, that I can think that one day I can improve, that I will be able to come back and improve even more.

But what made me think like this if it wasn’t because I was told internally that I had this power? I should have known it right away, I should have been in this power since I have it inside myself.

So, this is something that takes from me: it takes without my consent, it manipulates me without my consent, it deludes me without my consent, it uses me without my consent, it always leads me to want to go further to know more. Why do I need to know more?”

Because this is how it is: power wants to destroy us, wants to makes us breathless, wants to lead us even further into its own power until it is all we want, until we give ourselves completely to this power, completely.

God's power isn't like this.

Since the world existed, since Adam and Eve, this power has been with us; this power has always been in our life, it has always respected us.

Is anyone here a prisoner, a slave? We’re still ourselves, even many thousands of years after the first man, the first woman, Adam and Eve, who had the freedom to choose, the freedom to accept.

We have always received and what God has given us… he has always given us the freedom to say, “Well, follow my commandments; this, this will be beneficial to you.” He didn’t manipulate us from the inside.

He gave us the choice to live, he gives us that hope, a hope that we, we want – we want that hope; God doesn’t manipulate anything, he enables us to be true to ourselves.

When we stray from his laws, well, in his great freedom, in his great love, he shows us that we have distanced ourselves from him. Slowly, he sends us people to help us; slowly, he brings us something; God, he never stops giving.

How is it that power can give to us? It should be taking! This is what we were told earlier, right?

Evil takes, and yet, God never takes anything without our free will. He gives to us constantly: “Open your heart to me, I will put my graces in it.”

Someone who doesn’t have faith and wants to have faith, well, this depends only on him – he has free will! This is what God is all about! He's a God of power, he could dominate us but he doesn’t do this out of love for us, he respects us.

And so, this is what eternity is: throughout all our eternity, we will be free in perfect love; this will multiply because it’s always a gift: we will give, we will give, we will give.

God is God, and there are three persons in God: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. This is someone we can name, this is someone we can see, this is someone we can feel: a pure spirit who makes himself felt, a pure spirit who gives us his Son made Man, a pure spirit who wants us to be in his image, a pure spirit who always comes to tell us, “Be careful, be careful, because you are straying due to your human will.”

He always places us before our own choices because since the beginning, we have always had the knowledge of the consequences.

If we look at the flood: this was the consequence of choices made before sin; this wasn’t hidden from us. Sodom and Gomorrah: this was a consequence; it was the sins of men that caused this, but they were free, they were free to say yes or no; God wanted to save them. This is how it has always been, from then until today: the power of God has always made us children with free will.

If today, we’re sick, well, these are the consequences of our choices before sins and God doesn’t hide this from us, he doesn’t manipulate us from behind to say, “I will get you one way or another.” Of course not; he says, “Take care of yourselves, I want to give you happiness so that you can be happy eternally; when you will accept my mercy and you will learn to forgive yourselves, this will give you joy for eternity, because you shall see, feel, taste the grace of God, the reward of God: eternity.”

Which power gives you this? To feel the grace of God for eternity! A gift that God wants us to taste for eternity! Although we had disobeyed God, he enables us to taste this gift for eternity! There is no other God who is like this! This is our God, he's the one who decides to heal us, because the grace of healing, he wants us to taste it for eternity along with everyone else.

If we have a stomach-ache, and because of this stomach-ache we ask God for healing, it can take years to get it, and sometimes, we don’t even get it.

Every time we asked for healing, there have been movements that healed; there was another movement that healed, another that healed, and at every healing movement, children believed, children went forward, children kept their faith, their hope.

And so, when we will be in eternity, in his Kingdom, can you imagine all the graces our brothers and our sisters will have received because we had a part in this due to our stomach-ache? The grace in which we will be in Heaven is incalculable: we will allow ourselves to dive into this wonder for eternity, and this, this is only one example.

God gives, gives, gives, and you give, give and give again. When you give to me, I give to you, but when I give to you, he, he receives, and so, he, he gives to you. What you receive, you give it back to me and then, it goes to her: movement that gives, that never stops giving, and there's an endless multiplication.

You shower me with love, I shower you with love; because I'm showering you with love, millions of children are love, and those millions of children are showering you with love. I receive those millions of movements that are given again: eternal movement, movement of love, movement that is the Power.

This is the power we must believe in, we must not believe in a short happiness on earth; this is hypocrisy, this is a lie, this is to believe in everything that is against God; this is to not love the cross, this is to be against the cross, this is to be against our eternity, this is to want to put both feet in that eternal death; this, this isn't what God is about.

We must not turn to any other god than God. Anything that is metal and claims: “Put this on, it will get rid of your arthritis”: lies! It moves the pain elsewhere to manipulate you, it makes you believe in a small sense of well-being: “Ah! I feel good!” Lies! This leads you to believe more deeply in something else, to believe in machines that give powers and those powers enter the subconscious.

But, come on – this is Satan's power! This is to dive into all those errors, and today, the Church is suffering because of this, our priests are suffering because of this.

They’re completely confused when a child arrives who gives himself too much to the cross, who wants the cross, who adores Jesus, who loves the cross, who plants it in his yard and who says prayers every night for his brothers and sisters of the whole world, who says he's a sinner, who claims: to be repentant, to want to dive into grace, to want to hope in Jesus’ return – but what is this if not total confusion?

The Church has been teaching us from the beginning: “Prepare yourselves, be pure, for you do not know when Jesus will return, for he will come like a thief comes; prepare yourselves!”

Where are these words? Why do priests no longer believe in a glorious cross of love? On September 14th, we’re celebrating the glorious Cross and no one comes to bless the glorious cross? Why? Because we said, “Dozulé!” What is Dozulé if not a place like anywhere else on earth? There's a Dozulé in all our yards; there's a La Prairie in all the yards of the world. The earth belongs to God, it doesn’t belong to this world.

We’re either children of God or we aren’t; whether we’re here or in China, whether we’re in Columbia, whether we’re in Russia, we’re everywhere. Wherever there's a child, we’re there, all the children of the world are there.

We’re in Jesus or we aren’t; we’re in the cross or we aren’t. There's only one cross and the only cross that has been on earth is the one that was at Calvary, that Jesus was nailed to: there aren’t two of them, there's only one.

If today, we want to see the glorious cross in our yard, this is to remind us that Jesus is victory, that Jesus is glorious, and that we must live this glory by telling ourselves, “Sinners, sinners because you are before the cross,” a cross that allowed blood to flow and that is victorious over evil, for it fought evil, it fought the one who wants us in hell, the one who, at this very moment, puts us in total confusion: he divides us.

If we’re not completely mixed up, then what are we? Do you remember the song we were taught when we were young: “Le petit chinois tout mélangé” (the little mixed up Chinese boy – French nursery rhyme)? Well, that’s what we’re like now.

Let’s stop confusing ourselves – there's only one religion: it’s Jesus. There's only one Church: it’s Jesus. There's only one Cross: it’s Jesus, who was crucified on that cross; there is none other, there is only the one.

Jesus of Nazareth triumphed over death; yes, he triumphed over death – we must believe in this, we must drink that Blood that earned us eternal life.

Did you know that there were missionaries who gave their lives to bring the cross where there was none? They were martyred and afterwards, the people believed.

Did you know that they found that those missionaries had so much courage that they said, “But there's something true in what they are.”

And so, that’s us all over again; are we ashamed of the cross? Yes, we’re ashamed of the cross, we’re ashamed of that Cross of love, of that glorious Cross.

Jesus spoke in my heart and he speaks in my heart; I was incapable of remaining standing before the cross, incapable up until three days ago.

Jesus spoke to me of the glorious Cross in 2007; he said that it was in the sky; I believed in the glorious Cross, but not to get involved. I didn’t want to get involved, I was afraid, I was afraid of the leaders of the Church because they didn’t say yes to the glorious Cross, and so I wanted to hide, to not get involved, to do what I had to do: to speak in hearts, repeat, be God's instrument.

I did this as I was, but I had trouble living what he was telling me.

There was only one time when I wanted to… he was telling me to give a testimonial; I testified that we had discovered that my descendants came from Dozulé, the diocese of Bayeux; I said it once and after I said it, I came home and said to my spiritual director: “I won't give that testimonial again, I said it once, the people who were there heard; it’s okay now, I did what I had to do, this is my right.”

But this was hypocrisy; I didn’t want to get involved in this, I wanted to hide myself in case the Church said, “You believe in the glorious Cross, in the cross of Dozulé, then you are a liar; this is false; you do not hear Jesus; and all the messages you have given, you were making them up.”

But I knew that this wouldn’t be true, I knew that I couldn’t make this up: hundreds and hundreds of hours of repeating what is inside me – I cannot do this, I don’t even know what he's going to talk about.

And so, I didn’t want this to stop; I found what he was saying so beautiful; and so, I didn’t say that I wanted to continue with all this and with the glorious Cross, the luminous Cross.

My spiritual director said, “You will do what God asks you. How many are there who say yes and afterwards, they no longer want to; don’t leave them alone.”

I said yes, but he stopped talking about the glorious Cross, my Jesus of love; deep down, this was okay with me; he probably respected who I was – he would quietly say a little about it, he would quietly slip something in, he would slip a little in, but not a lot, just enough to enable me to go forward, up to three days ago.

There was a glorious Cross and we heard testimonials from the person who wanted to erect the 123rd cross: there was a little boy, who wanted to commit suicide, and he needed to talk, but the person was in his house with the door shut; and he waited until the next morning to talk to him, but during the night, the boy slept on the bench placed by the glorious Cross.

The next morning, he said, “This cross is special; Jesus is here. I don’t want to commit suicide anymore.”

A little boy’s hands were hurting; he placed a hand, one hand, on the cross and it was healed, and after, he asked for permission to put his other hand on to be healed.

Testimonials like this are everywhere, and I knew of the other testimonials, but then, something had just moved inside me – I felt my shame, because the other times, I wasn’t involved with the glorious Cross. But now, I was involved since 2007; the Lord had said, through me and surely to others, that the cross was placed in the sky.

And then, this caused me to question myself before Jesus of love, before that cross: God's cross. There aren’t two crosses, there's only one cross; it’s the one that was at Calvary, and it’s glorious; that’s the one we’re talking about at this moment: it’s the victorious Cross.

So, I left it like that and I went to bed; the next morning, we were on our way but just before, she[1] took us close to a chapel whose doors were shut, but there was a glorious cross there. Then, we said a prayer, and a one point, we were all silent, and I heard Jesus: “Come closer.”

I went closer, and I asked for forgiveness, I asked Jesus for forgiveness. He said, “You have not been faithful to me in all things.” He knew it, and he said, “You must abandon yourself, you must do as I say.” And then, I said yes.

So, I promised Jesus something; I said, “I promise you, Jesus, that I will no longer go backwards, I promise you to go as far as martyrdom if necessary; I don’t know what is waiting for me, but I promise you that I will go all the way to the end because we’re in that cross.” I said, “We’re all in that cross and we are those lights that will illuminate,” it’s the luminous cross.

So, I'm part of that cross, just like every one of you is part of that cross: this is the Church, this is Jesus’ victory.

And now, I will go all the way to the end; I don’t know what is waiting for me. It’s true, it’s easy to have a glorious cross on your land, but I, I travel everywhere… what is he going to make me say, him, Jesus of love and the Holy Spirit? I don’t know.

So, I will go all the way to the end, I will do as he asks: everything for him, everything for his glory.

We must pray, we must never, never say a single word against a priest who won't come to bless the cross – we don’t have the right to do this.

If we want the glorious cross at home, then we must accept everything: the cross, this is the cross, this is part of the cross.

We must love unconditionally like our Jesus of love.

It has also been said not to judge; so, let’s not judge, let’s love the cross, let’s love what we are in the cross. The rest is God's business, it isn't our business.

He's the one on the cross; he's always on Calvary, but he's radiant; he's there for us and he watches over us.

When we receive the cross on the forehead through Jesus, it’s the priest who gives it to us – he's Jesus, and so, let’s not judge Jesus when he doesn’t want to bless the cross.

Isn't this because it reminds us that we pass judgment? We must not judge.

We have the cross we deserve, because the cross contains all the children of the world; all the children of the world are the Church, they are our Church of love; there you have it, this is what we must live every day.

Our victory has already been won, but we must live it: we must live our victory, and then, we will illuminate, when Jesus so wishes; time belongs to God alone, and it belongs to none other than God.

We must believe in this; our cross is real; isn't our song “O Canada”? To carry our cross, this, this is our song, Canada’s national anthem. (In the French version – there is a line that says, “As in thy arm ready to wield the sword, so also is it ready to carry the cross.”)

Does anyone here know it? No? The cross, the hymn of Canada. Who knows it?


♪♪♪:      O Canada!


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Long live the Cross!


A person in the audience: You made us realize that we have this in our national anthem; it’s as if we were singing this to the Lord without realizing it…


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Our cross! This is a prayer, Canada’s anthem, eh, we pray it while singing it – we should say it often. And so, thank you, Lord. 


[1] The person who had us stay in her home, Nicole (the English interpreter) and me.