Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




Triune God : My children, I, God Almighty, have gathered you here tonight, all of you, my children, you live in God through your own yes to The Love; you come here  with the purpose of loving yourselves

My children, through this voice that resonates in the Girl of My Will in Jesus, whom I have chosen myself since all eternity, so that you might know that I love you.

This child has uttered her yes to The Love so that you, my children, might be in the visual presence of Jesus. She has cried out for Jesus' coming for the whole world. She has cried over her own shortcomings and over your shortcomings towards us, the Trinity, and Mary : my gentle Child, my Daughter, my Spouse; I heard her cry which came from her yes to The Love.

My children, I prepared this child for this moment, even before she appeared in her earthly motherís womb.

My work is of all beauty! My gentle children, she is appearing here tonight so that you might know that I accomplish my work within you : the one of turning you into beings who give of yourselves to your brothers and to your sisters, your neighbour; my children, yes, everything within her is inhabited by us, the Trinity.

You, little children, you who are here tonight in the presence of my loving action within this child, I act within you : you as well are inhabited by me, Triune God; we are the Trinity : I, the Father, I, Jesus Crucified, I, the Holy Trinity in the Spirit of love.

Everything about you, my children, is us, we, who abide in you; we come to show you that our power can make of you, my children, beings of love, by showing that you come from us.

We, The Love, we have conceived this world so that it could be happy, in loving harmony.


Jesus : You, little children, you discover that you are miserable, alone with yourselves, hopeless. You look in front of you, and what do you see? A being who has wandered about in a world where he has not recognized himself.

He does not know, that child, who he is, where he comes from and why he is here, why this world which is cold, which gives him nothing, which has nothing to offer him?

And so this child withdraws inside himself, not knowing that he is loved, but not by this world, for you see, this world is made up of children like him, of children who do not know who they are.

That child, who is miserable, is inside himself in a very deep sadness.

One day, there, deep in his heart, he begins to search, to cry out :

ďI have had enough, I am in pain, I need love; who is going to love me, who is going to take care of me? If I do not find love, I will disappear to no longer exist.Ē

Inside each one of you, my gentle children of love, that child, it is I who wander about inside you; it is I, The Love, who search for love, who find no semblance of love, because the being in whom I dwell is empty : he is not filled with love; and so, I, I will show you that he can be happy.

Into each child of this earth, I will enter; oh! not by seeking to violate his life, I am not a thief, I am not violent, I am The Love; I will bring down truths to fill him up; I will allow love to blow like the wind : that love he does not want, that love he refuses.

A light will appear, through my love; that light, it is my Spirit of love which possesses all power.

I will place in that child, in all the children of earth, a hint of warmth; that warmth will cause him to go within himself and, then, he will really be obliged to go within, for outside it will be too cold.

He will no longer be able to move, he will want to warm himself up; I will brighten his interior so that he may see clearly, for outside it will be dark : no light will be able to chase away the darkness inside him and, then, he will go within himself : he will be in that light where it is warm.

A brighter light will shine and that light will begin to take shape; he will be petrified because he will not know what is happening and, then, slowly, gently, I will reveal myself to him, I will tell him that I am Jesus of Love, I will tell him that I love him and that I want him to love me; then, he will become aware of all he has missed by not coming to me, Jesus.

I will see his interior; I will not frighten him away, my children, I will be careful with him by giving him graces of repentance, so that he may not fall into despair, he will receive, through his repentance, graces of strength;

he will know that I love him, he will become aware of my love for him; my children, that child, it is perhaps you, who are here tonight.

Ah! my loves, there is so much to offer me, do not wait for that moment, right now, at this very moment, give me love.

Come to me, you, little children, who are in pain, because no one has told you that I, Jesus of Love, love you just as you are; let me show you, through my love, that you can love yourselves too : you will become love.

The one who is afraid, I, I will make his being discover that I am sweetness and that he, he is gentleness; he is not a violent child; when he was violent on the outside, it was due to the fact that he did not know that I loved him; and so, not knowing that he was loved, he has a tendency to use his fists and his words, which made him defensive against what he did not understand.

You, my children, how many of you have done the same against yourselves, against your neighbour, in order to show to yourself that you were a being who needed respect, a being who wanted others to listen to him? I, inside of you, I will show you that you are a child of love.

I am in you and I love you as you are, It is I who will help you to become aware that you can help yourselves by coming to me, by letting me act, by casting aside all that is not for you.

It will difficult for each one of you to entirely give up everything in the blink of an eye; do not even try to, my children, for you will find yourselves faced with failure, as you have always been without me.

I, through your presence in my Being, I, Jesus, I, The Love, I will deposit graces in you; these graces, my children, are nourishment, nourishment for your soul, the one that teaches you to absorb nourishment so that you can give your entire being happiness, peace, and calm; I am that nourishment, I am life, your life.

Allow me to act, I am The Love, I am the Being of love who is in you; my children, do not make use of your own action any longer.

Manís will is in great fragile. It causes so many mistakes; it has made you suffer for thousands of years, my children.

Are you tired of living according to your own will, this, my children, is not good for you. I, I do not want to take from you what belongs to you. I just simply want, my children, for you to take my Life; I, my children, want to take your life and I will change it into love by being careful to respect who you are, by not seeking to change your temperament.

My children, it is we, the Trinity, who have given you talents; some have used them to help their neighbour through medicine, through education, through technical training; all these talents, my children, are part of you; I, my children, will simply show you that you are children who can make use of your talents with love, for love, for yourselves, my children.

You see, my Life in exchange for your life is much better; I, I am a Being of love, full of joy, full of hope for happiness, for I am the Happiness, I am the Eternal Life.

I will improve, my children, your life on this earth; I will make it so joyful that you, my children, you cannot even imagine the depth of this proposal.

My children, I did not come here as a magician; do not be mistaken, I am the Son of the Living God : I am Jesus Crucified; I toiled on this earth just as you do; I suffered and I suffer because of your shortcomings; I will give you, my children, strength through my Fatherís Volition, so that you might do all for my Fatherís Glory, in my Fatherís Will.

This, my children, is a new world; There will be no more domination over one or the other, you will be in training to love in order to become beings of love : with your efforts combined to mine, it is I who will act.

If you do not come into me, if you do not abandon yourselves in me, how do you expect me to act?

I need your yes to The Love, I need you to accept to want to live in my Fatherís Will by giving up your human will; for this, my children, you will have to make efforts by giving everything over to me, by wanting to give everything to me with confidence, with love, for your God, for yourselves, my children : It is up to you to realize the magnitude of this request, my children.

If tonight, you do not make this decision, I, Jesus of love, will go on and on waiting inside you, remaining in that child who walks about seeking love.

If you decide to be like that child, then the day will come when that light will enter into you, and then, you will have to make that same decision I am asking you for tonight.

It is up to you, my children, and you alone, to know if you want to become love from this moment on, so that you may help my children who, they, are in darkness, in that coldness which is this world.

I, Jesus of Love, I love you; I am your God, I am the One who died on the Cross so that you might be happy despite yourselves, my children : behold the burden I have born for so many years.