Gathering of Love With God's Action in Stand Off, Alberta,

                                              Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus.     




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Mother Mary told me while I was at mass: “You are but an instrument, you are only an instrument, it is my Son who will do everything tonight.

My Son came on earth and has inhabited all hearts.” When he left to go see his Father, he did not leave our interior.

She said: “He is the one who will tell you what to say, he is the one who will tell you what to do”; she said: “You are not more important than my other children,” and the Spirit of God said to me: “John Paul II announced a civilization of love, he also spoke of a mystical time.”

Jesus will speak in the hearts of all the children of the world.

Each one of us is inhabited by God;

God speaks in our lives; he has never stopped speaking throughout our lives.

When we see someone around us doing a good deed, it’s that Jesus himself is producing movements of love inside us: he’s the Word, he’s the Will of his Father.

When God the Father placed his breath of life in man, Adam received life from God: his soul came to life inside him; it would always remember that God the Father was its Creator.

God the Father has chosen each one of us; we are God's creatures: the Creator is above all things.

He gave us his Son and his Son inhabits our interior; when we do a good deed, we carry out the Will of the Creator; but we who live in our human will, it was necessary for the Son to live inside us so that we could understand that God was expecting good deeds from us.

Not one of us could carry out good deeds unless the Son was within us.

Jesus is the Divine Will, God the Creator is the Divine Will, the Holy Spirit is the Divine Will.

It's one (single) Will that creates every life movement and that movement is perfect, that movement is pure: it is goodness.

When we do a good deed, this is nourished by God's goodness; it was necessary for God's goodness to be inside us so we could carry out a good deed.

God has always been present with his creatures.

Nature acknowledges its Creator; all which was created in the air, all which was created on earth and in the water acknowledges the movement of God's love.

The Creator nourishes all he created with his love; since the beginning of time, he’s always taken care of his creation.

How much more should we, we who have God's breath inside us, acknowledge our Creator, we would have been incapable of accomplishing a single good deed without God.

When we do one good deed, it's as if we were speaking a language of love; when we look at our neighbour lovingly, we allow movements of love to emerge from us; when we look at nature, it’s as if we were communicating with nature: and so, this is a language of love.

Today, men, women no longer talk with God; they look at nature and they don’t give thanks to God; they look at nature and they no longer fall in love with what they see: that’s because God's children have placed a blindfold over their eyes, they’ve blocked their ears.

So, God uses instruments in order to be able to communicate with you from the outside.

We’re complete beings, we’re beings of love; we were created to be in constant communication with the Creator, but our eyes have seen a world that brings us only material goods, a world that has brought us pride, and we ourselves have broken off our communication with God; and so, God comes to cry out to us from the outside in order to make himself heard.

He uses people like you to make others hear what he tells each one of us: it’s in hearts that God speaks, it’s inside of us.

At this very moment, these words are coming directly from inside you; at this very moment, we form but a single heart that beats in the very Heart of Christ: Christ is the Church and the Church is living.

It was necessary for the Son to come to earth, for him to take all the sins of the world; whether they were from Adam and Eve, from our time or from the time that is to come: he took everything.

He’s the Divine Will, he’s the Will of all that is movement; so, he took every movement that wasn’t grace before his Father and he took them as if they were his own.

He took everything that was impure, and this before the first movement that took place in front of God (in God's presence). 

The Son of God was aware of all movements because he was the Word; he took everything because he was God, and he brought all of it unto death in order to free us.

Through that movement, our soul was receiving the power of God's forgiveness; the mercy of God the Creator was descending upon all the children who were to come into this world.

God's world is a world of love; God's world is the one that comes to die in the Son.

God the Father knows all the children who were meant to die in the Son; he slowly led them to a mooring post;

that mooring post, it’s a place of love: it’s his Body, it's his Church, and he placed inside us: the Church;

because the moment when the Son returned to his Father’s side, a movement occurred at that

moment: he placed his Presence inside us, and when the holy Apostles received the power of the Holy Spirit, they understood; they understood that the Son had accomplished the Creator’s Will, which was to bear the will of every man.

Our will is in the hands of Christ.

We have a choice to make: it's to render to him the things that belong to Jesus.

Jesus made a commitment before the Creator to take on everything we are and to bring it unto life everlasting.

But we have a yes inside us and we have a no inside us: this is because of Adam’s disobedience.

This has entered us; the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil have brought us a yes and a no:

         yes, I want to do your Will;

         no, I want to do my will.

When I do God's Will, I please God, but when I do my will, I only please myself; so, when we please ourselves, we are becoming immersed in pride; we enter into the sin that caused the downfall of the angels.

When Satan saw the Son of God, he refused to worship the Son of God made man; he was immersed in pride and this led to his downfall.

When we want to do our own will, we are immersed in pride: we want to take ourselves for little gods; and so our human will takes on power, but we’re weak before this power that is the darkness.

Satan is an angel of power, he's an angel of darkness; he has power over all that is evil.

It's Satan who’s ensured that we’re able to forget how to utter our yeses to God, so that he can gain power over us.

When we say no to God, he, Satan, uses us against ourselves.

            We’re children of God, we bear the breath of The Love inside us, the breath of God.

            We’re all called to see God's face: the Light, God's beauty, God's splendour.

            We’re all called to live in eternity in a celestial happiness.

Understand that Satan will never again be able to see God's beauty; Satan will never again be able to contemplate God's splendour: this has fostered hatred within him;

so, anything to do with creation, anything to do with God's creatures, he hates it: he wants to destroy the beings that we are.

He tempted man into committing deeds that were wrong.

To obtain this, he had to paint a glowing picture of our will, and show us that we were capable of carrying out actions while giving ourselves the credit; to achieve this, he had to resort to certain measures.

Where evil is concerned, Satan is patient in order to reach his goal, his intelligence is above that of all humans.

            He has studied humans;

            he’s seen our weaknesses;

            he’s seen the admiration in our eyes for anything that was related to materialism,

            and he placed power in our hearts:

            he’s shown us how to forget God.

He placed before our eyes images and sounds that were impure, so that we might relinquish our human will to the power of those actions and those sounds.

All this, for the purpose of reaching our inner life.

Man has been wounded by sins, by the first sin and this has been multiplied:

         he’s become miserable on the inside;

         he didn’t understand why he behaved violently;

         he was looking at evil and he felt sorry for his lot in life;

         to comfort himself, man would internalize all his deeds and he would forget them inside himself.

Man didn’t want to think that he was bad; man didn’t want to think that he was using power over his brothers and his sisters.

Because he was burying all this inside himself, when he would see deeds that weren’t good deeds occurring around him, this would reawaken inside him the deeds he had hidden and that he no longer remembered; and so, a battle would take place inside him: “I don’t want you to gain power over me, I don’t want you to attack me, I will defend myself.”

All this dwelled inside us due to our human will.

From one year to the next, we’ve shown this to our children; they’ve learned to grow up with our fears, with our weaknesses; they as well have seen those deeds; they as well have internalized those deeds to forget about them.

So, it was easy for Satan to place impure actions before our eyes: we had become familiarized with what was linked to the human will: human will was nourishing our inner life and spiritual life was losing its place inside (us).

Our life in God had been suffocated.

This is why God is crying out to us from the outside: “Give me what has wounded you. When you go to my priests, when you go to confess your sins, your soul receives the strength to go forward, your soul continues to nourish you so that you do not kill yourselves.”

It is nourished by God inside us, but God says that if we continue like this, we will kill our soul.

We have forgotten God.

We only have to look at the people of the world, and we know that they’ve placed God last in their lives.

            We say we love God, but we love ourselves before God;

            we say we love God, but we crush our neighbour because we love ourselves more than what God expects of us;

            we say we love God, but materialism has taken on such importance that we’re afraid to choose between God and materialism;

            we say we love God, but we crush the Church:

            we’re no longer capable of seeing with our eyes and of hearing with our ears.

We’ve seen suffering in humans: we’ve accused humans; we’ve given a power to humans and when man doesn’t do what we desire: we crush him.

Life is within us; life, it is spiritual, it isn’t a temporal life; the life of the body is simply a life that envelops the spiritual life within us.

We’ve placed so much faith in our life that is external, that we don’t even know how to use the power of our inner life anymore.

And so, God says: “Give me your life; give me your human will because you can no longer help yourselves: you have reached a point of no return.                                     

I shall purify the earth; I shall burn all that is impure; I shall take all that is mine and bring it inside my Being in order to envelop it with my love.

I gave my Blood to save your life; I accomplished the Will of my Father in all things: it is your turn now to accomplish the Will of my Father: I am waiting for you to give me your life.

I shall take your human will and I shall burn all that is the cause of your illnesses, all that is the cause of your suffering.

I took care of your soul, I took care of your spiritual life; but your human life has taken on too much importance, you are no longer capable of saying yes to God.

Leave all that to me and I will show you:

         I will show you all that has entered you;

         I will show you all the sounds that have penetrated your life and that dwell inside you;

         all that which is impure shall become known to you;

         all that which is love shall also become known to you, for you shall learn to love yourselves after God: God is The Love.”

It is God who nourishes our life, and so it is through God that we will love ourselves.

This is why God expects us to give him our life.

God says: “I do not want a tiny little part of you, I want all of you; I want a complete yes and I do not want a maybe, but because of your human will, because of all that dwells within you, you are incapable of being true. You betray yourselves; so, leave all that to me and I will take care of you. I will open your eyes, I will open your ears, and you will be a light for yourselves: you will be a light for your people.”

We form but a single people: it is God’s people.

We’ve been so hurt that we formed one people, we formed another people, another people, and another people: we’ve been a dividing force.

And the Divider, isn’t that Satan? He has succeeded in turning us into what he is.

God is unity, God is the Church: there’s only one Church.

This is why God comes to talk inside us, because our interior is a unity in Jesus.

It’s the world around us that tells us that we’re Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox,

that we’re Muslim.

Go inside yourselves and you will see that we’re Jesus:        we’re in the Son of God; we’re the chosen ones of God the Father; we’re one people: the one God made promises to; he promised Abraham that children would be born among his descendants who would be called sons and daughters of God.

Jesus, by coming on earth, took us within him and he called all children: his Father’s children.

Whether they’re from his Jewish people or whether they’re from his Gentile people, Jesus called us all: “You are my Father’s children.”

Jesus only had eyes for his Father.

When he would look at his Father’s children, he would see them from the inside, and he loved what he saw on the outside:

         he could see that they were all different;

         he could see his Father’s power;

         he could see to which extent his Father, the Creator, had created wonders!

Those wonders were each one of us.

But, today, we look at ourselves and we don’t find ourselves attractive; we’re forced to wear masks because we’re not satisfied with what the Creator has done for us.

But why are we dissatisfied with ourselves? Because we haven’t respected ourselves, we haven’t loved what we are; and so, we’ve invented what would make us happy, what would satisfy our desires: what would provide the necessary means to satisfy our senses.

Because we've done this: we don't respect ourselves; we don't respect what we are; and we don't respect our children.

As we don't respect our children, we don't respect God's creation, nor God's creatures.

But God is always looking at us lovingly.

He sees us as we really are because he shed his Blood over each one of us; he knows the value of our life since he paid for it with his Blood.

Him, he loves us despite our faults, despite our human will; Him, he has faith in the child of God that we are inside.

This is why he’s taking each of our hearts at this moment and he’s speaking to form but one heart,

and his words echo around us to make themselves heard.

Let’s love ourselves, let’s love the being that we are in Jesus by pronouncing our yes, and let’s make room for Jesus: let’s not take ourselves for someone who’s important.

If we continue using our human will, we will go forward along with all those

who are suffering.

And God says that there’s a huge chasm before us; we’re all going to fall into that chasm because we see nothing, we hear nothing: this is why the world is resonating with his words.

Each one of us forms the world’s peace, each one of us forms the world’s love: we have to be true.

To be true, we have to give up what is external and thirst for the One who is Life, and not place our faith in man!

Let’s stop placing our faith in human will because human will has led us where we, we didn’t want to go.

God says: “I will take the little ones; I will take those who agree to come to me, to hear my voice; I will envelop them with a power and they will hear my Will within themselves, so that they might go and bring back all my other children.”

God will prepare us so that the Will of God the Father can emerge from us, he will use each one of us so that we can be instruments.

God isn't expecting anything from our human will; he doesn’t want it anymore.

He’s expecting a yes from us: a fiat, and that fiat will be enveloped with the yes: of the power of the Son’s yes.

And Jesus, the Son, will make it grow; he will make it go forward; he will envelop it with his power, and we will do as he asks of us because the Spirit of God will be upon us.

The Spirit of God will completely envelop the being that we are on the outside,

in order to allow that being to enter within us.

It's as if our flesh took on a movement opposite to what we have known.

The Spirit of the world has shown us how to develop the external being that we are; the Spirit of the world has wanted to show us that we’re intelligent:

            which has made our pride develop;

            which has made our power develop:

            showing us that we were more important than our neighbour, no longer respecting the weaker ones.

And so, God says: “I will show you that strength is not external. Human strength, the spirit of the world, has no power other than that of having listened to Satan.”

Without realizing it, we’ve become Satan’s instruments.

And so, Jesus says: “You are mine, you belong to my Father. I will teach you to enter within yourselves.”

He will teach us to become like little children and then, we’ll see God's power,

for God will make himself known to us.

He will use us to reach out to those in high places who believe they have power over the little people.

God says:

“Allow yourselves to be taken up by God's movement and listen to what is within you.

God's Spirit has spoken, the Son of God shall speak.”


Jesus: I am the Father’s Action, you are my Father’s children ; I shall make you discover movements within yourselves.

All that to which you have agreed and that was against my Father, I shall cause it to re-emerge from you; thoughts shall arise within you and those thoughts will have to be given to me; you shall acknowledge what you have done that was wrong because your flesh remembers.

Your soul has been in God's graces, but your soul has been in disgrace.

You will have to renounce your flesh; you will have to renounce all this, but your human will has become increasingly important in your life because of all your sins.

You have committed impure actions, and you remember this; your eyes have seen evil and your eyes have allowed this to penetrate your flesh: I am the Son and I shall purify your flesh.

My strength shall be within you; my graces of love shall be within you; my graces of light shall be within you; and my purifying grace shall be a blessing to you.

All this will have to take place with your consent.

I will do this through the power of love.

This will not be done from one day to the next, but the more you go forward, the more you will know the grace that purifies.

All these words belong to you, they are part of you.

I am the Word, I am the Verb and I accomplish my Father's Will.

My Passion went to the very end and it is not over, for I will take everything up to the last person who will freely say his yes, and when he will have said his yes, the earth will tremble, for it as well will have to prepare itself for the Great Purification.

I will begin with the children of God; I will teach you to go forward; I will teach you to keep your peace.

The more you remain at peace, the more the impure actions that have made your flesh suffer will resurface from within you. 

You who are corruptible: you shall become incorruptible.

Behold my Father's Will; you are slaves to evil: you shall be delivered from all slavery.

It was necessary for the soul to be the first one to be freed from all sin; now, it is your flesh, and you will have to renounce all that which has made impure beings of you.

My Mother shall remain by your side, my Mother shall sustain you: many graces shall be given to you.

You have learned to pray; for many years, my Mother has been preparing you; she has made you enter into your hearts, preparing you to enter within yourselves; you shall learn to talk to me as I am talking to you at this moment.

I am Living! I am Real!

Talk to me as I am talking to you, tell me what makes you suffer, and when you will see before you actions that, in the past, had made you suffer, that, in the past, had caused suffering to your fathers, and your fathers, and your fathers: all this will be a movement for you to give to me.

You will learn to keep your peace, to no longer be afraid of what is to come; fear will be for those who will not pronounce their yes to God.

Much suffering will be felt by the children who will not pronounce their yes to God.

The children who possess a yes will remain at peace, will be joyful, because they will be in the presence of the Light.

They will feel the Presence of Christ in their life, for they will have given their life to God; and eternity will be before them, for they will taste eternity: you are the children of eternity.

Have faith in the Word that is spoken to you.

Love yourselves as you are, do not look at the world; the world has made you suffer, it makes all my Father's children suffer.

This people is the chosen people of God; whoever says he is not of this people, my Father shall respect his decision, and he shall not be called the chosen people; he shall be separated and he shall not know freedom throughout eternity.

Many children shall know peace; many children shall be joyful; but others shall know suffering, not because the Creator wants this, it is their own choice.

God has chosen your time.

It was necessary for other times to become known to God's children in order to lead you where you, you are: all has been prepared by my Father.

John-Paul II, your Pope, is the Pope who was chosen to lead you where you, you are: he is the one who opened the doors, allowing you to enter the New Earth.

He had you cross the sea, you will have to live in the desert for a certain time; this time: only God knows of it; prepare yourselves to enter within yourselves, I am the New Earth.

You will know eternal happiness on this earth; this earth that you love, I shall present it to you through my eyes.

You shall inhabit this earth through my Will.

You will carry out movements in Jesus and the earth will be an endless source of nourishment for you, up until the moment when my Father will call you to go to him, so that you might see the Face of your Creator.

All this is being fulfilled.