Gathering of Love With God's Action in Saint André, New Brunswick,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus  





♪♪♪: Your Face.


♪♪♪: Oh! Children of love, there is so much beauty within you!

God looks at you and he grants you his beauty.

Receive, children of love, God's beauty; receive, my children of love, the same as God expects from others; carry, carry their beauty – they must learn to look at themselves.


Jesus: Children of love, what God is asking of you is to allow to enter within you the faces of all your brothers and of your sisters who are crying, the faces of all your brothers and sisters who have not been able to understand that I love them.

They wiped my Face and my image was imprinted on that cloth.

In your heart, my children, I took the faces of all those who did not look at my Face; look at them, they are a source of suffering for you; they are, for you, a reason to pray.

The more you pray for those children, the more Heaven grants graces; the more you pray for them, the more Heaven is attentive to you in order to grant you graces so you can continue praying. You are all together, you form prayer.

Have faith, children of love, for I act; you are all my instruments of love.

This world needs you; this world needs to believe in something.

I will turn you, my children, into children who will walk through them, through their suffering, for your suffering will recognize that this suffering belongs to Jesus; I am the one who took everything.

Do not leave the suffering you see within Satan's hands, for he uses it; he uses it to multiply it in order to discourage, so that the children of this world take the wrong paths.

The suffering you see, I, I took it to a place where he could not use it and I cleansed it with my Precious Blood; and you, my children, you must take this suffering and turn this suffering into a movement of love for your Jesus of love.

You walk through them because it is my Father who wills it; you walk through suffering because you must look at suffering and not turn your face away from suffering. If you turn your face away from suffering, it will always be there and it will strike you from behind: look at it and give it to me, for I have conquered, I have conquered evil.

Suffering can only reach you if you let it reach you. And so, do not turn your back on suffering – offer this to me.

Suffering is the consequence of the choices of the children of this world before sin. Then, offer me that suffering, give me the consequence, give me the cause, give me the choice, the choice that has been a movement to them.

Children have free will, children must live on earth themselves by making choices: my Father wants all children to have free will; he does not want children who are prisoners.

If children are prisoners, they will not be able to come to The Love, for they will not understand, they will be incapable of grasping this movement, for they will tell themselves that they were not free to choose.

You, you must be in this movement of free will and allow your children the freedom to choose; you must live your freedom as they must live their freedom. It is up to them to choose but up to you to be role models, to be witnesses to love, to live as free children.

Free will, my children, is to accept the cross, is to accept the graces that make you strong, that make you obedient, that make you abandoned in my Father's hands.

You see, my beloved, you yourselves know suffering and when you are abandoned in my Father's hands, you experience joy.

Do you believe that they do not see your joy? Do you believe that they do not feel that you are in that freedom? They are watching you.

Although they refuse to live as children following my Father's laws, they watch you; you must be a path for them to follow, you must be a source of truth for them, you must be life.

What you are is me, the one who nourishes you; what you are is me, the one who gives to you; what you represent is me – I am the one who sees to it that they see love: you are a movement of love.

You must give love, you must represent love, they need this; the children of this world need this; they need to recognize that there is one reason to come to me – they need to believe that the Son of God is real.

It is you, my children, who must give them what they are looking for, through my Will, through my power, through my light: all that you are, my children, is the fruit of the tree; they are hungry, give them to eat.

Do not be a fruit with no flavour, do not be a dry fruit; they want flavour because they were taught to taste all that is spicy and all that is very sweet. My children of love, you must be what you are: my fruits of love.

One day, they will hold out their hands; you will take hold of their hands and you will present them to me; believe and you will see.

I love you, my beloved.

Oh! How I love to hug your heart that often asks itself questions! Oh! How I love to give it nourishment because it often says, “Where is God's nourishment, I am so hungry. Sometimes I feel so alone on earth, all alone among others. Sometimes, I have the impression that I do not understand the Word of God; it is so elusive, and at the same time, it is so good, so flavourful. I need the strength to not become discouraged; everything is being taken away from us.”

Sometimes, you tell yourselves that evil seems to be gaining the upper hand; sometimes, your thoughts wander and this leads you to uncertainty in the face of what Heaven presents to you: gather together, my children, in prayer.

Do not remain alone; be a source of strength; it is good to exchange love and not useless words. When there is suffering, fear, doubt, indifference, questions: words, words, words – useless words.

You must be, for those who come to meet you: nourishing words for they have nourishing words to give to you.

If you give them words of uncertainty, of doubt, of questioning, this will create an obstacle within them and their words, which should have emerged to nourish you, become words like yours.

God does not gather you together so you can say useless words, he gathers you together so you can be words of love, words of faith, words of hope, words that believe your children are saved, your grandchildren are saved; words that give you strength through your suffering, your illnesses; words that believe God is always present, that God listens, that God is among you; words that show that Mary covers you with her mantle, that she obtains graces for you; words that make you go forward among this darkness; words that show you my Church is alive, that my Eucharist heals you, liberates you, for I give you my Flesh, my Blood, I tear evil away from you, I purify your flesh.

Be light, my children, and believe; believe in what my Father wants for you; such is the Will of my Father.

What you are, my children, you are so for others; what you are, my children, you are so for yourselves; you take what emerges from you and you turn it inwardly: this nourishes you, this nourishes you, this nourishes you.

This fills up your life so much so that it emerges from the pores of your skin and those who watch you are watching the Face of Christ, and through that Face, they see the faces of those who are imprinted upon your heart.

You see, you are a movement of love, you are my Father's movement.

These words heal, my children, these words liberate.

When you hear these words again, the movement will continue: you are movement of life – am I not Eternity? Those who believe in me believe in eternity; you are movement of life, you cannot stop yourselves.

If you do stop yourselves, that is because you are agreeing to consider yourselves as beings who do not have faith in Christ; have faith in me, I bring you all you need to go forward.

Do not be afraid, be true; your life is real, your life on earth is necessary, nothing has been neglected; it is up to me to change your suffering into joy, up to me to change your fears into hope, up to me to change your tears into happiness, up to me to turn you into beings of peace.

Be together and sing for God, be together and praise God, be together and talk about God, be together and give thanks to God; all that you are, God has already accomplished it.

Little children of love, your flesh belongs to God; even though you look at your flesh and you see your flesh suffering because of your choices before temptations – and this, since Adam and Eve – your flesh belongs to God, but it does not recognize that it belongs to God; it has a tendency to become something of your own.

Children from every era became attached to their flesh; they fell in love with their flesh, so much so that what they became turned against them.

Human will belongs to God and the flesh belongs to God; good and evil must no longer serve God's child, but rather, the Divine Will.

The Divine Will is God: it is God who chooses what is good for God's children, and it is God who keeps evil away so that evil does not draw near to God's children.

How is it that you, little children, who have a flesh of suffering, are not aware, through your flesh, of the consequences of the choices of God's children, who have made the being that you are suffer!

The Son of God will give you back a flesh of love, an immortal flesh; the Son of God will turn you into children obedient to God, only to God; the Son of God will turn you into beings who recognize God in all things.

Man has chosen his human will; man, because of Adam, was part of that choice and the Son of God will return and he will speak to man in his heart; he will say to him, “Come, I have happiness for you: the Divine Will; come dive into it and give up your human will.”

All this is the movement of God's power, for the Divine Spirit is upon you; all those who want to believe in these words are in the light.

You have, every one of you, your free will, and God loves you in that free will; he shows you how to go forward, he presents the truth to you, and it is up to you to go towards that truth.

Remember what happened when men entered the desert: because they had left a place of suffering, a place where they were prisoners, slaves, God came to them and told them they would be saved. He had asked them to mark their homes with the blood of the lamb; all those who were free to choose this truth went into the desert to continue their journey all the way to the Promised Land.

Children of love, this is asked of you as well; you as well must continue along the path to the Promised Land; you are all called to live this movement of love: to allow yourselves to be marked by the Precious Blood of Jesus, which flowed upon the Cross.

The Cross, my children, saved you: the human will must submit itself to the Cross, the human will must acknowledge that it was saved by the Cross. To not resist the Cross, to love the Cross, to desire the Cross, is to live by the Cross.

I, I am Jesus, the Son of God, and these words emerge from you because I am the Church and you are members of my Church.

It is through the power of the Holy Spirit that you hear these words, for the Holy Spirit fills you with his light; when you accept the light, you allow yourselves to dive into that light and you hear and you understand.

It is up to you, my children, to go towards Christ in order to allow yourselves to be marked.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What the Lord is asking you, he has asked it of your brothers and your sisters before you.

I would say that for several years now, through the instrument that I am, the words emerge like this; these words aren’t human, these words come from the Will of God, and they flow like a source; we cannot stop that source – it is love.

When we hear these words, we try to understand: “What does he mean?”

It’s that God, through the priest – because the priest is no longer himself, he's Christ – through his priesthood, he's Christ, he's no longer man, he's Jesus himself, and Jesus himself wants to mark our flesh with his Cross so that the human will subjects itself to the Will of God.

We have difficulty submitting easily to the Will of God; this is because our will resists. And so, God says that those who will be marked with the sign of God's children will be enveloped in a light.

They will allow themselves to dive into that light and they will understand, they will understand that the Will of God is more powerful than human will, that human will can bring nothing to humans, but that the Will of God can offer them anything.

This is why Heaven has given us a priceless gift tonight: the very presence of Christ among us, a man who has forgotten about himself, a man who loved himself, a man who offered himself, a man who has died, died in Christ in order to bless us.

Now, I will be quiet and give my place to the one who is greater than us.


The priest: May God almighty bless this oil and to all those who use it with confidence, may he grant them health, physical healing, and may he make them artisans of peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


♪♪♪: Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia…


Jesus, I love you! Jesus, I love you! Jesus, I love you! Jesus, I love you! Alleluia…

Mother Mary! Mother Mary! Mother Mary! Mother Mary! Alleluia…

Come Holy Spirit, come Holy Spirit, come Holy Spirit, come Holy Spirit, Alleluia…


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The alleluia, isn't that our heart jumping with joy? Isn't that our hearts joining together and saying thank you, thank you? Thank you because it’s true, it’s true that we’re going forward in that desert; it’s true that we’re going forward among these cities where there's idolatry, where there are lies; it’s true that we’re going forward, but God is there, Jesus is there.

Just like when they were going forth in the desert, the clouds were the Presence; they went forward, they went forward, they entered cities. When they entered cities, those cities no longer deserved to see God's presence because they had replaced him.

We, today… did you know that we’ve replaced the presence of God with idols? We’re full of idols, but Jesus, Jesus is in our heart.

Jesus is showing us, showing us that we’re ready to leave those cities; we’re ready to leave now in order to enter his Church; this is his Promised Land – it’s Jesus! He's not telling us to leave Saint-André, Saint-Jacques, Longueuil, Montreal, that’s not it! He's saying “to enter into him, wherever we are”: that’s what leaving our city means, that’s what leaving our place means – it’s to enter into him – this, this is our Jesus of love.

And so, we have received lots of love tonight, we have received many graces, but there's still something left in our hearts, something that we would like to shed some light on, something that we would like to share, and so, we’ll take a short time to share.

Maybe you know that, sometimes, we have often had evenings when people asked questions, but tonight, Jesus wants us to hold him and rock him.

Jesus would like us to share, to share this moment of love amongst ourselves, and say, “Yes, I want to go home with the conviction that my prayer was worth the trouble, that I will go on.”

If there are some who would like to say some words, you know… earlier, he told us, “No useless words – words to sustain others.”

And so, this is what God wants for us: to take a moment to share.

Would you like to do this? Is there anyone who wants to share what they experienced tonight?


A witness: On my part, I would say that I was asking myself the following question: What would Jesus do if he was in my place? With time, he would have come here; this is what Jesus would have done.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you.


A witness: For me, it’s that… how can I say this… life today, everybody’s separated, and they’re all mixed up, and they’re not married, they live together. And then, they live all this with children involved. And me, I pray every day, you know, for the children. But to hear you talk, now I have confidence that at some point, they will want something.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.


A witness: Me, I found hope, and then, a beautiful gift by coming here tonight.

Despite all the things we can do on our part, we don’t always understand them. And then, tonight, by coming here, I found many answers and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the words you transmit to us through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, for this is a true gift from Heaven. We need this so much; the light is becoming so much weaker and weaker. I really appreciate moments like these. Thank you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.


A witness: Well, me, by coming here, I tasted and I saw how good the Lord is.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.


A witness: I could have listened to you for hours and hours. I could listen to you some more but I'm too emotional now. Thank you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.


A witness: And me, I'm suffering from cancer, but I thank the Lord because in my suffering, I find joy in myself. You know, if I believe, it isn't my fault – I can't help it; I'm not laughing over this but it seems to me that my suffering isn't as present. He's the One who’s bearing it. I gave it from the beginning, then he gives me graces, I'm certain of it because I wouldn’t be able to do this, absolutely certain, there's no way. But every day, I tell you, there are moments when… it’s like, no, I don’t have cancer, no.

I don’t feel sick, but I am sick! But I bless the Lord, I give him thanks for all this.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We give you thanks, Lord. Thank you, Lord.


A witness: For me, it’s by coming here tonight, that I tell myself that… as a police officer, I was suspended from work for things I had never done and I hated the good Lord because I had always told myself: I was giving the best part of myself, according to me, I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I was doing my work. Then they started hating me, they insulted me, and so on, and I was going to mass regularly – it’s with some emotion, listening to your words, that I can go on living. What is this misery, who are these people of today, how mean they are, with no faith, and then, they lay down the law? Then, by coming to listen to you talk, by continuing to go to mass – it’s through this that we find our real strength, and I think that it’s things like this that change our life – by listening to the beautiful words you said, and by listening to the priests at mass talking about goodness, and trying to stay who you are so you don’t extinguish the faith you lost, that you let go of because of people who destroyed you to show that they were better and others believed them.

By coming to listen to testimonials like the ones here tonight, and others that we heard before too, and others we’re going to hear one day, it gives us the courage to go on living, and to get through what we went through, and to be stronger for next time.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord, Thank you, my brother.

Our heart is filled with love; we would all like to kiss one another out of love for God.

This is the Church, this is loving through our sufferings, this is supporting each other, this is knowing that someone walks righteously in Christ.

The first word… yes?


A witness: In my case, it’s been about two weeks now that I've been receiving treatments in Québec for my hearing problems. I could barely hear, but now, it’s even worse… Now, I don’t really know, I use foam, and now, I have a burning sensation in my sinuses and all that. Now, I have to go back on September 26th, and I have 3 chances out of 30. And I was listening to you before, and now, it seems that it reassured me because those 3 chances – one is a Cochlear ear implant – there's a chance that my hearing will improve so I can hear more, or at least that I won't be in a wheelchair. But when I spoke to you, it felt like Jesus talked to me; this means that there's going to be a miracle, that it will succeed… through an operation, or he’ll heal this one way or another.


Audience: Thank you, Lord.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you. This is walking in Christ, this is allowing Jesus to walk ahead of us: when we walk and we see Christ ahead of us, then we’re ready to do what he wants, and what he wants is his Father's Will, so we can't go wrong.

The atmosphere in here is so warm! This place is a place of love, this place is a place blessed by Heaven, so, use it.


A witness: It’s by remembering the love of the first Christians that were admired by those who watched them work, help each other, love each other, that Robert Lebel composed a beautiful song that I carry in my heart; I want to share the refrain here.


            In your words, may there be much love and truth,

            may they be clear, simple and without ambiguity,

            may they be beautiful like a summer evening, like a summer evening.


            I wish that when people see how you live, stunned, they can say,

            see how they love each other, see how happy they are.