Gathering of Love With God's Action in Stanstead, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus

2007-08-25 – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What is important is to give ourselves for others.

If we receive tonight and we keep what we receive for ourselves, it’s as is we had a basket and that basket had a hole in it.

We must retain what we receive; that is to say, the graces we receive must be used, must be used for us and for those we carry within us because we carry all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world inside us.

The Lord calls me ‘the Girl of My Will in Jesus’ because we belong to him.

God the Father, when he sent his Son, he sent him for us, out of love for us, and because the Son said yes, then we belong to the Son: we are all girls and boys of Jesus; he won us with his Blood.

And so, he speaks inside me; I hear the voice of Jesus. However, at this very moment, it’s not the voice of Jesus that I'm hearing, it’s the power of the Holy Spirit: the power of the Holy Spirit envelops the being that I am and these words emerge without my needing to know them.

It isn't up to me to know what I'm going to say in the next few seconds; this doesn’t concern the being that I am. It’s for every one of us, we’re together for the Church, we’re together for our brothers and our sisters, our children, our grandchildren.

The being that we are needs others; we didn’t come into this world for ourselves – we came into this world for the Father, God the Father, and we must go to him. This is why we’re here on earth.

We’re together to go to God the Father and it’s a journey that we’re on at this very moment: we look at ourselves, we gather together, we’re with family, we’re among friends out of love, out of love for God the Father and not for ourselves.

It’s true, we have cousins, we have brothers and sisters, a father, a mother; this is essential in our life to show us that we come from someone.

Yes, we’re here because our father put his seed of life in our mother’s womb, and through God's power, we were chosen and we developed in our mother’s womb; all this is part of us.

Everybody knows all this, but the most important thing is that we’re here out of love for God the Father because he wants us: this movement was given to us out of love for him.

We need to clothe ourselves, to comb our hair, to feed ourselves, to live somewhere: all this is essential in our life. This serves our external life, it’s important, we need this.

We received a flesh, a flesh that reveals itself to the whole world, a flesh that needs comfort, a flesh that is sometimes tired and needs rest, a flesh that needs to feed itself, a flesh that needs to share, a flesh that needs to receive and to give; this, this all the external stuff – this is why we have intelligence.

Our intelligence serves to bring us something and to give something; intelligence is an essential element of our life; this comes from God the Father and we must use it well because with this intelligence, we shape our external life; anything that is external is always in relation to what we, we think internally.

What is inside us emerges and it forms, it forms words, it forms a unit and that unit carries out actions and those actions bear consequences in our life.

Everything we do brings us something in our life; whether it’s good or whether it’s bad, we will live the consequences of it. We won't be able to avoid this no matter how little we are.

When we’re very young, we do something, and that action bears consequences in our life; whether we’re one year old, five years old, twenty, thirty, sixty, eighty, there's always a consequence to what we do; whether it’s through our thoughts, our words, even what we hear, our feelings, this bears consequences; this is alive: we’re alive.

We’re much more important than a celery seed: put a celery seed in the ground – the celery seed will grow and it will become a head of celery that will be used for what? To feed someone.

We, when we let a word out, we say a word, but that word will become the seed of something.

That word, if it is pleasant it will grow into something good; if that word is unpleasant, it will bring suffering, it will bring evil into our life.

It isn't the neighbour who will suffer the consequences – he will suffer a consequence of it through the Church – but the person who said the word is the one who will live the consequences of his words.

If I say: “Okay, I'm going to buy myself a house; I want it to be this big, I want it to be this way, a cottage or a single-family home,” well, these are all words, but these words often become concrete in our life: we build upon what we have just said, we find ourselves ten years, twenty years later with the house we wanted.

The word we said, if it had carried love for our neighbour, if the house we wanted was for the love of my wife: “I want to build my family, it will live in my house,” then it wouldn’t be pride on my part – I need to live in it. You see, the words led to something, led to construction.

The construction is over: “Ah! Here’s my house!” If this comes with good feelings, good words, we will live happily; we won't come to know divorce, we won't come to know disagreement because there will have been love throughout all of it.

But if I build my house: “I want it to be built according to my plans. I don’t need anybody; this is how I want it to be. I'm not bothering with the person I'm living with. Ah! I have children… no, I don’t want any children. Who cares, it’s my house.”

Well then, we will live the consequences of this; those words will lead to construction and that construction will lead to a house. That house will shelter people who are unhappy because the person who will have said those words and who brought those words to life in the form of a house, will not have brought much love to the people he's going to live with. The children who will enter that house will be the result of two people who lived in suffering: those children will suffer.

You see, the result of all this is that when we carry out a single action, we bear the consequences of it; whether it’s in five years, in ten years, in twenty years, it will always follow us: the words, I am the one who let them out, it wasn’t anybody else but me.

Every movement leads us to live in the results of those movements; this is why it’s important to use our intelligence.

To be love is to let love emerge.

How can we be love, how do we say the words? It’s not always easy in our world; we’re annoyed, we never stop running out of hope, we’re pushed around. “Me, I don’t feel like getting up in the morning to go to work; that’s not what I like to do!” Well, all this is always in relation to ourselves: our actions, we’re the ones who are carrying them out – it isn't our neighbours.

We live in a difficult world, it’s true, but even in this difficult world, the fact remains that we have choices to make.

No one twisted my arm to put me in a bad mood before leaving this morning, but yesterday, my boss told me I had to work overtime today. He wasn’t here last night, he didn’t come by in the evening, he didn’t spend the evening with me, he wasn’t involved with my feelings, with the words I exchanged during the evening with my wife, my children – he wasn’t even here.

I'm the one who is master of my movements, and so, if my movements consist of disappointment, anger, well then, the next day I will live that and when I arrive at work, I’ll always have that weight on my shoulders and I’ll have trouble living my day, and it’s just one day.

The boss, when he asked me to work overtime, he asked because of what he had in front of him. He too had received orders, he too had to complete his production run, he needed his employees to be productive: you see, every person has to live his life.

The person had a choice to make: “Okay, I'm going home, I accept. Come on, Lord, then give me graces so I can get through the day tomorrow; I didn’t feel like it, I had plans with my wife; you take care of that.”

And so, that feeling will bring us a sense of peace.

If we have peace: “I’ll be in a better mood with my wife, with my children during the meal; in the evening, I’ll think less about the following day: I’ll live my present. I'm here with my wife, I'm here with my children, this is what’s important; this is what I choose. My job, that’s for tomorrow, it’s not here, this is my house; tonight, I feel good.”

You see, this is how we must live in order to live: good consequences because: “When I get to work tomorrow: ‘Okay, I feel up to this and things are better. Hey, look at this – things are going okay!’ If I had thought like this, in my mind, I would have put myself in the mood to work. The boss, he doesn’t know what I have inside me, but he told me to work; I'm going to work, I have my overtime to do, and it’s all right. But inside me, everything is geared towards getting through the day: I planted good thoughts and those thoughts brought me good results inside myself: I feel good, I'm going to live the consequences: good consequences.”

This is how we are in our lives – every one of us; yes, it’s true that we live in a world that is very demanding with money waiting for you at the end of all this.

But if we always feed this – yes, it’s true; yes, it’s true, I'm going to eat this, I'm going to eat that; yes, I should…, it’s true that things aren’t happening – we’re feeding this to ourselves.

This isn't a good form of nourishment that we’re feeding ourselves; this is nourishment filled with stress, with contradictions, but I’ll be the one to have given it to myself.

The world of today isn't inside me: the world of today is a thought; the world of today is a way of being; the world of today is a behaviour that is in relation to all we are being offered.

But we, who are we if not children of God? This hasn’t changed; since Adam and Eve, we have known that we are children of God.

Whatever comes from this world is nothing but external, it’s a mentality, a custom, moral standards.

You see, these are all words and yet, they mean the same thing.

Are we going to live for this world? Are we going to live for a television that was just turned on or for a radio that was just turned on, or a computer? Are we going to live for a new fad? Are we going to live for novels? Are we going to live for methods? Are we going to live for ways, ways of behaving according to what is being said, according to what others are doing? We are us – we have to be ourselves.

People speak about the ‘self’, they never stop talking about the ‘self’, but the 'self', what is it? It’s something that enables us to emerge from ourselves: “I feel good, I give myself strength, I'm taking control of my life.”

But this is just external; it’s as if the external were approaching me and were showing me how to behave, how to feel good in my skin.

Could it be that I don’t feel good in my skin? Could it be that I don’t know myself? Where am I going? But where do I come from? Why am I here, who am I going to live for? Am I going to fall apart when I learn what I should do from others? I'm me.

Do I have my own thoughts? Is a yes to mom important in my life? Is a yes to dad important in my life? Is an ‘I love you’ to my child important in my life? Is ‘yes, I'm going to work’ part of me? Am I the one who’s making this decision or is it necessary to give me formulas, to teach me? When my mother would say to me when I was very little ‘Come, come see your mother, I'm going to hug you’, isn't this inside me? Didn’t this shape my life?

Why did I leave all that behind? Why did I cast that aside to learn what the world of today is teaching me? Was I therefore nonexistent before today? Doesn’t my past count for anything?

If this were so, if it’s important for the world of today to teach us how to behave, how to be part of the energy, then what about my past!? My childhood was wasted; so what am I going to present to the Lord? I won't have anything to show him?

But of course: Mom, I'm going to do the dishes. Oh, that’s okay, I’ll sweep the floor. I took the garbage out. Oh, I shovelled the entrance! Oh, I helped my little sister do her homework... all this, this doesn’t count anymore? I've just been taught something! My past: I won't have anything to present to God!

No, we will have something to present to God. We are complete; we are true; we are love; we are what God wanted us to be: true beings, beings made to love which is what we are; we are made of love.

Our father, when he placed the seed of life in our mother’s womb, he placed it there by the power of God. Do you think that a man could have life within him, that sperm, if God the Father had not willed it? Where does the sperm come from? Matter, cells, chromosomes, atoms… everything that existed even before man existed: everything comes from God.

We didn’t create man; man didn’t create himself: there is God's power, there is God's love, there is God's infinity, his eternal Presence.

When our father placed his seed of life in our mother’s womb, why did he put it there, in our mother’s womb, where it met an egg? What was it doing there? How did he get there, to the right place? Why is it there? Because it was God who willed it; he created woman so she could be fertile.

He recreates his creation through woman; his almightiness enters the womb of the woman to recreate his creation as he did when he created Adam: he placed his almightiness in Adam and from Adam emerged that fruit, that fruit that was meant to bear the entire world: the nest of love.

Everything comes from God; we don’t have to search and all this is inside us.

Man has life within himself, God's power, his eternal movement, and woman welcomes this movement, and all is recreated.

Every movement brings God his fruit: his fruit of love, and all this is in us.

Why should we listen to this world? Are we going to rebuild a world? It has already been built, it has already been created; there's only one Creator.

No one can create; we can only reproduce what is: we recreate God's creation with every child, and every child receives: receives love, receives the Father's love, receives gentleness, intelligence, knowledge, eyesight, hearing, speech, movement, every feeling that is love – this is in us.

We don’t need to learn from others, everything is in us: he created a masterpiece with us. We were created in God's likeness, and he fulfils us at every instant.

God's graces are in us; they keep us constantly in that movement of life; this is God's power, this is God's all – this is part of our life.

We don’t need to recognize ourselves through an external force; we don’t need this.

When we say, “I'm becoming cultivated, I'm giving myself good things, I'm relaxing, I behave through what I am in order to give,” it’s as if we were taking something from outside and we put it on: I seek externally and I bring something to myself, I hold out my hand and I nourish myself, I walk, I welcome, I cover myself with what is around me to give me strength.

But in the meantime, that little child who is in us, who is us, what is he doing? “You no longer recognize yourself? You come from God, you are a child of God! Use what you are – you are that power, you are that love, you have God's graces. You’re going to get sick, be careful! From whatever you take from outside, you will also take everything that comes with it: you will take the illnesses, you will take the anger, you will take the disagreements, the annoyances, the impatience, the pride, the vanity… you won't be satisfied with yourself: you will always have to search and search. You won't find what you’re looking for because you have everything – it’s there, inside you. I am you, I am you yourself, I am a child of God, you are a child of God, we form a whole.” This is the soul that is speaking; this is what we are; this is the being that is true.

We’re made of God's power, we’re not made of dust that is of no use: we’re made of God's power; are we able to realize that we’re made of that power? There are no limits in God: ask and you shall receive.

Why do we ask and receive nothing? Why do we, in the twentieth century, have so many illnesses? Why do we need so much? We never stop asking, we never stop yearning because we have emptied ourselves from the inside.

God's power is still there but we haven’t had faith in it. Oh! This is isn't only from today – this goes way back, way, way, way back.

Why is the Lord coming to speak in our hearts? Why is the Holy Spirit saying these words to us? Because the time when we must take a look at ourselves is coming; the time of a great gathering is coming.

At this very moment, we don’t even realize that what we’re hearing is giving graces to all those who are on earth.

All those who are on earth are in us, and they’re present; since God is in all the children of the world, God is in us, so they’re in us. At this very moment, they’re receiving just as we’re receiving.

We are the Church, we are love; the Church isn't just a building – it’s us, it’s Jesus, it’s that power.

All this is in us, all this is part of what we are and we have neglected this, but God is coming to tell us: “You belong to me, you are the contents of my Life, I take you in my all so you can all be attentive to God's words.

Every one of you must carry your brothers and your sisters; every one of you must love yourself, love who you are.

Accept these words as nourishment: you are nourishing all those you carry within you, you are nourishing your own children.

You, who cry over your children, cry over yourselves: look at yourselves, my children, you are in such need of graces, you are in such need of nourishment.

I am nourishing you with my graces, I am nourishing you with my presence, you are in the very presence of your God.

All that is happening around you, my children, is for your time: you are living a time of love, you are living a time of revelation; everything brings you love, everything brings you light, everything brings you truth.

Truth, my children, is what you are: you are my Father's children, you are God's children; you carry within you a light and that light, my children, God placed it within you: it is faith.

You have faith in your God, you have faith because otherwise, my children, you wouldn’t be here.

Although you live in a world that has lost sight of the Son of God, you keep yourselves in God's strength: I look at your lives, I hear your words, I see, my children, your efforts to grant yourselves love.

Yes, my children, you want to give yourselves love.

When you take the time to stop and ask yourselves: “Is this what my life is? Can others bring me happiness? Can I bring them something?” This is a break in your life; you are taking the time to enter into the most beautiful part of yourselves: your life before the Will of my Father.

It is through God's power that you become aware that you are questioning things; you cannot stop of your own accord, little children of love, for this world does not want you to stop: this world has taught you to run, this world has made you die, die for it, and not for Me.

I am coming to speak in hearts in order to change hearts of stone into hearts of flesh: I am coming to gather together God's people.

You are all, my children, called upon to give yourselves, to give yourselves for one another: I am appealing to each one of you.

I will not demand from you what you are not yet ready to give; I want to take from you, my children, what you are ready to give me and the more you give me, the more this will become a movement that will bring you peace: you will grow in this world, you will offer yourselves out of love.

Look, my children, at how beautiful you are – look at yourselves!

Have you ever stopped to look at your beauty? You are made of flesh, you have a heart that beats inside you, a heart that wants to give itself, a heart that wants to learn, a heart that wants to understand, a heart that wants to hope, a heart that wants to know happiness.

You have the look of love! When you look at your neighbour and you see suffering, inside you you feel part of that suffering; you do not turn your eyes away to ask yourselves what you could possibly do. Oh! Children of love, it is that you have the look of The Love – this is your beauty.

Consider what you hear! When you hear words of comfort, you have a strength within you to continue your life; when you hear words that show you that there is love around you, inside you there is a warmth, this brings warmth to your day: you see, this is the beauty of what surrounds you.

Have you ever stopped to look at your movements? Your movements are beautiful: when you open your hands and you put tools in your hands, whether this is for your house, whether this is for your work, for your children, you are giving yourselves. Anything that leads you to want to change the lives of those you love, out of love, you learn, you learn to carry out movements of love.

You want to help a child with his homework, you want to help an elderly person cross the street, you want to help feed a sick person, you want to give a prisoner hope: these movements, my children, are your beauty.

Stop yourselves, take a look at yourselves: you are love, you are my Father's children.

You have been blinded; today, we speak only of performance because there is money at the end, interest: they want beings to perform in a demanding world, you are taught to forget about yourselves, to not be yourselves.

You belong to my Father; my Father gave you all you needed to be in your interior: to be yourselves.

You belong to my Father and what my Father gave you, he did it out of love – he loves you.

These teachings, my children, teach you to love yourselves, to recognize that you are loved by my Father; they teach you to love your neighbour; they teach you to look, to hear.

Grasp, my children, these words through your interior; everything is on the inside. Nothing that is external can nourish you like my Father can nourish you.

It is graces, my children, that lead you to always go forward; it is graces that lead you to comfort yourselves; it is graces, my children, that lead you to nourish yourselves with love; it is graces that teach you to not lose courage; it is graces that lead you to see, to see that you are still in love, in love with the Son of God, in love with the One who carried all your sins, in love with all that is love, for you are love.

I gave you love; take a look at one another: your neighbour, this is love.

If a being disappears from your life to go to my Father's kingdom, my Father grants you his presence: he does not separate those who love each other.

How can you understand this, you are in such need of your eyes, of your ears, of your words, of your gestures; you have such a need to see with what comes from your flesh! Because of all this, you suffer.

Live your present, my children: enter within yourselves, enter your life, your true life – that is when you will understand what you, in this moment, are unable to understand and to see.

God will enable you to go forward, God will enable you to understand what you are not capable of grasping with your wounded flesh.

This instrument is, internally, abandoned in God's hands; she does not know what is within you, but she is with you just as you are with her, just as the beings who have left to go to my Father are with you: you are a unit of love, trust in God.

Little children of love, now, go and rest, take this time to rest.”

And so, we will take a few moments to rest.

Thank you.