Gathering of Love With God's Action in Stanstead, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-08-26 – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus calls me The Girl of My Will in Jesus. For those of you who are coming to hear the instrument that I am for the first time, could you please raise your hand?

So, we’re going to give you a short summary of the mission the Lord has confided to me; it isn't my mission, it’s the Lord's mission.

He places needs for love in our hearts: needs to give ourselves for all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world.

To give ourselves for all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world is to open our heart, it’s to go and get all the hearts of all the children of the world and to present them to God – this is our mission.

We’re here on earth to accomplish the Will of God and not our will. Our will is so often wounded that our will has often become lost.

But the Will of God is a will of love, is a will that teaches us, teaches us to recognize ourselves as God's children.

Since 2001, the Lord has been speaking in my heart. Oh! He speaks inside me the way he speaks to you. I can hear him, it’s a man’s voice; how does he do this? It’s through the almightiness of the Holy Spirit.

We are here to accomplish: to accomplish what he asks of us, and so he comes for certain people, people that he chooses and that he prepares.

When I was quite young, the Lord gave me his presence; he would enable me to see inside me, through visions, what was going to happen, but I didn’t understand what was happening inside me.

All those images that I was seeing, I couldn’t explain them; he would show me the world that was going to become what it is today: people who live only for material possessions; he would show me people who were putting lots of faith in machines, in computerization.

All this, I saw it when I was a new bride and I couldn’t explain what I was seeing because I didn’t know what it was; and so, all this sort of prepared who I am in order to lead me to where I am.

Mother Mary, in 1998, enabled to me smell roses. You will say, but there are many who smell roses; yes, there are many who smell roses.

So, every day, there was something that would happen in my life: there were many, many visions; it was more than once in a while, it was on a regular basis.

This brought me the need to pray, to pray; I reached the point of saying three rosaries a day, meditated. I would only listen to what was of a religious nature. I wasn’t aware of mystics, I didn’t know what it meant to be a prophet, except for what was in the Gospel. Everything was coming to me naturally, I wasn’t asking myself any questions.

It was on January 1, 2001, while reciting my rosary that my hands oozed oil, and from that moment on, during the night, Mary’s voice came inside me – she made herself heard: she made herself heard for each one of us. She told me I had to be obedient.

Fifteen days later, I heard the voice of my guardian angel, and a few days later, Jesus.

All this led us to where we are today; what he's doing is: gathering hearts together.

Your hearts, at this very moment, are linked to each other to form but one heart: the heart of the Church, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, I can live in communication with you so you can with Jesus, just like me.

I am no more important than you are; I'm a sinner like you: sinners. I'm a child of God, I have been baptized, I used my human will just like you use your human will.

I lived in a world in which I was shown what materialism was; I followed the crowd, I went out to have fun.

We had the rosary in my family: we would say the rosary every night, but I left that behind just like you, you left that behind.

We became interested in music, we became interested in television, we went to play outside, we went bowling. We did what others were doing: what the crowd was doing.

We lived with a certain amount of freedom, our freedom – not free will – because there's only one and it’s the one from Christ, which is the cross. But we wanted to live our freedom the way we wanted to live it, and what we obtained were sufferings.

We got married, we had children, we doubted our marriage and we saw our children suffer; many among us even left their husband or their wife.

Today, we suffer because of all this as a result of what we, we agreed to do; we agreed to live of this world: a world that teaches us to leave love behind, to leave our Church, to leave our religion, to leave our children, our own children.

Our parents taught us to be loyal to God, they taught us the rosary; we went to schools, Catholic schools, we learned the catechism: we followed all this.

We loved going to Communion, we would line up to go to Confession – oh! we did it shyly – we didn’t have that fiery love but we had love.

What do we have left today except for ashes! We have left our faith behind, we have left our love behind: we find ourselves in a world without love.

We cry over our fate, we cry over our children, we cry because our churches are empty, we cry because our priests are not as we would like them to be: look at us!

What have we become? We’ve become critical people; we criticize everything, not only the temperature, we criticize our life; we constantly turn our unhappiness against ourselves, against our neighbour.

When we see unhappiness ahead of us, we put it into our conversation, and so, all this turns against us.

There's no joy in talking about this world, in listening to its news, in watching its television programs, the radio; why? Because they no longer speak of God, they don’t want to speak of saints, they don’t want to speak of love – these things don’t matter to us at all.

It’s showing us something better: money, power, consumption, career, retirement, comfort; we’re instructed in all this, we’re being taught lies and deception.

There's only one being who is able to lead us to where we are: it’s Satan. Satan has turned us into beings incapable of seeing and of understanding what God was expecting of us: God was expecting a yes of a child from us, God was expecting us to go forward in his Church.

What we did: we left the Church, we wanted to live our life as we chose to live it, and today, we’re living the consequences of this.

But God comes to speak in hearts, God comes to gather his children together so they can be before the truth.

Who can tell us the truth if not the Holy Spirit? The voice of God makes itself heard in our hearts; we can't hear this with our human will because we would get out.

We’re thirsty, we’re hungry, we want the truth, we no longer want to be fooled, we want to be true, we want to be true to ourselves in order to be true before our children.

God gives love: the moment a priest consecrates the bread and wine, we receive The Love, we receive the Bread of Life, we receive the Wine of Life, we’re alive.

God sustains us despite our freedom: the one of fleeing. He's there, he's always there: Jesus loves us unconditionally.

He didn’t place any conditions on his love, Jesus: “If you do this, I will love you; if you behave like this, I will love you.” No, God's love is unconditional as he has opened his arms; he spread them on the Cross to show us that his love had no limits, that his love would endure from age to age without ever stopping.

He would take note of everything and he would constantly give it to his Father: “Look, Father, I took everything within me for you; I'm showing you my love; I will not stop, Father; as long as there is one child who has not said his yes of love, his yes of a child, I will gather everything up; Father, I will drag them, I will make them go forward despite the fact that they don’t want me; I give you my Life, Father, my yes, Father: your Will, Father, everything is for you.”

This is the example to follow, this is what God expects of us.

We, the parents, we, the grandparents, we, the brothers, we, the sisters, the religious, God expects us to love unconditionally as he, he loves us.

He's the one who’s committing to nourishing our love: a wounded love, a calculating love, a dominating love, an uncertain love, doubtful, a fearful love; it is he, God, who nourishes our interior with his graces so that we can discover ourselves.

We are love, we were made from the Flesh of the Son of God made Man, we are the breath of God the Creator: our spiritual life comes from God, our flesh comes from God.

The Son of God received flesh through God, and he revealed himself; he revealed himself to the angels and the angels looked at him, they looked at the Son of God, Son of God as Man, and the good angels adored him.

The evil angels refused to adore the Son of God as Man, the Son of God in his Flesh; they didn’t want to, and so they fled that splendour, that Eternal Flesh, they fled, they refused.

Us, we must not flee who we are because we come from that Flesh. The first flesh was from Jesus: from the Flesh came all that exists.

God could not have created matter before pure matter, the matter that contained everything, for God contains all, God is matter, God is power, God is love, he contains all that is invisible and visible.

We come from the Eternal Flesh, we are alive in the Eternal Flesh, our spiritual life belongs to God.

Why has the Church always told us: “You existed before you were in your mother’s womb”? Because Christ was carrying us, the Son of God made Man was carrying us, we were the flesh of the Flesh.

Do you think Adam could have become flesh before the Son? This couldn’t have happened – the Son had to be before Adam could be.

The Son of God is God's beauty, the Son of God made Man is the splendour and the light of God, is the way of God, is the truth of God: eternal Life; everything has existed forever.

How can we, we understand in our bruised flesh, in our imperfect flesh? We can only understand what God wants to reveal to us, the moment when God wants to reveal it to us, because all times are in the present.

When the Son of God came into Mary’s womb through the power of the Holy Spirit, he was accomplishing what had already been accomplished.

The Divine Will is every movement, the Divine Will is the perfect movement of eternity.

When the Divine Will permitted that the Son of God come to earth through the power of the Holy Spirit, he came through Mary’s yes, through the yes that was all prepared: a yes that bore no doubt, a yes that was beautiful, a yes that enveloped love.

When Mary said her yes, she said what was within her, what had been placed within her, what had been cared for within her; the Trinity had fulfilled her, the Trinity had granted her everything; such was the Divine Will.

Mary, child of the Divine Will, was saying yes: the yes that every child was to utter.

The first who said her yes on earth was Mary, and we, we had that yes in us: we were in the Son.

Mary was carrying us all, she's our Mother of love; the moment when Jesus entered her womb, we entered Mary, we were in Mary.

When she said her yes, a yes burst forth within us, a yes came to dwell in us, for we were all called to come into this world, we were all called to be God's children, and all those who came before Mary and who came on earth, a yes appeared in them at that moment, a yes of love, a true yes, an unconditional yes, for all was being accomplished.

Moses, Abraham, Noah, Adam, Eve, were in that radiant love and all the others, for the Word was being accomplished, the Promise was being accomplished.

God's time is a time of love, is a time in eternity: all is accomplished in the Divine Will.

The Divine Will is the Will of God, it isn't our will; the Will of God has no age, it bears all from the past, present and future, it is eternal.

When the Divine Will decides that the time has come for certain movements to be accomplished, everything is accomplished; all is accomplished as the Divine Will wishes because all is already there, all is already in its accomplishment.

Let’s understand what we’re hearing: we are movement through Jesus, in Jesus, with Jesus, for God the Father. We are not random children, we have been prepared for this time: all is in the movement of the Will of God.

It’s God who decides, it isn't us; all that belongs to us is a yes or a no: “Yes, Father,” “No, Father,” – that’s all that belongs to us but the movement, the movement is from God.

If we are able to look, that’s because we have received from God; if we hear, if we speak, if we move, if we have feelings, that’s because we have received from the Divine Will all that was necessary to accomplish ourselves. Therefore, we are accomplishing ourselves during a time willed by God along with all those who are around us: this is the Church, this is life.

Those who came before us are in us, they are in movement within us, they help us; those who are in purgatory pray for us, they help us go forward on earth; those who are in Heaven intercede on our behalf, they are always in movement with us. And we who are on earth, we are in movement in the Church, we are in Jesus, we are with Jesus, we are in the Church, we are with all those who are in Jesus.

You see, we aren’t alone. We have believed that: we go forward, we live our little life, we die, we present ourselves before God, we get our judgement and we go to the place we choose to go to – but no, the Church is more than this.

Every one of us, we help each other; every one of us brings something to the other just as Moses brought, just as Abraham brought, just as the apostles brought, just as we, we bring to our children, just as our grandchildren will receive from our children, from us, and from those who are behind us.

We form one Church, we form the movement of eternal life; all those who believe in Jesus have eternal life: eternal life is present.

Do you think that we’re only present after our death on earth? Spiritual life is here, present; it won't be granted to us after our death, it’s here, it’s present, it’s in us, it’s part of our life just as it’s part of the lives of all God's children: we live in Jesus.

We are the Church, Jesus is the Head, we beat in the very heart of the Heart of Christ.

We’re alive today; we look at the world and we say to ourselves: “We’re lost, who’s going to save us?” We are saved, we are alive.

Let’s look at who we are and we will recognize the very presence of Christ, for we are Christ; we cannot love unless we are Christ, we cannot forgive unless we are Mercy, we cannot comfort unless we are the shoulder of Christ who carried the cross.

When we want to give comfort, we agree to take our neighbour’s cross and to bear it on our shoulder, but it’s not our shoulder, it’s the shoulder of Christ: we are alive.

We lack faith, we’re blind! Who has blinded us, who has made us deaf if not Satan's ruses?

Mother Mary came to warn us: “Do not let yourselves fall into Satan's traps. He wants to lead you to eternal death; pray with your heart; be at peace within you.”

We cannot believe and understand the words of Christ, the Life of Christ, unless we are at peace; if we remain fearful, we won't see.

It’s like when we hear a child crying out in the night, we go to his room and we turn on the light, and the child is in tears. He's having trouble talking because the movement he has just lived was so frightening; why? Because inside him, there were images; those images came to the surface and scared him; and he wasn’t able to see that it was in his imagination; why? Because he had witnessed fear.

One day, he looked at mom or dad who were afraid; one day, he watched the television that showed him movements of fear, and he nourished himself constantly, and he was afraid: this is our life.

It was Satan who put all this in our life; he keeps us in fear. The more afraid we are, the more we suffer. The more we suffer, the more we don’t believe, and the more we don’t believe, the more our faith diminishes. The more our faith diminishes, the more our suffering increases. The more our suffering increases, the more the world lacks love. The more the world lacks love, the more loss there is: the loss of our brothers and our sisters.

How many are there who have difficulty saying, “Your Will, not my will”? How many are there who say, “Yes, I will carry my cross; my cross, because it gives me strength. What I have in my life teaches me to go forward with the graces of God. I can understand that I am sustained by the very presence of God in me; he gives me his Body, he gives me his Blood, I have that power in me.”?

Why is it that we’re unable to go forward in the world without crying, without being afraid? It’s simply because we believe more in this world than we believe in the power of God.

God is more powerful than Satan's tricks; God has placed angels around us and the good angels are more powerful than the evil angels.

We must walk with our head lifted toward Heaven and no longer looking down at our belly button; if we don’t stop looking at ourselves, we’re going to disappear, and God doesn’t want to make us disappear.

God is sending among us people who remind us of his Gospel; what we’re hearing, we’re hearing the Word of God: all is written in the Gospel.

How is it that today, we stop to look at this and we didn’t stop to listen to these living words, this living nourishment, this power that is with us on earth? That’s because our eyes have been turned towards the world: a world without faith, a world without love, a world of dominating power, a world that teaches us to kill ourselves because, in our life, we’re being taught to feed ourselves poison.

Take a single food that doesn’t bear grace – this is food without grace – this is food that nourishes what? Whatever is without grace, and anything without grace is good for hell.

We aren’t good for hell, we were born for God, not for hell. So, let’s stop believing that we don’t deserve God's graces; at every fraction of a fraction of a second, the air we breathe is the light of God.

Who created the light? It was God, and so this is grace – believe in this.

When we stand in the shadow of a tree, we’re standing in the shadow of God's love that protects us from the strong rays of the sun: this is God's power, this is God's love.

There isn't a single movement that doesn’t come from God; turn your eyes: your eyes will fall upon God's creation, for if one human being creates an object such as a bouquet, that bouquet is from God, it’s God's creation.

No human being can create; there's only one Creator; the human being can only make things with what was created, and therefore, everything comes from God, absolutely everything.

Let’s keep our faith: if there are those who don’t believe in God, then believe in what you, you are because you look at yourselves.

When you look at a child who doesn’t believe in God, you’re looking at yourself, you’re looking at a part of your flesh; so, if you, you believe, give your flesh, give that child - your brother, your sister – he belongs to God. Have faith that God gave himself on his behalf.

One day, he will present himself and because someone will have given him to God, he will understand, he will understand that the moment he said, “Me, I don’t believe,” he received God's love. He will understand that his brother, his sister, sustained him, loved him unconditionally.

These will be balms of love that will heal his wounds and make him suffer less, for each one of us will have to take a look at our movements, our good movements.

But our movements that won't be good movements will make us suffer; and so, when this will be accompanied by love, my brother’s love, my sister’s love, it will be a consolation, I will be a shoulder for my brother; he will understand that it wasn’t my shoulder, it was Jesus’ shoulder.

It happens that we allow ourselves to be moved by this power.

You see, we are the Church, we are living members in the Church; we don’t need to go forward in the Church with doubts, with fears – Jesus is alive.

If we look at our Jesus of love in the tabernacle, and we genuflect to adore him, then let’s believe that we’re in him, that he's in us.

We’re all together, this is the truth, we have lost nothing, but we’re the ones who have become blind: we have lost from sight what makes us children of God.

We have lost the sense of hearing of The Love: God always speaks to us of love, God always pays great attention to our prayers; we don’t hear because we have turned our ears towards what is useless, what isn't essential. Our hearing belongs to Jesus, it belongs to Jesus.

When we hear a person say an amen, an alleluia, a Hail Mary, an Our Father, when we hear our brothers and our sisters say: “Yes, I believe that God listens to my prayer,” well it isn't because we’re listening that we are able to understand the meaning of this. We understand all this through the power of God; the Holy Spirit is enabling us to hear the yes of the Son.

You see, this is what we are.

We see our empty churches, but our churches are alive! Do you think they’ve been emptied of those souls that came to adore God, that came to be nourished by the Body and the Blood? The churches are full; we’re the ones who can't see, who can't hear: we see our suffering, we hear our refusals.

Let’s go to mass, enter the churches, fill them with all we carry within us and let’s be in God's truth.

The church will never be empty, it will always be filled with triumphant souls, militant and purifying souls – this is the truth.

The more we believe in this, the more our children will see a new face; they will see features that are less strained, they will see a smile that comes more easily to our face, they will see eyebrows that have been calmed, they will see a brow that is less creased, they will see hands that are less strained, they will hear words, I love you’s, and they will believe.

We must begin with ourselves before asking our children to live what we, we find difficult to live.

Let’s not be Pharisees; the Pharisee would say this, he would say that, do this, do that, and he didn’t practice what he preached. So us, let’s be true, let’s be children of God, and let’s do what God wants us to do.

Let’s believe that we’re children of God, that we have faith – oh! a tiny faith – but it’s there. And the more we say, “Yes, I have faith, yes, I want to believe,” then God will increase our faith because he will enable us to see, he will enable us to understand more and more. And the more we see, the more we will understand and the more our faith will become solid.

Oh! We’ll continue suffering, we’ll continue to suffer for our children, our brothers, our sisters, the Church, but we, we will know, we will know that God is expecting yeses from us at every moment.

This is what we will be: yeses of love, yeses of a child; and that is undeniable.

You, can you, you stop a moment and say, “No, I'm not a child of God?” Stop and ask yourselves this and you will see, there will such an emptiness: “Ah, I can't do that. It’s as if I were consenting to enter a void where there is no God, where there is no love, where there is no tomorrow, where there are no brothers, where there are no sisters, where there's nothing.”

This will create such a profound void within you that you won't be able to accept not recognizing yourselves as a child of God.

A child is very tiny; this is someone who leaves himself in God's hands: “Take my life, it is yours.” That’s when we’re able to go forward.

Even if we look in the mirror at a face that is all wrinkled, that needs glasses, that is bent, that is in pain, a child of God is more than that – a child of God is true, he's present.

Time doesn’t stop a child of God because if we say to a child of God, “Look, there's death on earth, it doesn’t stop us. It goes beyond that, it’s the presence of God in our life, in our eternal life.”

You see, this is what it means to be completely love for God, to be true for God, to be true for ourselves, for those we carry within us.

We have a journey to travel on earth and it’s with God's graces that we’ll do this, it isn't without God's graces. Anything that isn't grace must be rejected by us: we must be the Word of Jesus.

To be the Word of Jesus is to know that our children are saved.

Jesus came on earth and he said, “I am coming to announce that my Father's Kingdom is with you.” He was talking about himself; his Father's Kingdom is the Son, and the Son is in us.

If he sends people like you to talk, that’s because he's preparing a great gathering and he wants to gather all his Father's children, and he will reveal himself within us.

This great gathering is his Church; he wants to create a world of love on earth: a world that will have faith in God, a world that won't hesitate by saying, “I love you, Jesus, there's only you, there are no others.”

There will no longer be any temptations; this will last as long as God has decided until the day of Jesus’ coming in glory, and then, all bodies will be resurrected.

But, at this very moment, we’re together to live this moment of love: let’s go within ourselves; what we’re living at this moment is that movement.

We’re together and we’re entering inside ourselves and we’re allowing these words to emerge through the power of the Holy Spirit, and this is making itself heard.

When the time comes, Jesus will ask all children to live what we’re living; for those who believe and for those who don’t believe, there will be only one movement: the Will of God – all shall be accomplished.

The Church is preparing us for this; the Church is each one of us, and even more important, the priest, the Christ-Priest.

They are like the light we need to remain where the Virgin Mary wants us to be: in the Heart of her Son.

We need God's nourishment, God's graces.

He said earlier that anything that is grace nourishes our life; anything that isn't grace causes our life to die, and so all that comes from the priest is grace: words, sacraments – these are grace. Blessings are grace; we need them like the air we need for our lungs.

Let’s give this moment to God and praise God together to give thanks for what we have just lived.