Gathering of Love With God's Action in Stanstead, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus

2007-08-25 – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Try as we might to hide in the shadows, the Lord, he will bring us into the light; he will show us what is most beautiful in our life, he will reach us.

The moment we will live our first judgement, we will see our life, we will see all our life choices, we will see all the most beautiful parts of our life and we will see the ugliest parts of our life, and this will take place in the light.

The light will envelop us, the light will show us how much he loved us.

When we do good deeds, we know we are loved, but when we do bad deeds, we believe that we aren’t loved by God, and so we try to hide, to trick ourselves; we try to circumvent God's laws.

But God, he always has his eye on us; God takes us and envelops us in his protection to show us that we belong to his Father; he gives us graces, graces of love so we can forgive ourselves.

When we have graces, we are moved by his mercy, and that’s when we learn to forgive ourselves; when we learn to forgive ourselves, then we’re ready to go see the priest, then we’re ready to ask God for forgiveness.

But at first, it’s always regarding ourselves: we need to recognize that we’re sinners, we need to learn that God loves us; God loves the sinner, he doesn’t love the sin.

He took the sins of all the world’s children, from the first to the last, and he took them as if they were his; he asked his Father for forgiveness: he became the Sinner.

You see, he loves us, he doesn’t tell us he hates us; it would be as if he had said to himself, “I hate myself.”

Of course, Jesus carried our sins and when he presented himself to his Father, he sweated blood; it was to his Father, before his Father that he was presenting himself, before God, before the perfect Being: he's showing us that we have to see ourselves as loved by his Father.

It isn't always easy to look at ourselves when we have just lied and that lie has harmed our neighbour; because of this someone committed suicide, because of this we left a wife or a husband, children: because of a lie.

You see, how are we going to be able to forgive ourselves? It is only through God's graces.

This is why God speaks with love, has his mercy flow over us, because he heals, but we must learn that we’ve been healed, we must learn that Jesus took everything to lead us to where we must go: we are all going forward together.

We know that so and so makes mistakes, that someone else makes other mistakes – we know all this, but we don’t know the interior, we don’t know the interior of others, and our own even less.

Imagine, we look at someone and we say, “I cannot judge but he did it because he's unhappy.” But why did we, we bear judgement?

We’re not even capable of knowing this, we don’t know ourselves, for if we knew ourselves, we wouldn’t judge.

The first person to be judged is us, and so we’re harming ourselves.

This is why God says, “I shall place you in the light and that light will show you that I love you: you will learn to forgive yourselves, you will learn to give me what has made you suffer.”

Before giving him what has made us suffer and that led us to bear judgement, we have to know what made us suffer, and Jesus is going to show us this: Jesus will show us the cause of our judgement.

We don’t know what caused us to judge, but Jesus, he knows, and so we must trust in him, we must give him everything.

What does he want us to do first? He wants us to give him our life every day with simple words: “I give you my life; today, I will get up and it’s your life that I'm going to live.”

You see, afterwards, things will be different in our life; we will know that Jesus, he has already lived our life; how can we understand this? Jesus will see to it that we understand through a story.


Jesus: “One day, a child was born; he grew up and he learned from others what he had to do and what he must not do.

A little time after his first Communion, he passed his first judgement, for his mother had not made him his favourite dessert.

And so, he said, ‘Mom, you’re not nice, you weren't able to make me my favourite dessert; you went to gossip with the neighbour; that’s not nice, mom!’ The child had just passed his first judgement.

That evening, while he was all alone, he thought of his words – he was so sad: “I hurt my mother; I saw that there was a tear in my mother’s eye, it’s my fault she cried.’ And so, the little boy felt that suffering and he kept it to himself, he pushed it deep down inside himself.

One day, he grew older, and older, and older; he married and his family grew. He had a little boy in his life and one time, he heard his little boy say, ‘Mom, you’re not nice, you washed my jeans and today, I can't wear them to school because they aren’t dry.’ And so, he, the father, looked at his son and said, ‘We don’t speak to our mother like that.’

And so, that evening, the father thought about the words he had said to his son and he regretted having raised his voice: ‘Why didn’t I just make him understand instead of saying those words to him? Why didn’t I tell him that I love him and that this hurt his mother?’ He did not understand; and so, he rejected this with all his strength as it hurt him so deeply.

And so, he grew older and older; one day, he found himself, he found himself before his judgement.

And God showed him, God showed him the little child he was, the little child who had passed his first judgement, and he looked at him; he was looking at his life, and he felt a huge pang in his heart, and God said to him, ‘Look at my Son.’

And then, he saw, he saw a man dragging a cross, he saw a man who continued to love those who were insulting him, he saw a man who was letting himself be crucified, he saw a man who had loved him to the point of dying, dying for him, because he had just understood that when he had carried the cross, he had carried that judgement.

And so the being who was seeing this said to himself, ‘Oh, how difficult it is, how difficult it is to look and to see how loved I am! And so, he looked again, and he took a look at another stage in his life: that father who had reprimanded his child.

He could see, he could see a father, a father who wanted to protect his child, a father who wanted to protect his wife; he could see a father who wanted to comfort but who did not know how; he could see a father who was incapable of taking a look at himself and say, ‘I forgive myself, I forgive myself so that one day he can forgive himself as well.’

Why did he understand all this now? Why was he able to see this with such clarity? That is because Jesus had accompanied him in his life, Jesus had shown him that he loved him, that he was sustaining him in his suffering, for he had walked with that cross on his shoulder.

This man had walked from year to year with that pain; he had not understood, and then, he saw and understood, he understood that God loved him, that God wanted him in his Cross.

And then, the being who was looking at his life looked, looked at that light and he said yes: ‘Yes, because you love me, yes, because I am your child, yes, because you loved me so that I, in turn, could learn to love myself.’

You see, my children, you are like this. You are tiny little children, who have, in your lives, done things, and because of those things you have suffered, and you buried this very deeply within you, and this has followed you your whole lives, and you gave your pain to others without realizing it.

And I have always been in your life to sustain you, so you could understand that I am solace, comfort, forgiveness, love.

If you are able to love your child, to love your wife, to love your brother, to love your sister through your suffering, through your words, your thoughts, it is because I sustain you – I am always there in your life.

Learn to give me your life and I will fulfil you, and you will help your neighbour to give me his life. Begin with yourselves, my children, and this shall multiply.

I teach hearts internally so that hearts may learn to love, to love the being they dwell in.

It is love that heals; it is love, my children, that turns you into light.

I am with you, I am not against you; I am coming to show you who you are in your life.

Sin has been in your lives, my children, because others before you sinned, and they did not know how to forgive themselves, how to love themselves through their sufferings, how to give me their lives.

I am teaching you, you, to give me your sufferings; I am teaching you to give me your weaknesses; I am teaching you to give me your life.

When you give yourselves love, you receive from me; when you learn to forgive yourselves, you receive from me; when you learn to face the truth before your life choices, you receive from me, you receive from your God.

You must learn to look at yourselves, you must learn to hide nothing from yourselves. The one who hides and stays in the shadows learns nothing; he goes on living in his sufferings, he makes others suffer, and one day he will take a look at himself and he will pass judgement on himself.

My children of love, allow yourselves to be taken up by my movement of love, allow yourselves to be enveloped by the light; it is the light that guides your steps, it is not you.

Are you able, my children, to put one foot forward when you see nothing, when you are suffering, when sin has struck you, made you fall? You are not capable.

It is the Light, I am the Light, I came into this world to show you who you are.

Children of love, be tiny little children – that is when you learn.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every one of us is learning, every one of us does what he is able to do in the present. He's the one who gives us graces, it isn't us. Graces don’t belong to us; what belongs to us is a yes.

To give our yes is to say, “Yes, here I am.” That’s all; God isn't complicated; it’s to simply say, “I give you my life,” and the rest will come, it will all come.

You  will notice that one day: “Oh, I have just said words like: I give you my life, I give you the lives of those I carry, I don’t worry about them anymore, I know you’re taking care of them.”

If we are able to say these words, that’s because we have learned, with God's graces, to trust in him; we have learned to give him our life: “I give you my life, I give you my yes.”

There's nothing that belongs to us – there are some who know this. There's nothing that belongs to us, absolutely nothing. All that belongs to us is a yes: for me! No – yes, God or no, God – this is what we can say.

Everything in our life belongs to God, whether it’s good or whether it’s bad – it belongs to God because he took everything.

If we keep the good for ourselves, we’re also going to keep the bad and this, this will lead us to look at ourselves one day, along with our pain, and the more pain we have within ourselves, the more difficulty we will have saying our yes, because this will shame us – we’ll be ashamed.

Do you think that Judas didn’t love God? Do you think that Judas was in constant hatred? No, Judas loved God, Judas loved Mary, but he loved his life, he loved money, he was proud, he had vices, and he kept them to himself.

There was always a conflict: it caused him so much pain that he preferred to not look at them, to not tell Jesus about them and he would distance himself. And the more he distanced himself, the more Satan held him – he was holding him in his power.

You see, we mustn’t do this – we must be like tiny little children.

Children hold nothing back, they give! Try asking a child, “Now, I'm going to give you a candy but you should never ask me for one.” “Yes, it’s true, I shouldn’t ask! But when can I ask you for another one?”

That’s what children are like – it’s so beautiful, so pure. Well, this is how God wants us to be; like little children who hold nothing back, and God will do all the rest; he's the one who will guide the child.

This is what he wanted us to know tonight.

Now, if you wish, we’ll take a very short time for some questions.

There are people who would maybe like to ask questions regarding what you have heard, but we especially ask that you not ask personal questions such as: am I going to move, am I going to meet a new husband, am I going to get a new job?

Let’s go deeper than that – let’s ask questions that concern our eternal life, that concern was said tonight. You know that this is for our eternal life.


Q.  What can we say to someone who is getting older, who has found a way to help himself have more energy during the day by talking to himself, saying: “Okay, now I'm getting up,” and after getting up, “I feel like I'm in shape today and I feel good.” It’s as if he were practising a form of autosuggestion. Would Jesus like to answer him?


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And so, let me repeat the question… what can we do, what can we say, what does Jesus suggest for a person who, over time, has lost his strength. He's getting older, he's tired, he would like to be in good shape. Can he say to himself things like, “I feel strong, I feel good, I can verbalize…, practice autosuggestion?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Autosuggestion is to take words that are shown to us and that we can say. For example, I give myself strength, I can do it, I have energy.

When we use those words, we’re taking something that is external and we’re putting it inside us.

Where do those words come from? Does this come from a child of God? If this comes from a child of God, who showed him those words? Who saw to it that that person knows those words and then teaches them to me? Or, do those words that I read in a book come from people who know God? Do those words come from God or from that person?

If those words come from the person himself, well then, those words bear no grace, they nourish no one, they do not nourish my interior because they come from his human will – they don’t come from God.

But if they come from his human will, that’s because he learned them from someone, he learned them somewhere, but who revealed those words? Where did those words emerge from the first time they were uttered?

This comes from what is for oneself, this comes from what is apart from God, this comes from what can be attributed to us, this comes from something that teaches me, this comes and now we can admire ourselves, we can complete ourselves.

Who can admire himself, who can complete himself, who can give himself strength, who can claim to be strong? There's one being; there's one being above us, more intelligent than us, the one from whom we accepted those words: Satan.

Satan, angel of light who was called Lucibel, had such great beauty; he was receiving everything from God, he was receiving his strength, his power, his light, his intelligence, his splendour.

He was an angel, one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful. He was close to God, he was receiving everything from God. God's light was reflected upon him, he was allowing himself to be filled with light. All was nothing but beauty until the moment he saw the Son of God made Man and he refused to adore him.

As he had been created to adore, created to contemplate God, he was refusing to adore God and to contemplate God; and so, all that he was reverted back to him.

So, as he had God's light and as he no longer wanted God's light, what was reverted back to him was darkness: he couldn’t have the light because he was not the Light, he had refused the light.

And so, once you have extinguished the light, then come the shadows: this is the same thing. When he refused the light, everything became darkness to him: this is what he became.

And so, he became darkness to himself: he became his own source of strength – not God's strength – his own strength; he became pride, the 'self'; he became what he wanted to be: “Since I refuse to adore God, I will take all that I am and I shall nourish myself with it”: he was his own nourishment.

And so, he was chased far from the light, he became the darkness, he became a power, the power of evil: he draws things to himself, he tries to draw to himself through hypocrisy; because he can't do it in the light, then he does it in the darkness.

So, when we say words, those words must be words from God.

A child of God uses God's intelligence to nourish himself, but if he uses what is external and he brings this to himself – the external that he brings this to himself: he's repeating the same movement as Satan, Satan who placed himself outside the light: I refuse.

To himself, he became a being that nourishes himself, but he couldn’t nourish himself with light, he wasn’t light, light came from God and was reflected on him, which made him so beautiful, so splendid, but he couldn’t do it any longer.

So we, when we do the same thing: “I'm capable, I have the strength,” it comes from externally, and so Satan, he, he takes us; then he manipulates us, he does as he wishes with us, he wants to destroy us.

And his intelligence is above us; he's capable of giving us a sense of well-being; he's capable of making us feel full of strength; he's capable of doing this because he takes what is ours since we opened a door to him, and he makes us feel it.

But what entered us is his power of manipulation – this entered us. So, the more he uses the good in us, the more room he takes up because this: he uses it, it disappears; he uses it, it emerges from us.

Can we retain what comes from God if we don’t use is for the good? If we use it for pride, if we use it for ourself, this does not bear grace – it’s like in the very beginning with the basket that had a hole in it. 

So, all this comes out, but he, he puts something else in: he puts his hypocrisy in, his hatred, doubts; he wants to exhaust us, he wants to maintain us in his fear, and the more this goes on, the more we become selfish.

We become selfish beings who are hypocrites towards ourselves, we’re no longer able to be humble, we’re no longer able to continue giving of ourselves.

Because we’re God's children, we came into this world to do the same thing as Jesus: to give one’s life for those we love in order to go to God the Father.

It’s our goal to go to God the Father but we’re no longer able to do this.

Why are there so many divorces? Why do people leave their children? How is it that a woman who goes to work outside the home isn't able to raise her children anymore when she comes home? She gives that responsibility to the babysitter.

But no, they have lost faith in themselves; mothers are losing confidence in themselves regarding their own children, fathers are losing confidence in their strength regarding their children, their wives, because of all this, because of all those words that aren’t from God but from Satan.

We’re surrounded by the New Age, we’re surrounded by the 'self': the 'self' is Satan, it’s his pride, it’s him; he refused to adore God, he refused to get down on his knees before the Son of God made Man.

Do you believe that a person who says ‘I can do this’ will easily get down on his knees and adore God? He will develop self-sufficiency: “I'm self-sufficient, I'm capable, I'm strong, I know how to control myself, I know which natural products are good to heal me, I make up my own diets,” and we could multiply this.

This opens many doors: those doors, Jesus wants to shut them.

Those doors were opened by Satan and Jesus wants to shut those doors, and open the doors of light to us; he wants us to live in the light.

And he comes with love, he doesn’t come to hit us on the head, Jesus, oh no! He comes to say to us, “My children, do not allow yourselves to be manipulated; you live in confusion, you are all mixed up: you mix up my laws of love with your human laws; you have turned my laws into your laws: I will help you to see clearly.”

And this is our Jesus of love and this is what he wants to do slowly, and then we will heal, you'll see that we will heal! It will take the time God wants it to take, but he said in Plantagenet, through Mother Mary, that illnesses will disappear as we get rid of our idols, because this is idolatry: the 'self' is idolatry.

The more we make this disappear, the more we will allow ourselves to be healed by graces; the more graces there will be in us, the more we will ask for graces of healing; the more we ask for graces of healing, the more faith we will have that God will heal us, and we will heal.

Thank you, Lord, thank you, Holy Spirit.


Q.  Jesus founded his Church. Does a baptized person, a baptized Christian need the Church to go to God in order to be saved?


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus built his Church. Does a baptized person need his Church to be saved and to go to him?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: “O almighty God, you made the sky and the earth; you filled your sky, you filled the earth, you fulfilled God's children with all the contents of the earth and sky, you came to show us the path of love.

You, the Perfect One, you, the Pure One, you, the ultimate Being, you showed the way, you founded your Church; because you founded your Church, you gave us all that is good for our soul, for our flesh.

O flesh, bow down for you received from your God the sacrament of Light, the sacrament that cleanses you of the original sin. You have gone through the ages, you have turned yourself into light because you welcomed the Light in your life through a yes of love. You did not become yourself, but you became Christ, you became the Church: you are the light within the Light. You tell every child that he must say yes to our Master, to the One who gave himself out of love to save the world.”

Jesus is the Church, Jesus is the power of God, we need Jesus to have eternal life.

When we were created, we were created out of love, through the choice of the Father, in order to go to him, but because of the disobedience, because a woman and a man wanted to know human will, we came to know the sin of disobedience and this entered us and pierced our heart, our heart of a child: it lodged itself there.

And because it lodged itself there, we had to walk upon the earth year after year until the day when the Son of God came on earth to open our heart, to dive into our heart and to make amends.

Jesus instituted the sacrament of Baptism for us, not for himself: he's the Son of God; he hadn't committed the original sin, he was the Divine Will.

We, we have known human will, and so we came into this world with the original sin. Through Jesus’ Baptism, through that power, we allow ourselves to be taken up by that movement and it’s that movement that purifies our soul and makes it beautiful, makes it pure.

We are therefore children of God in the purity of what we must be from birth, because we are all called to be pure on earth. We’re not called to come on earth and to walk the earth as impure beings.

Jesus himself came to show us how to walk on earth as pure beings and so, it was necessary to institute the sacrament of Baptism. We carry it in us, we, the baptized: we are in Jesus.

Because the moment we accept Baptism through our parents, we’re accepting to die in Jesus, to live in Jesus, to follow the Ten Commandments of God, and to follow after Jesus on earth; because we accept all this, we accept to carry all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world, past, present and future.

All those who haven’t received Baptism are in us. For whatever we receive, they will receive the grace that comes with it up until the moment they say, “Yes, Jesus, I am yours.” And all is being accomplished.

Jesus is the Church; there's only one Church and it’s the one of Jesus.

We belong to Jesus: we’re children of God the Father, given to God the Son to lead us to him.

We form but one Church, we don’t form two of them. There's only one Church but because of human will, there are other religions.

So, the Church multiplied in a sense – it’s like a large family: there are many children, the children have only two parents – a father and a mother and therefore, one being: man and woman form but one being.

Therefore, the children belong only to those two beings who form one being, but those children have different opinions: “I accept this; I don’t accept that.”

Are they going to disown their parents? Are they going to disown those two beings that form only one being? No, because they know that there had to be two beings, who form one being, in order to give birth to them; and so, this is the Church.

The Church is power, it’s God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit – three Persons who form but one God and who gather all love to form but one love.

God let that love emerge from him and he multiplied that love; every child chosen by God is his love.

So, he was multiplied on earth: one child, then another child, and another child, and another child, and another child, and another child, and the children came on earth and they lived their lives on earth until the moment when they will see their life before their God. And then, they will have to make a choice: to choose God or to choose themselves.

You see, when the human being sees his judgement, he chooses God or he chooses himself: “God, I am yours, I am your child, I can't do this, I can't forgive myself, I want to go on doing what pleases me, I hate goodness.” It’s the entire child that prefers to remain as he is.

So, Satan takes him; because he doesn’t belong to himself, the child doesn’t belong to himself, he belongs to God, and if he wants nothing to do with God, then he turns to another: to Satan.

We can't let this happen, we can't lose a single one of our brothers or our sisters.

We belong to only one Church, we’re children of God, we were baptized and as baptized children, we must love unconditionally all children of the world, all children of the world.

This, this is what God teaches us; this is the Church, the true Church: Jesus.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, thank you, Lord.

And now, we’ll stop here, I think.

So, if we all join together to become one voice and sing the Ave Maria to Mother Mary… I think everyone can sing.


♪♪♪:  Ave Maria.