Gathering of Love With God's Action in Stanstead, Québec,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus

2007-08-26 – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every time God gathers his children together, he wants to give even more and even more. And so, God will give a great deal.

He wants to give you healings and he will bring about movements of love inside you and these movements will come from the power of God himself.


Jesus: At the very heart of The Love there is a movement and that movement is within you.

Little children of love, let yourselves be taken up by the power of the Holy Spirit, let yourselves be enveloped.

Everything that is around you is proof of love for you, proof that says to you: “Believe, believe in the Good News.”

God is good with each of you; he is coming to enter within you to bring you graces of peace, graces of love, graces of light.

I am the Light of the world; I speak in your hearts, I put right what has made you suffer; within you, I bring about the need to give yourselves out of love for God.

If a single one among you learns to give himself to his neighbour, he is learning from The Love: I am The Love.

I am coming to bring hope in your world without love, I am coming to take your sufferings that you have not given me: you have kept what was mine for yourselves.

You must accomplish yourselves in the Will of my Father.

Every one of you, you must live your life of a child of God on earth by accomplishing acts of love: these are your works.

There is work only if it is done in love, only if you do it while having faith that this will please my Father. If you do it without the conviction of your love for my Father, there is no joy in your life.

I, I am the One who is coming to bring you joy.

Your happiness is in you, my children, but you do not believe in it. Allow yourselves to be enveloped by my light, receive graces, receive graces of joy.

Let me take your sufferings, give them to me; do not keep what is mine for yourselves – I carried my Cross and that Cross was made up of your cross.

Be attentive to the words of your God, be true, behave as children, children worthy of my Father, and you, little children who follow this instrument, renew your yes at this moment, remain true, there are healings, my children.

You ask me to heal a person you love, you ask me for a healing for yourselves, then do it with love, with joy, with hope, with faith; there is faith when there is joy.

Do you believe, my children, that I did not recognize the joy when the paralytic was healed? When I healed the blind man, his joy was so great! You must be like this, my children – do not wait.

Be certain that I act in your life; let this always be your belief; always be attentive to what is happening inside you.

Leave this world, this world cannot bring you what I want to give you; have the thoughts of God.

When you ask me for a healing, then do your act of thanksgiving; all is accomplished as my Father wills; if there are doubts in your mind, reject this, your flesh must obey God's graces.

You must be true throughout your day; keep movements of love in your heart, keep your heart in God's truth, in God's gift.

You cannot see what my Father grants you, but he does grant it to you; he grants you every day of your life, he grants you graces of love: he nourishes the life he grants you.

Do you think that he gives you life without nourishing your life? You are alive, you belong to my Father and my Father takes care of his children, just as he took care of Adam and Eve after the sin.

He gave them all they needed in order to live: to obtain food, how to use tools – all this came from my Father's graces.

Would this have changed, my children, because you are in the year 2007 after my birth? My Father has always taken care of you and he is taking care of you.

You live your life with my Father's graces, you live God's life in God, children of God in the Son of God; you are all linked to each other.

Be good to yourselves; a single word uttered by you must nourish you, a single action done by you must show you that you belong to my Father; a single feeling that is felt within you shows you that you are in relation to all your brothers and your sisters.

Be in this movement, every action comes from me.

I speak inside you so you can understand God's power.

You have received me: you have eaten my Body, you have drunk my Blood; all this is living, your life is in me.

I open within you all you need in order to accomplish yourselves in your daily life; tomorrow belongs to my Father, it does not belong to you.

Remain humble, remain as little children; do not try to get ahead of my Father's thoughts, my Father's action, my Father's Will; you will become lost.

There is no need to worry about tomorrow; there is only worry if you lack faith in my Father's love and my Father loves you, he is a father: a father wants the best for his children.

If you humans, you give yourselves love through little kindnesses, how much more does my Father give you! The love you use comes from him, those kindnesses come from him, they are not from you: everything is from my Father, there is nothing that comes from you.

Take a look at each other: at the same time, you are looking at my Father's action on your behalf.

Anything that is abuse is not good for you, anything that is selfish is not good for you; share, give what you receive and my Father will reward you.

He will not give you a fortune so that you become lost, my children; happiness is not calculated through money; happiness is to give oneself for those we love – that is happiness: learn to give yourselves, learn to give of yourselves.

Whoever you might be here today, you all have a mission: the one of giving yourselves as I gave myself.

Live for love, do not live for what is external to you – you will continue to suffer.

I come to heal hearts, I come to give hope to your life.

You are in the Life. You are in a world that no longer looks at God, and so, pray for this world, pray for the children of this world, for soon this world, my children, will have to take a look at itself.

These words are words of truth, they are not words to keep you in deception – Satan keeps you in deception.

I have always been light and I am the Light.

The Gospel, my children, is truth for you, is light for you; every word in the Gospel came through the power of the Holy Spirit, who reminded the apostles, the disciples, of what they had within them, in me: they were no longer themselves, they were me, Christ.

Be like this, be true in all you do; do not look at your neighbour in his sufferings, but give them to me, use simple words.

I love you, my children, receive graces, receive graces from The Love and you, my little ones who have been following my teachings for several years, receive as well: everything is made new at every moment.

I am the one who is the Word, I am the Word, I am the Eternal One.

I come to show this world that it cannot continue like this: it is destroying itself; this world is destroying itself, my children, and it will see its own destruction.

Receive my love, receive my strength; your human will, my children, must be given to God.

You see, I gave my Life to save you; when you give me your human will, I nourish you with my Divine Will, you go forward in faith, in love; you no longer try to listen to yourselves, you try to listen to the voice within you; you no longer want your human will that makes you suffer, you want the Will of my Father, who grants you his graces every day; you want to be true.

It is necessary for your flesh to recognize that it belongs to God, that it must be obedient to God; your flesh, my children, has been suffering due to your human will.

I want to mark your flesh with a sign of love, a sign that will remind it that it has been in the movement of love: the Cross.

Your flesh, my children, has known passion and knows passion. It must recognize that the Cross conquered evil. It must be obedient to the Will of my Father, for your flesh, my little beloved ones, is called upon to see the glory of Christ within it.

All is in the movement of God.

Through Moses, I asked my children to place a sign of love above their doors; I asked them to take the blood of a lamb and to put it around their doors; they obeyed and those who refused: they kept their will and the Will of my Father showed them that it was more powerful than their will.

I am asking you, my children, to be in the Will of The Love: accept the Cross, accept to recognize yourselves as obedient to God, accept to give yourselves for your brothers and your sisters, accept to give yourselves love, accept to be loyal in all of my Father's commandments.

The flesh must be obedient as your soul is, my children; when you come to Confession, your soul receives graces and it emerges all beautiful.

Your flesh must receive this sign of love in order to have strength, for when you shall see the Son of God within you, you will see all you have consented to and not consented to.

A great joy will be felt within you, the one of having sustained your brothers and your sisters of the whole world; they will have to live what you, you will live.

All those who accept this sign of love are already accepting their purification, are accepting that God make of them movements of love so they can recognize themselves as God's children.

My beloved, I will ask my priests to make a sign of love on your forehead: the cross, and this, my children, is the Christ-Priest who will be doing it.

Adam took my children out of the Divine Will and I, the Son of God, will enable my Father's children to enter the Divine Will: such is the Will of God.

You are all free, my children, to accept this step that will mark your flesh; a light, which you will be unable to see, will surround you.

You will bear upon you this sign of love and all those who will have this sign will recognize that you have accepted, as they have, to be in complete obedience in your soul and in your flesh.

This movement, my children, is presented to you; it is up to you now to choose.

I love you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And now, the Lord will ask his sons, his priests, who are willing, to come and make the sign of God's child on the forehead with oil.

This won't be an unction – it’s a sign of love.

Thank you, Lord.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every one of us, we will try our best with what we have just learned… what we have just learned.

We have just learned that God accomplishes wonders for us; we have just learned that we are called to a mission; we have just learned that we are all linked to each another; we have just learned that our daily life must be lived in God's graces, with God's graces.

We will go back home and we will meet people who haven’t heard what we have heard.

We will walk in the street and we will see eyes that will turn away from us, although we will want to tell them: “Jesus is here, Jesus is in you,” but we will have to walk, we will have to walk as God wants us to walk.

Let’s leave to God what belongs to God; it’s God who comes to speak in hearts.

Don’t you think that what we’ve just heard isn't active? If we have received graces, they have received graces; let’s walk on the street and smile, and love. Let’s not wait for them to smile; they haven’t heard what we have heard.

You must take advantage of the graces you received; the more you will accomplish yourselves, the more graces God will give you.

You will arrive home, and maybe your husband isn't here, or maybe your wife isn't here, or your children – who was it who evangelized us this morning? It wasn’t the human will, it was Jesus, it was the Holy Spirit, and so, let’s leave to God what belongs to God – but let’s show, show that we have received, but with patience.

 “Oh! Give me the patience to be silent, Lord; give me love, Lord, so that I can serve him this wonderful dish that I have just prepared with your love.” This is what they need.

Us, today, we needed love, we needed to hear something that would make our interior vibrate: “Finally, I can breathe! Finally, it’s true, I didn’t spend all those years believing in something that might be true, might not be true – no, it’s true!” And we needed this.

And they need to know; does my father, does my mother, does my brother, does my sister, do my colleagues love me, are they able to be loving towards me? This is what they need to know.

And we, today, we heard that we live in a world without love; they know they live in a world without love; and so, they need love, just like we need love.

We received love this afternoon, and so, if this is what they need, let’s bring them what they need: love.

Let’s open our arms like Jesus opened his arms – and his arms are still opened on the cross – and let’s welcome them, let’s offer them our shoulder. They don’t need our human will.

If we speak, let’s speak with love like Jesus taught us, let’s be patient like Jesus taught us.

When Jesus would go about with his apostles and his apostles had trouble understanding, do you know what Jesus would do? He would tell them stories, and so, tell your children stories, but stories that will lead them to love themselves, not stories that this world has taught us.

Know how to listen to your heart; this is what they want to hear, this is what they want to live.

When we come to mass, we come to nourish ourselves, nourish ourselves with God's Word, with God's Presence, well, for those who don’t come, go home and give them nourishment: a nourishment of love, a living nourishment, a nourishment with the presence of Jesus.

Jesus is present, so let’s show that we’re inhabited by Jesus: now this is a beautiful testimony, this is the Great Evangelization!

We must be living witnesses to the presence of Jesus within us; this is what they want – we must respond to their appeal.

They don’t want: “Don’t talk to me about everything you heard.” They’re not ready yet; let’s not feed our children a steak when they haven’t even started eating baby food. Let’s offer them that baby food we received one spoonful at a time, that tiny bit of food.

Today we were nourished by a celestial flavour, we were enveloped in graces of love, and this is what they want; envelop them with your gaze, show them you are paying attention: “Oh! Yes, my son is coming, he's coming to tell me that he wants a divorce. Oh! Yes, my daughter is coming; oh, she's all spaced out – she's just taken her drugs. Yes, my grand-daughter is coming, oh dear, look at her tattoo; hmmm!”

Well, have they changed since yesterday? Yesterday, it’s true that you loved them!

He's coming to tell me that, oh, he has another new girlfriend! He comes to see mom, he comes to see dad, he comes to see his sister, he comes to see his brother, he comes to say: “Me, despite the bad decision I just took, you’re still going to love me.” This is what they’re coming to receive.

This doesn’t come out in this way, but who are they coming to see? They’re coming to see someone who gave birth to them, they’re coming to see someone who is stronger than them, they’re coming to see someone who would understand their suffering.

So, let’s love them; they are wounded just as we are wounded.

Today, we received healings and they also need healings; they need strength, they need prayers, so let’s pray and pray with our eyes, let’s pray in the same way as we would respond to them: this is prayer, and when they leave, look at your Crucifix and give: “I give you my suffering because it’s painful. I give you my child. This cross I have just been shown, united to you, I return it to you.”

God doesn’t ask that we throw the person who approaches us to the ground; he says, “Carry his cross, do as was done for me.”

Do you think that the person who carried Jesus’ cross was a blameless person? He was even afraid to draw near to someone carrying a cross because he was about to be crucified: “This is a man who is damned, an infidel, he deserves the cross.” But when he saw Jesus, when he tasted that Blood, when he saw that look, when he went towards that love, he felt: everything entered him – it changed his life.

He carried the cross of Christ with love, and this is what they expect from us.

They need a look, so let’s give them a look of love; love them as they are: with an unconditional love. But let’s not love the sin, let’s give it to God, he carried it and he brought it unto death.

So, we must love, we must pray, give and give, never stop giving; this is the path God is asking of us today – tomorrow is tomorrow.

You will remember, you will remember the Life of Jesus: ask yourselves before opening your mouth, before making a decision: “What would Jesus answer at this very moment?” You will see that you won't be able to let out what you would have liked to say.

Jesus is gentle and humble of Heart; he doesn’t come to slap us on the head; he comes to put balms of love in our heart so that our heart of stone can change into a heart of flesh.

Well, he wants us to do the same thing every day: “You, Jesus you live, I live in you, so it’s you who is doing the work, it’s you who is with my professor… with my professor: show me.”

And you will see! Someone will come close to you, he will insult you and it won't affect you; why? Because it will be Jesus who will take all the insults and not you.

Jesus has taken them all.

Oh! You say, “Oh, come on! I'm going to leave everything to Jesus and I won't have anything!” Oh! Leave it, let Jesus go ahead, he’ll give you some of it – he’ll give you what you are able to accept and not more.

He will always see to it that we’re at peace, and then, the more we’re at peace, the more we’ll endure, love.

We’ll take upon our own shoulders the illnesses of others, the suffering of others; this will be a joy to us. How will this be done? That’s God's business because everybody’s different.

The language of God is a language that nourishes, that makes one strong – this is God's language.

Do you know what Jesus says when I am before a priest? “Look at my light, listen to my light, it nourishes you.” When we approach a priest, we’re approaching a light.

We must listen because every word said by a priest heals us: were you aware that we are healing?

When we approach a priest and he talks to us, I'm not speaking about his human will, I'm speaking of priests here, we receive, and we leave with fewer wounds.

And so, we must not exhaust our priests because we don’t have many of them and we must be careful; but let’s not miss out on a good occasion for the Good Lord to give to us when he enables us to approach his light.

And now, there are some who have quite a way to go – three hours – there are others, as well; so, we will leave with this faith in us.

We’re bubbling over with love and this won't stop; you will see that in the coming days this will bring you much.

It’s up to you to nourish yourselves with God's power because the yes belongs to you; this, this is what belongs to us: a yes.

There's also that famous no that’s there inside us; so, let’s give that one to Jesus, let’s leave it to him and if it comes back, let’s continue giving it to him because, believe me, your thoughts, they’ll let themselves go: “Oh, it’s true… oh, what if it wasn’t true!? Okay, yes, look at that… okay, maybe, but no! Well, oh it could be… Ah, if it were for today… but what if it isn't true!” You see, every time those thoughts show up: I give them.

They are no’s, hesitant no’s; give: “No, Lord, this is yours, I'm offering it.” Then say, “I give to you, Lord, I don’t want any of this, don’t leave me alone, come fulfil me, give me your hand.” Now, these are means of support.

So, for the last time, one last time before leaving, let’s give a song of love to the one who gave us her Son, the one who placed a fiat in all the hearts of God's children: Mary's fiat that was born within us. ♪♪♪