Gathering of Love with God's Action in Stanstead, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus: I am with each one of you, God is in your presence; you live in me, I Am.

It is with my power that she hears these words for you.

I gave myself to you through the consecrated hands of my chosen son, you received me in the Holy Eucharist.

I am the Presence and you, my children, you are the presence in me.

I am the one who carries you, I am the one who makes you me through me, for I am the Word.

I accomplish my Father's Will.

If you are alive it is because I, I am the Life.

All those who come to die in me have life: through me, you are.

Oh! My beloved, this is a time which reveals to you that you are in my Presence.

I know that you have always been aware that I, your Jesus, I am in the Holy Eucharist, but how many children, at this very moment, do not know that I am in them!

You who are my chosen ones, you who are the children of the Light, you carry your brothers and your sisters; this is why I make myself heard to you, so that each of you may carry my children, may carry your brothers, your sisters.

Those graces which you received through the Presence are also for your brothers and your sisters;

I go through you, you are my members, I am the Church.

Oh! Children of love, I am asking you to give yourselves.

Many among you devote your lives to your brothers and to your sisters.

I know your daily habits, I am the one who nourishes them with my Life, I am the one who gives you the strength to go forward in a world that has lost faith.

Oh! Children of love, persevere while keeping your faith alive within you; persevere while going forward beside your brothers and your sisters who have lost faith; persevere despite all the objections placed before you because of human will.

Many children have words of encouragement within them, but those words, my children, are sometimes thorny, for they want to inform you of their opinion through what they know.

I, I am The Love, I, I am the Truth, I, I am the Light, I do not want to mislead you

for I am the Presence.

When you live your life in the moment, ‘in the present’, you are with me; I pour within you graces of peace, graces of love. When a child talks to you to give you advice, when a child talks to you to tell you that this attitude or that attitude is perhaps not the best one, my children, these children are thinking of what will happen in the future, they are using their human will: only God can know the future.

I am asking you to give me those children.

It is up to you to keep your peace, to remain in me, in the Presence, in the very moment which you are living: that is where the graces are, that is where life is.

I am speaking to you of the Presence, of your presence within you, in me, I who am in my Father.

A world of love is opening up to you.

You are in the process of living this world; you are in the process of living with this world for I, I carry all children.

I cleansed all actions, I cleansed all thoughts, I cleansed all words.

When you are in my Presence, you are; the words you may hear are of no importance, my children, if you are in me because I cleansed them, because you are in me: you are in the purification!

You see, you are living a time of love, a time of graces!

You carry within you the very presence of God with the awareness of what I place within you.

What you are able to understand: so be it, and what you are not able to understand: give it to me, for I, I have already cleansed what is impossible for you to know, what is impossible for you to analyze, what is impossible for you to understand.

Only I carry justice within me, you carry your yes to The Love within you:

your consent to give me your life, to give me the lives of all those who are around

you, to give me the lives of all those you carry within you.

Little children of love, at this moment God himself is within you speaking to you.

The voice you hear externally is a movement created by human will within my Divine Will.

I am the one who causes this child to speak, I am the one who dictates these words to her.

She could not do this on her own; she had to give me her yes, her yes to abandon herself to my Will, to die to her human will.

Oh! Children of love, many children hear words, many children see things, but if those words do not bear my Will, this cannot bring you graces; if what you see is not God's Will, this cannot help you go forward in love, in love for yourselves, in love for your neighbour. I love you, my beloved.

All is in God, every movement belongs to God.

When God is in the presence of a movement that you, you have created for yourselves, if you give it to me, this movement will bear graces like this movement which you have just heard.

Men have made their will known by their desire to create movements of evolution within the world; I, my beloved, I say to you, give me everything, for everything comes from me and everything must return to my Father.

I am the Light, I come to shed light upon this world.

Soon, the children of this world will see the very power of God presented to them.

A light will pierce the vault of your sky, it will appear to your eyes: it will show you the power of The Love and all those who will be in me will recognize God's love for them and God's love for all children of earth.

This movement of love will be my Father's Will.

When this will happen, you will remain in me, in love, in God's love: you will know peace, joy.

Such as I have revealed it to you, so it shall be accomplished when my Father wills it.

I am warning you, my children, that this time is for you.

It proclaims my coming in hearts.

My holy Vicar speaks to you about love, my holy Vicar speaks to you about peace.

I want to gather all my children in my Heart, in my Sacred Heart, so that you might all be one with The Love.

Only God can bring about this movement.

There is no greater love than mine, there is no greater movement of love than mine.

I gave myself up to my Father in order to take you within me and to present you to my Father.

This is what I am coming to do within each of you: I am coming to take you within me so you can be one with me, united with your brothers and your sisters, and when this movement will be within me with all the yeses, I will present this movement of love to my Father.

As I present myself to my Father when the priest offers my Body and my Blood: I take you in me, I take you with what you are, with all your sins, I take you with what you offer me: your life, and I present you to my Father, and because you, the children of the Light, agree to give yourselves to me, I also take all the children you carry within yourselves, and who have not said their yes, and who have not given me their yes.

My children, I go through you.

But the time of love is coming when I, Jesus, I will ask all children if they want me, if they want The Love, if they want to give me their yes so that I can unite them with their consent.

Oh! Loves of my life, you are hearing The Love say to you:

            It is to you that I speak, to you in particular, you who gave me your yes.

            You are love because it is I who willed it, you could not have been love of your own accord.

            You could not have been so, you are too little, you are too fragile, only I was able to produce this movement within you.

            Let me cover you with my tenderness, my gentleness.

            I want to tell you how much I love you, to which extent I am your servant.

Yes, I am yours, I am within you.

As I came on earth to serve, I am in you to serve.

I want to make you happy.

Because you are a child of God, I want to turn you into what you really are.

My Father gave me to you so that I could turn you into a child of love, into a child of the Divine Will.

I want to do everything for you, I want to take your life and live it.

I want your human will.

Give it to me with your yes, I want to turn you into a child of love.

Every day, I want your yes.

            It is every day that I want to give you the bread of life, a bread that nourishes you, that transforms you, that turns you into me.

            When you agree to give me your yes:

                        you agree to die in me,

                        you are no longer within yourself, you are in me,

                        you give up your human will, and I, I give you my Life, I give you my Life which is divine,

                        then you come to live in my Divine Will,

                        and I, it is with love that I do everything for you;

                        I take every movement of your life and I cover it with my movement of life.

Do you see how important you are to me? I love you.

Beloved of my life, you have just heard words of love that are sources of graces.

I want to nourish you with my Word.

My Word is living, my Word is the Gospel. It is, was and shall be your nourishment.

I give you the Presence at every moment so you can give me your life and the lives of your brothers and of your sisters.

If you could only see your interior when you say yes, what joy you would feel, my children!

But I, my children, I hold you in your humility.

Humility is a grace, it reveals your place by my Father's side.

You must remain little, very little, like a child.

Do not grow and do not ask God to make you grow.

Leave it up to God to decide regarding you life, regarding the manner in which you must think, the manner in which you must speak as well: leave everything up to God.

Be witnesses of my Presence within yourselves to your brothers and to your sisters while remaining silent with your human will, and speak through my Divine Will; I am the one who wishes to do everything on your behalf.

When you die in me, you discover the true worth of your life in me.

This is your daily place.

I love you, my beloved.

I give you graces of peace, graces of love, graces of abandonment, of faithfulness, my children.

Be pious through your words in me, through your glances, through your movements.

My Mother received an abundance of graces from us, the Trinity.

When you pray she pours graces of piety into you.

She is full of grace, my Mother!

O beloved, I bless you through the consecrated hands of my priests.

Receive graces of love, my children of love.



Blessing from the priest: May God almighty bless you, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


All: Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: He gave each of us gifts of love and these gifts of love: we must make them bear fruit, but not through ourselves.

If we rely on ourselves to make these gifts of love bear fruit: we won’t be able to savour them because we’ll only have our human will before us.

God asks for abandonment in him in order to savour these gifts of love that he has given us.

When we give everything to Jesus, when we learn to die in Jesus: we learn to discover who we are, we learn to discover our place on earth.

Very often we live with brothers and with sisters but we don’t really know where our true place is: we feel shy, we feel uncomfortable; in all this : sometimes, we develop anger within ourselves, sometimes we develop pride within ourselves, sometimes there are movements within us that we don’t want to carry out, and yet, we do this involuntarily.

This is because we have relied too heavily on our human will for too many years.

God watches us, he loves us just as we are, he accepts us just as we are.

But he's in the process of making us discover something wonderful: abandonment, or complete abandonment, to no longer rely on our human will but only on Divine Will, only on God's Will.

To live one’s life every second without thinking about what will happen in five minutes, this is what he wants us to live.

He wants us to live our life in Jesus.

Saint Paul told us this in the Bible, “to die in Christ”; so, Jesus is going to teach us how.

He's teaching us how to die in Jesus.

In Christ: this is to not live with our human will, this is to give it to him at every moment.

Ah! It’s not easy to give our human will every minute but we have a guardian angel, we have to use him.

We have to say to our guardian angel: “Present my life to Jesus, give him my life at every second” and our guardian angel does it for he's at our service as well.

He's there to give glory to God, adore God, serve God.

To serve God it is necessary to present something to God too, so he presents us.

He has to take us, but our guardian angel also respects our human will.

If we don’t ask him, well, he’ll wait! He's patient too!

He’ll wait for us to give our life, our human life.

When we give it to him, he doesn’t forget it: us, we forget.

When we say to our guardian angel, “It’s at every fraction of every second that I want you to present my life to Jesus,” he will never forget this! Every fraction of every second… do you think he’s going to stop in one hour? Of course not! So it’s a contract for life that we’re asking him for.

And if we listen to Jesus carefully deep down inside ourselves, we discover that he wants us to also present our brothers and our sisters, because he said that there is no greater love than to give one’s life for those we love: so, we must also ask our guardian angel to offer the lives of all our brothers and our sisters at every fraction of every second.

This is a gift of love.

You see, we’re not capable of thinking like this.

There's only God who can make us discover the true value of our life: life in Christ, life in Jesus, and this is how he nourishes us and he gives to us.

When we give our life, he never stops, at every fraction of every second, giving us graces and also for our brothers and our sisters: we don’t realize this.

We don’t realize that he's changing us; how do you expect to realize that he's changing the lives of our brothers and our sisters? It’s impossible! And so, we have to accept to live our life in Jesus, with a total yes, with abandonment, without trying to understand what he expects from us but by giving to him with confidence, with love, and even then, he's the one who is doing everything; he even does this part.

What he needs from us is our yes, and the rest, he takes care of it.

He takes care of fulfilling us, of covering us with his love, his gentleness, he is the Way.

We only have to give a yes: he puts our feet in his feet, he even puts our words in his words, our glances in his glances.

He does everything for us: he came to serve us, he came to take our life and make it his.

But he respects who we are; he wants us to do this with his yes:

our yes in his yes.

When, in the beginning, I began giving my yes to Jesus, I did it unconsciously, I didn’t know I was doing it.

When we’re young, we give our yes to Jesus, we are very little.

When we say to mom: “Yes, mom!” because our mom has asked us to do the dishes or to go and get something; when we do something for our dad, we’re giving a yes, but it’s still the yes of a child! We’re giving it to Jesus because he’s in our mother and in our father: he's there and so we say a yes, but a yes that we don’t understand, it’s the yes of a child.

That yes of a child is there to make someone happy, it’s there to render service.

It’s a yes that is much purer than ours because it is formed with love, it is formed without self-interest: it doesn’t expect a healing, it doesn’t expect a favour.

A child doesn’t expect this, he just gives his yes.

And so, slowly, he makes us go forward, and when a teenager says a yes, you know, this is a yes of suffering because: he wants to live his yes, he doesn’t want mom or dad to live it for him. And so when he agrees to say yes to dad and then to mom, during adolescence, then he begins to step on his will, to crush his human will.

He doesn’t really want to give his yes but he does it once again out of love, but it’s not always with a happy heart: sometimes, it’s a yes that is much more forced, that is beginning to suffer because of human will.

That yes already knows suffering.

And when you’re 30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old, 60, 80, 90 or more, then it becomes the yes of an adult: a yes that carries self-interest.

Did you know that there are people who say yes and when they’re faced with an illness or when they’re faced with unemployment: their yes is tortured by vanity, it’s tortured by anger, it’s tortured by financial concerns:

this isn’t the yes of a child, this becomes a human yes.

This is much harder! This is what we’re living! This hasn’t brought us very, very far! Every day: we’re so exhausted that we’ve reached the point where we’re always thinking about the future, we’re not even able to live our lives in the present moment because we don’t have confidence: we have lost trust in God, we have more confidence in ourselves, in our will, than in God; this becomes so heavy for us that we lose our faith: we no longer believe in happiness, we no longer believe in gentleness, we no longer believe in tenderness, we no longer believe in our neighbour, and God, he sees where we are because of our adult yes, our human yes, and he's patient, he waits.

But the time has come when God's patience will make itself known! It’s as if it has now reached a point where we, we have to discover our place in Jesus.

We’re in the process of becoming lost, we’re having trouble going forward, we’ve reached the point of judging our neighbour for any old reason, at the slightest word, a look that isn’t to our liking: we judge.

It’s incredible: we’re judgemental all the time! We’re bad role models!

The little children watch us, they need models of love.

Did you think that they might be disappointed? And, unconsciously, they’re aging.

Yes, the innocence of children is beginning to change because of us.

Did you know that in our schools we no longer fulfill the needs of the child?

We’re trying to make them grow up according to society.

We’re the ones who have to think about what is good for them! We no longer think with our hearts but with our heads and our children suffer.

They’re our little darlings!

They need tenderness and gentleness, just as we,

we need tenderness and gentleness from God.

God wants to fulfill us but we don’t really know how to receive this.

This is why we’re going our separate ways, choosing individual paths:

everyone for himself, only for himself, not thinking about our brothers and our sisters.

God wants to make us understand what we’re doing to our own lives and to the lives of our brothers and our sisters.

He speaks in our hearts, he makes his Will known to us.

He uses very little instruments! But God is so patient that he takes people who don’t know anything, and he instructs them slowly.

But when Jesus teaches, there are so many graces accompanying the lessons that they go much faster than when it’s humans who teach. It’s faster!

He's in the process of changing the hearts of children.

He's using each one of us at this moment: he's placing graces of love in our brothers and in our sisters who don’t pray, who don’t go to mass, even those who speak against their neighbour, who are violent.

Jesus loves them, Jesus gives them graces by going through the children of the Light, through us.

He can carry out these movements of love; us, we’re not capable of doing this, but he's capable of it.

We open our hearts so he can fill us with love for them.

Yes, the people who are here, the people who can't get out, are filled with God's love.

God takes those people and makes them active for those who are outside and who think they’re very capable.

Who are the most active ones? It’s the ones who are in God.

It’s not those who are chasing after an external happiness, it’s not those who search in material things, in trivial pleasures; no, it’s the people who agree to pray in Jesus.

These are the people who are active in the world we live in today.

This is an era of love, this is an era of graces that we’re living in.

How long has our Holy Father been travelling, my father?


Abbott: Twenty-five years, one generation.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Twenty-five years, one generation! God doesn’t need any more than this to change the world.

Our Holy Father has been, for us, the witness of the movement of Jesus’ love in hearts.

He planted in each of us a seed of hope in the coming of Christ in hearts.

He came to speak to us about love.

He is the very love of Jesus on earth.

We can see it, we can feel it; when we look at our Holy Father, the Pope, it radiates from him! What we see in him isn’t the person whose back is bent, it’s not the person who is sick: we see the presence of Jesus among us that comes to speak to us, that comes to show us that Jesus is active, that Jesus wants us no matter the cost. It doesn’t matter which religion, he comes to talk to us; it doesn’t matter whether there’s war or peace, he comes to talk to us; it doesn’t matter whether he’s with people of all ages or with the young, he comes to talk to us.

Our Holy Father is God's man on earth; to us, he’s the token of the presence of God's love on earth:

he’s in Jesus, he’s the chosen one, and us, we accompany him.

When we walk around with our rosary beads, with the cross: we bear witness to Jesus’ presence; we testify that we want to do what our Holy Father, the Pope, wants us to do: to be witnesses for those who are watching us.

He is love! Love is contagious!

We love our Holy Father and you know, many people who aren’t Roman Catholic love our Holy Father.

Do you know why? Because our Holy Father loves them: he teaches us to love every race, every nation, every language.

We are one people: God's people. We are all God's children:

we are all brothers, we are all sisters: we are ageless.

If he allows us to talk like this, if he allows the Holy Spirit to make us aware of his words, it’s because he's preparing us for something that is very beautiful! That something, it isn’t up to us to know; that something, it’s not up to us to analyze it because it doesn’t concern us as humans, but as children of God, it does: we have to say yes every day and through our guardian angel, at every fraction of every second.

This is what he wants, this is what he expects from us.

He’s talking to us because he's preparing us.

A time is coming, after this one, a time of love when there will be many choices to make: renunciations, we won’t be able to live while ignoring the needs of our brothers and our sisters.

You know that there is much suffering in the world, there are many requests; us, through our human will, we’re not able to do anything but God can, and when he will ask us for something: we will have to say yes.

We don’t know what he will ask us but we have to get ready to answer yes: “Yes, I want to.”

the first yes after the Father, and we also know that the Holy Spirit, in the Father and in Jesus: he said his yes before Mary, and she received it in order to receive that movement of love from the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit certainly had to say yes, and Mary was the first on earth to say her yes.

There have been others before us!

Now we, we have to utter yeses following those yeses.

Others will come after ours, we have to support them.

It won’t be easy for them, it will be very difficult.

Us, we have been learning for some time to abandon ourselves, but for them: this is going to be more difficult.

A time is coming when the sign will reveal itself.

He said to me, during Communion, when my eyes were shut, he said, “My child, a sign of love will pierce the vault: a light.

You shall see this sign, it will be the token of my promise to you: ‘I AM.’” There you have it, this is what he said at Communion.

I don’t know what that sign is but it’s not up to me to analyze this, this isn’t what he asked me earlier.

I just simply saw something, and that’s all!

“Okay, Lord.” That’s all!

We have to say yes and we must welcome it.

Whatever happens tomorrow or after tomorrow, we keep ourselves in God's love, enveloped in his tenderness, in his gentleness, and that’s all he’s asking of us! This is why he brings about gatherings of love, this is why he makes us hear the words of the Holy Spirit for each one of us, for every person we carry within us.

There are movements of love that are happening and that we must welcome.

The apostles welcomed these movements of love; they didn’t try to analyze them, they didn’t even understand them: they welcomed them.

It was only when the Holy Spirit came down upon them that they began to understand all this: they went out to testify, they went out to evangelize. Us, what he's asking us at this very moment is to welcome.

He teaches us and this is fine! We’re doing what he has already done.

There's nothing new in God's movements of love.

It isn’t repetition, it’s simply what he did with his apostles; he's still doing it and he will go on doing it because Jesus is a movement of love.

Jesus is The Love that never ends, he's eternal, and now, for us, we’re living in the present: we’re living in this movement, and what will happen tomorrow, it’s in Jesus that we’re going to live it, and we must welcome it, we have to do it, we have to keep our peace and not worry over what is to come.


Jesus: It is not good for you to analyze words, this leads you to worrying.

If you begin to analyze these troubling words, you will let your human will gain the upper hand and you, you will not welcome my graces which prepare you for my coming within you, within hearts.

Do not try to know what tomorrow shall be, but utter your consent.

God does not force, God is a free God.

He allowed Adam and Eve their freedom, and you, my children, you must also live your lives in freedom.

This freedom, leave it to God.

God is the only movement that makes one go forward.

If a child analyzes words that seem troubling, it is because he has entered into his human will.

He is not in the movement of life, in the movement of freedom:

he turns himself into a prisoner because of his human will.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: All is in God's movement: we must remain free.

God is the only one who is free, there are no others.

Because of our human will we have often said these words: “I want to be free, I want to live my freedom.”

These words were not living words.

It is only by going to die in Jesus that we will taste freedom because God the Father is a free God:

and so, we must die in Jesus in order to taste this freedom.

We have much to learn.

This is only the beginning and it is at every moment that we will learn, at every moment of love.

He will make us see beautiful things, he will make us feel movements we cannot even imagine.

Some of us, here, are living wonderful things because we have uttered the yes of a child, without forcing, without analyzing.

He enables us to see them, he enables us to understand them, and those who don’t see them and those who don’t hear them, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening for you:

it is the soul that sees everything, that hears everything.

Observe your movements: you could not carry out these movements if you were not living something wonderful.

It’s the wonder of wonders that is happening within us, and we’re in the process of realizing this.

We have known for a long time that Jesus is our Saviour, our Redeemer.

This, most of those who are baptized know this but what ignorance! We’ve heard the sermons of our good priests, but we used too much of our human will in trying to understand, in trying to analyze: we wanted to so much that sometimes, not just sometimes but most of the time, we would leave there and we had understood nothing.

Yes, we apologize for this a lot, we ask for forgiveness for all this.

You know, we have many apologies to make to our priests.

Ah! My God! We’re going to develop calluses on our knees because you know, it’s true that a priest represents Christ.

They are like the multiplication of our Holy Father, the Pope, on earth.

When he, Jesus, said, “I will multiply,” he didn’t only multiply the bread, he multiplied our Holy Father into little loaves of bread, and it’s up to us to listen, it’s up to us to savour all these delights, but we didn’t do it.

He will teach us, slowly, to ask for forgiveness.

This, this too will be a renunciation of our pride, of our knowledge, of our independence.

We’re going to learn to become tiny little children, little Myriams and Lisas, tiny little girls, tiny little boys.

We’ll become children who are ready to learn at every moment.

As long as we are not in full transformation, that is to say as long as we are not children of the Divine Will, we will go on learning.

We will experience beautiful things soon we who call ourselves knowledgeable with everything we have learned!

We have libraries in every city.

They fill up walls and more walls, and yet, we’re so ignorant! We have stuffed our brains with empty words.

It’s time for us to let our heart be filled with words of love.

These words of love will be eternal for us, not only for one lifespan on earth and then we no longer use them: these will be words of love.

We are living sublime moments, beautiful lessons of love.

You know, when Jesus makes us live in the present: we don’t know who we’ll meet, we don’t know what we’re going to say during the day: this is what makes this moment so wonderful!

Did you know that whatever happens is always new?

We’re learning, and this is always wonderful! At every moment, we don’t know what is going to happen!

How tiresome it is, you know, to get up in the morning and to analyze our day.

What are we going to do? Even before getting up, we think of all we’re going to do and if it doesn’t happen, we’re disappointed, or if we didn’t have time to do what we wanted, we’re disappointed again: so we’re always disappointed.

We will have to let go, we will have to live minute by minute if we don’t want to get ulcers! Good health will depend on us.

Jesus is in the process of making us discover the true worth of our life.

If he wants our interior to be in God's love, it’s that he wants our entire body to be healthy.

It goes hand in hand: if he takes care of our soul, he will take care of our body.

How many ask for the healing of the body before the healing of the soul? It’s as if they wanted to put the cart before the horse – this is really a Quebec expression, eh? – but this is what we’ve always done.

We will have to return to our place, behind the horse.

The cart, that’s us, and the horse, well, that's our requests; you know, horses are beasts that work, they’re beasts of burden: and so we, we have to lead our requests in the right direction.

God said to us: “Ask and you shall receive,” and us, we said, “help yourself and Heaven will help you.”

We will have to learn to stay in our place, behind the horse, and to let by the useful requests that will make us go forward.

If we ask for something for our body, we will have trouble going forward.

Why? Because there will be nothing before us that will help us.

If we’re at the back and we let necessity go before us: the requests for our soul,

well, then we will be able to go forward more easily.

If our soul receives graces of strength, graces that will enable us to see God's light, well, it will be easier to go forward throughout the day: we will let our soul go before us and our self remains behind, we will have less trouble going forward, and our body, it will be less tired.

We will have better health in the long run.

Our body will regain its health.

Too often we have wanted to place our physical requests before our spiritual requests.

And yet, he told us this! How many saints have told us this? We were too deaf! Oh, yes! We had not asked our soul to be attentive and so our body wanted to listen to itself.

Our human will has destroyed our body.

God wants us to leave all the room for the soul, and it is our soul that will give to us, will nourish us.

Our soul has to come first, it’s the most important, it isn’t our body.

God is the Patience.

Us, we have to be patient too.

Our soul will nourish itself with graces and we’ll have to be patient to see the results we’ll obtain physically.

This will require patience.

Well, Jesus will take as much time as is necessary because he, he knows our needs, he knows all our interior and our exterior; he knows, through his divine vision, what will happen in one week, one month, one year, ten years, he knows this, and it’s because of this that it will be necessary to leave everything to him.

It will take as much time as necessary, we have to trust in him, we have to abandon ourselves.

All these beautiful days we are having at present when there are gatherings of love, this is a step that we’re taking: at this very moment, we’re allowing our soul to nourish itself. It’s not our body that is receiving at this moment, it’s our soul.

For that matter, we can feel it: we have a thirst to hear God speaking to us, we have a thirst to know the Will of God and not our will.

You don’t want to know, you, what I am and what I do, you want to know what I'm going to say: the words I'm going to pronounce.

But those words don’t come from me, they come from the Holy Spirit.

I don’t know what I'm going to say, it doesn’t matter!

The Holy Spirit, he, he nourishes you and this is what you want to hear: God's nourishment.

Many of our brothers and our sisters aren’t ready yet to hear what you’re hearing: a person like them, talking, who says she's in Jesus! No! They’re not ready for this yet! This is why he gathers groups together and why he chooses you so that we, together, in Jesus, can help them accept this movement of love that he's enabling us to experience.

These are words that lead us to love each another.

There are other people, you know, who are like me, who are like you, and who want to hear God.

This is spreading everywhere.

We chase after pilgrimages so we can see God's action because we discovered something we could not have imagined.

And can you imagine? This very day Mother Mary is using rocks to talk to you.

When a statue oozes, it’s a stone made of plaster and it oozes: it’s speaking! When images start to ooze, they’re like stones, there's no life there!

And yet, we see it, we feel it.

Do you remember when Jesus said to the people of the town who were asking him to quiet the children who were shouting “Hosanna”, it was at the entrance to Jerusalem, he said that if they stopped themselves from shouting, the stones would cry out:

well, the children aren’t shouting enough! He's forced to use stones!

Today, we chase after God's action in the same way, everywhere, to see what God does for us.

He wants to make us go forward with him to lead us to the entrance to his New Earth.

When he walked with his apostles, Jesus went from town to town to speak, teach, announce the good news.

Well, what is he doing at this very moment? From town to town, he's making his Word known, he's making his teachings that he gave known.

He's making known the announcement of his coming in hearts.

It’s the same movement that is being reproduced, and we’ll enter with Jesus in his New Earth, in hearts, and then, he will no longer need stones because we’re the ones who will shout: “Hosanna in the highest.”

This is what we’re going to shout out as well: we’ll shout it out in our hearts.

We won’t be able to hold back, for when we’ll see Jesus Glorified: we will glorify him, we will thirst to cry out, we as well, to The Love.

Do you see that everything is a continuous movement?

We will be blessed.

From generation to generation, God has brought his blessings down upon us so as to lead us to God's Kingdom.

Today we heard about Isaac who brought God's blessing down to his son.

He, Isaac, had chosen Esau, God had chosen Jacob.

God wants to choose all his children, he doesn’t only want the descendants of David, he wants all the children of the entire world for we are all God's chosen ones.

But, among us, there will also be children who will say no to God's love.

When this happens, this movement of love will also be in us because we will carry all the children of earth: a cry of pain will also make itself heard.

This cry will be uttered by the children who are going to say no.

You know, when Esau found out that his brother had received the blessing, he cried out in pain.

But a time of love is coming for us when we’ll no longer hear the cry of pain of those who will have said no for it will be impossible for us since we will live in the Divine Will where evil will no longer exist.

It is evil that will cry out, it won’t be the children of God.

Understand what the Holy Spirit wants to make us understand.

Any child who will be in God's very presence will discover the greatness of God's power through good, and any child who says no to God will no longer be in God's presence: he will be with evil.

Good will be withdrawn from him completely, he will not be a child of God for he will have refused to acknowledge himself in the good that was his inheritance.

God's inheritance is for each one of us, for all children.

When the prodigal son wanted to live his life far from the Father, he came to know pain and when he came back to the Father, he was filled with joy.

He was enveloped in the Father's tenderness, he no longer thought about what he had experienced for this no longer belonged to him, it was in the past.

It will be the same thing for every one of us.

Our brothers and our sisters who are going to say no will be of the past, we won’t remember them anymore:

such is the Will of God.


I speak in hearts to let you know that within each of you, you carry children who will say no.

I beg you, my children, to carry them to the last fraction of a second

for such is my Father's Will.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit:

I love you. Let us be love and let us all remain united in the Heart of Jesus.

Thank you, Lord.