Gathering of Love with God's Action in Saint Antoine de Tilly, Quebec,

Through his Intrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus: I am in each of you, it is The Love who speaks in this instrument. I am the beloved Son of the Father, I am the Action, I am the Life.

Life, my children, it is within you, it is in this instrument of love.

I come to speak in your hearts, I come to tell you how much my Father loves you.

I want to surround you with my love.

Children of love, let yourselves be swept up by my movement, let yourselves be enveloped by God's power.

It is not, my children, because you live in the year 2003 that I, Jesus, do not act within you.

I live within you, I am the Life, I am your life, and you, you live because I, I create the movement within you.

You are in God's very presence.

You have received the Life within you. Through the very presence of my priest, through his consecrated hands, I gave myself to you.

I offered myself to you so that you, you could be in the very presence of love: the love that nourishes, the love that gives life, the love that ensures that you are, at this very moment, in the very presence of the Life within you.

If you are seated at this time, it is because I am creating this movement.

I am the one who is keeping you alive, my children, it is not you; this does not come from you, this comes from the Life.

It is the life you carry within you and that I hold in my hands.

You came to the front and you received the Life within yourselves.

Oh! Children of love, you could not have received my Life if I, I was not within you so you could be movement, for I am the Life.

You are alive only through my Life.

At this very moment, my children, there is a movement of love taking place within you; it is the Light that is revealing itself, that is allowing itself to be taken up by the very movement of what I am agreeing to give you: the Life within you.

I am the Word, the Word is living: the Word has always been.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am in all things and you, my children, you are in the very presence of all that is, was and shall be.

You pray, my children, because I nourish your life, and it is the love within you that leads you to pray because you thirst for me; you thirst for love, you thirst for the discovery of your true selves.

You are children of God and it is because you are children of God that you have this thirst for the knowledge of the true worth of the life within you.

This world, my children, has shown you its own version of the world, an external world through these objects that surround you, through these colours that glow. This world has brought you comfort, this world has shown you sounds, has shown you images.

This world is in motion because I have consented to let it live, to let it live in its human will.

The time is coming when I, I want you to make you discover the true life within yourselves: the one that will be eternal.

Oh! Children of love, I want you to take this movement of love from within yourselves and present it to me because your life belongs to me.

I want your lives, my children.

I want you to come and die in me in order to have eternal life.

I, I am the Life. I am the Way that will lead you to my Father's Kingdom.

I am the Truth for I am the Light.

There can be no truth if there is no light, and I am the Light which comes to shine during your times, in your time of darkness, for when man said yes to his human will: darkness enveloped him.

You carry a yes within you which was uttered by Adam, and that yes led to a death within you.

You have carried this death within yourselves, my children, since Adam and Eve, for you carry within you all the children that I carry, for I am the Life, I am within you and you, you are in my Life.

You carry your human will, the one that makes you suffer, the one that prevents you from seeing yourselves as you really are: children of God, children of the Light.

Oh! My children of love, if at this very moment you hear the very voice of God through this instrument of love, it is because I will it so.

Through the Will of The Love, you shall hear the Word.

This instrument is not the Word, she is but a child who has answered yes.

Just as you, in this moment, who are hearing, it is because you have agreed to come today, it is because you have agreed to remain seated to listen to the voice that speaks through this instrument who has given her human will.

You have read, my children, that God speaks in hearts.

You have listened to children who speak in the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is in me and I am in the Holy Spirit.

We, the Life, we are God; you, you are God's children.

You pray in order to praise God, you pray to ask God for favours, you pray to give God thanks for what you have received.

Your prayer is a conversation that comes to us, the Trinity, because we are present within you.

We know what is good for you, we sustain you throughout your life.

I, God, I, the beloved Son of the Father, I come to cry out within you to give yourselves.

I want your life, the one you are living at present, your human life.

I want to give you a life that has no end, a life that is radiant, wonderful, a life of love, without end.

I want to enable you to live in the Divine Will.

In order to live in the Divine Will you must renounce your human life to come and die in me, in Christ.

Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, my son Paul wrote God's Will.

The Will of God is the Will of God the Father. I am in the Father,

I am in the Holy Spirit, my Father is in me.

Paul gave his life, he came to die in me, renouncing who he was, renouncing all he had known, for through me he knew he had to die in order to be reborn to life.

You, children of this world, you hear the very voice of The Love, this is my Father's Will.

My Father's Will is under his own power and not under the power of men.

It is not up to man to say when God speaks and when God stops speaking.

It is for God alone to know when God will cease teaching his children.

Beloved of my Life, I gave my apostles teachings of love.

The Holy Spirit covered Paul so you could learn to behave as children of God.

I also spoke to children who bore witness to my Word.

You have these writings between your hands.

For the most part among you, you are aware of a few writings, and certain others have contemplated them more deeply as they wanted to nourish their lives.

I, God of love, in the year 2003, I speak in hearts.

She is not the only one who hears my voice.

She is under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

She is not the only one who is under the influence of the Holy Spirit, for a time of love is here.

This time of love is the beginning of my Father's kingdom on earth.

Shall I therefore not accomplish my Father's Will? “May my Father's Will be done on earth as in Heaven,” and if my Father wishes you to hear his Will: it shall be done.

How many children on earth do not want to believe that I speak in hearts? They say, my children, that I have said all there is to say.

Oh! Children of love, God's Word is immutable.

God's Word was, is and shall be.

God's Word is God's power.

Will it come to an end? Will it cease because it will have said all there is to say? Is your life going to end at this very moment? If I were to interrupt my Word, at this very instant, you would die.

This is life, my children.

I am the Life, I am the Voice, I am the Light, I am the Word, and the Word wants to make itself heard.

From age to age, my Father has spoken.

If my Father has spoken, it is because he speaks: he cannot be interrupted by your human will.

Beloved, I am not coming to create dissension in my Church, I am coming to shed light upon what has been shrouded in darkness due to human will. My Church is me, my Church is the Body of Christ: I am the Head.

My active members are my priests.

Loves of my live, do you not know that my holy Vicar was once a priest? And my Bishops, and my Cardinals: they are my active members, and you, you are my members: you are part of my Church.

I am the Life and life cannot be interrupted.

I speak because it is my Will, I am the Divine Will: this is what you are in the process of discovering.

It is I, my children, who will divinize you; it is I, my children, who will take your human will in order to transform it into my Life.

I want you to enter into me, to die in me.

I want you to renounce your human will to come and live in my Divine Will.

I want to make you taste love.

I want to make you enter my Father's kingdom, on earth, at this very moment, my children.

You are the children of the Light.

You will allow yourselves to be transformed by God.

I am placing within you, at this very moment, graces of light, graces that enable you to see your life within you, your very presence in my Presence. You have a power within you and I, my children, want to enable you to taste the very power of your life in my Life.

There is no greater happiness than to discover your happiness.

I am Happiness! I am The Love! In me: you shall no longer know hatred, you shall no longer know misery, you shall no longer know illness, shame, inferiority.

You shall be children of God who are equal, my children.

You shall see yourselves as you truly are, as children of God who love their neighbour, who do not want to change their neighbour because they love him.

Before your transformation has brought you to what I want you to be: in my image, you will have to accept your transformation, through me, by giving me your yes, by allowing my Will to do its work, and this will be done through me.

I know each one of you, I know your weaknesses, I know everything that has turned you into children full of yourselves.

Oh! Beloved of my Life, I gave myself up on the Cross for you.

I saw everything, I know all of you and it is for the sake of love that I gave myself up for you.

I do not want to turn you into children who do not know themselves, I want to make you discover the life within you: true life.

You are wonderful! You were made for love, to be loved by your neighbour:

you were made to love yourselves.

Oh! Beloved, before loving your neighbour, do you know that you must learn to love yourselves like little children? Yes, I want you to learn to discover who you are, like children.

A child who regards himself and who knows he has behaved badly will accept that his father scold him.

This is why I want you to regard yourselves like a tiny child who allows his father to pick him up.

Due to your human will, you have acquired bad habits; due to your human will, you have learned to control yourselves; due to your human will, you have learned to belittle yourselves; due to your human will, you have learned to deny yourselves the love you deserve.

This is what I want to make you discover.

You are worth more than what you know about yourselves.

I know who you are, I know your true worth because I, Jesus, I gave myself up to the Cross for your sake: I knew your worth.

Could it be that you are not worthy of my loving gesture?

Oh! Beloved, if you could only see your interior as I see you at this very moment, in my Life, in my Will, in the Divine Will!

I am the Divine Life, I see beyond what you, you can see.

Let me take you, let me turn you into children of the Divine Will.

This word, my children, “divine”, it is a divine word, it is formed from what God knows.

You know nothing of the word “divine”: its depth is infinite,

its impact is incalculable and its vision resides in our Being.

You see, my children, you know nothing! God must teach you everything.

You must abandon yourselves, you must pronounce your yes and let God do everything.

This, my children, is the beginning of a kingdom of love, the beginning of my Father's kingdom on earth.

You will become children of the Divine Will.

You will become children of God, children of light for your brothers and your sisters whom you carry within you.

At this very moment, my children, you are allowing God to nourish you with his graces and you are allowing God to nourish those you carry within you and who are not aware that they are God's children, that they are children of the Light.

The time of the Great Evangelisation is coming.

You have already begun allowing God to cleanse you: you have already begun the Great Evangelisation.

My words shall be within you.

No words will emerge from your human will for my Father's will is accomplished through the Divine Will, not through human will.

Adam and Eve interrupted the Divine Will by saying yes to their human will.

This is why, my children, you have lived in your human will; this is why, my children, your parents, your grandparents, your great-grandparents, your great-great-grandparents, and so on, lived in their human will.

I, Jesus, I came on earth to take within me all that your human will has done in order to offer it to my Father; I shed my Precious Blood

over you in order to cleanse you.

It is up to you now to give your consent at every moment thus allowing yourselves to be taken up by the movement of my movement, my yes.

I want to envelop your yes, which is a renunciation of your human will.

My yes will envelop you, will envelop your yes and when all the yeses will have been pronounced, my children, it will envelop the movement that Adam and Eve made and that was a no to the Divine Will. It is my yes that will envelop this offence. It is not only your yes, for your yes will have to come and die in my yes.

Behold, my children, a time is being presented to you.

It is The Love who is speaking to you, and it is love, my children, that will conquer all that which is not love and which has been in this world due to human will.

Beloved, beloved, I love you. Receive from my chosen one, my priest, through his loving hands, his consecrated hands, graces that will help you

pronounce a yes of abandonment. Amen, my children.



Blessing from Father Réginald Tardif: 

May the blessing of the Lord, he who is God, Father of Jesus, may the blessing of his Son Jesus, our Saviour, may the blessing of the Spirit of Light come down abundantly over us all, and may he,

 the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, lead us in his peace and in his light.

All: Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God wants me to speak in the Holy Spirit.

There are no human words that bear graces and so God wants to take up all the room.

He wants us to become aware that we must abandon ourselves to his Will.

He is, at this very moment, in the process of transforming hearts.

Most of you have heard about the New Earth, most of you have read books announcing a reign of love; even our Holy Father, the Pope, says “civilization of love”: we’re living those moments of love.

My life was turned upside down. Before 1999 I had never heard about the New Earth, I hadn’t heard that Mother was appearing, except at Lourdes and at Fatima.

To me, this was new! I welcomed this as something that was wonderful! But I didn’t know what effect this was going to have in my life and today I realize that I can no longer live as I used to live because when you know God's very presence inside you, you can't go back.

I hear God speaking, I hear the Trinity inside me, I hear Mary inside me.

What do you want me to say to you? I can't give up what I'm living.

I can't say that it isn’t true just to please some people who don’t believe in it.

I would be lying.

With all these gatherings of love that I attend, I discovered that God was making me go forward.

I discovered the Father's gentleness because when I present myself, it’s the Father who opens his hand and who lets me enter into his hand like a tiny child, and I see his hand that covers me, I see a darkness that envelops me; but it’s God, it’s God the Father who is taking me under his protection.

He lets me know that my human will is no longer, that he is taking it, and this is why I can present myself like this.

I wouldn’t be able to do this on my own, but God, he knows this.

And so, with love and tenderness, slowly, the Trinity has led me to live what I’m doing at this moment.

This didn’t happen from one day to the next.

But, today, I realize that he's making me go forward, yes, into deeper waters and it is with God's love that I am able to do this.

Yesterday, I presented myself at Saint Liguori.

Jesus spoke to his children: he spoke about his Body, about the presence of his Body before our presence on earth, he spoke about the power of the Body of Jesus as a human.

When we receive Jesus in the host, we receive his Body, his Blood is also present in his Body.

When we receive the wine, it isn’t his wine, it’s his Blood that we receive: it’s the human Body of Jesus, it’s the Body in its divinity.

Jesus is God, he became Flesh, the Word became Flesh.

Do you believe that we humans we became flesh before he did? No, it was Jesus, the Son of God, and we, we are in Jesus: he nourishes us with his Presence.

All that we are today, all that we think, all that we see, all that we do, all that we feel, Jesus lived it before us.

Us, we couldn’t have lived before him; Jesus had to live all this before us in the Divine Will.

The Divine Will is the Will of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit:

it’s the Will of God. This is what he wants us to recognize: he wants to make us understand

that in order to live in God we must live in the Divine Will.

Those who read books dictated by prophets of our day, like Vassula, they know that she has to live in the Divine Will to be able to bear witness to Life in God.

Well, is this possible only for her? No, it’s for each one of us, for all the children of the whole world.

We are the chosen ones, we are God's elect, we’re going to live in the Divine Will.

A new world is opening up to us: a world of love, a world that renounces its human will to taste God's very love on earth.

If God's kingdom is on earth, this means that we will be at peace, we will know love, joy.

Can we experience this while keeping our human will within us? That’s impossible.

We have to renounce what has hurt us, what has made us unaware of God's very love within us, of our neighbour’s love, of the love we carry inside us.

Well, in order to become aware of the very love that lives inside us we can't be in our human will.

It’s obvious that we won’t be able to tear this human will from ourselves from one day to the next.

We’re not the ones who are going to do this anyway, this isn’t our work, this is the work of Crucified Jesus.

He came on earth to take all our sins, he came on earth to let himself be crucified, he came on earth to take our human will because us, we’re going to carry out God's action.

We cannot believe that our will is going to save us, this is not true!

We have to give our yes. We have to enter into Jesus, to die in Jesus.

When Saint Paul used to say, “to die in Christ,” well, this was true! But we have to get there, but how do we get there? We have tried with our human will, the theologians have studied this, they understood it with their human will.

But in this moment, Jesus is in the process of making us realize the depth of this phrase: “to die in Jesus”: to renounce our human will.



Jesus: Enter into me, let me live your life, let me take your life: by taking you, I am the one who will do everything, and not you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Since he carried our cross, our cross was in his Cross.

He is asking us to carry our cross every day and it is with his graces that we can do this.

But he wants more than this, he wants us to place our cross in his Cross, he wants us to renounce everything that made up our cross: sin.

If we have known sin, this is because of our human will.

We were not meant to know a single sin; it is due to our human will that we know evil and that evil is inside us.

Good is inside us, but evil is inside us as well because Adam and Eve wanted to know what good and evil were, they wanted to live like gods.

If they had known all this, do you think they would have said yes? No! But Satan knew this. Satan had once been an angel of light; he knew that if we were to live in our human will, we were going to live with good and evil:

we had to choose between what was good and what was evil every second of our life.

Imagine that for every fraction of every second of our life, we have to struggle with the evil wthin us, because if we let the evil take hold for even a fraction of a second, it takes up more room.

This is what we do without wanting to: without knowing.

How many times did we think of saying: “Jesus, I want to die in you, I give you my yes. Every fraction of every second, Jesus, take my life.” No, we didn’t do this because we left room for our human will.

We forgot to say that we wanted to die in Jesus.

We weren’t capable of saying to Jesus of love: “Jesus, we want to live in you, we want to die in you.”

We weren’t able to because we didn’t have this power in us due to our human will.

We had to die in Jesus to know this power that is inside us.

To give our yes, is a yes to The Love, a renunciation of our human will in order to live in his Life, in God.

To become children of the Divine Will, children of God, to be children of God is to be children of the Divine Will.

This is not being children of human will while wanting to be in God; God wants more than this.

He is so loving that he has waited for the right moment to talk to us about it.

Adam and Eve made their own way, and they regretted their sin for a hundred years.

The greatest sin was committed through the human will with Cain because when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they didn’t have their human will yet.

They faltered, they let themselves be tempted because if they had asked God the Father, “Father, what does this mean? Should I listen to what he says?” But they didn’t do this, they didn’t turn to the Father, they didn’t allow themselves to be enveloped by the Father.

Would God the Father have told them to “take care of it yourselves, make your own decision?” That’s not true! God the Father would have enveloped them in his love, they wouldn’t have given in, but they let themselves be tempted by Satan.

They had to go through a test of love: prove to me that you love me.

But then, this test of love, this didn’t meant that God was saying, “You’re on your own.” No!

When two fiancés are together, before getting married, they see each other.

One has to prove to the other that he or she can wait until the wedding night and the other has to prove that he or she must wait until the wedding night.

They experience temptations.

The bride-to-be who looks at a young man, she's seduced because he's handsome, she's tempted! But if the bride-to-be goes to her fiancé, as soon as she looks into his eyes she forgets the other: this is proof of her love.

And the groom-to-be who looks at a young woman and he feels attracted to her because of her charms and her seductive words, but if after this temptation – because he has evil inside him – he goes to his fiancée and he looks at her and he allows her (his fiancée’s) words to soften his heart, he sees that she has pleasant charms: his temptation is left far behind.

This was a test.

Well, Adam and Eve underwent a test: they were supposed to turn to God the Father but they let themselves be tempted by Satan.

So, when they let themselves be tempted by Satan, they were not in their human will; Cain was, he was in his human will.

He had the choice of saying yes or of saying no, just like Adam and Eve had the choice of saying yes or of saying no, but the error is a serious error: when we are conscious, when God gives us everything, when God makes us aware of everything, when God gives us a love that is tangible.

If Cain fell into temptation, God did not take away his life, he marked him with a sign to protect him.

Within each of us, we have a sign to protect us: it is the Sign of God's very love: his Son.

This is the Sign that God gives us, that he gave us.

When Cain made his mistake, and consequently, human will came to know a terrible weakness: evil began to gain the upper hand over good, and with time, this led us to such great weaknesses that we became afraid, that we cried out: we cried out for a Messiah, for the Saviour.

Jesus came on earth, he was the Sign of the Father's love.

The apostles recognized this Sign of love.

The disciples recognized this Sign of love.

Our grandparents recognized this Sign of love because since Adam and Eve up until the return of Christ – oh, but they were our parents!

Ever since the Sign of The Love was on earth, it was still our grandparents, our great-grandparents who recognized this Sign.

We’re not the Jewish people but we’re God's children, we’re the witnesses of God's love, the same ones who recognized the Sign, like Paul.

We form one huge family, God's family.

God is love.

If Cain was protected by God, then we who have the greatest Sign of the Father's love because

he is in us: then we are protected by God the Father.

God the Father is tenderness itself, he gives us proof of his Divine Will inside us.

God the Father gives his consent for the Holy Spirit to cover instruments of love.

God the Father gives his consent so his Son may make himself heard within us: all comes from God the Father, it is his Will.

This is enormous proof of his love.

It’s up to us to give proof of our love to the Father by turning to his Son, by turning to him to say yes.

Adam and Eve did not turn to the Father; us, we have to turn to the Son.

This is proof of our love, this is what he is asking us.

We’re living in a wonderful time, a time of graces, he comes to talk to us.

I hear Jesus inside me and this is the truth.

Do you think that I could speak like this?

Do you think that I could give testimony regarding such strong proof of love? Who am I? Come on! In 1999 I knew nothing about all this.

Yesterday he made me understand that I had to say an external yes: a yes that bears consequences, a yes that ensures that I bear witness to God's action within me, a yes that will cause me to face looks, a yes that says that I must agree to belong only to God, only in God, only with God, a yes that says that I carry all those who will say yes.

Do you know that my yes will be in your yes? So, my yes will have the power of your yes because it will be in God, in Jesus, in the Church, in his Church, all for God, only for God.

Earlier, when the priest gave me Communion – because God doesn’t want me to touch the Host, he always asks that the priest give it to me; this is why I indicated this to him (the priest) with a sign; I didn’t want to be disobedient, but I had to listen to the voice inside me – I closed my eyes, and then, I heard and I saw; he said: “See God's power.”

Then I saw a man in a tunic, but it had a border this time, the tunic, and a belt, and his head was bare, and he was coming forward, and he stood there; another came forward and stood there, another came forward and stood there, another came forward and stood there, another came forward and stood there, another came forward as well.

He said to me: “These are my apostles,” and they said, “Yes.”

“My daughter, I want you to say yes, I want you to give yourself as they gave themselves.

I want you to bear within yourself God's wound which was caused by human will. I want you, my gentle beloved, to be ready to suffer as they have.

I want you to go forth, to go where I send you as I asked my children.”

And then, I saw this group withdraw because there were others behind them.

Other people gave of themselves like the apostles.

There have been many martyrs, you know.

There have also been many people who have given of themselves, and I understood that there were saints too, not only martyrs, other saints who gave themselves out of love for God; they were ready to do anything for God.

And when they left, there were other people, this is what they did (gestures with her hands): (I could see the entire group and the apostles were the first ones to leave – the people formed two groups and the apostles passed among the two groups) because they were the first apostles.

And the Trinity was there.

They were much brighter than the ones I had seen at first because their clothing was bright, it was so bright! I don’t know how to explain it to you, but it was bright, and there were three of them.

And he said that I had to abandon myself, to no longer be.

That’s when I saw the Father's hand, and the little child who climbs onto the Father's hand and allows himself to be covered by the Father's hand.

He said, “Now, you are nothing, this is no longer you, it is we who are before our children.”

And when he does this, I no longer have anything to be afraid of.

And this is what he wants from each one of us.

He wants us all to be children of the Light, he wants to turn us into children of the Light for what is to come.

And you are aware of it, you know that we must go forward toward the New Earth.

But before entering the New Earth we have to go and get our brothers and our sisters.

When the apostles threw the net into the water (they were fishing); Jesus told them to come closer – after his resurrection he went to see his apostles – he had prepared a good meal for them on the shore; he said, “Come, my children.”

Aren’t we his children? It’s the same thing.

And afterwards, he sent his apostles out fishing again.

“Go out fishing, cast your nets over the water.”

He is asking us to be like the apostles, to go fishing, he wants us to be like the apostles: he wants us to answer yes.

When the apostles cast the net out over the water, they didn’t even ask like they did the first time, “Why do you want us to do this, we have been out fishing all day?” They went back out, they cast their net out over the water once again.

They were doing it with confidence, they were doing it with love.

Jesus was appearing to them, they were joyful because they had understood: they knew that now everything was as God the Father wanted it to be.

When we are in Jesus’ presence, we don’t ask ourselves any more questions: just as the apostles did.

It’s true that the Holy Spirit had to come and cover them so they could go out and evangelize.

This is what is happening with us! The Holy Spirit is the one who is covering us, the Holy Spirit is the one who is putting words inside us so we can nourish our brothers and sisters with God's Word itself, not us, not with our words.

We have to let God turn us into children of the Divine Will so we can go to our brothers and our sisters, not with our human words but with God's words, the words that flow, the words that nourish, the words that give, the words that offer.

These are the words that our brothers and our sisters want to hear, not our words that we learned in books, not the words we learned by heart: they’ve been nourishing themselves with those words for too many years.


Jesus: Beloved, I want you to nourish yourselves with the Word of life which is my Gospel.

I want you to understand that this child does not speak as herself, but in me.

She is in the Divine Will, she lives on love and my Word is my Gospel.

Through the light you understand what my apostles understood: that all comes from God.

No fear shall be within you.

You shall speak through the power of the Holy Spirit.

You shall repeat what God shall put within you through the power of love.

You shall evangelize as my apostles did, for what you say shall be light to those who thirst for the truth.

All has been, all is and all shall be because I AM.

I bless you, not through this child but through my chosen one, if he kindly wishes to

bring down the power of the Holy Spirit upon you. Amen.


Blessing from Father Réginald Tardif: May the loving power of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit come down upon us and be a source of joy, of peace and of giving to us.


All: Amen.