Gathering of Love with God's Action in Saint Boniface, Manitoba

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus: I am with each of you, God is in your presence. You have received The Love, The Love gave himself to you.

At the moment when I took you, I enveloped you with my love.

I am Jesus Eucharist, I am the Life, I am living.

I am not just a simple little host, I am me, Jesus, I am the living Body, I am the Blood that cleansed you.

I gave you my Life so you could live your life in me, Jesus.

I am coming to remind the world that only those who will live in me shall have eternal life.

To live in me, it is necessary to renounce one’s life and to be reborn in Jesus.

I gave you life, it came to you through me, Jesus.

Before I came among you, there was life in the children, but they did not know they were alive.

Because of Adam and Eve’s sin, children lived not knowing they were God's children, my Father's chosen children.

They received the commandments through Moses, for my Father had anointed Moses; he would talk to him, he would teach him, and he, he taught them how to be loyal to my Father's laws.

They turned themselves into children who were obedient to their Father's laws; they turned themselves into children who wanted to live in happiness,

but this happiness was unknown to them for they did not know that happiness was within them.

I, the beloved Son of the Father, I came into this world through Mary’s yes, the yes of the Immaculate One.

I became flesh within her, the Spirit of Love covered her with his shadow and I came.

Through this movement of love, I was giving the world the very proof of the Father's love for them: I gave myself for the sake of love.

My Father in Heaven gave you The Love; he gave you the Being of his Being.

He loved you so much!

Take this movement of love from within yourselves and offer it to him, for it belongs to him: this is your rebirth in me, Jesus.

Through my yes, you came into this world as my Father's chosen children.

I want to lead you to him as beings who are worthy of being chosen by my Father.

I taught my apostles about God's love, my Father's love.

I showed them how to love one another; I told them they were going to enter my Father's Kingdom, and here I am speaking to you about your entering into me, in Jesus.

In order to go to my Father, it is necessary to die in me.

There is not a single cell within you that is not love, for I am the one who nourishes you with my Life, with my eucharistic Presence.

When you receive my Body, when you receive my Blood: my Blood flows throughout you, there is not a single tiny part of you that does not receive the Life, that does not receive the very Nourishment of the Eucharist.

I am, I, the Eucharist, I am the loving Host, I am my Father's Gift to you; there is no greater miracle than the one of:

having the Life within you, of nourishing yourselves of the Life so you can be life.

You see, I am talking about you, I am talking to you about the life within you.

I, my children, I know I am living, I am active, I am the Present; I am coming to speak to you through this instrument of love to tell you that you are alive through me.

Your life is in me, you must learn that it is within yourselves that you will obtain eternal life.

On the outside, my children, there is life that goes on, life that brings you material possessions, life that brings you food to nourish your body.

But I am the one who nourishes all this with my Life.

I am the one who gives you the inner strength so you can do things, so you can give yourselves to your brothers and to your sisters, so they can find shelter, clothe themselves, feed themselves: I am the Life who forms your life.

In all that you are, in all that you do: I am.

I even carried all your sins; I took all your impure actions and I brought them unto death.

I let my Precious Blood flow to cleanse you so you could be worthy of being God's children.

Due to the sin of disobedience, you had lost life, eternal life.

I, Jesus, the beloved Son of the Father, the only Son of The Love, I came to save you from eternal death.

Oh! My children, I know you can find shelter, feed yourselves, clothe yourselves, but this was only for your bodies.

Me, it is the life inside you, true life that I came to save, the one that is eternal: this is your soul.

There is no life within you if your soul is not nourished by my Life.

What is the use, my children, of living a life filled with material possessions, filled with pleasures, if your soul is neglected, forgotten by you? I, I am in you, I am waiting for you to realize that I am living, that I am the one who is nourishing you.

My children, I am the Light, I come to remind you that you must be giving on behalf of your brothers and your sisters.

I brought light to this world through my apostles, and my apostles taught you the Word of life, the living Word.

It is inside you and this is why you are here.

Because you listened to the voice inside you, you wanted to give your soul proof of your yes to eternal life.

You thirst for me, I draw you to me through my graces of love.

I want you to be obedient to your God's call on behalf of those who do not know they are alive on the inside.

You, you are the beloved chosen of my Father, my Father's elect; and how many children on earth do not know they are the chosen ones, that they are the elect who must enter the New Earth: the renewed earth, the earth cleansed of all the impurities that man has caused due to his human will?

By choosing to live for himself, by himself, man has become lost!

He has dragged other children along with him: his children. When I speak about man, I am also speaking about woman.

She is God's creature, just as man is God's creature, and all the children who came into this world through the union of my two children of love are God's chosen ones.

I, eternal God, I was, I am and shall be, for I am the Eternal One! There is no beginning within me, there is no end within me, and this is why, my children, I want you within me so you will have no end.

There is no greater love than mine!

I want to give you this love, I want you to be love for those who do not know they are alive on the inside.

I pour into you graces of love that enable you to see the greatness of your presence in me, I who am the Life, I who am eternal.

This is why I have come to speak to you aloud, in your presence.

Just as I spoke to my apostles, I am speaking at this moment because you are alive.

I thirst for you, I want all my children; I do not want only those who pray, I also want all the children who are unknown to them.

They are hurting themselves because of their sins.

Because of their ignorance: they do not go forward, they are like children lost in a world that has forgotten that they need love.

Every one among you has a duty to give himself as I, I gave myself up to death.

I, my loves, I want to nourish you with my Life so you can be alive in me, Jesus, and this happens when you agree to die, to die in Jesus, and you give your life for those you love, for those you carry within you.

You carry my Father's chosen ones.

I, I am the Head of the Church; I cry out through my priests, my bishops, my deacons, I cry out through my holy vicar, John Paul II, I am begging for your presence in me so that you can lead my children to the life within themselves.

It is I, who am in you, who dictate these words that echo inside this child; she is the voice that has let itself become abandoned in my voice.

She no longer possesses her human will, she has renounced herself to give her life to God, and I, I took everything from her, turning her into an instrument on your behalf.

You as well, be my instruments of love, be giving of yourselves by giving me your human will, by coming to die in me.

I want to make you live in the Divine Will.

The Divine Will, my children, is true Life.

Adam and Eve, before the sin, lived in the Divine Will; they lived in God's very presence.

There was not a single moment of their lives that was not in tune with The Love, with the Presence, with God's action, and this is how I want you to live, and this can only be done through me, only through my graces of love.

I am the one who wants to nourish you, I need only your yes, a yes of abandonment.

I am aware of your sincerity, and I am the one who will transform you, it is not you; it is not through your human efforts for you are too imperfect! Recognize yourselves as very little children: a little child lets himself be taken by the hand, he lets himself be guided, he is trusting; I am the one who wants to make you go forward. I know your interior, I know everything about you.

I know all you have done that was good, and all you have done that has had a negative effect on your life in God.

I am the Light, I want to show you who you are.

I am The Love. I am Mercy.

I want to envelop you in love, I do not want to take life away from you; I want you to be aware that this life that keeps you alive is mine, it comes from me, from my love: I want to nourish it with my love. My Father has placed all his blessings within me and it is through me that you will be my Father's children, for I want to nourish you with what he has given me.

If you make efforts using your human will, you will prevent Jesus from turning you into God's children.

You must answer God's call with a yes.

Let yourselves be taken up by my movement of love:

            I speak within you but you do not listen to me.

            I create situations around you that reveal my action to you but you see nothing.

            I allow you to hear my Word dictated to my chosen ones, my priests, and you do not listen.

            I send you messages of love through my Mother and you have difficulty understanding them.

Do you know why?

Because you want too much! You want to use your human will! I, I want you to be like a little baby, I want to take you as you were when you emerged from your mother's womb.

It is through me, through my graces that you will achieve this: have faith! Stop asking yourselves questions such as: “How am I going to be able to abandon myself? How am I going to give my yes? How am I going to know if I'm abandoning myself properly?”

My children, every day I want you to utter your yes. Every day, I want you to say to me: “Jesus, I give you my will.”

Oh! My children, if you could only see my Mother's Heart: it is tenderness, it is gentleness.

There is no place as perfect as my Mother's Heart! Go to her, offer her your human will, offer also, through your yes, the human will of my children, for you carry my children within you! As I am in you and as I am the Head of the Church, you, you are my members: you carry your brothers and your sisters within you, and when you say, in me, Jesus, the following words: “Jesus, I do not know how to do this, but you, you know. I want to give my human will to Mary so she can give you my will”, I, I will take your will, I will place it in my Mother's Heart along with the will of your brothers and your sisters.

Because you declared to me that you were too little, you gave me your yes, your consent, I will do everything for you, and I will welcome through my Mother's hands, your human will.

I want to nourish you with love, with my divine graces.

I know that for some of you these words seem complicated.

These words confuse you because you were taught that you had to be submitted to my Father's Will.

You see, when you are submitted to my Father, you agree to do his Will out of love for him, and my Father rejoices over your deed, but I, Jesus, I want to take your action and I want to present it to my Father myself.

You see, your action will become a magnificent action because my Father has placed all is blessings in me and as I am the Word, your action becomes active on your behalf: it fills you with graces.

It is so simple to say, “I want to work in you, Jesus”, and that is all it takes, my children! I, I will do your work, for I will cover you with my action, and your actions will become my actions.

Let God transform you, welcome his words.

These words come from your interior; these words come from Jesus, from Life itself.

No human being could carry out this movement as it would be fruitless, for all that comes from humans bears no fruit, all that comes from God is filled with his action, it bears fruit.

I gave myself up for you so you could bear fruit.

Come, my children, within yourselves, give me your yes to The Love; I want your life. Only your yes belongs to you but because of your human will, you also carry a no within you.

Soon, I am coming to reveal myself within you, in your hearts; I am coming to show you the glorified Son of the Father so you can respond to my loving call.

When you will be in my Presence, I will ask you for your yes and for those who say no, I shall withdraw from them for all eternity: such is my Father’s justice.

It will be the children of the earth who will respond to the request of God of Love.

My children of the Light, I pour graces into you, for you; I pour into you an abundance of graces so you can, through me, grant your yes to The Love, and this yes brings graces to those you carry within you, to the children who do not know they are in Jesus’ presence.

And when they will present themselves to me, these graces will give them the strength to get through their purification, thus enabling them to answer God's call: they shall be in my love just as you, you shall be in my love. Without God's graces they would not be able to endure this pain.

You know, when pain is accompanied by graces, it is less difficult, it is transformed into offerings of love to God.

Just like those children, they will offer themselves up as offerings of love to God.

I am the Resurrection; they will see themselves resurrected, for they thought they were unworthy of God's love.

I am the Life and the Life will invite them to welcome what is within them: life, so they can be freed of all evil, for evil will disappear from them forever.

Just like you, my loves, just like the children of the Light, evil will no longer exist within you.

You will be conquered by The Love, and a reign of love shall cover the entire surface of the earth:

such is my Father's Will.

I love you, my children of love. Be completely abandoned in me, Jesus. Be very little, trust in my action.

The Love came to speak to you, The Love came to tell you that you are chosen ones.

Be on fire with God's love. Through the presence of my consecrated son, receive graces of love.


The Girl of My Will in the Holy Spirit: Yes, Lord. Jesus is saying: “My daughter, you must fulfill yourself, you must be obedient,” because Jesus wants me to bear witness to what he has done for me; he also says, “I want to bear witness to what I have done for you.”

Jesus began speaking in me; I really didn’t know what he was going to do. It was in October of 2000 that the (priest Clément Provencher) became my spiritual advisor. He helped me.

Oh! In 2001 when I began writing, he didn’t believe in all this stuff, he was cautious.

He used to say, “I take care of your soul, and you be obedient”, because I used to talk to him about it and he could see that it wasn’t against the Church, but he would say that he wanted to take care of my soul: “Be obedient, listen to Jesus, be humble.”

And so, he was nourishing me instead and without knowing it, he as well was taking care of the instrument that I was for God, because when someone comes along and says, “I'm writing in the Lord”, people don’t answer, “Yes, yes, I believe you, show it to me.” Oh, no!

Father Clément also wanted me to be obedient to the Church, always obedient to his advice, too.

At the same time, he would say, “You must obey God, and if this persists, it comes from God, and if it doesn’t…”

So, he was making sure I wouldn’t be destroyed! You know, when you receive something and then it stops, you risk becoming depressed, but he was watching over of my journey.

At first, it was mostly dreams, visions that I used to put in writing.

Slowly, I would do what he told me, but I didn’t know what he expected of me, not at all! But after a time, the more it went on, the more I would hear, and the more l would hear the Lord; it wasn’t only when I was writing - I would get up in the morning and he would teach me.

The voice inside me, it was always, always there: I would do the dishes, he would talk to me, I would work with my husband, he would talk to me: it was always present, always present.

And I would hear Mary! And I would hear the voice of my guardian angel! Now what was going on wasn’t exactly normal! Thank goodness Father Clément was there to give me a sense of balance, because you have doubts, terrible doubts that overcome you.

In the first place, we’re unworthy – this is a very strong feeling: “Who are we? Who do we take ourselves for? Oh, come on, this makes no sense at all: there are millions, and millions and billions of people on earth! Me! Oh, come on!”

And so, I was rejecting this, but at the same time I couldn’t reject what I was hearing inside me, so I would welcome it.

And every day, the writing was continuing and sometimes, I would report this to Father Clément! I would receive them around seven in the morning, and when I would go to mass around four thirty, what I had written would coincide with the Gospel and so, Father Clément, he would say, “It relates to the Gospel.”

And then, he would say, “Listen, obedience, be obedient, be humble, abandon yourself.”

And so, without actually saying so, he was guiding me and I was going forward.

And I was going forward while remaining very little by giving my yeses, by praying for my brothers and my sisters, because when my children were sad, like my son who had become ill, well, I would pray – because there was someone who was waking me up at night – I don’t know why, but I was wide, wide awake.

There was something that was making me say, “You want me to pray! I’ll pray, but I’ll also pray for all the boys who are suffering like my son – because there are others who are mothers like me – I'm going to pray for them.”

So, you know, this is what he does. Things would come up that made me pray, and then, it got to the point where I was praying for all my brothers and my sisters because there was something developing in me! But at the same time, there was great suffering; the more I prayed, the more there was something inside me that cried out.

He would make me see the children who were suffering, and then, I would cry out loudly at night: “We’re fed up. When are you coming? We’re suffering! I'm like a wave: you make me rise, and then you make me fall. What’s going on inside me?” So, this is how I would cry out! I didn't know what was going on but it was so painful!

All this was happening without my aware of it because I was waiting for Jesus’ coming.

And since I had seen the loving cross that invites us to enter the New Earth, well, I wanted to enter the New Earth, I wanted my children to experience this, I also wanted my husband to experience this with me; so, without knowing why, I would cry out to the Lord: “But when are you coming? It’s taking too long!” Since I had started choosing dates, I would say to myself, “Is it going to be at Christmas?” Imagine, it was 1999 and then 2000 comes along: “This is it, this time it’s for sure!”

Mother Mary, she had asked us at Marmora to say a rosary; well, I said a rosary. I really, really wanted it to happen! And so, time went on and it didn’t happen.

And, to my great surprise, I was no longer sad when I said: “Oh, no! It didn’t happen!” No, because I knew that that rosary I had said, along with all the others, had born fruit: I didn’t know in which way, but I knew that they had brought something: you don’t pray like that for nothing.

And so, I said to myself, “It’s going to be in the spring.”

Then, spring arrived: “Ah! It’s not happening!”

And so, this is how it was. I waited for it! I waited for it a lot! Up to the moment when I heard the voice, and then, I started to ask myself questions a little less often.

And at my husband’s death, on March 4, 2001, my life changed as well, because imagine that I had just learned my husband wasn’t going to enter the New Earth with me, he had passed away; so, his death had to become a gesture of love so I gave more yeses, and then more, and even more.

And those messages I had been receiving since 2001, that always began with a word for me, all the messages were for the children of earth; but I said, “Come on, the children of earth!”

And my spiritual advisor, he used to say that those message weren’t for me. “Those messages are for God's children, whatever he does with them, we’ll find out one day; pray, we’re going to pray!”

My spiritual advisor used to say, “We’ll pray on it.”

And he invited his prayer group as well, to pray over this, so that his Will be done and not ours.

And, at the same time, I too accepted that the New Earth would come to be at the moment God will have chosen, because he was in the process of making me discover that the children must enter the New Earth.

We have to help the children who aren’t ready.

And so, I would say to myself, because of the teachings – I could see the teachings; they were teachings about love, they were teachings that showed us how to abandon ourselves, to let go of our human will and to act in Jesus – a prayer said in Jesus is worth all the prayers said individually by all children. This means that if I, I said a rosary with my human will, well, that rosary would bear graces only for that rosary, but if I said, “Jesus, it’s you who’s praying”, this would encompass all the rosaries of the entire world: he would take all the rosaries that had been said before my birth and the first rosaries that were ever said, and he would encompass all this, as well as the rosaries that would be said later on.

Because Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega there's no beginning, there's no end.

He was teaching me this: and so, when I would say a rosary, it was in Jesus.

When I would do my dishes, I would say, “Jesus, you’re the one who’s doing the dishes”; and so, it was Jesus who was doing the dishes.

When I told my daughters this, especially Nathalie, “Oh, mother! That’s rude, as if Jesus would do dishes!”

And then she said, “I don’t want anything to do with this, mom!” She said, “What you’re doing isn’t nice.”

Then, the Lord would say, “Give her to me,” so I would give her to him, and slowly, it was through the books that she understood, not before! It was through the books that she understood, and I, I understood one thing: that the New Earth would come only through Jesus’ movements! Jesus wants to make us go forward at an incredible speed.

You see, when we attend a mass: if it’s Jesus who’s attending the mass, he encompasses all the masses that are being said at that same moment, and all the masses that have ever been said, and all the masses that will be said, and me, I surrender and I surrender all my brothers and my sisters to this movement in Jesus; and so, those who stay home, well, one way or another, they attend mass! I’m not violating their interior, but it’s that I live in Jesus.

Jesus, him, he says that he needs our yes.

He doesn’t want to force us to accept, but since we’re human, and since we carry out brothers and our sisters, well, then it becomes an all-encompassing yes! So Jesus takes our yes, he doesn’t force us, he takes our human will.

That’s right, God respects our human will! That’s why he lets us be when we commit sins.

He can’t take us by the collar and say, “Hey, listen up!”

No, he’s a free God, he’s a loving God, he respects who we are; that’s why he respects our yeses.

But when a child gives his yes, and he gives it in Jesus, he takes all his brothers and his sisters, and it becomes an all-encompassing yes, a yes for each one of us.

Then, we’re helping our brothers and our sisters to obtain graces because we attend mass to nourish our soul with graces.

When we go to the sacrament of Penance, it’s the same thing! In Jesus, we take part in the sacrament of Penance; and so they earn graces, it’s the same thing! Then, when we will present ourselves in Jesus, well, they will have obtained graces because it’s going to be very painful for them.

You know, Jesus talks to me about it a lot… if they didn’t have us, those children wouldn’t even be able to answer yes.

You see, if we had wanted to enter the New Earth without understanding what love for our neighbour is, there are some that we would have left behind, and Jesus told us: “Love one another as I have loved you.”

He teaches us how to love one another.

He taught his apostles in the beginning, and when he announced his Father's Kingdom on earth, well: it had already started.

Because my dear Father Clément would say: “Everybody’s going to see the Father's Kingdom the moment he dies because, you don’t know, maybe you’ll leave here and you’ll die right away. This is what he wants to tell you.”

Oh! Well, then I said, “Jesus of love. I get it!”

In the end, he was teaching me something else.  

He would say, “My daughter, give yourself and give me my son. He is free just as you are.”

And so, slowly, I gave, I would give what I was doing, and everything else.

He (the children of the world ) understood that Jesus came on earth; he started with his apostles, after the apostles it was the disciples, after that we had saints, we had prophets, and among them we had people like Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, Theresa of Avila.

So, all of them, they led us toward the New Earth. It’s incredible, it was them! He said, “Without them, you would not be children who are ready to enter the New Earth. It was necessary for them to give themselves to enable others to give themselves, thus enabling others and others to give themselves.”

And now, it’s happening at great speed, because he's doing it for us.

Do you remember Nineveh? Three days, it was impossible to do all that in three days, it takes more than three days… and God did it in three days! Well, this is how he's going to do it: this is how it’s going to be.

He's in the process of preparing us, and when the moment arrives, it’s going to be his moment.

This is why everything is happening faster.

If you could see all the events! There are so many things happening at this very moment because he's bringing us into his Divine Will.

We’re going to live like Adam and Eve lived before the original sin.

He's teaching us slowly!

He hasn’t completely transformed us yet.

He told me, “You have not achieved this yet. I am transforming you and it is not you who is doing this, it is I. I need your yes, I want you to renounce your human will and I, I will do everything for you.”

And this is how he makes us go forward in the way he wants us to.

So, imagine that when I had the vision of the little lamb, at the end of the vision, Mother Mary, she said to me, “My daughter, your mission is to gather together my flocks to lead them to my Son.”

Then, she said, “Turn around,” so I turned around and I saw sheep, sheep that were in a sort of enclosure and some were playing, some were (butting up against) the fence.

She said, “You are not the only one. Their mission is to go to my children and to bring my children back to my Son.”

So, they’re preparing all the children of the Light: we are those children.

He's in the process of showing us how to bring the children who don’t go to mass, who are lost: ‘the suicidal’, there are those who don’t even want to live anymore, who are thinking about suicide; there are those who drown out their lives with drugs, with alcohol, with gambling; there’s violence, there are those who join gangs to gain a sense of power, monetary power: but these too, Jesus wants them.

Jesus, he says, “I know all my children who are going to answer yes to God's call, to The Love, when he will be within them. I know them all.”

And if a single one, at this very moment, isn’t ready, he will delay things for him because he wants them all! But, he also told me there are those who are going to say no and we carry them inside us and this makes us suffer! This is why we suffer, we suffer a lot! We have illnesses, we have doubts, we have uncertainties regarding what is coming, because there are many children of the Light who have lost their courage; they know the time of deliverance is coming, but they have turned away.

Mother Mary had warned: “There are some of my children of the Light who will become discouraged.”

Because when we know that things are close, that’s when it hurts the most! It’s like a woman who’s giving birth – when she's giving birth, it’s always the last few moments that are the most painful, and afterwards, it’s deliverance, it’s joy.

And Jesus’ Church, the Church of love, God's people of love, is in the act of giving birth, and we’re in pain: we carry our brothers and our sisters who are going to say no, and this hurts because he says:

“When I shall rip these children from the Mystical Body, it will be painful.”

It’s through our graces that we gained in Jesus, because he nourishes us constantly with his graces, he nourishes us with his graces of love, with his graces of abandonment, he nourishes us with his graces of light: he wants to turn us into children of love.

This is why we have a mission; he sends me, he also sends others, here and there, to prepare the children of the Light.

He says that when we’ll be in the presence of The Love, our purification will have been accomplished.

At this very moment, we’re being purified, this is why we suffer: we are accepting our purification.

We won’t reach the New Earth without suffering.

Those who want to go forward without suffering, well, they will suffer the moment when the Great Purification takes place, and it will be very painful! It’s like when we allow ourselves to be bathed in sunshine: every day, we expose ourselves to the sun and the sun shines on us, then our skin changes, this doesn’t hurt! Expose yourselves, now, in the sun for an entire day, while your skin is like milk: at the end of the day, it will be painful, you won’t even be able to endure the clothes on your body.

So, this is the way it is! If we accept to be purified by God every day, it hurts less.

Because when we go home, if it burns a little, we put on a little cream and it goes away, it doesn’t even show anymore; we feel a little burning but it doesn’t hurt.

At this moment, he's doing the same thing with graces: he's purifying us.

So: if we suffer because our children don’t go to mass, if we suffer because our husband isn’t as we would like him to be, if we suffer because we have a sister, a brother, who no longer practise, if we suffer because we have a child who takes drugs, if we suffer because one of our children committed suicide, if we suffer because there have been abortions in our family, if we suffer because our daughter is drawn to the same sex: well, we have to give everything to Jesus.

We say, “Jesus, I can't do anything about it, but you, you can do anything: I give them to you.”

Suffering, it’s there, but God gives us graces, and it becomes less painful and we can go forward.

You see, Jesus is in the process of making us go forward by enveloping us in his love, his sanctifying graces; then, it becomes less painful! It’s true that some among us suffer a lot; some among us even have cancer; some among us have the beginnings of an illness like Alzheimer; some among us suffer because of arthritis, our bones hurt: well, we offer it! And, don’t be afraid to tell Jesus: “Jesus, you are the Almighty, you live in me, you have the power to comfort me.

Jesus of love, I want you to take my sufferings, I give them to you.

If you can heal me, Jesus, because you can, heal me! Envelop me in your power.

Take my cells, Jesus of love, I give them to you; cover them with your cells, Jesus! If you want me to go on suffering: well, Jesus, I give you my yes as well.”

And be at peace when you say this.

God himself will see to your healing according to his Father's Will.

Even if your physical body didn’t obtain anything: your soul has.

It has received and those you carry within you have also received, for if healing didn’t happen inside you, there's someone in the world who was healed physically; and this, this is what God's action is all about! This is God's power, we don’t understand it, we don’t see it but we must welcome it, and we must keep our faith.

Jesus told us in the Gospel: “Have faith!” And these words apply to today as well! He said that there's no difference to Jesus! When he was on earth at thirty-three – thirty-two, I think, he died, Jesus of love, at thirty-three – the whole time he was talking, Jesus, he was evangelizing, but there's no difference with today, there’s none! In reality, thirty-three, we give him an age but Jesus, he's the Alpha and the Omega, that was for his Body, but his Word is living, his Word is active, his Word is from God.

He was bearing witness to his Father and his Father was ageless, and Jesus in the Father was ageless.

I'm not making a mistake when I say this? Thank you, Holy Spirit, I have just learned something new.

You know, when he makes me give testimony, I learn things at the same time as you do; Jesus doesn’t want me to know (what I'm going to say) ahead of time.

How many times did he surprise me like this! He would explain a vision I had seen, I had no idea what it meant, and he was saying this in front of everybody, and I was learning it at the same time: now, that’s God's way!

God doesn’t want us to live for tomorrow, God wants us to be present.

Jesus is the Presence.

We have a tendency to say: “Is it going to go well, Jesus? What am I going to say? I can’t speak English, Jesus!” “My daughter, you have no need to know. Present yourself! These are not your days, they are mine.”

“Thank you, Lord!”

This is what he says, this is what I must do, and this is what he expects from each of us.

Jesus wants us to be the presence in his Presence.

We live too much in the past and we live too much for the future.

We watch TV, listen to the radio, well, that’s not news from the present, eh? That’s news about what happened the day before that we’re listening to, and then, off we go to work while thinking about our day that hasn’t even begun yet; so, imagine, we’re never in the present, we’re not here! It’s incredible! So, what happens? We lose our energy because God is the Almighty and the almightiness is in Jesus; he gives us graces for the present.

And what do we do? We use this for the past or we use this for what hasn’t happened yet; so, when it’s time to be in the present moment, well, we’re tired, we’re in a bad mood, we don’t say hi, we don’t feel like it, our neighbour gets on our nerves, the boss says to us, “Oh, I wish he would cut that out!”  We aren’t capable of loving our neighbour because we haven’t learned to love ourselves; because when we live in the past or in the future: we forget about ourselves because we don’t live in the present: we’re not even here! This is really something that God teaches us: to be in the present moment, in his present, this is what Life in God is, this is Life in Jesus, in the Father's Son, and when we’re in the Father's Son, well, we are a child of God the Father!

This is so wonderful and so simple! We have never understood this, and even I never understood this.

We read the Bible but because of our human will, we weren’t even able to understand those beautiful words of life, those living words! Those words are nourishing.

It’s only when we say yes to Jesus that we let Jesus do what he wants with us.

And then, he makes us understand that our human will has prevented us from living in Jesus.

So, we welcome it, we don’t say, “Jesus, why didn’t you do this earlier?”

Since he knew us all, he knew that we weren’t going to be ready; he has calculated everything.

Jesus is the Intelligence in… in the purest state: the words don’t even exist because he is Perfection.

Father Mélançon from Saint Joseph’s Oratory, he wrote books and he told me, “He is the Intelligence - we’re not talking about the intellect here - we welcome Him and then we live. Let yourself go in what he says to you.”

So, this is what we have to do.

If he tells us that it’s for our time, well, thank you, Lord! If it’s going to be in a while, in a year, thank you, Lord! And if he wants it to take longer, thank you, Lord! And if he wants it to take even longer, thank you, Lord!

I'm going to tell you something: when I do corrections, I listen to the voice and if he adds a sentence or a paragraph, I do it; so, this is how the corrections are made.

Once, when I was with the Lord, Monique – she's the one who takes care of the commas, she's the one who takes care of all this, she was sitting beside me (she had been at my house for four months) – and she sees the words “New Earth” – we were up to the fourth book, I think – she says: “When is it going to get here? Does he tell you?”

I said, “Monique, don’t get all excited like that. You can’t dwell on it.”

So, that night, at three in the morning, the Eternal Father, I hear his voice; he says, “My daughter, would you be afraid of getting wet?”

He knew that I had been afraid, I had said, “Hey, what am I going to do if, let’s say, others read this, and they say, ‘Hey! It’s close. It’s really close!’”

They’re going to say, “It’s not true, it’s not that close. What she's saying isn’t true.”

Can you see my human will? And so, I wanted to protect myself by saying, “Monique, hey, we’re not going to get excited over this!” The Lord, this isn’t what he had told me, when he said, “It is close.”

So, he says, “Remain as you are: do not interject your human will.”

This is what he meant.

And so, I was very ashamed, eh! I was ashamed of what I could have said, because when he, the Father, he talks, it’s accompanied by – how can I say this? – a sort of movement within me.

So, this movement, I can feel it.

And when a father talks and a little child feels guilty before his father: he lowers his head, and this is how I felt before my Father.

He's full of love, loving Papa, for us. He loves us so much! When he talks to me about his love for us, well, I cry the whole time.

His love is immense! It cannot be defined, especially when he says that he gave his Son! So much so that when he said that the Father had given his yes, which was greater than his Son, I wrote down YES, and it was all in big, big letters.

Well, the proof readers, they only put a capital Y, and they didn’t write it as big as I had, but me, I had written it with tears; so, my Y, my E, and my S were big, because the Father's love is so strong, it’s incredible! It’s incredible to feel the love of God the Father, he wants us, he wants us so much! He wants to envelop us.

You know, I didn’t know that God the Father cried. God the Father cries.

It’s not because he suffers, God the Father, because he cannot suffer human pain! He cries because he loves us, and he knows that there are children who are going to say no: because he’s God the Father.

He's not indifferent to his creatures, he chose them, he created them! This is The Love! Doesn’t The Love have feelings? If we have feelings that’s because the Father has feelings! Everything comes from the Father and we received them through the Son.

Because the Son is in the Father, and the Father is in the Son, and the Holy Spirit is in the Father and the Son, we have the Trinity inside us.

So, we must welcome what he gave us tonight.

In the beginning, when I was talking, it wasn’t me who was talking: I hear a voice and it’s even in his Will that it comes out.

He takes away part of my will, and leaves me just enough so I can sit, and the rest, it’s all him; I say ‘the rest’… I am the little bit that is left; that little bit that I have left is to keep me sitting here in my place, and he, he talks, and it’s The Love who’s talking.

This also takes place because I'm covered by the Holy Spirit, who permits me to hear the voice, and that voice is Jesus.

It is because of the Father's Will that I hear. Everything is in the Trinity.


And when I return to myself, when he says, “Open your eyes”, then, I receive; I can do this because then, he slowly gives me back my human will, and when I give my testimonial, it’s in the Holy Spirit: the words come and I don’t know what is going to be said later: but it’s not up to me to know; I have only to let the words flow, and I give them to you.

Because he says that we form a unit; what you want to hear through the Holy Spirit, well, it comes out spontaneously.

You see, we’re in the Body of Jesus, we form but one with him.

And God says, “I want it to emerge through you.”


Jesus: The Love has come to speak to you, The Love has come to bear witness to the very Presence of the Trinity within you.

I bear witness on behalf of this child, because she cannot bear witness of her own accord.

As my Father bore witness on my behalf, I bear witness on her behalf.


The Trinity: It is we, the Trinity, who wish to speak to you; it is we, the Trinity, who envelop you in our love and it is we, the Trinity, who say to you: thank you for having wanted to hear The Love speak.


Jesus: I love you, she loves you, and, in God, you love one another.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: He is saying, “Say goodnight, my daughter.”