Gathering of Love with God's Action in Saint Boniface, Manitoba,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus





Jesus: Beloved, I love you, God is in your presence.

He is making you aware of your presence, he is letting you know that you are in the presence of his Presence.

Tonight, he wanted you to be present, this is through his own Volition. No one among you could have been here unless God had put the desire to hear about love in your heart.

My children of love, God has conceived everything. He brought you into this world so you could be in the presence of love, his Father's love.

He is the Presence within your being; wherever the Son is, that is where the Father is.

He is in all things, he is in you, he is the Present.

I am love to you and because I am love, I make you worthy to hear my Father.


God the Father: Beloved, you are present here because the Creator wanted you to testify regarding your life to your brothers and your sisters.

No child in this world could have been born unless the Creator had chosen him.

Many children at present deny their lives, deny their presence, no longer wishing to know they are loved by others.

They reject my Son’s presence, they do not want to acknowledge they are children of God, for this diminishes them before others.

They believe they are evolved, they want nothing to do with the Church, with my Son’s Church, the Founder of the Church of God.

We are The Love.

My Son is in me, I am in my Son.

We are Love and our love created the Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit is in us.

We are THREE in ONE.

We are God: every creation on earth comes from God.

There is no greater power than love, than God's love.

At this very moment, there are children plotting against other children, they want to rid themselves of them.

They want to reject themselves, for when people refuse the presence of their brothers and their sisters: they are rejecting themselves.

They are in the process of destroying their own lives.

This is why I appeal to each of you; you are my chosen ones, you are the elect, you must allow my Son to transform you.

He gave himself on your behalf, he left his Flesh exposed so you could enter into him, and through his Blood, he purified you.

He took all evil within himself and brought it unto death.

Oh! Children of God, acknowledge that you are little.

It is only when you acknowledge that you are in a state of littleness, are you able to see the immensity of my love for each of you. The Love came into this world, he is my love, he is the Being of my Being, it is the power of The Love that gave itself.

There is no greater love than mine.

I am the Father, I am your Father.

When I gave my Yes, a movement of love occurred in all things.

Love was given, and when you, my children, you agree to give yourselves to my Son, you are agreeing to be part of this movement of love: an eternal movement, an endless movement, in which love is given.

I am asking you, my children, to give yourselves, and to give yourselves is to discover who you are.

There is no greater love than my Son’s, for my Son is in me.

I am in my Son.

Many children in this world do not want to give themselves.

This diminishes their being, for they believe they are superior to others.

And when we believe we are superior to others, it is because a movement has been interrupted, for this movement, which is in my Son, is in every child: there are only the children who refuse to be part of this movement of love who interrupt this movement.

Everything is giving when there is love.

Because they do not want to be humble, because they do not want to acknowledge themselves as children who want to be little, they cannot receive the nourishment that feeds their souls.

They go out into this world all alone, and discover around them a life that has no worth, that brings them only material possessions.

And with material possessions, they want to give themselves pleasure.

They want to experience a semblance of happiness.

Oh! Beloved, I am making these words known to you because I am your Father, and a father loves all his children.

I am making you aware of the misery they have accepted: this misery is ingrained in their daily habits.

They no longer consider sharing, they do not want to help their neighbour, they have become selfish, they want to work only for money, for they do not want to interrupt what they have started: a life without love, a life that is centred only on fulfilling their being.

They are afraid of becoming acquainted with their interior.

They flee from what my Son has taught them through my apostles, my chosen, my elect.

They flee from you for you are my elect.

They want nothing to do with you, they judge you, because you remind them of their sufferings, for when children see themselves faced with pain, they cannot endure its consequences.

They have put up barriers around themselves: they no longer want you, or love, for this love comes from God; they want a love created according to their own specifications.

Everything is centred on what they can buy for themselves, not on what you can give them: a model of love, a model of sharing, a model of prayer, a model of humility, a model of littleness in what you do, in what you say, in what you represent.

My Son came into this world by choosing to live humbly.

He did not come seeking power, for that power is unworthy of the Father, for God the Father is the Power: I am the Power.

My Son came to show you that you must be little before my Face.

Just as my Son bore witness to my love for him, I bore witness to my love for him, for he is The Love.

He came to show you how to behave, how to love one another: by accepting to be children of love, by accepting to be children who give themselves, without seeking power, without seeking reward, for I am your Father who will give you your reward according to your deeds.

You must carry out deeds that demonstrate to you that you are children of God.

Every child of God gives of himself without demanding from others.

Every child of God does not judge, for he knows himself to be impure, for this child acknowledges that my Son came to cleanse him of his impurity.

Every child of God knows how to be good to himself, for if he is not good to himself, he cannot be good to his neighbour, for every kindness is in him: my Son is in him and it is in my Son that he must obtain graces so he may realize that he is in God's kindness.

Every child who knows he is of God is a humble child, a little child; he does not try to teach others through his own will, through his own words, for this child knows only too well that he might be mistaken; he must allow God to turn him into a child of abandonment; only then does the Holy Spirit cover him with his power so his words can be loving toward himself and toward his neighbour, for all uttered words could be against him or against his neighbour, for you see, all that emerges from him belongs to him.

This is why you must nourish yourselves with good words, this is why you must say that:

God is the only one who knows how to speak with loving words.

Oh! Children of the world, you have the ability to speak and your words have been harmful to your interior.

I did not interrupt your freedom of speech, for I am your Father.

Your Father respects who you are.

Your Father loves each one of you.

And, for the sake of love, l heard what you were saying and I gave you my Son to cleanse your impure sounds.

I have seen your deeds, I have seen all you have built with what I gave you, and all that was accomplished selfishly, I have known it, all that was done to harm your neighbour, I have witnessed it.

All human will has been harmful to my movement of love that is within you.

I, God the Father, I wanted, for the sake of love, to give you a choice: it is you yourselves who will choose, it is you yourselves who will see your deeds, it is you yourselves who will be witness to the results of your actions.

All you have said, all you have thought, shall be made known to you.

I, your Father, wanted to turn you into children of love: only love, but because of the disobedience, you chose your human will, for you are the descendants of Adam and Eve: you are part of their movement.

For the sake of love, my Son gave himself up so you could

know how much I love you, how much I want you to be mine.

Do you believe that I have rejected you? Do you believe that I have punished you? Do you believe that you are experiencing troubles because I willed it so?

No, my children, I did not want you to feel pain, I did not want to leave you to yourselves: it is you, it is you yourselves who have known all these movements which were not love.

You, my beloved, carry my Son's presence within you:

you know that he is alive, that he is active, that he wants you in him, in his love for his Father.

My loves, I know of your thirst for love, I know you want your children to be saved from eternal death.

I know, my children of love, I have heard your pleas, I have listened to your requests: there has not been a single one of you who was not enveloped in my love.

I love you, I speak like this so you can comprehend my love for my children who are becoming lost, who do not want God's love, who no longer believe in him, who deny, who reject; I want them too.

And it is because I know your yes that I am asking you: to pray for my children, to give yourselves for my children, to not judge them, to take them within you, to present them to my Son; and my Son offers those children to me.

His offering of love is a movement that saves children.

My power is within every child on earth, but because I love you, because I respect who you are, I cannot pour my power of love into them by force, I am too loving! I do not want children as slaves, I want children: who love for the sake of love, who offer themselves for the sake of love, who give without holding back; for you see, if I were to force my children to love me, there would be a doubt within them, and that doubt would prevent their love from giving itself completely to me, the Heavenly Father.

I want you to be completely abandoned, like my Son on the Cross abandoned himself.

I did not allow my beloved Son to know death, I resurrected him.

Every one of you will see the glorified Son, my only Child.

All was, all is, and all shall be in God.

And you, my children of love, I want you to abandon yourselves as my Son did: with complete love.

He gave me everything about himself in God, and I want you to give yourselves completely with your human will, for I want to make you live in my Divine Will.

I want you to renounce yourselves, for I want to glorify you.

It is through my Son that you will be glorified, by accepting to renounce your human will to die in my Son.

You will be glorified, you will be children of the Divine Will.

There will no longer be doubts within you, there will no longer be misery, there will no longer be suffering within you.

You will become perfect children once again, as you should have

been before the fall of Adam and Eve, your first parents.

Oh! My beloved, I so loved my children that I told them I would send them a Saviour.

Oh! How I loved my children, my first two creations! I have not stopped loving them for a single moment.

Have no doubt regarding my love for my first children – it was because I loved them that I wanted their descendants to be love. Can you see how much I love Adam and Eve? Can you see how much I wanted you to be children of God because you are the descendants of Adam and Eve?

I love you. My love is so immense!

Oh! My children, if you could only grasp its magnitude, its immensity, its depth, not a single one you would be able to remain in a human state, for your soul would explode with joy and your body would not be able to withstand the impact.

I want you in my love, abandoned to faith, trusting in my Son's words, in the living words, in the active words. Give yourselves on your own behalf, give yourselves on behalf of those you love – your children, your brothers, your sisters – give yourselves for the children of this world for your reward shall be great.

I will multiply your gifts of love a hundredfold.

Every step you take in my Son will lead you toward other steps, and these steps will be for you evidence of your abandonment; they will lead you to renounce your human will; and when you acknowledge your complete abandonment, you shall not utter a single word that has not been nourished by my Son's graces of love.

The Holy Spirit will cover you, he will make you hear my Son's voice, and I, your Father, through my Power of love, make you aware of your place within the Trinity.

You are the chosen of the end times, you are the workers of the final hours.

I am the only one who chooses, for I know every one among you, I know all your movements that have prepared you for what you must become, for God the Father has nourished, within each of you, your movements, for these movements can only be carried out in my Son.

To die in my Son is to carry out deeds in him, it is to give your yes to The Love in order to discover how much I love you, me, God, your Father.

Within each of you I place my graces of power which transform you.

Oh! Children, have faith, trust in my power.

You have requested healing for those who are suffering, for when you are love you do not want those around you to suffer.

I, I want to tell you that I want to heal you, I want to take care of your illnesses by pouring into you graces of strength, graces of love, which will eradicate your impurities.

Receive these graces from your God, my children.

Be trusting, for I am aware of your abandonment, I know all those who want to be healed, I know all those who abandon themselves today and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, in order to bear witness to God's power with humility, in littleness.

You see, my children, if at this very moment I were to say to you that you are all healed, some of you would develop pride, lack of humility, which would be harmful to your transformation.

Among you, there are children who want to be humble, little, who want to carry out the Will, my Will.

Those children receive graces that will turn them into witnesses of God's action.

To those who have faith, may they understand that: wherever God's action is, there is humility.

All is in God: I give love and The Love is witness to the action of your yes.

Only children are able to discover that God is all: these children know that I can do anything.

Be very little, welcome these words: these words, my children, are from the Divine Will.

I am the Divine Will. I am the Almighty. I am the Power.

No child on earth is able to speak as a witness, only God can bear witness to the child who speaks in God.

I am in you, I speak within you, and every one of you is witness to my Word within you: be in my action.

Little children of love, you have received, at this very moment, graces of love that enable you to see the power of my love. Only my consecrated

son has received the power, through the Trinity, to give you graces from Heaven.


Blessing by Abbot Louis-Philippe Jean: I will bless you and the Holy Spirit will continue working in each of your hearts. “May almighty God bless you, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and may Mary guide you to her Son, Jesus.”


All: Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God has asked me to be obedient; he says that when I obey, there are graces for me and for those I carry within me.

I often receive graces from the Trinity; I receive them in the morning, before I open my eyes.

He wakes me up, I keep my eyes shut and then, I hear the voice giving me graces, graces of love.

He gives me graces of humility, he gives me graces of abandonment, and (since) I have to obey, then he gives me graces of obedience.

In the beginning, when all this started, I didn’t really know if I was obedient because I would ask myself if this was coming from God, and also, if it was allowed by the Church.

Because, to me, obedience (was) above all, about the Church, and then I had to obey my father, my mother.

My mom and dad, that was about obedience.

I know full well that I always wanted to behave well towards my brothers and my sisters, but it was really hard! No matter what you did, with thirteen kids at home, there was a lot of friction; maybe not with the older ones, because the older ones, we had learned to respect them from our dad.

It was because they cleaned the house, so when they were cleaning up: “Have respect for what they’ve done.”

And so, to us, that was respect.

But as far as obedience was concerned, it was mostly towards the Church and towards mom and dad – that’s what obedience was all about.

Then, after that, of course at school we had to obey the teachers because if we didn’t, we would have to deal with dad.

He was strict, my dad, but fair. He was an authoritative man: with eight daughters, he had to be, eh! So, we had to listen to him often even if we didn’t feel like listening to him.

And through this, he taught us proper behaviour, because we learned that even if daddy wasn’t around, we had to behave properly.

And I'm going to give you an example…

At school, I remember, in grade two, I was at the back (of the class), and then – it was (a school) for boys and girls because it was in the countryside – there was a boy, I don’t even remember his name, he said, “Hey! There's a mouse!” I started screaming in class, it disrupted the entire class. So, the teacher, she took me by the arm, and squeezed very hard. Then, she said, “What’s this? You want to scream? Okay, then, stand on your chair and scream.”

Well! At home, with my father it was: like this and like that, I wasn’t used to doing such things, so I didn’t scream.

I can’t even remember if I stood on the chair, but what I do remember is that I stayed (in class) while the others went to recess; so, when my teacher was looking down, I made a face.

I wasn’t happy, she had hurt me and it wasn’t my fault if I had screamed; but I was so ashamed of having made a face that just before the others returned, I went to see the teacher and even if she was looking down, I said to her, “I am asking you to forgive me.”

She was very surprised, and I said to her, “Please forgive me because I made a face at you when your head was down.”

Well, those were my father's values, those were his values.

And this is how I grew up, because when I began going out, at around 16 or so, well my father didn’t want us to go dancing.

I had a girlfriend who lived in the country, and she used to go to the Do Ré Mi – it was a place where people danced, but they only sold Coke, nothing else – we were with her brother who chaperoned; so, he used to say, “At ten o’clock, we’re coming to pick you up.”

Ten o’clock, that wasn’t very late, but even so, at 16, it seemed late to us.

And sometimes, it can happen… the Lord has just told me, “Sometimes, it was a little later than ten o’clock.” “Yes, Lord.”

Because he says, “Sometimes, her brother wasn’t on time.”

So mom knew that I was going dancing; she knew, but my father, he didn’t like it.

So, when I would get there, even if my father wasn’t there, I behaved as I was supposed to, all the time, because they were values he had instilled in me.

I know, I could have done things, like, I don’t know… no, my dad wasn’t there but there was something in me that told me I had to respect authority: my father.

So, when I would get home on Monday – because I slept at her house and we would take the bus to school – at night, dad would say, “Did you go dancing?” Then, mom would send me signals; in the end, since he was asking me, I would say, “Yes.”

And then, I would get scolded, not with gentle words, but hard words.

My father didn’t swear at us, but let’s say that he used harsh words sometimes.

So, he would send us to our rooms sometimes for three days.

And, this also led me to respecting him when I was with my boyfriend, because when I was all alone with him, this wasn’t easy either.

We always tried to be around his sister; we would go play cards, and in the end, it was time we got married! Dad wasn’t there but if I had done something… I think he would have known it, that’s for sure, he would have known! I would never have done anything because he wouldn’t have liked it, because he was strict, my dad, even with my husband.

He was a man from a large family, and dad, he wasn’t a shy man, and he certainly wouldn’t have been shy to say to him, “What have you done?” Perhaps my husband wouldn’t have been able to take it; he wasn’t used to authority, my husband; he lived alone with his Mother and so, authority, he had never known this.

I had also the impression that I was protecting my boyfriend a little.

And so, this taught me to be obedient, and it also taught me to obey the Church because dad taught us to go to mass on Sundays.

When we didn’t go to mass, well, you had to have a good reason not to go to mass.

I don’t really remember missing mass because dad, he knew everything.

And so, my boyfriend, he would pick me up and we would go to mass. We would go to mass together, we had no choice! If we skipped, we had to go to Confession. We had received these values that showed us to obey the Church.

All this, it made me grow up.

Seeing that we’re not all obedient led me to the discovery that it’s when we begin growing up: that we don’t always obey the Church.

When I began writing – I was around people who are like us, who pray – you know, who wants to listen to a messenger? Only people who pray.

The others, if they had children whose friends knew about us, then, they found out that I was writing, they started to believe.

But with people who pray, it was different: that’s when I saw people who prayed who weren’t always obedient.

It’s not because I'm obedient 100% of the time, that’s not true, I'm not obedient 100% of the time; If we claim to be obedient 100% of the time, well then, that’s when we’ll stumble, and we’ll fall into error; but I did my best to obey.

If, at times, I did disobey, well, I confessed it; and that’s why, probably, I don’t do it often (disobey): when we’re not part of a group (of friends), and when we don’t spend a lot of time socializing, we have a tendency to disobey less often.

It’s true, there are fewer temptations! And so, me, I lived my whole life with my husband, with my three children, my brothers and my sisters; and even then, if one of my brothers or my sisters talked about so and so… I even remember my husband once… one day, my brother-in-law comes (to the house) and he starts talking against one of them, and my husband said, “If you’re coming over to talk about my brother-in-law, then stay home.”

Hey! That’s why we didn’t receive many visitors at home! We found ourselves at home all alone quite often.

So much so that sometimes my husband would say, “That’s because you want to be like your sister Rita too much.”

My sister Rita was a very prayerful person; she had given me books that I used to teach the Catechism to my children.

My sister Rita wanted to be a nun, and so he (my husband), wasn’t too thrilled with my praying so much.

I would give this to the Lord, but I would at least try to not let it show too much.

So, I was discreet in my way of leading the children to speaking about the good Lord, I was quite discreet.

Let’s just say that they weren’t really interested in hearing about it although I talked about it a lot, but I used to say, “Well, that’s your business.”

So I would still introduce religion through the way I would speak.

It was done quite discreetly so as not to force it on them.

Then, this led me to the discovery that we’re not all alike, and I think we must love those who aren’t all like us.

Because when my husband died, it was just before my husband’s death, at least one year, I would attend a prayer group once a week, not too often because my husband was already… in the end, you know, during the last six months, it was twice a week - I was still trying to be careful.

And so I would see people who were praying, who were very good, but what would shock me sometimes was that they would get mad at the Church: like judging St. Paul.

It surprised me so much that they didn’t agree with what St. Paul had said in the Gospel.

They were saying that he was against women.

And, I learned other things too; I also learned they there were some who didn’t agree with what the saints had said.

Oh! My goodness! And the more time went on, I also saw that they didn’t agree with the priests! Ah! This was very difficult sometimes as well because they would say, “So and so is like this, so and so is like that.”

And I even discovered some horrible things. – Ah! Lord, he even wants me to….

You know, before, I thought that all priests were saints.

I didn’t know that priests had faults, big ones! But there were some who had great suffering, tremendous suffering! There were some who were drawn to committing acts involuntarily, and other people were talking about them like that.

And, it was very hard to discover everything going on around me.

I, who had spent my life being obedient to the Church, I was discovering that priests were human, and that they suffered and that they bore wounds.

But before I learned about all the wounds, and all those things, before all of the Lord’s teachings, I was discovering priests who had done things that, to me, were unthinkable! So, imagine that with all this, I was saying that the voice inside me was in some way the cause of what I was learning.

So, it couldn’t come from God.

Around the same date as today: end of May, beginning of June, during two weeks in Medjugorje, that’s when I had completely refused to listen to the voice inside me.

But Mother Mary had wanted me to go to Medjugorje to give me, inside myself, the grace to see, to discover that it was true, and to discover God's mercy.

I discovered that I had to obey the voice inside me and I discovered love.

He talked to me so much about love and about Mary’s love in Medjugorje! And, from that moment on, I never again doubted the voice inside that was talking to me, and the teachings continued.

The teachings on love: to discover God's love for each of us, and the love God has for his Church, because he began talking to me about the Mystical Body.

You know, he didn’t start talking to me about the Mystical Body right away, he began talking to me about love, he talked to me about my inner life: me in you, you in me, me in the Father.

Father Clément would say to me, and also Abbot Jean, that it was like St. John.

Do you know that I had never read St. John? I heard it at mass, through the priests, but not: me in you, you in me; maybe they did talk about it but it didn’t register, maybe I wasn’t ready to understand this yet.

Maybe the Holy Spirit didn’t want me to understand, either.

So, when I began dictating what the Lord was saying to me, and when my spiritual adviser talked to me about it, well, I went to see in the Gospel and I could see: you in me, me in you, I am in my Father, my Father is in me.

Ah! I was really surprised, yes, this surprised me! Afterwards, I stopped this because the Lord was asking me to stop reading, not to stop reading the Bible, he did make me read the Bible, but in obedience.

I would wait for him to say to me, “Go look in your Bible.” And he would do it.

Do you see what obedience is? In obedience, he was teaching me everything I have to do, everything I must not do.

It was in obedience, and this led me to discover the love he has for his priests, the love he has for each of us.

But, it is a divine love, it isn’t a human love, God's love! We cannot understand it, we cannot grasp it, but we can, however, allow ourselves to be enveloped by all this.

And, slowly, with graces, he makes us absorb these things inside ourselves, along with what our human will enables us to do.

I also learned to obey through what he was asking me and also through what I must receive, because we want to receive.

We also want to know: why this, why that? Why did the Lord make us go forward while we were sick or were suffering? You see, all these questions – why was it necessary for his Son to come on earth to purify our sins? – he knew this even before he created Adam and Eve.

Try to image the big question! God is the Almighty, God knows everything, God is aware of everything.

So, he put Adam and Eve on earth because he loved them.

He took part of his own life, part of his own breath, to give life to matter, because we’re nothing more than matter.

Human life is matter, this can be analyzed.

Scientists know quite a bit about this, but they can’t talk about divine life because they can’t know about it. So, since they can't know about it, they can’t talk about it, they ignore it.

I'm not saying they deny its existence, because they too will see the light when the Holy Spirit will want them to see it; because in the Gospel, he said, “I reveal to the least what I hide from the greatest.”

So, when they will see themselves as little, they will have the answer regarding divine life, they will understand everything.

Us, it’s a little at a time that we try to understand what he wants to make us understand.

This is why we must accept to be children of sin.

It’s true, we’re the children of sin.

This is why we can accept that a God tell us that he wants to cleanse us of all impurity, even the children of the Light, because we go to Confession, we go to Communion often, but we’re always in danger of committing sins.

We’re always in danger of being tempted because evil is inside us.

As long as we have evil inside us, we’re going to be children of sin because evil inhabits us.

This is why we must accept to be humble, to be little, to accept that Jesus nourish us with his sacraments; we must agree to turn to the priests.

The priests’ mandate is to give us graces through the sacraments, this is so huge! Even among the children of the Light, you know, there are many who claim they’re able to go several weeks without going to Confession! We must really ask ourselves: Am I able to withstand my illnesses? Am I able to withstand my sufferings? Am I able to stand seeing that my children no longer practise? Am I able to do my work without becoming irritated? Am I able to do things throughout my day without feeling tired?

Well, if you can answer yes to this, then go to Confession only in many, many weeks: me, I can't do it because I know that “for each day its sorrows suffices.”

We live in the present, we live in the company of the good and the evil inside us.

The evil inside us dwells within us, the good in us also dwells within us, but due to all the sins I committed since my birth, well, my body has suffered the consequences.

And so, today, I find myself with osteoporosis; today, I find myself with fibromyalgia; today, I find myself having dizzy spells sometimes.

God didn’t want me to be like this, it’s wrong to believe this, but it’s because of my sins.

So, my body became weak, and it’s not only this, it’s more than this.

My father, who loved me a lot, my mother, who loved me a lot, they too committed sins; they carried within themselves parents who also bore sins, whether it was on the paternal or maternal side; they also carried all this.

They had their illnesses, and those illnesses, we carry them inside us.

We carry illnesses, which are genetic as they say, but not only illnesses, we carry their sins.

You know, when we have parents who have spoken against one, against another, we heard them when we were young, and well, we do the same thing! You see, when we have parents who have a tendency to blaspheme, well, we blaspheme! When we have parents who are jealous, you’ll see that we have a tendency to be jealous; possessive, we have a tendency to be possessive.

But this, this is because we carry all this.

These are sins that have contributed to the way we function in life.

This is what we do, and yet, we don’t want to do this, but it’s despite ourselves.

When we’re mad, do you think we’re happy to be angry? When we notice that we’ve hurt our husband, or our wife, or our children, our Mother - our mother who bore us, our father who devoted himself to us!

If we had clothes on our back it was because our father went out to work, if we have a house and if we also want a house for our children, well, we got this from somewhere! It came from our parents.

But we talk against them.

Well, maybe that’s because they talked against their parents as well.

And us, without wanting to, we carried this inside us, and when there's something that doesn’t please us, then, a feeling emerges (from us) involuntarily and we get angry.

And yet, we don’t want to get mad, we’re children of the Light.

We’ve reached the point where we know we’re not supposed to do this.

How are we supposed to resist what’s inside us if we don’t go obtain strength from the sacrament of Penance, the sacrament of the Eucharist? You know, most of us have been baptized, we received the sacrament of Baptism, then we received the sacrament of the Eucharist, then we received the sacrament of Confirmation: this, this nourished us, it made us develop gifts of love, it brought us graces, but is it enough? Should we stop there, did this make us perfect children, children capable of resisting the evil that dwells in us? No! No, because there are many who have stopped going to mass! How many of our children have received these sacraments and don’t go to mass anymore? That’s because they carry evil inside themselves; there's nothing to protect them against the evil that attacks them, that leads them to committing sins.

Above all, we mustn’t blame them, above all, we mustn’t be afraid.

We live in fear, us, the children of the Light, who have become closer to the sacraments.

Because our children commit sins and we see this, then we, too, are inclined to worry.

We have a tendency to maintain the fear that is inside us.

But do you know that fear doesn’t come from God? Fear comes from evil.

Because when we’re in pain, well then, we’re afraid, we keep ourselves in fear, in worries.

How can we help our children? We’re not even capable of welcoming God on our own, with confidence, with abandonment. We worry about our children, while we, we don’t even worry about ourselves.

We should be worried about ourselves because fear doesn’t come to us through the good inside us, doubt doesn’t come to us through the good inside us, it comes from evil.

So, this is why we have to go to Confession as often as possible, to Communion.

We have to let Jesus nourish us with his graces of love.

He wants to turn us into children of love.

Often I hear Jesus: “Do not be afraid. Give me everything. Do not worry.”

Well, these are loving words because Jesus, he wants to do everything he can for us, he wants to fulfill us.

When we let Jesus have our entire life within us, well, then he turns us into children of abandonment; then, the children who belong to us, our own children, well, they benefit from these graces! But, in the beginning, we’re the ones who will benefit from them because we’re going to become children who are calm, we’re going to become loving children, we’re going to become patient children, tolerant, we’re going to become children who don’t judge their children either: so, we’re the ones who will benefit from this.

If our children see us in this tranquility, in this movement of love which happens not through us, but through God, then they will be witness to what we are, and they too will have that peace - it’s going to spread.

You know, when we eat garlic, we smell like garlic (even the air around us), so those who come close can smell it.

– You see, I couldn’t explain it to you properly at supper; you see, in the Holy Spirit, in abandonment, it flows all by itself. Thank you, Lord! –

This is really what God does with us, he fills us with his love, then his love emerges all around us, so the children who are around us, they feel God's presence, they sense that we’re at peace, that we’re calm.

It’s not that we’re indifferent with our children, it’s that we’ve learned how to love them, but not with our possessive love, not with our educating love, it’s with a love from God, a divine love.

So, how can we give them this divine love? It’s only by letting God transform us into children of the Divine Will.

This is how! It’s so amazing! When God takes all that we are, he does it in his own way, not our way.

We’ve been trying to change for too many years, trying to change our children with our human will; well, we have to abandon ourselves; now that he's beginning to reveal these things to us, on the inside: we have to welcome them.

Today, I went to see the good confessor he assigned to me – Abbot John – and I spoke in the Holy Spirit.

Because you know, I didn’t know what I was going to say. It was really in the Holy Spirit.

He sends among you children who don’t work in the Church, because that’s up to the priests, that’s up to the deacons, that’s up to the Bishops, to the Archbishops, that’s up to the Cardinals, that’s up to the Pope.

Now, that’s obedience to the Church!

But us, we’re still out there, we’re still people who may have families, friends – this is where he wants us to be; he wants us to act in Jesus, not of our own accord; and so, this is why he sends me to talk about love, to talk about Jesus in us.

Jesus is living, Jesus is active, Jesus nourishes us with his love, the Holy Spirit covers us.

Imagine, the Holy Spirit covers us, he gives us the words that children want to hear, not the words we want them to hear.

This, this is different because those words contribute nothing, they don’t want anything to do with us.

So, God sends us, he sends us out there for a good reason, because the people on the street - that’s what he calls them, they’re the ones who don’t go to Church - us, we go to Church, we’re still children out on the street but we have agreed to enter the Church through obedience and to always be nourished by the graces God gives us through the priest’s words.

You know, when a priest gives a homily, it’s filled with graces; even if we think they’re very simple words, they’re coming from a priest.

The Lord, when I'm there, he doesn’t talk to me, he's silent; he says, “Listen, my daughter.”

Can you see how important a priest is? He's teaching us to be quiet so we can listen to his priest: we have to lead them, our brothers and our sisters, to church.

But we can't do it with our own words, we’ve been forcing our children to go to mass for too many years.

They’re – Lord! – fed up.

Yes, they’re tired of listening to our words, they don’t want to listen to us anymore, because it’s as if we… as if we had forced them to go welcome something they didn’t understand, while we ourselves, we didn’t understand.

Remember earlier when I said to you: “Me in you, you in me”? The priests have said this; I just couldn’t understand and yet, those were the words I had heard.

It’s because of our sins, it’s because we have committed sins, it’s because our parents have committed sins – we haven’t understood the true value of the Mass, the importance of the priest in the Church.

And, the priest, he has suffered because of this throughout the years.

When we talk about priests with regards to years, we’re talking about decades: we’re going back to the time of the Apostles.

The Apostles were the first Bishops but before becoming Bishops, they were priests.

Yes, because they had to be instructed for three years.

They received instruction on love, and when the Holy Spirit came, they became Bishops.

I went to the ordination of Gabriel Lévesque last night; imagine, the Bishop put oil on Gabriel’s hands.

When I saw this: putting oil on Gabriel’s hands! You know, Jesus, he gives beautiful messages of love to his priests.

And he talks about their consecrated hands.

Ah! When I saw yesterday that the Bishop was consecrating his hands with oil, I found that moment so important! I can’t explain what I felt... it was as if I had right in front of me, through what I was seeing, what he has been telling me about priests, because I can’t tell you in which message, but I know (he’s saying): that the priests’ hands are consecrated. 

And yesterday I saw how he consecrates the hands of the priests.

And I even saw the other priests kissing the hands of the priest (Gabriel).

Do you see how important the priest’s hands are? We can’t understand this; you really have to be in Jesus to understand the tremendous value of a priest.

So, through the years, priests have been judged by us, by other children.

And because we have judged the priests, because we haven’t supported them, well, they also succumbed.

There haven’t been enough children who have prayed for the priests.

It is necessary to support priests because Satan, he knows only too well that priests, they’re the pillars of the Church, they’re the (active) members. This value wasn’t instilled in us, and not because this was their fault, no, that’s not true! It’s not their fault, it’s due to evil, to the human will inside us.

So, throughout the years, we too, did not possess the value of praying for priests, and Satan, he really, really set his mind to tempting them, he even used children (of God) to tempt them.

This is the consequence of our human will.

Can you see that we mustn’t judge anybody? We must not judge ourselves as unworthy of God’s love.

We must not judge our parents, our grandparents, as unworthy of God’s love.

We must not, above all, judge our priests as unworthy, because a priest, through his consecrated hands, has received a power that no person on earth possesses, no one: this power passes through his hands.

He can do all sorts of bad deeds – and I also learned this from my lessons – although he can do all sorts of deeds caused by his human will, he’ll still be a consecrated priest, and his hands will still be consecrated.

We must not judge, we must pray.

We have to take care of him because he knows how to take care of our soul.

We must also acknowledge that we’re descendants of Adam and Eve.

We have to acknowledge that we’re children who have succumbed, because our first parents succumbed.

But, you know, our first parents cried.

They committed the only sin: the sin of disobedience. Imagine how they suffered when they saw one of their children, Cane, commit the greatest sin that lead to other sins, and he was our brother.

We can’t reject Cane, eh? Is there someone among you who can say that Cane wasn’t his or her brother?

No, no one, that’s why we must not judge him.

We must judge no one, absolutely no one.

And if some of our brothers and our sisters are in hell, well, we have to give this to God; him, he knows what we need to know, not us.

We must also understand how many of our brothers and our sisters are in Purgatory.

Since they need us, we have to pray constantly.

Do you know what the Lord, the Holy Spirit made me understand? I have a guardian angel, his name is Amistica – he’s the first one, I have five of them. It was the Holy Spirit who told me: “Ask your angel to pray for the souls in Purgatory.”

So, when I sleep at night, I don’t pray! So, I ask my guardian angel to pray for the souls in Purgatory.

And I also ask, in the Divine Will – because Jesus is more powerful than me, eh? – so, in Jesus, I ask all the guardian angels of all my brothers and sisters to pray for the souls in Purgatory, every night.

And when I forget, well, he makes me think of it, Jesus, so that can I ask them.

Imagine, Jesus makes me think of saying “Thank you” to my angel and to all the guardian angels too, because I have to say thank you; but if I forget, the Lord makes me think of it.

And also the souls in Purgatory! I talk to them as my brothers and my sisters, I love them.

He made my love for them grow, and they pray constantly for us.

They pray for us, the souls in Purgatory.

So, it’s worth it for us to pray for them! We mustn’t forget them because them, they pray for us constantly.

So, imagine how important this is! And when they’re in Heaven, when they enter Heaven… the power they have to pray for us! This, this is a movement of love, this is love in God.

So, God gave me a lot of love tonight, and he gave you lots of love so that we can love one another.

These words I dictate, they’re words that come to me spontaneously.

They’re words from the Holy Spirit. Jesus is in me, the Father is in me, and the Holy Spirit is in me: this is a movement of love.

We have the Trinity inside us, so everything is done in the Trinity.

What I’m saying doesn’t come from me because I don’t know what he’s going to say, but I know he wants me to tell you that I love you.

I know that Jesus of love wants to occupy all the room, and it’s in Jesus that I must say to you: “I love you in Jesus.”

Thank you, thank you very much. Amen.