Gathering of Love with God's Action in Saint Boniface, Manitoba,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus



Jesus: My children who love with me, I have gathered you together so you could see your presence in me.

Every child in this world must acknowledge that he is in me, Jesus; I have called you to love, I have asked you to love one another.

Every child on earth, I know his gift of love to God.

Every child on earth who has not given his gift to God, I know him as well.

My children of love, before your eyes you have had Jesus giving himself, taking all children of the world within himself, bringing unto death all their impure actions.

All those children are in me; I have not removed a single child who refuses God's love, and you, you are in me, you are in my presence, you are also with all the children of the entire world.

I am aware of your gift of love.

I want to teach you, my children, to know those who are in pain, I want to make you see within yourselves your brothers and your sisters.

You live your life and you also live your life in the presence of your brothers and your sisters.

You cannot be indifferent to their actions.

You carry within you the children who do good deeds, but you also carry within you children who do bad deeds, and because of this: you suffer.

You thirst for love, you want to know happiness on earth.

But the time during which I, I ask you to stay with your brothers and your sisters in suffering has not yet come to an end.

You still have a short amount of time left in order to help your brothers and your sister who do not know that I dwell within them.

I want to make them discover God's love, God's mercy.

I came to suffer while taking all these children within myself.

You, the children who are aware that Jesus is living, that Jesus still bears suffering within him, you must learn to give me your brothers who are suffering, you must also learn to abandon yourselves in me, Jesus, by giving me your human will.

I want to cover you with my action.

I want to make you discover why you came on earth.

I want to make you discover the true value of your inner life.

My children, look at me, I gave myself, you can see my wounds, they bear every child on earth: they are in me.

I am the Life, I am in you, you are in me, and because you are in me, you must become aware that you carry children who are suffering.

Sin is the (cause) of your sufferings, my children.

As I gave myself, I want you to give yourselves.

I want to take your sufferings within myself, I want you to give me the sufferings of your brothers and of your sisters.

I alone am the Power; I alone have the power to heal you.

These wounds you see on my Body are the marks of your life.

As long as one of you is not completely abandoned in my wounds, allowing me to eradicate all impurities, I, I shall continue supporting you in your refusals.

My children, I have been crying out since my arrival on earth, I cry out within you to surrender your lives to me.

When I was on earth, I taught my apostles about abandonment in God.

When I gave myself up to my Father, I was showing through this that you as well had to give yourselves up in me, Jesus, I who gave myself to my Father.

I said that it was necessary to die in me in order to obtain life, but the children of this world refuse to give themselves to me, they no longer have faith in my laws of love, they even deny my coming into this world, they no longer believe in my eucharistic Presence, consequently, they are denying themselves the love I have for them.

This is why I have come to speak to each of you, you, my

Father's chosen children, to evangelize my children.

The Holy Spirit will cover you with his power; he is the one who will place within you the words you must pronounce.

Those words will have to come from me, Jesus, in you.

You will hear them through the power of the Holy Spirit, for such is my Father's Will, and I accomplish my Father's Will. This is why I have come to ask you, my children of the Light, to give me your yes like a child.

I know your yes, it belongs to you, it is part of your daily lives, it comes from your human will.

I, I want more than this: I want you to surrender your lives to me, Jesus.

I want to cover your yes with my yes, for my yes has born you, for my yes is in your presence; you see it before you, it has imprinted itself upon my Flesh, and I, who allowed my Heart to be opened, I let you enter into me.

Beloved, you must abandon yourselves in me, Jesus.

A yes that remains only on the outside is a yes of suffering, it is a yes that must always be nourished with love, it is a yes that must allow itself to be transformed by my Precious Blood.

There is only Jesus who can turn you into yeses of love, yeses worthy of my Father.

My children, I want you to enter into me, I want you to come into my Heart, I want to envelop your yes.

Your yes shall be my yes, it will bear fruits of love for you and for those you carry within you, for if I carry you within me, I also carry those you carry, because when you agree to enter into me, into my Heart, you agree to be with your brothers and your sisters in me, Jesus.

You will form but one with me, for I am the Power.

I want you to give me your human will.

I want you to efface yourselves so that I, I can take up all the room within you.

I want to purify all your actions.

I want to turn you into children of the Light, as my Mother wants you to be.

My Mother is asking you to pray with your hearts.

Your hearts, my children, are those of your brothers and of your sisters, you are in them.

When you pray with your heart, you pray with your brothers and your sisters.

I want you to come and place all this in my Heart, for my Mother is the Gate of Heaven.

You carry Heaven within you: wherever I am is where my Father is, wherever I am and wherever my Father is, is where the Holy Spirit is.

You are inhabited by the Holy Spirit, you are inhabited by the love of God the Father, you are inhabited by crucified Jesus.

Do you see that you carry Heaven within you?

You must come with what you are: your sufferings, your illnesses, your fears, your fears over not being able to be love; I alone shall transform you with what you are.

If I can do this for you, I can also do this for all those you carry within you.

I am Mercy. I am Love.

I am the same one who allowed himself to be crucified on the Cross.

You carry life within you.

I am the Life, and in me, you shall be eternal.

My children of love, I am speaking to you like this because soon you will see Jesus within yourselves.

You will be in the very presence of glorified Jesus.

You will be enveloped in my love.

You will see every one of your actions.

Whether they are good or bad, you will see all you have done on earth, and you will also see all you have produced within yourselves: nothing will be hidden from you.

All will be happiness and joy for those who behaved well, and for those who behaved badly, I will envelop them in my love so they do not suffer too greatly, as some of my children will want to die for their pain will be so intense!

I, I will protect them from themselves.

This is why you, my children of the Light, I ask you to pray for your brothers, for your sisters.

When you pray, you pray in me, Jesus, you become a presence within my children who do not pray, and the graces that Jesus gives you will be beneficial to those children.

You see, I give to each of you so that you too may learn to give.

Just as I gave myself up on the Cross, I want you to give yourselves up on your cross, for when you live in this world where there is evil, you carry sufferings within yourselves.

You are being hurt, you suffer, but because you pray to me, I, I give you graces and your sufferings become your consolation, for I cover you with my love.

How many of my children have suffered with joy in their hearts!

They could not understand why they were happy even as they were suffering.

This could not have been because of their jovial nature, this came from me, Jesus.

I was giving them graces of love for themselves, and these children were experiencing peace.

They were not living in suffering, in fear, they felt that there was something good inside themselves.

They could not explain this as it was inside them, it was not external.

Today, the children who suffer and who do not come to me seek comfort.

They will take medication, they turn to doctors who might bring them external comfort.

This might relieve their sufferings but this does not give them the joy of offering themselves on behalf of those they love.

Do you see how God wants to make you discover love for your neighbour? You know children around you who have performed these deeds of love.

Some of you are living this because I nourish you with my Life: my Life that is, that was and ever shall be.

You came into this world to journey towards my Father.

In this world, you have known sins, sins that have led you to illness, old age, and through me you were able to find within yourselves the consolation that was helping you to go forward, for you knew this was going to be your deliverance: you were going to leave your body to go to my Father.

My children, I came into this world: I lived among you, I have seen your sufferings, I have seen your illnesses: I have healed, I have nursed, I have comforted, I have spoken to you about my Father; I told you that you were going to know happiness but because of sins, I had to suffer, I had to carry my Cross, your cross in my Cross.

I led you to your path in life while carrying your life upon my shoulders, by giving you the example of the Cross, and through my apostles I showed you that it was necessary to die in me so as to be able to go forward with your suffering to obtain your deliverance.

Your deliverance, my children, is to you a renunciation of what you have been on earth.

Forsaking your human will to live in the Divine Will,

in my Father's Will, this is where the Kingdom of God is.

Adam and Eve said no to the Divine Will, for when, in their desire to become like little gods, they disobeyed, they said yes to their human will, wanting to choose on their own what was good and what was bad, and God withdrew his Divine Will for God is love.

He is a free God, he wants you to be free as well, he wants you to be love to him, he wants you to renounce your human will of your own accord.

My children, when you die, your physical body remains on earth, your soul presents itself to God.

A very short time is granted to you during which you see your life.

When you see God, and God envelops you in his love, the children of the earth who are before me and who have left their bodies, have a decision to make: the one of giving their yes to The Love, to renounce all they were (on earth), to desire to live in the Divine Will (eternally), to desire to live in God, in Jesus, to go to my Father.

The children who are impure and who see themselves as unworthy of God's love, throw themselves into the fire of love in order to be purified.

It is with love that they do this because they have become love.

Evil has withdrawn from them and they become children of God, but as they know they are unworthy due to the sins they have committed, it is they themselves who agree to their purification.

This movement is love and when God the Father himself decides that they are worthy, these children come to him.

This time is unknown to them.

My children of love, I am coming to prepare you for the Great Purification on earth.

Every child on earth will see himself within himself, and this time is also unknown to you.

You, the children of the Light, you are in the process of allowing me, Jesus, to purify you.

When you accept your purification, you allow Jesus to turn you into children of the Divine Will.

You are already preparing your purification, and you are also helping the children you carry within you to become purified, for when they will be before me, they will have to agree to their purification in a moment of love.

That moment is unknown to them.

How long will this moment last? This is willed by my Father, it shall be according to what they have done on earth, and it is through you, my children, that I will come to help them so they will be able to withstand their sufferings.

This is why I am asking you to take them within you, to pray for them, to not judge them.

It is they who will judge themselves for not one of their deeds will not be shown to them, according to what they have been, for if a deed is impure, it is because they themselves have been impure.

No one shall escape this judgement; such is my Father's justice.

I am asking you to love one another, to give yourselves as I, I gave myself.

You are in me, you are part of my wounds, they too are part of my wounds.

I, I am Jesus, the only Son of God the Father and my sacrifice is unique.

Do you see, my children, that your sacrifices are part of my sacrifice?

Offer yourselves, give yourselves, God will reward you a hundredfold.

My children, if I were to tell you about the joy you will feel, you would not be able to grasp all its worth because of your human will.

When you shall be in me, when you shall be children of the Divine Will, you will be in this joy and then you will be able to grasp its entire depth for the happiness within you will have revealed itself.

Behold, this time is coming soon.

Do not try to determine the moment; it is at this very moment that you must live in the present; what is for tomorrow, leave that up to God.

Come die in me at this very moment and it is with the graces I give you right now that you will live your tomorrow.

But before tomorrow comes, accumulate these graces of love through your yes in me, Jesus.

I am The Love, I come to speak in your hearts.

I come to speak for your children, for your beloved brothers, for those you hold so dear.

Be faithful.

I love you. I love you as you are. And if your children, your brothers and your sisters whom you love so dearly, are not as you, you would like them to be: give them to me! I carry them, they were in me before you, you come into this world; they belong to me as you, you belong to me.

Trust in my word.

Keep your peace and when fear shall rise up within you, give it to me, for Satan wants you to be afraid.

He loves it when you are doubtful, for he knows that I cannot act.

I cannot pour graces into you for your brothers and your sisters, for your children, because when I pour graces into you, because you have doubted, you have been afraid, then you see, they cannot benefit from these graces.

This is why he keeps you in fear and in doubt: give this to me and every time you have a feeling of fear and of doubt: give it to me.

Remain at peace, in joy.

I come to bring you peace and love, for you, at this very moment in time, of your present.  

God wishes to bring down graces of love for you and for those you carry within you.

Go within yourselves and welcome these graces. Take this time to be with me.