Gathering of Love with God's Action in Saint Boniface, Manitoba,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus



 Jesus: Children of my holy Will, you are in the presence of my action: I speak in your hearts.
You are in me, you are in my Heart of love; I have gathered you all within me tonight; enter within yourselves, be present with me; open your heart, I speak in your heart.

I am Jesus of the Eucharist, I am the Presence.

You have received me within yourselves, I took you within me: life, it is you in my Life.

Many children who come to Communion take me as being a God who is present: when you are present, my children, it is because you are living.

I speak within you, listen to my voice, it speaks to you; do not do as the children who think of other things as soon as they have taken me; they turn their thought to what they are going to do after Mass: I, I want to meet with you inside you.

Do you know, my children, that very often I search for who has received me, for I find no one to keep me company?

I am telling you that I love you, that I want to live in your company.

Remain within me during the moment you have received me, tell me you love me; I, I place graces of love within you to nourish your soul so that you might have a nice day.

When your soul benefits from my graces, your life benefits from my graces; you can work with more peace within yourselves, and when worries that rise up within you, you are less tormented, for my graces have worked their benefits within you.

But if you come to me without thinking about me, without telling me that you love me, I, I am left with your graces that I would have loved to give you, but you have already turned your back on me.

I beg you, stay with me a few moments, talk to me; let us talk about love together, tell me that you want to give me your life, show me that you want my graces.

My Father gave me everything, I want to give you everything.

You must learn to abandon yourselves, to give yourselves, as I give myself to you; give me everything about yourselves with joy, with love.

I gave myself with love because I loved my Father and I loved you; when you give yourselves to me, show me that you love me; appreciate what I want to give you: graces of love, graces of abandonment in my Will of love: my Will is nothing but gentleness.

I have so much love within me for you!

When I, Jesus of love, I give you my graces of love, it is to transform you into children of love; I want you to be nothing but love, and your life will be transformed by my surges of love; then, you will learn to trust in me, you will trust that by abandoning yourselves in me, doubts will disappear, the fear of not knowing how this will happen will disappear from within you, my children of love.


Think of a child who goes to his father; he asks him for help to build his house; he knows that because of his request his father will respond, but as soon as his father's answer is given to him, he begins to build his house right away without listening to his father's advice because he is in too much of a hurry.

He wants to do certain things himself because he is too afraid that they will not be done as he wishes; then comes a time when he begins to doubt the success of his project; he has not noticed that he has not trusted in his father; he has not noticed that his own will took over.

His attitude caused doubt and fear to develop within him, and so he no longer believes in the success of his project, for which he had requested his father's advice in the first place.

My children, this is what you do when you ask me for something: you ask, but you keep within yourselves the certainty that it will not be done as you wish, for if you had been certain that if it would be done according to me: you would not have left, with your will, to do your own will while thinking that your prayers had not been answered.

You have not understood that it is you, my children, who have begun to lose faith. This is why, my children, I am asking you to develop abandonment within yourselves.

You must abandon yourselves in me, Jesus, in faith, you must know that only

God can do anything for you.

Learn to discover your weakness.

Because of your human will, you have developed all-consuming habits within yourselves that have indicated to you that you must act.

Remember your saying: “Help yourself and Heaven will help you.” I, I say to you: “Abandon yourself and Heaven will help you!”

God created Heaven and earth, he created you: he is the only one who can help you throughout your life.

If you have not found happiness within yourselves, around you, you must begin to abandon yourselves in me: by turning to me, Jesus of love, by giving me your human will, by allowing yourselves to be transformed by my graces of love, which I want to give you.

I am the only one who will turn you into children of love, children who trust in me, Jesus.

Firstly, my children, faith comes from me and trust comes from me; you must ask me for it the moment you receive me.

With faith, this will be done through my graces; you will see that, without your noticing it, you will have more and more faith in me, Jesus: I want to develop within you trust in me, in my Heavenly Father.

To live in me, Jesus, it is necessary to die in me, Jesus: this is where your true place is.

This world, my children, is no longer love, it did not want my surges of love; they want to live with their own human will, they no longer come to Mass, they no longer come to Communion, to receive graces of love for their souls, and so the children of this world are suffering.

They develop within themselves the habit of building their lives without me, and so they hurt themselves; they no longer find love around them because they do not have love inside them, for themselves: there is love there but they do not know it.

If a child has no love inside himself, he cannot give love! And those who are around him, they too, if they have no love inside themselves, they cannot give love.

Love does not come from another, love lives in the self; love is nourished within you by my graces of love.

It is necessary to help those children; I am not speaking to you to show you their mistakes, I am speaking to you so you can love them, so you can develop love within yourselves for them.

My children of love, are you certain that you have enough love for them? Do you, my children, remain with me in a moment of intimacy when you receive me? Do you talk to me about love? Do you thirst for me? Did you ask me for faith?

Oh! Children of love, I know each one of you, I know your hope for love; I know that you suffer because you do not live in love with your brothers and your sisters.

I want to begin with you, I want to turn you into children of love, I want you to no longer doubt the power of my love for you and for those who are around you, I want to teach you to abandon yourselves completely in me, by giving me your worries, by giving me your illnesses, by giving me your children, by giving me your husband, your wife, your family: I want everything about you.

There are many wounds inside you.

There are some who have known children who have taken drugs, there are children who have changed religion.

You who have raised them in your religion, you suffer today to see that your children have left my Church.

I am Jesus of Love, I have all children in me.

Abandon yourselves, be faithful that I can do anything.

Give me all those who have made you suffer, there are some who have suffered verbal abuse.

Some know children who have experienced physical violence and this has wounded your heart to the point of crying: give me everything!

Some are afraid for those who do not come to Mass for they fear they are lost: give them to me! I want my children! My children, some of my little children are educated without religion: they suffer! But I say to you that some of you have children who no longer listen to what you have taught them and this makes you suffer: give me everything! I want everything about you; all that makes you suffer, I bore it before you, I took everything within myself: every wound on my Body has born every impure movement.

It is sin that has made your children like this; it is sin that makes you suffer; it is sin that has made you sick; look at me on the Cross, I bore all this for it was sins that marked my Flesh.

Due to the consequence of Adam and Eve’s sin, you were forced to live with good and evil: you were not able to resist evil, nor were your children!

All they do is the consequence of sin.

Will I condemn one or the other because others before them have shown them certain habits which led them to sin as well? I am asking you, my beloved, to enter within yourselves and to give me your sufferings: what you cannot change. I am the Saviour; I came among you to take all the sins of the world to bring them unto death and through this gesture of love, I was showing you that you must give yourselves to me, because I purified you and I purified all that was making you suffer, and I purified all the sins of those you know and of those you do not know.

This is why when I want you to give me everything, I say to you: “Give me your life, give me the lives of my children.

You know that I love you, that I want you as you are along with your human weaknesses; I also want the others who are in you, along with their human weaknesses, because do you know why? Because I have already purified all you have done and all they have done with my Precious Blood.

I want your yes, I want you to place your yes in my yes.”

I am the beloved Son of the Father, I have refused nothing to my Father.

I gave my yes unconditionally despite the fact that I knew all I was about to endure: I knew everything you were going to do, I knew about all your rejections.

My beloved, when you come to Communion and you go home without a single “I love you”, without a single loving action for me, I, I have seen everything and I have continued to shed my Blood because I was aware of the movement of love: I was the movement of love, I am The Love.

This moment is a moment of love for you and for me: “Let yourself be taken by me, your God of love; I want you to abandon yourself now with your yes, your yes of a child.

I want you as a baby, I want to spoon-feed you because you know, if I were to give to you as quickly as you would like, it would not be possible as you would lack the strength to see all the wonders that I want for you; I do not want to crush you with my love, I want to watch over you.

Every day, I will ask for your yes and every day I will give you graces of love, and you will change and you will become a child of love as I, I wish, as my Father has always wished for you.

Abandon yourself in faith, and when you shall be completely love: love will emerge from you effortlessly.

You will be at peace, joyful and those who will come close to you will feel the love emerging from you and through your example, they too will want to savour what you have become: this is what you will do for your children, for your husband, for your wife, for your brothers and your sisters; and I want more than this: those you carry within you will benefit from all I give you.”

My children of love, I want to transform this world.

I want to turn you into children of love on your behalf, on behalf of those you love, those you do not know: only love shall conquer evil.

A world of love is on its way; you are called to live in this world of love that is coming; my Father's Kingdom is coming, my children of love; you shall do his Will on earth as in Heaven, for all is being accomplished.

You are living in this time of love, you are hearing The Love who speaks to you inside yourselves; each one of you, at this very moment, hears what I say within you through this child.

She gave up her human will completely to live in my Divine Will; nothing came from her, only her yes was uttered through her will; we, the Divine Will, were aware of her yes.

We are the Alpha and the Omega, we are the Present; this is why we were aware of her loving yes; we nourished her so as to enable her to do our Will, we chose her for you because we wanted to speak to you in your hearts: such is our action!

Be aware that at this very moment the Trinity is speaking to you, God is the Almighty, God is the Power: you live in this power; become aware of what you are: you have the Trinity inside you; we are The Love and you must be love.

We know better than you what is good; since your birth, we have been nourishing you with our surges of love.

All you have done that was good came from us; not for a single moment did we not pour love into you; this is why, children of God, we are asking you to come to Communion by abandoning yourselves to our love; it is through us, with us and in you that we will transform you.

We want your yes in complete abandonment like this child, and we,

we will do everything for you.

Let yourselves be enveloped in our love; you too will be take part in our action.

When you come to know this moment of love, it will be because you will have uttered your yes with abandonment, without fear.

If your yes is tiny, we will nourish it; it will take root, it will sprout, it will become a branch upon which fruit will grow, and I shall graft that branch to the Tree of Life, for I am the Tree of Life.

I want to nourish you with my Life so you can be children of God, my Father's children; you were chosen to bring to this world proof that you are God's children and that they are God's children.

Through your behaviour, through your loving words, through your gift of your desire to give them love, they will see God's presence, for they will have found nothing similar in what they have done and in what they have sought out, for you shall represent happiness.

Children of love, I have spoken within you, in your hearts, so that you can be witnesses of my action.

Your yes, I will nourish it with my graces of love.

It is in my Being that you will allow yourselves to be transformed for I am Jesus Eucharist, I am the Presence, the Life; always remain in God's love with your yes.

I am giving to you, at this very moment, movements of love that let you know that you belong only to me: you are my Church; I, I am the Head, my consecrated sons are my active members, you are my members, and I want to nourish all my members; I want to make of all children of earth one and only Church: the Church of The Love, the one I founded on earth with my apostles.

I shall return to my Father what he gave to me: you, his children; I love you, give me your yes.

Through the presence of my priests, receive graces of love from Triune God.



The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God says that I must accomplish God's Will; he knows that we’re weak so he covers us with his Spirit of love so we can really understand the testimony of his instrument of love; he says: “Tell them that I am the one who wants you to say this.”

When we learn to abandon ourselves, God takes everything about us, he does everything; believe me, he does everything.

Since 2001, I don’t need a clock, he tells me when to go to bed too; he shows me lots of things regarding my health; he told me that when I eat too much chocolate, it’s not good for me.

This afternoon, we were in the car and I was in the back and I was happy; I said, “Ah! I won’t put on my seatbelt;” but, he said, “My daughter, be obedient and put on your seatbelt.”

Jesus is a God who takes care of us, who teaches us to love ourselves.

He's full of tenderness, he teaches us to be good friends too; because me, before, I was a shy person, I didn’t know how to talk to people, not at all.

I had one friend (from childhood) in my life and she was just like me; if she had been different, I would have been all alone.

And when I met my husband, he had friends; he didn’t leave them because of me, but let’s just say that I was happy to be alone with him because I wasn’t comfortable in a group.

And well, today, I'm with friends I don’t even know and I have the impression that I've always known them: it’s like a big family that I see everywhere.

It’s Jesus who develops this love inside us: this love for our neighbour, this love for us.

He began with me mostly because I was a person who – it wasn’t a negative sort of shyness – but I was solitary: I liked being alone a little too much.

And also, he taught me to behave properly as a mother; I can't say “as a single girl” because it wasn’t that long ago that he began changing me, but as a mother, he completely transformed me.

And also, he changed me as a wife because before my husband’s death, I truly experienced moments of tenderness and love; it was a different love than the one I had known, and it was inside me that all this was happening: I was the one he was changing.

It wasn’t my children, it was me; it wasn’t my friends, it was me; it wasn’t my husband, it was me: it was me that he was changing.

So, it’s the complete opposite of what I had been thinking and seeing around me since I was a child.

Yes, we were taught, since we were children, to be like this or like that, and when we were older, at school, they also taught us: to change us according to what they wanted.

And so, it was the same thing when I started working outside the home, well, I was taught how to work: how to behave with the clients.

So me, I did the same thing; I have always wanted to raise my children the way I, I wanted to.

I did the same thing to my husband, eh? I wanted him to be a husband according to what I, I wanted.

But it was the same thing with my neighbour; I would see my neighbour, and I wanted him to be like me; if he wasn’t like I wanted him to be, well then! I was lost; I would say, “Ah! My God, something’s not wrong.” It was the others who were wrong, it wasn’t me.

We were always taught to want to change others for our sake.

So when I would go to Confession, imagine that my sins were always according to what I knew.

So, sometimes, I had a tendency to judge myself very severely as well: I would blame myself; it was what I believed!

When Jesus began talking inside me, he began talking to me about love, he began talking to me about himself; oh, they were really teachings about love! I had a lesson for all my brothers and sisters every day; imagine that I write quite badly; even so, he would say, “Don’t worry about your spelling.”

I would write one page, two pages, three pages, it could take up to twenty, twenty-five minutes, thirty minutes per message; so, we had the whole day… for us, to ourselves.

Nicole: The messages?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Ah! The lessons! And so, he would talk to me all the time, he would talk to me about love; it was with his graces that he would talk to me since on my own I wasn’t able to because it was really too important; so he would talk to me gently, with simple words so I could understand; sometimes, he would show me images inside myself, that’s when he made me go forward.

He began talking to me about his Father; ah! now that was wonderful because he would say that he was in the Father and the Father was in him.

He would talk to me about the love his Father had for me and for all children, because when he would talk to me about love, it wasn’t only about love for me, but about love for others, but always with the aim of making himself known to me.

Nicole: What was the last part you just said?

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: He was describing the love he has for me and for others, but it was always with the aim of making himself known to me: of making me discover his love. So, it’s the same thing with God the Father… he would give me lessons on love, and I also received some from the Holy Spirit.

You know, our loving Mother is so humble that I only began receiving some (visions) in May, at the end of May, beginning of June, when I went to Medjugorje.

Our loving Mother is the most humble person on earth.

It was with words of gentleness that she allowed herself to be discovered, and it was her Son who introduced me to his Mother.

And with this, the Trinity, I began to understand what it was… what they wanted me to understand about the Trinity; now, this, this is different because with my human will, they knew what I was supposed to learn and not more.

And the writings were becoming more and more intensive: lots and lots of writing; I began to understand what I was writing; in the month of August, he began to talk about our neighbour – it was always in relation to me, but then he began talking about our neighbour – and, he would talk to me about all the children of the world: about the love he had for them and the love I also had to have for them.

So, since 2001, I was receiving graces of love, and this was transforming me always in relation to my brothers and my sisters; my yes was becoming deeper and deeper within me, I would say.

At first, when I gave my life, when I gave my yes, I gave it out of love for Jesus, out of love for my brothers and my sisters; but, you know, deep down I didn’t know what it really meant, and today, I'm still discovering more things: there are still more changes taking place.

When I began, in the month of July, correcting all the writings, then, Jesus, he would say, “Go to a such and such a spot” – this was during the first writings – so, I would go to that spot, it was right in the middle of a sentence, and then, all of a sudden, the writing would start again: he would add a page, two pages and the last word would be in the middle of the sentence.

When this would happen, I would be there in front of the screen and I would be stunned; then, sometimes, there were tears, I would cry when I would see this… I know that Jesus is the Intelligence, I know that he is Perfection, but there, I would see it in front of my eyes, there was so much repetition; sometimes, there could be one repetition, two repetitions in a single message: it was like this in almost all the messages.

I asked Jesus: “But why, Jesus, didn’t you give me this right away at the beginning?” He would say that I was too little, that I had to attend the school of love; and, he would also say: “You have to suffer as I have suffered! You must follow me, and from the first to the last, it will be like this.”

Once, I was doing corrections, and oh boy, he was adding so much, Jesus of love – come on, you’re the one who’s making me say this, Jesus – and, he was adding on, and adding on, and adding on… and, then, I skipped one. I knew that he wanted me to stop there, but I was tired; so, I just kept on going, and going pretending not to notice; he said to me, “My daughter, go back! You know where, go back to the right spot.” So, I said, “Yes, Lord.”

At times, things have happened to me that have shown me God's action.

I was in the process of… I'm going to give you just one example: I was doing – because when I talk about corrections, I'm not the one who does the corrections. I don’t know what to call this, but when, in Jesus, I look at a place (in a text) he, he talks to me: “Take that word, put it in that sentence there.” Well, me, I call this correcting because we’re working backwards. So, I was working on a text that was about stubbornness – a person who argues, people who don’t always agree with us – so, the Lord, he began talking about Don Quixote; yes, he used to say: “You are like windmills, you are fighting the wind.” He is saying: “You do not know where the wind is coming from, and it hits you in the back.”

He was about to continue the writing when all of a sudden, I couldn’t understand anymore – because usually, when I'm correcting, something happens: at every sentence, I know what it means, I understand, I can see the light through it; even with one word, I can look at it and I can explain; I don’t know how this happens but this is how it is – but now, I couldn’t understand, I was completely blocked: “Jesus, something’s not working, I can't understand what you want to say.” I had been stuck on the same word for five, ten minutes, I couldn’t understand.

During those moments, he makes me live things inside myself, like a kind of suffering; then, the telephone rings, I answer and it was the person who organizes the gatherings.

She says this to me: “The meeting at Lake of St. John, it’s not working out.” Then, she says, “Me, I told them something like: ‘She can't possibly give a message individually to one hundred and fifty people in one hour,’ and so, she told me to cancel everything.”

She was telling me this about the other person and so I said, “Don’t worry, everything will work out.” I was repeating everything the Lord was telling me, but I didn’t know how he was going to go about it!

So, I said, “Give me the telephone number of the person and I will call her.” So when I picked up the phone and reached the person in question, she told me that the other person had misunderstood, that she had given me the wrong information, while she, she had given a different message; she said, “I had had a nice day, and then, voila, bang, here she comes and says those things to me; that’s it, she ruined my day!” And so, what they were living, I was in the process of writing it: this happened several times.

After that telephone call, I understood everything the Lord wanted to explain to me and I can, in the Holy Spirit, bear witness that this happened several times with different messages.

Once, there was a young girl, a wife, who was the victim of verbal violence from her husband, and the same thing happened.

It’s not because Jesus provokes events, of course not; it’s because he took that moment, the Lord, he knows everything, and so, when the phone rang right in the middle of a sentence, it was exactly what she was living: he had to know this, and he combined the two moments.

With the writings, I began to understand my brothers and my sisters, not to judge them but to understand love: how much Jesus loves them! Because if you only knew how he, he manages to arrange all this, it’s incredible!

He makes us see how human they are, how far they have let themselves go because of their human will; he shows them how they are; through examples, he really shows what they’re living and he, he says why they’re living this and how he can help them; you know, it’s through his love, it’s God's love that is going to change us.

He's a free God, Jesus; he says that this is for each one of us and he also wants to help us regarding our brothers and our sisters, because he says that if we know ourselves, us, and if we know our neighbour, we’re going to learn to better love ourselves because we’re made of love, and we’re made to give.

We have to begin to know Jesus, to know the Father,

to know the Holy Spirit and to know his Mother.

And then, he teaches us to know ourselves, to love ourselves, to trust in their love, to abandon ourselves in them, because due to our human will we have hurt ourselves, and with this, we have lacked trust, even in God: over time, we have learned to manage on our own with what we know, with what we are.

But by discovering God's love, well, us, we have faith, we can abandon ourselves: we abandon ourselves more easily; so, if we, we learn to become love, well then, it’s to love others: love is meant to be given.

Jesus is love; he is a Movement of giving, Jesus: Jesus is in the Father, the Father is in the Son, the Son and the Father are in the Holy Spirit; do you see which movement this is? Then, we, by giving ourselves in Jesus, we enter into this movement: in me, in you, in them and in you.

So, this is how we will, with what we are, with the love that we are, help our brothers and our sisters to become love as well, but we’re not the ones who are going to do this – that’s the best part of this.

You know, this morning I received a beautiful message in English; he said to me, “Repeat,” so, I repeated, but when I went upstairs, I had already forgotten it, I was really stuck! He said – this was the message, it was for her – he said, “You, you talk again,” and, imagine, I didn’t know what it meant and after, he said, “For me.” He said this to Nicole.

Jesus wants to transform us into beings of love for our brothers and our sisters.

He wants to turn us into instruments of love, he doesn’t want us to do this, he wants us to enter into him.

Jesus is in the Father, Jesus is the Word, he is the accomplishment of his Father's Will; us, we must enter into Jesus: we must enter into the Word; so, we are not the action, we are not the Will, that’s Jesus.

If Jesus received everything from his Father, we who are going to enter into Jesus, we’re going to receive everything from Jesus, who received everything from the Father.

He said this morning that Nicole and I, we’re going to be the repetition of the voice of The Love: what God is reserving, he says it in the moment of his choosing.

This is what he's going to do with us, he's going to take us with what we are, and he's going to develop us according to our rhythm, not according to what we, we want.

Yes, he said once in his writing: “I will not transform you at the speed of your jet planes.” He says that he knows our weakness, he knows all that we have lived and that we, we do not know.

You know, it’s very reassuring to leave everything in Jesus: to do nothing.

You know, when you leave your home and you arrive in a province where you don’t speak the language, and there are about a hundred people, and nothing has been prepared, absolutely nothing has been prepared… he doesn’t even tell me a few moments beforehand what we’re going to talk about, not at all, because he says: “It’s not your gathering, it’s my gathering.”

Even (when I am) in the action, when I come to sit here to bear witness, I don’t know what I'm going to say at all.

Once, he gave me the reason for this: he said that every gathering of love takes places in the heart of every person who is present here; he says that all the words that were uttered – because he told me this afterwards – they depend on every one of you, on what you have already lived, on what you are living now.

He could, through his power, tell me in advance what is going to happen, what the message is going to be; he says he doesn’t want to do this because he says: “You too, you will learn to discover yourself in harmony with your sisters and your brothers.” He says that this is in respect of freedom; Jesus, he says, “If I were to tell you what is in the hearts of my children, without their being aware of it…” it would be as if he were violating your interior.

Jesus is a God of love, he's a God who is free, he wants us to be free.

Even in his teachings, God teaches us how to behave by giving us a loving example.

You know, I didn’t know this, I just learned it at the same time as you and he often does this.

When I was sitting there before, I was saying: “Ah! Lord, you won’t leave me like this, eh? You won’t leave me here without coming to talk to me? What am I going to look like up there if you don’t come and talk to me?” So, he said, “Have faith, I'm here. Have no fear.”

But, one day, this is what he said to me: “Would you be prepared to be mocked on my behalf?” So, I said, “Yes,” and I don’t know what’s going to happen that day.

Dear Jesus of love, he spoils us with graces, you know, while he's telling us at the same time about what’s going to happen, because you’re going to live moments of love, of transformation, because he's preparing us for something huge.

He wants to turn us into children of the Divine Will.

He wants us to become like Adam and Eve once were before the sin, and only the Son of God is going to be able to do this.

He’s going to envelop us in his love, he's going to envelop all our yeses and then, with his yes, he's going to envelop the offence that Adam and Eve did to his Father; since Jesus is the only one who was able to give his yes in order to save us, he is the YES, the yes that will envelop the no, and then, God the Father will be joyful.

Do you know that God the Father created the seventh day as a day of rest? The seventh day, we’re supposed to reserve it for him; we’re supposed to show him our love; we’re supposed to tell him how much we love him; the seventh day, this is his day, it’s his day with his children: we call this our day of rest.

When God the Father will receive his Son's yes, which will envelop the no, God the Father will rest.

When Jesus spoke to me like this, I realized that it’s impossible to grasp all of God's love for us; do you know what it means to wait after your children? You have a child, we have known children, we have children of our own, eh? Imagine that a child doesn’t do as he wishes and yet he doesn’t scold him.

We wait, and we wait, and we wait for him to come home; remember the prodigal son – that’s each and every one of us; well, our Heavenly Father is waiting after us.

He's waiting for our yes to The Love in his Son.

God the Father, he gave us the most beautiful proof of his love: his Son, the Being of his Being. Us, we have to give our yes in Jesus in order to give the Father what he's expecting from us, in order to give God the Father all he is due to receive: all he has given us, well, we must give it to him by going through the Son.

When we say yes, we are agreeing to give our life; it’s not just a little yes, eh? I have just realized this – it is a yes but it’s quite a yes because this yes comes from the Father; since we come from him, it belongs to him but because of our human will, we can't give our yes directly to God the Father.

We have to go through the yes of Jesus, we have to enter into the yes of Jesus.

There is only one yes on earth: that’s the yes of Jesus; there was one other yes – it was Mary’s Fiat and her yes brought the Yes to earth.

Mother Mary’s yes is a pure yes: it was a yes that had never known any imperfection, it was perfect: her yes.

It was necessary for a yes from earth to draw a yes from Heaven, and so Mother Mary’s yes entered into the yes of Jesus.

It was the first yes that entered into Jesus.

You know, for many years, Mother Mary lived in Jesus with her yes, before Jesus came to teach us to say our yes. For thirty years Jesus lived with his Mother in the perfection of that yes.

Such was the Will of his Father – to give to Mary’s yes all the gratitude she was meant to receive, because Mary was purity, the only one who did not have sin within her.

And Mother Mary always kept her yes and her purity of heart, of soul and of body, for Mother Mary became merged with her yes; she allowed herself to be enveloped by her Son's yes.

She had no other life than for her Son, who was making her discover the Father's love:

she, the Pure, who had always given her yes to the Father.

You know, when you know the yes, you don’t have to look for love elsewhere other than in Jesus; it nourishes you.

Me, I gave my yes to Jesus of love, I'm not pure; Jesus had pity on me, he transformed me through his graces of love.

My husband died on March 4; the love I have for my husband is a combination of God's love and human love.

God the Father chose my husband and he also chose me for him; we lived together in love, we experienced difficulties together and we learned to weather the storms: we always trusted in Jesus of love.

I believe that without God’s love: you can't live as a couple; if a couple isn’t Catholic and they live together, that’s because they have God's love inside them, because we’re God's children.

So, when my husband died, I felt a great emptiness inside myself because I missed him; I missed his body, I missed his words, I missed his human words, I missed his affection, I missed his company, but Jesus of love was enveloping me in his graces of love and this comforted me, this gave me peace, and his love for me was so strong that I fell deeply in love with Jesus: this fills the void I felt because of my husband’s absence.

Today, I asked Mother Mary: “Mother Mary, I would like to have the grace of always being my husband’s (only) wife,” and I'm certain this will always be so, do you know why?

Because now, they are all brothers and sisters.

Mother Mary, she had God's love that nourished her constantly because she had received in her womb: The Love.

You, can you imagine that a woman has God inside of her? Can you imagine The Love that was nourishing her? She was carrying all of you, you were all God's children; she was carrying all the children of God the Father within herself, she was becoming the Mother of all the children of earth.

Through this movement of love, Mother of Love was becoming the worthy Mother of all the children of earth since Adam and Eve up to the last one to be created.

And so, if I, I don’t love my brothers, then she couldn’t have loved her children either as: men and women. If to me, through God's love, he gave me the grace to see all male children as my brothers, females as my sisters, how could Mother Mary, who bore the divine Love, God of Love, who became the Mother of all the children of earth, not see God's children as her children; so, this answers certain questions, eh?

Mother is Purity. Mother of love, she has always been purity. Mother of love will always be purity: in body, soul and spirit.

Mother is the Immaculate One!

I give thanks tonight to God for having revealed to us the splendour of Mary’s purity with such simplicity.

It’s so wonderful to hear Jesus talk and to be covered by the Holy Spirit to discover these words of love at the same time as you: this is a movement of love created by the Trinity.

You know, what has just been said tonight, they’re words that came to me through the Holy Spirit, and what comforts me is that I carry my brothers, that we carry all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world; what he showed us tonight, I wish all children had heard this.

Well, now, it’s not “children”, eh, Lord, that you just said to me? It’s “my brothers and my sisters.”

I have a tendency to say “my children” because God, he goes through me, and sometimes, I don’t really know if it’s me in the Holy Spirit or if it’s he's the one who’s talking.

He's saying: “This is to make you understand that what you say can only come from The Love: I am The Love, and The Love and the Holy Spirit merge into one!” (Here, the interpreter, Nicole, asks her to repeat.) Me, I can't, Jesus repeats; he says, “I am The Love, The Love is in you and because I am in you and you, you are in me, you are the movement of love in my movement within me, and love is love to such an extent that they become one.”

You see, this is my life!


The two chosen ones of the Lord each receive a gift from the people of Western Canada:

When I came here to Manitoba and to Saskatchewan, God told me nothing, he did not warn me of what I was going to receive either; and I discovered a big family.

You know, Canada has no borders: Canada is one and only one country.

We have separated our country.

Jesus, he said, “In the New Earth, there will be no borders.”

We will all be united in God's love.

We have developed a sense of pride: in my country, in my province, in my continent; we have created a sense of ownership but Jesus, what he wants: is us with our yes.

We’re going to give it to him, and there will no more of this.

So, when we will go to the New Earth, from one end to the other, we’re going to feel at home everywhere.

Well, he started with me because I feel at home here.