Gathering of Love With God's Action in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Québec,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-10-28 – Part 2  


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Love is like a song, it is a movement that touches our heart. It is the thing that envelops us and that shows us that we’re alive, that we want to live.

Love is the most beautiful part of our lives. It uses what we are to lead us to discover the being that we are. Love does not cheat, love is respectful, and therefore, when we seek love, we seek the truth, we try to be true to ourselves, we seek respect, we seek someone who can understand us just as we are.

When we know Jesus, we know that we are loved, and Jesus teaches us to love ourselves. He's the only being on earth who is genuinely true; he's the only being on earth who is just: Jesus will never disappoint us because Jesus is always there. Jesus knows our past, just as he knows our present, and just as he knows our future, and he continues to love us; he will always love us: Jesus will never disappoint us.  

Even if we, we turn away often so as not to see him, he watches over us constantly and he never has a single word of reproach for us – never – he teaches us to forgive ourselves. Which being is like this? Which being can forgive us when we have just betrayed him, when we have just demeaned him? There aren’t very many. Why is that? Because inside us, there are so many wounds in our heart that it isn’t easy for us to forgive. Because ever since we were a tiny baby, we have been searching, searching for love, we have been searching for Jesus in our mother’s eyes, in our father's eyes, in the eyes of our brother, sister, in the eyes of an aunt, an uncle, a cousin, a teacher. We didn’t find what we were looking for because the love we saw was a wounded love; it was a love that didn’t understand, it was a love that judged us, it was a love that had difficulty forgiving us. As a result, we were unable to find true love, we were unable to find what we were in others.

Did you know that we are love? We are love to such an extent that we look for that being who is like us, and that being who is like us is Jesus – he's the only one. When we look at our friend, when we look at our brother, our sister, we’re looking for a part of ourselves. We want to talk to him or her and say, “You, you understand me.” We want to tell him or her about our life and we want to say to him or her, “I knew, I knew that you would accept me just as I am, without judging me.”

This is what we’re looking for in the other person: we’re looking for love. We don’t want someone who judges us, we don’t want someone who lies to us; we want to be loved just as we are: that is what we want. How can we find that person if we ourselves can't figure out who we are? Jesus is the One who will show us that we are love. He will come to speak to us using words of love, of respect, of freedom. He will show us that we’re true to ourselves, that we’re children. Yes, it’s only by regarding ourselves as children that we learn to love ourselves, to truly be ourselves.

A child doesn’t hide who he is when he speaks, a child doesn’t need to think before saying something, a child doesn’t need to create a scenario in his mind in order to have an excuse to meet up with his friends: a child moves forward, he lets out whatever is in his heart. He hasn’t even learned algebra yet, he hasn’t even learned Latin yet: he doesn’t need these because he speaks the language of the heart. He knows that he, he's someone; he knows that he wants love: he knows himself better than adults know themselves. He's much more intelligent than adults, the child. He doesn’t try to lie himself; he doesn’t even know what it means to lie himself – he's true to himself. Therefore, what he gives to others is the purity of what he is, and so, he's never disappointed with himself.

If he is before an adult who doesn’t understand him, he doesn’t even judge that person; he will turn away, he will go on his way.

That’s what God wants to do with us: he wants us to discover who we really are on the inside, he wants us to be true to ourselves, to stop being what we’re not in order to please others, but rather to be who we truly are in order to please ourselves. And when we please ourselves, we let the best part of ourselves emerge, and then, others are able to appreciate us. If we go to someone’s house and we want to adopt their manner of speaking, their habits, in order to please them, the other person who is before us won't be able to see who we are: “Who is this? What was he trying to tell me? I didn’t understand what he wanted.” Why? Because we weren't being ourselves, we weren't being true to ourselves. We must be who we are: the young man must be true to himself before the young girl, and the young girl must be true to herself before the young man, just like the young man must be true to himself before his friends, just like the young girl must be true to herself before her own friends. This is how God wants us to be.

Today, we live in a world of people who don’t know who they are. They have adopted the habits of one person or another, the way of thinking of one person or another. Look, we were once teenagers as well, and do you know what we did? We put make-up on like so and so, we styled our hair like such and such, we dressed in a certain way because we saw what the models were wearing. Where were we in all this? Where was the real person? I, Francine – where was she? Why did she need to wear a pale shade of pink lipstick because everyone else was? I looked at myself in the mirror, and yet, what I could see wasn’t what I was on the inside – I could see what I was on the outside. Today, why don’t I wear lipstick anymore? Because I no longer need to – I am what I am.

Throughout our entire lives… at 40, 50, 60, 70, and even at 80, we’re still searching; we’re trying to see who that child inside us is, because we lost sight of him due to our character, our uncertainty, our doubts – towards whom? Towards ourselves. I didn’t have doubts towards my mother, I didn’t have doubts towards my father; I had doubts towards myself. I was unsure of myself, I was awkward when I spoke, I would make up scenarios before I would go out to see my friends. When I would get to school: “What am I going to say? This is so boring – I didn’t have a fun weekend, I didn’t go out dancing, I didn’t see anyone. What are they going to tell me? They’re going to tell me all about their weekends. What will I have to say? I have nothing to tell them.” You see, I wasn’t being myself.

I had friends, but even with my friends I wasn’t at ease. I had one friend – we would tell each other our thoughts, and that sharing of our thoughts came from my heart and not from my mind. And even if, sometimes, ten, fifteen minutes would go by without talking, I wasn’t ashamed, I wasn’t afraid – I could feel it in my heart that: I was being myself, and yet, when I was in a group, I was no longer myself – I was someone else. And so, this followed me everywhere. At twenty, I was with Francine, and sometimes, I wasn’t with Francine. I wasn’t happy with who I was. I would say to myself, “Oh! I'm not smart. I didn’t continue with my studies as I would have liked to.” So, I would judge myself, and because I judged myself, well, I was sad, I was often in a bad mood, it wasn’t easy for me to talk to others. Words would come easily to me only when I raised my voice: “Hey, don’t bug me!” In those moments, with my brothers and sisters, words were not lacking. But with others, since I didn’t talk very much, I withdrew, I withdrew from others.

I was all alone with my boyfriend, and he had friends. Well, I made him stop seeing his friends – oh, not because I wanted this! – but he could feel my lack of confidence when we were in a group, and as I had this lack of confidence, I wouldn’t talk, I didn’t feel good. And when I was all alone with him, then I was a little chatterbox. And so, he could see what was going on and he realized that I wasn’t being myself, and that, when I was with him, I was really myself. Therefore, this means that whatever was inside me was emerging without my making an effort – my doubts were inside me, the insecurity towards myself was emerging from within me – and so, I grew up with this, and I raised my children with who I was. And today, should I be surprised to hear one of my daughters saying, “Mom is much more beautiful now, her hair is much nicer”?

“Oh! I can't hang out with a group of friends; oh, I don’t feel good” – well, this was me. Without having to say it out loud, it emerged from me through the way I talk, the way I see things, the way I behave. As a result, they were learning from me, my children were learning from me and they also taught this to their children – this is like a legacy that we hand down to them.

And so, he, Jesus, wants to show us that we are love.

Jesus has been talking to me about love since 2001 – since 2001, hearing the voice of Jesus, who is telling me that he loves me: “Love me. Stop worrying. Remain at peace. Leave to God what belongs to God. You belong to no one but me. You do not belong to this world, you belong to God, to my world of love.” I have been hearing these words since 2001! Jesus wants us to love ourselves; he doesn’t want us to become the image of the people of this world. This world has nothing to give to us, its people are filled with self-importance, they are self-sufficient: this world has created, it has created its own image of itself. Everything that needed to be done has already been done, and it was all done well; and tomorrow, it will puff up with pride again, it will try once again to inject these things into our minds. 

Yes, it’s true, we have evolved: electricity, central heating, heat pumps, air-conditioning, all these things, and the internet – all these machines that are around us. Is this what our life is all about? Is this all we’re worthy of – being able to push a button to have everything displayed on a screen in front of us? Is this what we want to do with our life – push a button? Here we are: you are like this, you are like that; you aren’t like this, you aren’t like that. You should do this, you should do that. Love this, don’t love that. Move forward; yes, that’s good, and now, you have more to learn. Is this what our life is about? No, our life isn't about this; our life is about what is inside us, it’s about love; take away that love and you no longer exist. Love is what makes us somebody, and love isn’t about the senses. Love: is a gaze, it’s our sense of hearing, it’s a word, it’s a gesture, it’s a feeling that enables our heart to beat for us. I am whatever I am before God: I'm not ashamed, I don’t need to lower my eyes, I don’t need to turn my head away. I allow what I am to emerge so others can learn to love themselves and not so they can love me. They need only love themselves, and then, my love will emerge; it will reach out to the other’s love and when my love comes into contact with his love, then there will be an explosion of love.

God speaks to us of a world of love. God tells us, “There will be no more tears, there will be no more poverty, there will be no more war.” He said, “All your bombs combined are not worth one breath of my love. All your words combined are not worth one breath of my Life. I am the one who will change the world – it is not your words, it is not your knowledge, it is not your books” – our evolution! It isn't our world here on earth that will ensure that we will live in a world of love – it’s God. He's in the process of building it and it won't be visible externally – but rather inside us, from within.

Everything is written in the Bible, in the Old Testament. It says: “I shall come to gather my people together, and I shall speak in their hearts, and they will know who I am. I shall change hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.” This means that we’ll hear God manifest himself in his almightiness within us. He will come to heal wounds, he will come to free the being that we are. Through the sacraments, our soul allows itself to be healed and liberated. But our flesh, our minds, our eyes, our ears, our words, our actions, our hearts – who will liberate these? Us? Impossible. The government? Impossible. The human will? Impossible. Technology? Even less so. Jesus will do this. He's the One who opened his Heart so as to give us the strength to understand what he, he wants us to understand. He's in the process of building his world of love and he's doing it from within us.

Young people are gathering together, young people believe that this is possible. They believe more strongly in the possibility of this than people who are older. They believe more strongly that this will happen than those who continue to search right and left, exploring all sorts of methods, especially the New Age movement. They think they’re reinventing light! No one can invent light; it has always existed but people want to believe in a source of light – this is wrong – Jesus is the one who is the light.

So, Jesus will use young people; Jesus will put the need in your heart to affirm your faith because it belongs to you. They can cram your brain with all that knowledge, which comes from humans, but they will never be able to affect your heart, for it is yours, it belongs to you – it doesn’t belong to anyone else but you. It is what belongs to you and you are born with it. If we, we have let ourselves be taken in by Satan's snares – because Satan does exist, he exists in all his ugliness – well then, you, don’t be taken in by his snares.

Live your life through your heart, not through your head, through your heart – it’s inside you and it belongs to you; it’s brand new, it’s all beautiful. Therefore, help others, be yourselves, be prayer on the inside. When you respect yourselves, you are prayer. When you look at your friends and you don’t judge your friends you are prayer. Did you know that young people don’t judge their friends the way adults judge their friends? Observe a teenager: do you think he's going to waste his time judging everyone? Oh! Every once in a while, he’ll judge those closest to him – this is true, but he won't start judging the whole world, whereas an adult has already learned to judge the whole world. The child, he won't judge the whole world because his eyes are close to his heart, much closer to his heart than ours. Be who you are: beings who are true to themselves, beings who want to live a life that is real.

People often say to me: “Come back down to earth!” Well, if this means going back to the way I was before, no thanks, because I learned what love is, what peace is, what it means to sleep without resentment, to sleep without thinking about tomorrow. Because he taught me these things; he taught me to go to sleep without thinking, “What am I going to do tomorrow? What will tomorrow bring?” That’s all over. Now, I live in the present, I live for right now; tomorrow is tomorrow; tomorrow I will have the strength God will give to me. It is with this that I will live my life, and not with anything else. 

Therefore, be prayer, because you, you are a movement of love. You don’t want those who make you suffer as role models, and you don’t want those who make you suffer as role models because you’re still so very true to yourselves; you are children of God, you are love, and love is something to sing about. And now, we’re going to ask Marie-Ève and Guillaume to help us enter within, so we can say to Jesus: “I love you, Jesus.”




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When God presents his movement of love, he too lets his Heart speak.


Jesus: O children of love, there is so much love within you. Let me develop the heart within you so that you may be very little, so that you may be able to hold a butterfly between your fingers, so that you may be like the bird that lets itself be carried away by the wind of love, so that you may be the ray of sunshine that warms the heart in need of love, so that you may be the breeze that gives birth to the need for a murmur of love within you.

Everything that you are, my children of love, is within you. You have everything you need in order to give yourselves love. Within you, you have movements of which you are unaware: you walk about and you are unaware of who you are, you speak and you do not recognize yourselves, you see and what you see does not teach you to recognize the being of love that you are.

Little children, you were chosen by my Father to come into this world, and what you are, you are so for my Father. I place within you graces of love for yourselves; I place within you graces of joy so that you might spread your love; I place within you graces of peace so that you do not ask yourselves to give what you are not able to give. Leave your lives up to God. Be patient towards yourselves. Be little artisans of peace for those around you, for your friends need that peace. Only God is able to reach out to them on the inside so they may discover that they too are love, that they too are filled with everything my Father desires for them.

There are wars, there are epidemics, children of love. All these: are the consequences of a world void of love. I am on your side, I am not against you. Let me teach you through my love that flows for you: take the time to talk to me every day. If I am speaking to you today, it is because I am here, I am always here, it is because everything about you is part of the movements of life. I am the Life, you are life. Look at what is around you and you will see that God is the Almighty, and that he holds this world in his hands to prevent it from destroying itself. Leave everything up to your God; God is good to you, be good to yourselves.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Now, God will share with you – to share with you means that people may ask questions and, by the power of God, there will be an answer. Therefore, if you wish – thank you, Michel – people can come forward to ask questions. Please feel free to come forward.


Q. I would like to know how long ago you discovered all these beautiful things. Was it after something in particular happened in your life?


A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: This entered my life without my having to use my human will. It came on its own. I wasn’t expecting it.


Q. Were you young?


A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Oh, no! When I noticed it, it must have been around 1998, but not before that.


Q. Often, young people ask the following question: “How come the Vatican is so rich and it doesn’t share that money with the poor?” This seems to bother young people quite a bit.


A. Jesus: Do you own souvenirs? Do you own something that indicates that you love your mother and your father? Do you own things that remind you that you are united to a man or to a woman by a ring? You see, children of love, the Church was built with blood. Look at me upon the Cross. I shed my Blood out of love for all children of the world. This was the greatest treasure my Father had: my love. I shed up to the last drop of my Blood for you. One single drop of my Blood would have sufficed to save the entire world, and yet, I shed all my Blood; not a single drop remained within my Flesh. I did this out of love, out of love for each of you.

There were men who followed a man on earth; they walked with him, they saw him crucified and they wanted to continue spreading his Word, to continue giving that flame of love to the hearts of those who were hungry, to the hearts of those who were crying, to the hearts of those who wanted to remain very little before God. All this brought about such a rush of love in their hearts that kings and queens began to reveal their need to show their love to God. Men and women of great simplicity had received a gift from the Holy Spirit: the ability to paint their love for God onto a canvas. Some men and women had the gift to create sculptures, works of art, and they gave all these to God because they knew that everything came from God, everything came from God! And these things bore witness to the very presence of God in their lives.

The things that adorned churches, the things that filled churches: are works of the Holy Spirit. With regard to monetary wealth, children of love, the Church shares with poor countries. There is a war going on, my children, and it is called a spiritual war. This means: to put to the test what comes from Heaven in order to determine who will win. Children want to show that they are within their rights to say that there is wealth going to waste within the Vatican, and if it were all to be sold, there would be enough money to come to the aide of the poor. Children of love, is it money that fills the hearts of the poor or is it love? Take a look at your smiles! See the wealth you possess! The richest countries are the ones that smile the least.

Here, in Canada, there is so much suffering! Take a look at your country, which is a country filled with wealth: you have homes, my children, like castles. Your closets, my children, are so full that you need several of them in your homes, and yet, here in Québec, you beat the record for suicides, you beat the record for abortions, for divorces. Where then is your joy? Poor countries are praying for you, poor countries are able to smile, are able to have hope, because they have faith in God. They guard their love deep within themselves: this is the greatest of treasures. Yes, it has been said, “Sell all that is yours and follow me.” Well then, be of this mind, my children. Do not look to your neighbour but rather to yourselves. Pray and pray for those who do not see that everything within the Church is there to remind them of who they are.

Using all sorts of means, people are trying to demonstrate, my children, that the Church, my Church – for I am the Head of the Church, I, Jesus the Almighty – is false. The legacy of the Church, my children, is a testimony to my Presence among my Father's children. Take a look at yourselves: you are my works, and every time, my children, that I look at you, I bless my Father for what I see. Bless the works of the Holy Spirit, for they are for you, and leave to God that which belongs to God. It is God who changes hearts, it is God who gives rise to the need to give of yourselves on behalf of those you love, for what will be requested of you soon, my children, will give rise to this need to give of yourselves on behalf of those you love.

I will tell you a story, my children. “Once upon a time, three little children went in search of a treasure. One of them had a map, another had a pencil, a sheet of paper and a compass, and the other one had nothing.

The first one said, ‘With this map, I will be able to go anywhere. And afterwards, I will mark on my map the places where I thought the treasure was hidden so as to avoid going there again, and this way, I will be able to cover more ground. I will follow a carefully planned route, which will ensure that I go to all the places where a treasure might be buried.’

The second one said, ‘As for me, I will follow you with my sheet of paper, my pencil and my compass. I will follow you wherever you go, and I will make note of it. And then, one day, if there is a place you did not think of, I will know about it, for all the places you wanted to go will be written down on my sheet of paper, and the places you have not thought of will not be written down. Therefore, if you have not yet found the treasure, my chances of finding the treasure may be greater than yours.’

The second one did not say another word. The third one just wanted to listen to them, and in his heart, he said to himself: ‘Ah! My friends, why all this searching when the greatest treasure of all is inside you? What are you looking for? Gold, silver, diamonds, the rarest of pearls? One day, you will see that all this is of no use to you, for when you will have run out of wheat, when you will have run out of water during your travels, you will no longer care about your treasure. You will have only one need – the one of finding a place where you can eat and drink.’ He kept all this in his heart as he knew, he knew that if he spoke to the one who had a map, he would not understand; he knew that if he said this to the one who had the pencil, paper and compass, he would not understand, for they had too much, they saw too much wealth around them, they saw too much of the world around them, which was filled with its own knowledge. He was no better than the others because he lived amidst all this, but he knew, he knew that, because he was so little next to that immensity, he could do nothing. And so, he kept his thoughts to himself, saying, ‘Jesus, he knows, and when the moment arrives, they will understand.’”

You see, little children of love, one day they will understand, they will understand that the Catholic Church of Rome is the one that has borne the treasures of all those who came before them: they will understand all this. But in the meantime, little children of love, do you think that money is more powerful than prayer? Do you think that money is more powerful than God's love? It is up to God to change the hearts of those who are suffering into hearts of love, for love is what they need and not these thoughts.


A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.


Q. What I was wondering about is that sometimes we all follow a different path in life – we may have been hurt, which makes us feel small on the inside; we’re no longer able to make choices and this prevents us from revealing who we are. Earlier, there were those who sang – it was so beautiful – and this reveals that we’re able to do things; but the person who feels small, he doesn’t know what is best, or where he might find a wine that is pleasing to the Lord… they feel so small that they just don’t know. Which one is the best movement?


A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: One day, a man faced an army. He said to all the men who stood before him: “Let one of you come forth to do battle with me. If he wins, then all those who stand behind me will become slaves and they will serve you.” All those who heard him were afraid for he was so tall: he was Goliath, the giant! And so, no one moved, no one dared confront that giant, for that giant claimed to be the strongest man of all: he belittled almighty God. But, in the heart of a little shepherd boy, a tiny shepherd boy, there was God's love. He received his strength from God; from God, he received what he needed to fight the lions that wanted to eat his little lambs. He had such faith in his God of love!

One day, as he was walking among God's soldiers, he heard that giant. So he turned to those who were with him: “Why don’t you fight him? Why didn’t any of you confront him?” And they replied, “Oh, be quiet. You don’t know what you’re saying. Go back to your pastures.” But he went on: “Someone has to show him that God is more powerful.” And so, the commander of that army summoned him and he listened to that little shepherd, whose name was David. Then, he put a suit of armor on his shoulders and a helmet on his head, and he put a sword in his hands. They were so heavy that he couldn’t even move. So, he said, “Take all of this off – I have fought lions with my slingshot and I didn’t need all this.” And then he left to face that giant. The giant raised his sword very high and said to him, “I will strike you down, and you, who are here in front of me with your slingshot, what will you do?” Then, the little boy answered, “In the name of my God, I will kill you because you want to destroy God's people. We will not be your slaves.” And then, with a movement filled with assurance, he threw a stone and the stone hit the giant on the forehead. The giant fell to the ground, and all were witness to this, so much so that today people still talk about that victory: the little shepherd boy who fought the giant.

The little shepherd boy is the little child who believes in God, who doesn’t want to be like the strong, mighty soldiers, but who is who he is: he is the child seen by God, loved by God, chosen by God. He learns to use God's gifts, to have no desire to be someone other than who he is because his strength is inside him. The more he knows that he is in God's hands, the stronger he is. The more he knows that he is in God's hands, the more confidence he has in himself. He does not learn to look to others, but rather to give thanks to God for what he is. He is a child of God who has received everything from God and who loves his God because what he is comes from God.

We are all chosen by God, we are all true to ourselves. We don’t need to show that we are stronger than someone else; we don’t need to study someone else’s words to show that we are knowledgeable or that we’re able to manage on our own. No, we are who we are, and there is always strength within the person who keeps himself before God: in God lies his only source of strength. If we step away from that strength, we become lost. In front of others, we can try to show that we’re strong, that we have a strong voice, that our shoulders are nice and square, that we’re talented, that we can run fast, jump high, dance, sing; but deep down – we want our voice to be gentle; deep down – we love silence; deep down – we love to read; deep down – there are songs that rise up. Well, this is what makes us strong. The person who shouts, the person who strikes out, is the one who has learned to defend himself as a result of his pain. He was never able to be the strong being that he is on the inside; he is forced to hit walls, he is forced to use violence to show that he's someone.

We have received gifts; those gifts are inside us. If we have received the gift of music, then we must turn to music because it is for the benefit of others. If we have received the gift of gentleness, then we must turn to gentleness because it is for the benefit of others. If we have received the gift of decoration, well then, let’s use this for others, for God – because, you know, Michelangelo, when he painted those beautiful paintings, he painted them for God, for others, in order to bear witness to God's presence in their lives. There are many, many who received gifts.

When Kateri Tekakwitha would walk among her people, she wasn’t pretending to be someone else, she was herself: the little girl whose skin was scarred by that illness, the smallpox, and yet, she was still herself. And those who wanted to follow her wanted to do so because of who she was and not because of something that was external – it was because of what she was on the inside. They had such a strong sense of that strength inside her, that trust in God, that their aim was to attain these through what they were: they were children of God who lived for God. And we, we have received everything – let’s be who we are: this is what makes us strong.


Father Tardif: While I was listening to you, it took me back to the days when my father used to dig wells. And at the bottom of the wells, there was a vein, and as long as he hadn’t found that vein, he had to keep digging. Therefore, I say that you have led us to our heart of hearts, to the place where our well is, that heart which the Holy Spirit calls to him. We don’t have to look any further: that’s where it is. That’s all I wanted to say – thank you for all this.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And so, as we need to bring our faith back up to the surface – because, very often, it is deeply buried – we’re going to ask for a blessing that comes from the power of the priesthood. The priest possesses this power. Through the sacrament of Holy Orders, he has received the ministerial power of the Holy Orders, and this, this is powerful.

And so, if you would be so kind as to bless us, we will end this gathering with your blessing.


Father Tardif: The Holy Spirit dwells in all of us. May the blessing of almighty God, he who is Father, Son and Spirit, come down upon us and open us to his light, to his paths, to our own hearts.


All: Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you very much. And I know – I have a very strong feeling – that this won't be the last time. Thank you.


Person from audience: Oh, that’s great news!