Gathering of Love With God's Action in Sainte-Julienne, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Introduction by Abbot André Chevalier: Hello, welcome. I would like to introduce to you the one we call the Girl of My Will in Jesus.

So, for us, it is a great privilege to welcome you all and to also take advantage of this moment for a heart to heart with the Lord; and so, let the Word of God, let the words of the Girl of My Will, let the Holy Spirit guide you.

If you feel like sleeping, you have the right to do so but not during the homily, of course!

What I mean by this is that there is a psalm that says: “The Lord fulfills his beloved who sleeps.” 

And often, our thoughts are occupied by intuitions, by wishes, at times by little words that pop up in our hearts.

I will give you a testimonial regarding myself, and it will be the last one. There was a little voice telling me: “Come and follow me”; it took me ten years to understand it.

So, I hope that, for all of you, if you hear something, like “be good” – this is an example that I'm giving you – then don’t take ten years because you'll be wasting your time.

Our Church, you know, is experiencing great moments of difficulty; we are all aware of it, and through prayer and through faith, we greet these events without sadness, but without being naive as well.

But rest assured that at this very moment, the Lord is enabling disciples to appear, and so, today, we are going to welcome a disciple of Jesus: the Girl of My Will in Jesus.

In order to introduce what we could call her charism – this is what I would call the gift the Lord gives her – in reality, she receives, what we call internal locutions according to spiritual tradition; that is to say that the Lord speaks to us, to some more than others.

I, for example, am talking to you at this moment; the Lord doesn’t talk to me very much, I have to work hard to know what he wants.

Well then, if it is of any comfort to you, there may be a few of us in the same situation; nevertheless, from those around us, the Lord chooses and brings people to us.

In the past, we would have called them prophets, and through our Baptism, you know, we are all received as prophets in Jesus Christ, Priest and King, but some have charisms more than others. And so, I hope you are able to welcome, as I do, I think, this gift that he gives the Church.

The Lord bestows charisms – not for us – he bestows them for the Church so that it can grow, so that we can find answers to our confusion, to our questions, to our searches.

And so, this person is very simple, she is not pretentious, she works hard with her hands.

Since the year 2001, I believe, she has had a special relationship with the Lord and the Lord asks her to deliver a message; so she writes things that are accessible, accessible to many.

These are not writings for a few privileged, a few scholars, they are writings that the Lord addresses to his people; and so, without further ado, here is this Girl of My Will in Jesus who will talk to us from the bottom of her heart, and will tell us, in reality, what God's action is.


Jesus: Children of love, I am speaking, I am looking at you, I am in a loving intimacy with each one of you, within you.

This voice is addressed to you because we, the Divine Will, have willed it.

This instrument was chosen not because she must be attentive only to herself, but she must be attentive only to me.

She must abandon herself completely in us, the Divine Will, to enable you to see our action.

Oh! Beloved, you see around you behaviours that make you see this world from the outside. 

I, I want you to enter within yourselves in order to see your interior.

I am the Father's Action, only I can give you this movement of love: enter within yourselves.

Come die in the Son; I, I am the Son of the Father, I am the Father's Action.

Only in me will you find your life, only in me will you taste what my Father wants to give you.

This world, my children, is in full development; yes, it is now aware of the Father's action through you, my children of the Divine Will.

You abandon yourselves in me, in Jesus, in order to know my Will so you can live your life in me and through this movement of love, you enable all those you carry to know that God loves them as they are.

I want to change the face of the earth, only I can do this, not you.

It is your complete yes in me, Jesus, that can help your brothers and your sisters and you, my children.

By becoming children of the Divine Will, you learn to give, you learn to give yourselves love.

And when one receives love and when one learns to welcome this love: one cannot help but give, give to those you love, to those you do not know, for you know that God gave his Life for them.

This movement is present within you, it never stops reminding you of the absolute gift of my Life within you, and you, children of love, give yourselves in me, grasp your life with your hands and open your heart in order to place your life in it: this is your yes, this is your consent to no longer take control of your life but to leave it up to God so he can do what is good for you, so he can enable you to see what is good for you, so he can enable you to become aware of all you need in order to have life, the life that is in you, that wants to welcome the Will of God the Father.

I am living and it is only by going within yourselves, by dying in me that you will savour your life.

Oh! Beloved, I speak to you through this instrument because you agree to come die in me, in Christ.

These days, they are blessed days, they are days of hope.

This world, on the outside, my children, is experiencing enormous tribulations and even greater ones are yet to come for it has been influenced by Satan, who wants it to be attentive to him.

This world, on the outside, my children, has taken its human will for granted and human will cannot be completely in God's service, for each one of you carries a yes or a no within you.

And when your human will is under your control, you have too much difficulty making your decision, for since Adam and Eve, this world has functioned with evil within it and the yes has become so weak that it can no longer be uttered with love.

It is ignored, it is even rejected.

Many children – and the number, my children, is great – refuse to acknowledge themselves as children of God; they want to live their lives, they want to give themselves importance for they believe that it is only then that they will be able to be happy.

But these children are in the process of becoming lost; they are in the process of distancing themselves from my Father's Will, which is to die in the Son. My Father agreed to give his Yes so you could all be saved through my Sacrifice.

This gesture, which was performed with love, is present, it is part of your lives every day.

It is every day that you must die in me, Jesus.

It is every day that you must take your life and offer it in sacrifice, in my Sacrifice, in order to be worthy, in order to be understood by the One who keeps you alive.

Through me you discover that you are alive.

Through me you learn to live.

Through me you give your yes.

It is only through me that you can discover the true value of your yes, of your yes to God.

My children, when I am before you, you see my Sacrifice in the hands of the priest, and the priest asks you to give yourselves.

He says the words “through him”; this means that through me you can offer your life;

only through me, not through you, my children, for “through you” would mean: your will, and this is not what my Father expects of you.

He wants you to come and abandon yourselves in me, Jesus, with what you are and it is only by discovering your littleness inside yourselves that you are able to offer yourselves, with what you are, to The Love.

And when one dies in Jesus, one learns to live “with”:

one learns to abandon oneself with his graces.

I nourish you every day with my Father's graces of love.

You must agree to come die in me in order to take my Father's graces, and it is only with his graces that you will be able to abandon yourselves.

To come die “in me”, in Jesus: means that I will do everything, it is not you.

You cannot do this with your human will, but only with my graces, with my action, with my Divine Will, in order to please my Father.

All is accomplished when you enter into me. When you come to die within yourselves, your gift accompanies you.

Loves of my life, I am the Way, I am the Life, I am the Truth, I am the Light, I am the Splendour.

When you agree to follow my path, you come to fulfill yourselves in my Will, and when you want to fulfill yourselves in my Will, you come to die in me.

It is only through me that you learn to abandon yourselves.

It is only through me that you learn to discover God's love.

The Life is in you, it is part of your interior and when you discover your interior, you discover abandon.

How many children before you have borne witness to my action within them! They received graces of love from me, which showed them that they were chosen ones who had to fulfill themselves through my Father's Will in order to obtain everything, in order to be able to testify to the action of the Son of God.

My children, these children could not have had all this unless they entered into themselves, unless they accepted, in me, what I, I wanted to give them, and this is what I want to give you, the children of the Divine Will.

Beloved, I present myself to you through the priest’s hands.

His hands are blessed, they are consecrated:

they show you the Body and the Blood living in the consecrated Host.

I am the Word, I am the Father's Action.

Through me, with me, and in me, you must be.

And when you learn to be in yourselves, with your yes, you agree to surrender.

You agree to give your yes, not with your human will but with my Divine Will, for the time is coming when God reveals to you that he wants to do everything for you.

He wants to accomplish everything for you.

He announces to you that you will live in the Son in his Glory.

You will taste the Glory of the Son, which is the Glory of the Father: this is the outcome of your consent.

All must come to you through your yes.

Only the Son can bring about this movement of love.

I took all your movements, I purified them with my fire of love, I cleansed them with my Precious Blood.

Out of love for you, I desired to give your yes to my Father, and out of love for my Father, I took your yes and I made it alive, for I, I am the beloved Son of the Father and every action must be carried out in me, Jesus.

Every movement comes from the Word.

You are not the Word, you are children who are too little, too weak.

Your human will cannot accomplish my Father's Will.

Only I can accomplish my Father's Will, not you!

This is why your human will bears a yes or a no. To you, human will represents your littleness.

It shows you that you carry a choice within you: that of a yes or a no.

This is your will – yours is little, it carries but one movement.

Do you see that you can do nothing without me? When you say yes: everything becomes easy for you, everything is illuminated within you, everything becomes a movement within you because I take your little will and make it mine.

Your will, my children, is no longer within you; you have my Will within you for your will has merged into me.

I have taken everything within me: your littleness, like a little child that abandons himself.

Oh! Beloved of my Life, I gave you my Life so that you could be in my Life and it is only my Life that can nourish your life.

Understand the importance of dying in me! I gave you these words; these words were taught to you by my apostle John when he said: “The Son must die for you to live.”

These words were showing you how much God loves you! For in order to die, my children, it was necessary that I show you how to die; it was necessary that I perform this loving gesture.

I, I am the Word, I am the Father's Action.

My Father consented to his Son dying, and my Father, through the Son, shows you that you must die in the Son in order to come to my Father.

And it is only through me, with me and in me that you will go to my Father to discover how good he is.

Abandonment is to discover the Life.

I make your life new again, my children.

I renew all things created by my Father for you.

When a child lives his life, he cannot perceive all that is around him; because he has become blind due to his human will, he cannot see my Father's creation.

To this child, every movement has become: inactive.

My loves, the earth has stopped: the earth has not been able to reveal itself as God the Father desired for you.

Why? Because your human will is blind.

You cannot see the splendour of creation, you have put a blindfold over your eyes, you have blocked your ears, you have shut your heart.

Your human will has buried you because of your choice and God had pity on you.

Because of your little yes within you: he allowed you to remain alive in me, Jesus, who am in you; he permitted that I, I keep you alive and my Father, every day, nourished your day with his graces of love.

These graces of love could not have been within you unless the Son dwelled in your interior.

Oh! Beloved, I, I am living within you, I am the Life within you, I am the movement of The Love, and when you agree to die in me, you regain life.

Then you begin to open your eyes, then you begin to listen, then you begin to welcome The Love and the earth is renewed.

The earth, that has always been faithful to God, that has given its fruit, is beginning to show you how good what God has done for you is!

You see, Jesus is the perfect Body.

God himself, out of love for you, placed the Life in the womb of Mary, Virgin among virgins.

Life, my children, is a movement of love, it is the Creator who gives all life.

The Body of the Son of God formed in Mary’s womb, he took everything within himself.

He took all of you, my children, with what you were, he also took everything God had created.

All creation entered into Christ for he is the Author of all creation, he is the Word of the Father.

You see, my children, I, I am the Word, I am all Creation.

This is why, my children, those who come die in me enter into the New Earth: they discover the splendour of God's creation.

For you, there has been no greater movement than the one of the Word who became flesh in the womb of a creature of earth. God the Father gave his Yes out of love for the Son, and the Son gave his Yes out of love for the Father, and the Holy Spirit encompassed this Yes: he gave this yes in Mary’s womb and all was accomplished.

Oh! Beloved, when you enter within yourselves you discover the splendour of the yes: he takes your yes within his Yes and he says it for you.

The Wonder of wonders welcomes this yes, and when there is wonder within you, my children:

there is blossoming: everything awakens, everything is reborn, everything begins to hum.

You hear the voice of The Love saying to you:

I love you because you are mine. You entered into me with your yes. You agree to give me your life so that I can take your life and offer it to my Father: I return to my Father your life, which emerged from him.

When your life came to be on earth, it was because God chose you; just as he gave life to Adam, he gives you life; and your life is even greater now that you have come to savour your true life “in me”: I am your light, I am the air you breathe, I am all that you can see for you became flesh on earth.

Because God wanted to fulfill you, there was only I who was able to fulfill you by enabling you to know all my Father created for you.

Every species was given to you by my Father by going “through me.”

Every species was created to be of service to you because God loves you! He is love! And you, because he gave the life within you, you are love, and it is only love that can bear witness to God's action to all he has created.

You see that you are important to God.

You have been chosen, you are much more important than everything that was created on earth,

you are the chosen of the chosen ones.

You are God's child and I, the Son of God, I gave you my Life because you, due to your human will, you were not able to understand all this.

Your human will, which is so little, could not hold the most beautiful gift from the Father: his Work.

All that God the Father has created is his Work.

I, the Son, I, the Beloved of the Father, I am letting you know today

that I, I am the New Earth.

            By coming to die in me, in Christ, you discover your place in the New Earth where all was done out of love, with love, in The Love.

            All is movement! When the Son of God came on earth he took every movement carried out by you and he purified it.

            Keep this within yourself and give thanks to my Father with what you are, by coming to die in me.

            Only then do you learn to be a child of the Divine Will.

My children, this is the beginning of your lives in my New Earth.

You are beginning to discover complete abandonment in Christ, even if there are still children around you who do not know they have a yes to The Love inside them.

You, you have just learned that you are children of the Divine Will. You are children of the yes, you are children of love, and they too are children of love.

You must bear witness that you are in me by keeping my precepts of love within you, by keeping my teachings of love within you, by keeping the beauty of all that you are within you, and all that is within you emerges, my children, for I, the Son of God, I came on earth to serve, I came on earth to teach you how to give.

I gave myself and you, through yourselves in me, you give.

Your deeds will become my deeds more and more.

You will, my children, leave this human life; every day, you die in me, in Christ.

This movement is brought about by the Divine Will.

The Holy Spirit covers you with his power, he shows you the splendour of your yes in Christ.

A sense of peace fills you, and as of now, my children, you can no longer go backwards: you have taken a step in the New Earth and every day you will discover how beautiful it is, how perfect everything that God has created is! You who are not yet perfect, I, the Son of God, I show you how to abandon yourselves so as to be children of love as I, the Son of God, am.

I am the beloved Son of the Father.

My Father has placed all his blessings within me, and you, in me, you will learn to taste my Father's blessings.

All is being accomplished! All that I have been, is!

Through God, with God and in God, God accomplishes his Will.

Showers of graces of love must be bestowed by my beloved sons, my chosen ones.



The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God is letting us know how good it is to abandon ourselves in him.

God is love. Every day, God teaches us how to abandon ourselves in him.

God wants us to live the Divine Will.

He teaches us to give up our human will.

He wants us to leave what we have been.

This isn’t easy, you know, to give up our habits; it isn’t easy to face our brothers and our sisters when they live in their human will.

They can very well see that we pray. They can also see that we want to do God's Will but they aren’t ready to accept us as we are because they themselves are suffering due to their human will.

It isn’t because they wouldn’t want to do as we do!

Deep down inside, they don’t know how, they’re afraid!

For several years we have been speaking like our parents, our great-grandparents; we have served as a vehicle for all kinds of bad habits because of our human will.

Today, we are shown a world of money in which we can buy anything on the condition that we devote our life to our work.

They are convinced, those who are with us, that this is the only way to be happy, but when we, we testify that we have peace inside us, that we’re happy inside, they don’t believe us: we’re annoying them.

This reveals to them that they have made the wrong choice.

How can we expect them to accept us as we are?

They have a tendency to be indifferent to what we’re doing.

This hurts us! They also have a tendency to judge the Church, the cause of our peace.

When we burn ourselves, we feel pain, this is very painful for us; so, we try to avoid the thing that caused this burn.

It’s the same thing for them; inside them, there's something that has hurt them: we told them that it was forbidden to commit sins and this is true.

But as they’re unable to stop sinning, this hurts them inside: we remind them that they are at fault and that the Church has taught us all this.

So, we’re the cause of their inner pain.

Do you think that they’re able to accept us as we are? When they see us with a cross around our neck, they say to themselves: “They’re not afraid to broadcast their faith.”

But they’re not ready to wear the cross around their necks; this makes them too vulnerable to their brothers and their sisters: they’re afraid of being judged, ridiculed, which is what they do.

You know, all the words that emerge from us, well, they’re words that nourish our interior! When we allow words to nourish our interior: we learn to become what we eat – just like the saying, “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are.”

So, when we nourish ourselves with words of judgement, of fear, of apprehension,

that’s what we become: and then we’re in pain.

We, in the Divine Will, we’re in the process of learning to let out the words of love that are inside us; we’re in the process of letting God's nourishment out because the words that are in us can no longer come from us – they come from the Divine Will; we’re learning to let ourselves be transformed by Jesus.

He's the Word, it isn’t us; and so, we must leave what we must do for others up to Jesus.

It isn’t up to us to want to change others, but we must learn to abandon ourselves in Jesus in order to become witnesses of Jesus.

We mustn’t be afraid to wear the cross around our necks.

We must also bear witness to the presence of the Mother of Jesus by our side, we must not be afraid! God is enabling us to know through messages that a time of suffering is here.

We’re living this time of suffering, it isn’t for the future!

Many among us, you know, are afraid! They’re afraid when they hear “tribulations”.

They say to themselves: “Oh! We’re going to suffer, we’re going to be like the first martyrs.”

Did you know that we’ve been experiencing tribulations since the sin of Adam and Eve? But the tribulations of today are greater: they’re the result of all the sins accumulated since Adam and Eve.

We’re at the height of all we have done with our human will.

It is time that we become aware of this in order to help our brothers and our sisters,

and not judge them but support them.

If the good Lord gave us witnesses of love like Luisa Piccarreta, witnesses of love like Vassula, Debora, Françoise, it’s because he, he knows that we’re ready to welcome these messages of love, we’re ready to live in the Divine Will.

This is a journey that began with the coming of Jesus on earth: he's the Way inside us, and we journey along that way. We’re going forward with our yes and as we go forward: do we ever have a tendency to look around us! Who among us, as we travel in the car, doesn’t look outside, at the new houses, at the scenery that is green or that changes colour in the fall? Well, this is what we do in Jesus – we go forward but let’s not remain blind: let’s look at our brothers and our sisters while giving them to Jesus, while carrying them within us.

It’s Jesus who does everything in us, but we have to agree to bring our brothers and our sisters with us and not leave them behind.

The Divine Will, it is The Love.

The Divine Will teaches us to abandon ourselves, to give ourselves; so, let’s give Jesus our brothers and our sisters and let’s go forward. Let’s say yes to Jesus every day.

Let’s accomplish our actions.

How many among us ask ourselves if we’re doing the right thing?

Well, if this is beneficial to our interior, if this is good for our neighbour, well then, tell yourselves that God is enabling you to do these actions so you may become aware that he's the one who is doing them.

We accomplished so many actions before that were good, just as our parents and our great-grandparents did.

But how come we’re beginning to stop and ask ourselves if we’re doing the right thing? Well, that’s because Jesus is showing us how to abandon ourselves in his movement of love: we’re learning to live in his Divine Will, we’re being taught to abandon ourselves.

When I say we, this is every one of us, we help each other in Jesus.

Look, we’re gathered together today in one movement: the movement of Jesus.

We’re all united to all those who love Jesus, to all those who want to abandon themselves in Jesus.

There is no greater love than the one Jesus is showing us.

Let’s be obedient to his Will.

This won’t happen without reflecting every day, and these reflections, if they rise up within us, that’s because they’re nourished by the Father's graces of love.

He gives us our daily bread every day.

We have often asked if daily bread simply meant a loaf of bread.

Well, it’s more than that; it’s graces of love:

these graces of love nourish everything we do.

Imagine, how many of us would be able to go to work on daily basis for our good and for the good of our neighbour? No one! Without graces of love, you wouldn’t be able to.

Only God the Father can nourish us with his graces of love by going through the Son.

You see how much the Father loves us!

He nourished us daily with his graces of love so we could earn our bread.

And when we feel like dressing ourselves, well, do you think that this need comes from us? Who gave us the need to protect ourselves from the cold, from the sun’s rays? Only the Father – he nourishes us with his graces of love.

And it’s the same thing for every movement of love.

God the Father has always taken care of us, he is the Divine Will.

Now, it’s up to us to become aware of all he has done for us.

This is the New Earth: this is living on God's Earth while acknowledging that

we’re grateful for what he has given us.

It’s easy now, you know, to understand God's action when it’s explained by God, when it’s nourished by the Father's graces, when the Holy Spirit envelops us so we can understand what he expects of us.

Every day, we must go slowly to this New Earth.

Don’t try to explain this to someone who hasn’t said his yes to The Love, he won’t understand as he doesn’t even know what the New Earth is; he doesn’t know what abandonment is.

It was necessary for you to begin by saying a little yes and this yes, Jesus nourished it.

This is why today we can taste these words that come from the Holy Spirit.

He enables us to understand his Will.

He enables us to understand that God wants us to be the pioneers of his New Earth.

When someone arrives in a land that hasn’t been cleared, he sees all this: trees that need to be cut, there isn’t even a house, he has to do everything with his own hands in order to build a dwelling.

Before the dwelling was built, he had to chop wood, he had to begin clearing the land.

It’s the same thing for us; he spoke to us about the New Earth, he enabled us to discover the Divine Will; now that he has shown us how to build our interior, he's giving us tools: all this is the Divine Will; these tools, they are the work (the yeses to The Love), the work of the Father (this is the Divine Will).

Jesus placed a Cross of love upon his shoulders; this Cross of love built the Church, his Church, and we, with our cross on earth, we will build our home in the Church because the Church has many dwellings.

The Church, that’s every one of us.

We’re in Christ, in the mystical Body, and the Church is the mystical Body.

We all have our place in the Church, but to have our place in the Church, we still have to bear our cross: it’s a tool of love.

Jesus showed us how to do this and we will continue, with his example, to do what he has already begun, by drawing strength from him, by drawing from him the Father's love for us and for those we carry.

May these words teach us to know what God wants to teach us;

a time of suffering is revealing itself around us.

We’re all aware that the Church that Jesus built is suffering.

Some want to remove the loving worship of Christ from the Church, and it began in a very subtle way, you know, and this, even before we were aware of it.

Satan placed tools around us to numb us, to blind us, to make us deaf, and today we swear by these instruments alone.

The greatest weapon is information.

Remember the first prophets – they spoke about the Will of God the Father.

From age to age, we repeated those holy words, we inscribed them on parchment.

From age to age, we learned them, we respected the Word of God the Father.

From age to age, we have seen that responsible persons were taking those words and were trying to understand them, but because of human will, some became weak.

And Jesus himself came on earth to restore order to what his Father had given.

You know those people, they crucified him on the Cross because he had just told them openly that they weren’t following what had been written by their fathers.

So, Jesus was the Word; he gave his Word and it was written in the New Testament

and we learned to read those words.

We learned, through the priests, to listen to the Will of God the Father.

But from age to age, human will became weaker still and today, we are taught words that bear human will.

The master of deceit has blinded us, has made us numb through television.

He began with the radio to accustom our ear to listening.

When we hear people talking in a little sound box, did you know that you have to completely surrender to be able to grasp everything they want to say? Whether it’s through a soap opera, whether it’s through songs, it’s necessary to pay attention in order to understand everything.

Do you see how subtle he has been? Afterwards came television; he added images, he was capturing our attention and all this in order to transmit his messages of deceit and lies.

He wanted to nourish our interior with false words.

There's no need to go on, eh, you know about the Internet?

A world of information surrounds us.

They put equipment in outer space to capture everything with the aim of controlling everything: we’re being controlled. Don’t be afraid!

As Jesus often says to me: “My daughter! I am speaking to you! Do not be afraid! Have faith! I place my Word in children. The Holy Spirit covers children so they may restore order to what I have given you.”

This is all around us.

We are children who have accepted that God instruct us and we have no merit.

God the Father saw everything that was going to happen and he saw that we were little children with our human will; so, every day, he bestowed graces of love so we could become children of the Divine Will to help others who grew up too fast in their human will.

Yes, God shows me how much the Church is going to suffer!

You can see it around you and most of you know this and many of you have read the messages.

You have been warned of all that you are living today.

You can see it, this is nothing new for us.

The most beautiful thing is what is happening inside us.

God has prepared us to keep our peace.

You have all been informed – remember in particular the message of the Salette.

All was said there – what the Church was going to suffer: her priests, her religious, us.

But can you say that you had been informed of what you were going to be at this moment? It was God himself who was preparing you for this.

You have all been chosen to live this moment.

God calls us “the children of the Divine Will” and Mary, at the Salette, “the children of the Light.”

We are the children of the Light, we are the chosen ones.

Yes, as our priest told us, we see the sufferings that are happening in the Church.

We see all the errors that are happening or will happen.

We are warned but let’s not be naïve – let’s remain in Jesus; let’s not take ourselves for what we aren’t because we won’t be able to manage it all on our own.

Without the graces of God the Father, without the graces of the Divine Will,

we won’t be able to go forward.

It is only by going to die in Jesus that we’ll keep our peace, our joy.

To live in joy, to go forward, to take a step every day in the New Earth, what could we ask for that would be more beautiful, more certain or safer? We’re not the ones who are carrying out these movements of love, it’s Jesus;

we just have to let ourselves go, to let ourselves live every day.

It’s not only when we’re gathered together that God guides our steps; it’s when we leave here as well and we’re with our family, our friends, out in society.

When we go to work we must show who we are on the inside while keeping our peace and joy.

We must be what God asks us to be.

God asks that we not judge ourselves unworthy of what he is giving us at this moment.

Many among us work outside the home; we see people who work with us and sometimes, it happens that we lack patience, tolerance towards what they’re doing, and when we realize this, at night we ask God for forgiveness for having given in to our human will.

Well, so be it, but for goodness’ sake, say thank you, say thank you because one more step has been taken.

Let’s not remain weak because Satan wants us to be weak.

When we realize that we’ve been weak during our day and we ask God for forgiveness, let’s be joyful.

If we remain sad, well then, Satan is happy because he knows that we suffer inside, and as he can no longer reach us because we live in the Divine Will, he's happy when we suffer.

When we suffer, we have a tendency to defend ourselves.

And the ones we carry within us don’t benefit from the Father's graces of love, the daily graces we should be giving them.

We must carry this in our hearts, we must go on loving ourselves as we are.

We’re the chosen ones, so let’s say thank you to God the Father, thank you for having given us his Son to bear our weaknesses, the ones we experienced during the day.

We must give thanks to God.

You know, God is in the process of showing us how to heal our interior.

Healing our interior is more important than healing physically.

We must understand this and the physical part will follow.

When we begin to let God heal our interior, the rest follows.

God fulfills us with his graces; this is beneficial to our body.

This is why when we work an entire day, even while enduring those we work with: we manage.

It’s true, we’re tired; well, we stop, we ask ourselves: “But Lord, I worked thirteen, fifteen, sixteen hours today, and yet, I have peace within me!”

So, let’s not be shy and let’s ask: “Jesus, come and cover me with your power. Let your Blood flow within me.

Come and renew my cells. Come and purify the air that has entered me. Come and take my muscles, they’re yours, you’re the one who carried out all actions, so come and take away this stiffness that has settled within me. Come and take my nerves, they’re so tense, come and relax them.

You, you are gentleness, come and take my heart; you are the Heart of The Love, all this belongs to you.

I know, Jesus, that at this very moment, you are healing me, taking all my fatigue; you are even in the process of rejuvenating my body because you’re the one who is doing this and not me.

I can do nothing for I am nothing. I am what you, you want me to be and if the Father wills it, this will happen.”

You see, nothing must come from us.

God is love – do you think these words will always be futile even though you are children of the Divine Will? Jesus, while on earth, asked his Father for strength.

He carried all our sins, he carried all our illnesses and God the Father, through his love, sustained him for the Son is in the Father and the Father is in the Son.

They are The Love and if we, we’re in the Son, well, then we’re in The Love! We’re in the very movement of The Love.

Ask! Let’s have faith! Behave as God wishes: as children of the Divine Will.

God wants to teach us how to take care of ourselves; this will happen slowly and I testify to what God does in me. God shows me his action, he gives me strength and I thank him.

I don’t try to understand how he does this, why he does this – it isn’t any of my business; all I know is that he does it and I give thanks to God for it, and even for this, I ask Jesus because I can’t give thanks to God the Father for what he has given me, but the Son can; him, he can and he does so every day.

In my work, it’s the same thing; when I encounter difficulty – and I know all about difficulty, my hands are bruised because of it – well, Jesus carries out these movements of love, he does my work.

And I know that I'm a woman and to work with electricity – eh, Marcel? – to do a little bit of plumbing, to do things like putting up walls, demolishing walls, rebuilding them, installing ceramic tiles, sanding drywall in an entire house…well, I wouldn’t be able to do this, God is the one who does it! I know that my husband is by my side; he was the one who used to do all this, he showed me how, he prepared me. 

But when he died I had said, “I’ll never do this again, no more construction.”

And well, the Lord decided otherwise and he fulfills me, he shows me how.

I do things I didn’t think I was capable of doing: like laying roof shingles, and believe me, I really did do it.

I was with Marcel and my brother, who was guiding us, but we were the ones up there, and I would say to Marcel: “Don’t go close to the edge, you’re too heavy,” and so, I was the one who would go along the edge – it was two stories high.

This is Jesus in me, these are the graces he gives me.

I'm not doing this for the money – God gave me a roof when he made me buy a building that was being torn down; I was able to renovate it with my husband and to have a place to live – I do it out of love because my children need me.

Today, it’s so hard, you know, to own apartments.

My second daughter doesn’t work outside the home; she wants to raise her child, she wants to give him love.

It’s not easy today when there's only one salary; it’s very hard! So, I help them in the way that God wants me to help them and I do it out of love.

And I also do it – and he can't hear me – I also do it for my brother, my brother Daniel. He decided to do these renovations all on his own.

And when I saw that this was too much for him – I know this because I've done the same thing with my husband – I said yes to Jesus when he asked me.

And today, Abbot Chevalier made me understand that God wanted me to be there.

God loves all his children, he nourishes all his children with his graces, not only the theologians.

There are all kinds of graces: not only ones to understand the Scriptures, not only for prayer, not only for attending mass with all our love, all our abandonment, but he wants us to give ourselves out of love through our actions in our daily work.

Many people out there are like everyone else; we call them “the ordinary Joe.” They have no education, they work but, to God, their value is incalculable: they’re the children of the Divine Will, they’re the chosen ones.

If God makes me understand, through the priest, that my place is not only with his writings, but it is where I’m meant be, it’s that God knows better than we do who he wants to nourish.

He wants us all to be witnesses of God's action.

He wants us to love all our brothers and our sisters in all they do: whether they’re hair stylists, whether they’re waiters, whether they work for the city, whether they’re electricians, whether they’re school teachers, whether they’re preachers, God has no favourites: God loves us as we are.

Every one of us has a place in the Church.

Every one of us has to do what we must do while ensuring that we are love.

When God will present himself within them, he will ask them, “Do you love me?”

For those who have carried out actions of love for their brothers and their sisters, don’t you think they’ll be saying a yes of love? Because they’ll see all the graces that God has given them so they could work: this is what God's love is all about.

Simplicity is love.

Us, we must support them by saying our yes and by saying their yes in the Divine Will, so they can all be in Jesus, so they can work in Jesus.

But God has let me know that there are children who won’t be saying their yes to The Love because their deeds do not bear God's kindness.

Even if this is difficult, even is this makes us suffer, even if this makes us cry, God the Father lets us know, in one of the messages, that he has already begun bringing down the arm of justice.

On August 31st, God the Father, in me, said to me, “My daughter, my Heart cries, I withdraw my arm. I will no longer bestow my graces of love to children who carry a no within themselves: this no, I am aware of it.”

God the Father said this to me with sadness.

They will go on being with us because we, we will go on doing as Christ did: loving them up until the moment when God himself removes these children from our sight, from among us.

It’s not up to us to know when but I ask you to love all your brothers and your sisters because none of us know who carries a no within them.

We don’t know this; let’s leave what belongs to God up to God: his Justice.

It’s not up to us to say, “He carries a no.” No! Because we don’t know him, only God knows him.

Jesus, during his Agony, saw these no’s and he went on.

If in the future, you see priests not doing God's Will, pray, pray for them, don’t judge them. Be like Jesus wants us to be: love.

God's justice is unchangeable, only they will judge themselves! If God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit do not judge them, we as well must not judge them, we must go on loving them; this is why we’ll continue bearing our cross.

This instrument, this tool was given to us out of love so we could give ourselves to Jesus, and it is with him that we’ll go forward in the Divine Will.

I give all the room to God. I give The Love all its contents: love.

God gives love, God wants love.

Mary, in all her simplicity, showed us how to accept what we cannot have.

She remained standing at the foot of the Cross, sustaining her Son.

So, let’s stand at the foot of the Cross, close to Mary, let’s sustain the Son of God by giving him our brothers and our sisters.

Let’s keep peace within ourselves, let’s keep joy within ourselves.

These words are words of hope; they’re words that the Holy Spirit put inside me, he knows you are capable of hearing his words.

 Let’s be what God wants us to be: disciples of the living God. Let’s be children of the Divine Will.

Let’s carry within ourselves what God wants to give us: love. Everything returns to him.



I give you love and I hold within myself all that is not love within you: these are those who bear a no.

Look all around you; this building is a work of human hands; this building was built with stones on the outside. I am the one who dwells here because it is the dwelling that I have chosen to live in on earth in order to draw you to me.

When the time comes that certain doors will be shut, you will know that I live within you.

May this not prevent you from being attentive to those who open the doors to my dwelling.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, Lord. The Lord is saying, “Amen.”