Gathering of Love With God's Action in Saint-Étienne de Bolton, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus



2007-05-05 – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The first time I learned that the gathering wouldn’t take place, well, Monique was waiting for an answer, but I said, “I don’t hear anything,” and so, I didn’t answer.

So I left and I went to mass and then, Jesus, he said, “Ah! Men of little faith!” He knows that there are many women here in the house, but he said, “Men of little faith” – how thoughtful of him!

Afterwards, I knew that he wanted this gathering; what I had felt in that moment was his love, his love for all those who were supposed to come here, and in that moment, I knew it would take place; he had put this in my heart.

And so, the weeks went by and from time to time I would check the weather: “Hey, look at this – the weather is starting to improve!” But he wasn’t saying a word, he was saying nothing, the Lord.

So, two days ago, I was ready to write the Lord’s answer, but the Lord, he took my keyboard and he stopped it from working for two hours, it wasn’t working at all, at all.

So, on Thursday, I go to mass and then, I receive this message: “I do not want one to be missing. It is up to me to organize the comings and goings of that day. The sky has sent forth its rays thus making these movements possible, movements which will bring graces to those who are hungry and thirsty for my Word. I keep my instrument for myself on Sunday. I have been waiting for you for such a long time!”

This day has been prepared; it has been prepared for us under the movement of The Love; at the fourth decade of the rosary, yes, I know why he wanted it this way: because this is the month of Mary, this the month of May; he didn’t want this in September, he wanted this in May for Mary, yes; and so, all this is in our heart.

Therefore, we will leave all the room for this.

Every step leads us to where God wants us to be, every step leads us to becoming more and more light; God's light is upon us, God's light shows us what we must understand.

No one can possess knowledge unless Jesus allows it: Jesus allows us to possess the knowledge of what his Father wills.

The glory of God is upon us, but we have to earn it.

Every step makes us aware of what we must live in that light.

The Father glorified the Son, and we’ll be in that movement as well, for we’re all called to know glory through the Son.

This glory, we must earn it: the Son earned glory through his Father; us, we must also earn it through the Son of the Father.

In the past, many children were in the darkness.

The number of children who have been in the darkness is high, very high.

The men, the women, the children who have been in that darkness have disappeared, for God made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights in order to make those beings of darkness disappear.

Among them, there were some who had the light, who had accepted the light; among them, there were beings who gathered together to do the Will of the Father.

Many of us have heard Noah praying to God, many of us have heard God's family praying so that all may be accomplished as God wills.

When we say “many of us have heard others praying”, how is it that we, we can hear Noah praying? How is it that we, we can hear Noah’s family praying? Because we were in them and they are in us through the power of God, through the light.

If we claim to be light, this is because we’re accepting lights from God: Noah had accepted lights from God and therefore, Noah prayed to God; Noah’s family accepted God's light and therefore, they prayed to God, and when we pray, we’re accepting God's light.

We’re with them; it isn't because we’re here, in the year 2007 after Jesus, that we aren’t united with them.

Prayer is a gathering, prayer is a unit in the very Heart of Mary; it leads us there, to the very Heart of her Son.

When Noah was praying, he was praying with what he knew, enveloped in the light; the Holy Spirit was there since he was in the very presence of God's voice, and therefore, the Holy Spirit was present; he was enveloping him in his movement of light so that he could be in communication with God, and God spoke in his heart.

God was telling him what he had to do, to accomplish, for the greater glory of God, which was to be his glory as well in the moment that he, God, had prepared.

Noah was a father to us, a faithful father, a father who was leading us to where we were meant to be – before God's Will: Noah said yes.

Yes! Oh, there was a little hesitation in the very beginning! How?... he who lived in a world of darkness, in a world that was unfaithful to what he was, in a world in which there was only disobedience, only betrayals, only lies, only deceit, for there were fallen angels among them.

Those beings who lived in debauchery, those beings who lived in idolatry, those beings who were incapable of loving, had frequented the fallen angels: this is why those children were in the darkness.

They saw nothing, they heard nothing, for they had accepted to live in that disobedience, in the moral decay of their life on earth: those beings were children of God, not fallen angels.

In the very beginning, when they had contact with those fallen angels, there was much evil, for those fallen angels were putting temptations in their hearts: the temptations of evil, the temptations to love evil.

In the very beginning, they weren’t supposed to say yes to those temptations; they had God's love since they had heard speak of God through the children of Adam and Eve, for Adam and Eve had remained faithful despite their disobedience: they had regret, they wanted to be children who were repentant before God.

They had children, and they had children; among them there were children who remained faithful, but among them there were unfaithful children, for they were descendants of Cain: they nourished themselves with what they knew.

Don’t forget that Cain was forced to remove himself far from the face of God because he had disobeyed God: he had raised his hand to his brother.

To love God beyond all else, to love God beyond oneself: he had been against this; not that this wasn’t in his heart – this was in his heart since he was with Adam and Eve; he heard speak about love but his heart was closing, always, always because of temptation, because the human will knew evil.

Satan was near him, Satan was attacking him; and it wasn’t only Satan, there were the others, the other fallen angels: jealousy surrounded Satan, hatred surrounded Satan, falsehood surrounded Satan, for he was all this; he was the nourishment to all that would engender evil, destruction, and Cain, Cain could hear this, for he was surrounded by this movement.

All around Cain there was a force, a force that was made of evil, of darkness, and because Cain left certain movements open within himself, he listened, he didn’t reject this, he felt it, he didn’t reject it; therefore, he was allowing himself to be taken in by the trap of temptation.

For before accepting evil, there had to be temptation: and so, fallen angels were all around him to make him fall, to lead him toward evil, toward the sin that would open the door to all other sins, to the sin that would lead to the destruction of the human race.

Fallen angels were near him: to him, his struggle would be an inevitable struggle.

What then is this struggle that Cain experienced? In him was good and in him was evil; to him, good was something that would show him, make him feel the very presence of God in his life, but when he would stop fighting, when he would stop wanting good, he was in impelled, impelled by what he was feeling: that hatred, that jealousy, that possessiveness, that doubt, those complaints; all these were a struggle to him.

But slowly, the evil angels were arming him; they were arming him with feelings: a feeling of rejection, a feeling of pride, a feeling of possessiveness; feelings that were meant to make him understand that he was within his right: the evil angels were there and they made sure of this.

But there were also angels of light, angels that were leading him to understand, to understand that he had to be faithful to God, that he had to serve his brothers and his sisters, that he as well was called to know the promise of God, the Saviour: the good angels were there to give him strength, to guide him.

But his heart was hardening: his heart was becoming harder and harder, for his heart was learning to love hatred, his heart was learning to deceive, to hide, his heart was learning to manipulate, to dominate.

Yes, he was beginning to manipulate graces, the graces he was receiving: he was beginning to question what he was in the face of what God was expecting of him.

All this was in him and all this was shaping him, shaping him for what he was meant to know, for God could see: God could see the Tempter, God could see those who were around him to make him fall.

And God loved his child, for he was the child of Adam and Eve, he was the Father's beloved; he, God the Father, wanted him for he was inscribed in the Book of Life, he was of him, he was of his Creation: the breath of God was in Cain, he never left him, he loved him.

But came that moment when he listened to evil, and he committed that action which opened a fount: a fount that allowed blood to flow, and that blood spread out, and the earth tasted it.

When the earth tasted this blood, there was a great disturbance over the entire surface of the earth; the earth had never tasted blood, a blood that belonged to Creation; never had a blood such as this flowed over the earth, for it was from The Love; this was a blood that tasted of The Love, that tasted of God's presence. That blood, which was filled with God's caring, had fallen upon the earth, and the earth recognized it, and the earth cried, the earth cried tears of this blood. The earth carried out a deed, a deed of love: it closed itself off, it closed itself off from all those who were not from God.

How can we understand what we’re experiencing? It’s by knowing what happened before.

When the earth closed itself off – the one that belonged to God, the one that accepted everything from God, the one that was obedient to God, the one that welcomed the children of God, it was welcoming them as a movement of love, as a form of protection; it was opening itself up to all man was giving to it; man was caring for it because he wanted the earth to nourish him; God was giving man knowledge so he could work the land and so the land could give its fruit, its harvest; but now, man had just given the earth something that wasn’t willed by God, and the earth recognized this and so it became harder – it became more difficult for the earth to accept what man wanted from it because this was in a movement.

The earth is from God, and it recognizes its God, but when the earth doesn’t see the things that come from God, what isn't the Will of God, it turns away: it turns away like God turns away.

Not that it leaves – it doesn’t leave, but it can’t give what it doesn’t receive: faithfulness, obedience, love, joy, peace – all that God gives to man.

The earth is linked to man, just as man has to be linked to the earth through his flesh, for his flesh comes from the earth, and the earth returns what belongs to the flesh.

This is why when the flesh takes its rest, up until the moment of the resurrection of the flesh, it’s the earth that welcomes the flesh; it takes the flesh within itself, and turns it into its own movement of love until the moment when God will say: “Open now.” And the flesh will resurrect, it will come alive again: it will resume its flesh once again, just like in the very beginning.

But the earth, when it doesn’t see all this, it therefore cannot be in this movement of love: this is why the earth withdrew its faithfulness to man – because he had not been faithful.

But, there had been those children, the generation of Abel and also the generation of Adam and Eve – for they had other children: they were movements that were faithful to God.

Therefore, the earth recognized all this, but because of Cain, the earth could no longer give those children what it would have liked to give them: this was impossible now.

But God was giving graces: God was giving graces of faithfulness to his children so that they could be faithful to the earth, and the earth, it was faithful to their movements.

Many graces were given: God was granting graces to the earth, just as he was granting graces to his children, so they could be thankful before what the earth was offering: gifts of graces.

All these were movements which completed one another, and all was love for God: God is enabling us to understand this in order to help us go forward even more, and we’re going to take one more little step.

Understand that what we’ve just heard is a movement of faithfulness: Cain was supposed to be faithful; he was not so, and the earth, it knew faithfulness, but it didn’t perceive it at all when it received the blood of Abel, and any movement that is unfaithful cannot bring graces.

It was therefore necessary for faithfulness to exist in order for graces to exist; this is why Cain was forced to leave far away: because the descendants of Abel, and those of Adam and Eve, were meant to have graces. This is why Cain left.

But God, in his love, placed a mark of unfaithfulness upon Cain; he marked him on the forehead: unfaithful toward his God. But he didn’t withdraw his love from him, he didn’t take his life from him, for spiritual life was in Cain, the Will of God was in Cain, his love was in Cain, but his unfaithfulness was revealing itself.

This is why a mark was placed externally and not internally: the mark was for human will.

He couldn’t place it internally, for those who would meet Cain had to see; how could they see? How is it that there were children who were apart from God's beauty, apart from faithfulness to God? Because there were beings who were unfaithful beings, who were not of God.

Remember that there was a battle in Heaven: in Heaven, before The Love, in Heaven, in the very presence of God three times Holy, in Heaven where everything is light, splendour, in Heaven where all is faithfulness, where all was perfect – everything had to be nothing but perfect; but there was the disobedience, for Lucifer disobeyed, he brought many angels with him: a myriad of angels followed Lucifer; it’s impossible to count them.

When we hear this word, it’s to indicate to us that there were a lot of them and God knows the number but humans don’t, only God does.

But we know there were many angels who followed Lucifer, that angel who was light, beauty, splendour, that angel who had around him that light which shone from him and that the other angels admired.

Do you think that the other angels had not also been in temptation? They were in the temptation of pride; this was their only temptation: pride.

They themselves were light, they were God's beauty, they were in God's service; they were receiving that strength through the splendour of God's love, and Lucifer received this in great quantities. They only had to look at Lucifer in all his beauty, in all his splendour, and they rejoiced in going to serve God, in giving to God what God was expecting of his angels.

But there was a glimmer in that angel, Lucifer: there was that movement of pride in the moment when he was told about the Man-God.

Everything began to vibrate within Lucifer; his reflection began to take on another form: the reflection of beauty, the reflection of obedience, had just taken on a different form, and those who were before this altered form were gazing upon this, were seeing that beauty that had been lost[1].

Because the moment when Lucifer felt an infinitely miniscule drop of pride, his reflection began to change form and the angels saw this; they felt it because all those who were gazing upon this angel were before this movement.

What was this movement? What was it that they were feeling inside – this was different? They who were perfection, who were light, who were faithfulness, were before what they were seeing, what they were feeling, for what they would see, they would also feel.

They weren’t able to see without feeling, for they were movements of light within the light; they merged with that light in order to form but one movement of love, one movement of service, one movement of adoration before God; all were filled with wonder before this splendour: the light of God.

But, how could they, who were in that light, recognize that light in all its wonder while there was a movement of pride? That movement of pride was coming about slowly, not abruptly, slowly, for part of Lucifer’s intelligence was the ability to make others slowly aware of what he was feeling; slowly, because he had received so much splendour, light, depth, and so he knew: he was aware; and while in this pride nourished by pride: pride that was nourishing pride, movement that was nourishing movement, everything was being affected without a single interruption – they were pride, they were becoming pride.

It was pride that answered: “No, I shall not adore the Son of God.” It was this disloyalty. 

When Michael, whom we know as Saint Michael, said: “Who is like God?”, at that moment, all the beings of light, in the light, for the Light, perfect, gazing solely upon the Light, faithful in all things, bowed down to adore, to serve, to contemplate, in order to be in this movement of love.

But unfaithfulness cannot be close to faithfulness, and so, Satan was thrown into the darkness, and Satan created his kingdom in the darkness.

And those who had gazed upon pride and who had allowed themselves to be taken in by this movement of admiration, of pride, followed; they followed unfaithfulness: they followed the one who did not remain in God's splendour, in God's beauty.

How could he have remained there? God is God, God is three times holy: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit; when Lucifer adored God, he was adoring God in all his splendour, it was not possible to not adore the three Persons in one God, this was impossible; but when he learned that the Son of God was about to assume human flesh, only then did this faithful movement of light experience a movement of unfaithfulness, a movement of pride, and then, God's splendour, which allowed itself to be reflected so that Lucifer could be part of this radiance of love, in that light, in that immaculate whiteness, was no longer so, was no longer the same.

God was emerging from what he was, therefore the Son of God was letting out what he was: the past, present and future, the Alpha and the Omega: therefore, Lucifer, that angel, was no longer able to receive the perfect Splendour for it was he himself who was placing a movement before his own self: pride.

This wasn’t God: God was love, God was beauty, God was splendour; do you think that God would have been able to alter his light? God could not alter his light for he is God, he is beauty, he is light.

But the angel, the angel, through that pride which was forming within him and that he enjoyed being, it was he himself who was taking a step back: he was stepping back in order to better contemplate himself, for he was in contemplation.

The angels are in contemplation: they cannot be outside contemplation for they were created for contemplation; therefore, Lucifer was meant to contemplate, was meant to contemplate God but when he became proud, he contemplated himself.

He had to contemplate himself: he had been created for contemplation, but as he no longer wanted to serve the Son of God, who was to come on earth by becoming flesh through Mary’s yes, then his entire being became the sole object of his contemplation: he was pure pride, he became satisfied with himself, and so he distanced himself.

He couldn’t be in the light, it horrified him, for the light came from outside him in order to draw near to him; now, he was no longer able to for he, he was pride, he, he was vanity, he was, to himself, what his being was meant to be: a being of shadow, a being of darkness.

His hatred for anything that bore light had been so great, so great that this increased within him all that he was going to become; understand that he would become what he was, and what he was was becoming what he is: nourishment of what he was; a nourishment that quenches itself with evil, because he was evil: he nourishes himself with his own self, he quenches himself with his own self.

So, the others, the fallen angels who were all in admiration before this being that, from then on, was to become a being of darkness, wickedness, they were as if drawn to him, drawn because: he was using what he had now become, he was using what he now knew: manipulation, lies, deceit.

They were in the light, they were in the knowledge of God, they were in God's service, in contemplation, they were meant to turn to the Light in a single instant, but they took part in a deceitful contemplation, and because they drew too close, they also fell into that temptation, and so they became vain beings.

Beings that were light became beings of darkness, and because they disobeyed, because they were unfaithful, they would, from then on, be in the service of Satan, of that infernal being, in whom resides all that is evil.        

So, let’s stop a minute to think: if Satan had been a being of light, if Satan had been for one moment, a short moment, in a movement of pride and that pride infused him, and he allowed himself to be infused, and he allowed himself to be nourished because he loved all this, the other angels who approached him and who gazed upon him, and who continued gazing upon him – he was drawing them to him, he was drawing them to him in order to do as he wished with them: those angels became slaves to evil; they therefore had to be under Satan's orders.

Those fallen angels, they as well had known beauty, they as well had known obedience; they were therefore in a movement that was contrary to what they were: they let themselves be taken in by this movement.

They let themselves be taken in by this movement, and so, by letting themselves be taken in by this movement: there was a transformation that was gradually occurring.

And throughout this transformation, what took place was in relation to the angels that were closest to Satan: there were therefore angels whose transformation was not at the same level as other angels. When they too went into the darkness, thrown into a place where there was only darkness, they were transformed: they were the unfaithful, and they therefore were to frequent only unfaithfulness.

But there were some, there were some of those angels who had looked back: a look of regret, a look that turned toward what they had once been and would never experience again.

They took part in this movement and they, because they were in that movement, came to earth: for a time, they were on earth along with what they were.

So, all this is to bring us to what we need to understand: the fallen beings were once perfect spirits and they therefore possessed knowledge – those beings obtained the knowledge of evil through what they were – what they possessed beforehand, was not taken from them.

All beauty became ugliness, faithfulness became unfaithfulness, truth became falsehood, agility became as stiff as iron, what was once splendidly white became soiled black, purity became impurity, adoration became idolatry, for they had been in God's beauty, in perfection, God's beauty; and so, they therefore became the opposite, and this was nourishing them.

Those who, for a time, were regretful, were letting themselves be transformed by evil, and so all that knowledge, they could make use of it.

Evil is something that is known, good is something that is known, therefore, the evil angels knew good, knew beauty, knew splendour; they were able to attack what they knew, they were able to attack what they recognized, for they knew but hated all this and because they hated all this, all they had become – evil – was gaining strength.

You know, when we’re angry, have you noticed that we raise our voice? Have you noticed that we hit hard? Have you noticed that we try by any means to get around somebody to attack him, to humiliate him? Well, if we’re aware of this now, isn't it because we were aware of this before? And if the human being is aware of this, it’s because he was taught this.

So, who taught women about seduction? They couldn’t have known about this; it wasn’t because Eve fell into the temptation (of the knowledge) of good and of evil that she became seductive; no.

Eve disobeyed and she came to know her human will; Adam disobeyed, he came to know his human will: the Divine Will withdrew from Adam, from Adam and Eve.

When Eve was tempted, she went to find the one who had life; she was meant to bear life, but Adam had to give her life, to make life enter her so that she could receive life, and through the power, the graces of God, through the Will of God, recreate his Creation, to replicate his Creation within herself.

Therefore, Eve, when she disobeyed, she went to see life; she was weak, she was in great pain, which her soul was aware of but her flesh did not recognize that pain – all was in her soul, in her spiritual life: unfaithfulness was making itself known within her; she left with her flesh, a flesh that was ignorant of life, and she went to look for life.

It was when Adam said no to God and yes to the flesh that Adam and Eve came to know human will, and then, the Divine Will withdrew, for faithfulness had just met unfaithfulness.

The flesh that had never known sin had just come to know, the flesh had just come to know unfaithfulness to God's splendour, to God's love, to God's perfection; the flesh that was in great beauty, in perfection, the flesh that was in the radiance of God's beauty, had just come to know a flash of pride: this flash of pride was now known to Adam and Eve, and would always be known to them, Adam and Eve.

When the movements went forward, Adam and Eve’s life on earth, in their movements was faithfulness to what they now were: children of God who owed obedience to God because they knew they had disobeyed.

They were repentant, they regretted all this: therefore, there was a look back.

Remember that we heard through the Holy Spirit that some angels had turned to look back, and they gazed upon what they had left behind: they were regretting.

But they were letting themselves be nourished by evil, they were letting themselves be nourished by Satan, for they had accepted Satan as their master, they were under his power.

But Adam and Eve were looking back, they were gazing upon what they were leaving behind, for they had to leave that place of love in which all was nothing but perfection, in which all was nothing but beauty, where the Divine Will had built its nest of love to welcome its children of the Divine Will: a land of wonder, a land where all was nothing but perfection for the children of the Divine Will, and they were leaving this.

They were looking back, they were looking at what they were leaving, and their intelligence was diminishing, their eyesight was becoming blurred, their hearing was becoming muffled, their movements were becoming heavier and heavier, they were becoming more and more aware of fatigue, which they had never known: slowly, all this was making itself known within them, they were looking back, and because they looked back, they regretted.

Do you believe that they didn’t cry? Their flesh that had known perfection was now becoming aware of suffering; it was looking back too, it also remembered, it also knew: the flesh knew that it was leaving perfection, immortality, the flesh knew.

They were now becoming aware of human will but they were remaining faithful to God. They wanted to love God, they were regretting; this is why Adam and Eve brought children into the world before God, for God, and the flesh knew this.

The flesh was accepting God's graces so that the woman could give birth; the flesh was in the movement of spiritual life: the soul was fulfilling the flesh, and the woman was bringing children of God into the world.

The children of her children were bringing children of God into the world, and the movement was taking place; faithfulness to God was on earth, on an earth that wanted to be faithful to God: all this was done in God's Will because God loved his children.

Understand that nothing was done without God's love: God gave his love, his presence, to his children who had been unfaithful: he was nourishing them, he was enveloping them, he was giving them what they needed to live on earth, an earth that was faithful only to God.

And so, God was giving knowledge to man so he could be in a movement of faithfulness to the earth: the earth that was to be in the service of man and woman was now only in God's service.

Therefore, man was to work the earth with God's graces, and if the earth produced, it was because it was recognizing God's graces: if the earth was giving of its fruit, its harvest, it was because it was giving what God wanted to give man and woman.

The earth is a movement of graces: when we receive food, we must acknowledge this movement.

Whether it’s clothing, whether it’s liquid, whether it’s shade, whether it’s coolness, this is grace: this comes from God for us, for the flesh.

Therefore, the earth acknowledges God's grace and it gives the flesh this movement of faithfulness, and this shall be up until the moment when a great movement of purification arrives: everything is for us a movement of love from God.

God did not allow that his children be without his graces – we must understand this: if some children on earth were in the presence of fallen angels, they were armed with graces; they received graces to recognize that those beings were beings of darkness: they had to accept God's graces.

God did not allow that his children be in the presence of fallen angels without being armed with graces: this is false.

And so, when Cain left far away, he was afraid. Remember the words: “Because I killed my brother, I will be seen as unfaithful and hands will be raised to me,” because unfaithfulness will recognize unfaithfulness, unfaithfulness will want to attract unfaithfulness in order to eat away at him, to eat away at him for all eternity: immortality, eternal death, eternal suffering: Cain knew all this.

How is it that Cain was aware of the unfaithfulness that would recognize his unfaithfulness? It was necessary for Cain’s flesh to recognize this movement.

Since it was written in Genesis, it’s God's Spirit that lets us know that Cain knew that there was unfaithfulness on earth, for faithful children do not raise a hand to God's children, and therefore, there was unfaithfulness on earth, and Cain knew that there were unfaithful beings, beings that were capable of drawing close to him.

If beings were able to draw near to him, then they had other forms: a form that could move, a form that draws near, a form that frightens, a form that elicits fear.

Therefore, Cain knew that these beings were on earth but that they remained far from faithful beings, from beings of love, from beings that walked before the face of God.

Therefore, there were unfaithful beings who were walking on earth and who were not before the face of God: those are beings of darkness, the very ones that turned their eyes toward what they had left behind; those angels had taken possession of inferior creatures that were on earth.

Paradise on earth is a place of love – I say “is” because it exists – where all is nothing but wonder, where all is nothing but faithfulness, where all is nothing but love; but outside this place, there was the darkness; outside this place, there were vile beings, and those vile beings had the power to possess, to dominate.

They didn’t have the power to create, for they are not of the Creator: they were created, they cannot create; just like the human being, he cannot create; the human being cannot create, for he isn't the Creator.

When we say that the human being, with a piece of wood, he transforms the wood to create a work – the cross – this is a work; therefore, there was a transformation of something that had been created; wood comes from God, God is the Creator, and therefore, man takes what was created and he transforms it.

Just like the woman when she receives life: when life is placed in the woman’s womb, the woman is in a movement of creation based on what she has received from the Creator, and a child is created; therefore, the Creator reproduces his movement within the woman based on what he gave the woman, just as all that is on earth is in a movement of creation.

Remember that the earth was created by God, and therefore, it must be faithful to God; however, it has recognized the unfaithfulness of those who lived on earth, God's creatures, and it is because of this unfaithfulness that it suffers and not because of what God gives to it.

The earth is in a movement of love, and so when it receives graces of love through God, it reproduces itself: the earth is a movement of life and the earth welcomes God's graces, it welcomes God's beauty, God's splendour, and all is accomplished; and it’s with what the earth receives that man creates his works: he creates.

But when we say “creates”, it doesn’t have the same meaning as what has been “created”: he (man) creates, he makes something with what exists, so this isn't creating because what is created has already been created by God: all has already been accomplished, and therefore, man is in this movement of what God is expecting of him.

When he's faithful, he creates his works with God's graces; when he's unfaithful to God, he builds what is vain, he creates pride, for God doesn’t gaze upon his works because what he sees is pride.

Therefore, the creatures of darkness, who lived on earth for a time, because they had looked back at what they had left, transformed: they took what had been created and they transformed it, which brought about beings that don’t have a spiritual life, unfaithful beings: this is what Cain didn’t want to encounter.

But who is like God? No one. Satan isn't like God, the beings that followed Satan aren’t like God, and they are therefore beings that owe obedience when there is an order from God to obey.

If God gives Satan an order: “Go back to your hell, to your darkness,” he obeys; so, in the same way, the other angels obey God before obeying Satan.

If angels of darkness receive an order from Satan and God tells them to listen to God, they are obliged to listen to God; this is a source of great suffering to them, a very great suffering.

And so, when Cain left far away, he met beings unfaithful to God but who had to obey what they were seeing: the mark.

God marked Cain so that the unfaithful ones would not touch Cain, for God knew, God understood his child.

Cain left with his family, with his descendants, his lineage; he left and all those who left with Cain had that mark; therefore, the unfaithful ones couldn’t kill them but they could frequent them, they could seduce, they could deceive and they could be with them, live with them.

But the descendants of Cain had heard about God, had God's graces within them, they had human will: inside them there was good and inside them there was evil, and therefore, they had to be faithful to God.

They were leaving with their interior filled with God's graces, but the flesh also left with that unfaithfulness, and the years went by and that mark spread, spread over their entire flesh; do you know why?


Jesus: It is up to me to tell you, my children.  



[1] Beauty is a movement that is of God; God revealed himself to Lucifer. He was receiving beauty through God's beauty: a movement that gives itself, a movement that never stops nourishing those who gaze upon it. The angel of God was receiving from God this movement which was transforming him completely into light, and this movement was nourishing that angel continuously. Through God, all is nourished. “Who is similar to God?” – no spirit that was ever created. Movement is of God and therefore, the movement is living. It is through God that movement is living and nourishes: God's beauty was nourishing the beauty of the angel.