Gathering of Love With God's Action in Saint-Étienne de Bolton, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-05-05 – Part 2


Jesus: Once there were children who walked on this earth; once there were children who were forced to leave a land that was rich in God's graces.

They went to an infertile land where there was much aridness; they went forward, they went forward, they settled there; there where they settled, it was very warm; there where they tried to live as beings with the graces they had received, was suffering, great suffering, for what they had to carry upon themselves fought fiercely to make itself known.

When they arrived there by following the path God had shown them, they were forced to live as beings of suffering.

Beings approached them slowly so as not to upset them: they learned to recognize their customs, they learned to recognize their words as words that nourished their interior, they learned to observe their manner of behaviour amongst themselves, they learned to listen to their requests to God, they learned how to be friends with them using what they had just learned.

Slowly, they approached; slowly, they came closer but they themselves were incapable of being faithful, for they wanted nothing to do with that faithfulness to God: they were learning in order to deceive, they were learning in order to manipulate, they were learning in order to dominate, they were learning in order to seduce, for they were beings of darkness: they were fallen angels.

They had assumed the shape of beings that had already been created on earth; they had, my children, committed vile acts with animals, and those animals allowed themselves to be possessed; what they were giving birth to were deformed beings – not of their own species – and this was happening over and over again, for the demons wanted to: wanted to create a race in the likeness of what they had known.

When Satan approached Eve, he watched, he saw; he was seduced by that beauty, for that beauty possessed God's reflection, but his hatred was so great, his hatred was such nourishment to him, for the more he saw, the more he hated, and the more he wanted to destroy.

And so, the demons knew that shape made of light, they hated that shape made of light, but they wanted to destroy it.

They wanted to be masters of what they were, and so they frolicked: yes, they had relations with what was, to them, inferior to man, with the aim of gaining access to man, and all this was taking place.

They were black, they had enormous strength, they were tall, they were skilled in their evil, they were very cunning; they were able to carry out movements that humans were not able to carry out: jumping from one branch to another at great heights; they could climb trees without having to use their hands, using only their legs; they were capable of diving into water and of remaining there; they would emerge with no effort: they were beings of darkness.

O, children of love, what you are hearing must be, to your brothers and your sisters, graces of love, graces of light, of truth, of God's justice; such is the Will of God; the Will of God is to give light to the children of the Light; the Will of God is to make you aware of what is ready for you; it was necessary for me, my children, to enable you to know peace so that you could accept what you are hearing.

Many children, at this very moment, if they were to hear this, would shudder; others would become angry, others would refuse, others would find it impossible to continue to listen: there would be a great suffering within them, so great that their entire being would refuse, refuse to know that their flesh had known those beings.

For, my children, those beings drew near, drew near, and they seduced: they seduced those who lived far from the ones who were faithful to God.

They watched those beings; it fascinated them to see how clever they were, but they were wary of them because they had never seen beings such as these; they had never seen beings who had powers; and so, the beings of darkness were watching them, the beings of darkness were close to them, and they wanted to seduce them, they wanted to seduce the woman.

Remember, my children, that they had seen Eve’s beauty, and Eve’s beauty was upon these children – not that they were seduced by Eve’s beauty, but they recognized, they recognized God's splendour, and they wanted to possess God's splendour to dominate it in order to control it and to enslave it: such was their hatred.

And so, they seduced the women: they showed them, they showed them that they could be even more beautiful; they showed them that they could be more feminine; they showed them that they could turn themselves into beings superior to man: to no longer be submitted to man; they showed them how to seduce, how to present themselves with controlling words: they showed them how to be vain.

The women let themselves be seduced: they began to place movements upon their eyes, they turned them into women who seduce with make-up; women began to place adornments on their ears, on their nose, on their hands, fingers, feet, around their waist to attract man; they learned through those beings of darkness how to perfume themselves; they learned to consult the stars in order to learn who could be an object of seduction for them; they learned to know their own power: they were becoming so proud of themselves that they wanted to be goddesses.

And those beings of darkness were talking about divinity: they learned to use power: the power that attracts, that controls, that dominates, that places the being at their mercy; they learned to use formulas, formulas that cast spells with herbs; they learned to be sexual beings so inferior to animals that their acts were of tremendous impurity, for they slept with them, the demons.

And they gave birth to vile beings; this became widespread, my children: under their power, man became hideous, violent, wreaking havoc, destructive in every way, for those men had evil in their veins: evil flowed in the blood of those men.

For they would eat what was being given to the idols, there was no longer grace within them; this was so deplorable.

This was multiplying, multiplying: they possessed beautiful shapes; they had controlling shapes, they had large, powerful shapes, they possessed shapes that were much more superior to those of the descendants of the ones who were faithful to God, for they were the moral decay of a world of darkness.

And they went forward, they populated, they walked on earth, they made plans and they immigrated, and wherever they were, they would destroy: they no longer wanted anything to do with God, they rejected all that was from God, for they wanted to offend God.

They, the children, mingled with the faithful, and the faithful were not able to see what they had become, for they were beings that no longer carried the Life: they were unfaithful beings.

Among the faithful beings, few had remained faithful, up until the day when God spoke, spoke to Noah; he said to him: “I shall destroy this world for it is no longer faithful to me.”

Noah heard, Noah listened to God's voice; he always kept his heart open to what God was expecting of him, and he was instructing his children: he was instructing his descendants, but Noah’s descendants were very few, very few, very few, and God made it known to Noah what had to happen.

When the time came, my children, when the earth was to undergo this purification, Noah informed his descendants that they had to obey God and go into that ark they themselves had seen and took part in building, which was made with God's graces, for the ark was God's grace, made of all that came from the earth: God gathered his children together, God respected their freedom, and God told them to climb aboard.

A child appeared among them: that child was well-controlled; he had a face filled with the light but he had the spirit of darkness; he possessed the words that spoke of obedience but his heart was unfaithful, and Noah was not wary of him at all, and neither were the others, for that matter.

When the waters rose, he was among them, and the flesh was experiencing pain, and as it was experiencing pain, it was not able to see what was in that child.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What God has told us is an inexhaustible grace for us; this grace must nourish our life for what is to come, this grace must teach us to always be faithful to God.

We are children of love, we are children of God, and God tells us all we must learn out of love.

Nothing will be hidden from us, as he says; he reveals this to us slowly so that we can know what has happened, so that we can make our full decision before his love.

God says that what we’re living is a great purification, and when we live a purification in our flesh, we must learn what our flesh knows, and this is done through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This very day, we were in need of Mary’s presence in order to hear what we have heard and to hear what we’re going to hear.

So, as an action of faith toward Christ, and before nourishing our flesh through God's graces, we will say an Act of Contrition for all we have accepted in our flesh.



 All: In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Act of Contrition: My God, I am sorry for my sins with all my heart. In choosing to do wrong and failing to do good, I have sinned against you whom I should love above all things. I firmly intend, with your help, to do penance, to sin no more, and to avoid whatever leads me to sin.

Our Saviour Jesus Christ suffered and died for us. In his name, my God, have mercy.


Amen. Amen.