Gathering of Love With God's Action in Saint-Étienne de Bolton, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-05-05 – Part 3


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God is going to make us travel; he takes us to where he wants us to be.

Sometimes, the paths we have to travel upon are paths that are quite rough, rough because us, we understand, but they’re filled with light and righteousness when we abandon ourselves: if we listen to this with what we are, they’re going to be rough.

Our human will, it tries to make us deviate or it tries to make us ask questions: it’s always there making us think.

When we abandon ourselves in God, when we allow God's action to take us, the paths are much more filled with light, straighter; we need to hear, but from the inside; we need to understand, but from the inside.

What we heard this morning has entered our interior; we allowed it to emerge from our interior, but it is still in our interior.

We cannot let out something that comes from our interior and then try to absorb it through here (she shows her head); this is impossible because what we heard is spiritual.

Inside us, this morning, there was a movement, a movement of knowledge.

Many here had gaps – they wanted to know; many here wanted to know, and what we heard was the Will of God; he permitted, through the power of God, the Holy Spirit, that we hear what was inside us.

Continuously, God's graces nourish us; continuously, God's graces lead us to the path on which we should be.

If we were before these words this morning, and those words nourished us and gave our interior graces of light, graces that enabled us to see and understand, this is because it was time, it was the time willed by God – not only for us but for the entire earth, for those who are in purgatory and for those who are in Heaven.

Those who are in purgatory, they know, those who are in Heaven know too, but the flesh, their flesh was in grace; our flesh was in grace this morning as well.

What a grace it is for our flesh to hear what it heard through our interior! There were healings this morning, there was purification.

When we hear something that comforts us, we heal; when we hear something that answers questions that are troubling us, that prevent us from having faith, well, this purifies.

Yes, we received graces that purified us, purified the weak being that we are because of our choices; we’re the ones who have chosen to be before those questions.

How many times have we asked ourselves questions such as: What is the reason for prehistoric man? How come there are stones that were transported to a certain place while it was humanly impossible? How come science talks to us about this or that thing? God doesn’t talk to us about that, and even though science seems to bear so much truth, we reject it, but we still have doubts, we doubt: our human will doubts what we should believe.

They told us that Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth, and there were others in other places because Cain left, and, he was afraid to meet other people; and so, you see, all this, this was what we were questioning.

Why did the angels fall? Why were we tempted? When we say “we”, this is Adam and Eve, since Adam and Eve are our parents and we are flesh of the flesh, of the flesh, of the flesh, of the flesh of our first parents, whereas science tells us that there were others before them.

You see, our flesh suffers and today, we received healing; yes, we were healed today.

Before, during the rosary, you know that at the fifth decade, for those who don’t know this, I enter within myself; they come for me, and then I see, I see what God wants me to see, to hear.

And, it always ends with a hand, and I'm really tiny, eh, and then I see the Father's hand that closes over me, and then he says that I'm completely abandoned and that I am no more.

But before this happened, I heard and I saw; Jesus said to me, “I will bring you, I will bring you to the deepest part of the abyss.”

Then, everything went black and then it began to take shape; it was as if the dark were fading away: something moves, and then, I can see. Then, I saw, I saw a sort of huge, huge, huge container; that container was in a constant spinning motion, and it continued spinning, and there were several grooves.

And that movement contained a sort of liquid; that liquid was opaque, it wasn’t translucent, we couldn’t see through it; that liquid seemed to be also very thick – it was like, you know, when we stir melted wax – well, it was a little like that.

I also saw, I saw heads, I only saw heads that were turning in the same direction as the grooves.

And, there were several of them and it was all spinning, and then, I heard, I heard something that sounded like words, but those words were sufferings; they were accompanied by very… you know, when we’re in a lot of pain, it’s hard to talk, and it’s hard to hear the words when a person is in pain because he's suffering too much – so, I couldn’t hear what they were saying.[1]

And then, I was beginning to… it was as if I could hear what they were saying: and so, it seemed as if they were shouting and shouting, as if they were shouting, shouting out their suffering – that they had had enough but had to go on, and they were suffering a lot; then, all of a sudden, their voices became one voice that I could understand, just as if I were understanding you.

Then, this is what they said: “All that has been said is the truth; we are the ones who agreed to sleep with those evil angels; we will never again see, for all eternity, our body; that body will be in tremendous pain.”

They could feel that body moving within a movement, a body of suffering, a body that let itself go in their hands for the sake of pleasure: they did that for the sake of pleasure, and then they said, “And this is for eternity.”

Then, they said: “Because God wills it, go on and say what the truth is so that others do not come here.” This is what I lived.

Afterwards, I asked Jesus, “Jesus!” Then, Jesus, he sort of took me: sort of like a hand that took me out of there, like this (she gestures, showing an arm pulling her out of one place to bring her to where she was beforehand). From where? I don’t know. Where? I don’t know.

This was in the deepest part of the abyss; so, probably, in the deepest part of the abyss is hell; a hell – the one where they were, and it was as if they were the first to arrive there; do you understand that in the pit of horror, in the deepest part of hell: they brought many, many children with them. Because they allowed themselves to be seduced by the evil angels, they bore children and those children went to hell.

You see, they’re there, in that depth; there must not be others and so we must go on with much humility, we must be obedient.

We must not be afraid because I’ll admit to you that I need graces; I need those graces because this is happening on the inside, eh? And when it happens on the inside, you’re all there, and so, we’re all there; therefore, it can't come from any one other than God.

But the fact still remains that my flesh suffers because of this, suffers because of what it hears; it suffers because I mustn’t interject even one ounce of my human will, not even that much; one ounce of my human will is too much.

So, this has to constantly take place in obedience and in abandonment; but, he doesn’t take that (the suffering) away from me, he doesn’t take it away because then I can always be obedient and he says, “You are no more than another; they faltered and you can falter as well.”

So, I have to constantly ask for graces of prayer, go to Confession in order to be worthy to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus.

And we’re all together, we all have to be together – this is my only strength: it’s all of you because when I say these words and I repeat, these are the words you have inside you.

Often, on the days when I don’t speak before my brothers and my sisters, and then I see, I hear inside myself, then he makes me shut my eyes and I can live things, but I can't let them out.

My spiritual life is nourished by graces, my spiritual life sees, it hears, it understands; my human flesh, it’s like a witness to what I see inside myself.

What is inside me, I don’t let it out because I'm not humanly capable of understanding it; I see, I see everything that is inside me: “Okay, but what is all this?” Because it isn't permitted to me, with my human will, to understand and even less, to speak about it; I am incapable of doing this; it’s when I am, like in this very moment, in the Holy Spirit, and I no longer have my human will that this happens.

Like in this moment, the words just keep coming; they let themselves be heard by my human will and the human will does no more than hear, and all is done through the Holy Spirit; it emerges effortlessly.

And there's no need for me to make an effort; all is nourished because the human will is in God's hands; it has no reason to take up room, this is the Divine Will.

I am a child of the Divine Will, you are children of the Divine Will: if God, in his movement of love, permits that I hear what is inside you, this is because you’re children of the Divine Will just as I am a child of the Divine Will.

We form but one movement and then, the Holy Spirit enables movement: this is the Church, this is Christ, this is our very presence with all our brothers and our sisters of the whole world inside us.

This is why the words we hear are not meant for our external ears, are not meant for the human spirit – they’re for our spiritual life.

Our spiritual life absorbs graces, it spreads them out within us and we heal: all is done through the power of God.

Jesus himself stirs within us: he cleanses; he's in the process of repairing what we have left in the hands of the human will that is wounded; human will has wounded our flesh within us, and so God is in the process of repairing, healing, purifying.

If we have so many wounds inside ourselves, this is because we have heard: we have heard words that came from fallen angels.

The words of fallen angels have been inside the people who have agreed to hear those words; they agreed to hear that they should be made beautiful; they, those women, learned to fix their hair in such as way as to seduce.

Because Eve was very beautiful in her simplicity, very beautiful in her inner beauty, and as she was beautiful on the inside, everything on the outside was beautiful.

Her hair, Eve’s, was silky, so silky that it was never tangled; when the sun shone on Eve’s hair, everything was gleaming, it glittered, it was completely, completely, completely silky; her hair was thick and it was wavy.

She was very beautiful. Eve’s hair was as blonde as honey. She was very beautiful. Since her hair was beautiful, her skin was very beautiful; it had no flaws, her features were perfect.

She had beautiful eyelashes that enhanced God's light because her eyes could see God's beauty.

When she would look around her, she could see God's presence, she could see God's presence in a flower, its beauty, its shape.

The knowledge was there, and she loved to look; it was as if Eve was seeing herself in those flowers; she didn’t claim to be more beautiful than the flowers, for she knew that God had created beauty and that she was beauty.

All was knowledge, she had knowledge. She didn’t need adornments, for her features were the most beautiful adornment for Adam, for he could see God's beauty.

Everything was pure within Eve, and so Adam, when he would look at Eve, he was looking at God's beauty.

All was harmonious; her movements were in harmony with what she was: a perfect head of hair, the flutter of perfect eyelashes, a perfect manner of speaking; all seemed to be a wave of movement.

No effort emerged from Eve, for what she was on the inside, she was on the outside: all was a harmony of love for her God, for her movements were for God, she wanted to please only God.

When she would take water in her hands, it was for God – she was presenting this to God; she could see what was beautiful, what was from God for her; and so, she would return to God what he had given, what he wanted for her.

When she would walk, she walked gracefully, for she was pure.

Eve was pure; she had not come to know what it meant to be impure, the disgrace of what that was; it didn’t matter, she didn’t know this – she was the grace of God; and so, when she moved, she would move as if she were skimming over the grass, for it had been granted to her to know what she was in relation to nature.

And so, nature absorbed Eve’s movement and Eve’s movement was carried out as if nature was softening Eve’s steps, and as if Eve’s steps were respecting that movement she could feel upon the grass, because she knew that all was of God, and that the grass was, to her, a carpet of love, a movement of love: all was harmonious.

All was being done in God's grace, for she was grace, grace, because it was known to Eve; she couldn’t be otherwise, she was God's creature; God had created a grace: the one of creating femininity.

God is complete, God possesses the masculine side as he possesses the feminine side; he's complete, he lacks nothing; and so, what a grace woman received from God! The grace of her femininity.

She was with her God, she was returning this movement to God: a movement of beauty, of tenderness, a movement that was giving itself and was receiving, a movement that was thankful, a movement that was contemplative.

Yes, Eve contemplated herself in all she was seeing as if she were looking at herself; she didn’t need to gaze into a body of water to see her reflection, she knew she was beautiful simply by looking at the beauty of God's creation around her: such was Eve.

But when the disobedience occurred, Eve lost all that: her hair became heavy, her hair lost its softness, her hair no longer allowed the sun to be reflected from it since it was as if it had shut itself off, had become dull because of unfaithfulness, disobedience.

When the evil angels approached the women who were of Cain’s lineage, those children, they heard words; those words were seductive.

They were showing them, with make-up, how to be much more appealing; it was as if they were painting their eyes in order to bring out the brilliance that was inside them: they needed this trickery and they found that this felt good and that they were beautiful. 

They showed them how to fix their hair, how to arrange the hair in order to seduce, always with the intention of seducing; they showed them how to change its colour with one object or another, with one potion or another, because they were also teaching them to use herbs to make ointment; all this was known to them: this was vanity.

The children of God have no need to use these things; they’re beautiful through their interior; they don’t need those tricks; this became known to the evil angels, the vain ones, because they were vain.

They showed them how to wear rings on their ears, on their nose, to wear fine chains that draw attention to their swaying hips; they taught them how to dance, to dance within certain movements; they were teaching them all this so they could seduce.

To teach others how to seduce, they themselves had to know what seduction was; as they were beings with a certain knowledge, with skill, they allowed themselves to be seduced.

Their flesh came to know this seduction, and the more they learned how to enter into that seduction, the more this was accompanied by feelings; feelings were making themselves known within them: feelings of seduction.

Inside them, there was also something that was awakening because of their senses, senses that had not known this before; they were venturing into something new, with new ways to use their sense of touch, for they explored this in order to awaken those feelings; this was coming from evil, this was coming from the fallen angels.

Those fallen angels, those demons were teaching these women, through the sense of touch, what it meant to give in to seduction.

All this, the flesh was aware of it now, up until the moment when they showed them, they showed them that they were superior; they were supreme women – women because they controlled, because they made others laugh, because they attracted looks from others.

For them, they who were now touching those women, it was easy now to sleep with those women because they had awakened within them what had not been there before.

The senses were given for the good, the senses were given so that we could return to God what is God's.

The ability to see comes from God; it reveals to us, it reveals to us God's beauty, it reveals to us that our brothers and our sisters are God's beauty, it reveals to us that we must contribute something to others: they’re watching us.

When someone washes up and he smells good, the other watches, and therefore, this if for the benefit of the other: the other one is watching.

The sense of smell must serve humans, it must teach them that a certain item is spicier, another is milder, another is saltier, and another is much more tolerable.

Senses teach us, teach us also to recognize the wind; senses also teach us to understand the sense of touch because when the earth is damp, it’s as if our senses can feel this even before we touch it.

How many among us, after having made a nice soup, we smell it before we taste it? The senses are there to serve us, to bring us good and not to bring us evil.

When we speak, the ability to speak, the ability to speak comes from God; the ability to speak is communication – the ability to speak gives, offers, adores, returns to God what is God's; if we received the ability to speak, it is to give worship to God in return, worship through words.

And so, God also taught us to use words to give good to our neighbour, to communicate with our neighbour, to bear witness to the truth, to love, to God's presence.

The ability to speak serves the children of God, it is there to reveal a presence: when we open our mouth and we hear a sound, we know there is a presence; when we shut our mouth, and we remain silent, we know we have entered within ourselves in order to give a part of ourselves through our exterior.

Words can be active just as they can be inactive in order to constantly bear witness to a presence, the presence of our person or the presence of our selves within us, and always with the aim of turning to God.

To us, our movements are movements that must be love; if we have received movements, it is in order to work: to give God our works.

Everything that comes from the earth must return to God, everything that comes from the earth must be shown to God, everything that comes from the earth must be offered to God, everything that comes from the earth must render thanks to God; so, movement must be a movement of love for God, a movement that serves, a movement that adores.

The movements we show our neighbour must be movements of communication, movements that express, movements that reveal, movements that contribute, movements that share, movements that gather the Church together; to us, our movements are movements of love when all is being done for the good.

But those fallen angels were showing them how to use their senses, but in order for them to use their senses, they had to become prisoners of their senses for the benefit of evil.

This is why they made them develop their exterior so that the senses could be stirred up, seething: they looked at themselves, they were pleased with what they were seeing; they heard, and they wanted to go on hearing; they felt, they felt that, to them, this was something that was effervescent, engaging, something that would contribute to their interior, an awakening; this brought new movements to them: the movement of their hands, the movement of their shoulders, the movement of their arms, their legs, a swaying to their hips; all this was for one goal: the goal to awaken the senses.

Once all the senses were in motion, in a motion to control, to dominate, of power: what they felt were feelings that were boiling over, feelings that to them were becoming something that was powerful.

You can't hear me? (The microphone doesn’t seem to be working.)


The audience: No, we can't hear in the back.


All: Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Mother of love.

When we feel something, we want to go on feeling it; when it stops, it’s as if something is no longer in motion.

When you heard, you wanted to go on hearing; when the microphone stopped, it was as if you had stopped: the movement stopped.

Something happened inside us: movement, movement, movement, movement that loves, that loves, that loves and that wants to go on, that wants to go on, movement that stops, movement that suffers, that seeks, that’s empty, that asks questions, that’s afraid to no longer be in this movement that brings knowledge: this is what they felt.

The more the evil angels enabled them to feel the feelings that were inside them, the more they wanted.

When they would touch them, in a sexual way, they wanted this to go on, for they were teaching them impure movements; consequently, this was bringing them unhealthy nourishment.

They were nourishing their flesh with what was unhealthy, they were nourishing their flesh with what would cause them to die, die to God's graces; as they were unfaithful, they were dying to God's graces: faithfulness to God.

And so, they gave them more, and more, and more; this was accompanied by songs, words, for what they were showing them were songs that seduced, they were sounds that seduced, and the more they heard, the more they would teach them to sway their hips, to dance, and all this was happening, and all this was going so well that they took themselves for goddesses: gifts were being brought to them because others wanted pleasure from them.

Those men who came into contact with those women were letting themselves be seduced by what they were seeing; as the woman had allowed herself to be seduced by everything she saw, they, the men, were allowing themselves to be seduced by everything they were seeing.



The audience: We can't hear you anymore (the microphone isn't working).


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Is it okay, now?


The audience: No.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Can you hear me now?


The audience: No, bring the mike closer to your mouth, Francine; a little higher.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Okay, the problem is in the back, in the back! 


They refused to look forward: to them, everything was becoming something they had to hide.

The men knew the Will of God, the men knew what God was expecting of them – faithfulness – but they were hiding this from themselves; the men learned to be hypocrites, the men learned to look away, the men learned to go where they should not be going.

Man, by nature, is faithful; man, by nature, is loyal to himself; he knows he is before God in order to create, he knows he is before God in order to be faithful to what God expects of him: this is in man.

He cannot hide from what he is, for when he hides from what he is, he escapes far from the truth, hides behind the truth; when we’re behind something, we’re hidden; when we’re behind something, we no longer hear; when we’re behind something, we can commit impure gestures.

And so, the woman who was seducing through everything she was learning, could approach man, and the man, who wanted to remain faithful to what he knew through the words he had heard,  through the words of others, would hide so as to hear the words of these women; he would hide so as to see that impurity, and the more he hid, the more he allowed to develop within himself movements that were against him: movements that were making him a slave to his senses.

Man, by nature, is able to say yes and to say no, he has this stength; man has the strenght to protect himself, man has the strength to go toward the truth, by nature, because he's always focused on what is true: man, he loves truth, he detests lying.

Adam was in communication with God, Adam knew he was from God; he loved God, he loved to hear his voice, for he knew that all that came from God was a source of light to him, was, to him, science: he knew, he understood.

He was constantly thrown into that light, a light that comes from God; he himself was man, he himself was in God's likeness, he himself was true to what he was, for he was created in God's image.

Man, in his being, had the knowledge of what he was before God; he knew he had been created by God, in God's likeness; he was, by nature, man, master of himself, creator of his works that he brought to God.

Man, when he doesn’t cheat himself, knows he's always before God; but man, when he cheats himself, knows he's no longer before God, so he tries to deviate the truth, he tries to avoid entering into the light of God, for it bothers him: he hides himself, he becomes a liar, he becomes a hypocrite, he becomes violent, he becomes dominating, controlling, commanding: he's the opposite of what he should be.

And as he knows he isn't what he should be when he's doing something wrong, his movement goes against him: he becomes more and more heartless toward himself, he becomes so heartless toward himself that he destroys himself: he turns to drunkenness, to oblivion, he turns to whatever makes him forget.

But the woman isn't like this; the woman, she seduces because then someone is thinking of her; the woman wants people to talk about her; the woman wants to be in front, the woman wants others to follow her.

She seduces with her senses and the man falls into her traps when he isn't behaving like a man.

When he isn't behaving like a man, he's still a man; he no longer has the desire to call himself master of his creations, he hides what he is, he speeds through what he is in order to forget himself.

This is why the man is often lost in his thoughts; he would really like to come back to reality, but as he can't do so because of his choices, he's often lost; he concentrates, and he wastes: he wastes time; he becomes lost in his own sense of time: he becomes a being who is drifting.

The man of God is love, he gives of himself and when he is just a man, he can't give of himself; and so, he listens, he listens to what he shouldn’t listen to: he lets himself be manipulated.

Those women who, in the very beginning, came to know seduction and who frolicked with fallen angels, manipulated men up to the point of teaching them what they knew.

Those women possessed certain power, they possessed the power to control, to manage, to disperse, to ensure that men fixed their eyes on what they, they wanted.

Through all they had learned from the evil angels, they brought about the occult sciences; from those evil angels, they brought about all that was occult divinity: a darkness that wants to attack the soul.

There were shapes that revealed themselves to them and those shapes were diabolical; while they were having relations, they saw animals, and those animals had human shapes, and they gave those animals names, and you are familiar with them since the horoscopes of this world name them.

All this, the flesh came to know it because this was coming from those demons; they turned this into idolatry; they adored calves which reminded them of what they had seen; they adored animals with horns because they had seen.

All this, it is to place us face to face with the truth.

What they saw was pride, for they had also presented themselves as gods: as gods of Apollo, with the aim of bringing about the loss of faithfulness to God: it was necessary to abolish anything that could be from God.

And so, they were presenting images, and those images penetrated their flesh and this, they were living this, they were feeling it.

Men became so cruel, so perverse: men, women, children; evil was in front of their eyes, and they were nourishing themselves with this evil; they were hearing words that weren’t from God, and they were nourishing themselves with these words; they were feeling emotions that were leading them to debauchery, and they wanted to be in that debauchery so they would always see to it that they felt impure emotions.

Their movements were what they were: movements against God, against their neighbour; they were like beasts; they were what they had accepted within themselves: the demons; they had accepted the demons, they had accepted what came from ugliness, from lying, from pride.

Every one of us knows this and if we know this it’s because we have heard, we have seen, we have even accepted to carry out movements that awaken the senses through impure emotions.

If this is known to us, it’s because God loves us, because God wants us to return to him what our flesh knows; this is the goal of what we’re learning today.

If God is revealing all this, it’s with the aim of receiving what he brought unto death: the Son of God brought all evil unto death, and all evil that our flesh knows must be given to Jesus, to the Crucified One, to the Purifier.

The human flesh must become pure once again, for it is called to be immortal; the flesh is movement, and so it must create movement.

When we accept to give Jesus what rises up within us through the power of the Holy Spirit so as to make itself know to our exterior, it’s with the aim to give, to give to God what belongs to him.

Suffering must be given to Jesus; he wants us to live in his Father's Kingdom in peace and in joy: as long as there is suffering in our flesh, how will we be able to live in peace and in joy in his Reign on earth?

This has to happen, but for this to happen, we have to break some eggs: we can't make omelettes without breaking the eggs; and so, this has to happen.

What we’re hearing is for what is to come; we have to give God what we know now; how could we have given God what we knew through our flesh? We couldn’t have.

We really enjoy eating like pigs, eh? Many people love to remain in their overindulgence, many people really like living in abundance, in lust; well, if we don’t know where this is coming from, we offer it but then it comes back; we offer it but it comes back again; we offer it but it comes back.

However, can we accept again what comes from demons? No, we don’t want any of it, we don’t want any of it because now we know: we know that this comes from Satan, we know this comes from evil.




[1]  I could only see what God wanted me to see: a huge round object that was in a constant circular motion, always turning in the same direction; and I could see skeletal heads that always seemed to be experiencing a moment of terror that never stopped, and at the same time, those deathly states in which were plunged those so-called humans, were making them scream in pain. That pain was the cause of their state as prisoners, of their rage, of their hatred, and madness was constantly grabbing hold of them because they were unable to make the reason they were in that bath of corruption heard. Although they were together, no one could hear their distress; this is why, in the beginning, I couldn’t hear them. It was God who permitted that I hear them: they were forced to tell me what I was meant to hear.