Gathering of Love With God's Action in Saint-Étienne de Bolton, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-05-05 – Part 4


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: So, there are going to be a lot of people at Confession.

Very often, there have been questions in our life; we have felt emotions regarding sexuality and we didn’t want this, we were suffering because of this; this wasn’t a sin, but we had doubts, we doubted our confession, we doubted the graces we were receiving.

And well, because we carry in our flesh what our flesh should never have known, we’re going to give, we’re going to give all those who came to know this since Adam and Eve.

How can we give something that goes back one hundred years, two hundred years, three hundred years, four hundred years, seven hundred years? No, now we know, we know that this comes from our first parents, from the era of our first parents.

We can no longer limit ourselves only to us or to our parents, grandparents, great, great-grandparents, we have to go further than that: yes, Adam, back to the first soul and all the way up to the last one.

All this, it has to be done with the knowledge that rises up within us through the power of the Holy Spirit.

When we’re praying and we get a feeling that comes out of nowhere: “I didn’t do a thing, I didn’t watch anything, I was inside myself praying,” well, don’t panic, don’t lose your peace.

The Holy Spirit, through the power of God, put us in a state of grace so that what is causing us to suffer inside, in our flesh, can emerge, thus enabling us to give this to Jesus.

Let’s keep our peace, all is done through the power of the Holy Spirit: there isn't one single human who can carry out this movement because not one single human knows.

What does the human being know? What is he supposed to know? The human being knows nothing, the human being understands nothing, he's blind, he's deaf due to his suffering, and that suffering comes from choices, from the first choice that made us weak before sin, and sin is always there.

The first sin: the disobedience; through the sacrament of Baptism, this sin is erased.

How many people do we carry that haven’t received the sacrament of Baptism? Well then, let’s keep our peace.

If we disobey God, if we take ourselves for gods, then let’s give this to God.

But when are we supposed to give this? When the Holy Spirit enables us to understand it; it isn't another who will make us understand this, it’s the Holy Spirit.

Everything is going to happen from the inside. Why? Because the interior is in a movement of knowledge, the interior is in a movement of memories, the interior is in a movement of absorption, the interior is in a movement of reminders, the interior is in a movement of servitude: we must serve only God, and through God, we can serve our neighbour.

This means that when we’re in a movement through the power of the Holy Spirit, there's a movement the happens inside us; whatever belongs to us through our flesh, that is an obstacle to our purification, rises up within us, and this can only be done through the knowledge of what inhabits us inside.

God respects the being that we are: we are God's children through our choices before sin, enveloped in God's mercy; without God's mercy, we would be incapable of saying yes to God; we would be in too much pain.

When Jesus said yes to his Father, he said it with his entire Being, with all his love; don’t forget that Jesus, when he said yes for us, he was a sinner, he was the greatest sinner of the world; his flesh was in so much pain that it was emanating its pain: he was perspiring pain; so, he said yes through his suffering, with his suffering, for God, out of love for God.

And so, us, when we’re inside ourselves in a movement of revelation, that’s because God knows we’re ready to say yes; he knows we’re suffering, he knows that we are, in our flesh, in tremendous pain, but covered in his Blood: that Blood covered us so that we could say yes, a real yes, a true yes.

Remember, for those of you who read book IV, that there are several kinds of yeses: the yes that is said like a child, the yes that is said spontaneously, true, pure, that doesn’t ask itself questions, is the one that emerges from us instantaneously; this is the one we know through the power of the Holy Spirit, covered in his Precious Blood; it emerges from us joyfully because Jesus uttered it.

He said his yes with so much love, he said it for us, for the sinful being that he was: so, as he was us, he said it with love, with joy.

And so, when everything rises up inside through the power of the Holy Spirit, and makes itself known to us externally, then it’s a yes that we give, a true yes.

We’re sinners, we’re huge sinners: this rises up and emerges, like Jesus when he was a sinner, a great sinner: he was allowing his Blood to flow: the yes – this is us, this is our purification.

What we are, we are so through Jesus; remember that Jesus of love was once a great sinner for the sake of love, and so, when we, we give our yes, we can't give it for ourselves – we give it because we’re sinners, huge sinners; we’re accepting to be like Jesus: a huge sinner.

Since Adam and Eve, we’ve been agreeing to be in those who slept with the demons – it goes that far! Because they were created by God, they were part of a movement, a movement that knew the very presence of God.

Yes, they were incapable of saying no because of everything they had, by choice, wanted to accept – but they’re our sisters.

When I saw those beings that were moving around and they said, “All you have said is truth, go on,” well… Oh! They didn’t want to say it, but God's Will was upon them and they said it…  because in the very beginning, remember that the words weren’t nice words, words that were incomprehensible to me – they were words of suffering and all words of suffering do not bear God's Will, they bear suffering, hatred, destruction; but it was more than this that was presenting itself before me and God permitted that I hear – they said what God wanted me to hear.

And so, us, when we say yes like a tiny little child, we say it for all the children of the world we carry within us, and so, we allow ourselves to be liberated, we allow ourselves to be purified, and those who are in us feel the effects of this.

Since those women bore knowledge on their flesh and because today, many, and the number is incalculable – I'm using the word “incalculable” because it’s the Holy Spirit who’s saying it – know and do what they did: New Age has spread everywhere.

We carry this inside us, we’re no better than those who are in the New Age movement but, through prayer, through Jesus, through the sacraments, we ask God for forgiveness, and we’re suspicious.

Remember that those women who saw those beings, were looking at beings that weren’t in God's likeness; those beings were carrying out movements that were not in their habits; they watched them, and do you think that they didn’t ask themselves questions?

They were in their human will, they had to chose between good and evil, and therefore, human will was in them; so, they were asking themselves questions: “Why are these beings so skilful? Why do these beings do this or that? Why is it that, when they pick up stones, those stones seem to have power?” They were suspicious of them but at the same time, they were drawing closer to them.

And so, God says the same thing for us – we mustn’t go near those methods: New Age, we know what it is.

Let’s be careful, for if they, they succumbed, how many more times will we succumb! Don’t forget that those women were close to perfection.

Oh! Hundreds, hundreds, hundreds, hundreds, and hundreds of years had gone by but they were still closer than we who are thousands, thousands and thousands of years further from the perfection that came from Adam and Eve through God.

And so, they looked upon those vile beings, they looked at what they were doing, and yet, they weakened: they were seduced, and so, us, let’s be prudent.

This is why Mother Mary is always asking us to pray close to her Son, in her Son; Mother Mary is warning us against seeking escape, vanity, pride, the seduction of this world.

The seduction of this world comes from them, the demons; the wealth in this world comes from them, from those demons; everything that they brought was pride.

Remember that when Noah brought his family on board, there was a child who entered and who was from Cain’s lineage; he entered and went along with all the others, but when they rebuilt on earth, when they worked the earth, he brought knowledge to them because in his flesh, he had all this, he had all that knowledge.

And so, he was showing them, and because he was intelligent, he was showing them in a subtle way: how to use certain herbs, how to use certain stones, how to make certain objects so as to turn them into little idols.

You see, he continued showing them idolatry, he continued using seduction, and so this was perpetuated.

There was the Tower of Babel, and that Tower of Babel was built by humans, and what perfection, what beauty it possessed! That tower was very high; it was, to the humans, very beautiful, powerful.

One could see man’s intelligence, not God's, because God didn’t want that tower; God had shown them simple homes, homes of love, but that tower was the pride of what we, we are.

We are the Tower of Babel: we are those who, from age to age, have allowed themselves to be deceived; we are those who, from age to age, have accepted New Age; we talk about New Age, but this is also the occult sciences.

Over time, they built that tower high enough to reach the sky so as to destroy God; the occult sciences are with us for this purpose: to go where the soul is in order to destroy it, to go where the soul is to control it, to show it that it’s in the hands of the one who claims to be God: the Antichrist.

You have often heard that there would be an Antichrist; you have often heard that there would be one who would allow others to adore him, who would demand to be adored; you have often heard about the one who would like to be Christ, who would claim to be Christ: he is before you, around you, in your presence; he makes himself known to you, he makes himself accepted by you and you open your heart to him.

He places his orders within you, he places within you… “Can you hear me? Can you hear?” (The microphone stopped working.)


The audience: No.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Well, let’s get up then and take a ten minute break.

Thank you Lord, thank you Mother Mary.


♪♪♪       O Spirit of the living God, come down into our hearts (repeat)

            Take us, change us, fill us, guide us

            O Spirit of the living God, come down into our hearts (repeat)


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: “Almighty God, grant each of us your power, enable your Will, your Will of love, to be born within us: a will that sheds light, a will that brings joy and peace.

Come and cover us with your peace, come and cover us with your power, your power; there can be none other than you, for you are the Power, you are the Power of love.

What other power can we need other than your power? You are The Love, you created us, you made of us true beings, and today, you enable us to understand that your Will is a powerful will.

You are taking us back to a time, to a time when the demons seduced your creatures, making them fall, bringing them impure knowledge, turning those beings into beings that were serving evil rather than serving your power.

When we belong to you, O God of love, we understand, we savour, we taste true love: a sincere love, a love that doesn’t hurt, a love that respects, a love that is equal.

Yes, you love us all the same, God; you do not favour one over another to the detriment of one over another, you want us to be completely yours.

Take us, Lord, take what we are and turn us into your Will.

May your Will be done, O almighty God, not our will.

In the very beginning, God of love, you taught us about demons; in the very beginning, Lord, you took us on a journey, accompanied by Adam and Eve; afterward, you took us to Noah, and after that, you took us to his descendants.

Oh! The descendants who built the Tower of Babel, a vain tower, a tower made of what men wanted to contribute to this world, and this was coming from that being, that being that had insinuated himself into Noah’s ark.

His name was Hom, in order to be the one who would us bring the continuation of evil, and we allowed ourselves to be taken in.

You use the word “we”, Lord, to make us understand that we fell into a trap, the one of taking ourselves for God, for what they brought us, those demons, was pride, lies.

When we look at ourselves, we recognize that we’re children of God, but when we take pleasure in what we know, then we are beings who take themselves for gods; and those who take themselves for gods, serve Satan, serve the one who is the Deceiver, the one who wants to take Jesus’ place, the Son of God, the Beloved of God, the Anointed of God.

Jesus is the Anointed of the Father, he's the Alpha and the Omega, he's the Almightiness, but the one who wants to be in his Son's place is the one who made himself known to us through revelations.

Yes, we were warned by John that there would come a time when the Antichrist would come, would reveal himself, would be at the head of God's children, he would sit upon Peter’s throne.

God of love, you gave us Benedict XVI, you gave us a pope for this time, a pope filled with light, a pope filled with the love of Christ; he protects us, he protects us against the one who wants his throne, he protects us from his traps.”

The Mother of God is among us, she shows us the path to follow.

In the very beginning, when God began to speak, a movement was within me, a movement of power; he was pushing me forward, but with gentleness, tenderness; he wanted me to be obedient, he wanted me to abandon myself on behalf of all of us, for myself and for you, in order to impart knowledge.

The being of darkness has taken up his position: the being of darkness is with us in our lives, in our own houses, among our friends; he shows us that we are important. This is the trap into which we have fallen and that he put in front of us: he's the Antichrist who saw to it that, in our day, we would see ourselves as being important.

We’re in a society in which we claim to be powerful, we’re in a society in which we have taken energy and turned into an enormous power in his name: yes, in the name of money, and therefore, in the name of the Antichrist, and we have fallen into a trap, for we are used to that energy, to that power, to a black, oily power, that makes us go forward and that brings us suffering.

The Antichrist gives to us in order to control, to make us suffer more; he gave us a liquid that we took from the earth: that liquid is oil.

He entered our life hypocritically, he insinuated himself into our life as if he were something essential, as even the most important thing; without oil, today, we have the impression of no longer being part of this world but rather, of prehistoric times.

We no longer want to make do without this black, oily liquid, this liquid that brings us suffering, because due to this we have difficulty breathing, because of this, lives are ending, because of this, money has become our prince.

We have taken money as our prince, yes, because we need it, it is essential in our life, as essential as oil; he has made himself master of our daily life: he knows where we’re going, he knows where we stop, he knows when we leave again and he knows what we’re going to need: more and more of that black liquid in order to go forward.

To us, that black liquid, has become a form of nourishment: we nourish ourselves with this drink that goes against us, we eat it, we absorb it and we poison ourselves, for this black liquid is in the air and we swallow it.

He has succeeded in poisoning the earth; we mask its odour, we mask its taste, but this doesn’t prevent it from poisoning our life.

We idolize that liquid, for if they were to say to you: there's no more oil, so you can't use your car anymore, you can't make the heating system in your house work, or the air-conditioner in your house; certain machines can no longer function, and therefore, most things don’t function, and so much more.

And then, you, at this very moment, would you be ready to leave your cars here? Would you be ready to give up everything that oil provides us, at this very moment?

You see, it would take you a certain amount of time to adapt, and God knows this, and God will take care of this, for soon there won’t be anymore.

But Satan, him, he has succeeded in creating this need within you, so much so that you panic: “What are we going to do? How are we going to live? What is going to give us heat? With what are we going to replace this?” With energy – electricity! So, he's replacing one power with another power.

What does this contribute to our lives as children of God? What harm is there in using our car? What harm is there in using electricity?

Well then, tell me, how will you go about functioning in a life in which there are no longer refrigerators, or in which there is no longer water when you turn on the tap?

You see, this is important to us and if all this is important to us, that’s because this has become to us something that is very important, so much so that we discuss what God is placing in our hearts: that we should be children like our first parents.

Our first parents didn’t have that black liquid; our first parent didn’t need electricity; our first parents were beings of love, simple beings; they were happy with what God was giving them, but what they had was everything, more than what we, we know.

But we argue, we’re going to argue: this won’t happen easily because we have placed this before ourselves; we have placed schooling before ourselves, we have placed electricity before ourselves, because we need this, we don’t really have a need of ourselves.

We, ourselves, can we warm ourselves? Are we able to get ourselves to where we, we want to go when, in order to come here, it took an hour for most of you, a half hour, two hours, five hours? On foot, this would take much longer.

It’s that we have placed a need before ourselves; that need has become more important than ourselves.

Walking doesn’t kill you, it doesn’t take the pure air away from us; it makes us stronger, it makes us alert, it makes us understand that we are true before God, it makes us understand that God gave us what we needed to go forward; but we have lost all this.

The Antichrist made all this glimmer in front of us, because this came to us only within the last century that has just gone by.

You see, he was there, him; he was there to enable us to become lost, because he wants us to become lost: he wants to have our soul.

His goal was to make us love something more than ourselves, and this way, it would be easier to idolize him; when we forget ourselves, we no longer think of what we are: children of God.

 “You shall love your God with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind, with all your heart.” Can we say that we love with all our heart? We don’t have the heart to leave our car here. Can we say that we love with all our mind? We have the spirit of this world, we don’t have the spirit of absolute abandonment in God's hands, we lack faith, the faith that we’ll return home without incident – we must love. Can we say that we love with all our strength? No, since we don’t have the strength to make a decision. (Let’s leave that aside for the moment, it’s only twenty to four and we still have another teaching for tonight; we’ll have the time to think if we want to walk home.) Can we say that we love with all our soul, a soul that belongs to God, a soul that comes from God and a soul that must return to God? Can we talk to him and say, “You will give me what I need tonight, in graces, to go home, to my house as God wills it and not as I will it”? Are you able to do this? This is what loving God before ourselves is, and this is what loving ourselves before material things is, before that source of energy, an energy that doesn’t come from God.

Remember that in the very beginning, the fallen angels showed God's children how to possess a certain power, how to be gods, goddesses.

They led God's children to building the Tower of Babel in order to reach the sky to confront God.

And so, during the years in which our parents lived, we have been before this, for if we go back three hundred years, there were horses, people walked; they didn’t ask themselves questions – this is how it was.

How is it that there were some who thought of making cars that used oil? That’s because this was within their flesh and it had been there since the ones who built the Tower of Babel: power.

Satan found an opening and he took advantage of it, and he made our grandparents aware of the comfort of the automobile; he made our grandparents aware of the comfort of electricity, and we were seduced: we were nourished and we still nourish ourselves with what they brought into this world.

You see, this world is in seduction; we are before Satan and we allow ourselves to be seduced by him, for he is the spirit of this world.

He's among us, we can see him; can we say that we don’t see those abuses? Can we say that we don’t see beings dying because of oil? Because of electricity? Do you know how many people died in the dams? Do you know how many people died when they poured that cement?

They didn’t tell you about this, did they? Hundreds of people died; a day didn’t go by without a death, but no one talked about it, this couldn’t get out, for they needed to hire people.

All this doesn’t come from God; this has brought much suffering, this has brought suffering within us.

You see, the gods made themselves known to us: they’re the ones who love money to the detriment of humans, of their brothers, of their sisters, who had families, children of God, who had grandchildren – and us, how do we react before all this? Can we say that we weren’t aware of this? Yes, we were aware of it, we weren’t aware of the quantity but we were aware that there were accidents, we were aware that there were losses due to power.

Didn’t Satan seduce us? How come we were able to accept all this? Well, ask yourselves this question: how is it that human beings agreed to build the Tower of Babel? How is it that children of God agreed to die, they as well, in the name of the Tower of Babel – because there were deaths then as well, many deaths? This is because Satan was the master of all this and he passed himself off as God.

Today, we see this and we know; yes, we can say, “Oh! It’s the Antichrist, the power, he controls men.” Oh! There aren’t many of them but they control the world, the children of God: this is the Antichrist.

Did you think that he was going to stand in front of you and say, “Bow down and adore me”? Do you believe that he is truth to that point, light to that point? He is the darkness.

Light: he claims to be light and he's the darkness; he claims to be our good and he's the darkness; he claims to be our comfort and he's the darkness; he claims to want to save lives and he's the darkness: us, we’re living in the night of darkness.

If today, we’re agreeing to listen, this is because Mother Mary has called us to her to take refuge in her Heart, and because we were in this Heart, we were in the Heart of her Son, and she spoke to us; she made us pray: we became children of the Light.

Yes, we’re living in the night of darkness, but we’re children of the Light.

Mother Mary protected us until today and we’re ready now to take a look at ourselves, to go forward.

We’re the ones who carry the truth, we’re the ones who say we want the truth; we’re not afraid, we’re not afraid of Satan, of the Antichrist, because we have holy water with us, since we have Mother Mary with us, the rosary; since we wear a cross, we’re not afraid to say that we belong to Christ, that we belong to Jesus Crucified and that we’re in the Cross, in the glorious Cross.

We’re not afraid since we do nothing but say yes to God and we’re tiny little children: as long as we regard ourselves as tiny little children, very tiny, we’ll be before God and we won’t put anything between God and us, absolutely nothing.

And so, if he wants us to walk tonight, we’ll say yes.

We’re going to attend Mass as beings of love, and if the priests would be so kind – because Jesus never forces his Church – as to give us the mark of the sign of Jesus’ children on our foreheads; those who have already received it may receive it on behalf of our brothers and our sisters of the entire world.

How many graces we need because when they receive graces, we receive graces; and so, let’s allow ourselves to be fulfilled.

And now, we will leave all the room to the Church, to the Christ-Priest.

Thank you, Lord.