Gathering of Love With God's Action in Saint-Étienne de Bolton, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-05-05 – Part 5


♪♪♪                   Come, Holy Spirit to enkindle your Church

                        Come, Holy Spirit to fill the universe


1.    Fill our hearts with kindness and wisdom

And turn us into children of light


2.    Fill our hearts with prayer and peace

And turn us into agents of unity


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: “Come, Spirit of love, fill your Church, enable your Church to know the splendour of love, bring into our hearts the very presence of all our brothers and our sisters, so that all may be accomplished in your Will, only in your Will.

Descend, O Spirit of love, for there are children whose ears are straining towards you; make us faithful to your Word, turn us into children abandoned to your Will, only your Will.”


A Spirit of love is hovering over the earth, a Spirit of love is hovering in the hearts of God's children; so that this Spirit of love might be in all God's children, God places within them a grace: a grace of presence, a grace that is for each one of us.

God forms his children so that they might be attentive to his Will: a will of love, a will that allows itself to be enveloped in the Divine Will.

God nourished us a great deal today, he always nourishes us, for that matter; today, he's nourishing us with his almightiness so that we might live in his action.

To be in furrow of God is to receive what God is: wherever God passes, that is where we are filled up.

And so, God, he says, “Little children of love, I shall fill you up once again tonight; I shall fill you with my graces that liberate and heal. You shall be in the movement of The Love on behalf of your brothers and your sisters, so they might be able to understand that what they have accepted is not for them.”

Many of our brothers and our sisters have turned to the occult sciences.

He spoke about the occult sciences and we live with this at home; we claim to believe in horoscopes, we claim to believe in methods such as Reiki, we claim to exercise by doing yoga, we claim to use the pendulum in order to know things, we claim to hold stones for relief: what lies!

This has entered our life because some people accepted these things as if they were good for them; they allowed themselves to fall into traps. If today we say “they allowed themselves to fall”, don’t forget that it’s as if we had been there too and walked away from it, we have also done those things.

We’ve seen black cats, we’ve seen ladders and we went around that ladder. We picked up umbrellas and we waited until we were outside before opening them. We’ve seen horseshoes and we even wanted to hang them up in our home. We went to play cards and brought along a little elephant. Occasionally, we have come across a newspaper and, “Ah! Look, the horoscope… oh, I don’t believe in that stuff; Virgo… hey, look at that! Ah! That’s not true, that’s not true!” That movement was curiosity but we accepted it anyway.

And we went to consult fortune-tellers; we’ve turned to medicines such as acupuncture, and well, we allowed them to insert needles into our skin that would give us energy, which would concentrate energy at a given point, creating warmth that had the power to give relief.

We’ve been in that darkness; we’ve believed that putting pressure on certain pressure-points would take pain away, and we used so much pressure that we hurt ourselves just to be sure that everything was being concentrated in that spot; that warmth… we were ordering our body to go where we wanted it to go: we were little gods.

We looked at the stars and we searched, we searched for the Big Dipper, we searched for the Horse and the Rider. We knew a little bit about this… oh, we didn’t know much, we didn’t really know where to look, what the names were, we were searching for: knowledge that was in us.

All this was coming from the demons, who had instructed God's children in order to deceive them, and this goes way back, and we know this.

What?! Didn’t we forget these things with age? We still remember!

We complain we have Alzheimer’s, we’re afraid to lose our memory; what a grace it is to lose one’s memory sometimes! It protects us; we no longer have to look at the tea leaves in the bottom of our cup to see what’s happening.

If today we remember what others had learned from the fallen angels, this is because our flesh has a long memory: it remembers, and it sees to it that we are reminded.

How is it that our flesh remembers? Because it’s in motion; our flesh is alive, our flesh is composed of cells and those cells are alive.

When those cells are dead, then they must have been exposed to danger, they had to be in contact with evil: the evil that attacks, the evil that brings illness, the evil that causes suffering, the evil that brings inertia, the evil that causes things to disappear.

So, our flesh remembers, but our flesh is always in danger when it remembers.

When our flesh enters into its memories, it accepts them as something that is present: we’re in danger, we’re in danger of falling ill, we’re weak, tired, we’re confused, our thoughts are unclear, we have trouble digesting well, our circulatory system doesn’t work well, we’re cold, we’re hot: this isn't menopause.

We have movements internally and those movements are trying to control, to control God's child, and God's child who allows himself to be taken in by those traps comes to know, to know illness, and when we come to know illness, we have difficulty accepting God's Will.

We don’t want to get sick, we beg God to heal us when we believe in God; we make a deal with him: “Lord, I want you to heal me of my diabetes, I want you to take away this cigarette, I want my neighbour to stop looking at me as if I were a stranger, I want my child to get good grades, oh, I want to get my divorce, I don’t want to run out of money at the end of the month;” and as Father Clément says, “Sign on the bottom line.”

This is what we do because of our suffering: we’re inclined to make deals with the Lord when we’re suffering.

When we’re not suffering, we don’t think about making deals with the Lord, but the Lord, he says, “I, I will make a deal with you; I will take advantage of your illness, not that illness comes from me, but in those moments: you stop from time to time, you think of me from time to time, you pray to me from time to time, and so I shall show you, I shall show you that I love you, I shall show you that you are completely love, that you are little, I shall show you how much I took care of you, how close my Mother was to you.”

In those moments, Jesus comes close to us and he gives us, he gives us his presence because when we’re sick, we have moments when we think about the child that we are before God: “How is it going to be in Heaven? Am I going to be happy in Heaven? Will I have to go through purgatory? Oh! Most probably because I know myself, I don’t deserve Heaven. Yup! Lord, it’s true, it isn't always easy, but I think you’re there sometimes.”

So, in those moments, we place ourselves in front of God, and God listens: he gives us graces, he gives us graces so we can be together, so we can understand, so that we can grasp that we’re in front of him and that he's always been there.

When we’re sick, it’s hard to run fast, isn't it? Our legs hurt, our head hurts, we’re afraid of getting dizzy: “Oh! My blood pressure – it’s going to go up, it’s going to go down; my heart will beat too fast; that’s it, I'm going to run out of breath.” And so, we go more slowly, and in those moments, Jesus brings us back to him.

Jesus, he shows us that he's always watched over us, that he's always been close to us, that he was never far from us, but that we were far from him because when we have good legs: we love to dance; when we have good eyesight: we’re at the movies; when we have good hearing: we have headphones on, we’re often on the phone, we often listen to useless words, we’re interested in knowing, we ask questions. And so, in those moments, we don’t want Jesus to be listening, we don’t want him to be too close because that would stop us.

You see, God, he wants to make us understand that we’re alive, that we’re true, that if we’re sick, this is because of all we have accepted.

We have accepted the occult sciences, we have accepted to live in the darkness, and when we live in the darkness, well, we can't see further than the end of our nose, if we can see that far!

God is gently saying that we’re sick due to this huge invasion that is happening all over the world; if we accept the occult sciences, we’re accepting what comes with them, that is to say, the demons, since this comes from the demons.

If we agree to be in the very presence of those methods that bring us knowledge that is not of God, well then, we’re opening a door and the demons come, and the demons latch on to us.

Don’t forget that the demons are looking for a home and when they’re very close to us, they settle themselves in the warmth, for we begin to become weak, we begin to give in.

God is telling us that we’re sick because of everything that is happening around the world.

When a person uses energy such as stones – this is just one example; there are thousands, and thousands, and thousands, if not a million examples – when a person uses a stone and believes in that stone, there's a movement that is produced; that movement doesn’t remain inactive, it becomes active and the more the person believes in it, the more that movement spreads until it reaches people who live on the other side of the world. So this means that this movement circles the earth and we’re talking about only one person.

Why? Because the earth is living in darkness; we’re in the night of darkness and because we’re in the night of darkness, this movement can take place; if there were light, there would be no activity because the darkness would disappear before the light; there would therefore be no movement that could be propagated.

Don’t forget that in the beginning, when Satan wanted to seduce Eve, he released from within himself an orbit, an orbit of power, and when Eve drew close to that orbit of power, then he released the tricks he had within himself, but this had to be done with subtlety, for if he had released his tricks at the same time as that orbit of power, since she wasn’t familiar with these things, she would have said, “Oh! I don’t know what this is.” She would have stopped, but he didn’t want her to stop, and so, he drew near and he released a movement from within himself, and then he waited: she moved forward, she moved forward in that movement.

He explained that when we light a candle, there's light and there's a sort of circle of light all around; well, that orbit of power that Satan let out from within himself was like that circle of light, except that it wasn’t light, it was darkness: movement of darkness that the human cannot perceive unless it is obvious – I, I want to draw near to you, I want to make you understand that I don’t agree with your decision; so, I approach with a firm step, I make eye contact to show you that I want to speak to you, I prepare to speak by making gestures that confirm that I know what I'm going to say.

 “Oh, she's got something to tell me!” I'm careful and I keep my guard up because my plan of action reveals itself.

So, the other one arms himself: the person I'm going to approach arms himself with his own plan of action: “Oh! Wait a minute, I won’t let her push me around. What is she going to say to me? Is it because I’m saying something she doesn’t agree with?” Consequently, he arms himself as well.

So, when Satan wanted to draw close to Eve, his plan of action had been figured out; don’t forget that he was close to God when he was an angel of light, he was perfect; his intelligence comes from God and this was turned into evil. So, he's intelligent and he knows, he knows how to approach a person, he knows how to approach him very shrewdly: he wants to reach his goal and so he uses the means to achieve this.

So when we, we use a stone, and then we put it in our pocket: “Oh, it will take my arthritis away a little bit.” I put it into my other pocket: “Ah! Today, it’s this side that hurts a little more.”

Do you think that by our believing that this substance has power just ends there?  No, we have just accepted a power, we have just accepted something that brings us energy and that doesn’t come from God.

This comes from somewhere else: “Bah! Where does it come from? I don’t know. Where did this begin? I don’t know. Why do some people know these things? I don’t know… all I know is that they told me it was good; I'm going to put this in my pocket and I'm going to believe in it: that’s what they said.”

Did you know that that stone has no power? Did you know that that stone brings nothing, that it’s just matter, that it’s only alive if God grants it graces, that it’s only alive if it is faithful to God?

Remember what God said this morning in the very beginning: the earth is faithful to God. So, if matter isn't faithful to God, it’s dead, it has no power, it doesn’t have God's graces and therefore, it has a power from Satan and Satan wants our soul from us in order to bring it to eternal death; he cannot bring healing, but he can trick you; he's an illusionist, he shifts your attention elsewhere in order to control, in order to deceive.

Do you believe that a stone can heal? No, we believe in what is false, we believe in what our flesh made us aware of and that comes from fallen angels.

We let ourselves be seduced because when Eve listened to Satan's honeyed words, what she was hearing were words that were saying, “You will please your God, you will be able to converse with him.” She was listening to all this and she was beginning to believe in it, so much so that she turned towards knowledge; she said yes to that knowledge, therefore, she believed in something that was misleading.

Are we any different? Did you know that Eve was in the Divine Will and that she had to undergo a test? If this was put before her, that’s because she had to show God her obedience, she had to be faithful to God.

But us, when we believe in that rubbish, when we believe in those illusions, we’re disobeying God: “You shall love only your God” – well, this means: “You shall believe only in your God.”

If we love God, we’re faithful to God and we believe in God, we believe only in his power, we want only his power, only his love, we know he's the one who takes care of us.

But when we put our trust in a stone, we’re believing in something that can bring us relief; well, this is false, this is believing in lies, this is believing in something that doesn’t come from God: god = the stone.

Well, this is what you are before your choice: “Should I choose God or should I choose the stone?” Don’t delude yourselves – this is what we do when we accept those sciences of darkness, those sciences that come from something that isn't natural, but rather, supernatural.

The occult sciences, they’re something… a movement that believes in what we can't see but that exists: it’s the supernatural.

What we cannot see, that is what our soul sees but that our flesh isn't able to see.

God: we can't see him; he's everywhere, he's with us, he is Spirit, Spirit of love, of light, God, the Almightiness.

We can't touch him, but he, he touches us; he shows us how to behave, he has that gentleness; he's righteous towards us, he shows us the truth, he makes us feel his justice, he envelops us in his mercy continuously.

What comes from Satan… we cannot see Satan, he is spirit; if we don’t desire it, it isn't possible for Satan to touch us; if we decide that we won’t be touched by Satan, then he doesn’t touch us because God doesn’t allow it: we have to consent to it.

We have a yes within us: “Yes, God”; but if we say, “Yes, Satan,” then he touches us because we said yes.

Only God is love for us; Satan is not love for us, he wants us for the purposes of evil, for suffering.

So, when he showed us that stones could bring relief, could take away pain, it was to lead us towards pain, towards endless pain: he hates us, he gives to us in order to imprison us, and to take away all happiness, all joy from us.

We complain about arthritis? Well, believe me, there's arthritis in hell and it’s eternal, it won’t go away; we suffer so much that nothing can bring relief; when I say “we”, this is because we cannot separate ourselves from those we love.

You know, when we heard the words of those who were in that huge cauldron, and who were caught in that movement that showed us only their heads – do you think that we can be any different? Before they got there, they were our brothers and our sisters, they were like us.

Are we going to throw stones at them, saying, “I hate you because you said yes to Satan”? Are we capable of saying this? This is unthinkable, we cannot rejoice over their suffering, this hurts us.

So, we carry those beings to Church: we carry the triumphant Church, the militant Church and the suffering Church, those who are in purgatory: our brothers and our sisters. But of those in hell, we cannot say that we’re indifferent to them… why? Because we’re always in danger.

Who can say today, “Me, I can be one hundred percent certain that I won’t go to hell”? No one can say this.

We must consider ourselves as sinners, we must consider ourselves as weak, we must consider ourselves as saved through Christ, but we must also bear in mind that we can falter, for Judas faltered.

Those women faltered, they knew God's love, they could hear the words that were told to them by those who heard Adam and Eve – they were so wonderful!

Did you know that Adam and Eve lived a long, long, long time? Us, we say one hundred years, ninety years; this is pretty close to one hundred years, eh? But they lived almost one thousand years; they didn’t live one thousand years, but close to one thousand years; so many years and so many generations have gone by.

And so, those who heard those words of love, because they were talking about God, they loved God, and so, they were in that movement of love, and today they’re in hell.

Therefore, let’s not become separated from that memory, not yet; yes, it’s painful, we remember, but one day, we won’t remember it any longer, we will no longer remember the pain caused by the suffering that is the cause of sin.

We must be careful, we must be vigilant, keep our lamps lit; these are God's words for us and they are as true today as when he was with his apostles, and nothing has changed; they as well were aware of the occult sciences.

Remember Simon… he even wanted to pay in order to receive the Holy Spirit. Why? In order to possess the power to heal; so, his flesh knew, his flesh knew what power was – he was claiming to be a magician.

Today, we talk about sorcerers, we talk about witches, we go watch movies that show us Satan’s victory over humans.

Because when they show that children are grappling with a sect and that they have to destroy a child who has powers, and those powers are causing them much pain, and they claim to want to destroy that child because he's the demon, and this convinces the entire audience watching this movie, which is telling them that they themselves have been victims because they were part of a sect, and that the sect disappeared because God willed it – aren’t these Satan's traps?

God doesn’t use violence to destroy, he uses his love to build.

Today, we go see those movies and we believe in them; today, we go see people who believe in what they are: they believe they have received the power to heal; they use their hands and then, they say that energy emerges from them to heal and that this is good. Well, this movement is from Satan, and it is spreading all over the world.

You see, this is all around us; as long as this doesn’t disappear: children will suffer, cancer will increase, bacteria will increase, depressions will be deeper and deeper, suicide will occur at any age.

This has to stop and for this to stop, we must be against it; the children of God must believe only in God, the children of God must use the rosary.

Mother Mary prays; it’s Mother Mary who prays and when we, we recite the rosary, we’re asking Mary to pray for poor sinners, for us, for our brothers and our sisters; we must not stop.

The Lord also asks us to wear the sign of love: the cross.

The sign of love is a sign that was given to us by Heaven; the Father chose this wood to spread his love so that we, we could be before this sign.

Walk outside and you'll see it often; when we have God's spirit, we see the cross everywhere: we can look up at the sky and we see that a cloud is forming a cross; we can see a bird that spreads its wings and we see the cross; we can see a new shoot and we see the cross; we can see little children that lie on the ground and spread out their arms for fun and we see the cross; anything can be in the shape of the cross, we see it everywhere.

So, we have to wear it so that those who don’t see it everywhere, see it on us; people no longer want anything to do with the cross, they no longer want anything to do with Jesus on the cross; in public places, our eyes search for it; those who still wear the cross, it’s so small that we have to look for it: before, we could see the cross everywhere, today, we want nothing to do with it.

Isn't it because the darkness is everywhere that we want nothing to do with the cross? If the darkness is everywhere, this is because the darkness feeds on itself: occult sciences, infernal food that nourishes the spirit of this world, and the spirit of this world is becoming a reality to us.

We have before us what is against Jesus, we eat what is against Jesus, we listen to what is against Jesus, we idolize what is against God, we accept what is against God, we love what is against God, we allow what is against God to enter us: what is against God is evil, and evil is Satan – he is the master.

Don’t forget that Satan brought billions of angels with him; they are in Satan's service, they have a duty towards Satan; he didn’t make any friends, for they’re incapable of being friends. Did you know that the fallen angels are not friends with one another?

They don’t know love, they don’t know sharing, but they can gather together to combine forces so as to destroy; if one doesn’t succeed, the others are there with him so that he can be part of the movement of destruction.

There's no support among them, they always want to be important, always more important than the others, they quarrel amongst themselves, they destroy one another, they fight amongst themselves.

I have seen beings that were destroying themselves… it was as if the body had several heads, and one head would emerge in order to eat another, and another would try to destroy another one, to shred it: this is how they are.

There's only one master and that’s Satan: the one who brought all the others with him; he's the one who wants to be Christ, who wants to pass himself off as the Son of God, he's the one who wants to seize all power, he's the one who wants to lead all human children to their death so as to make them suffer in eternal death.

So, when we’re in the presence of that darkness and we accept that darkness, we’re accepting what comes from the Antichrist.

One day, a priest who knew Don Gobbi spoke to me. Oh! Not to Francine, but to the ‘microphone’: to the instrument that I am, and he asked, “Is the Antichrist a person? Is the Antichrist going to reveal himself as a person?” Then, God answered. He said that the Antichrist was the spirit of evil through his power, which has been accepted, and as he was accepted, he was becoming present, he was making himself present in order to be idolized.

And so, I understood, I understood that the Antichrist was the spirit of this world, I understood that the Antichrist was all that is against God, and I also understood that one day he will reveal himself, yes, he will reveal himself.

I don’t know when that moment is, but he will reveal himself.

But he's here: the Antichrist is here, he's with us, he's everywhere; we can't see him, but with God's light, we can now understand what we’re living, and so, from the inside, we can see and we can hear.