Gathering of Love With God's Action in Saint-Étienne de Bolton, Québec

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus



2007-05-05 – Part 6


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Mother of God uses the children of the Light to crush Satan; the humbler we are, the more we accept to love God more than ourselves, we become instruments of love, we become what the Church expects of us.

Mary’s heel is the children of Mary, the children of God, the children of the Light, the children who accept everything out of love for God, absolutely everything, those who give up their human will, those who no longer want this world, those who die in Christ.

We are Mary’s heel, and Mary uses us; she's the one who crushes. Do you think that we would be able to do this? Impossible… Mary is the one who does this.

Mary does this: she prays for us, she intercedes on our behalf; we receive graces so we can remain humble, little, abandoned in the hands of God's Will for our glory.

We’re in a movement of love.

Yes, Lord.


Jesus: Children of my Will, all has been prepared for you so as to enable you to recognize my action; you are called to remain as little children in the hands of the Divine Will and the Divine Will: is to no longer be, to disappear in order to better reveal yourselves: we see only what God wants to reveal.

And so, my children, when you allow yourselves to be taken up by my Will, then those who observe you are able to see; they are able to see love, they are able to see that God transforms, they are able to feel very the presence of The Love within themselves, they are ready to open themselves up to those who are in God, they are ready to listen to what God expects of them.

They want nothing to do with human will, for they can see when you are in your human will, for a suffering is felt within them, they lose their confidence in what you are, but when you abandon yourselves in my love, they lose all their means; that is to say, their will that wants to speak, convince.

When you present yourselves as tiny little children, they have no need to fight you, they know you are open to listening to them, to turning to them and to accepting what they are, and once they feel this, then God begins to transform them, for a little opening has been created within them.

I want to change the face of this world; I am coming to transform hearts of stone into hearts of flesh so they may recognize themselves as loved by my Father.

I am The Love, I am my Father's Will; I bring Nourishment to this world, I bring truth to this world, for I am the Truth.

This world has let itself be taken in by lies; you, my children, live in the night of darkness; I say to you ‘night’, the first night.

Externally, you see a world of sufferings grappling with the darkness that controls, that destroys; you are living the time of which John spoke.

My son John spoke to you about a time of suffering during which there would be illnesses, during which there would be pain within the flesh due to all it had accepted: destruction through the flesh.

I come to protect my children, I come to tell you to take refuge in my Divine Will so you will not be stung by Satan; he has put poison in human beings and that poison is spreading and causing suffering.

If children are suffering today, this is because of their choices before sin: they are living the consequences.

You, children of the Light, you, my Father's elect, you, the ones chosen for this time, I am asking you to be obedient, to refuse all that is of this world; I am instructing you on the danger of approaching this occult science.

Be wary of yourselves; more precisely, of your human will, for your flesh knows.

You will come to know suffering in your flesh; do not fall into the trap of turning to that satanic power; force yourselves to refuse to resort to those lies, stay close to my Mother, say your rosary, wear the cross: source of love.

I do not stop pouring my Blood over you so that you may be purified.

The Holy Spirit is causing movements to emerge from you so that you can give them to me.

You are living the consequence of sin; it is necessary for you to know that your sufferings come from your choices before sin, and that you carry within yourselves your brothers and your sisters, who are living in suffering because of their choices before sin: keep yourselves at peace.

The more you give to me, my children – causes, choices and consequences – the more I envelop you in my fire of love: I eradicate evil, I purify, I give you graces of peace, I give you graces of joy, I give you graces of abandonment, I give you graces of love so you are able to go on.

Yes, my children, I am telling you to go on – walk in my footsteps; I have walked upon your earth of sins: at every moment, I could feel within my flesh the suffering of all the children who were choosing to live in evil.

You must, my children, be in me in order to have this strength; I take everything, and I give you my graces so you are able to take your brothers and your sisters within yourselves and move forward.

The more you move forward, the more you will feel within you your liberation, your healing; illness begins to lose its power to control, for illness does not come from God: it comes from evil, it comes from your choices.

The human will has less control over you for illness is diminishing, and as long as its power over you is lessened, because you are choosing to live in goodness: you give me everything you have accepted even though this was not meant for you.

I am not coming, my children, to condemn you; I am not coming, my children, to tell you that you sin, for when you come to me and you confess your sins to my priests, this is erased; your soul receives graces of strength, your soul nourishes you with what it receives: I am speaking of your flesh.

I am the Purifier, I am the one who bore everything; you are too weak, my children, you are not aware of what your flesh bears, only I know this, for I bore everything, I felt everything, I triumphed over evil, I went all the way to the end.

My Passion was a movement of love, my Passion is a movement of love and my Passion shall be a movement of love up until the moment when all is accomplished, up until the moment when the last child inscribed in the Book of Life gives his yes: “Yes, I give you the causes, choices and consequences of the suffering in my flesh.” All shall be accomplished, for his soul will have heard repentance.

You must live, my children, what I lived, what I am asking you: to live your passion with my graces, joyfully; your suffering, my children, will be a reward, for I shall reveal to you, I shall reveal to you what you have done for your brothers and your sisters.

My children, how many of you feel joy when you know that a person who has passed away agreed to receive extreme unction from the priest, whereas his life had been nothing but disobedience! This is because God is letting you know that your suffering has been for him.

This is a movement of love; do not place yourselves on the outside of this movement of love: you are love, you belong to God.

I give you love, my children, so that you may be all united together to form but one heart: a heart that opens up to love, a heart that becomes a heart of love, a heart of joy, a heart of peace, a heart that welcomes the love of its brothers and its sisters.

You belong to God, you belong only to God; God loves his children.

Oh, this song is such a song of love! Oh, how this song rises all the way up to Heaven, for the Holy Spirit has spread his power and has made known his pearls of love, which are presented to God by the Son!

God is filled with love, his love is presented to you as a gift.

I place your heart in the hand of your angel and I place my Mother’s Heart in the other hand: I present this to you.

Receive, my children, this gift; your angel is here, he is in your presence.


Mother Mary: I gave my yes, my children; I take you into my Heart to protect you, to enable you to understand the beauty of your interior.

The Mother of God leads you to where you must be; the Mother of God leads you to the furrow of the life of the Son of God; you belong to my Son, you are the promised ones for what is to come, you are tasting your reward.

The night of darkness is nearing its end, my children; a bright light will allow itself to be seen; all those who are on earth, according to the Will of God the Father, shall see the light: a light of love, a light that shines all by itself – a sign of faithfulness, a sign of obedience: the Cross, my children, the Cross of love.

It is there, it is watching over you and it is spreading out its arms; you are receiving strength from the Cross; it is for you the light that shines in the night of darkness, it is before you, my children.

Remain in my Son, linked to my Heart; I remain close to the Cross.

Little children of love, rejoice for all the graces you have received today; you have heard what many children would have liked to hear and were not able to because it was not the right time.

You, who have been witnesses of the Will of God in all things, be fulfilled by being true to what you are: you are children of the Truth, you are children of the Light, you allow the Glory of the Son to enter into you so you may be transformed.

Peace is upon you, do not be afraid regarding what you will come to know, for you must know the truth: a truth uttered by God is a truth that heals, is a truth that liberates.

Allow yourselves to be healed, my children, by the rays of love from the Cross; allow yourselves to be liberated, my children, of all evil within your flesh; the graces of Heaven are upon you.

I pray, my children, I turn your prayers of requests into my requests; every “Hail Mary” is a movement of love that envelops the earth so the earth may recognize that you are faithful to God, that you accept God's graces: the earth recognizes your faithfulness through prayer.

I know the hearts of all those who pray with humility, with their little heart of a child of God; I know, through having taken part in the Passion, what makes you suffer: place yourselves in God's hands, your heart belongs to God.

You have given me your heart, you have consecrated your life to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the ineffable Heart of mercy of my Son and you receive, my children, love for yourselves so you may continue devoting your life to your brothers and your sisters of the entire world.

My Heart of love is for all God's children, without exception; my Heart of a Mother cries over those who close their hearts to the call, the call from God.

Those hearts have allowed themselves to be taken in by deceit, those hearts have allowed themselves to be enveloped by seduction, those hearts have become so hardened that there remains no opening, for they carry a definite no to God, for their heart has known unfaithfulness.

Little children of love, leave to God what is God's; do not try, my children, to find out who carries a no, but let yourselves be guided by the Divine Will.

What you have heard has been willed by God for your glory and not to nourish your curiosity; I know your heart, my children, that has often asked itself questions: remain humble, remain little.

God was nourishing the Heart of the Mother of God because the Mother of God was not asking questions; she was not using her human will.

I was completely abandoned to the Divine Will, the Divine Will was nourishing my interior: I was seeing, I was understanding, I was praying, I was offering, I was accepting everything out of love.

Do the same, my children – accept everything out of love; if people are speaking against my Son, accept to be children of suffering and give that suffering, for it is within those who speak against my Son: give, my children, the causes, choices and consequences.

Remain little, protect yourselves by asking me for the grace to not judge; ask me for graces of peace so that you may remain peaceful, so that when people shall speak against you, this will not affect you; you will be at peace and in joy to live what my Son has always accepted: the Will of God the Father in order to save all God's children.

Be in my Son's image.

My children, take refuge within yourselves; there you shall find the peace that I placed there through the Will of God; there is your refuge, there you are protected from those who want to reach your soul.

Remain in the silence of your home, where you live with your family, or with your friends, or alone; you have a place to live, so may that place be filled with the Will of God.

It has been requested of you, my children, that you read the Word; well, open that book of light and read, my children, the Word of my Son; read the Psalms, my children; this is nourishment for you, this distances you from the words that emerged from the mouths of demons: honeyed words that deceive, words that come from the darkness and that do not come from God.

You can recognize these words as words of darkness when they remind you that you are gods; you are not gods, and so anything that concerns you is not meant for you.

The Psalms, my children, the Proverbs, my children, are from the Holy Spirit: they are rules of life for the children of God, so they may be protected from the demons; they remind you that you are little, weak, subject to temptation, and they let you know that you are loved by God, protected by the angels, enveloped in God's mercy; they are for you an inexhaustible sources of peace, of joy, for God loves you.

The Holy Spirit enables you to hear and enables you to understand, my children, what you must hear and understand, for God knows how you are reacting to your purification.

Let yourselves be transformed by God's graces – all is nothing but nourishment for you; ask for the grace, my children, to see all God has done for you; give thanks to God for all that surrounds you.

When you are in your home, this is willed by God; the more you give to God what belongs to God, the more you receive; do not take any of this for granted, my children, for nothing came from you, but all from God.

Always be thankful for all God has put around you on your behalf; this is good for you who are in this refuge, for when you find yourselves in your home, my children, you know that God has granted you this place of love: it feels good to be where you are.

A child who is seeking a place where he might feel good, this is because he has not yet found it, he has not yet found his home, which is the necessary refuge in these times.

You see, my little children, this is new to you; all those who will feel at peace in their homes will know that they are in their external refuge.

The grace of God is upon you, my children; you belong to God.

All that is being told to you, my children, is in the present for you; what tomorrow shall be will become known to you through what you are at this moment.

May grace be upon you, I love you, my children.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Mother of God has let us know that we have to feel good where we are.

It’s as if God had given us a house, an apartment, and we must be happy with it; let’s stop searching all the time, for when we search, we don’t find. It’s when we stop looking that we are, we’re in the place that God has revealed to us: that’s where our refuge is.

He spoke to us about an internal refuge; yes, in Saint-Janvier de Mirabel – that was the first time God, through the instrument that I am, spoke to us about the refuge: this was our internal refuge.

And he explained to us that when we feel good inside ourselves, we’re protected; but when we don’t feel good inside ourselves, no matter which refuge we’re in, we won’t be protected.

And so, Heaven tells us that everything, in the beginning, has to happen inside us, and afterwards, he told us to have our Bible with us; this, this was the first thing regarding our external refuge.

Afterwards, he told us in Prévost, at Jacqueline’s, he told us that when we’re at home, and we look at everything around us and we recognize God's grace for us, well then, we’re in an external refuge.

We must acknowledge what comes from God; those who won’t acknowledge this grace will continue looking: we have to acknowledge this grace.

Now, he has just added something today: we have to be satisfied with what God has granted us. Whether we’re at home in a level of comfort that is very humble, very small, well then, thank you, Lord, or whether we’re in a house in which we’re able to receive guests, well, if we’re happy with this, then, thank you, Lord.

We have to be where God has put us: happy; we have to be in touch with what God has given us – this is what he added that was new, and each time, he adds more.

And so, we’re going to continue like this, following this path of life; what he is preparing for us belongs solely to tomorrow.

Today, there were graces for several people; we received graces here, and there are people who were liberated, there are people who were healed, and in other places as well because we carry them within us… but we don’t need to know this.

There are people who brought objects and the reason they knew about these objects was because of the power they possessed.

So, the Church will speak, the Church herself will answer; the Church is us, but above us there are the priests; it’s up to them to answer us, for the priests here have been particularly chosen, not that other priests have not been chosen, but this place is a place that has opened its doors to those who want to take refuge.

So, there's someone here… and we don’t need to know who, eh? It could be me, eh, who wears, who has worn a necklace, a ring, a stone, or a bracelet… ah, the Holy Spirit is beating around the bush, eh?! And she has received a grace, a grace of liberation; she has seen and she has understood.

But what do we do with these objects? How do we ensure that these objects no longer cause harm? The Holy Spirit says: “I know the answer.”

The priests have a power, the priests have a power to return a stone to its place, to where it came from: it came from the earth, and it must return to the earth.

Remember what happened with Aaron: Aaron spent a day in atonement. He presented to God – remember the goat that Azazel thought was: a demon – and he offered that goat to God, and he sent that goat to Azazel so he could bury it in the desert to never return.

Well, wasn’t Aaron, before God, the one who was the messenger? And who are the messengers? The priests. So the priest has this power, and the priests will use their power to remove all beliefs; they have this power.

They received the power to liberate and it’s Jesus who liberates. So, these objects must no longer be objects with power to us; they must return to where they came from: from nothingness, and what came from the earth will return to the earth.

So, Holy Spirit, what happens next, Holy Spirit?

So, if we wear objects and we no longer want to wear them, we have to ask the priest to pray over that person, and this is very important, so that he may be completely healed.

He received liberation, the chains fell off and he understood that he had to be very little and humble, and he understood that he had to be obedient to God; so, when this happens, we, we will turn to the priest.

Oh! We won’t turn to all priests, not right away, for many haven’t heard and many don’t believe yet, but with our prayers, Mother Mary will take charge of this; we’re going to give our “Hail Mary’s” to Mary and she will take charge of her sons.

When a person arrives and goes to the priest so the priest can pray over her, that object loses all its attraction, all power, because they (the priests) possess power.

Father Galbert, if you are here today it’s because God willed it; you are a living witness to those who use these objects to reach God's children; your sacrifice is known to God, your sacrifice is a grace for us, a grace of love that we need. 

If priests agree to help God's children by bearing suffering and by presenting it to God, this is grace for all God's children, and we thank Heaven for this: we need the priests.

Satan wanted to destroy priests. He didn’t succeed because there are nuns who pray; they show us an example of faithfulness – we haven’t been faithful, but they, they have been faithful.

When God says that his brides are faithful, this is because they are faithful; if the human will has suffered, the human will has not destroyed the bride.

And so, we must turn to the priests and we must always have faith in the priesthood and never, but never say a single word against a priest, never – even if he condemns us.

We must not speak against a priest, for we are speaking against Christ; rather, we must give the causes, choices and consequences of the suffering in his flesh: the human will. This, we must do this, but we must always remember that we’re before the Christ-Priest: they are the Christ-Priest and this is where our strength comes from.

It’s as if we had a great weakness – we hang on to them so they can sustain us: they reject us, we hang on; they reject us and we hang on; we don’t let them go, we need them.

The fallen angels have done all they could to take this power away, so we must turn to them because if those angels attacked the priests, well then, they know the priests have the power, they have the power to erase that darkness they revealed us: so, we must turn to them.

And, if we stop for one moment and think of all the wealth that is here, we will ask the priests to come in front, to hold their hands over us so we can receive that power, that power that we need so much upon us.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, thank you, Lord.


Abbot Ruben: Can we sing “Esprit du Dieu vivant” (Spirit of the living God) before going to the blessing?


Abbot Ruben: May the Lord be with you.


Audience: And also with you.


Abbot Ruben accompanied by the priests present: May almighty God bless you, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Abbot Ruben: Go and taste of the peace of the Holy Spirit.


Audience: Thanks be to God.